Money, Power, Servitude


This new book is a must read for anyone interested in scientology and what goes on inside the church. Peter Bonyai recounts his experiences from the day he first walked into a mission in Pecs, Hungary through his life in the Sea Org and ultimately to his departure 10 years later. I helped Peter by editing the english translation (he wrote it in his native tongue and translated it himself). I found the book fascinating and compelling. Peter has a wonderful sense of humor and an amazing ability to analyze both the insanity of what he experienced and his internal responses and thoughts, … [Read more...]


i am documentary tom shadyac

Marty recommended this movie to me which Christie and I just watched.  Get it from Netflix or Amazon or anywhere you can. It is more than worth the effort. It is brilliant, thought provoking, uplifting and inspiring. It is not a comedy in spite of the credits of the director. It is a documentary about one man's search for the meaning of life and it touches upon many subjects that are of interest to those who frequent this blog.        … [Read more...]

Beyond Belief

beyond belief-inside scientology

Jenna Miscavige tells her story as a Sea Org Member. Described by as; Jenna Miscavige Hill niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, was raised as a Scientologist but left the controversial religion in 2005. In Beyond Belief, she shares her true story of life inside the upper ranks of the sect, details her experiences as a member Sea Org—the church's highest ministry, speaks of her "disconnection" from family outside of the organization, and tells the story of her ultimate escape. In this tell-all memoir, complete with family photographs from her time in the Church, … [Read more...]

The Scientology Reformation By Mark Rathbun


Why Scientology must be reformed. It answers the most frequently asked questions about Scientology today, including: What is behind the madness and violence widely reported on Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige? Why does Tom Cruise continue to support Miscavige despite international media reports of his increasingly sociopathic conduct? What does Tom Cruise know and when did he know it? Does Cruise follow his mentor Miscavige’s penchant for bullying and violence? The whole story of Miscavige's pimping and pandering for Cruise. Where does all the money go? Can Scientology survive … [Read more...]

What Is Wrong With Scientology


  The first critical treatment of Scientology that seeks to identify and correct what is wrong with it rather than to merely expose or advocate against the subject. A handbook for former, current and prospective members. The book can help to heal any damage done by misuse while rehabilitating any positives derived from Scientology. The book also serves to proof up an individual against being harmed by misapplication of Scientology in the future. As the first simple, accurate description of the philosophy from its introductory to its most advanced levels, the book will inform those … [Read more...]

Counterfeit Dreams

counterfeit dreams-the world of Scientology

Scientology presents a glittering public facade, with their high-profile celebrities, polished videos, sophisticated TV ads, and impressive buildings. It is a public image that Jefferson Hawkins helped to craft, in the 36 years he spent working for the Church of Scientology. Yet behind that facade is a hidden world of physical and mental abuse, harassment, sleep deprivation, labor camps, family disconnection, and flagrant human rights violations. Anyone who dares to reveal what really goes on behind Scientology's dazzling curtain is mercilessly attacked and vilified by the Church. In … [Read more...]

Scientology- Abuse at the Top


A former top insider reveals the nightmare world of violence and abuse at the highest levels of the Church of Scientology. One review states: "At home alone, a 14 year old girl takes a phone call from Scientology. This starts a quarter of a century journey of manipulation, betrayal and sexual, physical and mental abuse. This journey leads to the highest management echelon and one woman's courage to break free. A real page-turner." Mark P. Another writes: "Amy Scobee has written a book unlike any other expose of Scientology. She actually was at the top of International Management for 20 years, … [Read more...]

Blown For Good – Scientology


Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology is a non-fiction book about Scientology, written by Marc Headley. It was first published in the United States on November 5, 2009. Headley's mother was a Scientologist and he joined the organization at a young age. He worked for the organization at its international headquarters in Hemet, California, called Gold Base for 15 years, and left in 2005. The book details his experiences working as a member of Scientology's highest-leadership group in the organization called the Sea Org, as well as the management style of Scientology leader David … [Read more...]