Super Duper Power


Just shows you how valuable those OT levels are -- the second rundown of SP, the rundown developed to revive "dead" staff is the best thing this OT VIII ever did! OT VIII is obviously not what it is cracked up to be.  It costs a LOT of money to get there. With the promise of having attained along the way all the abilities of Clear. Then removing ALL the entities that are otherwise causing you not to really be "clear" on OT III.  Then doing them again on OT V. And then again on OT VII -- this time to make you cause over life and your body transparent. And then finally no more amnesia on the … [Read more...]


Screenshot (352)

After a quick venture into the world of Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaires yesterday, today we turn to another of the great fairytales of planetary clearing. This one is a bit different as it has been moving forward WITHOUT the need for all money to be raised from suckers donors first.  Miscavige decided to go ahead with this boondoggle as part of his tireless efforts to show the world how fast his empire is expanding, and as an afterthought it became yet another fundraising gimmick. As if they needed another one. In reality, only the L. Ron Hubbard Hall is less necessary than this white … [Read more...]

L. Ron Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaire


While they keep the pressure on Ideal Org begging to hand out humanitarianisms, the IAS vultures circle offering up patronisms and the Planetary Dissemination hyenas are trying to scrape together some crumbs in exchange for heroisms, the old reliable vampires at the Mecca of Technical Imperfection are reviving the heat on the L. Ron Hubbard Hall. The old hands who sucked so much out of Flag's public for their SP building are patterning their new pitch on another superhero concept, but instead of the Legion of Doom they have the Legion of Honor.  No longer will cornerstones suffice. And … [Read more...]

Why Bogota?


If it was a puzzle why Bogota Colombia "ideal" org was done before say Harlem or Auckland or Silicon Valley or Valley or any of the others we have been hearing about for some time as being "next" and "most important." I think Ethan Hunt accidentally spilled the beans at the world premiere of MI5 as he explained to the The Hollywood Reporter. Of course, there is a long history of ideal org planning being done so "Mr. Cruise" would not have to be ashamed by the state of the local small and failing scientology outpost -- all the way back to the very first "ideal orgs" in New York (where … [Read more...]

Golden Age Of Tech Phase II For OTs (GOATs)


Well, there was more to it than just a "new, improved" CCRD launched by the splendidly uniformed Captain Miscavige ("don't call him Captain, it is insulting") at the recent secret briefing at Flag (See It's Epic, It's Monumental) The Chairman of the Pompadour took it right over the top with this monumentally epic milestone briefing, releasing the new, standard tech OT Levels through OT III. With the understated tag-line "This is the guarantee that every being will make it to OT -- with unprecedented ease and speed" the latest edition of the International Scientology News trumpeted this … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


Brummie logic If this is true, it argues you should be giving your money for the ideal orgs in Manchester and Leeds too. Oh, that's right, the org in Manchester has cobwebs covering the doorstep and there has never been an org in Leeds (or Sheffield or Liverpool or Burnley or, or, or -- any place that has a football team that has ever been in the BPL should at least have a mission, let alone an org) . More expansion in the last decade than the 50 years previously doesnt seem to apply to the UK. They have not had a new org there in at least 25 years.     Member's Only Oh … [Read more...]

In Memoriam: Patrick Gualtieri

DSC_5268 (2)

  Pat Gualtieri is one man who every year for the last 15 years has been able to stop all traffic on 5 th Ave in Manhattan, a man known to be able to pull off miracles for the parade he puts on each year to honor American Veterans. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a wonderful friend. Pat passed away at the Veterans Hospital in Brooklyn 10 am, July 21 2015 at the age of 70. An infection resulting from the fight against cancer is what caused his death. He is survived by his older brother Joe and his two children Tara and Gayla and his long term partner … [Read more...]

We’re Just Getting Started – After 12 Years


David Miscavige made an appearance in the UK over the weekend to help usher in the monumental new era of expansion that is about to begin with the "ideal" CLO UK. You can bet those managers who have raised the UK to such heights will be managing ever so much better from new desks with some fresh carpet. Nothing like some fresh carpet to make someone into a more competent manager. Apparently obsessed with ribbon yanking, the Chairman of the Pompadour (the hair is a straight up and vertical VO5 masterpiece) flitted over to the UK to bask in the glory of all he has accomplished with his "ideal … [Read more...]

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…


This is old, I just haven't had space to include it and give it the notice it so well deserves. Clearly, the staff of organizations are aware of the state of their field. It is a dismal scene. No doubt they hear it repeatedly. It apparently never enters their mind to wonder why: 1. So many of their "parishioners" have no money or are in debt and think that every call is about fundraising 2. Or why, when they have the tech of life itself and the answers to being cause over MEST that so many of their people have messed up, out of control lives 3. Or why if they DO have the most … [Read more...]

Valley Vulgarity


It never stops getting worse. Now they have cool white leather jackets with a "V for Vendetta" symbol on them to accompany the Vendetta lapel pin. And this fine piece of 80's disco throwback attire can be yours to proudly display as your latest status symbol for a small, one time payment of just $25,000. They made the announcement at the latest Valley OTC meeting: Fundraising status: $2.3 million left to finish New Legends game to finish: $25,000 – get beautiful pin and ‘V’ on Honor Roll Just think, they only need to unload 100 of these babies. They can put … [Read more...]

Witness The Turning Point


Oh, to be in the UK today for this MONUMENTAL MILESTONE event. The apex of the vortex of the universe. The planet is about to shift on its axis. The entire continent is going to move into full on continental clearing mode. Its imminent... A Clear UK. Miscavige is SOO desperate to have anything to show the clubbed seals that he is resorting to Potemkin Villages in Clearwater and renovating a building across the road from St Hill (as if there isn't enough room at St Hill to cater to the 25 public and manage a continent of failed orgs (and 2 missions). As they say, NO ideal orgs in … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies


  Brummies keep us amused These are really reasons to give money for an ideal org? If Freeways, movie theaters and bands count, then Valley should be a breeze...       Robin Hogarth comes to town Ideal org and Duggan child expert is going to tell the Flag OTC how to have empty building like they do in Capetown, Durban (actually an empty lot), Bulawayo and Harare, as well as empty Pretoria and Joburg ideal org that cannot pay its bills. You would not want to miss this briefing. It is going to be monumentalistic.     Gavin Potter … [Read more...]

“Good News” From Flag


The good news? Things are falling to pieces at the Mecca of Technical Perfection and Vulture Capital of The World. In the face of GAG II, the brilliant ideal org strategy, the most massive international dissemination campaigns in history and the period of greatest expansion ever, the stats are crashing and the crowds are dwindling. Even with He Who Shall Not Be Named present. Check out these numbers and compare them to the previous reports below. Perhaps the worst week we have a record of (since the release of GAT II in the circus tent)... And now they are trying to cover it up with … [Read more...]