Scientology Disconnection New Proof


To be honest, I am still catching my breath from the airing of Going Clear last night. Thank you to everyone who wrote, texted, tweeted, called and otherwise made their support and appreciation known. It was a bit overwhelming. Also, I am not as industrious as Tony Ortega. And despite what the church says, I have work I need to do in order to make a living. Those are my justifications for not doing a posting of my own this morning, and I am sticking to them. But I am not in any way apologizing for telling you that you must read the article Tony Ortega has on his blog this … [Read more...]

JLo, Disconnection and Going Clear


Alex Gibney's film, Going Clear,  documents the horror of disconnection and how it is used as a control mechanism in scientology. It is most dramatically demonstrated in his film with the story of Sara Goldberg. Her son Nick had a friend who was friends with me.  Nick would not disconnect from his friend, so his mother was told to disconnect from her son. She was given an impossible choice -- if she didn't disconnect from him, she would be declared an SP and her daughter would be forced to disconnect from her. This is not a "personal choice" (as the church so often proclaims). Sara has the … [Read more...]



While a great deal of attention and interest has been focused on Alex Gibney's scientology documentary, let's not forget the rave reviews for Allen Barton's Disconnection. Every person I know who has attended absolutely raves about it. I was very bummed to discover that there was no performance on any of the nights I was in LA last week. I am hoping it is such a success that it gets a much deserved wider release. Here is a sampling of press reaction:   Barton is a clever enough writer to keep his audience fiercely attentive… And he’s fortunate in having a director, Joel Polis, … [Read more...]

Kirk Radandt


It is with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of our dear friend Kirk Radandt yesterday afternoon. To say this was untimely, unexpected and horribly premature would be to understate the sadness of it by a country mile. I have met few people on this earth who were as happy, friendly and just fun to spend time with as Kirk. His sense of humor was sharp and displayed itself often. His love of children made him a favorite of our sons and the 3 adorable daughters of his beloved Gayle's son Aaron (Tony Ortega covered Gayle and Aaron's story on his blog). I have long held a measuring … [Read more...]

Disconnection Redux — Who Qualifies To Be Declared

thought-police-2 - Copy short

Another in the ongoing Sunday "Redux Series" reissuing earlier postings that still seem relevant. This one from 1 June 2013. The descent into madness has continued unabated since... It's crazier today than it was 18 months ago, and there are more and more people speaking out as a result.   This is the second in a series of postings examining the subject of Scientology disconnection practices. See Disconnection -- Scientology's Nasty Secret. Who qualifies for disconnection? The simple answer is “anyone deemed an undesirable.” It used to be true that one disconnected from … [Read more...]

Disconnection — The Play

Diconnection Poster short

2015 is kicking off in grand style. Allen Barton's new play opens on 24 January, the evening before the premiere of Alex Gibney's documentary at Sundance.   Anyone who does not know Allen, he is a highly acclaimed playwright (I include at the end of this posting some of the many kudos for his last play). You may recognize his name from this story on Tony Ortega's blog about Mario Fenninger. Allen has translated his experience into a new play which promises to be a tour de force. This is what Allen has to say about it: DISCONNECTION was inspired directly by my experience … [Read more...]

Disconnection and Desegregation


Because I have other things planned this weekend, I am cheating a bit and reprinting an earlier blog posting. I feel it is important, perhaps there will be some who have not read it before, and in my estimation the message bears repeating. I may make this a regular feature as I look back and there have been a lot of material published over the last few years.... It also seems specially appropriate on this weekend of  IAS celebrations where the sheeple have been regaled with tall stories of the magnificent human rights work of the IAS in "guaranteeing freedom for all" and the church has … [Read more...]

More Disconnection Hypocrisy


A Special Correspondent alerted me to this, and I happened to have additional information that made it even more interesting. He originally set forth the proposition: Wanting to stay connected to one’s own parent, spouse or child can earn you an SP declare and expulsion from Scientology, but soliciting sex from a minor and going to prison will not, even if you’re a former Sea Org Member.  Great premise, based on the facts our Special Correspondent had. But there is more to this story that makes it even more noteworthy. Everyone knows there is a double standard for disconnection in … [Read more...]

“One Family Torn Apart Is Too Many”

family torn apart 2

This is filed under the category unabashed hypocrisy. Also known as the the gospel of the church of scientology. Tony Ortega had this in his Sunday Funnies column, but it was sort of buried among all the other nuttiness that is rounded up each week. It didn't get much comment, but given the level of hypocrisy, I felt it deserved a little more attention. These people are, with a straight face, jumping on a campaign with a catchphrase "one family torn apart by war is too many." How about they get on board a campaign "one family torn apart by scientology is too many"? They could … [Read more...]

Bob and Sharon Graham

Bob Sharon Paradise Cove2

My name is Robert (Bob) Graham and I was a public member, in good standing with the church of Scientology for over 35 years. I reached the level of OT5 and Class 5 auditor before I left the organization, permanently in 2010. I have not previously spoken about my experiences in the church because my daughter and her family are still “in.” I thought that we could work things out and keep the family unit in place but since my wife I and left, my daughter and her family, including our grandchildren, have all disconnected from us. I believe it is in the best interest, to let everyone know that the … [Read more...]