Pasadena Ideal Org in flat out production...

Panic in Pasadena

Various reports have come in about the scene in Pasadena Org. Apparently, they have been being "shamed" by the "production" at LA Org with their massive bodyrouting effort fail (I guess they didnt read the recent post about this). But this is not a new "management" tactic in scientology. In fact, it is pretty much par for the course. Make every org believe that others orgs are doing well and they are the only ones failing. According to the reports there are about 25 Sea Org members hovering around the Pasadena org to "inspire" staff to get things going. They are passionate to get "the field" activated. They are urging the FSMs to "drive" people in on the org. They are circulating a 3 1/2 page list of about 150 people who have … [Read More...]


Lights Out At Jobur Org

Here is another chapter in the sad tale of the demise of Jobur Ideal Org. To begin, let me remind you that this is the second "ideal org." Dear Leader himself made the long trip to bless the "new org" and in finest shermanspeak, pronounced this the … [Read More...]


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