Thursday Funnies


Hahaha No corroborating evidence? Except what scientology churns out every day to try and discredit the movie.... Terrific promotion for the film though.   BTW, an interview Alex and I did will be airing on NPR All Things Considered today at 16:40 / 18:40 / 20:40 EDT  (17:40 / 19:40 PDT).   New promotion for leaving scientology... THE best way to overcome financial stress.     Flag OTC buying their own bs Puerto Rico and Orlando are "on the runway." Obviously they have no idea the state of these two failing field groups. But even better … [Read more...]

JLo, Disconnection and Going Clear


Alex Gibney's film, Going Clear,  documents the horror of disconnection and how it is used as a control mechanism in scientology. It is most dramatically demonstrated in his film with the story of Sara Goldberg. Her son Nick had a friend who was friends with me.  Nick would not disconnect from his friend, so his mother was told to disconnect from her son. She was given an impossible choice -- if she didn't disconnect from him, she would be declared an SP and her daughter would be forced to disconnect from her. This is not a "personal choice" (as the church so often proclaims). Sara has the … [Read more...]

Going Clear With Paul Haggis


I had another posting for this morning, but then I read the article on Tony Ortega's blog this morning and consider it so important that I urge everyone to read it. I want it to be available on this blog for anyone who happens to come along here, so I am republishing it in its entirety. As is usual for Paul Haggis, he articulates a great deal in a few well chosen words. Though he doesn't promote himself and there is no shoot crew following him around to make self-congratulatory videos, he is a true humanitarian. His work in Haiti is legendary, and it continues to this day, long after the … [Read more...]

UK “Expansion”


A recent hypemail from "Ron's Home" caught my attention. Of course, Ron's Home is where they no longer deliver the St Hill Special Briefing Course and St Hill Fdn no longer exists. Hey, there are all sorts of indicators of "milestones" and "straight up and vertical" in scientology. Just as long as you proclaim the contraction is actually expansion, the sheeple buy it. War is peace. But what really made me this stand out to me was the LRH quote. This is the quote that "10,000 on or through Solo NOTs" is based on. Somehow the sheeple have come to accept that if there were that number … [Read more...]

Flag Is Desperate

desperate-movie-title - Copy

Don't look now, your desperation is showing... 6 people including 2 NOT's auditors, a Super Power Auditor, an AO D of P and AO Sup.... Apparently they don't have public to deliver to in the Flag AO so they are sending them out to try and press gang some suckers to show up at Flag. The massive international expansion, 47X, straight up and vertical is all happening "somewhere else." Problem is, only David Miscavige knows where "somewhere" is because it only exists inside his head when he sits down with Dan Sherman to collaborate on a speech. Which reminds this is one of the all … [Read more...]

Cancel Your HBO Service


Next chapter in the footbullet parade. I guess he doesn't realize it, but this will give an accurate count of how many dedicated scientologists there are in the United States. HBO will be able to tally up how many cancellations they receive. If it tops a couple of dozen I would be stunned. These people demonstrate two things about fundamentalist scientologists (which is likely true of all fundamentalists): 1. They have a hugely inflated sense of their self-worth 2. They have tissue-paper thin skin. It is sort of amazing that scientology does not believe they can live in the … [Read more...]

David Braverman — A Too Familiar Story

David group pic

For those of you who don’t know me,  my name is David Braverman and I live in East Falls,  which is a suburb of Philadelphia,  with 2 cats and an amazing Steinway baby grand built in 1914.  I have 3 kids, although their mother Andrea and I are divorced.  I own a wholesale bakery which delivers fresh European-style bread every day throughout Philadelphia, and frozen bread all over the country.  It’s really quite a big business, even though I didn’t plan it that way. Oh, and I’m an SP, and I didn’t plan that either.  In fact, I never would have believed it when all this started, which was in … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Do It For Ron The Birthday Event hype is in full swing. Here is a favorite. "The best gift we can give him is the gift of expansion" so.... Give us £104 for "SMP". Makes total sense. And you will get a "special" "104" commendation to file in the round file of useless pieces of paper -- you only have "ethics protection" based on your NEXT "donation." Dear Mabel, This week we celebrate the 104th Birthday of our Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The best gift we can give him is the gift of expansion. And the best answer to that is Scientology Media Productions, the most important project in … [Read more...]

LRH Birthday Event Fail


    Some hype to help get you started in the morning. And just a taste of the understated, dignified words of Dear Leader before the clubbed seals on Saturday: In testament to Mr. Hubbard’s triumphant and eternal technological splendor, the anniversary of his birth (March 13) was marked with a raucous observance attended by a capacity crowd and presided over by Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center and the religion’s ecclesiastical leader. He opened the proceedings by placing the eternal power of LRH’s creation into a … [Read more...]

Scientology Portland – Truthful Numbers


By a Special Correspondent This image was posted by a sharp-eyed commenter over on Tony Ortega's blog. It shows a full listing of Scientology Portlands statistics for a series of weeks leading up to March 13th. Scientology goes to incredible extremes to hide the actual numbers associated with its various organizations and always publishes "graphs" that are just meaningless squiggles devoid of any dates or numbers. These two boards show Scientology Portland, Daytime Organization and their race for improved numbers to celebrate L Ron Hubbard's birthday. And well done to them indeed, you … [Read more...]

Flag “Bridge Flow”

Flag OTC

This is the "Bridge Flow News" from the OT Committee in Clearwater. They got an "OT VIII" through the Purif and are shouting about it from the rooftops. These people have truly lost touch with reality. I am sure that if David Miscavige tells the "OT Committee" next week that their highest priority as part of the "Golden Age of Tech II" is to have everyone in the "clearwater field" buy a hula hoop and do 2 hours of hula-hooping on the Clearwater Causeway while handing out copies of History of Man in Russian, there will be some sheeple out there and we will shortly thereafter read … [Read more...]

David Miscavige’s Obsession With Name Calling


Like a 6 year old, David Miscavige is obsessed with name calling as an effective means of prevailing in an argument. It has certainly not escaped attention that he comes up with names to call everyone -- Lady Killer is the name he picked for me (illiterate boob that he is....). But there are plenty of others. This is a selection of a few of his recent monikers: The Home Wrecker The Soulless Sellout The Drama Queen A Violent Psychopath Consummate Con Man World's Oldest Professional The Sex Tripper Consummate Crook Crocodile Liar A Walking Hate Crime The … [Read more...]

Mike Rinder: “Lady Killer”

Screenshot (173)

While the "church" of scientology has kindly nicknamed me "Lady Killer," the strange reason for this deserves some context. This post also serves to demonstrate the twisted and false nature of the statements, videos, tweets, ads and emails that scientology is sending out to try and "dead agent" everyone involved in the Going Clear film. I am no special case -- all participants are getting the same treatment. I happen to have details and specifics concerning the things they say about me.  You can be certain the statements about the others are no less false. It is of course interesting that … [Read more...]

Never Ending Ideal Org Blood Sucking


In celebration of LRH's birthday, here is something to celebrate.  The clearest expression of the future for all scientologists. There is no end in sight. Fundraising will continue until there isn't a single person left with a dollar or asset to their name who is still "with the program." It will be a collection of bone dry skeletons, bled dry and discarded like used kleenexes.  As each person realizes they have nothing left to give or that this is in fact a game where nobody wins, they will fall away and then distance themselves completely from the insatiable maw that is corporate … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Out of the mouths of babes... "I don't like to be fundraised." New terminology: Being fundraised. This accompanied an email for people to come in to a fundraising event!     They moved LRH's Birthday Now it's 31 March. Anything for a game... And we will be presenting the gift that LRH didn't want.  Regging for donations. Happy Birthday Sir!       It's Rush. It's exclusive. It's "closed door." But everyone is invited? It's a call to arms. Translation: give us money or sign up for staff. If not, hand over a child to join … [Read more...]