More Ideal Org Fails

Following up on the recent post about Orlando some Special Correspondents sent in some information about other "ideal orgs" which I thought I would share. Boston The Boston Org has now had to move out of the building they have occupied for decades and into rented facilities because in typical "ideal org style" they completely screwed up their planning. A lot of money was spent to renovate the "old" org building and it was one of the nicest scientology orgs on earth location and building wise (not counting the marble palaces of late).  Then the "ideal org" madness set in. To make a long story very short, they sold their historic home in order to get enough money to buy a new place that was "adequate" for an "ideal org."  But of … [Read More...]


CSRT Staff Report Directly To Miscavige Daily

This just in.  A new begging email from Sheryle Festa trying to pitch the "L. Ron Hubbard Hall" as something urgent for planetary clearing. Or something. I am going to compile a posting about the L. Ron Hubbard Hall boondoggle at some point, but I … [Read More...]

money woship

Scientology: The Money Religion

Here we have the latest evidence of the state of the "church" of scientology and its descent into the worship of money. Of course, the ONLY thing anyone talks about in scientology these days is "donations" and "donator statuses" -- primarily to … [Read More...]


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