Vulture Culture Trickle Down


  The Vulture Culture is spreading its wings and trickling down to the lowest levels of the hierarchy.   "Give us your money and we will bestow a corny status on you" is the flavor of the month.   Even getting a grant is ground for begging for money....   Boris Levitsky? Returned from the grave? Dear Scientologist: CCHR OC recently received a grant from Google in the amount of $10,000 per month worth of Pay Per Click Advertising to be used in our Orange County anti-psych campaigns. This Grant will go a long way in helping Orange County residents … [Read more...]

The OTC Security Hammer Is Dropping


Apparently hushmail didnt solve the problem, so now they have a new message right at the top of the OTC minutes: Note: The minutes are for the sole use of Valley OTC members. All members receive a copy. Please do not forward the minutes to anyone else for any reason. Apparently there are all sorts of measures being taken to try to stem the flow of information outside the bubble. One might ask why that is of such concern. Of course it is merely information they WANT to impart to the "OTC members" -- if it is true, how could it be so damaging? But that is like asking why if you are opening a … [Read more...]

Surviving Scientology Radio Launches


by Jeffrey Augustine With over 1,500,000 views and 8,300+ subscribers in one year, Karen’s Surviving Scientology YouTube channel is a tremendous success in exposing the human rights abuses, lies, and greed of David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology. In order to build on that success, Karen and I have just launched Surviving Scientology Radio so we can do podcasts. Podcasts allow for in depth interviews with people. We can also break news faster as it happens. Karen and I are proud to have Mike Rinder as our first guest. Please listen in on your iPod or other mobile device, or even at … [Read more...]

The Street Will Be Completely Closed


We would not want the undesirables getting a glimpse of Dear Leader, the Emperor with No Clothes. So the long-anticipated, joyous occasion of finally yanking the ribbon on this building that has been put there in order to move 5+ million people onto and up the Bridge, is being done out of the public eye.... Hardly consistent with the message "we are here and everyone is welcome" that they will tell the media and repeat endlessly on their website. Funny, I dont think the Australian media is going to buy it. Hell, I dont think the Australian public are going to buy it? "You want us to come in … [Read more...]

Ideal Golf — The New Route To Spiritual Satisfaction

UK ideal golf

Really? What next, ideal teeth brushing? Ideal garbage collection? Ideal ideals? Or maybe this is a pilot for a new rundown -- a round of Texas Scramble apparently generates "spiritual satisfaction!!" Could this be the new "Cause Re-resurgence Rundown"? OT IX?  Duffers unite -- you can now attain spiritual salvation for the small cost of a round of golf. And every par hole moves you a step closer to the top of the bridge (henceforth to be called the Spiritual Leaderboard). Oi vey.   … [Read more...]

More Of What Is Happening Inside The Bubble


More revealing details from inside the hushmail bubble.... Great to see the IAS coming along to the Flag OTC to quote from "COB's speech" and tell everyone they should be increasing their status as they move up the Bridge. Of course, if they were to be asked about this by the IRS they would claim there is NO relationship with moving up the Bridge and IAS statuses. But you know, that's just "wog" law. Not important to anyone important (like us in the IAS). These guys lie about their own stats to themselves. It is remarkable to see how the culture of peddling bs and then buying what you are … [Read more...]

Come Sing At Graduation

blocking ears

  This is a desperate email sent out at 5:15pm on Friday evening. As the Special Correspondent who sent this to me noted, recently AOSHUK was crowing over the fact their "courserooms are full" of people on the Student Hat and "GAG II line-up". If so, where did they all go? I wonder if this song is going to be in the fine tradition of other infamous songs -- from AOSHEU to Birmingham to Valley. Shudder at the thought. Probably the only truth in here is "being able to sing is not a requirement."  What out ethics Craig Mathieson has been up to? Everyone from UK will all have the same … [Read more...]

CC Int Stat Report


Another accidental disclosure of stats you would never see at an International Event where all graphs look liked they have been neutered. But the first interesting thing about this is the LRH quote. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ENTIRE justification for the Holy Grail of getting 10,000 on Solo NOTs. That is everything there is on the subject that is not just hype. But here we go -- this is by FAR the largest Class V org on earth. It dwarfs all other Class V orgs and outside of St Hill Fdn (which hardly exists) it is the only Sea Org Class V org (though Tampa is a semi-SO Class V org with … [Read more...]

May 9 Event Downgraded To Street Fair


For the first time in at least 20 years, probably longer, the May 9th event is not going to be at the Shrine Auditorium. In fact, it's not even going to be an "event." It's going to be a "weekend" of "igniting the fire" in Los Angeles on L. Ron Hubbard Way. With "Dianetics cars and motorcycles" and a Dianetics "volcano climbing wall." Wonder if they will have carnival rides and sideshow attractions (a "Dunk The COB" attraction would generate a lot of interest I am sure and I bet they could make some serious money). There must be NO news worthy of an event. The walls are caving in.  This is a … [Read more...]

It Was A Bit More Than We Were Thinking, But….

Ideal org pirates

Some Sunday morning Rah-rah to brighten up your day.  I sometimes wonder how these people keep going. "Enthusing" the same old weary "donators" and trying to paint a good face on everything. And of course, in typical Vulture Culture style. after YEARS of fundraising and false promises about "gettin' 'er done" and endless planning as to how they are going to turn this building at the end of a cul de sac in an industrial park, they have now discovered they need MORE MONEY. The millions they have already raised (just look at the endless stream of promo from "iDeal SiliCon Valley" and their … [Read more...]

GAG II Is Built Right Into The Brick And Steel


Things are really rocking in the WUS! At least they are if you buy into their self-congratulatory hype.... Some of this stuff is just priceless. The Austin Org has been located right across the street from the University of Texas for DECADES. Can these people really think that if they put nice furniture and install a bunch of FART Div 6 displays it is somehow going to magically take off? This is "Ideal Think" (a new sort of debilitating mental illness that CCHR is doing NOTHING about) to the last stop of the crazy train. Usually the hype is about how they are going to open a "new ideal org" … [Read more...]

GAG II Purif


The secret of the GAG II Purif has leaked out. The "new tech" incorporated into the "GAT II Purif" is a VITAMIN DISPENSER and BLUE AND WHITE UNIFORMS (wrapped in plastic). This is MAJOR. No doubt the SP's that originally transcribed the Purif materials and left these vital elements out have been assigned to re-do their Purif 100 times and then run around a pole for eternity (they are SP's, they deserve it).  And meanwhile, the good lemmings are filing in for their uniforms and lining up at the vitamin dispenser. A report just in yesterday spotted John Allender flattening his unhandled … [Read more...]

Way To Happiness Is Saving A Small Town In Ukraine… Sort Of… Not Really… Not


OK, so the truth is outing now. New Era had a surplus of DVDs, so they are shipping them instead of booklets. That's a bit strange, as every request for money has been to ship "booklets" and to buy "bundles" at no discount.... Now, the "success" is coming from "DVD's" -- but really there is NOTHING to show for this except a couple of anecdotes from the always unnamed "officials" and "teachers" who "like it" and "want to use it"... And isnt it strange that the majority of distribution has been "primarily in the Crimea region" (factually, no longer a "region" of Ukraine) and yet they could … [Read more...]

Golden Age Of Fundraising


Now that the Garcia's have forced the opening of the SP Building, they are moving on to new false promises of what will accomplish planetary clearing. This time, it is the "LRH Hall." But note the admission about the "success" of the SP Building and the people "pouring in" from "all over the world" for GAG II ...comparatively, this is still a trickle that will soon reach epic flood proportions. You just have to wonder WHEN any of these future epic floods and planetary clearing juggernauts ever come to pass? Don't these people notice? And now The Next Big Thing is that you have to give us … [Read more...]

Test Drive The Warehouse 8 Today


A Special Correspondent sent this in from South Africa where they are offering people a test drive of the Warehouse 8, but no trade in allowance on their old model.  It never ceases to amaze me how suggestible people are inside the bubble. Tell them the Quantum is "perfect" and reads "instantly" and is "so much more responsive" and whatever other foolishness and they will write "success stories" parroting whatever they have heard at events. Then come out with the Warehouse 8 and tell them the Quantum sucks donkey dong and they will jump right on that bandwagon about how THIS is now soooooo … [Read more...]