ASHO’s New Role


For some time I have been commenting on ASHO being an org without a role. With the cancellation of the Briefing Course they have resorted to pushing "debugs" and "Basics." But now they have a new title "The Clearing Org of the Americas" This says an enormous amount about the abject failure of the "ideal" org program. Class V (local) scientology orgs are supposed to be the ones that do the "clearing."  But the vast majority of them (all?) cannot do so. Literally, they do not have the staff trained to be able to deliver the necessary actions to certify someone as "clear." And this is … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Reality


Here is a dose of reality about an actual "ideal org." Rather than the pretense presented in the events and PR publications. This org was opened in April 2009 by David Miscavige hisself with one of his usual grandiloquent speeches. All about how this "new org" was going to bring spiritual freedom to Texas and more blah blah about the massive expansion it org represents. Here is the "technical team" of Dallas "ideal" org: There are missions in Third World countries with bigger "tech teams" than this. And here is some insight into the state of their grand premises: They … [Read more...]

“Just because you break the financial rules…”


This email pretty much encapsulates the "think" of the fundamentalist scientologist. Clubbed seals who have totally bought into the "ideal org" "strategy" and who firmly and stubbornly believe that they can do no wrong (i.e. "it isn't an overt") if they are forwarding the survival of "the church." See text in red below (all of it is wacky, the red bits especially so).   ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: East US Ideal Org Team <> Date: Sun, May 10, 2015 at 4:44 PM Subject: Getting Your Org Ideal To: I want to give you my most … [Read more...]

Another Tampa Faux Pas


These guys keep putting out the "facts" to disprove the lies being told by David "Let Him Die" Miscavige about "massive international expansion." Remember, this is the "model" ideal org (at least until the "model" became a Sea Org staffed org in LA, which is no model for anything). And it has been an "ideal org" longer than any other org on earth. And moved from their original "model ideal" org to a new building to "accommodate their expansion." First, and a side note to the real issue, but nevertheless worth mentioning. How does a "model ideal org" that has been "ideal" for 12 YEARS … [Read more...]

Valley Really Not Ideal Org


Douglas D. Douglas over at the Underground Bunker, posted an excellent comment and photos this afternoon. It is too good to be possibly lost in the huge number of daily comments that appear on Tony Ortega's blog. Without his permission, I am turning this into a posting here in order to preserve his fine work and to make it easier for everyone to find. Here is his original comment, followed by the photos. Some very sharp observations. Honestly, can anyone other than a hypnotized zombie NOT see the insanity on display here. By their OWN claims, the "Golden Age of Tech II' is going to … [Read more...]

Nashville Paranoia Update

Screenshot (207)

Apparently they freaked out over the posting about Nashville "ideal" org  on Saturday. Here is a new shot taken by one of our Special Correspondents today showing a cop stationed in front of the org -- and there was a second one in the parking lot not visible in this frame. Two police officers in the parking lot. They are definitely not there for crowd control on Monday afternoon.  Same number of cars in the parking lot today as when I visited on Friday and the VM van has not moved. Perhaps they were there to serve a warrant on someone? Or to make a drug bust? Not likely. More … [Read more...]

Desperate Times


Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is the "2X St Hill Size" LA Org. Desperate to get anyone onto the Purif with a "one week sprint game" offering to give free training plus commissions. Not the message of a booming org. This is the message of an org that has had a short term surge with 200 Sea Org members injected into it, and is now in decline and they are in a panic... … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Disaster


The scam of the ideal orgs rolls on... After 12 YEARS, the western US region is by far the most advanced area of scientology with respect to creating "ideal orgs." This promo piece doesn't even mention the very non-ideal, tiny and getting tinier Hawaii, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Albuquerque "orgs." The lie of the "massive international expansion" is exposed every time they open their mouths. These 5 orgs, after 12 years, are "on the runway." Even Valley, which has had MASSIVE attention and is located in the area with the largest number of scientologists on earth, STILL cannot … [Read more...]

UK “Expansion”


A recent hypemail from "Ron's Home" caught my attention. Of course, Ron's Home is where they no longer deliver the St Hill Special Briefing Course and St Hill Fdn no longer exists. Hey, there are all sorts of indicators of "milestones" and "straight up and vertical" in scientology. Just as long as you proclaim the contraction is actually expansion, the sheeple buy it. War is peace. But what really made me this stand out to me was the LRH quote. This is the quote that "10,000 on or through Solo NOTs" is based on. Somehow the sheeple have come to accept that if there were that number … [Read more...]

Scientology Portland – Truthful Numbers


By a Special Correspondent This image was posted by a sharp-eyed commenter over on Tony Ortega's blog. It shows a full listing of Scientology Portlands statistics for a series of weeks leading up to March 13th. Scientology goes to incredible extremes to hide the actual numbers associated with its various organizations and always publishes "graphs" that are just meaningless squiggles devoid of any dates or numbers. These two boards show Scientology Portland, Daytime Organization and their race for improved numbers to celebrate L Ron Hubbard's birthday. And well done to them indeed, you … [Read more...]