Thursday Funnies

Is this a joke? Scientology is going to teach the world how to do PR? And the KKK are going to be holding a seminar on racial tolerance...   Arte Maren? Seriously? GO poster child pitching for the Moneywinds? Strange bedfellows. … [Read More...]


Scientology Buying Media Stories Again

A new advertorial has appeared from the bubble of self-delusion. The only reason it doesn't create a flap like the scientology advertorial in The Atlantic is that nobody reads World Religion News. (See here if you are unfamiliar with The Atlantic … [Read More...]


More IAS Lies

Here we go again... A definition:  Disaster capitalism is the practice of generating profits based on the occurrence of a disaster. Next to that definition in the dictionary is the photo above. These IAS people have no shame. Let's put … [Read More...]


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