Going Clear Screening and Q & A in Clearwater


      It is now official. Scientology's latest censorship effort has inevitably proven to be another in their long series of PR footbullets.   The screening of Going Clear on Friday 2 October will begin at 7pm at Muvico Palm Harbor. After the screening, the theater manager has set aside 45 minutes for Q and A and both Sara Goldberg and I will be happy to answer questions. In addition,  renowned Tampa CBS affiliate investigative reporting veteran Mike Deeson has agreed to be the moderator for the Q and A session. Mike adds his 30+ years of Bay … [Read more...]

Going Clear Emmy Sweep


It was a rough night for Dear Leader. First, Going Clear was presented an Emmy Award for best documentary, best director and best writer. Bam. Tons of media coverage about it. But I loved the quote at the end of this article:   Regarding a possible followup, Gibney noted, “There’s a lot more material already that I’ve received, more to come out — and so far the IRS has not revoked its [tax-exemption] protection so there’s a lot more to be done.” Alex Gibney​ is a REAL champion of human rights -- not because someone handed him a certificate that says so after he … [Read more...]

Going Clear: Where Is Scientology?

invisible man

In the face of the most intense media coverage in its history, scientology is strangely incapable of stepping up and saying anything. There is no spokesperson who even TRIES to answer questions or present the church's "good works" to the media. Instead, they send creepy letters from their lawyers and Misavige's nom de plume Karin Pouw, put together "attack videos" and threatening emails and tweets. And all of this outpouring ONLY consists exclusively of ad hominem attacks on the film makers, interviewees and now reporters who are covering the documentary. Everyone is a liar. Everyone is a … [Read more...]

David Does Sydney


  Bryan Seymour's Channel 7 News Story,  with footage of David Miscavige rehearsing Tony already has this on his site, but I wanted to include some other observations. Bryan told me they also blocked another national TV show (I assume it was Steve Cannane) and a national newspaper and rolled out some new "balloon tech" with people holding bunches of balloons in front of the media. These people have completely lost grip with reality, these are horrendous footnukes. Imagine spending $15 million to open a building to "flood people up the bridge" (that necessarily must … [Read more...]

There Are Important Things To Read

My posting this morning is really a lighthearted piece of fluff that has little bearing on anything important. However, there are two other stories that anyone interested in this blog should read. They are actually important. First, go to Tony Ortega's blog and read his very well put together piece about Jillian Schlesinger. A remarkable young woman who walked out of the Sea Org at the HGB only weeks ago. And watch the interviews Karen #1 has done with her and posted on her YouTube channel. (Note, there is a second interview video after this one). Second, read the latest article on the … [Read more...]

The Church of Spin


Miscavige sockpuppet, Karin Pinocchio Pouw is at it again. The "church," as they always do, have turned the Shelly Miscavige missing person report into an excuse to launch more of their patented footbullets. With a straight face, they are alleging to the Hollywood Reporter and other media that this is "ill-advised, ludicrous self-promotion"?  Say what? Does anyone in the world, other than the most addicted KoolAid drinker, really believe that filing a missing person report is "ill-advised", or better yet "ludicrous self-promotion". It is clear from the media reports that the well-being and … [Read more...]

Handling For All The “Entheta”


This is the email being urgently sent around to "handle" the entheta "that comes up in your life" (ie if you have been anywhere near the internet, TV or print media over the last week). The "positioning" game is going full roar. By their very actions the church are PROVING exactly what Leah said. When she asked "Where's Shelly" Tommy Davis told her its "above her fucking pay grade" to even ask and she ended up being sec checked.... For expressing concern over the whereabouts of someone she had known for MANY years. Of course, such a question is only "entheta" if it misses the withholds of … [Read more...]

Scientologists At War

 If you have not yet watched this program, go to his blog and watch it. Though somewhat outdated, it is a pretty objective view of the "Independent Scientology world" a year or so ago. Marty and Tony Ortega were both very good. Thoughtful, intelligent and well-informed. Mosey was magnificent -- calm, rational and cogent. Roast Beef Productions crammed a lot into a little time in a well constructed and edited piece that didnt dip into sensationalism but treated this as a serious issue of religious freedom. Of course, the Church of Scientology looked like abject fools and their statements … [Read more...]

Mike Rinder Argues Scientology is a Religion at Trinity College Debate


 Here is coverage of Mike Rinder's trip to Ireland to represent Scientology in a debate at Trinity College. The focus of the debate was "Is Scientology a Religion?" For whatever reason the incorporated Church of Scientology declined to send a representative so he went himself to make sure that his religion was represented.  Mike Rinder was ideally suited to this debate having served with L Ron Hubbard personally and having been a part of the Scientology religion since an early age. For more information on Mike and his history with the Scientology religion, click here to see his bio - Mike … [Read more...]

Mike Rinder: Open Revolt Against Vulture Culture?


 The following interview of Mike Rinder was published in the most widely circulated and influential newspaper in Germany, Sueddeutsche, over the weekend.  It is informative and gets more integral differentiation going out worldwide. (Click Here for Mike Rinder Bio) Thanks to Greta Alexander for translating for us. Scientology-dropout about leader of sect “He beat me, he made me clean toilets”  January 14, 2012, 15:57 Interview: Marc Felix Serrao For 20 years Michael Rinder has led the feared secret service of the Church of Scientology. In 2007 he dropped out – because he could no longer deal … [Read more...]