More ILO Vultures


  These people are absolutely shameless. They can no longer be categorized as the Little Rascals. They are no more than vultures. Apparently they have decided to "fundraise" directly to public from the "ILO" and they will ask for money for anything and everything. This is either a way to make a little extra income from commissions or it it part of one of the infamous "you out-exchange criminals in the ILO are going to at least pay for your room and board by earning some income selling Basicss/congresses/Ideal Org statuses/IAS statuses/anything at all you can persuade someone to … [Read more...]

The Real Status in Scientology

money worship - Copy

Special seating reserved in any church of scientology for the most important people in scientology today. Those who give the most money to the IAS. Not to auditors, who according to L. Ron Hubbard are "the most valuable beings on earth," not to the Volunteer Ministers who supposedly are working 24/7 to help the unfortunate, not to the staff who work 7 days a week for virtually no money under the impression they are helping, and not to the longest term members who have supported the church for years. No, a special place is reserved for the money. Like an Amway convention or Herbalife … [Read more...]

The IAS Is Lying Again

Cheap Sunglasses -- Rose Tinted

Hardly a surprise to learn that the IAS might not be completely accurate and honest in their "fundraping" efforts. Here is their promotional item to extract funds from the suckers. Now, according to the Snr CS WUS in his recent briefing, there are 700 new people a DAY coming into the LA model double SH size ideal org. Since January 2015 that is 120,000+ for LA Org alone. And if you can believe their 11.4 million visits to their hundreds of websites (in the face of the massive media attention engendered by Going Clear and David Miscavige having his father followed by PI's and then … [Read more...]

More IAS Lies Exposed


Here is one of the vaunted "Volunteer Ministers" that "you support with your donations to the IAS." Except your donations to the IAS don't get SPENT on these Volunteer Minister activities unless there is a video opportunity involved, in which case they pay to fly the video team there and perhaps a VM or two who can put yellow shirts on other people. GoFundMe is turning out to be a interesting source of real world (as opposed to bubble reality) information about what the IAS is actually doing. He is asking for 50Gs to do VM activities. Drop in the bucket for the IAS. You may recall … [Read more...]

IAS – Hang Your Heads In Shame

Screenshot (264)

This is a Go Fund Me page asking for money to treat Andrik Schapers cancer. Andrik Schapers was one of the FIRST IAS Freedom Medal Winners. He was at every "crusade" that was ever held anywhere. The IAS used him as a poster child. Marching in his goofy boots, singing songs -- he was long the most visible "IAS Crusader" all over the world. And what has that earned him -- having to beg the general public for help. For an organization that loudly proclaims its humanitarian good works, how can they allow something like this to happen? Of course, anything formed by a sociopath like David … [Read more...]

IAS Volunteer Minister Scam


The latest edition of Impact magazine, the propaganda and fundraising rag of the IAS is devoted almost exclusively to the "Volunteer Ministers" and the "massive" international relief efforts they engage in "thanks to the IAS." Of course, those who are not blinded by KoolAid know this is a scam, that virtually NO money is spent on any of these things, and in fact the "relief efforts" are miniscule. Always just enough to get a photo or video or a person or two, and then everyone loses interest and moves onto the next fundraising effort. Nobody hears anything about the Philippines or Vanatau … [Read more...]

Disaster Capitalism – Spelled I.A.S.


Look up disaster capitalism in the dictionary and you will find an IAS logo and nothing else. More IAS lying about the "largest private relief force on earth." Funny how they can report down to the exact number how many people attended a ribbon cutting "2,763 gushing fools cheered as the ribbon was yanked" and 13,859 inches of wire was run to connect the covert video cameras in the auditing rooms in the new "ideal org" of Lower Slovobia and "a new person clicks on one of our internet sites every 6.47836 seconds" -- but when it comes to reporting on "what you donations buy" with the IAS … [Read more...]

Scientology: Self Pleasuring


More hilarity from the Razzerloonies... From: Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2015 To: Subject: FW: THETA NEWS! Thanks so much for forwarding this! I just received this from the IASA!  Cool news on the IAS funded Scientology dissemination campaign! 1 minute after the "Age of Answers" Scientology ad aired during the Superbowl half-time, the website visits went from an average of 80 to 1,800!!! And after the ad aired on Superbowl, there was a TON of buzz and feedback on social media. Here are some of the responses: "It wouldn't be Superbowl without a … [Read more...]

The Next Decade Of Relentless Moneygrubbing


Seriously, who comes up with these catchphrases? This time Shake and Bake included a photo. Always nice to put a face to the most unfortunately appropriate name in scientology.   Dear Frank, We have officially launched into the new year and started a new IAS decade — The Next Decade of Relentless Advance! As this is the first week of 2015, I wanted to ensure you are on board as an IAS Field Disseminator and to know if you need any assistance to make this your best and most productive year starting now. To give you some instant inspiration, I included in this email (see … [Read more...]

IAS Is Case Gain


Amazing how complete the transformation has become. Auditing and training -- the "central religious practices" of scientology are now dismissed with the derisive "inflow" (as in "take" rather than "give"), to be replaced by something far better, and something that provides TRUE "real and stable case gain" -- handing over your money to the IAS. The Golden Age of Gold. It's all about the money, money, money....     I am heading out of town. The blog will likely be sporadic over the next week. I have some things prepared in advance to prevent a total shutdown, and I … [Read more...]