Alfreddie On The Gravy Train


Alfreddie Johnson may have long since joined the Vulture Club of Michael Roberts, Jeff Pomerantz, Andrik Shaapers et al, but this is the first I have seen of it.

Alfreddie is a chameleon who has now taken on the appearance of a vulture.

He bills himself a “Baptist Minister” (indicative of the PR area control the church has accomplished that he STILL doesnt wan to identify himself as a Scientologist) who runs various drug and education programs (Tony Ortega had an interesting article about one of his cohorts trying to get government funding). He is pals with the Nation of Islam people and was one of the initial contact points for them. He shows up at Church events and CC. No idea if he ever takes any services.

But he has certainly found the church to be a good place to make some cash.

Wonder how he is progressing on his spiritual journey towards an IAS Reg Maserati.


Sorry I missed it.



  1. indie8million says

    Dear MIke et al,

    Yes, Rev Alfreddie Johnson said that he was taking services. I saw him do a speech about MLK one time and he said that, after some recent auditing he’d had, he realized that he was doing a life continuum on his friend, Dr. MLK.

    That’s all I have on that. That was 2 or 3 years ago.

  2. FOTF2012 says

    In some ways, Nation of Islam does have common ground with Scientology.

    1. They believe there is a mother spaceship out there coming for them. See for example Farrakhan claims he was even on this spaceship: (Shades perhaps of “I was on Venus the other day …” from LRH in his civilized Venusian freight trains delusion. And not unlike the world savior Moxons who used their OT powers to destroy a spaceship recently that was bound to invade Earth. Or the stories of Fourth and Fifth Invader forces in Scientology. And so on.

    2. Nation of Islam and Scientology seem to share a bias against Blacks themselves. Islam in the American Black society may have become popular in part as rebellion against the slaveholder religion of Christianity. But whereas American overturned slavery in the last half of the 1800s (admittedly centuries later than it should have), the kingdom of Islam, Saudi Arabia, did not make slavery illegal until the 1960s (that’s not a typo) and per some Saudi’s it is still practiced today. Christians, Jews, and Muslims were all involved in the slave trade to the New World. Their common denominator may not have been religion so much as economics, ugly as that was, and the shared desert monotheisms whose spiritual books did not ban slavery. Scientology’s scriptures (text or ramblings of Hubbard) speak poorly of black (primitive, so undeveloped that theft won’t register as an overt on the e-meter in Africa, and so on). Nation of Islam has traded one slaveholder religion for another slaveholder religion that still practices slavery of men, women, and children in one way or another.

    3. Nation of Islam has its own Xenu. Yakub was a big-headed black scientist who created the white race of devils about 6,600 years ago — which is around when the universe and Earth were created per Young Earth Creationists in Christianity. Metaphorically, there is a grain of truth in it: all of our ancestors, if we went back far enough, were probably dark-skinned, though probably not exactly “Black” as the term is used in America today. But a big-headed scientist creating races 6-7 millennia ago? No scientific evidence supports that, any more than there is any rational evidence to support Xenu sending all those thetans hopped up on glycol and bad movies to Earth 75 million years ago.

    So, Nation of Islam, which does not actually hold to the tenets of Islam, and Scientology, a religion without a god or worship, are actually very natural bedfellows.

      • Aquamarine says

        COS’s chumminess with the NOI’s anti-Semitic leader Farrakhan was to me a huge embarrassment and I’m not even Jewish. To me this was cringe-worthy and shudder-worthy and, if for no other reason I am relieved to be disassociated and not at all a part of a “church” which has forged such a connection with an “opinion leader” like Louis Farrakhan.

        That said, I know some Jewish Scientologist still ins who apparently accept this. I honestly don’t know how.

        If LF were ranting and preaching hate and otherwise motivating against some other ethnicity/religion in this country, like the Irish or Italian Catholics, or the German-American Lutherans, these groups wouldn’t take it so calmly.

        But then again, maybe the Jewish Americans have the right idea: Direct the majority of energy where it counts, live your lives, contribute to yourself, your family and society, keep studying, keep creating, keep working. At the same time, observe, communicate about it sufficiently so as to be safe-pointed within the laws, but don’t engage, just calmly ignore this mis-informed, rabble-rousing imbecile.

  3. says

    The echo to “Squirrel Busters Productions” and their documentary making:

    Louis Theroux making Scientology documentary.

    “Open call to any #Scientologists out there. I would love to speak to you for a documentary I am working on. About Scientology.”

    Note. He said Scientologists. Not ANTI Scientologists. Mark Bunker has that end covered.

    Of course, the only Scientologists that will able to reach out to him are the ones the Church has already thrown under the bus. Otherwise if you are in “good standing with David” you can not speak for yourself or about your life and religion. You must let an approved person from the Church do that for you.

    Well some of you all might want to help this fellow out. I think he is curious and now that there are so many Independents, you may want to speak your mind and let your voice be heard.

  4. Idle Morgue says

    Farrakhan is trying to “pull the cover off of Satan” by leading his people right into Satan’s covers? Really?

    If he wanted to help his people – he would read “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright!

    What a buffoon these guys are! Freddie is a nut! IAS Freedom Medal Winner?

    Does he know what the IAS does for real? Don’t they look at who they get in bed with to make sure they don’t get some nasty disease? I guess the power is too intoxicating for them to take one once of responsibility! They lead their people to the slaughter house for fame and notoriety!

    Just amazing these opinion leaders get involved with a Satanic Destructive CULT called Scientology and they don’t even know it! Or maybe they do…..?

  5. NoEyeDeer says

    The FSM (Field Staff Member) commission paid by IAS is 10% of whatever money is collected. Often, when a special guest speaker or “freedom medal winner” speaks at event, he or she takes a cut of that 10 percent. The FSMs work it out before the event. The special guest speakers are used to draw a crowd. They don’t speak at these events for free.

    • Idle Morgue says

      AND the Cult writes their speeches.

      I saw the teleprompters set up at my first “Grand Opening of an Ideal Morgue” and the opinion leaders were reading them… and it broke my heart. I was silently very disappointed that these were not real – the events that used to get me excited were just “propaganda”. I stopped going to all events after that! I kept it to myself and buried it deep inside – it was too hard to confront!

      It was one of the many cracks in the bubble that eventually shattered so I could leave the cult of Scientology – THANK GOD!

      Opinion leaders are bribed and their speeches written for them by the Cult of Scientology ( probably a dumbed down version of a “Shermanspeak speech” prepared by a Shermanspeak speech writer in training).

    • says

      Thanks for the information Theo. No doubt the witch hunters with only tourist visa authority have worked themselves to Greece for a massacre of “the customers”.

      I said this was coming when I heard about the opening building of Super Power scheduled and the release of GAOTll. I said blood would be spilled and we would be able to smell the metal in the air.

      How did I know that? Because I knew David would be set up for applause. And I know what a narcotic effect applause has on a narcissist. It emboldens them towards their basic purpose. And when your basic purposes are alomg the lines to harm attack and suppress, and your basic purpose lies in sadism through triumph, blood is going to spill after some applause.

      Now, I see “The 300″. Greece will not be suppressed raped and beaten down. We are all with you in spirit Theo.

  6. says

    Scientology, the DM/Enslarvers’/One Worlders’ version, is going to be, is meant to be, in my opinion, the next Earth Religion. So… so… some folks have to work on this and make some inroads. One of them is Alfreddie and another one is Louis Farrakhan. Of course the third one is Davey… Hello Davey…. I kept an eye on you… you threw away so many good people so you probably don’t want them close to you. Why? Oh, we know why, Davey… Keep Scientologists working, man. We’ll meet you at the other side. Soooon. And we are gonna bit the hell out of yaaaa. That’s a promise.

    • Alex Castillo says

      Ahh Theo, your comment is going to inspire Misgarbage to invent a new policy called Keeping Scientologists Working, with the first point reading: Having the correct Scientologist. The rest I leave to your imagination.

  7. califa007 says

    “He shows up at Church events and CC. No idea if he ever takes any services.” He was in the HGC waiting room at CC while I was there a couple of years ago, apparently waiting for his auditor. Or an I Am Not Auditing You interview? lol

  8. Jose Chung says

    ******The Pope,Alfreddie John and David Miscavige walk into a Bar at Closing time in Scotland.
    ( punchline needs some tweeking)

    • Paul J says

      The pope leaves immediately when he realizes who he’s with because he doesn’t want his reputation permanently ruined. DM demands that the bar is bought and turned into an Ideal bar because “everyone knows” that Ideal bars are the key to planetary clearing. Alfreddie is put in charge of raising the $14 million to fund the project and given the Freedom Bartender medal. As one last measure DM declares suppressive all the employees and patrons of the bar because why put off the inevitable?

  9. Markthehungarian says

    Alfreddie Johnson is a moral crook. Any organization that awards him anything is one which needs to be avoided like the plague.

    I love it that he got the Freedom Medal from Scientology. If Alfreddie Johnson kept anything other than a REALLY low profile, this may affect his standing adversely. As it is, it reflects the value of the award as it means absolutely nothing.

    Keep up the good work, COS!

  10. Jose Chung says

    Oh please,cash in on the NOI ?
    Methinks the 100 year old scotch has dissolved you know who’s brain.

  11. Chris Mann says

    I lost any remaining respect for these guys (Pomerantz, Roberts, et al) when I found out they pocket a big commission. It’s a good gig if you can stomach it I guess.

    • says

      If the IAS were really what they say it is, and if it were really making a strong positive impact on the state of the world, I would have no problem with those guys making a living by taking their commissions.

  12. SILVIA says

    The usual, common, falsehoods, lies and mis-representations in PR that are going to backfire big time…

  13. says

    Makes perfect sense that the white folks would want to suck up to the black guy in a religion with max 0.0001 people of color. I am sure Alfreddie understands that perfectly and is taking full advantage of it. More power to him.

  14. Cindy says

    Yes, and I agree that Alfreddie is on the gravy train. I have watched him and his interactions with our church for decades. My bet is he is not a Baptist minister and has no congregation and that he probably talked in front of various Baptist congregations and that is how he comes to say he is a minister. And never would he admit to the outside world his ties with Scientology! But yet he is now making money off Scn with the best of them, Michael Roberts et al.

    • Ms. G says

      Alfreddie Johnson was the founder and pastor of True Faith Christian Fellowship in Compton. The church’s website currently has listed only an associate pastor, so it appears Alfreddie is out.

  15. says

    The unholy alliance between the Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam continues to be one of the most disturbing, yet ignored, developments.

    • LDW says

      A couple of quotes from Mr. Farrakhan proves your point quite nicely:

      “Some of you think that I’m just somebody who’s got something out for the Jewish people. You’re stupid. Do you think I would waste my time if I did not think it was important for you to know Satan? My job is to pull the cover off of Satan so that he will never deceive you and the people of the world again.”
      Saviours’ Day, Rosemont, Illinois, 2/27/11

      “If the white race is under the name Israel, where did the name Jew come from? Adam never said he was a Jew. Abraham didn’t say he was a Jew. Moses didn’t say he was a Jew. The name Jew comes after Judah. Hebrew is different. The original Hebrews look just like you. The original Hebrews are Black.”
      Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

      “How did we get a Black president? Because those Satanic Jews know the time that this is the time of your separation from them that God wants to give you a land of your own as the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God. You didn’t see when they got in the room and said we have to deceive them and through them deceive the entire world. How could they be the chosen of God and leading the world into filth and indecency?”
      Speech at Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 10/3/10

      The absurdity of so-called “scientologists” calling Mike Rinder a bigot.

      I wonder how Jewish scientologists feel about all of this. Of course, if they are really “with” Davey, they don’t have a clue about any of it.

      Every group has their suppressives, their sociopaths. Some groups elect the worst of them to be their leaders.

      • says


        Did you quote the following line correctly?

        “Because those Satanic Jews know the time that this is the time of your separation from them that God wants to give you a land of your own as the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God.”

        I ask because the line is very flawed grammatically and thus very difficult to understand,and it seems like an important line to understand in order to understand the point you are making by quoting the whole passage – but I can’t understand what that one sentence is trying to say, so I’m not getting the point.

      • Carcha says

        And these are the same people who would call other people “racist.” Uh huh. It’s interesting that warped individual goals and purposes supersede all else, and cross social boundaries. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and other such “necessary compromises.” Groups of followers (and “friends”) are just insignificant pawns to be stepped on (“they puled it in” and so forth).

      • Ms.P says

        Perfect comment LDW. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that little Hitler DM would associate himself with that other BIGOT, racist Farrakhan? Hitler also hated the Jews.

        Good question, how does a Jewish Scientologist feel about this? Ninety percent of my friends on lines were Jewish. Hey guys if any of you are reading this, wake up and get a clue.

      • FOTF2012 says

        @davefagen — this may be the source of the quotes:

        I agree that Farrakhan is one of the most bigoted leaders of anything in the world. He is the unintelligently blind leading the dimly myopic through a swamp of hatred and fear of others, all the time pretending to the role of a prophet of freedom.

        As such, he is a good match to team up with the “most ethical group on the planet.”

      • Jon H says

        davefagen: I think that’s probably a transcription of a speech, and may not be punctuated correctly.

        I think it may have been intended as “Because those Satanic Jews know the time; that this is the time of your separation from them; that God wants to give you a land of your own as the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God.”

        But, eh, it’s Farrakhan. It’s not likely to make much sense.

    • says

      You are right, that alliance should be closely observed! Because, probably sooner than later, it will provide tremendous LOLs! That one has real potential.