Has Scientology Finally Changed Its Tune On Gays?


An eagle eyed Special Correspondent spotted something in Tony Ortega’s Sunday Funnies on 19 Oct. From there he dug a little more and some interesting things emerged. It is well known that Scientology is notoriously homophobic. L. Ron Hubbard was extremely anti-gay in his early writings, most notably in his 1951 book Science Of Survival. Unfortunately, it is fundamental and unalterable dogma in scientology that the words of L. Ron Hubbard must be followed to the letter and without deviation. So, things change VERY slowly, if at all. The church's stance against gay rights was brought … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies – Deep Fried Kool Aid


  IAS Feedback They are pulling out all the stops to try and convince people to show up to the local re-airings of the decidedly underwhelming earth shaking IAS 30th Anniversary event. But they are REALLY out of touch with their public. A "testimonial" from a medic at the tent or "local shop owner" isn't going to convince a member of the IAS to show up. And I guarantee that if anyone who is NOT a member shows up, they will not be allowed into this event for fear that they are really a bitter defrocked apostate in disguise sent from the fringes of the internet.   But … [Read more...]

Scientology Top Management Video Earlier Beginning

Given the enormous interest in the video posted on Marty Rathbun's blog, I am reprinting an article that he published on October 13, 2010 on Moving On Up A Little Higher . It features Jenny Linson and Dave Bloomberg (along with a number of others), carrying out an earlier, but very similar version of their LAX attack on Mark Rathbun. (My added comments are italicized in red) Miscavige Meltdown – the Proof One of the most widely read posts on this blog was published on 24 April 2010, Miscavige Meltdown. It was Mike Rinder’s account of an ambush staged by seven Miscavige flunkies on Mike … [Read more...]

The 30th Anniversary IAS Event


We have already reported about the downgrade of the IAS Event - see The IAS Event Is Already A Bomb from 8 October. It is one thing to downgrade the 30th Anniversary of the IAS celebration to the parking lot on LRH Way, but its a total train wreck when the Flag event is suffering a similar, even more ignoble downsizing. They are not going to be holding this event at the Ruth Eckerd Hall but instead at the Fort Harrison.... The Auditorium there holds 1500 people. They claim to have more STAFF than this and "2000 people from out of town on service at any given time" PLUS 12,000 … [Read more...]

Delusion Reigns


These people are SO unreal.  Why would a "management org" in a new building be the turning point of anything? There is no contact with the public? It matters not at all whether they have old desks or new custom-built ones, concrete floors or silk persian rugs, bare light bulbs or crystal chandeliers. This is simply the "fad" of scientology. What I now call the ideal syndrome. And why no mention of the ribbon yanking being graced by the presence of Captain Miscavige? Has he reverted to He Who Must Not Be Named again? BTW -- a note for the UK contingent. Seems Dear Leader will be at SH … [Read more...]

Disconnection and Desegregation


Because I have other things planned this weekend, I am cheating a bit and reprinting an earlier blog posting. I feel it is important, perhaps there will be some who have not read it before, and in my estimation the message bears repeating. I may make this a regular feature as I look back and there have been a lot of material published over the last few years.... It also seems specially appropriate on this weekend of  IAS celebrations where the sheeple have been regaled with tall stories of the magnificent human rights work of the IAS in "guaranteeing freedom for all" and the church has … [Read more...]

Scientology and NOI — The Latest

Screenshot (55)

The latest scientology/Nation of Islam collaboration front group activity. This "United in Peace Day" is being promoted in scientology circles as the "first public recognition of TWTH's role in producing LA's historic drop in crime" (what do they put in the water in scientology buildings?) And here is the "Confidential" briefing about this event (I wonder why this is confidential?) Of course, like everything else in scientology, it is a pitch for money... It is such a vital and important activity, but not a penny of the hundreds of millions of dollars vacuumed up by the IAS could be … [Read more...]

Scientology Whale Horror Story


Yesterday, Tony Ortega had a remarkable story on his blog about Bob Duggan, the biggest whale in scientology. Now more of the details have come to light with a new story on the South African blog which exposes some of the sordid underbelly of this bizarre story. This whole affair is further proof (as if any were needed) that scientology has truly become the religion that worships money.  If you have enough of it, and give it to them, you are not only lauded with phony titles and big sparkly trophies, there is apparently NOTHING that cannot be provided by the "church". Their model is … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


The Jetsons are going to save the world Anyone see Minority Report?  The super dooper high tech state of the art newly launched CGI humanitarian program is just that. CGI. No substance. All hat and no cattle.   Las Vegas ideal org is on fire They brought in people from a different country 600 miles away... Mexico City "ideal org" is a lot closer to Durango than Las Vegas is. So is Phoenix "ideal" org. Someone found these people wandering around Vegas with nowhere to go and had a bright idea. So, 400 of them came to the org. And the result? ONE start, … [Read more...]

More News From The Vampire Empire

Vampire-coffin (1)

  For the record, and to fill the gap while I finalize another far more important post.... As usual, the OTC's never fail to impress with their dedication to the Vampire Empire, doing their utmost to suck the last dime out of anything that moves. Funny about the reference Quinn the Eskimo uses to justify "fund raising" --  HCOPL 10 Sept 1982 "Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay." I feel compelled to note this as it is such a startling example of the KoolAid Goggles these people wear. The Eskimo apparently cited this PL for the proposition that it is "group internal pressure" … [Read more...]

Lies, Lies, Lies


  This is for posterity's sake. A bit of relative calm before the storm on the horizon. This is a list of the unfortunates who have handed over cash for the Valley "ideal building" (there is no "org"). I notice the Silver Humanitarian Taufer-Gregorian Family -- I assume they are in some way connected to Quinn The Eskimo... ? And Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright) is now identified as "Nancy" rather than the Royal Governess OT Rockstar Princess Queen etc etc etc. Apparently it is still embarrassing to include her full name, though I cannot fathom why this is? And I had no idea my … [Read more...]

Stockholm Syndrome and Faustian Deals

Church of Scientology Stockholm 002

From one of our Swedish Special Correspondents. He took a trip to the hinterlands of Stockholm on Saturday afternoon to check out the 47X expansion in his area of the world.   I will try to tell you my observations of Scientology's unprecedented expansion in my corner of the World. When I studied medicine in the early 80s you could always see Scientologists selling Dianetics or that Protection-against-radiation-book at Stockholm Central Station. The Church of Scientology had an Org in Central Stockholm. Than they dissappeared, I don't know when but it was many years ago I … [Read more...]

Scientology Slavery


A Special Correspondent sent this to me. I felt it worth reprinting. Especially in light of the recent revelations about the new scientology push: "Voice For Humanity." It is an article in the UK Daily Mail about slavery/human trafficking. The Correspondent noted the following, comparing the Sea Org to what is discussed in the article. For instance note the signs of slavery below: FROM KEEPING STRANGE HOURS TO REFUSING TO MAKE EYE CONTACT: SIGNS YOU COULD BE LIVING AMONG VICTIMS OF MODERN SLAVERY Slavery comes in many forms, people who show some of the signs below could be … [Read more...]

We Are Filming The Procession


Hahaha. They just raised the quota from 7,000 to 10,000 because Dear Leader pr0nounced that 10,000 should be in attendance. So, whether there are 500 or 5,000 people that show up (they are being HEAVILY pushed from ALL OVER THE WORLD to attend) it will "officially" be 10,000 in attendance. They will stage a bunch of shots as usual where the frame is filled with bodies and you cannot see the surroundings so there is no way of telling how many there are.  But they will assert the shots are "proof" of the massive attendance for the monumental event. It is really crass that they even … [Read more...]

Monumental Announcement Under The Big Top


It is hardly a surprise that there is a lot of hype about the upcoming IAS "Big Top" circus event. There is hype for every event. And the next event is always  so much better than the last one. But a few people have reported that there is talk of a "monumental announcement" similar to the announcement of "Golden Age Of Tech" for "our 4th dynamic programs." Now, this could of course just be typical "call-in" patter and the "monumental announcement" will be a new DVD and booklet "exposing psych crimes" that is going to be mailed out to "every opinion leader on earth." And I don't doubt there … [Read more...]