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March 13 Hype-O-Rama

Just getting around to this -- things have been pretty hectic in the last few weeks and this one took a bit more work. A Special Correspondent attended the March 13th event in LA and reported some entertaining first-hand observations which serve as an introduction to some key points from the International Scientology News  March 13 "Birthday Game" edition. First,  the on-the-ground report from the Dolby Theater in LA. A grey, barely marked, Church of Scientology mini-bus pulled up to the curb and discharged 4 or 5 people into the crowd that makes Hollywood & Highland a nightly spectacle. The lack of a full load confirmed my suspicion that there was no teeming crowd back at the Pacifica Base eager to squeeze into the free … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

Basel a Bust They sent out their first promo piece on Monday -- for an event on Saturday: They are already hitting people up for MORE money, even before it's opened. The tiny org in the small city is made "ideal" and meanwhile, the … [Read More...]


Get Ready For OT IX & X

Hahahaha, they are pulling out the old saw. Release of OT IX and X.... This is aimed at those who have attained the HIGHEST STATE OF AWARENESS in Scientology. Those who have had "truth revealed." "space will be limited" when we release OT IX … [Read More...]


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