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Going Clear Fallout

I was talking with some friends after watching Going Clear, musing about what Miscavige would do now. One of the participants remarked that I should put this on the blog, as people may find it interesting. These thoughts are not based on some "leak," they are merely speculation based on experience. I believe there are two things Miscavige will be concerned about following the deluge on Sunday night that was the leading edge of a category 4 shitstorm making a direct hit on his gilded beachhouse. His first concern: shore up Tom Cruise. This will be his highest priority. Miscavige no doubt watched the movie along with the rest of North America on Sunday evening, but I would guess Tom Cruise did not as he doesn't want the "entheta … [Read More...]


Scientology Disconnection New Proof

To be honest, I am still catching my breath from the airing of Going Clear last night. Thank you to everyone who wrote, texted, tweeted, called and otherwise made their support and appreciation known. It was a bit overwhelming. Also, I am not as … [Read More...]

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Going Clear: Where Is Scientology?

In the face of the most intense media coverage in its history, scientology is strangely incapable of stepping up and saying anything. There is no spokesperson who even TRIES to answer questions or present the church's "good works" to the media. … [Read More...]


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