The “Scientology Media Center” and Ideal Org BS


Imelda Marcos obsessively bought shoes, Miscavige obsessively buys buildings.

Despite having a film and audio studio at Golden Era that contains hundreds of millions of dollars of buildings and equipment, David Miscavige felt compelled to buy the KCET studios in Hollywood.

Gold operates at a tiny percentage of its capacity.

But Miscavige has long wanted to “close it down” and has threatened to do literally dozens of times. He is of course “right” about this as he pulls out LRH despatches where he did the same thing, calling Gold the most unproductive org in the history of Scientology.

There is also a problem at Gold because people LIVE on the same property where things used to be made. This increases exposure to human trafficking law violations — so the “manufacturing” of CD’s and meters was moved to Bridge in LA, so too any printing.

Event production has moved to LA too — between Mad Hatter Studios and KCET they now handle event production. Of course there is no international management at “Int” either, that was disbanded many years ago though they try to maintain the pretense that it still exists.

So what DO they do at Gold?

Shoot “technical training films” because  the Non SO Director Mitch Brisker refuses to work with anyone other than the shoot crew he has worked with there for many years.  Miscavige cannot do these films without Mitch as there is nobody else competent enough to direct them. So, he can’t move the film production to KCET studios.

The only other major activity on the base is preparing all the “new” materials for titanium plates for CST. Realize that every time Miscavige “redoes” things, whole new sets of those astonishingly expensive titanium plates have to be produced.  It’s busy work that keeps the people somewhat occupied.

Meanwhile, the bizarre story to position the KCET studio (now the “Scientology Media Center”) is being rolled out. Like Mad Hatter Studios which Miscavige bought from Chick Corea to solve Chick’s insolvency problems and then renovated at massive expense to basically become a useless duplicate studio to the ones at Gold — “local Scientology celebrity musicians can use it to further their dissemination efforts”, this white elephant is now being positioned as the new hope for Ideal Orgs. But ONLY ideal orgs.

The logic of this escapes me. He buys a studio ostensibly to produce media to promote Scientology, but none of its output will benefit the orgs that need it most…

“Yes, we have developed a cure for cancer, but we will be using it exclusively on those who have survived cancer as they are the ‘upstat’ ones.”

Here it is in all its illogical finery:


Date: Sun, 4 May 2014
From: Kansas City Org <>
Subject: message from the Executive Director Maggie Kittinger

3 May 2014

Hello to the best Ideal Org Supporters in the world!

I just received a briefing from some very senior Scientologists regarding the future opening of the Scientology Media Center. This will be the Scientology Radio and TV station exclusively promoting and marketing Scientology and all of LRH’s planetary salvage technology. The Scientology Media Center will only promote and market in areas where there is an Ideal Org. I’m sure you can understand why. Only an Ideal Org will be able to handle the floods of people coming in for services. We will then be able to market and promote Scientology in the correct orders of magnitude. It is more important than ever with this Media Center Grand Opening right on the horizon and the speed in which our public are going up the Bridge with Golden Age of Tech 2 that we get our Ideal Org DONE. Planetary Clearing isn’t a dream. It is very much within our reach.

If you have not yet become an Alumni then I ask that you move up to that status. If you already are an Alumni thank you very much. Keep the torch burning and move up to your next status.

We also have a new status “Founding Ideal Org Member.” To become a “Founding Ideal Org Member” you need to make a donation of $5000 or become an Alumni. The Alumni Status is the foundation of an Ideal Org. All “Founding Ideal Org Members” will receive a special pin with the KC Ideal Org logo.

You are my heroes and the brightest stars shining the way for spiritual freedom here in the Midwest. You have all done so much to keep the momentum going.

Thank you for being there and your continued create, participation and generosity.

It is appreciated more than I could ever express.

With Affinity

Maggie Kittinger
Executive Director


  1. Sydney aka xclassvstaff says

    Well, gosh, if they promote for orgs to the degree the Planetary Dissem Org has done (which is almost not at all), those slacker non-Idle Orgs will surely be clamoring now.

    I am seriously in need of an eyerolling emoticon!

  2. says

    They must now have developed an entirely before unknown definition of “heroes”. A very convoluted world, in which they live, has created its own rules, words and insanity.

  3. Mat Pesch says

    The general public know the “church” of Scientology for what it is, a bat shit crazy cult lead by a sociopath.
    No amount of promotional actions will change that to any viable degree. The internet will guarantee the truth remains forever. Miscavige lives in his fading wet dream.

  4. David J Mudkips says

    Mike, I have a question.

    To the best of your knowledge, does Galaxy Press use the Gold Base setup to print LRH’s non-Scientology books? Or is that done with the rest of the Sci-literature?

    Also, does Galaxy Press use Sea Org slave labour in its production?

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Mike Rinder says

      I believe Galaxy Press uses Bridge Publications printing facilities.

      • TheWidowDenk says

        This is interesting to me, Mike. WOTF Vol 30 was recently published by Bang Printing plant in Valencia. Reference is WOTF website blog, Day 5. I don’t understand why Bridge Publications printing facilities were not used to publish the anthology.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Thanks Rachel. Wow, I didn’t know that. Maybe WOTF don’t want ANY association with anything Scientology any longer. I havent actually looked at any of the Galaxy Publications recently. Maybe they are running from Scientology too? Though that would be a bit odd when Galaxy Printing is staffed by Sea Org members.

      • TheWidowDenk says

        I will do further research when time permits on past Galaxy Press book publications. In the meantime, it makes sense to use an external printer to distance WOTF from the possible Scn connection.

      • TheWidowDenk says

        Well, so much for research. I did find that Bridge Publications is the publisher on volumes 1 (1985) through 17 (2001) of the anthology. Galaxy Press is the publisher on volumes 18 (2002) through 30 (2014) of the anthology. I do recall the writer and illustrator winners visiting the printer last year or the year before. The WOTF website has been changed since then so I can’t actually find out which printer they visited. I thought it was the Bridge printing facility but don’t hold me to it.

      • says

        How can Galaxy distance themselves from Scientology Inc? It’s a DBA alias for Author Services Inc, which is wholly owned by Church of Spiritual Technology. It’s just more inept efforts at concealment, and about as effective as not wearing their SO uniforms.

      • The Last Commodore says

        Rick, Galaxy Press is actually an LLC that is a subsidiary of Author Services — they have their own staff who are separate from ASI and from what some GP staff told me, it may actually be legally independent of ASI rather than an actual subsidiary (though either way ASI of course is the direct senior of GP). The Wikipedia article on Galaxy Press is quite wrong on the DBA claim. I don’t know where they came up with that since it’s been an LLC from the beginning.

        Curious bit of trivia: the registered agent for GP is Sherman Lenske, who of course most of you know incorporated CST but a couple years later also incorporated a company called “Galaxy Productions, Inc” that didn’t seem to ever produce anything according to a Google search. Would be interesting if anyone here knows what that was all about, some kind of film production company or something else?

  5. says

    Thanks for the article Mike. It reminded me that one of DM’s hobby horses is the latest audio gear and production facilities. He actually enjoys in a sadistic way, putting in the the latest gear into the studios for his ego to be able to say, we have the best studio in the world. It takes months and months and then as you say, they don’t even use it. They have the ‘best recording studio” in the world at Gold. They have the “best film lab” in the world at Gold. The crazy thing is that he is a late adopter of consumer trends. He refused to go to CDs and instead kept everything on tape for years. Same with film. Digital cameras are used now and that film lab is almost useless. It does fit into his grand plan however of milking every last cent out of rich Scientologists who are made to buy many sets of each new release.

    • FOTF2012 says

      I’m stunned that Hubbard, able to remember accurately to the split second on the Whole Track, somehow could not remember and predict the advances of the age of technology — like the Internet, computing, digital photography and video, cell phones, and so on.

      Since America in the 50s was just like the Marcab civilization, which had developed faster-than-light space travel, surely Hubbard should have been able to recall the details of and then produce any number of incredible technical advances (and by technical I mean having to do with real, objectively usable technology).

      I’m stunned that Hubbard could not do these things. My faith is shaken.

      • Old School says

        LMAO off FOTF2012, What you wrote, per LRH, also applies to all OT 8 comps. Except of course, the OT levels produce 0 (zero) OT abilities. It is amazing that some people who leave the church still have Koolade in their system.

      • Aurora says

        In reply to the comments of FOTF2012:

        I recently viewed a documentary on Netflix called Trek Nation. It is by the son of Gene Roddenberry and includes lots of film of him as a young man. He truly did many of things that LRH claimed to do; and he and his creations were certainly prescient about the development of technology.

        LRH was 10 years older. They seem to have both been in the Los Angeles area after WWII (Roddenbury was a fighter pilot – 89 missions, then flew for PanAm before joining the LAPD in 1949).

        I wonder if anyone knows if the two of them were acquainted; if so, are there any reliable reports of the relationship? so many of the elements that LRH fabricated were actualized by Roddenberry, and it seems they would have run across each other, but I can find no reports of such.

      • says

        Wow Old School, you personally know ALL the innermost thoughts and spiritual changes, of ALL people that have done OT levels over the years? You must have super powers, where did you get them? Arrogant much? Would you make the same gross evaluations of all the born again Christians? They obviously had some experience that was valuable to them. I’ve had personally spiritual gains to my own satisfaction on all the OT levels I’ve done. That’s my story and I don’t consider it any one else’s business or right to evaluate. Why else would thousands of people spend their lives and money on the subject, than the fact that it had some value to them at some time. It’s easy to bash others and not put anything personal on the line, like your own intimate beliefs.

    • threefeetback says

      DM has to waste a small percentage of the ‘donations’ to maintain the illusion that he is not sandbagging a huge percentage in a maze of accounts. He just conned Tom again, to fly him to Syndey, to officially have owenership of the new building signed over to him. In this case he probably didn’t even pay for the fuel.

  6. Lurr Kurr says

    “Planetary Clearing is within our reach”. Are they referring to planetary clearing of public FROM their orgs? If so yes they have done a wonderful job and that is well within reach. Perhaps even bank account clearing? Couldn’t be State of Clear clearing….because there are more Jedi than Scientologists. And we will need them to fight the Dark Side.

    • says

      In Australia, at the last Census, there were 2,500 Scientologists and 70,000 Jedi Knights. Not even Corn on the Cob Miscavige could deal with those Jedi mind tricks.

      • Yuki L. says

        Master Yoda is Master Yoda after all, and has The Force.

        Yoda:“You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Passive. A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”
        Didi Mischief is renowned to do just the opposite: attack and talk-talk-talk.

        On the other hand (besides different fingers) Master Yoda and Didi Mischief have something in common: both are shorter than 5f5.

    • says

      “Perhaps even bank account clearing?” Funny. Reminded me of when once many moons ago I was trying to explain to my Dad about the “reactive bank” and finished with “So, then there’s nothing left in the bank”. “Well”, he quipped, “they got that bit right”. (He was never in and wisely let me work it out for myself).

      • zana says

        Well, I just got a cool $600 for my $7,500 ACC courses. All packed and in plastic… brand new. And then I got $300 for 2 e-meters that I paid over $9,000 for. $900 received for $16,500 I paid out. Hmmmm… pretty gullible me. At least I’m no longer being soaked by the Miscavige-ites. And I now have some free space in my garage.

    • Pete2 says

      FYI–in the latest briefing I heard that Taiwan will be the first country cleared. They have 17 missions. Looks like they shipped a lot of these people to Sydney though.

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        That’s because it’s getting harder and harder to recruit Aussies into the cult, let alone staff!

      • doloras says

        Is it wrong for me to want Taiwan to become “Cleared” – i.e. dominated intellectually and politically by Miscavigologists – so we can watch what happens to an advanced industrial economy when it comes under such heavy suppression? Thankfully – or sadly – I bet the Sea Org are far too incompetent and their Captain is too much of a weasel to make that go right.

  7. says

    “floods of people coming in for services” Oh that’s hilarious! Here I fixed it for you Maggie: 😉

    “floods of people fleeing the cult and its incessant regging and fraud”

    • FOTF2012 says

      They are in an alternate reality.

      They are like the Native American Ghost Dancers of the 1800s who believed their magic shirts could stop Army bullets. (This was a poignant religious movement and effort of Native Americans to survive.)

      Hubbard was right in a way: reality is agreement. But, in the case of Scientology, agreeing with bat-shit craziness does not an actual reality make. Two psychos enrapt in a folie a deux that the planet is being cleared with floods of people coming in does not make their shared delusion an actual reality.

      They are in alternate reality — a fantasy. I can envision Miscavige singing Bohemiam Rhapsody:

      Is this the real life?
      Is this just fantasy?
      Caught in a landslide,
      No escape from reality.

  8. Benjamin says

    Thank you Mike for analyzing this latest folly. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the crazy of Kittinger’s message.

  9. hgc10 says

    I know it sounds bass-ackwards, but my suggestion to Scientology is to unleash the flood and then gear up to meet it.

  10. richardgrant says

    Well, Mike, I guess the explanation is simple enough to those in the bubble: “Only an Ideal Org will be able to handle the floods of people coming in for services. ”

    Can Maggie herself possibly believe this? Chris Shelton suggested at Flag Down last night that people in the orgs desperately WANT to believe that the scene is thriving somewhere, even if it’s on life support locally. Apparently it’s easier to convince oneself of this than to face the appalling alternative: that the dismal scene in (say) Kansas City accurately reflects the true state of the Church, which is dying or on life support everywhere.

    Maybe believing this kind of thing is the only way someone like Maggie can get up every day and do her job. I guess it remains to be learned whether she can convince enough of her flock to bankrupt themselves making this ideal org fiasco happen.

    • says

      “Only an Ideal Org will be able to handle the floods of people coming in for services.” That really did make me laugh out loud. How about they sprinkle just a little bit of that Scientology Media Center fairy dust and create a steady trickle so the existing org can the pay the bills?

  11. DollarMorgue says

    A special pin? Ooooh, can I have one?

    Planetary Clearing has been within reach since I learned to read. If you look at it from a zen viewpoint that is exactly where it will always be. Within reach. Never reached.

    Hands pressed against a glass wall.
    Freedom so near so far.

  12. GTBO says

    Can you imagine the result of a RCo$ radio and TV stations?
    All their lies and B.S. put on public display, fact checkers will have a field day. “Acceptable truths” the sheep swallow will be ripped apart.
    I can’t wait to see the first IAS or Ideal Morgue telethon…..”Our phone lines are maneed 24/7 to take your donations” roflmao

    • says

      Yes! It is a broadcast studio, so……broadcast! Other than not wanting to further become the laughing stock of the world there is no reason not to. Could not be a better way to disseminate.
      Please, please let this happen.

  13. Jose Chung says

    Oh nit pick, nit pick. Yes of course it costs money to put back “IN” diamond semi colons after they were taken out
    of profoundly expensive titanium plates.Hey, artisans from Tibet have to eat too and D.M.s fleet of private jets can’t sit around collecting rust , am I right ? Punch out that limit of status awards, secretly release OT 15 for Russian billionaires and Arab Princes.

  14. says

    Mike, I’m just returning that bit of ‘logic’, that I caught trying to sneak away (escape) from you! :) Yeah, blow me down, mate, if isn’t that sneakiest of sneak secrets, the ‘tunnel escape syndrome’! No wonder it escaped, Mike, since Scn has been full of ‘holes’ of every description, since its glorious inception, if i’m reading the tomes of revelations accurately? Now, before you jump on your lofty horse in indignation, please allow me to finish? –Thank you! — Okay then, this is just ‘another’, impartial opinion here…. but I think your have your hands on that rarest of rare fixations; GATWTWTS aka Golden Age of Tunnels Within Tunnels Within Tunnels Syndrome. No wonder nothing he ever does makes sense. What a way to make an ultimate statement!… Lost in an impossible maze of one’s own creation. Mazes of tunnels, with NO way out!

    Message for COB; Just sometimes, even YOU get it all wrong, Dave!

  15. Philip Arlington says

    Sometimes i just feel that anyone who falls for this stuff would have fallen for some other scam if Scientology didn’t exist, as surely anyone who is still donating belongs to the most gullible 0.1% of the population.

    • Odd Thomas says

      P.A. — I think it has become evident, through the thousands of very insightful posts here and elsewhere, that what passes for SCN today, has little or nothing to do with what SCN actually is. I believe it is also fairly self-evident, that those who “heaved mightily” years ago to raise SCN up into a viable range (spiritually, physically and financially) have long ago left SCN or were unceremoniously asked to leave, because they could actually remember what it was like to be a Scientologist.

      What you see and read here, in the form of Church flyers, edicts, emails and declarations, are merely facsimiles of facsimiles, so far removed from truth and reality as to render themselves useless in communicating anything Scientological. If you believe there is anything original in any of these things, then you too my friend have been bitten by the bug of gullibility.

      Having lived and worked around the original Orgs and staff, here in LA in the early 70s, I still remember the fervor and dedication those people manifested every day. As a result of that I find it difficult to cast stones at these people, because I can see/feel the pain of indecision and confusion that they are going through.

      Are they behaving badly — yes. Are they blinded by their own plight, their own refusal or inability to see the changes that have taken place — yes. But they are not inherently bad people.

      That doesn’t make what they do right or excusable. It just makes them human and it seems far more likely that they will eventually come to their senses with a little compassion and understanding. They’re already getting a lifetime’s worth of grief and antagonism and make wrong by continuing to pursuit an old goal they seem incapable of letting go of.


  16. WhiteStar says

    it’s always the same old thing, move up in status. whatever your status, move up. that’s it.
    the answer to everything is to move up in status.

    they have floods of public going up the bridge, millions of scientologists, but never enough funds.

    all they ever do is beg, no shame, no pride, no even exchange, nothing but begging all the time.
    apparently they are immune to feeling embarrassment.
    it’s disgusting and grotesque.

  17. Chris Mann says

    Um, he explained why its only
    for ideal orgs: “Only an Ideal Org will be able to handle the floods of people coming in for services”.

    If they fired up a campaign in an area with no ideal org it would result in riots and civil unrest. In an ideal org floods of people can be herded into the F.A.R.T. holding area until an IAS reg can see them.

    • says

      Yea, the non-ideal org areas will be overwhelmed, and FEMA will have to take over. (That will piss off FEMA, because, like any gov’t agency, they don’t actually like working, so, the church will get the blow-back.) :)

  18. steve carlton says

    It is just amazing to me how many enemy’s Captain David (Slappy) McSavage has. No wonder he has to have body guards! You have enemy’s on every front, little midget ,don’t you? How far are you into the Satanism that you are practicing…. do you drink human blood? Never mind… I already know the answer. For you those who aren’t afraid to look, look up the ‘Rosy Cross’ and LRH’s relationship to Jack Parsons. Quite a sordid tale! You can get a Black Heart only from ONE source. Why don’t you answer as yourself on Mike’s Blog as Captain David McSavage? Why…. because you ,my little man,are a sniveling little coward, that’s why. You would never come out and face anyone…. you COWARD!

  19. SILVIA says

    It is very simple if you look at it from the viewpoint of a mad man- you won’t receive promotion unless you are an Ideal Org, so? What this does it FORCES the others to donate more and more. Of course it comes with the usual covert invalidation but, it does not matter as long as it gives them the idea that they HAVE to keep donating towards their ideal Org. All this while the so called leader amasses more property=money.

    Second – Gold is being sort of abandoned as he has committed so many crimes and has degraded its staff so much for being useless that it gives him ‘the right’ to look somewhere else where things will get done his way. Yet the root of his departure is abandoning a place he has degraded so mud that it ‘makes sense’ to abandon in the hands of whoever can maintain the slave camp control it has had since a while. He has nullify it and its staff big time and may not be a threat to him any longer.

    The level of delusion is so high as to promote the “LRH’s planetary salvage technology’. Salvage…really?
    They are dramatizing a problem from the past created by LRH re nuclear bombs, they are stuck in time; maybe that is why they can’t see how unreal their claims are from the rest of society. Individuation.

    • Old SChool says

      Silvia said, “It is very simple if you look at it from the viewpoint of a mad man- you won’t receive promotion unless you are an Ideal Org,”

      OR, something like, Scientology (going free as a being) is ONLY for the “Able”.

      Yep, the viewpoint of a Man man. A Mad man has been in charge since the beginning.

  20. says

    Maggie should not have gone there. Just like every other org (ideal or otherwise), this one has a huge ruin on not being able to bring in enough new people. To speak of creating a flood of new public as if David Miscavige has his hand on the faucet and can make them show up at will? Not a good idea if you want to keep people sleeping. It’s OK to be illogical, but you shouldn’t strike a nerve like that at the same time. These public aren’t living at Int Base and they have been known to get fed up and start looking around on the Internet for evidence that their misgivings about Dear Leader are well-founded.

  21. Kevin Tighe says

    Maggie’s an old friend. She never much liked admin. She was a techie.True story as best as I can recall: Maggie had somehow become the ED or a senior exec at LA DAY. One of her parents passed away at that time. She CSWed to go to the funeral. It was disapproved. So she “blew” so she could attend. Once she was recovered she was sent to one of Scientology’s infamous outposts: KC Org. Maggie is quite competent and got KC doing much better. She’s one those staff who actually cared about people not stats. I remember sitting in her KC office where she showed me the avalanche of orders, telex and programs she had to deal with on a daily basis. She just shrugged and dropped them into her shred basket. Good lady. One of the few I miss.

    • Potpie says

      Hi Kevin,
      Nice comment…..I would put a lady named June Lake
      in the same category. She ran the St. Louis org in the
      70’s. Her only concern was people trained and pc’s
      receiving auditing. She didn’t pay much concern to
      things that didn’t forward that point of view.
      The org was booming.

  22. DollarMorgue says

    Funny idea – what if a flood of SPs showed up instead? Could an Ideal Org handle them?

  23. Friend says

    Kevin: She’s one those staff who actually cared about people not stats .. that sounds very good ..

  24. Detlef Ruchatz says

    “The Scientology Media Center will only promote and market in areas where there is an Ideal Org. I’m sure you can understand why.”
    Yes, I can understand why. 1. OEC Volumes have been trashed: “Never allow your standard of how many people should be brought into the org to be set by any other division or part of the organization. Promote as far above as possible the present operating capacity of the organization and you will win.“ HCO PL 17 November 1965, THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF PROMOTION

  25. John Doe says

    LRH said Gold was the most unproductive org in scientology’s history?

    If you’ve ever seen one of the early LRH directed Tech films, you’d most likely agree that LRH’s film direction makes John Waters look like a stunning auteur.

    I say that, and yet still retain a great deal of affinity for his film TR 0-4.

    Nonetheless, he used to berate the staff of CINE constantly, and berate his messengers about them as well. There even was an org wide essay contest, at LRH’s behest, “Why Cine Won’t Hat” (why they refuse to learn how to do their jobs)

    It was always CINE’s fault, and LRH was simply blind to his own lack of professionalism. He could write on and on about amaturishness in others, and quality degrades and such, yet not recognize his own deficits.

    If you have any doubt about it, get ahold of an early edition of either What is Scientology or Volunteer Minister’s Handbook and thumb through the photos proudly noted as being taken by LRH, photos such as the one of Pat Broker hanging upside down with his boxer shorts showing under the leotard he’s wearing. Or the corny hand lettered signs that make the images look like staged photographic clay demos.

    Miscavige was correct to reshoot the films from a quality standpoint in my opinion and this was one of his early actions that made me feel he was a good leader for the church after LRH died. If he had only stopped at that, well…

    Re LRH the musician: does anybody have any idea why the LRH music album Power of Source begins with a sustained ear-grating single violin note that just goes on and on? Did LRH have some theory about needing that to get attention or something?

    • Kevin Tighe says

      Probably a recreation of the first note in the history of the universe which came just after LRH created rhythm (ref: Pat Broker / LRH Target 2 event). Sigh.

    • Aurora says

      Did you see the recent post at Slate?
      The title is The Music of L Ron Hubbard, Space Jazz and Other Scientology Albums.
      (I did not post the link as I understand that it is poor blog-poster etiquette to do so…)

      Lots of good anecdotes!

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Though I do think there was a certain charm in the movies Ron made. Yeah, they looked homemade, but without the slickness we see in the later Scientology films, there was some kind of homespun fun in them I guess you might say (and bell bottoms, beards!) that is lacking big time in present day corporate Scientology (is there ANY fun on staff at all anymore? Probably not).

  26. says

    All I can see is DM is so stuck in being an ‘only one’ most of what he does gets wasted and is a ‘must have before can do’. There is no beingness granted to other dynamics except how they can SERVE HIS NEEDS.

  27. Madora P says

    Everyone see the footage on Ortega today? Cap’n Davey has lost weight, energy, spunk, charisma and brown hair. He looks and sounds beat-up.

  28. Heidi says

    Okay. This is on purpose. DM is TRYING to shut the cult down, and I bet planning to scarper with the $ when in does.

    • says

      Heidi, Of course. His actions over time prove his intent.
      (And, if you think about it, it is probably the most efficient way to kill the subject and the field.) Of course, he and/or they did not allow for the internet, so the subject survives in the Indie field.
      The money is just an added bonus.

  29. Espiritu says

    Imelda Marcos and her shoes!
    What a perfect analogy. I guess that when DM gets depressed, he goes shopping and buys himself another expensive building which will probably never be used. Perfect.

    More on this analogy: Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos eventually had to flee their country when their constituents finally got fed up with their corruption. Yes, perfect.

  30. Smokey says

    Maggie’s email makes it sound like the station is going to broadcast content to areas around the nation with ideal orgs but perusing the FCC website shows that Scientology has not applied to have KCET’s license transfered or assigned to the church. Without a valid license they won’t be transmitting anything over the air. Futhermore, this is a local station. It doesn’t have the ability to reach locations with Ideal Orgs outside the LA area. So, yes, it appears that they’ll be duplicating Gold and produce some propaganda at KCET and ship it to Orgs outside LA.

    • joel silver says

      Well its catch 22 here in toronto, they have org idle for over a year and moved to entertainment district in the name of renovation. But the problem that a condominium buit just 20 feet away from the org building and every and each activity in the org shall get exposed. The confessions, financial matters and plans would no longer remain secret. Who knows the WOGS may have already did concealed intallations in condominium building.Even if they did not , nothing could be unheard from spy dadgets available in the marker. RUN SCIENTOLOGISTS RUN FROM TORONTO

    • Jon H says

      KCET still exists, so presumably they’re still using their license. Scientology only bought their studio. KCET moved to a new facility.

  31. gato rojo says

    LRH got that base in San Jacinto so he could do the tech films. That’s why the whole place was gotten and existed originally. Perfect for da little midget guy to undermine that too, along with everything else. Forget any original intentions of helping people with the troubles in their lives, building orgs the right way and training auditors to do it correctly—if that even exists anymore. All that is just soooo petty.

    I wonder if Mitch Brisker truly knows how badlly the tech has been altered now.

    Instead, we gotta be cool, we gotta be Hollywood, we gotta be tight black t-shirts (with little crunchy black cinders for hearts), we gotta be da best of da best SIR! Now THAT’S what’s important!

    Soooooo glad I don’t work there anymore. Mitch, it’s over, just bail. They don’t deserve you anymore, unless you too dig the KoolAid bubble.

  32. says

    “it appears that they’ll be duplicating Gold and produce some propaganda at KCET and ship it to Orgs outside LA” and require all Scientologists to buy a CD of the propaganda.

  33. says

    Nice to see he bailed out his buddy Chick.

    Sorta like when he had CCHR Int go after Eli Lilly and Prozac so he could boost his buddy Flashback’s stock portfolio.

    I mean what a guy.

    Cronyism at it’s best.


    I just realized that you and I lived in alternative universes while I was staff.

    In my universe went by the policies and when I ended up working in a SO Org FOs or at least tried to while you guys over there in the Int Universe seemed to operating on nothing but MO’s ,RA’s and various secret directives like say the GO.

    Another entity which seemed me to operate completely arbitrarily at the whim of Jane ,Mo and Herbie.

    I remember one day word clearing our AG on some super secret directive and the poor guy having so many disagreements with it that we couldn’t get through the M4.

    Eventually I got tired of all this and so I pulled the secret, confidential, eyes only, special compartmented, NTK etc off the damn meter shield and tried reading it and couldn’t make any sense of it myself.

    Turns out it was some squirrelly insane “Directive” by Herbie changing the structure of the Building Fund.

    Anyway long story short we cleared the original issue on the Building Fund in the OEC and the AG was fine now because he understood the actual purpose for having a Building Fund Account according to Policy.

    Personally I’ve gone by the following from the HCOB Tech Correction Roundup:

    What makes tech correct? When it doesn’t get results it is incorrect. When it gets the expected result it is correct.
    My own writings and researches are based wholly upon things that got and get results.
    When another, through misunderstood words or other reasons, “interprets” or changes the original tech, it has been the general experience that results are not ob tained.
    By studying this list you may very well find some alter-ised points which caused you to have trouble or which caused confusion.

    Seems to work in regard to tech and probably could work in regard to policy as well.

    Then of course there is the Admin Scale where *policy* is penultimate to purpose with *orders* somewhere near the bottom.

    Basically in my *opinion* any order does not forward purpose and violates policy is an *illegal cross order* even if it was allegedly issued by Ron himself.

    Like recommending that *Qual* develop a bunch of squirrelly drills. But even so there is no where that he recommends that these drills developed should be used anywhere else other than Qual.

    The lecture itself is entitled A Talk on a Basic *Qual*. So this should at least give a clue to what Division Ron is referring to.

    Now despite this and the fact that it directly violated training policy on Drills Allowed on Div IV courses a whole series of drills were issued in BTBs known as the “Auditor ‘Expertise’ Drills” which slowed down auditor training and wasted so much time on course that Ron issued a RED entitled the End of Endless Training and had RTCU cancel and issue new check sheets which didn’t have any of these pointless and stupid drills.

    Of course years later when RTRC was under Miscavige’s evil little thumb they decided to repeat history and issue the “Golden Age of Tech”.

    Now I may not know all the legal ramifications in what I still consider the IRS sellout but I do know a little about tech and I’ve been around Scientology working in tech and qual long enough to know such drills are at best a totally unworkable waste of time and at worst makes a bunch of Squirrels who don’t even know they’re squirrels because they think they are following Standard Procedure probably because the drills are called “STDs” “Standard Tech Drills” which are in fact alterations of Standard Tech.

    I know very little about administrate policy except what I read in the OECs and the Management Series but from what I’ve read the *result* is not quite what I expected.

    Who would have thunk that anyone would follow a complete lunatic with delusions of godhood who admittedly never even read the OEC because he was once Ron’s “trusted friend”.

    As I wrote before.

    So what?

    You go on about Winter, Purcell, Sharp, Parkhouse, Kember, Roos ,Mayo and let’s not forget his estranged son NIBs who at one time were trusted friends before Miscavige.

    Yet what percentage were they compared to other trusted friends he had like the Angels, the Breeding brothers, Routsong, Turner, Watsons, Hemery, Cowell, Farrer, Leach probably dozens if not hundreds of others?

    Fact is Ron had to trust a lot of people who turned out later not to be so trustworthy. Like Franks who was moonlighting with the FBI.

    Also many of these individuals were declared by the junta who took over Scientology when Ron was allegedly “on the lam” in Creston.

    I mean if the FBI or the Treasury Department really wanted to bust the Ol’man all they’d have to have done was follow Kima or Pat or Annie around and nailed them when they picked up a carton of Kools or followed Gene back to Shaw on Fountain and dragged him in for questioning.

    Or even placed Ron himself under the third degree.

    Yet instead according to the “Riverside Declaration” they give him a special ink so that they could verify that it indeed his finger prints on the documents.

    Who knows maybe the whole story of what really happened in those final years might come out and why as you say he would leave the organization in the hands of someone like Miscavige who is where he is because at one time he was allegedly a “trusted friend”.

  34. says

    All of the official pyramid symbols in $cientology have 4 levels. Davy is cutting that pyramid down to 2 levels. If you’re not Flag or Ideal, you are crap and will be treated as such. These levels are now cut off from advertising, cut off from the ‘maimstream’ of corporate CO$. Duplicating the functions of Golden Era at another location, but downsizing the ability to produce ‘media’ is the business plan of a company that is preparing for a lot less customers.

    The missions and the other lower levels were the people who got the new meat in the door and they sold everything that made loyal clams. People able to sell the marks their own imagination are not easy to find (outside of a prison for white collar crims anyway), cutting them out the pie guarantees the eventual demise of the clampire.

    This tactic is retrenchment, disguised as consolidation. The Hemet base was always something of a penal colony and concentration camp workshop (arbeit mach frei). They have been sent away to missions and lower level chirches for the past 5 or 6 years. Davy is just reducing costs, like any CEO who is preparing to reduce sales volume and increase prices with a ’boutique (SP in Clearwater) and swinging hot spot’.

    Cue Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi.

  35. Joe Pendleton says

    And I am sure that y’all noticed that the message, like EVERY message from Scientology Central is just a fundraising email in the never ending appeal/demand that folks keep upping a status or two or three. As Scientologists are SO low on the chart of human evaluation, havingness scale, etc, they no longer can confront ANYTHING other than MEST, this is now the only game they are capable of playing on the third dynamic, NOTHING else is left. Every one of these messages further validates my own departure from ‘the church.” I am extremely happy that I had some “not alumni status” money that I spent yesterday on a trip to Istanbul I will take in 3 weeks. Next week I will spend some “not IAS” money on a new computer. As far as “return on investment” goes, the 10 Gs that the MAA extorted from me on my last “ethics” cycle may turn out to be, dollar for dollar, the best investment I ever made, as far as saving the money that I would have been bilked out of in the coming years.

    • says

      Doesn’t he have some valence issues? What is he anyway when you have to list out the identities?

      Sea Org
      Outside executive contractor
      Self employed
      Religious leader
      Executive CEO
      Public Relations man
      Voice actor
      Fund raiser
      Real Estate Investor
      Hatchet man
      Domestic terrorist
      Shelly’s husband
      Shelly’s boss
      Shelly’s parole officer
      Internal Revenue Service for the Church
      C.I.A. for the Church
      Programs Chief for attorneys
      Talk Show Host
      Slave owner
      Book Salesman
      Motivational speaker
      Con Man

      etc etc etc……….

      It can fuck up your case just trying to run him out on an L! You pick one identity and think you have it handled, then something else pops up and you end up running this guy out for years.

      Just try to run me out David. I think I have out created you.

  36. says

    I don’t consider myself an easily offended person but this one really burns my buns. The absolute gross, capricious waste of funds, that so many people have generously given, is just awful. I used to audit all week as an HGC auditor, (’76) and on Friday night, I’d write up my sessions and then go to a local restaurant for the 11pm to 7am shift. Again on Sat. night. I wanted to audit and help get Scn. off the ground. Little did I know that this arrogant waste of life would continue till 2014. When I realized in 2007 that the staff was still limping along, unpaid, it was a wake up call. They think people are going to flood into these monoliths of greed and guess what? There are no staff and they still have no intention of paying anyone a living wage. It’s not even on DM’s radar, he’s got his eye on a damn auditorium. Buying this KCET building was a joke because they are marketing nothing. The tech’s been altered, the public pillaged and the staff abused. The rcs has bankrupted itself, because the entire point of Scn is missing from the scene. Imagine the confusion, any business owner would have, if you told them they didn’t have to pay any payroll, any FICA, any insurances any healthcare, and they could run their business like that. They’d think you were insane or stupid or a criminal. The RCS will never recover because they don’t care about the stability of tech in their orgs and that means people. They don’t care about the well being, the health ,the lives or even the mental health of the people. This is a degraded, mest oriented group to the ridiculous and I’m very offended.

  37. says

    I just gotta say one thing before I read what everybody said,

    “Only an Ideal Org will be able to handle the floods of people coming in for services.”

    I can’t help but see the vision of all of the “Ideal” staff at all of the “Ideal Orgs” (cut between Inglewood, LA ORG, etc., etc., ) nervously and impatiently checking their ideal watches, waiting for these, “floods of people coming in for services.”

    I’m sorry to say that I have news for those ideal staff members. “There are no flood warnings for today or any time soon. Move along, lady. No flood’s gonna happen here.”

    How’s that for a severe reality adjustment? Well, for them anyway.

  38. richardgrant says

    Hallie Jane, thank you for this heartfelt comment. I believe you’re speaking for thousands of staffers and former staffers whose passions and energies have been sapped with no regard for their well-being — or even their existence, except as obedient, interchangeable instruments for exerting the will of Dear Leader. How these people keep going every day is a mystery to me.

  39. Gus Cox says

    “We also have a new status “Founding Ideal Org Member.” To become a “Founding Ideal Org Member” you need to make a donation of $5000 or become an Alumni…”

    Sigh. I’m not much of anybody, really, but I have a diploma and a degree from schools that are well-known and fairly exclusive. I am also in a profession that is considered somewhat desirable (I’m in the creative arts). I had to work my ass off for them, and I admit that I’m proud to say I’m from those schools and that I do what I do. The point here isn’t what schools or where I work, but that I had to *earn* such “status” as I have. And it was pretty much accidental – I didn’t go there for any kind of status; it’s where my muse led me and later it became “cool.”

    Again, I’m not some big shot, but I earned some bragging rights even if I don’t brag on them – well, not much. :-) But it took *years* of dedication and real work and having no idea where I’d end up.

    But this is bullshit. Promising phony bragging rights (“I’m an Ideal Org Alumni” or “Founding What-the-Fuck-Ever”) for a lousy $5,000.00 is just silly. Nobody’s heard of that, and nobody gives a shit except for the reg to whom you hand the money. And then only until 2pm this Thursday. At 2:01, you are shit again.


  40. Still on your side says

    I thought Manuela Oliveira was supposed to be dancing for Scientology media? What happened to that promise? I hope the fact that she has posted youtube dance videos as recently as April 2014, means that she has moved on. In one recent comment she implies she is back teaching dance in Australia. At any rate, I wish her much luck and hope her sojourn in the church did not (or does not) hurt her career; a dancer has only a limited number of years before aging limits her/his capabilities.