Ideal Org Strategy Crumbling

  It's official. And what an amazing surprise it was. But now we have it straight from the horse's mouth. Quinn the Eskimo has come out of retirement -- everybody jump for joy. There is a "ground-breaking development." Well, not literally ground breaking, but as Quinn puts it, there has been a "change in protocol." As I had mentioned last week.... It's a new pitch. Get the money for the "construction phase" and that can "barrel forward" while more money is gotten for "furnishings and equipment." So give it NOW. The history-making good news is that we can "imminently" start "construction" but the bad news is that there are still some hundreds of thousands needed for the "construction phase" and MILLIONS more needed for … [Read More...]

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What IS “Cause Resurgence”?

  Now, remember, out in the real world, we KNOW what this "rundown" consists of. But in the scientology bubble, it is "confidential" and is not mentioned unless you have paid your entrance fee and are ushered into the special floor of … [Read More...]


Thursday Funnies

Not Funny: Very Good News Allen Barton announced yesterday that his play, DISCONNECTION has been extended to March 29 - fifteen more performances. Encourage everyone you know to attend, everyone who has seen it RAVES about how good it … [Read More...]


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