More IAS Lies Exposed

Here is one of the vaunted "Volunteer Ministers" that "you support with your donations to the IAS." Except your donations to the IAS don't get SPENT on these Volunteer Minister activities unless there is a video opportunity involved, in which case they pay to fly the video team there and perhaps a VM or two who can put yellow shirts on other people. GoFundMe is turning out to be a interesting source of real world (as opposed to bubble reality) information about what the IAS is actually doing. He is asking for 50Gs to do VM activities. Drop in the bucket for the IAS. You may recall Cary Goulston -- I featured him in a post where he called for scientologists to cancel their HBO subscription in protest of Going Clear. Just like the … [Read More...]

Denver ideal VM Van and Rockies fans parking lot

Denver Ideal Org Nonstop Fail

Remember, this is an "ideal" org. They have SO LITTLE to talk about that they have resorted to announcing the big news that ONE PERSON PAID for their "Clear Package." A SINGLE person PAID for auditing. ONE. And this is newsworthy. This … [Read More...]


ASHO’s New Role

For some time I have been commenting on ASHO being an org without a role. With the cancellation of the Briefing Course they have resorted to pushing "debugs" and "Basics." But now they have a new title "The Clearing Org of the Americas" This … [Read More...]

Screenshot (264)

IAS – Hang Your Heads In Shame

This is a Go Fund Me page asking for money to treat Andrik Schapers cancer. Andrik Schapers was one of the FIRST IAS Freedom Medal Winners. He was at every "crusade" that was ever held anywhere. The IAS used him as a poster child. Marching in his … [Read More...]


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