Fred Haseney


Declaration of Independence By Fred Haseney January 10, 2015 On January 27, 1986, I attended the event at the Hollywood Palladium, in Los Angeles, California, in which David Miscavige announced the death of L. Ron Hubbard (“LRH”). By the end of the evening's proceedings, I knew that I would never, ever attend another event sponsored by the Church of Scientology. I can't say exactly why, but I knew that as I exited the Palladium's doors that that would be the last Scientology event for me.This "Declaration of Independence" is being prepared in such a way so that the Ethics Officer (“EO”) … [Read more...]

Ronit And Yossi Charny Speak Out


For readers of this blog who have decided scientology is not for them, this posting will be of no or very limited interest. But for those who still consider themselves scientologists, those who are still "on the fence" or "under the radar" this is information that is absolutely for you. It is FACTS about what goes on inside the church of scientology under the guise of "bringing spiritual freedom" and "uniting families." Ronit and Yossi sent this message out to all their contacts yesterday. I have waited to publish this until after they sent it out in the hope it might reach more of the … [Read more...]

Chris Shelton Speaks


Chris Shelton, who has posted here as Galactic Patrol for some time, sent me this article for publication.   It provides an interesting perspective on being a staff member and being in the SO. It may not be everyone's view, but it certainly aligns with much of what I experienced.   And I think it is a helpful addition to multiple viewpoints that are expressed here in an effort to make all data available to those who are interested. I spent my entire adult life as a professional Scientology staff member. I started taking classes when I was 15 and joined staff at the age of 17. I joined … [Read more...]

Cindy Temps


  A message from a veteran Los Angeles Scientologist who was recently "declared" resulting in her children disconnecting from her. She is speaking out in the hope that it opens the eyes of others and helps bring the abuses of the RCS to an end.     "It is necessary to happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists of professing to believe what he does not believe." Thomas Paine     I have been under the radar for too long now. I will not compromise my integrity any longer. It is important for Independent … [Read more...]

Me and My Big Mouth: Food For Thought Chapter 2


Ok, so my name is Ian Lee. Back on August 15th I wrote an article for Mike's blog. At the time I was in good standing and wanted to voice my opinions of some things that are happening within Scientology. You can and should read that article here before you continue. The specific reason I wrote it was that a friend of mine had posted a voicemail of a mutual friend of ours "disconnecting" from her. The practice which the church of Scientology denies exists. So I decided to put that assertion to a test. I was in good standing. I'm free to communicate. I'll say some stuff and see … [Read more...]

Ryan Hogarth Steps Forward

Ryan with his wife Melissa and son

The disintegration of the Radical Church in South Africa is rolling forward at a rapid clip. The Sea Org Missionaires sent to try and regain control of the train that left the station are doing their best imitation of kamikaze pilots as they head straight down and vertical in a spectacular suicide mission. Not only did they arrive with a bang and declare 18 prominent OTs and field Opinion Leaders (including the biggest supporters of the Ideal Orgs in South Africa) they are now conducting a witch hunt "Comm Ev" that is soliciting rumors and "declaring" the next round of those who are not in … [Read more...]

Wendy Bowman — of the “Joburg 18″ — Tells Her Story

Wendy Bowman

The South African Scientology field is being treated to some history lessons from some of its most illustrious members. While the church is busily trying to black PR the Joburg 18, they are simply sending out their stories.  Anyone with half a brain can read this and the letter from Gaye Corbett and know without a shadow of a doubt "This is no SP, in fact, if someone declared her and her husband they are either insane or a sociopath."  Thank you for standing tall Wendy and all the rest of the Joburg 18 and friends. There was an old term "Founding Scientologist" reserved for those who had … [Read more...]

Dror Center One Year Later

Dani and Tami Lemberger Dror Center

Our Israeli Special Correspondent sent in this report. In light of events in Joburg, it seemed particularly appropriate to hear how things are going in Haifa.   It’s been a little over a year since Dror Center of Haifa, Israel left the Church of Scientology. Their departure in July 2012 made big news and was reported by Marty Rathbun and here. DrorCenter left ‘en masse’ following the ‘declare’ of Tami and Dani Lemberger, the founders of DrorCenter. Their story was covered in the media, by Tony Ortega and by the leading Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.  I visited the Dror Center and was greeted … [Read more...]

The Commandos Have Landed in Jobur

storm troopers

Miscavige has sent the storm troopers to lower the boom in South Africa. The big question is whether the boom is going to crash right through the hull and sink his ship of fools down there. The newest post on the African Scientologists Getting Back in Comm blog is reproduced in full below. Long term CO Africa (Ken Kreiger) and CO CMO Africa (Alex Faust) are now cleaning dumpsters with toothbrushes in Clearwater and the new "Command Team" has taken over. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens over the next month as there are LOT more disaffected South Africans than the 18 … [Read more...]

Jim Fonda: Non Corporate Brand Real Scientology Is Available

Jim and Gayle Smith

My name is Jim Fonda. I recently started auditing Solo NOTs, am having great wins, and wanted to acknowledge some of the people who helped make this happen. I certainly want others to have the same wins that I am having, so part of my purpose in writing this is to show others that it is possible to get standard tech and to get on with the next step of their bridge. I got into Scientology in spring of 1976 at Stevens Creek Mission. I learned about Scientology from my girlfriend (later wife), Mary-Ann Acosta (later Mary-Ann Fonda). She had been on the communications course in 1974, but quickly … [Read more...]