Wake Up The Government

This was posted on ESMB and then Karen De La Carriere reposted it to Twitter and Facebook. It is worth taking note. Letters from CONSTITUENTS are treated seriously by elected officials. The more US Congressmen there are who have been made aware of the issue, the greater the chance of something being done. The IRS is answerable to Congress. Sooner or later this is going to become an issue that one or more politicians will feel they can gain popularity with. When that day happens, the more there are to jump on the bandwagon the better. Writing to your Congressman IS an effective means of doing something about it. Kudos to David Gibbons. Click to enlarge if you have trouble reading it. Karen kindly retyped it on Facebook, and I … [Read More...]

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Dave’s New Car?

Could this be David Miscavige's newest vanity license plate? The person who sent me this photo swears it is NOT photoshopped, that this is a real plate on a real car. It's not really worth a post by itself, but I feel lazy this Memorial Day … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

ASHO Come and train on "the Basics" at ASHO. It's all they've got.... Strange though because ASHO isn't for new public, so how is it that 8 YEARS after the release of the Basics that were the "big thing" everyone had to do in 2007, there are … [Read More...]


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