The Mission Network More Lies Exposed

Here is something a Special Correspondent just forwarded to me: This week's international Mission Birthday Game Standings. It follows perfectly from my Sunday Redux post The Missions of Scientology -- Where Are They? (and yesterday's with Jeff Hawkin's classic infographic). When that Missions posting was written in March 2013 there were 325 missions internationally. This new leak provides an interesting and very up to date comparison with which to analyze the massive, straight up and vertical international expansion under the brilliant and dedicated leadership of Mr. David Miscavige. Ignore the crazy headline (I suppose some Mission in Taiwan won this game last week and they forgot to delete the "In Taiwan" so they just moved … [Read More...]


How Big Is Scientology? Lies Exposed

Quote from Karin Pouw letter to Tampa Bay Times June 2012 : The last three years tell you all you need to know: The Church has doubled in size since your sources left and, since your opening articles in 2009, Church expansion has only accelerated, … [Read More...]


The Fundraising Steamroller

The evening of the "grand opening" of the "ideal" CLO EU they held a fundraiser. The crush for cash NEVER takes a break. It flattens all other factors in its path. Nothing is more important than squeezing some more cash out of the sheeple. Cannot … [Read More...]


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