What Is The IAS Doing?


You will be very pleased to know that the IAS  is now informing their public what they are spending their money on. BUILDINGS! Of course, the IAS doesn't waste money on things where there is no return. Buying buildings sounds reasonable, until you understand a) the building then becomes a church asset and b) in those areas that where the IAS is funding their ideal org building, people are EXPECTED to donate to the IAS "to purchase the building."  Really, the IAS acts like a bank -- they front the money to buy the building (other people's money - just like a bank) and then they collect … [Read more...]

Beggar’s Banquet At Flag

beggars banquet

It's the MV Beggar's Banquet showing at Flag. And apparently everyone is in on the act to try to get the suckers to show and GIVE MONEY (and let us know you did so we can get the credit for it). Kevin True was a former RTC staff at Int who was busted and then sawed off some fingers on a table saw in the Gold garage when he was in the sleep-deprived zombie state of SO "deckies." Surprisingly, he has now made his way to being Solo Tech Services at Flag. More surprisingly, he is regging for the IAS? WTF? Solo Tech Services? It once again demonstrates that the ONLY pervasive activity of … [Read more...]

Howard Becker Finally Realizes He Has Been Dead


Well, it seems there is one good thing to come out of Super Power.  Howard Becker has finally realized what everyone who has ever dealt with him already knew. He has been a dead thetan for 45 years. A zombie in an animated body (even though he completed all those OT levels and L Rundowns and Objectives a few times and Purif and read all the "Basics" and and and....) Unfortunately, I am quite certain that this "realization" will not result in any change in his persona. You get a clue to what this is all about as immediately after this "cognition" he vows to keep on gouging money for the IAS … [Read more...]

The IAS Grows Big Beings


This is sort of sad. Put aside the crazy "Mega-Status" title if you can. These people, like so many others, actually believe they are doing good with the money they give to the International Association of Scavengers. But they are so deluded they actually believe they are being made into "Big Beings" by the IAS. It's devolved beyond mere status -- it's no longer a big gaudy bowling trophy or jewel encrusted lapel pin or some sort of title that sounds like it was torn from the pages of Buck Rogers, no, they have taken it to the ultimate level. This is not just causing "case gain" it is … [Read more...]



Shake and Bake Flash is at it again.  I wonder if he knows the information he is circulating is bs, or if he thinks it is the "greatest good" to keep getting money out of people to "save the planet" even though there is not a shred of evidence any such thing is happening. Check out his pitch and then a few comments afterwards to put things into perspective. Here are the ACTUAL statistics for scientology.org from Alexa. Global Rank    155,518 64,668 Rank in United States    66,492     For anyone not familiar with Alexa, this means that for all internet sites, there are … [Read more...]

The Pitch Goes On


Here is something truly gag-worthy. As with virtually everything else that emanates from the Vulture Culture of Scientology, it is a pitch for money. And as with everything else, it contains many flat out lies as well as complete unreality on the state of scientology and the world in which it exists. These people don't just have tin ears, they also have hallucinogenic vision and speak in tongues. Kind of messed up for those who supposedly can hone all 57 perceptics to razor sharpness. This promo piece would be like the Catholic Church asking for donations for their international … [Read more...]

Criminon – “We Get No Funding From The Church”


Well, isn't that strange? How many events (and Impact mags) have you seen that have crowed about the "success" of Criminon and how it is all attributable to "your support of the IAS." Who has not been "pitched" by an IAS Vulture to "support our 4th dynamic activities, we are salvaging criminals from a life of crime." They have even presented IAS "Freedom Medals" to Criminon people like Greg Capazorio and promoted the fact that THIS is what the IAS does. Ladies and gentlemen -- the unvarnished truth. The Church and the IAS GIVE NOTHING to support the efforts of these people. They … [Read more...]

IAS Travel Agency

savethedate (1)

Here is one of the more bizarre pieces to be circulated recently. The Flag IAS office is now offering travel awards.  Has that feel of a "Free weekend in Vegas, all you have to do is attend our crush reg Time Share seminar." Maybe they got this out of one of the "How To Be A Successful Fundraiser" books? They should really be heading to Transylvania to tour the home of Count Dracula -- its only a few hundred miles away. And as a bonus they could study up on the regime and methods one of Dear Leader's (Kim Jong Il) best friends and allies Nicolae Ceaușescu (it's tough to get into North … [Read more...]

Ukraine — Confusion Blowing Off In The Wake Of GAG II


I made a comment at the end of a post a few days ago about a Freedom Medal winner claiming that the situation in the Ukraine and in Venezuela was "confusion blowing off" in the wake of GAG II. Then I received a new promotional piece from WTH Fdn asking for money for WTH for Crimea. The bubble-dwellers literally never see anything happen in the world that cannot be twisted into a request for money. It is amazing. The first outness is that IF it was truly IAS Freedom Medal winners who calmed down the scene in the earlier revolution (which goes unmentioned as it was soon replaced by the … [Read more...]

Fundamentalist Scientology


This is a perfect example of the "dangerous environment" and "us v them" that are the mainstays of Miscavige and his IAS. Every fundamentalist movement must have forces of evil they are waging a holy war against -- and in turn those forces of evil must threaten the good guys' very existence and require the ultimate sacrifice from their loyal minions to defeat the evil that is seeking to consume the world. Are there abuses in the field of psychiatry? Without doubt. (Though these days it is "the psyches", meaning any profession that has "psych" in its name -- psychiatrist, psychotherapist, … [Read more...]