Pat Parody

What a strange fellow. I guess he thinks, sort of like Idi Amin or Moammar Qaddaffi, that if he pins enough shit on himself everyone will know what an accomplished individual he is. And THIS is who the church uses to promote the March 13 event? Once again, proof that making and/or taking money is an exalted status in corporate scientology. Honestly, he looks like he just stepped out of the Golden Age Paintball Range and took some hits to the upper torso. Nice grouping on the right.... … [Read More...]

Thursday Funnies Not

Because I am still traveling, currently in Los Angeles for a series of depositions in the Garcia case, I have not assembled a Thursday Funnies this week. Tony Ortega is doing his usual masterful job of keeping everyone updated on the HBO … [Read More...]


The Next Decade Of Relentless Moneygrubbing

Seriously, who comes up with these catchphrases? This time Shake and Bake included a photo. Always nice to put a face to the most unfortunately appropriate name in scientology.   Dear Frank, We have officially launched into the new … [Read More...]


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