Get Off The Scientology Mailing List

woman phones

Imagine having this poor woman's job... But as a public service to readers here who may receive unwanted mail or email from scientology, she is offering her phone number so you can call "between 10 and 11:30 am California Timezone." It might strike you as a little strange for an organization that claims more than 10 million members to assign a single person one and a half hours per day to keeping their lists up to date, but this is apparently how easy it is "applying LRH tech." Xxxxx, I am Greta Molnar from the Church of Scientology International. I am working on a project to update … [Read more...]


ASHO ANZO (1)-page-001

Here is the pitch being presented to the local residents about the planned new AOSHANZO and CLO ANZO building. And it is clear now that they plan to move the CLO Offices here from the Dundas white elephant. But if that is true, they are being very dishonest about the hours they will be keeping -- everyone will vacate the premises by 10 each night? Not likely. I have never seen a "management" organization that did not work until midnight as their published schedule, all night on Thursday night, and routinely until 1 or 2 in the morning. It is also remarkable that they are publicly … [Read more...]

A Clear Portland


The ideal "ideal" org in the "first Clear city" is going to town on "clearing their city." 12 Clears in 9 months. 15 per year. Should have Portland wrapped up in the year 42,014. But frankly, they have probably produced more clears than any of the other "ideal" orgs. I would bet that there are "ideal" orgs out there that have not produced a SINGLE clear since GAG II. In fact, I would be it was the VAST majority of "ideal orgs".... Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought these two magnificent breakthroughs (GAG II and ideal orgs) were "making planetary clearing a reality"?  Even if ALL … [Read more...]

Another One Bites The Dust

closed forever

In the era of massive, straight up and vertical, 47X expansion in the wake of GAGII one could be forgiven for assuming that this would be most evident in the LA area -- "home to the largest population of scientologists on earth" according to the infallible pronouncements of Dear Leader. One might also assume that the boom is happening at the bottom of the Bridge with the massive international dissemination campaigns "sponsored by the IAS" and the enormous international dissemination center right there in LA, alongside the largest digital printing plant on earth at Bridge Publications and … [Read more...]

Why Ideal Orgs?


Any time there is a post about ideal org failures, there is a lot of speculation about "Why?" I have written various posts and comments about this from time to time, but realized I had never put it all in one place. There are two reasons for the ideal org program that go hand in hand. And it explains why, in spite of the clear failure of this program to bring about planetary clearing, or anything at all aligned with the "Aims of Scientology," it will continue to be pushed until the very end. 1. It is vital for Miscavige to hold onto his position 2. IRS concerns But before … [Read more...]

More Ideal Org Fails


Following up on the recent post about Orlando some Special Correspondents sent in some information about other "ideal orgs" which I thought I would share. Boston The Boston Org has now had to move out of the building they have occupied for decades and into rented facilities because in typical "ideal org style" they completely screwed up their planning. A lot of money was spent to renovate the "old" org building and it was one of the nicest scientology orgs on earth location and building wise (not counting the marble palaces of late).  Then the "ideal org" madness set in. To make a … [Read more...]

Orlando Magic


  No wonder the "ideal org" in Orlando never gets mentioned even though it is BY FAR the closest org to Flag and Tampa -- both of whom are busily trying to raise funds for Miami and Atlanta. This is Orlando's "ideal org" website, last updated sometime in 2011, though they seem to have an automatic counter that adds a day from "Ideal Orgs Seminar 2011."     They got a "building approved" -- hooray for us! An instant "ideal org" -- plucked right out of a hat. Amazing. It truly represents Miscavige's ideal org tag-line "just add water and mix." It looks … [Read more...]

Blowing Smoke Up Valley’s Ass

blow moke

Oh, the "impacting force" of it all... This document, though Quinn the Eskimo apparently doesn't realize it, is a scathing indictment of the scam that is the "ideal org" program. The building was purchased in April 2009. That is more than 5 years ago. Yet this is the highest priority, most urgent thing in the world of scientology. This is, according to Quinn, one of the most important "ideal" orgs on earth, just a couple of miles down the freeway from CSI, ASI, CC, PAC Bridge and Bridge Publications. This urgent, highest priority program that is so important to clearing earth, just … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies

lets boogie

Please, please, please come in. Pretty please. They will resort to anything to try and get people to come into their idle morgues.... Really? The Wobble. Cupid Shuffle. Teaching poker "moves"? Just like Ron says.   Scientology v. Dudeism A Special Correspondent sent this in to me, she thought it was amusing, and so do I. Anyone who has ever seen The Big Lebowski will get the joke, but whether you have or haven't, the comparison to the scientology facebook page is pretty funny. Let's not forget church of scientology is on the "cutting edge of internet dissemination" … [Read more...]

Ideal Org “Successes” A Work In Progress

i never finish

Apparently these "ideal" orgs don't have anyone actually completing anything to give "success stories" so they resort to getting (and publishing) "successes" from people "in progress" on services. This is the best they can come up with? A further indictment of the complete failure of the "ideal org" program and GAG II.   … [Read more...]