Flag “Expansion” — More Lies


The wheels have come off the Miscavige Bandwagon. Here are the latest "Good News" reports from Flag, courtesy of Jeff Mintz and his Silicon Valley alter ego Sandy Dodwell. As always, at the bottom I have added these stats to the earlier reports that have been tracked since fairly soon after GAG II was released in November 2013. This forms perhaps the most accurate and complete record of the ACTUAL production of Flag over the last year and a half. One can easily see there is NO expansion. They deliver Super Power and the Running Program now, but those volumes have stayed level … [Read more...]

March 13 Hype-O-Rama

Scan_20150425 (3)

Just getting around to this -- things have been pretty hectic in the last few weeks and this one took a bit more work. A Special Correspondent attended the March 13th event in LA and reported some entertaining first-hand observations which serve as an introduction to some key points from the International Scientology News  March 13 "Birthday Game" edition. First,  the on-the-ground report from the Dolby Theater in LA. A grey, barely marked, Church of Scientology mini-bus pulled up to the curb and discharged 4 or 5 people into the crowd that makes Hollywood & Highland a nightly … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Basel a Bust They sent out their first promo piece on Monday -- for an event on Saturday: They are already hitting people up for MORE money, even before it's opened. The tiny org in the small city is made "ideal" and meanwhile, the "big org" in the big city, Zurich, goes nowhere. Go figure. Sort of like Malmo and Stockholm. Inglewood and Valley. Nashville and Boston.   Oh, The Lies.... Mr. OT Hatting hisself has teamed up with Rafferty Pendery -- though they cannot spell his name right -- son of IAS "Freedom Medal Winner", OSA stooge and general flim-flam man, Rick … [Read more...]

Get Ready For OT IX & X


Hahahaha, they are pulling out the old saw. Release of OT IX and X.... This is aimed at those who have attained the HIGHEST STATE OF AWARENESS in Scientology. Those who have had "truth revealed." "space will be limited" when we release OT IX and X. Riiiiight. So, you spiritually enlightened, cause over the MEST universe big being, come on down and redo your Solo Auditor course. We HAVE to sell you something. This is as good as anything. Mindless. Brainless. Gullible. Suckers. The adjectives that best describe anyone that actually falls for this. And what is so amazing -- … [Read more...]

Scientology Fact Verification


David "Let Him Die" Miscavige responded to a recent posting on Tony Ortega's website about Paul Haggis being trolled by a "Time magazine" reporter. Page Six reprinted his response (or at least part of it). Here is the quote attributed to Karin Pouw: ‘As I told [The Hollywood Reporter] and others, no one named Mark Webber works for the Church anywhere much less in Los Angeles. There is no such IP address at the Anthony Building on Fountain Avenue–it does not exist. The entire story is fabricated.’ ‘A quick internet search does find a Mark Webber, a movie curator and writer who lives … [Read more...]

Valley Really Not Ideal Org


Douglas D. Douglas over at the Underground Bunker, posted an excellent comment and photos this afternoon. It is too good to be possibly lost in the huge number of daily comments that appear on Tony Ortega's blog. Without his permission, I am turning this into a posting here in order to preserve his fine work and to make it easier for everyone to find. Here is his original comment, followed by the photos. Some very sharp observations. Honestly, can anyone other than a hypnotized zombie NOT see the insanity on display here. By their OWN claims, the "Golden Age of Tech II' is going to … [Read more...]

Nashville Paranoia Update

Screenshot (207)

Apparently they freaked out over the posting about Nashville "ideal" org  on Saturday. Here is a new shot taken by one of our Special Correspondents today showing a cop stationed in front of the org -- and there was a second one in the parking lot not visible in this frame. Two police officers in the parking lot. They are definitely not there for crowd control on Monday afternoon.  Same number of cars in the parking lot today as when I visited on Friday and the VM van has not moved. Perhaps they were there to serve a warrant on someone? Or to make a drug bust? Not likely. More … [Read more...]

Nashville Ideal Org


Here is what the hustling and bustling Nashville "ideal" org looked like at 5:30pm on Friday.   And this is the main parking lot immediately to the right of the shot above (which is the main entrance to the building -- the one they show in their promo photos is at the left facing onto a highway that has no stopping or parking):   You can see the main vehicle is the "VM Van" -- not out doing anything worthwhile in the community. To be fair, there were 7 other cars parked around the back of the building. Now, here is their recent, and very puzzling promo … [Read more...]

New York Times Bestseller


Just a quick post to mention a significant byproduct of Going Clear. Everyone who buys this book gets more understanding of the abuses in the scientology bubble. I would bet that Jeff Hawkins, Marc Headley, Amy Scobee and Marty Rathbun's books are all seeing a spike in sales too. Interesting, if Dianetics were selling at all it would be on this same list. As would all the other Hubbard titles. In the midst of the massive international expansion and more interest in scientology than ever in history, with more hits on their websites blah blah blah, how is it that Dianetics is NOT on the … [Read more...]

Scientology Hubbard Hype


This, as usual, is all hype. Somehow they slide in that LA has been "enjoying record levels of reduced crime" -- as if this had ANYTHING to do with L. Ron Hubbard or the Way to Happiness. There isn't even a WTH campaign being run in LA.... So, next time someone claims crime has been falling in an area "thanks to WTH" you can point to LA where there are "record levels of reduced crime" (whatever that means) WITHOUT the WTH. Everyone knows that city resolutions are handed out like beads at Mardi Gras. If you submit it, you will get a signed proclamation. But the one I wonder about is … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Bush league Less than 30 people. Planetary clearing is happening for real in St Louis.     How to overcome financial stress? That's easy: Stay away from any scientology affiliated organization     Say What? This email is about as bizarre as they get. Hello, One year ago 200 school girls were abducted from their boarding school in Nigeria and haven't been seen since. Imagine the loss for their families and friends. It might seem far from home, but somehow, this is part of our dynamics. In PAB 79, THE OPEN CHANNEL, LRH states: "If this … [Read more...]

Desperate Times


Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is the "2X St Hill Size" LA Org. Desperate to get anyone onto the Purif with a "one week sprint game" offering to give free training plus commissions. Not the message of a booming org. This is the message of an org that has had a short term surge with 200 Sea Org members injected into it, and is now in decline and they are in a panic... … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Disaster


The scam of the ideal orgs rolls on... After 12 YEARS, the western US region is by far the most advanced area of scientology with respect to creating "ideal orgs." This promo piece doesn't even mention the very non-ideal, tiny and getting tinier Hawaii, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Albuquerque "orgs." The lie of the "massive international expansion" is exposed every time they open their mouths. These 5 orgs, after 12 years, are "on the runway." Even Valley, which has had MASSIVE attention and is located in the area with the largest number of scientologists on earth, STILL cannot … [Read more...]

Scientology Tax Exemption

Screenshot (204)

If you have not done so already, head over to Tony Ortega's site and read his posting about Scientology's Tax Exempt status. Prompted by the OpEd piece Alex Gibney wrote in the LA Times, and with some excellent advice from Jeffrey Augustine, it lays out what you can do that is most likely to be EFFECTIVE in changing the way the US Government is allowing its citizens to subsidize Miscavige paying PI's $10,000 a WEEK to follow and spy on his father. The direction about complaining directly to the IRS supplements my recommendation to contact your elected representatives. If you want to … [Read more...]