What IS “Cause Resurgence”?

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  Now, remember, out in the real world, we KNOW what this "rundown" consists of. But in the scientology bubble, it is "confidential" and is not mentioned unless you have paid your entrance fee and are ushered into the special floor of the SP building, where you are then told that this "OT Rundown" consists of.... Running in circles. Literally. For a few weeks. There is nothing else. You are told to run around a fixed object. And to keep running. Now read this latest Mintzmeat hype and realize they are charging people $5,000 to do this (not including what they charge … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Not Funny: Very Good News Allen Barton announced yesterday that his play, DISCONNECTION has been extended to March 29 - fifteen more performances. Encourage everyone you know to attend, everyone who has seen it RAVES about how good it is.   Frisco Files Another "ideal org" that doesnt seem able to do their filing. Nothing the kids like more than to spend a day "filing." Rumor has it Disney is looking to buy ideal orgs to turn them into children's entertainment centers as they generate a never ending supply of filling. Not sure if this is any better? Filing while watching a … [Read more...]

Valley In Vain


  The Valley Vultures are back at it, with another BIG PUSH for more money. Come and be regged, and we will give you "treats, snacks and music!" Let's "have fun and finish this" by you giving us more money. This is now like watching a slow motion train wreck.  No longer moving forward, the casualties are piling up and onlookers are wondering whether anyone will survive.   Hi Team Valley, We have BIG news and you may have already heard!  At our meeting you'll get all the data on the game that is next for Valley. We have a huge production target at the meeting to … [Read more...]

Flag Is Limp

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Jeff Mintz is not as regular as he once was, and for a while I thought he had been given the permanent heave-ho. It's a terrible thing when "good news" turns up on this blog as proof of stagnation. Then, after a month of silence, the FSC San Jose stole his thunder and put out the Mintzmeat(tm) report from herself. She even stole his format, but changed it from blue to red (Mintz had changed "Good News" to "Late Breaking News" probably because of how much fun we had with his "good news" but Ms. Dodwell seems oblivious for now). As always, I have added the latest figures to the end of the … [Read more...]

Phoenix Ideal Org Fail


This is an ideal org? I thought they were supposed to go into instant "straight up vertical" expansion? Phoenix was opened in June 2012. More than 2.5 YEARS ago. The org is empty, we have had a number of people report on the empty org, here is a report from 2013. Now there is more proof of what a failure this "ideal org" is. They are announcing a "special" graduation because two people finished their Objectives. WOW. And of course, I was curious, so I looked them up. They couldn't possibly be NEW public. If they completed two NEW public on Objectives it would be a MONUMENTAL … [Read more...]

Scientology Lies and Going Clear


  Scientology has launched their usual ad hominem attacks on Alex Gibney and Going Clear. Every person interviewed or associated with the film is subject to the scientology smear campaign. Even now including attempting to "dead agent" Alex Gibney by claiming his deceased father was some sort of "CIA Propagandist" and thus "the apple didn't fall far from the tree." This sort of insanity makes them the object of universal derision. A couple of days ago they fired what they thought was another in the apparently unending stream of shots across HBO's bow.  Like those that have … [Read more...]

Scientology Plays The Religious Persecution Card


In the face of the enormous interest and critical acclaim for Alex Gibney's Going Clear documentary, Scientology is in panic mode. So, they do what they have always done in times of disaster:  fall back on trying to gain sympathy by claiming to be the object of bigotry and religious persecution. In typical arrogant Miscavige style, he refused to cooperate in making the film, not agreeing to an interview and making sure nobody else under his spell did either. It was a strategy he has used plenty of times in the past. And once the reporting is done, the whining begins: "they only looked at … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Demolition


  Yes, this IS a real email.... Give us money to demolish the Birmingham Ideal Org. We are SOOO close to starting the demolition, we have our exclamation points already engaged. In their minds, these people are the "masters of communication." But apparently their ability to communicate is strictly limited. Little they say makes sense outside the bubble of scientology. But even bubbledweller to bubbledweller, it seems they are having more and more difficulty making sense. Their faculties appear to be eroding as the isolation from the real world is strengthened. They are … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Not a lot of time to put this together, the Garcia hearing continues this morning (See Tony Ortega's  blog). But some good ones came across the transom since last week.... Burning Up The Track The Birthday Game has become the "Fundraising Birthday Game" with the motto "Give LRH what he didnt want for his birthday, no expansion, just money not for services." And even then, 6 of these orgs managed less than $1000. It takes a LOOOOOONG time to buy and renovate an ideal org palace at $100 a week.   Tampa Central Files It never ends... The scientology administrative system is … [Read more...]

The OT Carrot Is Wilting


There are 6700 "on or complete" on OT VII according to Mr. Rabey. There are only 2200 "OT VIII" completions? Ruh roh. How come such a small percentage go on to OT VIII? There could be several explanations: 1. The number on OT VII is a lie and consists of people who are NOT auditing or have been declared 2. Any "completions" on OT VII, having attained "Cause Over Life" are being sent to re-do the Purif and Objectives to attain something they missed in their "Cause Over Life" accomplishment 3. Those who are completing OT VII are so tapped out they don't have the airfare to get home, let … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Fail

Birmingham "ideal org"

The recent article on the South African blog about the sad state of Capetown "ideal org" reminded me that it was time for an update on this most important of all scientology endeavors. You no doubt recall the fanfare (in scientology this is a euphemism for high pressure sales pitch) with which this monumental, milestone strategy was launched back in 2003. It was based on David Miscavige's "why" that unless orgs were "complete" they could not perform their functions and thus would fail. And that by putting "ideal orgs" there they would in turn create new groups, missions and other orgs, not … [Read more...]

Valley OTC


A backlog of assorted minutes from the dedicated money grubbers desperately trying to get the Valley "ideal org" done. It is becoming a bit sad to watch. Even with Her Royal Governess of the Vast Valley Territory and Queen of OTness Nancy Cartwright bankrolling them, supported by David "I'm Not Crazy, Just OT" Wilson, the end of the road seems about as far away now as it did a year ago. And this in the land of the greatest concentration of scientologists on earth OMG! And the other booming ideal orgs -- Pasadena, CC Int, LA, Orange County and Inglewood. And CLO WUS and CSI and Bridge … [Read more...]

It’s Magic: St Hill Is Highest Evers


How do you make instant "highest evers statistics"? It's easy, just combine TWO orgs into ONE. It's like a "golden age" expansion formula that Dear Leader has conjured up. Here is something from the latest UK Advance! mag. What is really amazing is the gleeful way they promote the closure of another org, one that L. Ron Hubbard himself put in place and wrote NUMEROUS policy letters about. How do they call themselves "on source scientologists" who are "dedicated to keeping scientology working" and "doing what Ron says" and yet get all excited about "the merge of Saint Hill … [Read more...]

Scientology: Self Pleasuring


More hilarity from the Razzerloonies... From: Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2015 To: Subject: FW: THETA NEWS! Thanks so much for forwarding this! I just received this from the IASA!  Cool news on the IAS funded Scientology dissemination campaign! 1 minute after the "Age of Answers" Scientology ad aired during the Superbowl half-time, the scientology.org website visits went from an average of 80 to 1,800!!! And after the ad aired on Superbowl, there was a TON of buzz and feedback on social media. Here are some of the responses: "It wouldn't be Superbowl without a … [Read more...]

Despite Everything, LA Org Is Empty


Despite 200 fully hatted and trained Sea Org Members with 10,346.7 years of experience. Despite "ideal" premises. And the best of the best seasoned bodyrouters. The Model Test Center on Hollywood Blvd. A crack team used to train executives from all over the world on "how it is done." The bestowing of the title: Model Ideal St Hill Size Org by Dear Leader himself. The largest concentration of scientologists on earth. Massive advertising on network TV. Huge spending on internet ads. The power of positive postulates injected into the environment by Gavin Potter and … [Read more...]