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Flag Needs The Running Program

If this super dooper OT cause resurgence rundown really produces what they are promoting, then maybe Flag should just take a month off and put themselves through it so they can get at cause over their sinking stats.... Here is their newest begging to "get people to Flag." You get some idea of the state of affairs in the "fastest growing religion on earth" when they are proudly announcing their FIRST completion from Sweden. Remember, Sweden has an IDEAL ORG in Malmo and another Class V org in Stockholm. And in 8 months there has been ONE person complete.... And what is it with the twenty somethings lined up like this was an ad for a trendy singles only health spa? Prettiest girls in front. It's a very strange image for a "church" -- … [Read More...]


Super Power Isn’t So Sooper

Wow, if this is all they have to show for 15+ years, hundreds of millions invested in this building, and virtually unparalleled hype, its pretty tragic. And what is so amazing to me is how they keep giving actual stats as if they are worth … [Read More...]


The FIRST GAG II Class IV Field Auditor

  Big news. The FIRST auditor in the field has completed the GAG II Class 4 training. Yes, these SUPER FAST EVERY SINGLE PERSON COMPLETES IN CHECKSHEET TIME COURSES have finally produced a Class IV auditor after only 8 MONTHS! At … [Read More...]


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