SMP News


OK, here are some tidbits of interest from the Valley OTC meeting, focusing on the KCET Studios, combined with some information that has come in from several Special Correspondents. This facility has now assumed a new acronym -- SMP (Scientology Media Productions). It has fairly recently been integrated into the Int Liaison Office (a strange move when there has been NO CO ILO on post for some years, it is reported to be "held" by the CO CMO IXU). Part of SMP is Mad Hatter Studios -- Chick Corea's former recording studio that was purchased by Dear Leader as his handling for "getting … [Read more...]

Newsflash: Now You Can “Re-Do” Super Power


Amazing -- not even out for a year and already you can "re-do" Super Power. Put aside the conceit of promoting Matt Feshbach to give a seminar on how to handle your finances -- when as reported earlier he filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and had massive liens from the IRS. And ignore that in alignment with the new normal of GAG II, he no longer promotes himself as a Flag Trained Class VI -- he apparently has no classification at all. Just focus on the best news for regges everywhere -- straight from the mouth of Flag OT Committee Chairwoman, Mrs. Feshbach's IAS bosom buddy and … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


  The "new" Purif. Firstly, there is the MEST. There is no "secondly".... $14 Million later -- this is Orange County "Ideal Org" Looks like they can't afford to keep the lights on.... What a forlorn looking place. And how appropriate -- fundraising for the celebration of the anniversary of the OC idle morgue opening. The sun never sets on Scientology fundraising....   Hello there! I'm writing to you as the fundraising IC for the OC Anniversary party! Did you know that every year the OT … [Read more...]

Get Off The Scientology Mailing List

woman phones

Imagine having this poor woman's job... But as a public service to readers here who may receive unwanted mail or email from scientology, she is offering her phone number so you can call "between 10 and 11:30 am California Timezone." It might strike you as a little strange for an organization that claims more than 10 million members to assign a single person one and a half hours per day to keeping their lists up to date, but this is apparently how easy it is "applying LRH tech." Xxxxx, I am Greta Molnar from the Church of Scientology International. I am working on a project to update … [Read more...]

Experts On Everything


The Freewinds is hosting a seminar at AOLA conducted by a public person (that used to be enough to drop jaws, now it is routine), and from the heights of assumed authority, they are going to tell you how to use "LRH Tech" to succeed on the internet.... If there is one thing everyone knows, it is that scientology has conquered the internet. The leading expert on LRH Tech, COB himself, has announced their massive efforts "applying LRH tech" to reach people on the internet. Many times. Using completely made up stats or ones that are broken down so far, they sort of sound impressive, until you … [Read more...]

The “Ideal” Scientologist

Money-Man small

  This is a bit old now, but still relevant. The "ideal" fad is really rolling inside the bubble. -- now they have Rev. Alfreddie preaching to the converted about what an "ideal scientologist" is. My concept of what embodies today's "ideal scientologist" is seen in the illustration above. I wonder what Reverend Johnson came up with? Maybe he explained that the ideal scientologist would promote themselves as a "Baptist Minister"? The "reverend Alfreddie" is no scientology "reverend"... He plays his minister card to gain "acceptance" in "the community" because being a … [Read more...]

Random OTC Minutes


Just some OT Committee Minutes for today as I am taking the weekend with my kids and don't want to spend time putting together a posting. I let these accumulate and then publish them sporadically. They may contain interesting information, in all honesty I haven't even read them. Probably the usual "wow, look how great we are doing, we had three people on Student Hat this week" sort of stuff. Happy reading. I am sure some of our sharp eyed commenters will pick out some of the highlights. In case you wondered, the cartoon is a comment on the deluge of documents and information that … [Read more...]

Exclamation Overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They only need another $148,000 and they can make it below 8 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 breathless emails sent out within a 24 hour period. Where do they find these incredibly unreal hyper-enthusiastic people?  Unreal enthusiasm in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They put the Energizer bunny to shame for unrelenting energy -- but it's pretty much a dead heat in the IQ department.   Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 15:05:51 -0700From: LA UNITED! … [Read more...]



Bryan Seymour did a piece on the nightly 7 news in Australia about the church misappropriating the term ANZAC. Some alert readers had picked up on my comments about it yesterday and made it known that there is a law in Australia that forbids the use of this term. Bryan contacted the Australian Government, who have now apparently launched an inquiry, and the head of the Retired Serviceman's League (RSL) who was outraged, as well as interviewing some people on the street.  It confirmed what I had felt when I saw the promo piece originally, even though I haven't lived in Australia for 40 … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Surrounded by Suppression Another must miss event. Daphna really has a bee in her bonnet about all the "suppression" that is around. Maybe she has a computer and googled scientology? Those SPs are everywhere, just waiting to pounce! Again, why is an Advanced Org resorting to promoting a seminar delivered by an FSM? Where is Julian Shwartz? Isn't he the expert on handling suppression at AOLA? Arise Sir Knight Yes, that is John Danilovich, Captain AOSHUK waving a sword. Apparently the latest status in the UK is to kneel before John who touches the sword to your shoulders and … [Read more...]

Auditor’s Day — Signs Of The End


You know how unimportant this event is to Miscavige when: a. He is not in it b. It is not promoted as "the greatest event EVER" and "you do not want to miss this" and "everyone MUST be there to hear earth-shaking breakthrough in planetary clearing" c. There is no airbrushed image of a spaceship or explosion or world stamped with a scientology logo d. The promo only contains 4 single exclamation points Yet, if you were to read the quote, and many others like it, you could be forgiven for thinking that this should be the most important celebration in scientology -- perhaps after … [Read more...]

More Flag “Good” News


Some more stats from our good friend Jeff Mintz. And as always he announces these as "Good News" but frankly, they tell a sad tale. 2700 Cornerstone members (see Bruce Roger email at end of post) and after nearly a year, only a third of those that ante'd up tens or hundreds of thousands for the privilege of being "first in line" have actually showed up to take the service... If you break down these Super Power stats, it is clear this is a financial disaster. If 75% of the Super Power delivery is to previously paid Cornerstone members (which is probably a conservative estimate), at … [Read more...]

Super Power Pricing


Peter Bonyai sent me a copy of a Hungarian facebook posting that lists the prices the FSO is charging for Super Power. It is interesting to see how much they are gouging public for the privilege of receiving this rundown designed for staff. Here is a translation:      0.      There is a 5000 USD base cost (officially, to cover the costs of the perception drills, which are not subtracted from the intensives). One also gets special clothing for this, which can be kept. Apparently, 50 Sea Org members are assigned to the delivery of these drills.      1.      Medical clearance is … [Read more...]

Library Campaign Still Being Flogged


Of course, there are ALWAYS one or more "campaigns" to get books into libraries. There have been plenty of reports of people subsequently checking the libraries and finding no or few books, return of books from numerous libraries and copies of still wrapped books on the "10 cent table" at library "get rid of the junk we don't want" sales. So, it is hardly a surprise to see a new campaign (this one has been sent out again recently even though it says they are shooting to have it "done for Maiden Voyage") for an old book that supposedly was ALREADY in all libraries around the world when it … [Read more...]


ASHO ANZO (1)-page-001

Here is the pitch being presented to the local residents about the planned new AOSHANZO and CLO ANZO building. And it is clear now that they plan to move the CLO Offices here from the Dundas white elephant. But if that is true, they are being very dishonest about the hours they will be keeping -- everyone will vacate the premises by 10 each night? Not likely. I have never seen a "management" organization that did not work until midnight as their published schedule, all night on Thursday night, and routinely until 1 or 2 in the morning. It is also remarkable that they are publicly … [Read more...]