Blowing Smoke Up Valley’s Ass

blow moke

Oh, the "impacting force" of it all... This document, though Quinn the Eskimo apparently doesn't realize it, is a scathing indictment of the scam that is the "ideal org" program. The building was purchased in April 2009. That is more than 5 years ago. Yet this is the highest priority, most urgent thing in the world of scientology. This is, according to Quinn, one of the most important "ideal" orgs on earth, just a couple of miles down the freeway from CSI, ASI, CC, PAC Bridge and Bridge Publications. This urgent, highest priority program that is so important to clearing earth, just … [Read more...]

Thursday Funnies

lets boogie

Please, please, please come in. Pretty please. They will resort to anything to try and get people to come into their idle morgues.... Really? The Wobble. Cupid Shuffle. Teaching poker "moves"? Just like Ron says.   Scientology v. Dudeism A Special Correspondent sent this in to me, she thought it was amusing, and so do I. Anyone who has ever seen The Big Lebowski will get the joke, but whether you have or haven't, the comparison to the scientology facebook page is pretty funny. Let's not forget church of scientology is on the "cutting edge of internet dissemination" … [Read more...]

Ideal Org “Successes” A Work In Progress

i never finish

Apparently these "ideal" orgs don't have anyone actually completing anything to give "success stories" so they resort to getting (and publishing) "successes" from people "in progress" on services. This is the best they can come up with? A further indictment of the complete failure of the "ideal org" program and GAG II.   … [Read more...]

Portland Ideal Org Is Pathetic


Below is the real "ideal org" in the "first clear city", Portland. We have earlier reported on the sad state of this org (see here, here and here) -- even though it is used as an "example" of how things "boom" in ALL "ideal orgs" the minute their doors swing open. A fairy tale to match the Wizard of Oz, and in many ways the analogy is apt. What you see is their OWN promotion. Proudly announcing that ALL their "most Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute IAS Supporters" were in attendance. It's THEIR shots, the best they have, not someone sneaking in for a "gotcha moment" that was taken during a … [Read more...]

The Most Deluded Valley Competition


The two "Valley" orgs seem to be competing for the title of "Most Deluded Valley": Silicon opens the bidding with an announcement that on 2 August, THEY will be announcing the beginning of world clearing. Wonder what all those other orgs that are telling people that they ARE Clearing the Planet think about this? Isn't every "ideal org" already clearing the planet for real? And so is Flag with Sooper Power.... These guys are a day (decade?) late and a lot of dollars short. But running neck and neck with them in the crazy stakes is the "valley girls" Valley: These guys have a … [Read more...]

LA Org Is Going St Hill Size. Again.

Groundhog Day -- theme movie of corporate scientology

    In keeping with the theme of do and redo that permeates the world of corporate scientology, LA Org ED's are shouting from the rooftops that they are "going St Hill Size"? They have apparently (and conveniently) forgotten they did this already, back in the 90's, and with much ballyhoo. And that they sold people on joining to "get their OT levels" because they are St Hill Size and "per 339R we have a Universe Corps" (even though they never had one). So typical of Kool Aid drinkers. They have selective memory. This announcement is as silly as Obama holding a press … [Read more...]

Monumentally Useless Buildings

A monumentally useless and empty ideal org

Jeff Hawkins sent me this article. I thought it was of interest as yet another comparison between North Korea and the bubble world of corporate scientology. There are many parallels, from the control of information to the worship of Dear Leader and from the ridiculous event spectacles to the gulags where dissidents are reformed. But this is a slightly different angle."Kijong-dong may seem like a novelty, but it is part of a twentieth-century tradition of hollow architectural spectacles. Communist regimes from Moscow to Beijing often indulged in monumental and monumentally useless … [Read more...]

They’re Blowing Smoke Up Valley

Circle Jerk

This is like witnessing a massive, LA wide circle jerk.  Not only are the Valleygirls and boys engaging in their usual self-pleasuring, they are getting it from all sides. Jon Lundeen stroked them with this: "Valley is the most important Org in all of Scientology. It is the solution for the youth in Los Angeles. As an Ideal Org, it will deliver GAT2." And he called them "Magical Beings" ? (I guess one's magical ability as a being is in direct proportion to the size of the check you write to the church). Baseball fan and Captain AOLA, Cal Cole bestowed on them the coveted "All Star … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Delusion v. Reality


Here is some interesting news from inside the bubble. Read this first email and look at the graphs that follow. You may recall Rona Bowles practically wetting herself back in June because Taiwan was beating them as the NUMBER ONE ORG IN THE WORLD for Purif/SRD starts? Well, it turns out that apart from last week when they supposedly had 13 starts, they have been averaging 4 starts per week, and they have a grand total of 41 people on Purif/SRD. Now, as everyone knows, the vast majority of these people are old public re-doing these actions because that is the latest fad. But even if … [Read more...]

Fundamentalist Scientologists Unite

faith sign

So much wrong in such a short announcement. First, "UK's Latest" is pretty badly behind the times. These Basic books and lectures have been around now for 7 years, I don't really understand the logic of promoting someone who is not even FINISHED but is "at the tail end."  Don't have anything else to promote so have to get a "success" out of him before he is done so we can use that. Second, Thomas Fehn is ex-Sea Org. In fact, I believe he was the CO FOLO UK at one point. This is sort of like using a success story from David Mayo on the Running Program... Poor Thomas, still trying to make … [Read more...]