The Auditor Mag


The latest Auditor mag was sent to me. It is quite a tour de force of oddities and omissions. Here are a few pages of note.   Proof positive that there is no longer a Briefing Course. This is the HOME of the Briefing course. And not a single mention of it, let alone a completion.... Also apparent, the ONLY people on auditor training at AOSHUK are outer org staff. The big boom of GAG II rocketing public up the training side of the Bridge is completely omitted (because it doesn't exist -- they cannot even rocket them through the Student Hat Rehash). The Advanced org … [Read more...]

Valley OTC Minutes


I have been accumulating copies of the Valley OTC Minutes. They never seemed that important, but they are of value in documenting what really happens in these orgs, and what their attention is on. Frankly, they more resemble an old women's knitting circle than the leading lights of the greatest civilizing force on earth.... It's also interesting to note how many ex-SO there are in the tiny number of people that compose these committees. And also curious how in the midst of the "largest concentration of scientologists on earth" that their activities are so insignificant that the real … [Read more...]

More Massive International Contraction


This is a report sent in by Peter Bonyai. He wrote a book I highly recommend about his years in Scientology and the Sea Org in Hungary that I covered in a blog post entitled Money, Power, Servitude. Peter keeps tabs on the goings on with scientology in Hungary and has some news on that front that indicates all is not so rosy in the straight up and vertical, 47X expansion world of scientology.    OTL Central Europe (also known as OTL Hungary), the local Sea Org unit in Budapest, will be dissolved in the next few weeks. They have already vacated the building they rented (I am sure … [Read more...]

Panic in Pasadena

Pasadena Ideal Org in flat out production...

Various reports have come in about the scene in Pasadena Org. Apparently, they have been being "shamed" by the "production" at LA Org with their massive bodyrouting effort fail (I guess they didnt read the recent post about this). But this is not a new "management" tactic in scientology. In fact, it is pretty much par for the course. Make every org believe that others orgs are doing well and they are the only ones failing. According to the reports there are about 25 Sea Org members hovering around the Pasadena org to "inspire" staff to get things going. They are passionate to get "the … [Read more...]

Lights Out At Jobur Org


Here is another chapter in the sad tale of the demise of Jobur Ideal Org. To begin, let me remind you that this is the second "ideal org." Dear Leader himself made the long trip to bless the "new org" and in finest shermanspeak, pronounced this the beginning of the new age in Africa and THE thing that would make S. Africa the first cleared country.  And the goodness would spread from there and overtake the entire continent. Of course, no such thing happened and Jobur has struggled since. So much so that a Sea Org "Command Team" was dispatched to get things back "under control."  They rolled … [Read more...]

It’s ALL About The Money.


Here is yet ANOTHER "seminar" on making money pushed by the "church" of scientology. It's thrust upon the world by the "Senior Administrative Consultant" (whatever that is?) of the "new" LA Org. Obviously a Sea Org member, as everyone in LA Org is now SO, which makes this guy an expert on money -- he rakes in and manages an annual income of $2500 in a good year. Of course, what would a scientology promotional piece be without a glaring typo -- commonly in the headline as here (also check out the copyright notice). For good measure, and just to reinforce the point, though in point … [Read more...]

“Ideal Orgs” — Baffle Them With BS

TomJ2 - Copy

Tony Ortega already included a bunch of this series of posters in his Sunday Funnies last week -- but he left some out (there are 13 of them in total). Two I felt were important as they highlight points made by David Miscavige where he sold the brilliance of his "ideal org" strategy. Just think about this for a second. This is taken from the original Miscavige sales pitch on "why ideal orgs?" But it makes absolutely NO sense. He had used the analogy of an auditing session to sell the original GAT and how you could not deliver a standard session unless you had all the elements … [Read more...]

Scientology Fundraising Techniques Part 3


More of the church documents that describe how they go about parting the pocketbooks from their parishioners. (Part 1 here, Part 2 here) This one is from Craig Jensen and it describes in detail the lengths to which these events go to squeeze every last dollar they can out of the attendees.... Nothing really new here, but Jensen manipulating the crowd by doling out his $100,000 ("strategically") at various times to goad others into giving money is a "shame game" that is pretty repulsive. Reading this is like reading a write up produced by Reed Slatkin or some scam artist that sells … [Read more...]

Portland “Ideal Org” Isn’t Clearing Anyone, Let Alone Portland

shoot in foot

Here is the latest scientology footbullet. People from Portland "Ideal Org" are required to travel to Sacramento to attest to Clear. Which probably also means Seattle isn't clearing anyone either, as that is closer to Portland than Sacramento. And apparently Sacramento wants the world to know their ideal neighbor to the north is merely a feeder for their "big brother" in California's capital. They don't just announce a Clear, they headline it with how he traveled from Portland. Not very considerate, showing up your fellow org as liars and failures. It's like a public Knowledge … [Read more...]

AOLA Completions — Not So Much


This is the completions page from the latest Advance Magazine. Though this is the IDEAL PACIFICA BRIDGE and David Miscavige made much of how people are "flooding up the bridge in record numbers", you can see for yourself what is really going on in this "ideal" AO. Of course, they never make clear what period these stats cover, but based on other mags, this is likely 3 months worth at least. And it exposes the reality of people "Flooding up the bridge to OT" for the world to see. AOLA had EIGHT Solo II completions. That is the exact measurement of how many people are "flooding up … [Read more...]