CO WISE Fundraising for "Ideal Orgs"

wise guyA report just in from Tampa.

Quentin Strub, CO WISE EUS, flew into town to deliver a “KSW Seminar.” 

Here is the invitation to this spectacular, must-attend event sent out by Kent Oliver the Director of Public Booksales Tampa Day (fast becoming the poster child for hey-you “org boarding”):


Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 09:52:08 -0700
Subject: ThisWednesday

This is a very important seminar every person should attend. And it’s at our Org, Tampa Org.

Mr. Quentin Strub, CO WISE East US, from the Freewinds will be giving it. This usually cost $600, but for this one time it will be give to us for FREE. 

The seminar is on KSW and the first 4 dynamics. 

Have you ever made the decision not to do anything when it comes to Church activities? Have you ever made the decision not to do anything concerning yourself? What about the 2nd dynamic? And what about the 4th dynamic. You will find out the WHY one should make those decisions regarding pro-survival. It’s all in KSW. 

This seminar is this Wednesday, May 8th, at 7pm, in the Tampa Org Chapel.
Kent Oliver: DPBS, TPAD

Now, the big shocker here may come as no surprise to readers of this blog, but this was no FREE “seminar”(that usually cost $600) to find out how to apply the abbreviated “greatest good for half the dynamics with 3 counting 8 points and all others 1″, it was in fact a FUNDRAISER.  

According to attendees reports, Mr. Strub went to lengths to explain that while he is still the CO WISE, he is on a “Special Project” to do Ideal Org fundraising.  So, he is the CO WISE, but just for now, he isn’t the CO WISE.  Kind of a Clark Kent/Superman deal I suppose…. 

He didnt explain how he was also from the “Freewinds” but perhaps that is like Superman’s home planet or something?

So, what is he “fundraising” for in Tampa?

HARLEM of course….

He came FROM New York — where there are TWO “Saint Hill Size” Ideal Orgs and the massive expansion and flourishing field that is associated with all “Ideal Orgs” — all the way to Tampa to try to raise funds for HARLEM.  Tampa has problems of their own — they cannot pay their utilities. They are also expected to raise money for Orlando and Miami as part of the “Flag Alliance” (and what they collect “counts on Flag’s stats” — see recent post An Ideal Florida, Hand Over Your Starbucks. So, why Tampa? Because there are “whales” here. 

You may recall, Quentin’s wife, Bronwin, the D/CO WISE EUS, was sending out quotas to get people to the “Ideal Org” opening in Portland a couple of weeks ago. 

Just further confirmation that what is left of Corporate Scientology “management” is just a hey-you clust****ck. Anyone and everyone are now first and foremost Regges for IAS/Ideal Org/Book donation campaigns. Send out orders from NY to tell people to go to an Ideal Org opening in Portland. Fly to Tampa to raise money for NY.  FB/OSA/SMI Int staff call around to sell books. Ethics Officers full time “persuading” people to make “contributions.” WISE regging for Ideal Orgs.

As WISE staff are notorious for doing nothing in exchange for taxing businesses owned by Scientologists, its not much of a stretch for these WISE guys to be asking for money for nothing for Ideal Orgs.

But still.  It’s a bit much….

Oi vey.



  1. Aquamarine says

    By the way, rumor has it that Lynn Irons is no longer ED Tampa. True or not, that’s what I heard.

  2. Aquamarine says

    You know, it just occurred to me that anyone unfamiliar with the RCS reading this stuff would find it too incredible, too unbelievable, that any entity calling itself a church could harass its parishioners for money so continuously. I think this unbelievability is one of the factors which still protects the RCS. That, and how hard it is to explain why we put up with it for so long. In my case, the minute I had a clear distinction in my mind between the Tech and Management, and the minute I really got that the latter was no longer delivering the former, I was done.

  3. Aquamarine says

    Question: “Have you ever made the decision not to do anything when it comes to Church activities?

    Answer: “Yes, Quentin. What comes to mind is my decision to quit participating in any Church activities wherein I will be badgered, bullied, button-pressed or guilt-tripped into handing over everything I own”.

  4. Aquamarine says

    This is continuing evidence of the cult’s desperation to bleed whoever can be bled, wherever and by whomever. Mike has spotted the Why of it being Tampa: there are whales there. Doubtful that the money for Harlem’s Idea Morgue can be raised within that community, as the NOI will be its chief public and NOI are unlikely to fork over money for CO$’s real estate. So its necessary to go wherever the money is because it ain’t in Harlem. Nor, from what I hear, are there any whales for Harlem in the per capita wealthier areas of Westchester and Long Island as these folks, per my friend, are being fundraised for Celebrity Center (NY) and for Long Island org in order to go “Ideal”.

  5. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

    One of the reasons I’m sure that this non-seq regging was going on in Tpa is because Tpa ran a super secret project of getting a few dozen NOI peeps through some Book one training. I’m sure it was done in Tpa to keep them at arms length from Flag in case things blew up yet close enough to run it from the side and on the continual bypass LRH policy system that Tpa is run by. Well, that the cofs is run by. I am only guessing at this next but I would think it’s likely that some of those NOI troups were pick’ns for staff in Harlem.

  6. SamU says

    Quentin is the only Canadian I don’t like. My wife used to get sick around him until she went OT.

  7. The Oracle says

    The Sea Org, In Tampa, fleecing Tampa public “for Harlem”.

    The I.A.S., in the F.S.O. fleecing the F.S.O. public. The Sea Org and I.A.S. down in the class lV class V Orgs fleecing their public. NOT for services mind you! For REAL ESTATE!

    The OT customers, are being told by the Sea Org, per L.R.H. it is THEM that is supposed to put the Ideal Orgs around the planet.

    Imagine if this were a restaurant???? The CUSTOMERS would be told it is on THEM to open the restaurant. The stockholders and Board of Directors of the chain would be down in the restaurant asking the customers for money to increase the company value in real estate holdings. NOBODY would be cooking and the ONLY person eating would be the majority stockholder. It is a good thing they are not trying to run a restaurant.

  8. gretchen dewire says

    I joined wise once in the 90s for my nursery business, but after awhile, a short while it dawned on me how foolish it was to support a group that gave noyhing back. I would call and ask an admin question and they would tell me I did not have a high enough status {definition, money given) for them to answer my questions. What a freaking scam.

  9. Kevin Tighe says

    Quentin, Quentin,Quentin. He was the beginning of the end for me. A few years ago he took me out to dinner. His comm turned a bit forceful which had been proceeded by some forceful phone conversations. I distinctly recall thinking, “I’m 50 years old and I’ve been working my ass off for Scientology for three decades and I’ve gotta listen to shit from this a-hole.” After that it was really just a matter of time. Low and behold the next a-hole who tried to get “tough” with me was CO WISE FLB who was barely out of diapers. Let’s just say after I got done with him he had two options as to how he could shit. Thank God for the St. Pete Times Truth Rundown series or I might still be listening to shit from these morons.

  10. Blown SP says

    Mike – can you go to Tony O’s blog and read the llatest of the Luis Garcia lawsuit? Please give us your input. thanks.

    • Mike Rinder says

      BSP — I am limited in what I can say about this. It is pretty well explained at Tony’s blog. Culkin took money from the church to give them a declaration for them to try to use to disqualify Luis Garcia’s lawyers from representing him. Culkin had been in touch with me and Luis’ lawyers because he wanted us to help him sue the church.

      • Blown SP says

        Mike – Thank you for responding. Hats off to you for not selling out! Thank you!

  11. Moonshot says

    “As WISE staff are notorious for doing nothing in exchange for taxing businesses owned by Scientologists…..”

    Clearly you are minimizing the scope of WISE abilities and activities. They are also very skilled at providing onesided and blatantly partisan “mediation” cycles where “upstat” scientoligists have business disputes. In all cases, in complete disregard to all facts, fairness, law, or factual exchange, WISE can be counted upon to find in favor of the party with the highest and latest donations to the IAS, Superpower, and Ideal Orgs. I think you dont fully appreciate just how valuabloe these services are to these folks.

    • Valkov says

      Justified by quoting LRH no doubt, as “rewarding the upstat and penalizing the downstat”.

  12. Jane Doe says

    Dear Statpush,

    I like your post but have to add this: No, WISE is worse than the Mafia! They are worse because even the Mafia gives some level of exchange. For the money the Mafia gives you protection. WISE takes your money and gives you nothing in return. The magazine is more like an enforced overt have because you don’t want the stupid magazine.

    • statpush says

      I agree. It really is quite shocking. It’s not even thinly disguised; there really is nothing behind the curtain. WISE operates off of a sense of entitlement. Like a Scn Tax Agency, they levy a 10% corporation tax, for what? The “privledge” to buy more of their “services”? Completely divorced from reality.

  13. SILVIA says

    WISE will follow after Narconon IF there is any staff or Org left around at all because, as pointed already, they are doing everything else but their Hat, there is NO Org there at all….not in WISE, nor in Narconon, nor in the Orgs- they have assumed a wrong source when doing fund raising. Practically everything is guided by the premise of “steal money, gather money, reg money” But, since when money is a product?…I guess we know the answer, but lest leave it at that for now…

  14. Doug Parent says

    “They take with no product delivered. In the culture of the vulture, no doubt their activities have degenerated and they are going to end up being linked/culpable for the criminality they are creating in businesses.”…

    How true and I think that the same paradigm applies whereby the attempt to control/censor and ferret out “fence sitters” and “disaffected” people, the “Facebook police” actions, etc w will continue to have it’s inevitable backlash. They really do seem to be doing themselves in. Too bad the repute of the *subject* is now as bad as that of the organization. The ultimate suppressive act and result of the brilliant leadership of David Miscavige.

  15. SadStateOfAffairs says

    MR: This is “hey-you” raised exponentially, to: 1) Nobody must do anything that has to do with their own post (they might erroneously do something on-Policy if they were on post); and 2) Rather than doing their own post everybody must do everything they are told for everybody else other than their own post.

  16. Bela says

    Just take a look at his first question, “Have you ever made the decision not to do anything when it comes to church activities?” . You can already see the covert attempt to introvert and set you up for “taking responsibility” for those “overts”…donate $$ and that will absolve you of all those overts.

    And as you pointed out, Mike, the hey you org board…it is far worse than ever, as demonstrated by that first line…CO WISE, from the Freewinds, giving a seminar in Tampa, for Harlem…what?!?? absurdly funny!

  17. Ronn says

    It’s safe to assume any and all RCS events, if it has “Event” attached to it is going to be a fundraiser. IAS, Ideal Org, Library Campaign, Way to Happiness for Colombian drug lords and Basics for all African witch doctors, and now… drum roll… Ideal Alliances. Good fricken grief.

    I had a realization recently that I have no antagonism on my lines… since leaving the Church!

    • Starman8 says

      I “FINALLY” had the cog, it was a long straightwire process, THAT no one EVER called me at anytime unless they wanted MONEY. It’s probably the one process I’ve “run” that took me too long to EP, LOL.

      But once I did, I was way more causative about it.


  18. uncover says

    >> A report just in from Tampa.
    >> Quentin Strub, CO WISE EUS, flew into town to deliver a “KSW Seminar.”
    >> …. it was in fact a FUNDRAISER.

    I think you missed a “secret new policy” from “GAM II” 😉 . It´´s true, the outdated “KSW” was about the “tech”. Since no one anymore appears to be interested in the “tech” (too much wasted time), there has to be another way than auditing, courses, tech-seminars to keep the system alive (= “working”). And here we have the new contemporary “Keep Scientologists Working” (for Miscavige) and that is: fundraising. Without this, the RCS already would be dead (= “not working”).

    So: a contemporary “KSW-Seminar” can´t be anything else than fundraising – and you have too agree, it sounds better:
    “Where have you been so long ?”
    “Oh, I have been on an important seminar.”

  19. Chris Mann says

    WISE are some of the worst, out exchange bunch of criminals in The Church, and thats some pretty tough competition. Essentially you will be in “ethics trouble” and they will take away your spiritual eternity if you don’t pay them their “protection money”. This guy has the ideal skillset to be an Ideal Org fundraiser reg.

  20. KFrancis says

    I hate to see Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise associated with this in anyway. He had a fine career roaming the universe sorting out real problems and threats to earth survival. He didn’t foul his life by getting his hands soiled with sketchy money scams.

    The C of S under DM on the other hand is an around-the-clock creator of problems and threats.

  21. Starman8 says

    Finally, let’s expose this idiocy. Quentin has been on these “missions” for years. I had the unpleasant pleasure both in Miami and Clearwater to listen to him espouse policy while ironically ignoring it all. In his holier than thou manner, pointing to the assembled green vols, and saying you guys barely use a piece of this tech. WELL, he barely follows any of it too! He’s a hypocrite for sure. Fund raising? As we know, that’s off-policy. He probably has some knowledge too of the EEOC related stuff in Miami.

    Years ago he extorted WISE membership out of me, under threat, duress, whatever you want to call it, at the time I was about to go on OT VII. I had had a lapsed membership, so rather than create more roadblocks I just obliged. However, last year, after learning everything we know, I cancelled my credit card to “terminate” the WISE monthly billing. WISE must be too busy with other things, because only a feeble attempt was made to reinstate my WISE membership.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Starman — yes, WISE is a real sour scene. Narconon is getting all the attention right now, but sooner or later WISE is going to come under the microscope and its not going to be pretty. It is by definition a “Criminal Exchange” operation. They take with no product delivered. In the culture of the vulture, no doubt their activities have degenerated and they are going to end up being linked/culpable for the criminality they are creating in businesses.

      • statpush says

        I was strong-armed into a WISE membership and didn’t even get a T-shirt. When it came time for renewal I told the reg that I don’t deliver Scn-based services at all. She replied, “Well, you use the ARC Triangle don’t you? That’s Scn and you benefit from that.” Huh? I asked what do I get for my membership? A magazine, courses in the WISE Academy (which I have to pay for), and access to an arbitrator (which I have to pay for) – in short, a magazine. These guys are like the Mafia, looking for a piece of the action.

      • Wendy Munro says

        Statpush – that line about you being regged to pay for a WISE membership because you use the ARC triangle takes the cake! On that logic the whole of earth’s population should be paying Isaac Newton’s estate royalties because gravity applies to us all. If you don’t join WISE you can’t use ARC. If you use ARC….. you will be taxed (they say with “ARC” (version 1.1)). “Mafia” sounds about right!

    • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

      I remember back in at least ’02 Strubb was off post to reg for Buffalo along with all but 3 CLOEUS staff. He spent over a year up there regging the WISE guys and sucking the life out of the big heavy hitter donor up there who basically bought that building for them until this guy was so sick there was serious concern about whether he was going to live. This was at the same time of their being an OT VII staff member who fell and broke her leg and another one who got very sick. A good friend of mine donated almost a year of his life to be up there to help Quentin and was himself so suppressed and broke by the end of that year that he left to go make some income. Instead of thanking this guy for all his help and donation of time he was slammed for leaving and had his license to consult taken away until he got himself sec checked. Yep that’s Quentin loyal till the last drop and when your blood is gone he moves on to another source of blood.

  22. Bonny says

    I learned a long time ago, I can’t afford “free”… especially when offered from the “church”.

    I’m really feeling sorry for those few left. There is absolutely no reprieve from the constant barrage. They’ve got to be some mighty shell shocked public (and staff too) with a new salvo hitting any time day or night! So glad I’m out!

  23. says

    Well, if it isn’t Quentin “The Cossack” Strubb himself!

    “Have you ever made the decision not to do anything when it comes to Church activities? Have you ever made the decision not to do anything concerning yourself? What about the 2nd dynamic? And what about the 4th dynamic. You will find out the WHY one should make those decisions regarding pro-survival. It’s all in KSW.”

    Yes, yes, of course I made the decision to stay away from idiots like you. I generally don’t enjoy being manhandled, robbed, bankrupted and otherwise indoctrinated to become docile and stupid under the guise of “KSW”.

    Quentin, you need to find a profession where you actually help people.

  24. Innocent Bystander says

    So let me see if I’ve got this straight… the CO WISE EUS, a top exec for the “ultimate experts in management tech,” the final authority on the Org Board and LRH policy, the Org responsible for bringing LRH management tech to the world, gets cross-ordered off post to deliver a seminar to an off-policy activity and of all possible subjects choses KSW to lecture about???
    Holy crap, I have lost count on how many ironies are wrapped up in that one.

  25. Aeolus says

    Unfortunately MIke, I’m not surprised at all. I have long since stopped expecting anyone in the Church to be following LRH policy, and lately I’ve stopped expecting them to even make sense.

    On the plus side, I enjoy reading your blog and at this rate you will never run out of material.

    • Jane Doe says

      Contagion of aberration. The computation is this: “Money is all. Money and mest are King. I can’t make money doing my posted post and hat (WISE CO in this case), so I will drop my hats and just be a reg for the IAS / Ideal Orgs. Yeah, that’s the ticket…”

  26. John P. says

    I got no further than the name “Quentin Strub” before bursting into laughter. That sounds like the name of a villain from books we read when we were kids, like the Hardy Boys. Or maybe the bad guy from the “Scooby Doo” cartoon. You know, the guy who gets caught and unmasked, and right before the cops haul him off to jail, he says, “And I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

    I loved the spelling and punctuation in Kent Oliver’s e-mail. But I liked even more the fact that it was sent out the day before an event. If the event was so impressive and important, wouldn’t there be a nice slick e-mail with lots of photos that looks a lot more glamorous than this? Easiest thing in the world to turn down an invitation you receive the night before an event. “Sorry, I already promised my husband I would reorganize his sock drawer tomorrow night.”

    Mike, any idea from your sources how many people attended this earth-shaking ground-breaking explosion of theta? And how much money was raised?