WTH Won The World Cup

Wonder what happened to this scheme? Funny how there is so much promotion to collect the money for the "what will happen" and then NO REPORT whatsoever after the fact. Of course, that is because there is NO RESULT. But it won't stop them for the next campaign to lighten people's wallets.... If they REALLY believed the WTH was going to be beneficial, why not at least just arrange to print them in Brazil for 5 cents a piece rather than trying to collect $1.50 per booklet from people in the US? Let alone the fact that the IAS could have printed a MILLION COPIES from the proceeds of signing up ONE PATRON. ONE PATRON = 1 MILLION COPIES for distribution. Instead, for the same amount of money, Bridge would provide 41,000 … [Read More...]

Pinocchio 1

Massive Expansion — Of Lies

  Here is an entire page from the latest International Scientology News reporting on the wonders of the "25th Anniversary" MV Cruise for the math challenged. Dear Leader seems to have outdone himself with his presentation of big lies … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

This is "All New" because "The Time Is Now" Sounds like the same old, same old to me... I would love to know what is "all new" about this?  "We just pronounced it all new, so it is"? Sort of like the 25 anniversary of the Freewinds? And I … [Read More...]


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