What Is The IAS Doing?


You will be very pleased to know that the IAS  is now informing their public what they are spending their money on. BUILDINGS! Of course, the IAS doesn't waste money on things where there is no return. Buying buildings sounds reasonable, until you understand a) the building then becomes a church asset and b) in those areas that where the IAS is funding their ideal org building, people are EXPECTED to donate to the IAS "to purchase the building."  Really, the IAS acts like a bank -- they front the money to buy the building (other people's money - just like a bank) and then they collect … [Read more...]

The Flag Cannibals Have Eaten Themselves Out Of Business


More indicators of how poorly thing are going at Flag. The recent post about the "goodwill mission" in DC is now followed by this -- the "Flag World Tour" going to Phoenix... Ignoring the horrendous grammar and typos, this email contains some interesting insight into what is happening at Flag. The FWT is going to outnumber the people that come to their event in Phoenix -- this is how desperate they are.  They are not sending just a reg and a single Tech terminal -- no, it's a Super Power Auditor AND a Qual Consultant, along with Kaye Champagne and 3 regges. They will be lucky to … [Read more...]

Flag Stats Are Going Down

fsc good news 17july14

Some more "good news" from our old friend Jeff Mintz. Here are some earlier weeks of the same stats sent out by Jeff Mintz all under the same heading  "Good News From Flag!": W/E 3 July 14 *    21 Survival Rundown Completions!!*    10 Super Power Completions!!*    21 Cause Resurgence Completions!!*    17 Ls Completions!!*    9 Clears!!*    6 OT VII Completions!! (From the WUS: Rob Tardi, Elke Jaeger, Barbara     Rubio and Murray Marvin!!!) W/E 12 June 14 *    15 Purif Completions!!*    20 Survival Rundown Completions!!*    20 Full Super Power Completions!!*    18 Cause … [Read more...]

There Will Be No Recruitment, Regging or Fundraising. Promise.


Here is an indicator of the desperation to convince people to dip their bloody toe in the shark tank.  Sort of on the otder of: "It's OK, they are vegetarian sharks..." It must be becoming incredibly difficult to get people to show up for events. A few by now have probably even answer somewhat honestly to the after event surveys and the word is making it back to "international management" (David Miscavige) that people don't enjoy being endlessly regged and recruited at every event. Thus, they are trying this new approach to get people to come in for any reason. They cannot promote no … [Read more...]

Beggar’s Banquet At Flag

beggars banquet

It's the MV Beggar's Banquet showing at Flag. And apparently everyone is in on the act to try to get the suckers to show and GIVE MONEY (and let us know you did so we can get the credit for it). Kevin True was a former RTC staff at Int who was busted and then sawed off some fingers on a table saw in the Gold garage when he was in the sleep-deprived zombie state of SO "deckies." Surprisingly, he has now made his way to being Solo Tech Services at Flag. More surprisingly, he is regging for the IAS? WTF? Solo Tech Services? It once again demonstrates that the ONLY pervasive activity of … [Read more...]

Some Church Fundraising Accounting


I assume this is a report about the fundraising event held at CC Int to raise money for Mario Fenninger. Ugh -- CC Int actually CHARGED the organizers for the use of their space -- for a "fundraiser." How typical of everything corporate scientology. Also goes to show -- they apparently failed to make up some statuses to "award" for giving money to this benefit, so they really didn't do too well. They also forgot to invite the Queen OT Empress Mayor Superstar Royal Highness of the Valley... Should have had her there guys. How silly of you. Also love the final gratuitous comment about … [Read more...]

Monumentally Useless Buildings

A monumentally useless and empty ideal org

Jeff Hawkins sent me this article. I thought it was of interest as yet another comparison between North Korea and the bubble world of corporate scientology. There are many parallels, from the control of information to the worship of Dear Leader and from the ridiculous event spectacles to the gulags where dissidents are reformed. But this is a slightly different angle."Kijong-dong may seem like a novelty, but it is part of a twentieth-century tradition of hollow architectural spectacles. Communist regimes from Moscow to Beijing often indulged in monumental and monumentally useless … [Read more...]

They’re Blowing Smoke Up Valley

Circle Jerk

This is like witnessing a massive, LA wide circle jerk.  Not only are the Valleygirls and boys engaging in their usual self-pleasuring, they are getting it from all sides. Jon Lundeen stroked them with this: "Valley is the most important Org in all of Scientology. It is the solution for the youth in Los Angeles. As an Ideal Org, it will deliver GAT2." And he called them "Magical Beings" ? (I guess one's magical ability as a being is in direct proportion to the size of the check you write to the church). Baseball fan and Captain AOLA, Cal Cole bestowed on them the coveted "All Star … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Delusion v. Reality


Here is some interesting news from inside the bubble. Read this first email and look at the graphs that follow. You may recall Rona Bowles practically wetting herself back in June because Taiwan was beating them as the NUMBER ONE ORG IN THE WORLD for Purif/SRD starts? Well, it turns out that apart from last week when they supposedly had 13 starts, they have been averaging 4 starts per week, and they have a grand total of 41 people on Purif/SRD. Now, as everyone knows, the vast majority of these people are old public re-doing these actions because that is the latest fad. But even if … [Read more...]

Fundamentalist Scientologists Unite

faith sign

So much wrong in such a short announcement. First, "UK's Latest" is pretty badly behind the times. These Basic books and lectures have been around now for 7 years, I don't really understand the logic of promoting someone who is not even FINISHED but is "at the tail end."  Don't have anything else to promote so have to get a "success" out of him before he is done so we can use that. Second, Thomas Fehn is ex-Sea Org. In fact, I believe he was the CO FOLO UK at one point. This is sort of like using a success story from David Mayo on the Running Program... Poor Thomas, still trying to make … [Read more...]

This Is An “Ideal Org”?


Mountain View is apparently doing the same thing as Valley and publishing a lit of names of hoped-for attendees at their Maiden Voyage events. It's a rather bizarre thing to do, but it affords an interesting insight into the state of the "ideal orhg" (or at least it would be if they had the money to renovate the building they bought at the end of the culd-de-sac in the industrial park behind the 15 wall adjacent to the 101 Freeway). Really, 150 people. This is not even the size of a decent mission. Why invest $20 million in getting a building for this tiny group of people? Because … [Read more...]

Howard Becker Finally Realizes He Has Been Dead


Well, it seems there is one good thing to come out of Super Power.  Howard Becker has finally realized what everyone who has ever dealt with him already knew. He has been a dead thetan for 45 years. A zombie in an animated body (even though he completed all those OT levels and L Rundowns and Objectives a few times and Purif and read all the "Basics" and and and....) Unfortunately, I am quite certain that this "realization" will not result in any change in his persona. You get a clue to what this is all about as immediately after this "cognition" he vows to keep on gouging money for the IAS … [Read more...]

Nancy Cartwright Hit Up For Another $350,000

mv1 recap

She who shall not be named coughs up another $350,000 for the Valley Ideal Org. You gotta admit, this is a pretty good thing they have going. Bart Simpson doesn't realize he is the biggest sucker in Springfield.... HE is turning over bucketloads of cash so someone else can invest it in THEIR real estate scheme based on the false promise that this "ideal org" is somehow going to do something that the current non-ideal org is not capable of doing because it is located in an expensive building. Apparently the approbation of titles like VALLEY SUPER ROCKSTAR OT GODDESS, is worth a chunk of … [Read more...]

Spag Does DC

Spag with Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana for some reason

  This is a strange one out of DC. John Spagnola seems to be making a pitch for money. Or something. He sends out an email with vague generalities about his activities, obviously afraid to name a single person he is dealing with on these "vital issues," but apparently hoping to create the impression that he is changing the world somehow. Credit where credit is due -- at least this is not the typical "I gave $$$$$ and am proud to be a humanitarian/dragonslayer/patron magnificence/champion of the universe/diamond studded donkey dong...." He appears to be trying to gain his … [Read more...]

The IAS Grows Big Beings


This is sort of sad. Put aside the crazy "Mega-Status" title if you can. These people, like so many others, actually believe they are doing good with the money they give to the International Association of Scavengers. But they are so deluded they actually believe they are being made into "Big Beings" by the IAS. It's devolved beyond mere status -- it's no longer a big gaudy bowling trophy or jewel encrusted lapel pin or some sort of title that sounds like it was torn from the pages of Buck Rogers, no, they have taken it to the ultimate level. This is not just causing "case gain" it is … [Read more...]