Going Clear Is Everywhere

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The hits just keep on coming. From the LA Times:   This is the FilmRise webpage:     And it is also available on Vimeo: And if you want to do it the old-school way, as of today, you can buy the DVD on Amazon for $16.99. So anyone who has not been able to see the film on HBO or in a local theater can now order it from Amazon or watch it as a streaming video. Miscavige's annus horribilis is just not getting any better. Next up:  Louis Theroux's My Scientology Movie at the London Film Festival on October 14. Followed by Leah Remini's … [Read more...]

What Real Churches Do


A small point in the overall scheme of things, but something that struck home with me a few days ago. Jack is now attending pre-school. His school is part of a local Methodist church. They are located in the church facilities and are part of the church's programs. There was a parent-teacher-church meeting to begin the year that Christie and I attended. After talking with Jack's teachers we went into the church proper with all the other parents (there are a dozen different classrooms for children of different pre-school ages) and sat in the pews. The minister Opened the gathering with … [Read more...]

New OT IX & X Are Closer Than You Think

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Remember when the prerequisite for OT IX and X was that you had to be a Class VI auditor and all specialist auditor training courses?  And thus the OT VIII's were all being hammered to get on auditor training.... Could not do that these days, as there is no Briefing Course. Of course, like most of what happens in the church of scientology today -- this is a moving goalpost. The prereqs are whatever thing Miscavige is pushing as his latest fad. After Class VI the "prerequisites" became that they had to do the Basics to be allowed onto OT IX and X. And then the Congresses and ACCs were … [Read more...]

Some Observations From Haydn James

Haydn with Christie and me in Sydney 2010

  This is a posting that was sent to me by Karen DeLacarriere written by Haydn James. She thought it was too good to be left as a posting in the Outer Banks Group on Facebook and asked me if I would like to post it here. Haydn has been a friend of mine for more than 30 years. He is one of the nicest and most intelligent people I know. He wrote a little introduction and then his post follows. He makes some interesting observations.   As you know I am pro the tech. I sat down one day to do a dispassionate evaluation of Scientology the subject and its operation past … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Bringing Peace to the World And this is to be accomplished by... Fundraising for ideal orgs. Of course.   64X Expansion That's why 3 "ideal" orgs have ONE graduation in the atrium of AOLA (not even in "Leb Hall"?) AND they have to bring along guest speakers (regges) to try and attract anyone.     Within Milliseconds Scientology Will Be Available To Billions Huh? Anyone on earth can read this blog... Scientology is available in milliseconds right now. You gave money for that?     Oh shit If Portland is the best in the whole … [Read more...]

Dear San Diegan….


A Special Correspondent just forwarded this to me. It contains the latest "mind-blowing" "expansion news" Oh my, can you say hype? It is really hard to comprehend the delusional world these people live in. A new Purif completion every 15 mins on this planet. Let's ignore the fact that 90% of them are old Purif completions. People being recycled. Let's just take their figure at face value. This means there are about 50 per day internationally or 350 per week.  There are 150 orgs and who knows how many missions. Let's be charitable and say its 300. It means that on average they are … [Read more...]

Valley OTC Minutes


Because these things are sent to me and accumulate for a while and every now and then I like to make them publicly available. They contain a lot of insight into what is really going on inside these orgs. Remember this is THE most important soon to be ideal org on earth, right in the middle of the "largest concentration of scientologists on the planet." Just think if this is what it's like in the Valley, what must be going on in Edmonton, or St Etienne or Canberra? It boggles the mind. I have highlighted some of the lowlights in red. MINUTES VALLEY ORG OT COMMITTEE MEETING September 22, … [Read more...]

Traits of a Pathological Cult Leader

David Miscavige

A Special Correspondent sent me this article from Psychology Today:   Now, you might think, after reading the list that follows, that this was compiled based on a study of David Miscavige. In fact, these are the people the author claims to have studied in order to compile his list: Now, be prepared to be amazed at just how close to the bone this cuts. Based on studying Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charlie Manson, Bhagwan Rajneesh etc here is the list of typical traits of the pathological cult leader he came up with, and warns "you should watch for and which shout … [Read more...]

Miscavige Damage Control


Well, I supposed this is the best he's got, even though it's more than 20 years old. A desperate attempt to try to burnish Dear Leader's sagging image... It's the annus horribilis. Going Clear, Going Clear Emmys. Let Him Die following his own father media blitz.  Tony Ortega's book and Paulette Cooper.  The Saldarriaga hacking scandal. Jim Jackson. Leah Remini's new book. Narconon's implosion. Louis Theroux. And things are not looking any better beyond next month. His recent go to image boost has been the "ideal orgs."  But that is a failure -- cannot even get any new ones open when … [Read more...]

Going Clear Screening and Q & A in Clearwater


      It is now official. Scientology's latest censorship effort has inevitably proven to be another in their long series of PR footbullets.   The screening of Going Clear on Friday 2 October will begin at 7pm at Muvico Palm Harbor. After the screening, the theater manager has set aside 45 minutes for Q and A and both Sara Goldberg and I will be happy to answer questions. In addition,  renowned Tampa CBS affiliate investigative reporting veteran Mike Deeson has agreed to be the moderator for the Q and A session. Mike adds his 30+ years of Bay … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Epic event What other kind is there? And the easy answer to the question it poses is: very little, if anything.   Many apply, few are chosen Oh, how they wish that were true. They practically beg to get anyone to join staff and now they are offering them full time training (tsk tsk, totally off policy)     Champion team Not so much. 15 years later and Kansas City isn't even close to getting an ideal org, even though a building was purchased there about 10 years ago I think...   Special Announcement Absolutely anything to make it sound "new" -- … [Read more...]

The Failed Inglewood “ideal org” Experiment


Well, I guess the great social experiment of bringing scientology to the "African American cultural epicenter" has failed. Problem is that virtually everyone they could persuade to take services in this place are imports from other orgs and they repeatedly show their graduations and completions featuring a host of clearly non-locals from CC Int and elsewhere (see latest example below). The strategy of opening Harlem and Inglewood took a HUGE hit with the death of Isaac Hayes. He was the impetus for these orgs even exiting in the first place as he repeatedly harangued Miscavige about the … [Read more...]