Cult Leaders Surrounded By Note Takers

With note-taker-in-chief Laurisse (Lou) Stuckenbrock nee Henley-Smith

With note-taker-in-chief Laurisse (Lou) Stuckenbrock nee Henley-Smith

Third in the birthday celebration series….

A recent article on the BBC Website raised an interesting question, and one of our eagle-eyed Special Correspondents sent it to me with the following comment, It seemed very appropriate on this day of saluting the accomplishments of David Miscavige.

Mike, I saw this article on the BC news website today and it reminded me of someone:

Wasn’t ‘Dear Leader’ followed everywhere and his every utterance recorded?

I know the comparison has been made before, but the more I look at the situation in the DPRK vs RCS, the less difference I see. Just waiting for Misk to issue an edict on approved haircuts…

This is an interesting observation about cults of personality.

Every spoken word of Dear Leader is considered to be invaluable and possibly contain some amazing new breakthrough that will help resolve a situation or forward the cause or deal with a crisis. His wisdom is infinite and one never knows when it might gush forth. Thus everything is recorded.  Anyone who has been around him has seen this first hand.

Miscavige is a little more technically advanced than the leaders of North Korea. Note takers have been replaced by digital voice recorders. And there are always two of them, in case one fails and also to facilitate faster transcription so the babble can be rushed to the unfortunates who are supposed to try and decipher what it is that it means and then “comply with the COB orders.” (In spite of the perjured testimony of Allen Cartwright and Warren McShane that they know nothing about Compliance Reports to COB Orders).

Seems this is another hallmark of a cult leader.

Why is Kim Jong-un always surrounded by people taking notes?


There’s a newly released batch of photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on a series of site visits. The dozens of photos all have one curious detail in common – the leader is surrounded by officials and generals making notes in identical notepads, writes Kathryn Westcott.

In the photographs – from the country’s official Central News Agency (KCNA) – Kim Jong-un observes a unit of women conducting a multiple-rocket launching drill. He strides around a fishery station. He gives a pilot on flight training a pep talk. He enjoys the facilities at a renovated youth camp.

But who are those men meticulously taking notes? They’re not journalists, but soldiers, party members or government officials, says Prof James Grayson, Korea expert at the University of Sheffield. What is happening is a demonstration of the leader’s supposed power, knowledge, wisdom and concern, says Grayson. It’s “on-the-spot guidance”, something instigated by his grandfather Kim Il-sung in the 1950s. “It’s part of the image of the great leader offering benevolent guidance,” says Grayson.

Kim Jong-un visits a children's campAt a renovated youth camp
Kim Jong-un visits fisheryOffering advice at a soon-to-be commissioned fishery
Kim Jong-un visits a children's campEven the jokes get written down

What might that guidance be? Well, if Kim’s anything like his grandfather it could be practical advice. Very specific practical advice. After Kim Il-sung visited a fishery in 1976, KCNA published this: “Watching a truck at work, the president said that its bucket seemed to be small in comparison with its horsepower. He said the problem of carriage would be solved if the bucket was enlarged. Afterwards the truck’s bucket capacity increased to two tons from 800 kg. As a result, 20 trucks were capable of carrying the load to be done by 50 trucks.”

Kim Jong-ilKim Jong-il carried on the field guidance policy after his father Kim Il-sung died
Kim Jong-il inspecting Chongjin University of Mining and MetallurgyOfficials await advice at the Chongjin University of Mining and Metallurgy

Despite the fact that tablets are available in the country, paper notebooks remain the favoured medium. “These are pictures that will be broadcast on television and shown in the state media, so those who are there want to be seen recording Kim Jong-un’s every word,” says Grayson. “It’s about presenting him as having broad knowledge – however, it’s ridiculous, he can’t possibly know about all of these different things. It’s important, however, that the apparatchiks that surround him are seen to be hanging on his every word.”

According to Prof Steve Tsang, chair the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at the University of Nottingham, the note-takers will be writing extremely carefully. “They wouldn’t want to write down anything that was, say, politically inaccurate, or it might come back to bite them.” The notes are not usually published or available for the public to view, says Tsang. “If anything comes out of them, it would be via the propaganda department. Whether it was what was actually said, or is different to the guidance given at the time, doesn’t matter. No-one will ever question it. If you were at the factory and the advice that was released wasn’t quite what you had in your notebook – what are you going to do about it?”

Kim Jong-un visits a flight training centreKim Jong-un visits a flight training centre


  1. GTBO says

    Old Surfer Dude
    GTBO, let me know if you’ve heard of this: SO consider DM God-like.

    No not directly, “the most important being on the planet ” is used often by SO members to try to coerce compliance (I experienced this more than once). I have no doubt that some of them do consider him “god like” to justify their out-ethics behaviour.

    • indie8million says

      GTBO – regarding COB to be “god-like” – it reminds me of the stories about the “Ancient Aliens,” where the simple and pre-technology people saw a “chariot of fire “in the sky and thought that “Gods” came out of them. Who else could they be, if the chariots came ‘out of the heavens’.

      Same with DM. Ron is held in high elevation and DM comes from “over the rainbow,” so the simple people figure that he must be a god, or at least someone to respect.

      Like those people of old, the modern-day, everyday Scientologist endeavors to be honest, ethical and helpful to the people of the world. Unfortunately, they aren’t well versed in the street smarts of the sociopath so they don’t even consider that it’s possible that ‘OUR COB’ would even consider any larceny and believe a thought like that to be heresy.

      It’s like the sheeple of the world in general, when you talk to them about indefinite detention or chemtrail germ warfare. “Oh, our government wouldn’t do that to UUUUUUUUSSSSSS!” Then they report you to that same government for thinking “negative thoughts”.

  2. Kemist says

    Incidentally, North Korea is also known to systematically publish fake photography – perhaps that’s another parallel you might make with the CoS.

    It’s THE source of material for any class on how to detect doctored pictures.

    For instance, the last image is a sloppy composition where Beloved Leader has been shooped in a scene he does not belong to.

    The lighting is very, very wrong.

  3. Busck says

    If David misscabbage is the tech protector and so on.
    Why isn’t he on the RPF after all the flaws and corrections he’s done, Sp’s altering the tech…
    Doesn’t that mean he totally flunked on his job as the protector and should have been sent to the RPF years ago, why don’t SO members see that?

  4. says

    We in the Office of COB take notes of everything Chairman Miscavige says for two reasons. First, we are ordered to do so. Second, should we need to turn “State’s Evidence” in the near future we have the goods on him.

  5. Birgit says

    In North Korea they also take your passport and only hand it back to you, when you leave the country – just like Scientology on the Freewinds.
    The similarities really are eerie!

    Another strange feature is the fact that noone is allowed to take pictures of his Holyness, The Pope of Scientology, Captain Miscavige. If anyone takes pictures of him, the camera will be confiscated and the pictures deleted. I´m wondering if this is also something DM learned from his colleague in North Korea?

  6. says

    How long does it take to make a psychiatrist? 13 long years.

    How long does it take to make an auditor? We still don’t know because once again, David has found they are all incompetents made by L. Ron Hubbard, that need to retrain under HIM.

    While he creates events explaining how he has defeated psychiatry, he discounts the only people really capable of out creating them. While the universities grant diplomas to who? Psychiatrists.

    It only takes 13 years to become a shrink and your certs are not cancelled at every event.

    Google RESIDENT CENSUS – American Psychiatric Association to find out how many psychiatrists are made each year.

    It is less than auditors who get their certs cancelled under David Miscavige. Annually. I kid you not.

    • says

      The Universities are cranking out like 3900 a year. David is cancelling the certs of far many more auditors. While spending millions to “fight the psyches”. For real?

      • says

        The thing is, after 30 years on post, why hasn’t David been able to create four class Xll’s for every psych? seriously, it does not take 13 years to make a class 12. Why is he even in this fight against psychiatry?

      • says

        Would one of you OSA robots think with the fact that your integrity is more important than your
        aging sluggish body that has been pimped by this misguided gangster / pimp and rise up from your death to be positive for just one more moment and do something / anything to create a future beyond this madness I know you are steeped in?

  7. Tim says


    Do you know if that Flag Order, “The Sea Org and the Future” (mentioned by indie8million above) was or was not written by LRH?

    • Old School says

      Tim, there was no hand written or voice cassette of that F.O. from LRH.

    • indie8million says

      Hi Tim – for the record, I think that was someone who replied to me, not me.

  8. Madora P says

    You could do a story comparing the North Korean prison re-education camps to the RPF, too.

  9. says

    David is killing off the psyches faster than they can get their certs! He has his people in Washington kicking ass and taking names in Congress! He is in South America the Phillipines Africa and a host of other countries eradicating poverty crime and drug abuse! He is in Washington keeping the I.R.S. under his thumb! He has an army out policing the Orgs and keeping them safe from hostiles. He has gained control of the media and economic system on this planet! He just can’t handle Karen, Monique and a few others.

    How has the Church been able to SUPPRESS the whole planet except for a handful of people?

  10. says

    Say, I have a question. Does David Miscavige read read this blog or the comments on it in order to keep up to date with what the “enemy” is doing? If he does, it must be really enturbulating for him. If he doesn’t, then his enemies will be advancing without his knowledge of how far they have gone. There are a lot of blogs and media regarding David’s shenanigans and I am just wondering if he gets informed of all of this or is it all ignored?

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Dave probably goes out of valence so thoroughly after a few drinks, he may even be posting here diatribes against himself. Heck, he may even be ME! Actually not very likely ……… you’d never see ME with Lou. I mean, like gimme a break.

    • Joe Pendleton says

      As Groucho once said … “It’s early yet” …. give Jong-Un some time. He’s still in his 20’s.

    • Martin Padfield says

      However he doesn’t throw dissenters to hungry dogs to be torn to shreds either. Just saying for some perspective.

  11. says

    As we move from the Hermit Kingdom to the Magic Kingdom there seems to be little difference.

    Me I remember reading something by Miscavige, rolling my eyes and throwing it in the nearest waste paper basket.

    Of course I couldn’t do it in Qual where the Cram Off was watching me read that sacred “eval” like a hawk from which the Golden Shower of Tech was evolved from though I felt like it.

    Personally I couldn’t understand how anyone could take this pretentious lil’ moron seriously.

    I mean I’ve read preschool Social Studies reports that were more coherent than his rambling RTC Bulls.

    Heavy on the Bull.

    It really surprised me that according to Chuck people were forced to M-9 his every bloviation.

    That in itself should be defined as torture under the Geneva Conventions.

    Mike I feel for you. Being subjected to that on a daily basis.

    Myself I probably would have had a psychotic break reading or listening to that drivel day in and day out and been off loaded.

    Maybe a bunch of us auditors should get together and put together Miscavige RL like the one for EST or Psychiatrists 😉

  12. Joe Pendleton says

    The evidences of Miscavige as a cult leader are of course extremely interesting. At the same time, I think it skirts the more essential issue about the Scientology third dynamic itself. Back in the day, one way we would present Scientology’s ultimate effects to folks was to ask them to look at the front page of the newspaper. “See the insanity? The continual slaughter that people are engaged in? etc etc etc” Our point would be that by making INDIVIDUALS sane (as opposed to any SYSTEM of government) was the way we would eventually make a sane society. You see – it wouldn’t really matter if someone was a sociopath or psychopath because INDIVIDUALS would be proofed against him by the very nature of their own case state and knowledge about life.

    Which is why all the excuses of “sociopath, emphath, apath, yadda yadda yadda ” (while no doubt TRUE in my opinion) miss the essential conclusion re: Scientology and the third dynamic: that despite whatever case gain/knowledge most Scientologists attain, what they DO NOT get as a result of the Scientology experience is the ability and case state to truly confront and handle the ups and downs of group evil/insanity and activity. But here’s the thing: the ESSENTIAL IDEA of DMSMH (and later data in Scientology) is that the cleared/aware/trained individual WOULD NOT BE THE REACTIVE EFFECT of his environment, but would BE SANE CAUSE (in his own life and in his handling of his environment).

    As I always have to note, I NEVER invalidate any of my OWN wins as a result of training and processing. I am thrilled that I have them. But I also know that the individual wins I have had and have observed others having do not extend to the confront and courage needed to handle those conditions we used to point out to folks on the front page of the newspapers.

    Unfortunately, LRH himself was not able to get fully “sane” from his OWN auditing and while he obviously had his insanities on the first and second dynamics, he also continued to spectacularly dramatize some of the worst aspects of Earth (and wholetrack?) religion and government. HE was the one who established the Soviet style of management and “justice” in Scientology, replete with crazy punishments, instant banishments, witch hunts, a prison system, stealing money, etc etc. He had no loyalty to three wives, seven children and the very people who supported him the most in his endeavors (Winter, Mathison, Roos, Mayo, Mary Sue, etc etc etc) So what is the real surprise regarding whom he trusted and admired the most in his last days?

    What’s more – Ron himself GAVE MISCAVIGE POWER. If it is true that Miscavige evidenced being a sociopath as a teenager ….. well, LRH observed what he admired and wanted in a person he let become his closest advisor in his last years. Ron allowed Miscavige to break up the Mission system and banish the most effective disseminators in the history of Scientology. MANAGING BY STATS????? Please!

    So what we have to acknowledge is certainly A failure of Scientology auditing and training, or at least own up to observing what T&P did NOT result in. Highly trained OTs like Heber, Yager, Ingber, and hundreds and hundreds of others (like L. Ron Hubbard) DID NOT BECOME SANE ENOUGH as a result of their case states or their training levels to simply observe, recognize and handle insanity when it was right in front of them.

    And that is the freaking bottom line for me, folks.

    • indie8million says

      Hi Joe – I agree with 90% of what you said. But it is my understanding that LRH DIDN’T choose the tiny one to be his successor. He chose Pat and Annie Broeker and Miscavige aggressively got rid of Pat and basically ran roughshod over Annie.

      So true about disseminators, (read Mark Shaffer).

      And regarding people who became sane enough with Scn/Dn T&P to observe, recognize and handle insanity, it DID do its job when applied correctly.

      Proof positive is the thousands of people who are out and working to Keep Scientology Working in the independent field (all inclusive) and doing what they can to dethrone the little creep. THESE are the real products of the Real Scientology.

      Respectfully submitted.

      • Joe Pendleton says

        Indie, you make a very good point here. I have no doubt that you and me and Mike Rinder, Alonzo, Greta, and the hundreds of others who post here and on Marty’s site could form a sane group and run it with ARC, common sense and the basics of “early 50s Ron Scientology” (along with the sensible stuff he wrote later and also taking from other great thinkers and leaders as well).

        I think to do this subject true justice, we would also have to go over and acknowledge those SPECIFIC parts of Scientology group culture that almost all of us agreed on VERY early in our involvement that resulted in us agreeing, as long as were IN the church, to keep our mouths shut, our eyes closed and to follow orders and programs we knew deep down were full of shit and/or destructive.

      • Old School says

        indie8million, LRH never appointed Pat (Big P) or Annie to run the Church after his death. He DID appoint Pat & DM to their VERY high positions of power in the Church. LRH DID work personally with DM long enough to know his personality. LRH DID know of his suppressive acts while a S.O. exec. AND, promoted him after those acts…

        Enough said.

      • indie8million says

        Joe Pendelton – Yes on all points. That’s why Indies seem to want to stay independent – from any groups, it seems. But I agree with you. If we could all come together with an admin scale that covered those points you addressed so well, I feel that we could be a group of independents.

        Though that may sound like an oxymoron, we could do it. Scientology, the way it used to be, might be one of the few schools of thought that could pull it off. Not the only one but it could be possible.

        A dear, old school, 1950’s staff member friend who worked with Ron told me, “We’re really all just a bunch of barbarians! It’s amazing to me that we all can work together in a group and not kill each other! hahahahaha!”

        He gave credit to Ron’s tech that we could work together at all. Food for thought.

        Anyway, Mike has my address if you want to pow-wow about that, Joe.

        Since we know the real tech and we are, those of us who are, the real friends of Ron, I think we have some sort of an obligation not to let all that hard work slip into historical obscurity, if we can help it.

      • indie8million says

        Old School – I wasn’t there so I don’t know. Curious – were you there? If not, what is your source because I would honestly like to know more about that. I would love to hear from someone who was actually there at that time, in that sphere of influence that saw it all go down.

        I understand what you say but I have never seen an issue that gave little DM “Loyal Officer” status, have you?

        Plus, from reading the accounts of people who were there, DM did a lot of strong arming to get people out of the way so he could take over that post after Ron died.

        I’m sorry to say that it sounds to me that Ron was pretty much kept like a mushroom by DM and Pat Broeker in Ron’s last days. I don’t know how much Ron knew about what DM was doing behind his back.

        What are your thoughts about that?

    • says

      “Highly trained OTs like Heber, Yager, Ingber, and hundreds and hundreds of others (like L. Ron Hubbard) DID NOT BECOME SANE ENOUGH as a result of their case states or their training levels to simply observe, recognize and handle insanity when it was right in front of them.” A FANTASTIC OBSERVATION.

      Only one thing, from what I’m gathering is that Heber, Yager, Ingber and the others ARE NOT HIGHLY TRAINED.

      SO members are so frantic, so overwhelmed by Now! Now! Now! and lack of sleep and food, working 20 hours a day or more, THEY DIDN’T HAVE A CHANCE TO GET TRAINED.

      SO members come away from 30 years or so of service in the SO and, I’ve heard some say, don’t have a chance to learn what Scientology actually is.

      • Old School says

        canspeakatlast. You are incorrect. The ones mentioned were highly trained. LRH was “highly trained” but was unable to spot SP’s at arms reach. Logic dictates that given what has happened, the “tech” is not AT ALL what it is cracked up to be. Illogic argues the opposite…

      • indie8million says

        +1 I have observed what you say about SO members to be true, CanSpeak. At least the ones at the public delivery level.

        To me, the outpoint is not the training level necessarily, but the courage level and Data Series knowledge, combined with the amount of PTSness. One way that Ron defines a PTS person is that the suppressive is “antagonistic to your PC”. Not necessarily antagonistic to Scientology (though DM is that too) but antagonistic to the person him/her self.

        I don’t have the reference here but it is in the PTS/SP course references.

    • says

      Joe, I also agree with some of what you say, but I have a different bottom line:

      We could, at this time, put together an organization or a group in Scientology sufficiently strong, sufficiently powerful to run over everything it came to. This would be a fascinating thing to do. Be a game in itself. And then someday – me gone, other guys gone – all of a sudden there sits this thing, this organization. And somebody has to rise up and say, “Auditors of the world, unite; overthrow this monster!” And everybody would see it go down very plainly, you see.

      Down it’d go. Then they’d say, “Fine! Now we are free.” And they would get another handful of letters cancelling their certificates. (audience laughter)

      I try to look far enough in the future to forecast and predict what might be, so as to not do too many things wrong. You must allow me some percentage. And as I look into the future, I see that we are handling here, material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many……

      And I believe that the freedom of the material which we know and understand is guaranteed only by a lightness of organization, a maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information. And if we can do these things, we will win. But if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the information which we hold will become the property of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because it has always happened this way. But that’s not reason it has to keep on happening this way. I am not of an inevitable frame of mind……

      Scientology, well understood, is a very powerful thing. Poorly relayed, poorly communicated, monopolized or used exclusively for gain, it could be a very destructive thing.”

      LRH. From the “Anatomy of the Spirit of Man” congress lectures. Tape 6, June 1955.

      I’ve got this ‘born revolutionst’ mood come over me, and a whisper in my ear to ‘blow up central headquarters’ (metaphorically speaking, of course).

      Richard Kaminski

  13. Old Surfer Dude says

    Mike, do you think the dwarf considers himself to be source now? I mean, he’s rewritten the basics. Twice. He came out with GAGs twice. His words are ALWAYS recorded. Does he REALLY think he knows what he’s doing and has surpassed Hubbard?

    Just wondering…

    • GTBO says

      Yeah ask the SO and he’s “the most important being on the planet” I kid you not, this is how far it has descended toward hell

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        GTBO, let me know if you’ve heard of this: SO consider DM God-like.

    • indie8million says

      OMG, Oracle. I didn’t read far enough to see your comment. I have ALWAYS thought that the mistress looks like a boy.

      I’m not sure about looking like Tom. Tom is a LOT prettier and has a better shape. She reminds me more of a female Andy Warhol.

      • Aquamarine says

        For the record, I don’t look down on Laurisse Stuckenbrock for being the mistress and companion of a married man, per se. Arrangements like this are sometimes right and fitting. Some wives refuse to divorce their husbands so as to maintain shell marriages and other reasons.

        No, I have contempt for her because HE is a phony and a coward, still wearing his wedding ring and palming himself off in front of public, staff and unknowing SO as normally married, I have contempt for her because she sees this, she knows this and is yet so stupid and blind as to agree to an arrangement like this with such a man, a man who should be standing up in front of the world and admitting that his marriage hasn’t worked out and that Laurisse is the woman he loves–if he does love her – if he’s just not using her as a convenience. But no, he continues to hide, to cower, to pretend, and she accepts this cover up. That’s why I look down on her. What must she think of herself for this to be OK? For this reason alone, how can she possibly respect him, in the core of her woman’s heart? And how can he possibly respect her?

        I think Mrs. Miscavige, despite being disappeared, despite being coraled and under constant surveillance, has the better deal. I’d bet money that when she thinks about that maniac with his communicator she breaths a prayer of thanks to the latter: “Better you than me, babe”.

        As for Mrs. Stuckenbrock, in fairness, maybe she didn’t have a choice, and doesn’t like it. Maybe she thinks she’s better off with this lunatic than being accused of SCOHB.

        • Cindy says

          Good points, Aquamarine. Maybe Lou is doing it just to “get along” and avoid the hole. But her own integrity is so out that her self respect must also be MIA to be cavorting with a married man, and a “religious leader” to boot. And DM is horrible to still wear his wedding ring and pretend to the uninformed that he is still a married man. In Marty’s book, a worried Shelley asked Marty if DM was still wearing his wedding ring when he saw him last. She knew she was on thin ice and was trying to figure out where she stood with DM and so asked Marty about the wedding ring. Well, Shelley, yes he is still wearing his ring while cheating on you. But as Aqua said, you got the better deal than Lou.

      • indie8million says

        Aquamarine. Exactly and good point and another take on it. But you and I are out. We “didn’t have a choice” but we made a choice and here we are.

        Stockholm Syndrome for sure. BTW, what is SCOHB?

    • indie8million says

      Have we all noticed that Lou is not that attractive and is built like a boy? Is that really the little one’s ideal scene, if he can’t have Tom?

      Baaaaaad Shelly. She does ORG BOARDS. Ha. Now that I think of it, she’s probably as happy as hell to be hidden away on another base. Now she doesn’t have to listen to Little Hitler’s sh**t every day.

      • Bob Dobbs says

        Indie8, that seems unnecessarily harsh. I think she looks very nice. There are lots of beautiful people with many different looks. Why slag a whole group of women to make a point about Miscavige?

      • Cindy says

        I also think Lou looks like a guy. In fact, she looks like she could be DM’s brother.

      • Aquamarine says

        Can Mrs. Stuckenbruck actually be His ideal scene, the Manuela Sanz to His Bolivar? I wondered about that too. Tough looking little crittur with a butch haircut, and I read somewhere that she’s a black belt. Well, “a chacun a son gout” as the French say.

      • indie8million says

        Bob Dobbs – I hope you’re being facetious. But, if you’re not, here’s my disclaimer. To Little skinny, hipless women of the world; Twiggy was/is beautiful. So is Kate Moss. Just because a woman is thin as a rail doesn’t make her unattractive.

        BUT, when someone like DM, who prefers to call himself “The Pope of Scientology” chooses a woman who looks in almost every way like a boy, well, it can make one suspect that women aren’t really his cup of tea.

        Just sayin’.

        And Lou is part of this, don’t forget. She is supporting him and flowing power to him and living high on parishioners’ money, just like he is. Let’s not make her out to be the little “poor thing” being picked on. Stories that I heard were that she was “forced” to divorce her husband who was dying of MS, wouldn’t go see him when he was seriously sick, even though he called for her. Instead, she preferred to go off with the “charismatic leader.”

        I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. If she’s a nice girl she should prove it by walking out.

        It’s not my or our place to say, really, but that’s my take on it, for what it’s worth.

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Katniss – you really DID make me laugh out loud on that one (more than once).

      • Ms.P says

        Indie – Gees, you were being “politically incorrect” in your observation – God forbid – yeah, so you see her as a boy that Miscabbage is attracted to – WELL DONE on your observation! He can’t have a REAL woman – this is why he has to destroy every relationship TC has with women. Just sayin.

      • indie8million says

        Ms.P. – Thanks so much. I was, indeed. I think exactly the way you do.

        It’s like the fashion industry. Why are most of the women built like boys? Who runs the fashion world? Just sayin’.

        He can’t have a real woman, especially someone like Shelly, because she is smart, capable and apparently able to think for herself. “How dare she put together an org board as a gift to me WITHOUT my PERMISSION!”

        All of Tom’s wives were smart and savvy women. Couldn’t have them clouding up who Tom should be loyal to, now can we?

        Tom is going to be so pissed off when he finally realizes who has ACTUALLY been suppressing his second dynamic. I can’t wait for the day. What a huge betrayal.

        I hope someone sends this to him. I hope one day the spell will be broken…but spells are another subject entirely.

  14. SILVIA says

    Yes I remember when Black Heart walked through the new renovated areas of the Sand Castle, sometime in the early ’90s, and he commented on the picture frames not matching the walls’ color; consequently the picture frames were changed at the Sand Castle.

    This photo of the sociopath demonstrates without a doubt that he is out of valence; he looks old and playing other game other than the “Ecclesiastical Leader” of a Church that, by the way, is dying under his guidance.

  15. says

    “It’s about presenting him as having broad knowledge – however, it’s ridiculous, he can’t possibly know about all of these different things.”

    This reminds me of Jessica’s Feshbach’s comment about Miscavige: “He is an expert in every field.”

  16. SKM says

    Interesting, in the fotos you can see Kim Jong-un allows the people surrounding him to lough and smile. This behaviour is not welcome in Miscaviges world, overshadowed by the J&D “Tech”.

    • Daisy says

      They only laugh when Kim Jong-un wanted them to laugh. They are afraid being killed if they don’t do what he wants. They are in fear like our favorite cult.

  17. MJ says

    Just a self important little man trying to steal some of LRH’s thunder before the lightning strikes him down.

  18. says

    More casual pictures than those of Adolph Hitler, but the message is the same. I recall back in the late 60s seeing something from “on high” where it was stated that LRH could no longer be chitted. And my thought then was, “There goes the old ballgame. He can no longer be wrong.” Just one step in the downward spiral.

    • clergyman says

      With the last step on the spiral being martial equivalence with the DPRK: take note or you are food for hungly dogs.

      Just onnnnne small step for a COB and one giant leap for eradicating mankind.

    • says

      LRH not to be chitted?

      I would have chitted that order at once.

      I would also like to see the order in writing, it may as so often these days just another unsubstantiated load of cods wallop.