IAS Travel Agency

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Here is one of the more bizarre pieces to be circulated recently. The Flag IAS office is now offering travel awards.  Has that feel of a "Free weekend in Vegas, all you have to do is attend our crush reg Time Share seminar." Maybe they got this out of one of the "How To Be A Successful Fundraiser" books? They should really be heading to Transylvania to tour the home of Count Dracula -- its only a few hundred miles away. And as a bonus they could study up on the regime and methods one of Dear Leader's (Kim Jong Il) best friends and allies Nicolae Ceaușescu (it's tough to get into North … [Read more...]

Ukraine — Confusion Blowing Off In The Wake Of GAG II


I made a comment at the end of a post a few days ago about a Freedom Medal winner claiming that the situation in the Ukraine and in Venezuela was "confusion blowing off" in the wake of GAG II. Then I received a new promotional piece from WTH Fdn asking for money for WTH for Crimea. The bubble-dwellers literally never see anything happen in the world that cannot be twisted into a request for money. It is amazing. The first outness is that IF it was truly IAS Freedom Medal winners who calmed down the scene in the earlier revolution (which goes unmentioned as it was soon replaced by the … [Read more...]

Fundamentalist Scientology


This is a perfect example of the "dangerous environment" and "us v them" that are the mainstays of Miscavige and his IAS. Every fundamentalist movement must have forces of evil they are waging a holy war against -- and in turn those forces of evil must threaten the good guys' very existence and require the ultimate sacrifice from their loyal minions to defeat the evil that is seeking to consume the world. Are there abuses in the field of psychiatry? Without doubt. (Though these days it is "the psyches", meaning any profession that has "psych" in its name -- psychiatrist, psychotherapist, … [Read more...]

The Scientology YouTube Footbullet


  These people have mastered the art of the footbullet. And the IAS is desperate to try and demonstrate that some of the hundreds of millions of dollars they squeeze out of their marks is actually spent on things they tell them it is so urgently needed for. But guys, really, the last place you want people being curious about Scientology is on YouTube. Here is the big news announcement from "Shaked Flash" -- can that be a real name?   Subject: YouTube Home Page Takeover - starting tonight! Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 17:56:20 -0800 From: Shaked … [Read more...]

Freedom Medal Winners


Every year, Miscavige bestows IAS Freedom Medals on individuals who have "eradicated psychiatry" or  "brought peace" to "entire nations" through their "tireless efforts" to implement LRH tech and distribute the Way to Happiness as a "calming influence" on society. But one only has to look at the real world to see how contrived these "accomplishments" are. In 2005 (coincidentally) he lauded dedicated IAS members for their work in Venezuela and Ukraine. If you glance at the news, you will see both of these nations undergoing massive internal upheaval and civil unrest. Yet, if you go back and … [Read more...]

Alfreddie On The Gravy Train


  Alfreddie Johnson may have long since joined the Vulture Club of Michael Roberts, Jeff Pomerantz, Andrik Shaapers et al, but this is the first I have seen of it. Alfreddie is a chameleon who has now taken on the appearance of a vulture. He bills himself a "Baptist Minister" (indicative of the PR area control the church has accomplished that he STILL doesnt wan to identify himself as a Scientologist) who runs various drug and education programs (Tony Ortega had an interesting article about one of his cohorts trying to get government funding). He is pals with the Nation of Islam people and … [Read more...]

Flag OTC And IAS Take Credit For Narconon Nepal


Interesting how the stories change depending on circumstances. Of course, any Narconon that is in trouble (Georgia, Arrowhead, Nevada etc) goes to enormous lengths to assert that the church has NO involvement. But when it comes time to ask for money, it's just one big happy family. It is also a little strange that opening a Narconon last September is all that she Mrs. Feshbach (IAS cheerleader du jour) can cite as tangible results of their hard earned money? Why no report on the hurricane? Or the "massive" relief effort in Italy? Or ANYTHING other than a building opened 6 months ago that … [Read more...]

The IAS Fraud


No update on the deployment of the largest private relief force on earth(tm) to help the victims of the largest Hurricane in modern history in the Philippines. See earlier stories here. The Volunteer Minister website omits any mention of the Philippines disaster now, though this is their latest PR piece on their site: Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Gears up for New Tornado Season 26 January 2014 Tornado season fast approaching (there were 39 U.S. tornadoes in February 2013) and Scientology Volunteer Ministers teams from across the country are poised to … [Read more...]

Dare To Think for Yourself- Or Not


Woah, wait on a sec. Perhaps that was not the best slogan for Scientology to put a couple of million dollars behind in 2013.  When all is said in done, people who do that end up getting booted out and disconnected from.  They needed an ad for 2014 that's more in line with the imaginary expansion that Scientology is experiencing at the moment.  Imagine science... and religion... connectingImagine technology... and spirituality... combiningNow imagine... that everything you ever imagined... is possibleScientology... there are higher states of existence Actually, imagine getting your … [Read more...]

What Your IAS Donations Buy — Invisible VMs


It would appear that my posting 4 days ago about the failure of the church to update the information about their massive VM relief force in the Philippines caused a stir in the bowels of the beast. Today the church put out a press release to announce to the world the enormity of their actions (all funded of course by an emergency IAS grant). The photo that accompanied the story is at left. It shows a grand total of SIX VMs, apparently there is some mission in Manila who "activated their Volunteer Ministers" and they were joined by someone(s) from the India "Goodwill Tour." The "story" is … [Read more...]