Has Scientology Finally Changed Its Tune On Gays?

An eagle eyed Special Correspondent spotted something in Tony Ortega’s Sunday Funnies on 19 Oct. From there he dug a little more and some interesting things emerged. It is well known that Scientology is notoriously homophobic. L. Ron Hubbard was extremely anti-gay in his early writings, most notably in his 1951 book Science Of Survival. Unfortunately, it is fundamental and unalterable dogma in scientology that the words of L. Ron Hubbard must be followed to the letter and without deviation. So, things change VERY slowly, if at all. The church's stance against gay rights was brought into sharp focus by Lawrence Wright's piece in The New Yorker recounting the story of Oscar winning writer/director Paul Haggis' departure from the … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies – Deep Fried Kool Aid

  IAS Feedback They are pulling out all the stops to try and convince people to show up to the local re-airings of the decidedly underwhelming earth shaking IAS 30th Anniversary event. But they are REALLY out of touch with their public. A … [Read More...]


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