Newsflash: Now You Can “Re-Do” Super Power

Amazing -- not even out for a year and already you can "re-do" Super Power. Put aside the conceit of promoting Matt Feshbach to give a seminar on how to handle your finances -- when as reported earlier he filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and had massive liens from the IRS. And ignore that in alignment with the new normal of GAG II, he no longer promotes himself as a Flag Trained Class VI -- he apparently has no classification at all. Just focus on the best news for regges everywhere -- straight from the mouth of Flag OT Committee Chairwoman, Mrs. Feshbach's IAS bosom buddy and Pinellas County's leading side of the road rug salesperson, Kaye Champagne. In her own words: "He was the only public who was allowed to do Super … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

  The "new" Purif. Firstly, there is the MEST. There is no "secondly".... $14 Million later -- this is Orange County "Ideal Org" Looks like they can't afford to keep the lights on.... What a forlorn looking place. And how … [Read More...]

woman phones

Get Off The Scientology Mailing List

Imagine having this poor woman's job... But as a public service to readers here who may receive unwanted mail or email from scientology, she is offering her phone number so you can call "between 10 and 11:30 am California Timezone." It might … [Read More...]


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