Ideal Orgs — Some Inconvenient Truths


A Special Correspondent in Australia sent me this latest promo piece on Ideal Orgs. It contains some startling information that may not be evident at a quick glance. But once again, they have hoisted themselves on their own petard. Apart from the obvious conceit that they are EVER going to get "ideal orgs" in Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane (first step is to get an ORG in those places, they have had part time missions for decades now and no sign of that changing....) what this reveals about the overall strategy in a simple graphic is pretty stunning. The "ideal org" strategy began in … [Read more...]

Scientology Newspeak


  In the topsy-turvy Newspeak world of scientology, add to the classic phrases from Orwell's 1984 a fourth: CONTRACTION IS EXPANSION. As long as the news is preceded with some modifiers "greatest expansion ever" or "exciting news of our accomplishments" or something similar, ANYTHING can be presented as "proof" that the 47X straight up and vertical expansion is continuing unchecked. Even the eradication ("combining") of a Sea Org org. Closing an SO Org has got to take the cake as far as pigs ear catastrophes presented as silk purse accomplishments. It has never happened … [Read more...]

Event Attendance Terrible

Taken by Beatrice Murch (blmurch)

It seems the Nuremberg Rally style events have run their course in LA -- the largest population of scientologists on earth.   On Sep 21, 2014, at 6:46 PM, Tashania Faust <> wrote: Ideally, every Scientologist attends the 7-10 major events presented by Int Management yearly. The challenge of the Event Dept is ensuring they are conveniently located and scheduled. Please help us achieve this and CLICK HERE TO FILL IN SURVEY Please be open in answering the questions. And thanks for taking the time! :) ML, Tashania (Event Director PAC) To … [Read more...]

Sheer Idiocy

svrt short

This missed the deadline for Thursday Funnies, but it is just too insane to be let go. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about scientology today. The ONLY thing that is important is status. The ONLY thing that is offered is status. The ONLY thing they want is money. And even their phony made-up statuses, they will "discount" to try and get people to give more money now. You can ALSO be a Humanitarian With Knobs On -- but now you don't need to pay as much as the other people because we are more desperate. "For three days only, you can buy an authentic certificate to … [Read more...]

The Sad Tale Of Ideal Orgs


Things are looking grim in the scientology bubble. You likely saw the story about the "ideal org" in Boston that was covered in the Boston Globe and they didn't cover the full story by any means. The level of incompetence on display there is amazing.  They could not keep their "statement" building because it was too small though it's never been maxed out -- so were ordered to sell it. They had a buyer willing to pay $20 million but they couldn't get approval to sell. When they finally got the go ahead, the market had crashed and they got $12 million but had committed to a larger wreck which … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Oooooh - a new status! Ambassador of Dissemination I don't think that this will be very desirable to the scientology elite without some precious metal or gemstone modifier or some sort of tortured pig latin. Silver, gold, platinum, emerald, diamond, maximus, laureate etc etc. Good luck Katie, you are the red-headed stepchild of scientology fundraisiung. Part of your problem is that the money has to be thrown away buying TV spots and nobody likes doing that.... But, on the other hand, perhaps he can get a post at a US Embassy (Palau? Andorra?) to "disseminate the tech in new … [Read more...]

Valley Begging

dead horse

Pleaaaaaasssseeeee.... We have to get "Under $8 million"... This has to be the single most intensely focused and persistent fundraising campaign in scientology history. In the home of the largest population of scientologists on earth. Supported by Bart Simpson's cash matching everything they can scrape together, and STILL they cannot make a dent -- they have MORE THAN $8 MILLION to raise before they even start "renovating" their white elephant. It is a sorry indictment of: a. The continuously and relentlessly flogged dead horses that are the LA scientology field b. The … [Read more...]

Seeking Information

Evidence search

I am seeking some information. Anyone who has experienced first-hand, or has personal knowledge of anything like this happening to another, please make yourself known in the comments section and I will email you at the address you provide as part of posting your comment. This exact scenario happened to one person, but I do not believe it is limited to this single instance. I believe that as the pressure to collect money (especially for ideal orgs) has grown, those held responsible for meeting the targets have become increasingly desperate. Here is the scenario: Person A "donates" … [Read more...]

The Upper Class Twit Of The Year Announces The End Of War

Screenshot (40)

OK, I have chronicled some pretty strange things on this blog, but I believe John Mappin has now succeeded in ascending to the pinnacle of arrogant foolishness. He has overcome all competitors and stands alone as the most out of touch and bizarre example of the effects of scientology KoolAid. Below you will see a screen shot of his facebook page and I then reprinted his entire Facebook posting below, highlighting in red some of the more bizarre things within it and including a few parenthetical comments of my own in blue. He is apparently someone the church of scientology is proud to have … [Read more...]

Mintz Meat


The latest "good news" shouted from the rooftops by our friendly WUS FSC. Somehow, it's not just the name that evokes the image of minced meat. Prepackaged ground up mystery meat seems to be a fairly accurate description of these offerings from Mr. Mintz. I am surprised he put this one out as stats are not looking good.... Super Power, Running Program completions and Clears are down. You can see the comparative to the earlier reports below. Compared to the earlier posts, this is how the stats look (these figures are earliest weeks first, these latest reports added to the … [Read more...]

The Ideal Translations Unit

First page of the new promo piece

The latest wrong source promotion from AOSHUK announces completion of the funding of the "Ideal Translations Unit." Who knew? I wonder where this "ideal" translation unit is going to be located and what it will consist of? Custom built desks?  Marble floors?  Computers with Google Translator hardwired onto the screens? And what on earth does AOSHUK have to do with translations? As far as I know they speak english in the United Kingdom, though perhaps they could translate their materials into Gaelic for the masses in the Outer Hebrides. But of course, we are now working on "the next … [Read more...]

SMP News


OK, here are some tidbits of interest from the Valley OTC meeting, focusing on the KCET Studios, combined with some information that has come in from several Special Correspondents. This facility has now assumed a new acronym -- SMP (Scientology Media Productions). It has fairly recently been integrated into the Int Liaison Office (a strange move when there has been NO CO ILO on post for some years, it is reported to be "held" by the CO CMO IXU). Part of SMP is Mad Hatter Studios -- Chick Corea's former recording studio that was purchased by Dear Leader as his handling for "getting … [Read more...]

Newsflash: Now You Can “Re-Do” Super Power


Amazing -- not even out for a year and already you can "re-do" Super Power. Put aside the conceit of promoting Matt Feshbach to give a seminar on how to handle your finances -- when as reported earlier he filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and had massive liens from the IRS. And ignore that in alignment with the new normal of GAG II, he no longer promotes himself as a Flag Trained Class VI -- he apparently has no classification at all. Just focus on the best news for regges everywhere -- straight from the mouth of Flag OT Committee Chairwoman, Mrs. Feshbach's IAS bosom buddy and … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


  The "new" Purif. Firstly, there is the MEST. There is no "secondly".... $14 Million later -- this is Orange County "Ideal Org" Looks like they can't afford to keep the lights on.... What a forlorn looking place. And how appropriate -- fundraising for the celebration of the anniversary of the OC idle morgue opening. The sun never sets on Scientology fundraising....   Hello there! I'm writing to you as the fundraising IC for the OC Anniversary party! Did you know that every year the OT … [Read more...]

Get Off The Scientology Mailing List

woman phones

Imagine having this poor woman's job... But as a public service to readers here who may receive unwanted mail or email from scientology, she is offering her phone number so you can call "between 10 and 11:30 am California Timezone." It might strike you as a little strange for an organization that claims more than 10 million members to assign a single person one and a half hours per day to keeping their lists up to date, but this is apparently how easy it is "applying LRH tech." Xxxxx, I am Greta Molnar from the Church of Scientology International. I am working on a project to update … [Read more...]