Portland “Ideal Org” Isn’t Clearing Anyone, Let Alone Portland

shoot in foot

Here is the latest scientology footbullet. People from Portland "Ideal Org" are required to travel to Sacramento to attest to Clear. Which probably also means Seattle isn't clearing anyone either, as that is closer to Portland than Sacramento. And apparently Sacramento wants the world to know their ideal neighbor to the north is merely a feeder for their "big brother" in California's capital. They don't just announce a Clear, they headline it with how he traveled from Portland. Not very considerate, showing up your fellow org as liars and failures. It's like a public Knowledge … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Miami Madness There are so many things wrong here. What do you get? For about $10 million you get a "rendering".... And from 1961, yes, that is more than 50 YEARS AGO, "Clearing is in reach of everyone...." -- unless of course you haven't raised sufficient funds for an ideal building.     A New Breed Of Ideal Org? We are not even halfway done with the "old breed"? There is a new breed of genetically modified org now? Wonder if all the existing ideal orgs now have to become "new breed"?     Exhibit One For Next Lawsuit The next time an employee … [Read more...]

Scientology Shriveling. Media Take Note: They Lie To You.


This is the page listing the scientology orgs in the August 1976 reprint of Scientology A New Slant On Life.   This presents the perfect opportunity to make a comparison to the list published in What Is Scientology? in 1992 and then the  CURRENT list on scientology.org. This is convenient breakdown into three periods. I. From 1954 (the first church in Los Angeles) to 1976 (22 years). II. From 1976 to 1992 (16 years). III. From 1992 to 2014 (22 years). You could call the first era the LRH Era, II is the Transition Era and III is the Miscavige Era. This review … [Read more...]

A Funny Thing Happened….

Michigan (1)

  Congratulations vigilant readers of this blog. Today I received the following letter by email.     I responded as follows. Dear Mr. Fransway, Thank you for your letter and I appreciate your vigilance in protecting the trademarks of your client, the University of Michigan. I am sure you are aware that the item I reprinted on my blog for satire purposes was published by the church of scientology and I was merely commenting on it. And in fact, it was readers of my blog that alerted the University to the infringement. I would disagree that anyone … [Read more...]

More Flag Good News


An appropriate follow-up to yesterday's amazing good news from AOLA. I haven't had the time or space to include this for a while, so it's a bit out of date, but it's always nice to keep the good news flowing. It also sets the stage for an important post coming tomorrow -- a definitive analysis of scientology expansions since the 1950's.   Compared to the earlier posts, this is how the stats look (these figures are earliest weeks first, these latest reports added to the end). Super Power: 21  24  23  21  20  10  15  23  25  31  11  12  16  19 Cause Resurgence: 8  9  6 … [Read more...]

AOLA Completions — Not So Much


This is the completions page from the latest Advance Magazine. Though this is the IDEAL PACIFICA BRIDGE and David Miscavige made much of how people are "flooding up the bridge in record numbers", you can see for yourself what is really going on in this "ideal" AO. Of course, they never make clear what period these stats cover, but based on other mags, this is likely 3 months worth at least. And it exposes the reality of people "Flooding up the bridge to OT" for the world to see. AOLA had EIGHT Solo II completions. That is the exact measurement of how many people are "flooding up … [Read more...]

Lying and Fundamentalist Scientology — Sunday Redux

lies, red

This was originally posted on 29 December 2013. It has only gotten worse.... Is the "Church of Scientology" a fundamentalist organization? In my view, it is. And if you read the criteria for fundamentalism above, there is not much doubt that the hard core members of the church fit right in to these 5 points. I was prompted to write this by an interesting post on Marty's blog a little while ago entitled Trained To Lie. I posted a comment in response which I repeat here: Marty — the corollary to this is the fact that these people will do anything to “protect the church” and … [Read more...]

Scientology Fundraising Techniques Part 2


One of our Special Correspondents just sent me a package of scientology "fundraising issues." I am going to publish them as a public service as a series of articles.  The original Part 1 of this series is in an earlier posting from a Special Correspondent in Seattle ("Scientology Fundraising Techniques - The Use Of Shills"). They should be broadly known and available as they show the true nature of the Vulture Culture that is scientology today. Much of it is repetitive, but it is good to have it recorded for posterity. This is the first in the series and contains two documents. The … [Read more...]

Big Expansion News — Another Org Closes


Monumental, earth-shaking good news was announced at SH Graduation last Friday night. AOSHUK and SH Fdn have been combined into one org! Yaaay. See the feeble attempt to spin this below. Dear Xxxxx, You are invited to a historical Graduation! You may have heard about some changes at Saint Hill... Come and hear a major announcemnet signifying an important move towards Saint Hill going ideal! Plus, showing of the Continental Liason Office in Europe - first released! Starts 8:30pm. Big buffet and live entertainment afterwards. PLEASE REPLY TO CONFIRM! ML, Saint Hill Events … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


    Rising Like a Phoenix The ideal org in Phoenix is BOOMING. This shot was taken a week ago at 3:30 in the afternoon. This IS the entire parking lot of the org and that IS the front entrance to the "ideal org." The 47X expansion seems to be passing them by too.   Woohoo: Atlanta Construction Documents Are Done! And I have completed my research on what color my Ferrari is going to be when I purchase it... But I do love the parroting of bs in here. Since GAG II international expansion is 47X. See above. Because it sure isn't 47X in Atlanta, but they … [Read more...]

Bob Keenan/Rob Swan

Bob Keenan MC of the London Ideal Org Opening

Bob Keenan was formerly posted as the LRH PPRO UK, but was David Miscavige's "go to guy" in the UK.  He had a relatively short career as one of Dear Leader's pets. When Miscavige was in the UK for the IAS event or any other activities, Keenan was "the man".  He picked up Miscavige from Farnborough Business Jet Airport when he arrived in Cruise's Gulfstream with a little convoy of rented Range Rovers and BMWs. He arranged special food.  He oversaw "security" and acted as a personal "bodyguard." As LRH PPRO he worked in the Manor, just downstairs from the private office suite of the great … [Read more...]

Scientology Calgary Expansion: Flat Out And Vertical


Another in the ongoing series exploring the "explosive international growth" of scientology and its "straight up and vertical expansion," according to the gospel of David Miscavige. A Special Correspondent happened to be in Calgary recently and sent in this report. Although not listed on the official church website, Scientology maintains a Mission in Calgary Canada. According to http://scientologycalgary.org/ the "Church of Scientology Mission of Calgary" offers: "a broad range of services from life improvement courses, such as how to be more effective at work, how to know who you … [Read more...]

Scientology Responds


  Last week I put up a post entitled Scientology Takes Clearwater For Suckers. A bit earlier tonight, scientology finally got their response approved through command channels, and it appeared in the form of the comment reprinted below. Of course, a comment such as this to an old post would be buried and most people would not see it. I wanted it to receive the fullest airing possible in the interest of fairness. Here is the response, posted under the name "Walter Lippmann"   Oh, dear, Mike, you know very little — about many things but most to the point here … [Read more...]

10 Million Scientologists – Where Are They?


  Another in the Sunday Redux series. This one was originally published on March 25, 2013. Scientology's "massive international expansion" has become almost a mantra of David Miscavige and his clone spokespeople (mostly lawyers these days) that send letters to the media.  At least in the US it seems the spokespeople are no longer allowed to speak . This is the first in a series of articles that will examine the FACTS about this supposed “massive international expansion”. How Many Scientologists? Corporate Scientology shouts from the rooftops that there are 10 million members … [Read more...]

10,000 Onto Solo NOTs. NOT

crazy mom

Crazy Lady Lundeen has just announced there are now 6615 "on or through" Solo NOTs. An earlier post containing an email from Clive Rabies dated 1 February 2014 listed the figure at 6433. That is an increase of 182. This means they have added 182 people "on or through Solo NOTs" to the grand total in 9 months, or 20 per month. Which means they only have 385 more to reach their "next target" of 7000. And at this rate, that monumental milestone will be rolling around in another 19 months. On 1 July 2016. And they will reach their goal of 10,000 at the end of 2029. (Of course, with … [Read more...]