Person dumping money into a toilet bowl

Planetary Dissem Scam

More from the scam files. The latest "meter con."  I wonder what people are doing with all those "special edition" Mark VI and VII's they bought? Not only are they not "collector's items" you cannot even use them as meters.... "...the vibrant magnificence of this[sic] limited edition meters makes a prestigious statement in three breathtaking colors." "...this very limited edition meter is an iconic awe inspiring beauty like no other." "Still others have built themselves into the very fabric of Scientology history by acquiring the full set." The bullshit is literally nose deep in this particular piece. And it's really quite amusing that this is all being done on the basis of the vital necessity of disseminating on the … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies – Deep Fried Kool Aid

  IAS Feedback They are pulling out all the stops to try and convince people to show up to the local re-airings of the decidedly underwhelming earth shaking IAS 30th Anniversary event. But they are REALLY out of touch with their public. A … [Read More...]


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