Hair Raising Fundraising


This is becoming positively absurd. Check out the latest begging letter. The person sending this, Roy Sarkovitch, has been around forever. He was the Flag Flag Rep for many years, and an org "programs chief" in the Flag Bureau. He was a senior international scientology executive. Now reduced to sending out cornball, illiterate emails asking random people to just "give money" for "ideal orgs" -- nothing specific. Just send in some cash The signs of desperation inside the bubble are unmistakable. Date: June 27, 2015 at 7:12:40 AM PDT To: Subject: Fwd: … [Read more...]

Begging From Afar


The begging never stops, and apparently has no limit. This little gang are children of Australian SO Members (at least two of them are, I presume the others are too) located in Los Angeles. They are sending this begging letter out to people all over the world to solicit money for New Zealand's one and only small and failing org. You would think that New Zealand, which had one of the first orgs on earth way back in the 1950's would have another one by this time. Or even a single mission. More than 60 years and there has been NOTHING new in all that time. I suppose the massive … [Read more...]

Valley OTC BS


I have been collecting these for some time as they are sent to me. Not worth much really, other than as a record of events, but when you accumulate a selection of them and just scan through you see some interesting patterns. As they came in I highlighted certain recurring statements. This top one is an email sent out a couple of months ago that just seemed to perfectly set the stage. Hello there! According to our records you have been a member of the Valley OT Committee. Whether you were part of the push recently or quite a while ago, you may not have heard the latest news — we’re … [Read more...]

Malmo Ideal Org

Screenshot (286)

This is one of the great white elephants in the lumbering herd of ideal orgs. An historically tiny org in a secondary city (while the major city is ignored), relocated into an industrial zone to languish unlamented in obscurity. But is is also the closest ideal org to CLO EU, and with so few ideal orgs in Europe (the lowest percentage in any continent with virtually all of them funded by IAS "grants") this one is clearly getting the "SH Size" push. Here is a report from a local Special Correspondent which sums up the story in a few choice words: Out of the visible faces in the first … [Read more...]

More Ideal Org Insanity: The “LA Org Pattern”


The answer to the question "How will the LA Org pattern boom Cambridge Org?" is VERY simple. It won't. 1. Miscavige is not sending 200 Sea Org members to Cambridge to work from 9am to midnite 7 days a week for free. 2. Cambridge is not located next to a subway entrance so they cannot bodyroute unsuspecting suckers in.... And the 6 MONTH 'apprenticeship" all the Ideal Org EDs have been put through to "train" them on how to bodyroute is utterly meaningless (this is supposedly the key element that made LA Org stats go into "straight-up Affluence"). Like many other "ideal orgs" Cambridge … [Read more...]

Another Sad Fundraising Story


This is sad. And all too common. Committing financial suicide to hand over money to be spent on some extravagant building that will sit empty for years, and even if it does eventually get renovated into a marble floored palace with custom furniture and carpets it will remain as empty as it was when it was a shell. The last thing Columbus "org" needs is a $10 million dollar building. It is like buying the Taj Mahal for a lemonade stand. And he is so deluded he encourages others to jump off the same cliff he did. Scientology is not teaching anyone to "think for themselves" but only … [Read more...]

Denver Ideal Org Nonstop Fail

Denver ideal VM Van and Rockies fans parking lot

Remember, this is an "ideal" org. They have SO LITTLE to talk about that they have resorted to announcing the big news that ONE PERSON PAID for their "Clear Package." A SINGLE person PAID for auditing. ONE. And this is newsworthy. This "ideal" org was opened with great fanfare by COB hisself in June 2012. Three years ago. And they have likely not made a SINGLE CLEAR since then. But they are sure excited that after 3 years they have finally gotten someONE to pay to go Clear. Things are really looking up in Denver as the Rockies season has started again so the org will have … [Read more...]

ASHO’s New Role


For some time I have been commenting on ASHO being an org without a role. With the cancellation of the Briefing Course they have resorted to pushing "debugs" and "Basics." But now they have a new title "The Clearing Org of the Americas" This says an enormous amount about the abject failure of the "ideal" org program. Class V (local) scientology orgs are supposed to be the ones that do the "clearing."  But the vast majority of them (all?) cannot do so. Literally, they do not have the staff trained to be able to deliver the necessary actions to certify someone as "clear." And this is … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Reality


Here is a dose of reality about an actual "ideal org." Rather than the pretense presented in the events and PR publications. This org was opened in April 2009 by David Miscavige hisself with one of his usual grandiloquent speeches. All about how this "new org" was going to bring spiritual freedom to Texas and more blah blah about the massive expansion it org represents. Here is the "technical team" of Dallas "ideal" org: There are missions in Third World countries with bigger "tech teams" than this. And here is some insight into the state of their grand premises: They … [Read more...]

“Just because you break the financial rules…”


This email pretty much encapsulates the "think" of the fundamentalist scientologist. Clubbed seals who have totally bought into the "ideal org" "strategy" and who firmly and stubbornly believe that they can do no wrong (i.e. "it isn't an overt") if they are forwarding the survival of "the church." See text in red below (all of it is wacky, the red bits especially so).   ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: East US Ideal Org Team <> Date: Sun, May 10, 2015 at 4:44 PM Subject: Getting Your Org Ideal To: I want to give you my most … [Read more...]