Disconnection and Desegregation


Because I have other things planned this weekend, I am cheating a bit and reprinting an earlier blog posting. I feel it is important, perhaps there will be some who have not read it before, and in my estimation the message bears repeating. I may make this a regular feature as I look back and there have been a lot of material published over the last few years.... It also seems specially appropriate on this weekend of  IAS celebrations where the sheeple have been regaled with tall stories of the magnificent human rights work of the IAS in "guaranteeing freedom for all" and the church has … [Read more...]

More Disconnection Hypocrisy


A Special Correspondent alerted me to this, and I happened to have additional information that made it even more interesting. He originally set forth the proposition: Wanting to stay connected to one’s own parent, spouse or child can earn you an SP declare and expulsion from Scientology, but soliciting sex from a minor and going to prison will not, even if you’re a former Sea Org Member.  Great premise, based on the facts our Special Correspondent had. But there is more to this story that makes it even more noteworthy. Everyone knows there is a double standard for disconnection in … [Read more...]

“One Family Torn Apart Is Too Many”

family torn apart 2

This is filed under the category unabashed hypocrisy. Also known as the the gospel of the church of scientology. Tony Ortega had this in his Sunday Funnies column, but it was sort of buried among all the other nuttiness that is rounded up each week. It didn't get much comment, but given the level of hypocrisy, I felt it deserved a little more attention. These people are, with a straight face, jumping on a campaign with a catchphrase "one family torn apart by war is too many." How about they get on board a campaign "one family torn apart by scientology is too many"? They could … [Read more...]

Bob and Sharon Graham

Bob Sharon Paradise Cove2

My name is Robert (Bob) Graham and I was a public member, in good standing with the church of Scientology for over 35 years. I reached the level of OT5 and Class 5 auditor before I left the organization, permanently in 2010. I have not previously spoken about my experiences in the church because my daughter and her family are still “in.” I thought that we could work things out and keep the family unit in place but since my wife I and left, my daughter and her family, including our grandchildren, have all disconnected from us. I believe it is in the best interest, to let everyone know that the … [Read more...]

Enforced Disconnection — More Proof


My name is Sydney Osborne. I got in Scientology at the Denver Org in 1989 and was on staff as a sup and Director of Training from 1990-2002. I was on Mace-Kingsley Family Center staff (Scn field group) from 2004-2008 starting in Div 2, and later becoming the OES. I've posted on this blog a few times as XclassVStaff. I've known and worked with a lot of wonderful people in Scientology. The Church of Scientology continues to deny practicing disconnection, states there is no pressure from the church, and that it's voluntary on the part of its parishioners.  I'd like to share my own recent … [Read more...]

Mary McCarran Kahn

Mary K

I was declared the week of Thanksgiving, which was the church’s gift to my family on such a memorable holiday.  Since then until February,  when he finally disconnected, my heartbroken son had been trying to wrap his mind around his mom being an SP and how to “handle” me.  I am devastated but will not stop fighting to get him back, and fighting to stop this horribly abusive tactic of disconnection that the church of scientology uses to control its members.  My son is in the honeymoon phase, and I feel responsible for setting him up to be the Scientologist he is today, for being the kind of … [Read more...]

Cindy Temps


  A message from a veteran Los Angeles Scientologist who was recently "declared" resulting in her children disconnecting from her. She is speaking out in the hope that it opens the eyes of others and helps bring the abuses of the RCS to an end.     "It is necessary to happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists of professing to believe what he does not believe." Thomas Paine     I have been under the radar for too long now. I will not compromise my integrity any longer. It is important for Independent … [Read more...]

Miscavige’s Disconnection Dilemma


Now that Leah Remini is officially a Special Person (see Tony Ortega's blog this morning), the big question becomes whether Miscavige is going to attempt to enforce the oft-employed disconnection card with Jennifer Lopez. Everyone knows JLo and Leah are BFFs. They were hanging at JLo's party last nite and featured on the People Mag site (and everywhere else). It is also common knowledge that JLo's father is a Scientologist. So, what is the guy who proclaims to be the enforcer of "standard tech" to do? Would eh dare risk trying to force J Lo to choose between her dad and Leah?  She IS after … [Read more...]

Tom Cruise and Disconnection


There is a rash of media articles following the disclosure of parts of Tom Cruise's deposition in the lawsuit he filed against a magazine for saying he "Abandoned" Suri. The media is of course focused on the sensational aspects, including the fact that while he apparently didn't have time to visit Suri he flew from the US to the UK for the annual IAS Event to show his support for his BFF. I read the excerpts of his deposition that are on the internet and was struck by the arrogance he displayed in responding to the questioning. Very reminiscent of his BFF.  He snapped terminals with Dear … [Read more...]


I have been quite overwhelmed by the messages, calls, emails, pms and comments from so many people in response to the posting about the death of my mother. There is not enough time in the day to respond to each individually, and if I have not responded to you personally, it is not because I didnt appreciate your kind words, support and friendship. I just haven't been able to get to everything today. This episode has reminded me just how many friends I have. And despite how it may sometimes seem, the good in this world far outweighs the bad.  There are so many decent, caring, loving people -- … [Read more...]