What’s It Really Like Inside An Ideal Org?


If you listen to any of the statements that emanate from the bubble, whether from the mouth of Dear Leader himself, or other minions, they shout from the rooftops how the "ideal orgs" are "the turning point in the universe" and "the salvation of this sector" and are "bringing about planetary clearing." Of course, everyone outside the bubble knows its garbage, but it isnt often we get this sort of report from INSIDE an "ideal org." And not just ANY ideal org, but the much ballyhooed "ideal org" in the "first Scientology city" -- Portland. You will recall Dear Leader yanked their chain … [Read more...]

The Kool Aid Drunks


Unfortunately, and embarrassingly, this email epitomizes everything that is wrong with the "OT's" who are the main Miscavige Minions keeping the illusion of ideal orgs alive. My brother is the poster child for KoolAid drunks. At the least, this is useful as it is the first time anyone has actually said that Dear Leader is venturing to Sydney. It was pretty obvious from all the indications (they would not be closing the street or demanding everyone have a "ticket" if any lesser mortal were presiding over the grand re-opening of the same old Sydney Org). What is difficult to figure out … [Read more...]

Ideal Vulturing


A Special Correspondent sent this in as a comment on the latest blog post, but I thought it deserved a bit more attention. I received this from Jeremy Arezzini, Portland Ideal org fundraiser and long time Registrar at Portland CC then Portland Org, also the guy who donated 1 million to Valley (?) ideal org, in their promo of a few months ago. I don’t know how a staff member came up with a million bucks to donate, besides his commissions from ideal org fundraising (?) Subject: Important Personal Comm From Jeremy Arezzini! Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:52:05 … [Read more...]

The Street Will Be Completely Closed


We would not want the undesirables getting a glimpse of Dear Leader, the Emperor with No Clothes. So the long-anticipated, joyous occasion of finally yanking the ribbon on this building that has been put there in order to move 5+ million people onto and up the Bridge, is being done out of the public eye.... Hardly consistent with the message "we are here and everyone is welcome" that they will tell the media and repeat endlessly on their website. Funny, I dont think the Australian media is going to buy it. Hell, I dont think the Australian public are going to buy it? "You want us to come in … [Read more...]

CC Int Stat Report


Another accidental disclosure of stats you would never see at an International Event where all graphs look liked they have been neutered. But the first interesting thing about this is the LRH quote. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ENTIRE justification for the Holy Grail of getting 10,000 on Solo NOTs. That is everything there is on the subject that is not just hype. But here we go -- this is by FAR the largest Class V org on earth. It dwarfs all other Class V orgs and outside of St Hill Fdn (which hardly exists) it is the only Sea Org Class V org (though Tampa is a semi-SO Class V org with … [Read more...]

GAG II Is Built Right Into The Brick And Steel


Things are really rocking in the WUS! At least they are if you buy into their self-congratulatory hype.... Some of this stuff is just priceless. The Austin Org has been located right across the street from the University of Texas for DECADES. Can these people really think that if they put nice furniture and install a bunch of FART Div 6 displays it is somehow going to magically take off? This is "Ideal Think" (a new sort of debilitating mental illness that CCHR is doing NOTHING about) to the last stop of the crazy train. Usually the hype is about how they are going to open a "new ideal org" … [Read more...]

Scientology In Detroit

danger keep out

A little item sent in by a Special Correspondent from the Detroit area. They have had an "ideal" building for some time, sitting idle while the existing org struggles to keep the doors open on its current building. If you click on this image, you will see the Google Street View of the front door of the Detroit Ideal Org building. Zoom in on the sign on the door. This is not a shooped image.  Sort of encapsulates the state of Scientology and its "ideal orgs."   … [Read more...]

The Golden Age of Fundraising


I think this guy may already have attended Laurie Websters special course on how to fundraise (as opposed to reg). His letter is chockablock with cookie-cutter "save the whales/children/environment/old people" fundraising promotion that appears to have been taken from some sort of fill-in-your-name-here text.  If you cannot be bothered reading the whole thing, at least go to the last page. If you just want to see some of the highlights, look at the sections circled in red....   And just as a note, the furniture they are to purchase is dictated to them. They are not making "bulk purchases" -- … [Read more...]

Secret OTC Minutes


Well, the hushmail stork keeps dropping OTC reports down the  chimney. I am having a hard time keeping up with them all. And I dont have a lot of time this morning to sift through and comment on each of them. But I am sure there are plenty of readers who will highlight the strangenesses from inside the bubble. I made a couple of brief notes from glancing at these.   Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 From: Flag OT Committee <depchair@flagotc.org>Subject: Message of the Week & 24 March 2014 Meeting Minutes Flag OT Committee Meeting Minutes24 March 2014 Kaye Champagne, Chairman … [Read more...]

“World Famous Celebrity Laurie Webster”


Here is one for the gag file. We have all come to know about the hype that is used to make everything sound soooooo amazing and incredible. But really, Laurie Webster being promoted as a "world famous celebrity"?  The only thing she is known for is making endless false promises to defraud people out of their money to "urgently complete" the SP Building when they had all the money needed to do it but just didn't want to end the cash cow.  If the end phenomena of completing Super Power, Cause Resurgence, OT VII, Class VI and OEC/FEBC is being an accomplished liar and able to take money from … [Read more...]