What Is The IAS Doing?

You will be very pleased to know that the IAS  is now informing their public what they are spending their money on. BUILDINGS! Of course, the IAS doesn't waste money on things where there is no return. Buying buildings sounds reasonable, until you understand a) the building then becomes a church asset and b) in those areas that where the IAS is funding their ideal org building, people are EXPECTED to donate to the IAS "to purchase the building."  Really, the IAS acts like a bank -- they front the money to buy the building (other people's money - just like a bank) and then they collect the money back they fronted. Though NONE of these buildings appears to be going anywhere. And then they proclaim they are engaged in the "biggest … [Read More...]

fsc good news 17july14

Flag Stats Are Going Down

Some more "good news" from our old friend Jeff Mintz. Here are some earlier weeks of the same stats sent out by Jeff Mintz all under the same heading  "Good News From Flag!": W/E 3 July 14 *    21 Survival Rundown Completions!!*    10 Super … [Read More...]


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