10,000 Not On Solo NOTs


After more than 30 years, they are very slowly closing in on reaching 2/3rds of their 10,000 target. Woohoo.

Though the figure they give is certainly a lie and probably includes everyone who is “off the level” because they “started it at one time”  (you can be sure they have not deducted all the people who are now declared SP as they would be going backward in their cumulative total). But this is not new news, we have been hearing about them trying to get to 6500 for almost a year now.

More interesting are some other things said by Crazy Lady Edy Lundeen (I highlighted them in bold).

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014
From: Edy Lundeen <fscwus@flag.org>
Reply-To: bbretches@wus.scientology.net
Subject: Moving OT V’s onto and through Solo NOTs!


The 10,000 on Solo NOTs campaign continues to roll forward!

We are now only 10 away from the 6,500 target!!!

It is vital that you are promoting this target and are in the know on what
it takes to get an OT V onto Solo NOTs with Golden Age of Tech II.


A) Advance Solo Auditor Course (New OT VI Part A)
B) OT Preparations (done concurrent to OT VI Part A)
C) OT Eligibility Check (done concurrent to OT VI Part A)
D) OT VI Part B
E) OT VI Part C

(New OT VI Part A)

The major sections of this course are:

– 13 Basics Books
– Metering (all 27 E-meter drills done 3 times through)
– Solo Metering (all 11 Solo E-meter drills done twice through)
– Simulator (the basic auditing skills needed to Solo audit through New OT VII)

Books already studied on any course, including Extension Courses, may be credited. Books may be completed on Extension Course or in any org or mission prior to arrival to Flag.

There is no longer any testing done on the Basic Books.

Length of course:

Over 500 students have now been completed on the Advanced Solo Auditor Course.

After the Basics Books are finished, by stats, 90% of public complete this course in 180 hours or less. On a Flag full time schedule that is 2 to 2 ½weeks. The average time for completion is 150 hours.

Golden Age of Tech Phase II trained auditors are credited with earlier studies, bringing course time down to as little as 3to 7 days dependent on volume of prior training.


Inspector General Network Bulletin 53 lays out the steps to take to get C/S okay to start on the Purification Rundown and or the Survival Rundown.

The person simply contacts their local org and fills out forms. These are then forwarded by the org to the Flag AO where public’s folders are. If approved a temporary folder is sent to the Class V org for the public to start their Purif and or Survival Rundown.

Average Tech Estimate for OT Preps for those going onto New OT VI and VII with Purification Rundown and SRD complete is 1 to 2 intensives.

All OT V completions must pass a 72 question security check (Sec Check) plus 11 End Ruds, before commencing on the confidential sections of OT VI Part B.

Tech Estimate for OT Eligibility:
With Sec Check materials now in full use and due to the Mark Ultra VIII E-meter, all OT Eligibility checks for Solo NOTs are completed in 1 intensive.


OT VI PART A – 2-3 WEEKS (Full time schedule after completing the Basics


There are new special donation rates and packages for New OT VI and New OT VII and the intensives.

A being has been descending the dwindling spiral for many, many trillions of years, accumulating charge all the way down. For the first time ever one is rid of this negative charge and has one’s personal spiritual freedom.

Contact us at (323) 953-3230 for more data.

Edy Lundeen
Flag Service Consultant

Ignoring her typos and spelling mistakes, this email offers some insight into the bubble.

Obviously, they were having problems testing people on the Basic Books. Likely the majority could not pass the test so they were being sent back to restudy them and this was causing slows. So dump that idea (no doubt with the explanation that now with the GAG II Shat there is no need to test people any longer).

With all current Solo NOT’s auditors being ordered to redo the “new” GAG II Solo Auditor course it is shocking that they only have 500 completions. This may well include all the AO’s too. This is the total of dedicated, with-the-program OT’s at the top of the bridge… 500 internationally. Anyone who has not done this by now is NOT with the program.

A full time Flag student schedule is 75 hours a week. More than 10 hours every day. When do they have time to reg these people? There is a lie here somewhere.

It’s good to know that “IG NW Bulletin 53″ tells you how to get an OT V onto the Purif or Survival Rundown. No need for HCOB’s, and anyway it’s kind of hard to find ones to justify this “down the Bridge” tsunami, so just do with an IGNWB.  In the new corporate scientology any issue from Chairman of the Board takes precedence over anything else to the contrary. This IS Command Intention.

I think though the crazy lady doozie here is this amazing statement:  With Sec Check materials now in full use and due to the Mark Ultra VIII E-meter, all OT Eligibility checks for Solo NOTs are completed in 1 intensive. Seriously, it is because of the Warehouse 8? Edy, they have been using the Warehouse 8 for these sec checks for more than a DECADE. So why is it suddenly different?  Oh, just pulled that  one out of your butt….

BTW Edy, if the Eligibility runs over an intensive, is that delivered for free? (joke)

No wonder they are having a tough time getting to the 6500 level. Once the suckers have completed all their Basics, and then the new GAG II Student Hat and then redone the Purif and Objectives, they can then travel to Flag for 7 weeks (yeah, right, if Edy says it’s 7 weeks it’s probably 7 months), not only paying for the service, but also to stay in one of the overpriced hotels and eat the overpriced food, all the while being constantly subjected to the vultures.

A trip to hell.

I guess it’s sort of like those guided “tours” where people pay good money to “rough it”, sleeping on the ground, foraging for food, no soap, no toilets etc. And there is a small percentage of the population that WILL pay for someone to abuse them. It’s probably a similar percentage that would pay up for the privilege of some months of abuse at Flag…. Maybe they are applying the principle of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?



  1. says

    Apart from the fun with grammar, punctuation etc. on this post if I look at the content of Edy’s email it is really ominous to have “steps A to E” sounding like an SP redoing all of his Bridge (yet again). Must be ‘a higher harmony’…

    It made me laugh to see that they don’t trust their NOTs completions that they would need yet ANOTHER
    OT eligibility check, must be purely for the money. Step B should only be “if needed”. Scratch step C unless just loaded with O/Ws.

    Thank the Lord or whoever that it is so easy for most well intentioned individuals to get onto Solo NOTs.

  2. says

    I don’t see anything wrong with the solo Auditor course Pt A as many times over material = certainty.

    and I am disgusted with so many people I have met in the “Community” who can’t fly ruds solo.

    That said, why is it that used to be one step from OTV to OTVII that being a good solid solo course but now there are 5 steps called A to E?

    Well it must be the usual $$$$$$$$$$’s.

    And Mike made an excellent point about who decided who is ready and fit. I remember it used to be chap called a C/S.

    Now its some Inspective Detector.

    I do so enjoy this soap opera called the C of S

    What was that song called

    “I’m forever blowing bubbles”


  3. says

    “With Sec Check materials now in full use and due to the Mark Ultra VIII E-meter, all OT Eligibility checks for Solo NOTs are completed in 1 intensive.” ~ Crazy Lady Lundeen

    Doesn’t this mean that all the eligibilities in the past that took over one intensive were out tech? So this means that they blew off hundreds or thousands of people with their out tech?? And the years they have been claiming total perfection prior to GAT 2 were all lies??!!

  4. FG says

    “A being has been descending the dwindling spiral for many, many trillions of years, accumulating charge all the way down. For the first time ever one is rid of this negative charge and has one’s personal spiritual freedom”. I did solo nots almost 30 years ago. Am I part of the 6500? They always do like this was something nobody ever done before… They want to make you regret to have been an early scientologist, as now and next is the right time. But all this technology seems invalidated from both side. Church side all this prerequisite and regging make it so hard to reach… and outside the church, after a while you can feel desinterest. No game… it doesnt have the same taste… And it’s a pity.. the subject get lost… the belief is gone. Sorry for possible spelling error, i’m not english speaking native..

  5. Espiritu says

    As I understand it, this oddly round 10,000 number originated because LRH once said in another context that there were only about 10,000 beings on this planet who, at that time, were “truly capable” or something to that effect.

    Anyway, in present time what do people in the Church expect to actually happen if and when that statistic is achieved? Is it expected that everyone on Earth, minus 2 1/2% of course, will suddenly and spontaneously realize that the Tech works? Or that David Miscavige is the “Savior”? As someone who has seen the Tech work for myself, I have always been mystified by the attention concentrated on this arbitrary target for a relatively few people. Is is possible that this whole production is simply the result of non-confronting the purpose and the task of getting the Tech into the hands of the people of Earth for the benefit of humankind?

  6. Gus Cox says

    “…so somehow these NOTs auditors who for the most part are mostly untrained per the HCOB Training and OT and thus who’s concept of auditing is therefore similar to say calling masturbation “sex” (which is why I call these OTCs the “Lunatic Fringe” since most of them have no concept of helping anyone other than themselves by hopping on any popular band wagon that comes along) are somehow going to change the world by jerking o…er I mean Solo Auditing…”

    Aw, shit, thank you for that! Scientology is auditing – If you’re gonna be one – I’m not anymore – but if you’re gonna be a Scientologist, you should learn how to goddamned audit. I used to tell my un-trained OT friends (who I often called Professional PCs), “look, if you haven’t produced an EP (End Phenomena – F/N, Cog, VGIs) – in another person, on the *other* side of your goddamned meter, you aren’t a real Scientologist. Doing a fucking solo course and playing with yourself is *not* training.”

    Thank Goddess I’m out of the whole damned cult now, but jeez, if you’re gonna do it, at least do it right. Although I’ll grant that’s not easy these days – even the “church” itself can’t fucking get Scientology right thanks to that un-trained midget who’s in charge. If I were still interested, you’re damned right I’d go Indie.

    I think your quote above maybe explains it better than I ever did :-)

    -August Cox

    • says

      Thanks Gus,

      I remember the “old” Solo Course where these lunatics (if you were a trained auditor you could sign it off) actually had to fly ruds on another student which was always good for some comic relief 😉

  7. Gus Cox says

    No shit. It occurred to me some time ago that the least-trained Scientologists are Sea Org members. The least-trained are the ones running the “church.” The explains a lot.

  8. Gus Cox says

    “…If knowing the English language is the only thing you got going for you – you don’t have much in life at all.”

    If you know it well, and can write and speak it well, you have a lot going for you. You have a significant advantage.

  9. Jose Chung says

    The 10,000 on OT 7 is a sales gimmick.
    OT 6 part B is up to 6 hunchback Madams that hangout in in the OT 6 course room.
    They look for MONEY and send reports to D.M.
    Rex Fowler who is counted as on OT 7 among others that will never see the light of day.
    Sales gimmick for Tiny hands and fodder to keep the hunchback madams out of the RPF.

  10. says

    I was telling my brother about Tony Ortega’s story about the veterinarian yesterday and how the cult sent the Sea Org out to reclaim his e-meter in exchange for a check. (There’s a reason why the cult did that, likely because the e-meter sale was within the time period of clawback of certain transfers as part of the vet’s bankruptcy.) My brother is not familiar with Scientology save for what he sees on the boob tube. I described the e-meter to him and finished up with: “This version has been in a warehouse for years and years and so people sarcastically call it the ‘Warehouse 8.’ And yeah, it really is five grand.” He busted up laughing.

    • says


      I bought my first emeter which was a Delta Meter for 150 bucks then traded up to an HEM (it was made by a company called Hubbard E Meter and based on the British version of the Mark V) which was given to me by someone who was moving to an admin post and figured I could use it more than he would and so I paid I think $50 to have it checked by Qual.

      The biggest outlay of cash was for a brand new Mk VI which I paid 1100 bucks and then someone offered me 250 for my HEM which I hadn’t planned on selling but took it and put the money on a new VI so it ended up costing me …mmmm…let’s see…ok…less than…hold on ….let me get my calculator…850 for the VI which I might add I’ve used for thousands of hours of professional auditing which I charge outrageous rates for BTW 😉

      So the VI I’d say has paid for itself more than 10x over which is more than I can say I paid for being the spendthrift I am.

      Used a Mk Stupid VII while I was at Flag on the Internship because they didn’t want their public audited on anything less which I didn’t get to keep but I wasn’t too impressed with it anyway.


      Same with the Quantus Meter which I borrowed from a friend to do the “Pro” metering course and those pointless (un) Certainty courses.

      So I wouldn’t pay 5000 for a meter especially that Orwellian contrivance they’re selling.

      • Gast says

        Even what the promo tells about the Quantum concerning enlarged sensivity at high TA is a misconstruction. Once I had a PC with a real high TA and the sensivity was automatically raised so high that one couldn’t hold the needle on the dial. No chance. We had to change to a Mark VI and then handle what needed to be handled.

        • says

          Exactly Gast,

          That was my complaint about the Quantum.

          They also claimed the increase was due to mass when in fact it was solely based on resistance.

          Which means that if the PC had a falsely high TA it would drive the sensitivity up to a point where the meter was practically unreadable.

  11. says

    Let’s see.

    NOTs has been released since ’78 then Solo NOTs came out in ’82 (me I always personally thought it was strange that they’d call what was basically a Solo Course Retread an “OT Level” but there ya go) for over thirty years and they’re going ape shit over 6500 people not completed but on Solo NOTs?

    Now let’s give a datum of comparable magnitude or as the buzz word is in the Church of Gross Alterations “orders of magnitude” (which is based on the name of an OT level that will probably never be released by those chuckle headed morons since it took ’em three decades to fully release a rundown that was pretty well written up and ready to go in ’78 and even then they fucked it up) it took only less than a decade to make 5000 Clearing Course Clears and back then that meant five times through the platens after a very lengthy and what seemed to many to be a long and interminable R6EW. About ten years to make 3000 OT IIIXs which again back then was one long ass action that required more than just a “win” of some kind before they kicked you upstairs to NOTs.

    Yet they are still trying to get 6500 not actually through NOTs but just on NOTs so somehow these NOTs auditors who for the most part are mostly untrained per the HCOB Training and OT and thus who’s concept of auditing is therefore similar to say calling masterbation “sex” (which is why I call these OTCs the “Lunatic Fringe” since most of them have no concept of helping anyone other than themselves by hopping on any popular band wagon that comes along) are somehow going to change the world by jerking o…er I mean Solo Auditing because of some obscure reference in a lecture where Ron gives an estimate off the top of his head of the number of people influencing society in general.

    I mean screw any of hundreds of references to the contrary about actually having to audit and train people so that they can be more “proactive” meaning actually *Standardly* applying Scientology to “improve conditions”.

    No all this group of 10000 moronic lunatics believe they have to do is lock their sorry asses in a room and suddenly the world is somehow magically gonna be a better place.

    I remember Aquamarine and I had a discussion about why these idiots would believe that building some monstrosity called an “Ideal Org” is going to somehow suck in all the “wogs” like some Hoover Vacuum Cleaner.

    Well if you need any more proof that these people are on some kind of power acid trip all you gotta do is read Crazy Eddy’s call for 10000 OTs.

    Nuff said.

  12. says

    Mike, the food at Flag is not overpriced. It’s good food, too. You don’t have to tip, but you may need to buy a set of the Basics if you dine there regularly. Even if you factor that in, that’s $3000 divided by 3 meals per day for the 7 months you’ll be trapped there, which only adds about $5 per meal (or $10 per meal if you buy two sets). AND you have (another) set of the Basics. So it’s really not as bad as you try to make it all seem.

  13. DollarMorgue says

    I don’t suppose they’re sending out promo with slightly different glaring errors to track down leaks? Is that asking too much?

  14. says

    Study tech says one should not have “too long a runway”. The mail above shows a runway
    w-a-a-a-a-y to long, going backwards, with gratuitous vultures added.

    In the FZ I was given a very short interview and then asked ” Any reason you can’t start OT 2?”

    No was my answer.

  15. Steph says

    An anonymous person is more outraged about someone pointing out spelling and grammatical errors than they are about people being swindled, manipulated and having their families torn apart by a cult.

    What a nutjob.

  16. says

    Hey Mike –

    I know I missed Miscavige’s birthday for this one, and so I’m sorry if I’m late for this topic, but I was rummaging around in my youtube account and I came across David Miscavige’s infamous “Nightline” interview from the very early 1990’s.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZSjVOXAb8U&w=420&h=315


    I think you would know this story better than anyone:

    Why did David Miscavige never do another interview after this?

    And didn’t Ted Koppel win a journalistic award for his handling of Miscavige in this interview?

    Please tell this story.

    It should be a really good one.


    • Mike Rinder says

      Don’t have time to tell the whole story now.

      Miscavige thought this was a masterpiece of PR handling and had all PRs around the world watch it as an example of “how it’s done.”

      Yes, Koppel did win an Emmy. Miscavige claimed that “he got Ted Koppel his Emmy.”

      I think he was scared of doing any other interviews as in spite of his puffery, this didnt go so well. At one point I had set up with CNN to do a one hour special on Scientology and I was going to be interviewed by Anderson Cooper. The producers were toured through the facilities and everyone was set to go when Miscavige decided that HE should be doing the interview and that I was trying to usurp his rightful position. He then told CNN he would be interviewed, but it was going to be 8 months before he had time. Of course, they were none too impressed. Miscavige messed around with all sorts of promises and then decided he was going to do Larry King instead because King throws softball pitches. He got Bert Fields (who represented King and was a long time friend) to try and broker some deal and then Tommy Davis got involved. In the end, of course he did neither after pissing off both, and their boss David Doss who was head of CNN Prime Time shows.

      Typical Miscavige — because he feared I was going to become too prominent, he put me in the Hole and “took over” and the end result was NO show at all and enemies made with the head of CNN programming, Larry King and ANderson Cooper. It’s a bit of an inside joke about Anderson Cooper repeating over and over on his week long series that he had invited Mr. Miscavige to come on the show and the invitation remains open.

      • says


        This would be a fantastic post if you fleshed it out.

        I believe that Koppel won the Emmy because he completely played to Miscavige’s colossal ego, and gave Miscavige all the rope he needed to completely hang himself. You can see it with the “David Miscavige” signature splayed across the screen that they made up for him. And he even got him raving about murders and the FDA.

        Miscavige had no idea that he was total putty in that guy’s hands.

        I remember watching the interview as a dedicated Scientologist. When Koppel played that excerpt from Between Lives Implants, a BC Tape that I had heard ob course just a few weeks before, Miscavige said “Oh, that’s no longer part of modern Scientology!”

        I thought, “OMFGod! He just committed a major tech degrade on national television!”

        I thought, why didn’t he just use this as an opportunity to say that Scientologists believe that the spirit can be rehabilitated to states where we are able to do these things. And then talk about other spiritual traditions who believe the same things.

        Why was he so embarrassed about the beliefs of his own religion that he had to deny them like that?

        After the Maoist Reconditioning that I went through at SMI from a few years before from writing the high crime reports on the pricing, I was now sure this guy was an SP.

        This would be a great chapter of a book, Mike.

        Not kidding, man. You’ve got gold in you for a great book on Scientology.


  17. Roy Macgregor says

    Well, gotta hand it to Anonymous for side-tracking a great blog post.

    This email from Edy Lundeen (reply to bb retches) is all about the fiasco of scientology ot levels.

    I think I commented on this before, but the Flag recycling machine is running out of suckers on ot7 to keep cycling over and over through all kinds of ridiculous actions. You see the flag advanced org (where most of the worlds ot levels are delivered) provides about 80% of David Miscaviges weekly statistic, which his gigantic weekly bonuses are based on. So the normal way of things is that any poor slob who gets onto ot7 gets ordered to do sec checks, fprd, dianetics, objectives, hundreds of hours of junk – all while mid ot7 and all ordered to be done with the auditors at the flag advanced org, so that it counts on DM’s stat.

    The great thing about being on ot7 is that the solo auditing can be really neat, and once you are on you are normally willing to do almost anything to be able to keep going. So flag can get you to jump through almost any hoop, pay almost anything, rat out friends, attend events you hate, donate your last dime, smile and clap when DM talks so long it makes your ears bleed, and so on.

    But flag has been forced to complete some of them so that there would be someone to do superpower. I would speculate that they are weeping tears of blood at flag right now trying to get the stats up.

    So Lord Volde-Miscavige has very reluctantly softened up the over-the-top requirements to get onto ot7 in the hopes of refilling the money machine with fresh humans to be squeezed. Especially note that the elig which normally drones on for at least 36 counselling hours is supposely being done in 12.5 hours. What that really means is that ONE person made it through in 12.5 hours. It was the 12 year old daughter of a whale.

    Yes, what does not kill you may indeed make you stronger.

    Sadly, what may kill you sometimes does indeed kill you.

    Serious squirrelling at scientology upper levels seems to have a pretty decent mortality rate. Comparible to BASE jumping perhaps?

    I wonder if dead people are counted on the 6400. There would be a ton of those also perhaps due to the fact that only older people can come up with the half mil or so needed to get up to and onto ot 7, so the ot7 demographic is largely people in their 50’s and 60’s. But even so, they seem to pop off with startling regularity.

    I would love to know how many OT VII people are actually auditing on the level or completed who are both LIVING people and who are in good standing with the local scientology obergruppenführers and who are STILL ACTIVE in scientology. Now that would be a number to weep over. Perhaps 1000? Perhaps not even?

    That’s not a number they give a shit about so even in the stat crazy sea org they would not know the answer to that question. Alive or dead, active or inactive – did you PAY AND START? Did you????? Then you COUNT!

    It sucks to be David Miscavige.

    • says

      You know what’s better than not allowing yourself to be sidetracked? When you flow all the way with the side track and land back on your feet in the original thought.

      What is sidetrack? Extra randomity. I know it is politically incorrect to get sidetracked but if you can split yourself in two and keep them both going, and then pull back together, that is really magic. Do it on purpose sometime, permit yourself to get totally sidetracked. It is so much fun. When you do it on purpose it feels great. And then to go off track and dabble over there, and then just, back to bang, resume where you left off.

      Awesome. Getting sidetracked can feel real good.

  18. Busck says

    Just imagine if they would train their own staff,
    The goal of 10000 would have been reached a long time ago!

  19. Just Me says

    I enjoy laughing at the CoS’s digital effluvia. But occasionally I glimpse that desperate people are writing this crap while trying hard not to be flung off their hamster wheels onto a lower rung of CoS hell.

    I sincerely hope their lives become even more intolerable until they reach the breaking point and escape from that prison.

    I’ll feed you the really big cog: The way out is OUT!

  20. Chris Smith says

    “C) OT Eligibility Check (done concurrent to OT VI Part A)” – This statement/concept has never made sense to me. It has always stood out as a red flag and I have a really hard time wrapping my head around the idea that people on the inside just gloss right over it. If you are already OT V, why do you need an OT Eligibility Check? You’d already BE an Operating Thetan at this point would you not? I mean shit, you already braved the Wall of Fire without having your brain melt and leak out of your ears right? How much more Eligible can you be?! In for a penny, in for a pound right?

    Oh, right, DUH it’s about milking more money and blackmail material out of trusting, koolaid swilling parishioners. It has nothing to do with eligibility to advance up the bridge!

    As much as I loathe the RCS and everything it represents I can’t bring myself to be angry at the members themselves (for the most part). I just feel pity, sadness and frustration that so many seemingly good people can be so willfully ignorant of the truth. It’s heartbreaking.

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Chris …… everybody is eligible …… as long as there is still room on their credit card or equity in their home or funds in an IRA ….. Like you, I am not angry with the members of the CoS ….. I just have no REAL respect for their awareness, intelligence, confront or loyalty.

  21. glenn says

    Testing on the Basics studied via Extension Courses was done “open book” and students could refer to the materials for answers. So what, if testing is now eliminated? It only tested student’s ability to look up answers in the first place..

  22. Annon says

    First: There is no reason to put a space before the question mark in your first statement.
    Second: “stupider” is NOT a word.
    Third: If you LISTEN to the advice of the Grammar Nazi’s, there is a possibility, albeit a small one in your case, that you might actually LEARN something.
    Fourth: “…any highly intelligent person can tell the difference between careless typos and someone who is seriously illiterate. ” With that being said, I do not see you as being highly intelligent. These are your rules.
    Fifth: “If knowing the English language is the only thing you got going for you – you don’t have much in life at all.” The PROPER way to say that would be, “…the only thing you HAVE going for you…” What you said is just poor grammar so I guess, according to YOUR rules, you have nothing going for you.
    Sixth: “What are you the Dean of English Dept. at Princeton University?” You forgot the word THE… It should read, “What are you, the Dean of THE English Dept…” You also left off the comma.

    So… EVERYTHING you have written shows, by YOUR rules, that you have nothing and are nothing. These are YOUR arguments and I am just pointing out the mistakes YOU made.

    Now for your records: I am a male posting Annon. I hold multiple degrees; one in Psychology, one in Sociology and one in Computer Science. I am not the Dean of an English Dept but do appreciate the correct spelling and sentence structure when conveying a message. You see, communication IS the most important factor in our lives. If you cannot convey your message clearly, then misunderstandings occur.

    So to steal your phrase, “…you don’t have much in life at all.”

    The REAL Grammar Nazi

  23. Lurr Kurr says

    I’ve always been curious what would happen if you told a CS or a reg that you’ve already been through the bridge and attested to OT8 and above in another lifetime – and that you are wondering where they misplaced your folder. What kind of response would you get? I mean, what’s true for you, no?

  24. Cindy says

    To get more auditing on SN, they are now quickying it. It used to be you read all books and tested on them and if you flunked, had to go back, clear your words and read forward from there. So that is now gone. And it used to be you did E Meter drills 5 times through. They shortened that to 3 X through. And the biggest lie of all is that Elig will take only 1 intensive! (Because they are using the super duper new e-meter??? They have been using that emeter guts in the old meters for a decade now and it didn’t speed things up then.) When I did Elig, it was taking people on average 10 intensives OR MORE to get through it. And time to get from OT V to auditing on VII? It was many months. A very high IQ person is Megan Shields, MD. It took her 5 month or more to do the cycle and she was there full time slugging it out.

    So my conclusion is that Mike is right when he says Edy Lundeen is pulling all this out her ass.

  25. Cooper Kessel says

    “A full time Flag student schedule is 75 hours a week. More than 10 hours every day. When do they have time to reg these people? There is a lie here somewhere.”

    Maybe not so much Mike. They have breakfast time but the regges of course are still asleep then from their all night vulture cycles so the sheeple are usually unmolested at breakfast. Lunch is another story. The regges form a line at the Sandcastle restaurant and when you cruise by they land like hungry mosquitos and follow you to your table for an extraction cycle.

    Failing this, the afternoon break is a time for the vultures to set up a dinner event for the transfusion. And then the ‘after course’ late night cycle can always be used for cleaning up any remaining failed extractions. And so it goes, day after day, year after year ……………………. until there is no more living tissue to pick over.

    Yo Edy, Look at it this way. Instead of ONLY ten more to go to reach 6500 extractions, you actually have THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND TEN more plump sheeple to find to complete your target.

    6490 picked and cleaned road kills over 30 yrs is an average of 216 per year. (and this was with lots of low hanging fruit and pent up demand) 3510 divided by 216 comps/year means that you may be zeroing in on your target in slightly over 16 years. You and Clive may want to check your current age, add the 16 years and then make a trip to Las Vegas to plunk down some of you ill gotten lean green on a wager. Will we git er done before we drop the ole bod ……..or not? I would place money on the cult being gone by then BTW.

    And don’t forget to remove me from your stat. I was one of the 6490 comps but if you check with dear leader, he will confirm that I was obviously a failed student; in fact, I made it all the way up and across your bridge to total freedum and not one of you ever noticed I was actually a flaming SP is disguise. Must have been because you didn’t have your new Warehouse VIIIs out in action. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I did make it to total freedom and it really is a great place to be.

    • says

      That would be humorous. If they were to remove the SPs and the dead people (like my ex mother-in-law), their stat would probably drop by at least half is my bet. I can imagine people like Tory, Karen probably even Russ Meadows and David Mayo are still listed on that list. ooopsie!

  26. says

    Reading these emails, the mixture of stoicism and desperation, makes me think that these targets resemble the passing of a kidney stone.

  27. Old School says

    “The 10,000 on Solo NOTs campaign continues to roll forward!”

    Kinda how the Grande Armée’s campaign to take Russia continues to roll forward?

    • says

      It has it’s similarities. It was also run by a runt (who was a legend in his own mind, and dreamed in technicolor).

  28. Tom says

    LOL – wut?

    To get onto OT VII you have to first do A to E on VI?

    Is this another example of the criminal mind telegraphing their intentions?

  29. jonsty says

    500 who completed GATII Solo Auditor’s Course is probably the true and accurate number of those actually on 7. I am sure I am counted as one of the 6500, but left long ago.

    Man, 500…how weak

  30. Potpie says

    “A being has been descending the dwindling spiral for many, many trillions of years, accumulating charge all the way down. For the first time ever one is rid of this negative charge and has one’s personal spiritual freedom”.
    For the first time ever???? Edy babe where are you?
    No negative charge was removed in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s
    and 80’s? Were there not OT VII’s and VIII’s made
    in the late 80’s on the original LRH stuff?
    This comment (for the first time ever) in how she is positioning it is nothing
    more than an outright fucking lie.
    Shame on anyone who believes this.

  31. SILVIA says

    You are right Mike, these are lies big time; trying to picture a scene where everything goes smooth and as scheduled at Flag.

    I say this because, from a reliable source, very recent Sec Checks at Flag have gone for over 6 Intensives, the person never made it on the Level. By the end of those grueling sessions the person was so introverted that felt something was very bad with her.. Eventually the person saw the light and left to never return to Flag.

    6 Intensives has been the current norm, why? Because otherwise there would be NO pcs, no income and no Advance Tech VSD (Value of Services Delivered) stat which is RTC’s stat.

    Sorry Edy, PR ain’t working any longer with the majority of Scientologists and you know it too.

    • McCarran says

      Bingo, Silvia. There is no way these estimates are true; well, maybe if you’re one of those Scientologists who goes to every event, is a major and monthly contributor to IAS, has been on some sort of service non-stop since the day you started the comm course, goes to every committee member meeting, belongs to IHELP and a gung-ho group…. I had fucking 11 intensives of set-ups and eligibility to get onto VII. I found out I was considered a “recovery” cycle (which warrants many intensives in itself) Why? Because I was off of services for several years raising my kids. How dare one think he’s ever had enough enhancement to get on with his life. I was shocked to find this out. I was stupid to not cut and run right then and there.

      • says

        I had a similar experience, about 15 intensives of the worst auditing I’ve ever had before I realized I didn’t want what they were offering any more. I was raising kids too which is totally and completely unreal, as a critically important post for the world to function. I can’t express how little respect I have for flag.

        • indie8million says

          Hey Hallie Jane. Oooh. We’re telling Flag stories now? I got a doozie.

          This isn’t about me but about someone I know who went there. This was only about 2011, so not too long ago. She doesn’t know that I’m telling this story and, for all I know, she’s still in.

          This person went to Flag to get all sorted out. They were at the top of their field and doing pretty good financially, but wanted some help in other areas.

          Just getting to Flag was an engram because this person kept being told that she couldn’t go but no one would ever tell her why. And the local rep from Flag was an antagonistic @sshole. Some Italian guy. Pain in the butt.

          Finally, they let her go.

          Once she gets to Flag, she starts telling her story. One, that she’s been psychic all her life and two that, of course she’s seen alien ships. Duh. Usual stuff.

          Know what Flag tells her? With a lot of force, mind you, “You take that back!! You can’t be psychic! You’re lying!!” “No I’m not lying,” she says! By this time, they have 5 or 6 people in the room telling her that she can’t POSSIBLY be psychic. She asked why and, get this: They say, “You are NOT OT per the grade chart so it’s IMPOSSIBLE that you are psychic!!” The same with UFO spotting. “You couldn’t have possibly seen that UNLESS you were OT!!! So take it back! Say it’s not true!”

          She finally said it wasn’t true just to get away from this room full of lunatics.

          Can you believe this!?! The “friendliest place on earth??”

          She was so concerned that she called a friend and said, “Listen, if you don’t hear from me at 10:30 every night, you come over and GET ME out of here. I’ll pay the plane fare, just come and get me!”

          And she was serious.

          Can you believe that sh!t? You are degrading the tech if you say you can do any of those things and you aren’t OT.


          Welcome to Flag. The home of standard tech. Not.

          Oh, by the way, my friend’s stats have been crashed since. I guess Flag got its product.

  32. says

    Regarding the Warehouse 8 only now making sec checks faster, it’s because they were previously disguised as the old entheta Mark VII meters. You see their eazy bake oven inspired design is so theta that just looking at it blows charge! Plus when you look at that meter you know you’re getting shiny new COB tech instead of that tired outdated LRH stuff.

  33. Yuki L. says

    Someone is hungry for money again…

    This reminds me of this word: politics: poli =latin for many, tics = blood sucking creatures.
    What happens to a person in there that can no longer give any donations or pay for courses (nothing to sell, can’t borrow a dime from anyone)? Is it thrown out like a sock beyond repair?

    (P.S.: I really like your writing style and your sense of humor. Keep them coming!)

  34. hgc10 says

    I don’t get how if you’ve been accumulating charge for trillions of years (trillions, mind you!) you can discharge all that in just one life time, never mind just 7 weeks in Clearwater with and old-is-new galvanometer. Can someone explain?

    • says

      “Clearwater with and old-is-new galvanometer. Can someone explain?”

      Okay, any mechanical meter-movement is a “galvonmeter” A galvonmeter simply swings a needle in response to a current.
      The question is, where does the current which swings the needle on an e-meter come from? Does it come from the batteries in the e-meter? Or does the current come from the subject? In one case, the e-meter is a crude oh-meter, in the other, it’s a crude volt or ammeter.

      So where does the current that swings the needle come from?

      • hgc10 says

        It’s a good question, and I hope you’re going to supply the answer. Meanwhile, I’ll guess that the current originates with the battery, making it an ohm meter.

    • One Point Won says


      [They like to make people look stupider then themselves any chance they can get.]

      Though I too notice many language errors, when I read Scientology blog comments, I never think of myself as a male-grammarian-sheriff. I just notice the errors, and often I smile, and just as often I wonder what countries the bloggers are from, based on their phraseology and their grasp of the languages they converse in.

      At the same time, when I notice specifically that any respondent on a Scientology blog does not know the difference between the words “then” and “than” I immediately consider that such a blogger has not been well educated — perhaps not even past the fifth grade.

      For the record, Anonymous, “then,” refers to time and “than” refers to comparison.

      While I may applaud you, Anonymous, for standing up for the lesser educated as you appear to do on this blog from time to time, I too often bemoan your snide attacks on people of good will.

      In closing, Anonymous, please just say who and what you are, and THEN we can love you — for you — even though we may love Mike more THAN we love you.

      Much love, (plenty for all) One Point One [1.1]

    • clergyman says

      In a previous lifetime I died for the right to mipsell and put commas, where I chose. I was a grammartyr. In the afterlife I was rewarded with 72 virgin sentences. Not one of them still had a period!,!

  35. Anonymous says

    And have you noticed people who annoyingly pinpoint out minor grammatical errors are usually men ?

    They like to make people look stupider then themselves any chance they can get.

    But any highly intelligent person can tell the difference between careless typos and someone who is seriously illiterate.

    As I always say – “If knowing the English language is the only thing you got going for you – you don’t have much in life at all.”

    Next time someone corrects your grammar ask them for their credentials. Ask them: “What are you the Dean of English Dept. at Princeton University?” If not tell them to shut the F up.

    • Mike Rinder says

      The reason for commenting on this is that these are the people that proclaim they hold THE “technology” of how to read, study, write and even have a course on grammar and punctuation. And they charge money for it. I suspect that the Dean of English Dept at Princeton would not make stupid errors like they do, but if he/she did it would be worthy of mention.

      And no, I haven’t noticed that grammar nazis are usually men. But I have noticed that most “anonymous” trolls are men. Did you notice the same thing?

      • Idle Morgue says

        Thank you Mike – Anonymous missed the point entirely.

        The rest of us “get it” and need no esplainin!

        Thanks and well done again for another fabulous leak from our covert moles in full operation inside the Co$!

      • says

        *Yissee, Anonymous! What’s your point?

        Scientology is the most advanced, the most professional and the most sophisticated tech this universe has ever come across. And we boast a Qual Division. Must we tolerate such sloppy presentation from members of this elite group? I think not!

        I’m a female English Grammar Nazi.

        *South African for – ‘gosh!’, ‘hell man!’, ‘crikey moses!’, ‘goodness!’, ‘what on earth…?’

    • Mike Rinder says

      BTW “pinpoint out” is redundant. “Point out” or “pinpoint” are correct. Both together means you flunk.

      The Grammar Nazi

      • Mike Leopold says

        To Anonymous:
        Reading your post, particularly your last sentence, brought this to mind.

        “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”
        -Winston Churchill

      • KFrancis says

        Jeez Mike, what are you, the Dean of English at Princeton? LOL


        ( I’m uncomfortable with the idea of telling you to shut the fuck up in any case)

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        Snicker, laugh, REALLY LAUGH OUT LOUD! NOW, that’s some funny shit!

    • hgc10 says

      It’s not about making fun of typos. It’s about making fun of people who publish slick marketing materials and can’t be bothered to check over their work to see if they’ve got typos.

      And, you don’t need to be an English teacher to recognize grammar mistakes. Good grammar can be pretty much be nailed down by the 8th grade, though I recognize that a large percentage of the population never gets it.

    • says

      Hey Anonymous,

      Since you’re so hung up on credentials, I have my Masters in English, I got my PHd in Marine Biology, and I’m a woman. That and $7.00 will buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and that’s about all the value I put on it. Although you seem to think a status means everything, believe me, status is overrated. I value people by who they are in their hearts, not by what a piece of paper claims they are.

      That being said, besides the fact that the email was begging people to go back down to the bottom of the bridge and re-re-re-re-re do things they had already re-re-re-re-re-re done, that email was an excruciating read. The email was sent out to people who she is trying to get to pay lots of money to become “more able” and yet she continued to show how either unable or just plain unobservant she was.

      I tend to get in a hurry and post comments which contain typos which makes me cringe when I reread them. If I am sending something to someone asking them to buy something or to comply with certain rules or regulations, you can bet I ask my assistant and my assistant’s assistant to go over the document with a fine-tooth comb before the document ever leaves the office because it is just plain bad PR to expect people to respond positively to something with glaring errors.

      How can an organization which is actively promoting that it wants it members to be more able expect someone who sends out an email such glaring errors as

      ESACT steps
      90% complete in 180 hours or less – average complete time is 150 hours in same sentence and each of these total 2 1/2 weeks. (No matter how you slice it I as an ex SHSBC Supervisor know that my students would not be studentable if they did 180 hours in 2 1/2 weeks)

      and many others, think that the people will want to emulate the person who sent out the email?

      It’s not a matter of making fun of the person. It’s a matter of pointing out that if they are trying to get people to want to be more able, they need to show that they, themselves have been made more able by the tech they are trying to promote.

      BUT, you have said what you said in an effort to derail the thread, not because you actually care about what is said here, so it’s all a moot point anyway.

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        Wonderful post, Valerie! Very, very well put. However, since this is going out to those that are left, it probably doesn’t really matter as to how many errors it contains. It doesn’t even registar with the remaining few. To them it’s still all COMMAND INTENTION! Even if it does sound like it was written by a 7 year old (apologies to all 7 year olds).

      • Darien says

        It’s probably just some poor CoSplayer doing their A to E, sticking it to the “entheta”. Well struck thetan! Go forth and report your victory and move up in condition!

      • says

        Spell check (F7 in Microsoft apps) is your friend. I use it for every e-mail I sent out. For the reports I write (analyses of computer system failures in a financial services environment), I have at least one other person look over my writing to catch the stuff I missed. Some of my coworkers have a problem with that. I’d rather do it than get on the radar of our senior manager.

      • Idle Morgue says

        Good point Valerie and thank you!

        A troll is here to derail – don’t feed.

        Let’s get back to the task and talk about those moles inside the Church of Scientology leaking out these e-mails that make one wonder if these people have any sanity left!

        And yes, for a Church that CHARGES people hundreds of thousands of dollars and takes years of their lives for incorrect “technology” and then repackages it over and re-sells it again and again and again and again – and they still can’t write or spell when they are suppose to be HOMO NOVUS – we all call that a RIP OFF and these people need to get their money back and leave and stop giving any support to this criminal organization that hides behind its religious cloak.

        Let’s face the truth about Scientology ~

        It is a cult that lies to get money and free labor out of people. There are no OT’s, no Super Novus’s and no Clears.

    • Just Me says

      Uh, no. Most grammar Nazis are not men. Regardless of our gender, why would you deprive us of our great pleasures in pointing out Scilons’ errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, verb-subject agreement, word usage, sentence construction, etc.?

      Mr. Miscavige Himself has ascribed much of Scientologists’ lack of spiritual progress to transcriptionist errors. Therefore, He and His sheeple will only benefit from our constructive criticism.

      • says

        In all seriousness, Idle Morgue, you’ve the nail on the head. :)

        Another serious point here about typos, to a foreign language student such typos could be major MUs, seeing we’re really gettting down to the nitty-gritty of things here.

    • Science Doc says

      Actually Princeton has a Chair of the English Department, not a Dean of the English Department. Deans usually administrate collections of departments (e.g., Dean of the College of Arts and Letters) or functional activities such as Dean of Undergraduate Instruction for a university or college. My experience is that people who are sloppy with grammar are often casual with facts as well. Imprecise writing, including poor grammar, betrays disorganized thinking and invites misunderstanding. While an English professor may have a broader grasp of various writing styles and a more formal understanding of grammatical rules, any educated profession prides him(her)self in accurate written and verbal communication.

      Mike has been pointing out particularly egregious examples of poorly written communication, and he makes the point that this is part of a pattern of careless thinking and/or deceptive reasoning. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Kemist says

      And have you noticed people who annoyingly pinpoint out minor grammatical errors are usually men ?


      Don’t you know the Rules ?

      There Are No Girls On The Internet.

    • indie8million says

      Dear Anonymous. I take it, by your comment that you are actually a woman. Glad to see you here to see what is being said. Believe it or not, this is the first step in leaving because, once you have opened this Pandora’s box, it will not close. The light of truth will continue to shine its blinding light through the cracks, up with which you cannot plug. (Check that for accuracy, would you please, Dr. Valerie? LOL)

      Again, I’m glad you’re looking, even though you are indignant about what’s being said. Even though you feel a self-righteous need to defend Edy and the Church.

      But, being a woman, I’m sure that you are repelled by injustice, inflamed by mal-treatment, and incensed by child or human rights abuses. Have you seen that side of this argument yet? Have you seen Scott Campbell’s story. I am LIVID about what they did to him alone. What’s really horrific is that people are treated like he was treated and WORSE in the Hole and may still be.

      Did you read Debbie Cook’s letter? Mike has it listed on the top of the page here. Please read it and cuss it and be angry that someone is saying this about ‘your church’.

      And then watch this video about a long-time Sea Org member and how he was treated when he was told that his grandmother was dying and wasn’t allowed to leave…and then it got worse. You might even know Scott Campbell and his wife Karry. There is a happy ending. You’ll see a little at the end of the video.


    • WhiteStar says

      to anonymous, if your secretary sent out an email full of typos would that be ok with you? if you were a secretary and your boss dictated a letter to you would it be no big deal if you sent it out with typos and such?

      writing something personally is one thing, writing something professionally is another.

      it doesn’t escape anyone here that we all make spelling and grammar mistakes. but none of use are sending out promos or writing in an official capacity in representing an organization.

      i can’t spell worth a shit, but that’s why we have spell checkers, human an other wise.

      when i make a mistake commenting here, i don’t feel much embarrassment because i know people understand, but i would be very embarrassed if i sent a mistake filled letter in an official capacity to these very same people.

      one has to presume they don’t want to include errors in their promos and letters, and yet there they are. so even when they are trying, they miss them. that’s what it says.
      it’s not that you are making mistakes, but that you don’t realize you are making them or perhaps not even checking for them. And all the while they want to sell me on fixing my problems?

      what if my ruin is bad spelling, who’s going to help me then?

    • doigo says

      Hi there! You’ve come to the exit door of the CoS. No doubt you’re here to try to slam it shut, but just take a look outside before you do. It’s fun out here. Lots of people thinking for themselves, helping each other, supporting each other, and smiling. Remember smiling because you want to? Because you can’t help it, not because you HAVE to be seen smiling or face a KW?

      Who’s out here? Lots of people who have left Scientology completely, and lots who are still doing it… outside COB’s prison. Your choice. You can read what LRH really wrote (not COBs constantly edited versions) and make up your own mind how much or how little of what’s happening now in the church is what LRH intended.

      Anyway, I wish you luck and I hope you’ll get out of that grim, hostile world as soon as possible.

      • Mike Rinder says

        I have deleted all the responses from “anonymous” who spent the time to go through and answer everyone in an attempt to drive the thread more off topic. Every response was an invitation to a new discussion.

        Interesting we haven’t seen OSA posters here for some time. It’s usually predictable when there are direct exposes on Miscavige. He thrashes around and yells and screams that nobody is doing anything to protect HIS image and the RTC gestapo get all over OSA and Gavino Idda or Frits are told to “do something about it” so they call on one of their “agents” (like Bill Yaude) to get busy and try and distract things.

    • Pepper says

      Hello Anonymous,

      The first time I read your post I saw right through your communication, which had really nothing to do with “annoying men on the Internet” and everything to do with Mike Rinder himself.

      Your attempt to undermine, ridicule, or invalidate Mike, his blog, and the articles and comments here will not fly. This is because you are up against too many actively thinking, creative minds who not only understand the power of communication, but enjoying using it.

      There is a reason you are here on this blog. Something is catching your interest. Keep looking and learning. Have an honest conversation or two, or three, with yourself.

      Mike is a generous host and gives much leeway to people to speak their minds. I’m sure there’s a lot that he doesn’t agree with but allows it all the same.

      I wish you luck on your journey.

  36. Rine says

    Yes, makes you a stronger cult member, able to withstand escalating abuse, lies and manipulation; they are preparing for what Xenu has in store for earth as soon he manages to escape his prison.