How Scientology Deals With Child Molesters

I often put up postings that are tongue in cheek and poke fun at Miscavige and his Merry Band of Minions. This however is NOT one of those. It highlights a systemic problem in Scientology, in some ways similar to the Catholic Church. The comparison is both apt (as the interest is in society's right to protect children and the well being of the children themselves) and somewhat strained (because child molesting is not generally widespread in scientology organizations and certainly not among its "priesthood"). But what is completely parallel is the desire of the church to keep these incidents secret at all costs. To hide the perpetrators and facts from authorities and to "deal with it internally" which usually results in NOTHING being … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

Tony Ortega has Sunday Funnies. Today, I have Thursday Funnies. Some Special Correspondents sent these in and I could not withhold them from bringing a smile to the faces of readers of this blog (especially as the posting coming up tomorrow is one … [Read More...]


What Is The IAS Doing?

You will be very pleased to know that the IAS  is now informing their public what they are spending their money on. BUILDINGS! Of course, the IAS doesn't waste money on things where there is no return. Buying buildings sounds reasonable, until … [Read More...]


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