Thursday Funnies

lollipop guild

Just to kick things off -- here is a recent Facebook posting about the newly formed Clearwater Postulate Guild (I kid you not): I really think these people need to touch bases with reality. But they had better be careful what they are "postulating" for as a Clearwater government that was "uptone" (ie not in fear) and made sane decisions vis a vis the church may not be to the liking of the "OT's" and their Postulate Guild.   Before they start clearing anything down under, maybe they should start by clearing their MUs? Or at least getting an ideal spell checker.  They didn't … [Read more...]

Flag and Tampa OTC Minutes


The leak plugging efforts just don't seem to be working.  They even have a full time person in OSA Flag assigned to get to the bottom of this situation. But the OTC Minutes just keep rolling in. And though they have taken out a lot of embarrassing statistical specifics, they still have what should be embarrassing details (I think most of these people are oblivious to how ridiculous they are). Part of the problem is that they can turn ANYTHING into good news and "huge impact" so they THINK they are relaying good news. The delusion is a sight to behold. They remind me of the proverbial fleas … [Read more...]

Greg Capazorio IAS Shill

capazorio head shot

Greg Capazorio was awarded an IAS Freedom Medal with a stirring video concocted by the Sherminator that made it seem that the Way To Happiness Campaign was integrated across the entire Gauteng Prison system in South Africa. Of course, as with most of these videos, it was, to put it kindly, a bit of an overstatement. To be accurate about it, it was more like a 90% fabrication. Some South African friends told me Capazorio was not even the primary mover for what was done (there was some WTH distribution and use). Perhaps one or more of them can enlighten us a little in the comments. And I … [Read more...]

Hear Ye Hear Ye, “Good News” From Flag


This week's "good news."  (Well, it's a bit old, preempted by other more important news). Thing are not getting any better at Flag. Their completions are in the same range for months on end. By now one would have expected to see some evidence of the masses "pouring up the Bridge" -- it has been 9 months since the release of GAG II and opening of Miscavige's Folly. But they pump out the "good news," telling the world they are going nowhere. I guess these days, anything that isn't another expose in the media or lawsuit being filed is fantastic news. And if it is shouted from the … [Read more...]

There’s A Sucker Born Every Minute (most seem to end up as Scientology marks)


Hear ye, hear ye. Step right up. We need your money for a new scheme to clear the planet. Note well: this adds to but does not take away from the IAS, Ideal Orgs, LRH Hall, New Advanced Orgs, Books Into Libraries, CCHR, WTH Campaigns or the David Miscavige Birthday Fund -- each of which is THE solution to planetary clearing. It's the Campaign for a Scientology Global Media Center. Here is how it works: Miscavige buys a wacky building, tells everyone it's the "global media center" and then proceeds to demand money to "make it happen".... Never "dreamed of before"? Seriously? … [Read more...]

Money, Power, Servitude


This new book is a must read for anyone interested in scientology and what goes on inside the church. Peter Bonyai recounts his experiences from the day he first walked into a mission in Pecs, Hungary through his life in the Sea Org and ultimately to his departure 10 years later. I helped Peter by editing the english translation (he wrote it in his native tongue and translated it himself). I found the book fascinating and compelling. Peter has a wonderful sense of humor and an amazing ability to analyze both the insanity of what he experienced and his internal responses and thoughts, … [Read more...]

GAG II Is Strangling Scientology


There is a steady stream of reports coming in of the new gestapo tactics being employed to try to enforce "standard tech" on the field with GAG II. It is fascinating to watch the organization eat itself. It's like a trapped rat, gnawing off its legs in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable, but in the process hastening the end as it bleeds out from its self-inflicted wounds. Apparently there are "Sea Org missionaires" on the warpath to shut down missions and field auditors that are not "GAT II trained" and/or don't own a Warehouse 8 meter. I have reports from several missions … [Read more...]

Blowing Smoke Up Valley’s Ass

blow moke

Oh, the "impacting force" of it all... This document, though Quinn the Eskimo apparently doesn't realize it, is a scathing indictment of the scam that is the "ideal org" program. The building was purchased in April 2009. That is more than 5 years ago. Yet this is the highest priority, most urgent thing in the world of scientology. This is, according to Quinn, one of the most important "ideal" orgs on earth, just a couple of miles down the freeway from CSI, ASI, CC, PAC Bridge and Bridge Publications. This urgent, highest priority program that is so important to clearing earth, just … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies

lets boogie

Please, please, please come in. Pretty please. They will resort to anything to try and get people to come into their idle morgues.... Really? The Wobble. Cupid Shuffle. Teaching poker "moves"? Just like Ron says.   Scientology v. Dudeism A Special Correspondent sent this in to me, she thought it was amusing, and so do I. Anyone who has ever seen The Big Lebowski will get the joke, but whether you have or haven't, the comparison to the scientology facebook page is pretty funny. Let's not forget church of scientology is on the "cutting edge of internet dissemination" … [Read more...]



If you have not seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, it is well worth watching. It's a look into the cold-hearted world of high-pressure sales. Could well be based on the IAS or any of the numerous other "regging" activities in the world of scientology. That there is even a "workshop" in a "church" that teaches "effective closing" is a pretty sad indictment of just how far afield this "church" has strayed. That they promote it to the general public and offer a free meal in order to entice people to attend is even sadder.   … [Read more...]

Ideal Org “Successes” A Work In Progress

i never finish

Apparently these "ideal" orgs don't have anyone actually completing anything to give "success stories" so they resort to getting (and publishing) "successes" from people "in progress" on services. This is the best they can come up with? A further indictment of the complete failure of the "ideal org" program and GAG II.   … [Read more...]

Scientology’s View On Psychiatry

Dr evil

As I listened to Sylvia Stanard respond to a question about the scientology view of psychiatry at the Chauquatua conference (see at 1:19;45), I could not help but be amazed a the "spin" she sought to put on this. She claims that the church is only opposed to the "mind altering drugs, ECT and abuses in the field of mental health." An "acceptable truth" -- along with so many others she delivered that day -- but you have to wonder why when addressing a sophisticated audience of "thinkers and seekers" she didn't tell them the real truth? Why NOT explain the REAL beliefs of the church? No … [Read more...]

Pervasive “Black PR” On Scientology


A recent email from one of the people that delivers seminars in orgs and is touted as one of the "great disseminators" of our time. It provides some interesting insight into the general public's view of scientology and how things are going from bad to really bad. You've got to make sure you "inoculate" everyone, because all they know about scientology is bad. And this is the fastest growing religion on earth? More than doesn't quite add up.... the cognitive dissonance of these people is mind-blowing.   From: Randall Michael Tobin [] Sent: Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Lessons Of History: Jonestown


Two Special Correspondents separately sent me information about the Jonestown tragedy in the last few days. And looking over what they sent, it seems there is a point to be made. First, I have long felt that there is no mass suicide in the future of scientology and I haven't changed that view. But I believe there are other fates that are the scientology equivalent of suicide (bankruptcy, destroyed families, despair at ever 'getting up the Bridge') and that the end story of scientology will be when everyone has been reduced to one or all of those states. The sign above Jim Jones' … [Read more...]

Objectives End Phenomena: Give More Money


A quick posting before a more important one this afternoon. A couple of comments about this particular piece: 1. It is a further indicator of the increasingly prevalent pattern noticeable in the "successes" that are published by the church where they expound the "party line".  "Acceptable" success stories include statements that are known to be what the church wants. Either parroting the promo for the service ("I have a clear mind now" after the Purif or "my OT perceptions are amazing now I can sense the salinity of my blood" after Super Power) or it's something like this "I went 'to … [Read more...]