Delusion Reigns


These people are SO unreal.  Why would a "management org" in a new building be the turning point of anything? There is no contact with the public? It matters not at all whether they have old desks or new custom-built ones, concrete floors or silk persian rugs, bare light bulbs or crystal chandeliers. This is simply the "fad" of scientology. What I now call the ideal syndrome. And why no mention of the ribbon yanking being graced by the presence of Captain Miscavige? Has he reverted to He Who Must Not Be Named again? BTW -- a note for the UK contingent. Seems Dear Leader will be at SH … [Read more...]

Lies, Lies, Lies


  This is for posterity's sake. A bit of relative calm before the storm on the horizon. This is a list of the unfortunates who have handed over cash for the Valley "ideal building" (there is no "org"). I notice the Silver Humanitarian Taufer-Gregorian Family -- I assume they are in some way connected to Quinn The Eskimo... ? And Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright) is now identified as "Nancy" rather than the Royal Governess OT Rockstar Princess Queen etc etc etc. Apparently it is still embarrassing to include her full name, though I cannot fathom why this is? And I had no idea my … [Read more...]

Stockholm Syndrome and Faustian Deals

Church of Scientology Stockholm 002

From one of our Swedish Special Correspondents. He took a trip to the hinterlands of Stockholm on Saturday afternoon to check out the 47X expansion in his area of the world.   I will try to tell you my observations of Scientology's unprecedented expansion in my corner of the World. When I studied medicine in the early 80s you could always see Scientologists selling Dianetics or that Protection-against-radiation-book at Stockholm Central Station. The Church of Scientology had an Org in Central Stockholm. Than they dissappeared, I don't know when but it was many years ago I … [Read more...]

No Wonder CO AOLA Was Busted

Doc - Oct 1, 2014, 11-04 AM-page-001

This is a page from the latest Advance mag (soon to be renamed Consolidate mag and thereafter Fall Back mag). This comes out maybe a couple of times a year, though I believe it is supposed to be monthly. Just for sake of giving them the benefit of the doubt, let's assume this is the production for a single month. (Though of course the same people appear on here for several services that SHOULD take more than a month). Even just a single month -- being kind -- it is astonishingly bereft of volume. If they are making 7 new Solo Auditors a month (Solo 2 Comps) and 5 OT III's this is so … [Read more...]

The New PAC “Crack Command Team”


For those interested in who has been sent to take charge of the "most out ethics city on earth." This is the full PR posed shot of the new kids in town. Love those scarves and pocket hankies. Given the variety of readers here, probably most will be identified.... Someone sent this to me and I just saw it, so am adding it here: The new Execs were referred to as a "Crack Command Team". Also Execs at ASHO: Carlos Colon and Justin Blackburn. Also at ASHO was Jessica ... who is a 24 year Sea Org veteran. At LA Org is D/ED Brooke Bruni (spelling?) OES Alex Gibson, wife of new Tech … [Read more...]

PAC/LA Org Update: Contraction Is Expansion


Thursday Funnies have been postponed to Friday in order to update the happenings in PAC.  I was out of town all day yesterday so didn't have a chance to compile the information sent in from various sources. This is clearly a topic of considerable interest and The Funnies won't lose their funny in a day.... Tonight (Friday) is the Big Spin presentation of "greatest expansion ever" news with the combining of two Day and Foundation Orgs and the wholesale "letting go" of the contracted staff of the Model Ideal Org. What is astonishing is that as long as ANY news is presented as … [Read more...]

EUS Alliance — Ideal Orgs Are Yesterday’s News


Now, this is really going to "get 'er done." That the CO WISE EUS headlined a weekend of fun-filled activities at "Flag" on how to build "ideal orgs" says it all. What a strange choice -- when the legal cases against WISE groups are filed, the church protests LOUDLY that WISE has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION and THE CHURCH IS NOT INVOLVED. Surely EUS and Flag are not THAT short on anyone to speak that the ONLY person they could come up with for the weekend seminar was the CO WISE EUS? Or maybe they are? And what an exciting agenda it was -- team competence drills, a simple sales … [Read more...]

Ideal Orgs — Some Inconvenient Truths


A Special Correspondent in Australia sent me this latest promo piece on Ideal Orgs. It contains some startling information that may not be evident at a quick glance. But once again, they have hoisted themselves on their own petard. Apart from the obvious conceit that they are EVER going to get "ideal orgs" in Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane (first step is to get an ORG in those places, they have had part time missions for decades now and no sign of that changing....) what this reveals about the overall strategy in a simple graphic is pretty stunning. The "ideal org" strategy began in … [Read more...]

Sheer Idiocy

svrt short

This missed the deadline for Thursday Funnies, but it is just too insane to be let go. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about scientology today. The ONLY thing that is important is status. The ONLY thing that is offered is status. The ONLY thing they want is money. And even their phony made-up statuses, they will "discount" to try and get people to give more money now. You can ALSO be a Humanitarian With Knobs On -- but now you don't need to pay as much as the other people because we are more desperate. "For three days only, you can buy an authentic certificate to … [Read more...]

The Sad Tale Of Ideal Orgs


Things are looking grim in the scientology bubble. You likely saw the story about the "ideal org" in Boston that was covered in the Boston Globe and they didn't cover the full story by any means. The level of incompetence on display there is amazing.  They could not keep their "statement" building because it was too small though it's never been maxed out -- so were ordered to sell it. They had a buyer willing to pay $20 million but they couldn't get approval to sell. When they finally got the go ahead, the market had crashed and they got $12 million but had committed to a larger wreck which … [Read more...]