LA Org Is Not Clearing LA


More on the latest grand fail. Pathetic stats that these people think are impressive -- and by comparison to other orgs, I am sure they are. But 34 Clears in 4 or 5 months (split the difference and call it 18 weeks) is less than 2 per week. Just for ballpark let's say LA is 10 million people. Clearing this area is going to take a LOOONG time, even if nobody else is born or moves in. 5 million weeks is about 100,000 YEARS. And this is the model, ideal, fully manned with experienced SO members LA Org. The pattern that is now being exported around the world.... I guess these people … [Read more...]

The Biggest News Since The Last News


Pasadena and Inglewood have been avoiding the heat. All the attention and effort has been on LA Org and Valley (apparently Orange County doesn't qualify for anything....) So it's being turned up. Suddenly, out of the blue, they are going to be "St Hill Size." Anyone want to bet that the plan is to send Sea Org teams into these orgs? I don't have the report from the briefings over the weekend yet, but this is the "pilot" that was done in LA Org. I can imagine Miscavige railing about the "useless, unutilized Sea Org members" at Int and at the HGB and in CLO WUS and so they are going to be … [Read more...]

More “Ideal” Org Fail


There have been some magnificent flops in the ideal org strategy (Malmo anyone? Cambridge? Berlin? Phoenix? Pretoria?) but I don't think any have been such a fail as Inglewood. Hyped to the hilt by Miscavige as one of the two orgs (along with Harlem) that was going to "bring scientology to the black cultural centers," it has done nothing and become a white elephant sitting in the middle of South Central LA. And here is the latest proof. A SINGLE Purif completion is BIG NEWS. It's not even a Clear or a Grade Completion. Let alone more than one. But what is even weirder, Richard … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Strategy Crumbling


  It's official. And what an amazing surprise it was. But now we have it straight from the horse's mouth. Quinn the Eskimo has come out of retirement -- everybody jump for joy. There is a "ground-breaking development." Well, not literally ground breaking, but as Quinn puts it, there has been a "change in protocol." As I had mentioned last week.... It's a new pitch. Get the money for the "construction phase" and that can "barrel forward" while more money is gotten for "furnishings and equipment." So give it NOW. The history-making good news is that we can "imminently" … [Read more...]

Valley In Vain


  The Valley Vultures are back at it, with another BIG PUSH for more money. Come and be regged, and we will give you "treats, snacks and music!" Let's "have fun and finish this" by you giving us more money. This is now like watching a slow motion train wreck.  No longer moving forward, the casualties are piling up and onlookers are wondering whether anyone will survive.   Hi Team Valley, We have BIG news and you may have already heard!  At our meeting you'll get all the data on the game that is next for Valley. We have a huge production target at the meeting to … [Read more...]

Phoenix Ideal Org Fail


This is an ideal org? I thought they were supposed to go into instant "straight up vertical" expansion? Phoenix was opened in June 2012. More than 2.5 YEARS ago. The org is empty, we have had a number of people report on the empty org, here is a report from 2013. Now there is more proof of what a failure this "ideal org" is. They are announcing a "special" graduation because two people finished their Objectives. WOW. And of course, I was curious, so I looked them up. They couldn't possibly be NEW public. If they completed two NEW public on Objectives it would be a MONUMENTAL … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Demolition


  Yes, this IS a real email.... Give us money to demolish the Birmingham Ideal Org. We are SOOO close to starting the demolition, we have our exclamation points already engaged. In their minds, these people are the "masters of communication." But apparently their ability to communicate is strictly limited. Little they say makes sense outside the bubble of scientology. But even bubbledweller to bubbledweller, it seems they are having more and more difficulty making sense. Their faculties appear to be eroding as the isolation from the real world is strengthened. They are … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Fail

Birmingham "ideal org"

The recent article on the South African blog about the sad state of Capetown "ideal org" reminded me that it was time for an update on this most important of all scientology endeavors. You no doubt recall the fanfare (in scientology this is a euphemism for high pressure sales pitch) with which this monumental, milestone strategy was launched back in 2003. It was based on David Miscavige's "why" that unless orgs were "complete" they could not perform their functions and thus would fail. And that by putting "ideal orgs" there they would in turn create new groups, missions and other orgs, not … [Read more...]

Valley OTC


A backlog of assorted minutes from the dedicated money grubbers desperately trying to get the Valley "ideal org" done. It is becoming a bit sad to watch. Even with Her Royal Governess of the Vast Valley Territory and Queen of OTness Nancy Cartwright bankrolling them, supported by David "I'm Not Crazy, Just OT" Wilson, the end of the road seems about as far away now as it did a year ago. And this in the land of the greatest concentration of scientologists on earth OMG! And the other booming ideal orgs -- Pasadena, CC Int, LA, Orange County and Inglewood. And CLO WUS and CSI and Bridge … [Read more...]

Despite Everything, LA Org Is Empty


Despite 200 fully hatted and trained Sea Org Members with 10,346.7 years of experience. Despite "ideal" premises. And the best of the best seasoned bodyrouters. The Model Test Center on Hollywood Blvd. A crack team used to train executives from all over the world on "how it is done." The bestowing of the title: Model Ideal St Hill Size Org by Dear Leader himself. The largest concentration of scientologists on earth. Massive advertising on network TV. Huge spending on internet ads. The power of positive postulates injected into the environment by Gavin Potter and … [Read more...]