Thursday Funnies

Wrong Plane This should have been a DC 8 not a DC 3. And that is an awfully slow way to travel, the WW II era DC3 is not renowned for its speed.... Just a month or so ago, Andres was touring around as Snr CS WUS. Wonder if his coverage on the … [Read More...]

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Miscavige Media Madness

  A few days ago I posted something about David Miscavige's response to the Tampa Bay Times -- Miscavige Media Handling. And now this. An article published in Business Insider yesterday continuing the discussion about John Oliver's … [Read More...]


Finally, Scrooge Subsidizes Valley Idle Org

It's just too damned embarrassing. Even though they STILL haven't made their "ballpark figure" to able allowed to get started on getting a final figure for construction, it seems Uncle Scrooge McDuck is going to chip in the last few million and … [Read More...]


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