Survey for “Next” OT Level

A little more "come on" carrot hype. And that is ALL this is. You can imagine there is plenty of grumbling about where are the "next OT levels?"  They don't get mentioned hardly at all these days. This is a BIG deal for scientologists. What if there really are no more OT levels? OT VIII is as good as it gets? The current "OT VIIIs" look around and think to themselves "I am not really OT."  They know it. Everyone else looks and sees "OT VIII's" who are FAR from what anyone strives to be like. The OT VIII's shrivel up and die just like everyone else. They have financial problems just like everyone else. They are no more or less competent at anything than anyone else. And with that comes the crashing realization "there is no … [Read More...]


Internet Schminternet

The Little Rascals are at it again... Amazing how the internet is so AMAZING we need your money to be able to fully exploit it.  Even though not a single one of the people who signed this emailed is allowed on the internet and has no access to it. … [Read More...]

PS laugh

Thursday Funnies

  Big News Birmingham, England's second largest city, has the second largest population of Muslim, Sikh and Buddhists, but is short on Hindus and positively pathetic when it comes to Jews (why even mention them?) Forgot to mention it also … [Read More...]


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