CC Int Gala - Invite

CC Gala — What’s Missing?

Here is the latest promo piece for the annual CC Gala. JT is featured prominently - twice.  Is he doing another ethics handling and has committed to attend for sure as part of his amends?  Jenna Elfman and Laura Prepon, Mark Isham and Chick Corea are also shown. Jenna, Mark and Chick are card-carrying Kool Aid drinkers. Laura may be in the same boat as JT -- in a bit of trouble for being gay in Orange Is The New Black, or they just happened to use a photo of JT that she is in from a previous Gala. But the real issue here is who they are NOT showing... The greatest disseminator in the history of the universe? No doubt this is not an important enough event for him to attend.  He reserves himself for Dear Leader's biggest events -- … [Read More...]

SP People

Flag Needs The Running Program

If this super dooper OT cause resurgence rundown really produces what they are promoting, then maybe Flag should just take a month off and put themselves through it so they can get at cause over their sinking stats.... Here is their newest begging … [Read More...]


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