Two More IAS Shills


Didn't L. Ron Hubbard say that auditors are the most valuable beings on the planet? So, why would an "on Source" scientologist who spent years training through CLASS VIII, be a full time reg for the IAS rather than a full time auditor? Does Kathy Feshbach have disagreements with LRH? These are the final two pages of the latest Impact magazine:   And Kaye Champagne has clearly found a more lucrative job than selling rugs. Fundraising for "Ideal Orgs" and IAS.  Doesn't anyone notice her pitch is about "planetary clearing" and that has absolutely nothing to do with the … [Read more...]

WTH Won The World Cup


Wonder what happened to this scheme? Funny how there is so much promotion to collect the money for the "what will happen" and then NO REPORT whatsoever after the fact. Of course, that is because there is NO RESULT. But it won't stop them for the next campaign to lighten people's wallets.... If they REALLY believed the WTH was going to be beneficial, why not at least just arrange to print them in Brazil for 5 cents a piece rather than trying to collect $1.50 per booklet from people in the US? Let alone the fact that the IAS could have printed a MILLION COPIES from the proceeds of … [Read more...]

Massive Expansion — Of Lies

Pinocchio 1

  Here is an entire page from the latest International Scientology News reporting on the wonders of the "25th Anniversary" MV Cruise for the math challenged. Dear Leader seems to have outdone himself with his presentation of big lies and small stats to "support it" -- yet the "small stats" are REALLY small, but just hyped as being "big." It is really quite bizarre how they can break down stats into "completions per hour" and make the most pathetic appear to sound big and "booming." And it seems nobody EVER does the math to see what is really being said.   Everyone … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


This is "All New" because "The Time Is Now" Sounds like the same old, same old to me... I would love to know what is "all new" about this?  "We just pronounced it all new, so it is"? Sort of like the 25 anniversary of the Freewinds? And I would love to hear how GAT II has made building ideal orgs faster and more certain than ever!  Must be why Orlando, Boston and Santa Barbara have taken off like rockets, heading for Target Two... Seems a little contradictory that ONLY an ideal org can properly deliver GAT II?   Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming Some truly bizarre … [Read more...]

Why Ideal Orgs?


Any time there is a post about ideal org failures, there is a lot of speculation about "Why?" I have written various posts and comments about this from time to time, but realized I had never put it all in one place. There are two reasons for the ideal org program that go hand in hand. And it explains why, in spite of the clear failure of this program to bring about planetary clearing, or anything at all aligned with the "Aims of Scientology," it will continue to be pushed until the very end. 1. It is vital for Miscavige to hold onto his position 2. IRS concerns But before … [Read more...]

More Ideal Org Fails


Following up on the recent post about Orlando some Special Correspondents sent in some information about other "ideal orgs" which I thought I would share. Boston The Boston Org has now had to move out of the building they have occupied for decades and into rented facilities because in typical "ideal org style" they completely screwed up their planning. A lot of money was spent to renovate the "old" org building and it was one of the nicest scientology orgs on earth location and building wise (not counting the marble palaces of late).  Then the "ideal org" madness set in. To make a … [Read more...]

CSRT Staff Report Directly To Miscavige Daily


This just in.  A new begging email from Sheryle Festa trying to pitch the "L. Ron Hubbard Hall" as something urgent for planetary clearing. Or something. I am going to compile a posting about the L. Ron Hubbard Hall boondoggle at some point, but I just wanted quickly get this one out as it contains a remarkable bit of honesty. Chairman of the Board is over this project -- there are no vias -- there is no via between the Staff of CSRT and Chairman of the Board. He is overseeing every detail. Each day CSRT Staff report directly to Chairman of the Board. They are Commodore Messengers of the … [Read more...]

Scientology: The Money Religion

money woship

Here we have the latest evidence of the state of the "church" of scientology and its descent into the worship of money. Of course, the ONLY thing anyone talks about in scientology these days is "donations" and "donator statuses" -- primarily to the IAS and Ideal Orgs, but also to numerous other lesser vampire entities that hang out in the dark cave that is the scientology world. It is what determines your status and your ability to negotiate the increasingly arbitrary "church ethics." But still, who would have ever contemplated a decade ago, let alone when the Freewinds was first … [Read more...]

Orlando Magic


  No wonder the "ideal org" in Orlando never gets mentioned even though it is BY FAR the closest org to Flag and Tampa -- both of whom are busily trying to raise funds for Miami and Atlanta. This is Orlando's "ideal org" website, last updated sometime in 2011, though they seem to have an automatic counter that adds a day from "Ideal Orgs Seminar 2011."     They got a "building approved" -- hooray for us! An instant "ideal org" -- plucked right out of a hat. Amazing. It truly represents Miscavige's ideal org tag-line "just add water and mix." It looks … [Read more...]

The Miscavige IAS Scam Rolls On


The latest edition of Impact magazine has been mailed out. It is a recounting of the magnificent IAS evening aboard the Freewinds. Of course, it highlights "Mr. David Miscavige" though these days they don't bother with identifying him in the 7 full page photoshopped pix featuring his new thin look. The weight of the world seems to be resting upon his shoulders and it is showing. This was a veritable shermanspeak orgy, and while I am not going to recount everything here, I am including his opening and closing statements for your reading pleasure (amazement?). If you cannot read these, … [Read more...]

The Flag World Tour Is Cominng(sic)

My own free bookmark for all readers.

This probably should have been saved for the Thursday Funnies as it is so ridiculous. But then again, most promotional items that emanate from corporate scientology qualify for the "funny pages." The latest gimmick in their desperation to even get people to tell them they are coming: confirm your attendance, you will receive a free bookmark! Hurry, get in before the RUSH, while supplies last. And the "pitch" is really convincing "to make email confirmation more popular and convenient for you" -- ha. Anyone that believes this is for the benefit of the target sheeple deserves to go to … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies

lollipop guild

Just to kick things off -- here is a recent Facebook posting about the newly formed Clearwater Postulate Guild (I kid you not): I really think these people need to touch bases with reality. But they had better be careful what they are "postulating" for as a Clearwater government that was "uptone" (ie not in fear) and made sane decisions vis a vis the church may not be to the liking of the "OT's" and their Postulate Guild.   Before they start clearing anything down under, maybe they should start by clearing their MUs? Or at least getting an ideal spell checker.  They didn't … [Read more...]

Flag and Tampa OTC Minutes


The leak plugging efforts just don't seem to be working.  They even have a full time person in OSA Flag assigned to get to the bottom of this situation. But the OTC Minutes just keep rolling in. And though they have taken out a lot of embarrassing statistical specifics, they still have what should be embarrassing details (I think most of these people are oblivious to how ridiculous they are). Part of the problem is that they can turn ANYTHING into good news and "huge impact" so they THINK they are relaying good news. The delusion is a sight to behold. They remind me of the proverbial fleas … [Read more...]

Greg Capazorio IAS Shill

capazorio head shot

Greg Capazorio was awarded an IAS Freedom Medal with a stirring video concocted by the Sherminator that made it seem that the Way To Happiness Campaign was integrated across the entire Gauteng Prison system in South Africa. Of course, as with most of these videos, it was, to put it kindly, a bit of an overstatement. To be accurate about it, it was more like a 90% fabrication. Some South African friends told me Capazorio was not even the primary mover for what was done (there was some WTH distribution and use). Perhaps one or more of them can enlighten us a little in the comments. And I … [Read more...]

Hear Ye Hear Ye, “Good News” From Flag


This week's "good news."  (Well, it's a bit old, preempted by other more important news). Thing are not getting any better at Flag. Their completions are in the same range for months on end. By now one would have expected to see some evidence of the masses "pouring up the Bridge" -- it has been 9 months since the release of GAG II and opening of Miscavige's Folly. But they pump out the "good news," telling the world they are going nowhere. I guess these days, anything that isn't another expose in the media or lawsuit being filed is fantastic news. And if it is shouted from the … [Read more...]