Scientology Fundraising Techniques Part 3

More of the church documents that describe how they go about parting the pocketbooks from their parishioners. (Part 1 here, Part 2 here) This one is from Craig Jensen and it describes in detail the lengths to which these events go to squeeze every last dollar they can out of the attendees.... Nothing really new here, but Jensen manipulating the crowd by doling out his $100,000 ("strategically") at various times to goad others into giving money is a "shame game" that is pretty repulsive. Reading this is like reading a write up produced by Reed Slatkin or some scam artist that sells fake "investment opportunities" to the elderly door-to-door. But here, we have the added factor of the victims believing the church would NEVER lie to … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

Miami Madness There are so many things wrong here. What do you get? For about $10 million you get a "rendering".... And from 1961, yes, that is more than 50 YEARS AGO, "Clearing is in reach of everyone...." -- unless of course you haven't … [Read More...]


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