Scientology Cowards: Their Media Strategy


Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright stand and face the general public and media to discuss and defend their film. David Miscavige hides, while directing anonymous smears against Gibney and Wright and those who appear in his film. Why is it that the "ecclesiastical leader of the scientology religion" is unable to stand up and speak on behalf of his (admittedly dwindling) flock? Why isn't he setting the example and going on TV or being interviewed in major publications to present the "scientology side"?  And after refusing repeated requests to be interviewed, they then whine that the "media … [Read more...]

Dror Center Two Years On

Dani Lemberger

I have finally made it home. The red eye lived up to its name. I have had this posting sitting on the back burner for a week or so, and I think it is always valuable to have a reminder here that it is possible to practice scientology outside the church. It is one of the things that is used to keep people toeing the church party line "we are your only hope" and for anyone that believes scientology is the answer to their spiritual happiness, this is a powerful control mechanism. "If you leave the church, you forfeit your eternity" (as if it were something you could give up, or something anyone … [Read more...]

Pat Parody


What a strange fellow. I guess he thinks, sort of like Idi Amin or Moammar Qaddaffi, that if he pins enough shit on himself everyone will know what an accomplished individual he is. And THIS is who the church uses to promote the March 13 event? Once again, proof that making and/or taking money is an exalted status in corporate scientology. Honestly, he looks like he just stepped out of the Golden Age Paintball Range and took some hits to the upper torso. Nice grouping on the right.... … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies Not

Because I am still traveling, currently in Los Angeles for a series of depositions in the Garcia case, I have not assembled a Thursday Funnies this week. Tony Ortega is doing his usual masterful job of keeping everyone updated on the HBO Documentary news. There is still plenty to keep everyone entertained. I will be back home on the weekend to try and get things back to normal.   … [Read more...]

The Next Decade Of Relentless Moneygrubbing


Seriously, who comes up with these catchphrases? This time Shake and Bake included a photo. Always nice to put a face to the most unfortunately appropriate name in scientology.   Dear Frank, We have officially launched into the new year and started a new IAS decade — The Next Decade of Relentless Advance! As this is the first week of 2015, I wanted to ensure you are on board as an IAS Field Disseminator and to know if you need any assistance to make this your best and most productive year starting now. To give you some instant inspiration, I included in this email (see … [Read more...]

Going Clear Prison of Belief II

This is a cheat, partly because I am traveling today, but more because I think Tony Ortega has literally said almosgt everything I wanted to say about the second showing of the film at his blog. He recounts my thoughts after last night as we sat together and I felt able to watch it more objectively than the first time. The art of this film is how it is woven together into a cohesive picture. The problem with this film from scientology's perspective is that they will NOT be able to convince people that everyone in it is just lying (audiences will make their own value judgments about the … [Read more...]

Going Clear: The Prison Of Belief

I am late to the party with my thoughts about Alex Gibney's Going Clear The Prison Of Belief, not being as diligent as Tony Ortega, who despite NOT being a "former Scientologist" nevertheless has the work ethic of a dedicated Sea Org member. There are numerous media accounts of the film and the premiere and I will not try and recount everything, because I don't want to spend hours rehashing what has already been said by others. And frankly, nobody else's take on the movie is going to have the same meaning to you as you will get when you have the opportunity to see it. Which is itself high … [Read more...]

Volunteer Ministers Hype


This is the text of the full page USA Today ad that appeared last Thursday. Back in the good old days, USA Today required DETAILED proof of the claims made in church ads. Today, pretty much anything goes.... A global movement more than 200,000 strong. Active in better than 120 nations.     Based on the rest of the scientology demographics, more than half of the total activities occur in the United States. So, ballparking it means there are more than 100,000 VMs in the US. So, where were they when the massive tornadoes rolled through Oklahoma? They tried to … [Read more...]

IAS Is Case Gain


Amazing how complete the transformation has become. Auditing and training -- the "central religious practices" of scientology are now dismissed with the derisive "inflow" (as in "take" rather than "give"), to be replaced by something far better, and something that provides TRUE "real and stable case gain" -- handing over your money to the IAS. The Golden Age of Gold. It's all about the money, money, money....     I am heading out of town. The blog will likely be sporadic over the next week. I have some things prepared in advance to prevent a total shutdown, and I … [Read more...]

Now THIS is Hype


I have seen a lot of bs hype in my time, but this would make Jon Lovitz's character on SNL blush. I am certain nobody will ever top this, but I have been wrong before about the insanity inside the bubble. But there is no question it will take some doing to out-hype this baby. And who IS this guy and what is this uniform he is wearing? He looks the part of a South American toy soldier... He is building his lapel pin collection. His briefing is of course URGENT.  Which is why they did it in Florence, Kentucky ("Greater Cincinnati").  And it is only urgent because the Freewinds is … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Flag OTC They put out their news like this now. Glad to see they are still promoting getting employees of scientology businesses onto services. It's always been a big success. I want one of those OTC pens they gave out for Christmas. It would be a perfect match for my IAS sunglasses. And SuperPower koozie.   ANOTHER new game... They have had the "Matching Game" and the "Infinity Game" and now "50 for LRH's Birthday." It just never seems to get any closer.   Scots Humor Strange would be an understatement. But then again, they do eat haggis. Don't get … [Read more...]

Freewinds Going Out Of Business Sale


The prices are coming DOWN, DOWN, DOWN in a desperate last ditch effort to get some money, any money to keep the Freewinds able to buy oil for the generators to keep the lights on. $100 a day for a shared cabin and food is unheard of. The Freewinds used to charge Ritz Carlton rates for their Holiday Inn accommodations (the food was usually above average, but not spectacular). Now they are trying to get people to pay Motel 6 rates. And this is the PEAK season in the Caribbean. Seems the Freewinds is heading for a Mary Celeste* culmination to her 1,465,385.3 miles of 100% Sea Org safe … [Read more...]

An Appropriate Commendation For Once


I was sent a copy of this report by Mike Laws and I thought it worth making more broadly known. It has NOTHING to do with giving money to scientology which is about the only form of commendation one usually hears about these days. Mike makes some important points, not the least of which is how Mike Ellis could be sent to the doctor (Megan Shields) who diagnosed him with congestive problems and an ear infection, but then just a few days later he is taken to another doctor who discovers he is overweight and has what is apparently a serious heart condition -- bad enough to prevent him from … [Read more...]

Legal? Or Moral And Right?

king-1024x726 - Copy

There are many wonderful quotes from this truly inspirational man who had the courage to stand for what he thought was right and good and just. I had intended this post to come earlier in the day, where in the US we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jnr Day today. But things got away from me, so it is a little tardy. Someone pointed out this quote to me the other day, and it stuck with me. It was written by Dr. King from a jail cell in Birmingham Alabama on 16 April, 1963, and this is the paragraph from which the quote above is lifted: We should never forget that everything Adolf … [Read more...]

They Are Completing 10,000 On Solo NOTs in 2015


Yes, you heard it here first. Planetary Clearing is happening for realz. Edy Lundeen says so. Massive, monumental, universe shattering news. The theta/entheta ratio is being tipped. They made "Highest Ever Ever!!!!!!" Solo NOTs completions in 2015. 436, or more than one a day. OMG! And with that they cracked the 6700 barrier. And so, of course it follows that in 2015 they ARE going to make 3300 more.  8 times as many as last year. No reason is given for this optimism. It just is going to happen this time. It's taken 30 years to get to 6700 and now it will be 1 year to do … [Read more...]