Schizo In ANZO

OK, so what are they doing down under? Things seem to have become a fundraising free for all. We have been seeing the "big push" on Auckland in New Zeland as the "next ideal org" and how everyone is in a big, happy, clusterfuck alliance to make it happen:   Then Sydney gets in on the act because they haven't even been able to unload 500 "limited edition leatherbound Dianetics books" to get them "out of Non Existence." This does not make much sense when they have been an ideal org now for months and "everyone knows" that things go straight up and vertical the minute Dear Leader yanks the ribbon on an ideal org (speaking of ideal orgs -- how come there are no new ones??)... Then we see Perth appearing (with my … [Read More...]

closed forever

Another One Bites The Dust

In the era of massive, straight up and vertical, 47X expansion in the wake of GAGII one could be forgiven for assuming that this would be most evident in the LA area -- "home to the largest population of scientologists on earth" according to the … [Read More...]


Two More IAS Shills

Didn't L. Ron Hubbard say that auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet? So, why would an "on Source" scientologist who spent years training through CLASS VIII, be a full time reg for the IAS rather than a full time auditor? Does … [Read More...]


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