Scientology Hubbard Hype

This, as usual, is all hype. Somehow they slide in that LA has been "enjoying record levels of reduced crime" -- as if this had ANYTHING to do with L. Ron Hubbard or the Way to Happiness. There isn't even a WTH campaign being run in LA.... So, next time someone claims crime has been falling in an area "thanks to WTH" you can point to LA where there are "record levels of reduced crime" (whatever that means) WITHOUT the WTH. Everyone knows that city resolutions are handed out like beads at Mardi Gras. If you submit it, you will get a signed proclamation. But the one I wonder about is who was suckered in the LAPD Operations West Bureau (which becomes "the LAPD") into giving this badge/recognition?   Can't ignore the … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

Bush league Less than 30 people. Planetary clearing is happening for real in St Louis.     How to overcome financial stress? That's easy: Stay away from any scientology affiliated organization     Say … [Read More...]


Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is the "2X St Hill Size" LA Org. Desperate to get anyone onto the Purif with a "one week sprint game" offering to give free training plus commissions. Not the message of a booming org. This is … [Read More...]


Ideal Org Disaster

The scam of the ideal orgs rolls on... After 12 YEARS, the western US region is by far the most advanced area of scientology with respect to creating "ideal orgs." This promo piece doesn't even mention the very non-ideal, tiny and getting … [Read More...]


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