Desperate Times


Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is the "2X St Hill Size" LA Org. Desperate to get anyone onto the Purif with a "one week sprint game" offering to give free training plus commissions. Not the message of a booming org. This is the message of an org that has had a short term surge with 200 Sea Org members injected into it, and is now in decline and they are in a panic... … [Read more...]

Ideal Org Disaster


The scam of the ideal orgs rolls on... After 12 YEARS, the western US region is by far the most advanced area of scientology with respect to creating "ideal orgs." This promo piece doesn't even mention the very non-ideal, tiny and getting tinier Hawaii, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Albuquerque "orgs." The lie of the "massive international expansion" is exposed every time they open their mouths. These 5 orgs, after 12 years, are "on the runway." Even Valley, which has had MASSIVE attention and is located in the area with the largest number of scientologists on earth, STILL cannot … [Read more...]

UK “Expansion”


A recent hypemail from "Ron's Home" caught my attention. Of course, Ron's Home is where they no longer deliver the St Hill Special Briefing Course and St Hill Fdn no longer exists. Hey, there are all sorts of indicators of "milestones" and "straight up and vertical" in scientology. Just as long as you proclaim the contraction is actually expansion, the sheeple buy it. War is peace. But what really made me this stand out to me was the LRH quote. This is the quote that "10,000 on or through Solo NOTs" is based on. Somehow the sheeple have come to accept that if there were that number … [Read more...]

Scientology Portland – Truthful Numbers


By a Special Correspondent This image was posted by a sharp-eyed commenter over on Tony Ortega's blog. It shows a full listing of Scientology Portlands statistics for a series of weeks leading up to March 13th. Scientology goes to incredible extremes to hide the actual numbers associated with its various organizations and always publishes "graphs" that are just meaningless squiggles devoid of any dates or numbers. These two boards show Scientology Portland, Daytime Organization and their race for improved numbers to celebrate L Ron Hubbard's birthday. And well done to them indeed, you … [Read more...]

Never Ending Ideal Org Blood Sucking


In celebration of LRH's birthday, here is something to celebrate.  The clearest expression of the future for all scientologists. There is no end in sight. Fundraising will continue until there isn't a single person left with a dollar or asset to their name who is still "with the program." It will be a collection of bone dry skeletons, bled dry and discarded like used kleenexes.  As each person realizes they have nothing left to give or that this is in fact a game where nobody wins, they will fall away and then distance themselves completely from the insatiable maw that is corporate … [Read more...]

COB Has Spoke: Pasadena Is Bestest


  Dear Leader has, according to the Pasadena OT Committee, deemed Pasadena: "has the most upstat staff, the most upstat OTC members, the most upstat public, in the most upstat area on the planet" I suspect no other orgs have been informed of this. If this is to "show it can be done for the rest of the world!" you would imagine that a more typical org would be chosen... Not the richest (and most arrogant). He has already proven how it can(not) be done in LA Org. Why another one so close? Why not Denver? Or Malmo? Or even London or Rome? But he has a little secret Kevin -- … [Read more...]

How Many Humanitarians Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?


Wow. If it really DOES take 35 "humanitarians," it tells you how outrageous Valley "ideal org" is -- as they not only have 48 they have Bart Simpson who counts for about 20. And after 12 years, it tells you how well these other orgs are doing. Hawaii with  1. On this basis, it will take them 420 years to make it to 35.... But no worries because Santa Barbara will be wrapped up by the year 2225. And this is the "closest" Cont to being done? … [Read more...]

LA Org Is Not Clearing LA


More on the latest grand fail. Pathetic stats that these people think are impressive -- and by comparison to other orgs, I am sure they are. But 34 Clears in 4 or 5 months (split the difference and call it 18 weeks) is less than 2 per week. Just for ballpark let's say LA is 10 million people. Clearing this area is going to take a LOOONG time, even if nobody else is born or moves in. 5 million weeks is about 100,000 YEARS. And this is the model, ideal, fully manned with experienced SO members LA Org. The pattern that is now being exported around the world.... I guess these people … [Read more...]

The Biggest News Since The Last News


Pasadena and Inglewood have been avoiding the heat. All the attention and effort has been on LA Org and Valley (apparently Orange County doesn't qualify for anything....) So it's being turned up. Suddenly, out of the blue, they are going to be "St Hill Size." Anyone want to bet that the plan is to send Sea Org teams into these orgs? I don't have the report from the briefings over the weekend yet, but this is the "pilot" that was done in LA Org. I can imagine Miscavige railing about the "useless, unutilized Sea Org members" at Int and at the HGB and in CLO WUS and so they are going to be … [Read more...]

More “Ideal” Org Fail


There have been some magnificent flops in the ideal org strategy (Malmo anyone? Cambridge? Berlin? Phoenix? Pretoria?) but I don't think any have been such a fail as Inglewood. Hyped to the hilt by Miscavige as one of the two orgs (along with Harlem) that was going to "bring scientology to the black cultural centers," it has done nothing and become a white elephant sitting in the middle of South Central LA. And here is the latest proof. A SINGLE Purif completion is BIG NEWS. It's not even a Clear or a Grade Completion. Let alone more than one. But what is even weirder, Richard … [Read more...]