IAS Fraud

Here is a fabulous sounding quote the IAS is using to convince the sheeple "LRH wanted them to give their money to the IAS." These people will stop at nothing to vacuum money from the gullible. LRH knew NOTHING about the IAS. It was an accounting creation in 1984 to keep money away from the IRS. By the time of his death in 1986 it still wasn't really public. And he certainly didn't write anything about it. So what IS this quote about and where does it come from? You probably would not be surprised to learn that it is taken from something LRH wrote about fees for ORG SERVICES and how these fees are what supports ALL scientology activities around the world -- including the "fourth dynamic programs" that the IAS touts itself as … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

"We are actually running governments!" It is astonishing the level of self-delusion that these people engage in. It would be VERY interesting to find out which government(s) they are referring to and check in with them -- "Are you aware that you … [Read More...]

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Clearwater Belongs To Us, Wogs Not Welcome

A local Special Correspondent sent this in this morning and I thought it worth reprinting. Pity the media don't REALLY analyze what is going on. The article is on MyFox Tampa Bay, headlined: “Church of Scientology expresses opposition to proposed … [Read More...]


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