Lights Out At Jobur Org

Here is another chapter in the sad tale of the demise of Jobur Ideal Org. To begin, let me remind you that this is the second "ideal org." Dear Leader himself made the long trip to bless the "new org" and in finest shermanspeak, pronounced this the beginning of the new age in Africa and THE thing that would make S. Africa the first cleared country.  And the goodness would spread from there and overtake the entire continent. Of course, no such thing happened and Jobur has struggled since. So much so that a Sea Org "Command Team" was dispatched to get things back "under control."  They rolled into town and proceeded to declare the main opinion leaders in the area and as a result, things have gone from bad to worse. They even have a … [Read More...]

Diconnection Poster short

Disconnection — The Play

2015 is kicking off in grand style. Allen Barton's new play opens on 24 January, the evening before the premiere of Alex Gibney's documentary at Sundance.   Anyone who does not know Allen, he is a highly acclaimed playwright (I … [Read More...]

Laughing-Buddha - Copy

Thursday Funnies

Christmas Bizarre So, THIS is what the "ideal org" in the "first scientology city" is up to.... Selling jewelry, flowers and trinkets. At least there is some exchange.   Freedumb Mag is recruiting... I would normally have made this its … [Read More...]


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