Survey for “Next” OT Level


A little more "come on" carrot hype. And that is ALL this is. You can imagine there is plenty of grumbling about where are the "next OT levels?"  They don't get mentioned hardly at all these days. This is a BIG deal for scientologists. What if there really are no more OT levels? OT VIII is as good as it gets? The current "OT VIIIs" look around and think to themselves "I am not really OT."  They know it. Everyone else looks and sees "OT VIII's" who are FAR from what anyone strives to be like. The OT VIII's shrivel up and die just like everyone else. They have financial … [Read more...]

Internet Schminternet


The Little Rascals are at it again... Amazing how the internet is so AMAZING we need your money to be able to fully exploit it.  Even though not a single one of the people who signed this emailed is allowed on the internet and has no access to it. (They can access an email account that is monitored and controlled on, but no access to the internet). And yet they seem to believe that the internet is a great way to reach "wogs" -- just as long as the wogs don't look at anything other than what is on the "scientology internet." In the closed off minds of Zee, Margy, Robyn, Colin … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies

PS laugh

  Big News Birmingham, England's second largest city, has the second largest population of Muslim, Sikh and Buddhists, but is short on Hindus and positively pathetic when it comes to Jews (why even mention them?) Forgot to mention it also has the second largest population of Church of England and Catholics. Probably Methodists and Lutherans too. It also has the second largest population of women. AND men. I am sure all these people really want an ideal org in Birmingham.   They need hundreds of helpers That promise of "we are making an ideal org"  40 YEARS ago seems … [Read more...]

If He Dies, He Dies


David Miscavige is in full-on spin-control mode. The Hollywood Reporter has just published an article about his father's book, basically restating what Tony Ortega wrote at his blog yesterday. While he foolishly dismisses articles by Tony Ortega (as he does with the BBC, CNN and most other media) he swings into full panic when he is portrayed unfavorably in "the trades." So, he dropped his tank and mask on the deck (he is roughing it for a week of scuba diving fun before making his appearance at the Bogota ideal org ribbon yanking) and dictated a response letter to THR. You can … [Read more...]

It’s Epic, It’s Monumental


  This one sure got some hype. Look at those poor excluded souls, peering through the gaps in the door. An "EPIC COB BRIEFING" It's a "monumental achievement" and it is mind-numbing. And it is the biggest thing ever ever. Since the last email was sent out, at least. But though you have probably heard, we are NOT going to tell you. You have to come in so we can "brief you" personally (and hold you hostage til you turn over your credit cards)   So, I will save you the trouble. Apparently there is a "new" CCRD.... Wowee zowee. Of course, everyone … [Read more...]

The Sad State Of Scientology


You can glean a lot from a single promotional item as the bubble world of scientology continues to shrink and they increasingly lose track of what they are actually saying. Let's take a look at the latest Moneywinds seminar promotion piece and the blurb they sent out with it: First, isn't it just a little odd that the two "other" speakers apart from the International KeyNote Speaker and Officer from the Freewinds have their case level listed? It's never been an outpoint to anyone that the majority of people who are "running the church" at "top levels" are not even clear, let alone … [Read more...]

Hair Raising Fundraising


This is becoming positively absurd. Check out the latest begging letter. The person sending this, Roy Sarkovitch, has been around forever. He was the Flag Flag Rep for many years, and an org "programs chief" in the Flag Bureau. He was a senior international scientology executive. Now reduced to sending out cornball, illiterate emails asking random people to just "give money" for "ideal orgs" -- nothing specific. Just send in some cash The signs of desperation inside the bubble are unmistakable. Date: June 27, 2015 at 7:12:40 AM PDT To: Subject: Fwd: … [Read more...]

The Real Status in Scientology

money worship - Copy

Special seating reserved in any church of scientology for the most important people in scientology today. Those who give the most money to the IAS. Not to auditors, who according to L. Ron Hubbard are "the most valuable beings on earth," not to the Volunteer Ministers who supposedly are working 24/7 to help the unfortunate, not to the staff who work 7 days a week for virtually no money under the impression they are helping, and not to the longest term members who have supported the church for years. No, a special place is reserved for the money. Like an Amway convention or Herbalife … [Read more...]

Begging From Afar


The begging never stops, and apparently has no limit. This little gang are children of Australian SO Members (at least two of them are, I presume the others are too) located in Los Angeles. They are sending this begging letter out to people all over the world to solicit money for New Zealand's one and only small and failing org. You would think that New Zealand, which had one of the first orgs on earth way back in the 1950's would have another one by this time. Or even a single mission. More than 60 years and there has been NOTHING new in all that time. I suppose the massive … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies

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Of course, this week is dominated by invitations, orders and pleas for everyone to join in the fun by watching Dear Leader belittle the OT Ambassadors at Maiden Voyage. But in the midst of the frenzy to scrape up the bedraggled few for the MV extravaganza, there were a few other things. Superheroes Well, they like to think they are. Wonder what Marvel thinks of this?     We are sooo close to the turning point on this planet We just need a bit more all of your cash. Wonder what planet he is on?     Hello Yo Babies!! This is written in … [Read more...]

How Flag Applies Scientology Policy


This is a brand new letter from the infamous Cara Golashesky, the so-called FLB "Justice Chief." It is a letter to a person who has NEVER BEEN TO FLAG. He never signed any waivers or agreements. He did nothing other than hand over his money, and when he politely asked for it back as he had never made the trip to the US to partake in the "Flag Welcome Package" he was told to go pound sand.   Here is his statement: Now that was some "welcome" from the "friendliest place in the world." This is Flag think:  We come to Italy and make you all sorts of false promises … [Read more...]

The IAS Is Lying Again

Cheap Sunglasses -- Rose Tinted

Hardly a surprise to learn that the IAS might not be completely accurate and honest in their "fundraping" efforts. Here is their promotional item to extract funds from the suckers. Now, according to the Snr CS WUS in his recent briefing, there are 700 new people a DAY coming into the LA model double SH size ideal org. Since January 2015 that is 120,000+ for LA Org alone. And if you can believe their 11.4 million visits to their hundreds of websites (in the face of the massive media attention engendered by Going Clear and David Miscavige having his father followed by PI's and then … [Read more...]