LA Org Is Going St Hill Size. Again.

Groundhog Day -- theme movie of corporate scientology

    In keeping with the theme of do and redo that permeates the world of corporate scientology, LA Org ED's are shouting from the rooftops that they are "going St Hill Size"? They have apparently (and conveniently) forgotten they did this already, back in the 90's, and with much ballyhoo. And that they sold people on joining to "get their OT levels" because they are St Hill Size and "per 339R we have a Universe Corps" (even though they never had one). So typical of Kool Aid drinkers. They have selective memory. This announcement is as silly as Obama holding a press … [Read more...]

CC Gala — What’s Missing?

CC Int Gala - Invite

Here is the latest promo piece for the annual CC Gala. JT is featured prominently - twice.  Is he doing another ethics handling and has committed to attend for sure as part of his amends?  Jenna Elfman and Laura Prepon, Mark Isham and Chick Corea are also shown. Jenna, Mark and Chick are card-carrying Kool Aid drinkers. Laura may be in the same boat as JT -- in a bit of trouble for being gay in Orange Is The New Black, or they just happened to use a photo of JT that she is in from a previous Gala. But the real issue here is who they are NOT showing... The greatest disseminator in the … [Read more...]

Flag Needs The Running Program

SP People

If this super dooper OT cause resurgence rundown really produces what they are promoting, then maybe Flag should just take a month off and put themselves through it so they can get at cause over their sinking stats.... Here is their newest begging to "get people to Flag." You get some idea of the state of affairs in the "fastest growing religion on earth" when they are proudly announcing their FIRST completion from Sweden. Remember, Sweden has an IDEAL ORG in Malmo and another Class V org in Stockholm. And in 8 months there has been ONE person complete.... And what is it with the … [Read more...]

Super Power Isn’t So Sooper


Wow, if this is all they have to show for 15+ years, hundreds of millions invested in this building, and virtually unparalleled hype, its pretty tragic. And what is so amazing to me is how they keep giving actual stats as if they are worth shouting about? 15 Super Power Completions in a week? At the ONLY place on earth that can deliver it? So EVERY scientologist on planet earth that wants the most hyped service ever MUST come to Flag? And they are completing 15 per week and there have now been over 800 completions since release?? Stop to catch your breath for a minute whoever is … [Read more...]

The FIRST GAG II Class IV Field Auditor


  Big news. The FIRST auditor in the field has completed the GAG II Class 4 training. Yes, these SUPER FAST EVERY SINGLE PERSON COMPLETES IN CHECKSHEET TIME COURSES have finally produced a Class IV auditor after only 8 MONTHS! At two weeks per Academy Level, somehow the numbers are just not making sense. Funny how when they have NO completions they talk about "everyone is winning and zooming through faster than ever, ALL on checksheet time." Then months later when someone FINALLY completes, there is no mention of how fast the training now is? Wonder why? There is … [Read more...]

A World Without IAS

"Refills on Saturday night, don't miss it or you might slip into a reality coma."

Today's delusion.  Writ large and shouted from the rooftops. A Wonderful Life? Seriously? This lady is not just drinking the KoolAid she has one of those ambulatory IV's mainlining it 24/7. What would the world be like if there was no IAS? Hi, Quite a few of the staff have been fortunate enough to watch at least some of our upcoming IAS event video. One-for-one everyone who has seen the event has been blown away by the truly unbelievable impact we are having in the fight against psychiatry, drugs, crime not to mention general well-being with the Way to Happiness. What has been … [Read more...]

How Scientology Deals With Child Molesters


I often put up postings that are tongue in cheek and poke fun at Miscavige and his Merry Band of Minions. This however is NOT one of those. It highlights a systemic problem in Scientology, in some ways similar to the Catholic Church. The comparison is both apt (as the interest is in society's right to protect children and the well being of the children themselves) and somewhat strained (because child molesting is not generally widespread in scientology organizations and certainly not among its "priesthood"). But what is completely parallel is the desire of the church to keep these incidents … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Tony Ortega has Sunday Funnies. Today, I have Thursday Funnies. Some Special Correspondents sent these in and I could not withhold them from bringing a smile to the faces of readers of this blog (especially as the posting coming up tomorrow is one of the least funny things ever to appear on this blog). This first is one of the funniest (saddest?) things I have seen in a very long time. Apparently someone created a pack to overcome objections people have to joining the Sea Org. Obviously potential recruits have heard about the food. Or maybe they have seen it. So, in typical … [Read more...]

What Is The IAS Doing?


You will be very pleased to know that the IAS  is now informing their public what they are spending their money on. BUILDINGS! Of course, the IAS doesn't waste money on things where there is no return. Buying buildings sounds reasonable, until you understand a) the building then becomes a church asset and b) in those areas that where the IAS is funding their ideal org building, people are EXPECTED to donate to the IAS "to purchase the building."  Really, the IAS acts like a bank -- they front the money to buy the building (other people's money - just like a bank) and then they collect … [Read more...]

The Flag Cannibals Have Eaten Themselves Out Of Business


More indicators of how poorly thing are going at Flag. The recent post about the "goodwill mission" in DC is now followed by this -- the "Flag World Tour" going to Phoenix... Ignoring the horrendous grammar and typos, this email contains some interesting insight into what is happening at Flag. The FWT is going to outnumber the people that come to their event in Phoenix -- this is how desperate they are.  They are not sending just a reg and a single Tech terminal -- no, it's a Super Power Auditor AND a Qual Consultant, along with Kaye Champagne and 3 regges. They will be lucky to … [Read more...]

Flag Stats Are Going Down

fsc good news 17july14

Some more "good news" from our old friend Jeff Mintz. Here are some earlier weeks of the same stats sent out by Jeff Mintz all under the same heading  "Good News From Flag!": W/E 3 July 14 *    21 Survival Rundown Completions!!*    10 Super Power Completions!!*    21 Cause Resurgence Completions!!*    17 Ls Completions!!*    9 Clears!!*    6 OT VII Completions!! (From the WUS: Rob Tardi, Elke Jaeger, Barbara     Rubio and Murray Marvin!!!) W/E 12 June 14 *    15 Purif Completions!!*    20 Survival Rundown Completions!!*    20 Full Super Power Completions!!*    18 Cause … [Read more...]

There Will Be No Recruitment, Regging or Fundraising. Promise.


Here is an indicator of the desperation to convince people to dip their bloody toe in the shark tank.  Sort of on the otder of: "It's OK, they are vegetarian sharks..." It must be becoming incredibly difficult to get people to show up for events. A few by now have probably even answer somewhat honestly to the after event surveys and the word is making it back to "international management" (David Miscavige) that people don't enjoy being endlessly regged and recruited at every event. Thus, they are trying this new approach to get people to come in for any reason. They cannot promote no … [Read more...]

Beggar’s Banquet At Flag

beggars banquet

It's the MV Beggar's Banquet showing at Flag. And apparently everyone is in on the act to try to get the suckers to show and GIVE MONEY (and let us know you did so we can get the credit for it). Kevin True was a former RTC staff at Int who was busted and then sawed off some fingers on a table saw in the Gold garage when he was in the sleep-deprived zombie state of SO "deckies." Surprisingly, he has now made his way to being Solo Tech Services at Flag. More surprisingly, he is regging for the IAS? WTF? Solo Tech Services? It once again demonstrates that the ONLY pervasive activity of … [Read more...]

Some Church Fundraising Accounting


I assume this is a report about the fundraising event held at CC Int to raise money for Mario Fenninger. Ugh -- CC Int actually CHARGED the organizers for the use of their space -- for a "fundraiser." How typical of everything corporate scientology. Also goes to show -- they apparently failed to make up some statuses to "award" for giving money to this benefit, so they really didn't do too well. They also forgot to invite the Queen OT Empress Mayor Superstar Royal Highness of the Valley... Should have had her there guys. How silly of you. Also love the final gratuitous comment about … [Read more...]