David Does Sydney


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Bryan Seymour’s Channel 7 News Story,  with footage of David Miscavige rehearsing

Tony already has this on his site, but I wanted to include some other observations.

Bryan told me they also blocked another national TV show (I assume it was Steve Cannane) and a national newspaper and rolled out some new “balloon tech” with people holding bunches of balloons in front of the media. These people have completely lost grip with reality, these are horrendous footnukes. Imagine spending $15 million to open a building to “flood people up the bridge” (that necessarily must include NEW people) and this is the sort of publicity you get? And it’s not just the Blutos blocking the sidewalk. Would anyone honestly want to be like the sullen, surly Scientologists on the street that he attempts to interview? Not a single happy and excited person. Everyone fearful. Sneering.  Yuk.

And it seems they have staffed Sydney primarily with people from Taiwan. That is going to be inviting to less than 1% of the population of Sydney. Not even to “real” Chinese from the People’s Republic. Australia is now far more integrated than it used to be when I was growing up there, but the vast majority of the Asian population come from virtually every other country in Asia and NOT Taiwan. Taiwan is a prosperous western style country.

I don’t think Bryan Seymour and the other Australian media are likely to let this rest here….



  1. says

    , oh, and the title of this piece. I’m sorry, but to me this drags into the mud the memory of what appears to be a perfectly normal 1970s pornography movie. What the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology does to its victims is obscene. “Debbie does Dallas” is just a porn movie.

  2. says

    The Brian Seymor video should get a heap of prices. Just let the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology express itself to members of the press, and the institutional insanity shines through. Captain David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige must be so pleased with the goons he has hired to keep the “wogs” out.

  3. says

    Yeah, The Diminuitive One looks kinda rough. (criminal masterminding ain’t easy) But what’s up with the casual blazer look? Usually Dear leader has a suit & tie on.

  4. indie8million says

    Also, this is interesting. Here is a video of DM and his execs (including Mike Rinder from 1990).

    A) Look at how different DM looked then, as opposed to now and

    B) notice how LRH was so full of ARC and life and love for the people with whom he was talking.

    Someone was talking about Heber earlier. I feel like Ron and Heber were very much alike in this regard.

    Peter Schless also produced this song, to my knowledge. It has his signature sound all over it.

    We had so much forward motion at that point. The world was starting to see what Scientology could do to help them and the world. If there is one thing that I find unforgivable, even past the beatings and the larceny, it’s that we could have made a much bigger difference in the last 38 years if all of our resources were used to help people instead of using it for legal costs, PI’s, poisonous snakes in mailboxes, expensive birthday parties, cars, buildings and 100 year old scotch.

    That is the real crime against humanity, little Dave. That is why you won’t be forgiven. How can you forgive yourself? Can you?


    • says

      I looked a lot different in 1990 too. I could go anywhere in the world with nothing but a toothbrush and a tube of mascara. I lived on air and didn’t even need food. Now it takes me 30 minutes to get it together just to walk out the front door. If I eat a chili dog I have to fast for four days.

      Strange things happen on this planet.

      • indie8million says

        You said it, Oracle. What’s this whole aging thing and can I get a Dorian Gray portrait in my closet too?

        BTW, is that Chris Sheldon back there behind DM? Nice to see Heber.

  5. indie8million says

    This is just a twisted little coincidence.

    Funny that they chose the music to “The Greatest American Hero” to slip into the piece.

    The irony is that Peter Schless played keyboards on this song. Peter is at Int, at Gold. You can see him playing keys at just about every event at which the Golden Era Musicians played. He was a major part of why the “Road to Freedom” album sounded so different than anything Gold had put out before that time. It was actually poppy and listenable, instead of just Jazz meanderings (no offence, Chick).

    Peter is also Karen Pressley’s ex-husband. She and Peter went into the SO together.

    Here’s the song, “Believe it or not” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYUXnVxCoS4

  6. indie8million says

    Mike – I wanted to confirm what you were saying about the Taiwanese staff.

    I’ve been talking with someone who lives in Sydney. He said that most of the staff are actually out or on the fence. Most of the public, too.

    They had to call in the Taiwanese because no one in Sydney would go on staff.

    From his comm, I got that a predominance of the Sydney public know what’s going on and they want no part of it.

    You’re from there so I’m sure you know these people. I just wanted to back you up in what you say about the Taiwanese on staff. They had to import someone to man the Idle Morgue there.

    Scientology is turning inside out. Sydney used to be one of the strongest orgs on the planet. Now most who were in are out.

  7. Pepper says

    Oh, so that’s what he looks like without his smiling plastic Events mask on, fresh out of his crypt.

  8. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

    “Would anyone honestly want to be like the sullen, surly Scientologists on the street that he attempts to interview? Not a single happy and excited person. Everyone fearful. Sneering. Yuk.”

    That struck me more than anything. None of the Scientolgists were friendly or in communication. All their TR’s were out and they were at “hiding” on the tone scale. Even where the reporter was just making a friendly comment there was no comm. I cannot imagine anyone ever wanting to go to course in this morgue. They set a terrible impression for the public and now it just seems as if they are more cultish by the minute. This is truly reverse Scientology at work.

  9. PJ says

    The next insane dm idea:
    Create an Ideal Body, so you can present Miscavology to the world.

  10. SJ says

    Someone said he had his wedding ring on in the video. In his twisted mind he is a devoted husband, how sweet is that!

  11. SJ says

    I don’t believe David Micavige is ill. What has worked for him in the past is no longer working for him today. He has always believed his own hype and today he is fully aware no one else does. When he looks in the mirror what looks back is a degraded being. I also think he knows prison is a real possiblity. A natural progression. He will never be sorry for the people he has locked up, tortured, killed with his withholding of medical care, forcing divorces, abortions, stealing peoples money, manipulating, being a bully and a hate filled shit head. What is going to catch up to him is a reality check and it’s going to hit him right between the eyes. I wish Miscavige continued good health and a long long life.

  12. KFrancis says

    Once again Dave is seen in public and is suppose to be the leader of the church and the Sea Organization but he refuses to put on the Navy whites and set an example. This alone should be a red flag for those still in. Dave has long since rejected the uniform of the Sea Org. and traded in for a Brook Brothers casual look.

    He wants others to put that uniform on and serve at virtually no pay, work unbelievably long hours and live on a poor diet but he won’t.

    • says

      That is true. He isn’t there on the same terms as anyone else. I don’t blame him one bit. What seventh heaven to be the one that must be contributed to in a sea of thousands that feel blessed that have just been chosen to serve! I’m thinking I myself may want to try this some day as a life style. There is something God like about the whole idea. And they ask for nothing in return but the sound of his voice. Honey, Bob Dylan didn’t have it that good. The man is working it. No wonder he needs an entire army of staff just to plan for, feed, groom, maintain, protect and defend his body. I’ll bet he is getting Brazilian Waxes.

      • says

        Leaves one to wonder how Nicole Kidman leads an even better life with out any out P.R., disgruntled staff, law suits, legal flaps, dead bodies, hate groups, media outrage, protest groups..etc etc.

        I mean, why is it she does even better and does not inherit all of the shame and disgrace? She is on the world’s stage and he has to hide out in the desert behind a huge barbed wire fence. He is not as famous.

        O.K. take Katie Holmes. She does not need all the security he does. She is not hiding either.

        And they pay their staff! They don’t insist on volunteers. To do laundry, menu planning, cleaning, wardrobe managing and all the rest. They work and pay and are far more interesting to the world than David. etc. I mean, the women pay.

        How is it the ladies seem to manage better without any of the liabilties and hate ? And with out Tom?


  13. says

    Due to last minute problems with his chartered jet, COB had to fly coach on United to Sydney. An unexpected delay in London cost him ten hours, during which time he consumed three jumbo airport hot dogs and enjoyed several double scotch on the rocks. This was followed on the plane by a bout of diahrea after which COB passed out until landing. Whereupon, he had to be carted off in an airport wheelchair after complaining of dizziness and blurred vision.

    United lost COB’s luggage and there will be an eleventy billion dollar lawsuit filed over this matter as COB’s tuxedo and high tech hair appliance were in the lost luggage. COB had to wear an open collar shirt, a coat he borrowed from a Sea Org member, and the “Philly perma-wave” in his hair could not be brushed, sprayed, or otherwise coaxed into submission by the local wog hair stylist.

    All in all, a bad day for the world’s foremost ecclesiastical leader who has opened 121,962,367 Ideal Orgs flublessly.

    An Ethics investigation has revealed that the Sydney Ideal Org is infested with Psychs from top to bottom. Everyone there has been RPF’d. declared, beaten, and an RTC ecclesiastical fine of $525,000,000 levied. The fine will be connected by the COB’s Finance Police. \\

    • says

      “a coat he borrowed from a Sea Org member…..” LAUGHTER! The idea of him wearing anything “general issue” is hysterical! As if he is on the same level as Michelle Obama who shops at J. Crew from time to time!

    • says

      “an RTC ecclesiastical fine of $525,000,000 levied”….please….this is just a non-refundable donation for religious services for the public good.

  14. says

    Well, It seems he has a new wardrobe consultant. Love the new “business casual” look, sans tie with open collar and blazer. That was a good call. Great on the hair lightening too, adds youth for us aging. I would say the Fashion Police would give him a thumbs up on this one.

    He will give the Scientologists some attention when they offer him a new building. You have to give him credit for that. When else does he show up, as if they matter? He did fly all that way. Wonder if he took anyone that made it happen out to dinner? Rather doubt it but interpersonal public relations skills are built on a gradient and he is only in his 50’s.

    Can’t we just be grateful for what is right about him? His threads and effort?

    • says

      I agree Oracle,

      The caush look is much better than that stuffy penguin suit he always wears but from what I understand this is only a stage check and for the real deal he’ll go back to looking like he should be standing on top of a wedding cake.

  15. Karen#1 says

    What a great title and blog.
    While DM claims others are obsessed with own image,
    he really is with own personal hairdresser, make up artist, trainer and
    masseuse. tanning salon and so on.
    Wonder why no necktie for a formal building opening ?

    • Mike Rinder says

      NO necktie because that was the sound check. He was there to ensure everything was up to his standards before making his grand appearance for the actual ribbon yanking. That is how he really looks, not the “stage version”….

      • says

        LOL. The “stage version” of Dave. Do they dip him in a vat of pancake make-up to smooth out everything? Or is it three hours in a make up chair followed by wardrobe and then a final touch up before he strides on stage.

      • Karen#1 says

        Thanks for explaining the sound check.
        High Fives to Bryan Seymour for capturing so much in a short 2 mins ~
        The thuggery, the fighting, the warfare, the oppulence, and the Kingpin.

      • says

        I noted that they call him “Scientology’s Reclusive ‘Leader'” as if we need any help from the media to enforce this fiction.

        Probably “self proclaimed ‘pope'”, “false guru”, “usurper”, “agent of influence” ,”possible mole”, etc would be more appropriate in my opinion.

  16. says

    Thanks for the Video Mike.

    The Dwarf looked ill didn’t he.

    Interestingly despite the politeness of the press every single Scn member did not speak, not even to say piss off.

    Guess the old Comm course along with Grade 0 has gone GAG II or no longer used.

    Perhaps the Dwarf has not yet taken the steps of A-E to get on OT VII he wrote up himself?

    May he he sicker and quicker please.

    • says

      Politeness of the press? Let’s try to keep it real. They looked like John Allender and his squirrel busters with their cameras and microphones. Like the Freedom Mag editor cancer patient David used to harass former members. Geeeeeeeeeze, maybe they are copying David’s staff!

  17. The Last Commodore says

    Well, you guys have to realize that this thing with the Chinese/Taiwanese (who also make up a big chunk of current CC Int, Flag & Freewinds publics) mirrors a similar thing with a huge chunk of ANZO publics being Lebanese (both from Australia, which has a huge Lebanese population & abroad), just as most Flag staff & publics are Russian, Ukrainian, Baltic, etc and this is also true of AOSH UK, AOSH EU, CC Int, L.A. Org & AOLA: majority are Russian, Poles & Baltics. And most of course recent immigrants & nouveau riche unexposed in their home countries to the bad press about the cult.

    If you want to see just how low things gotten for the cult, all you got to do is watch the new “Orientation” video – not only a MAJOR MAJOR case of alter-is & absolute violation of every single point of KSW since the original LRH script was thrown out & the whole thing cut down to about 10-15 minutes with NO execs & ALL no name actors & staff in montage shots with voiceover & NO dialogue & NO host/presenter to replace Larry Anderson. Can’t really blame DM on this one since the thing about blowing your brains out at the end didn’t go down too well with people, from what I’ve heard and can’t really feature any top Int execs since all those poor bastards are still imprisoned at locations unknown. Kudos to COB on a job VWD!

    But the best is yet to come. Can’t wait for the new Golden Age of KSW! It’s all in the life.

    • says


      Is it true that Ron wrote the script for (Dis) Orientation?

      I remember we were all forced to watch it after the Secret sell out with the IRS.

      Personally I felt like Alex must have felt being subjected to aversion “therapy” in Clockwork Orange.

    • says

      Mike, I find that hard to believe. LRH wrote the script for Orientation? One of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen.

      • The Last Commodore says

        Of course! The scripts for all Scientology training films (which Orientation is a key part of the original library of industrials) were all written by LRH, and as Mike has stated, he left very exact instructions. If you find the original Orientation film depressing, this is telling because DM as is very well known closely assisted LRH during his directorial phase at the desert compound, so DM’s 1996 GAT version is probably very close to what LRH had intended, but given his taste for sardonic irony & dark humor from his pulp background, this is not actually strange, especially after you read Battlefield Earth & Mission Earth.

        Now with GAT II there’s a new Orientation film and new versions of all the other technical training films but they’ve been gutted of much of LRH’s original command intention. They are all very watered down, very New Agey & “theetie wheetie” since as you know GAT II is more about public relations than getting back to Source, though as others have stated a review of GAT II materials shows that even with all the alter-is the new versions are closer to pre-GAT, which would be an admission on DM’s part that GAT was an unmitigated disaster, not so much because of the drills (which IMHO were not as off-Source as many believed & a lot of credit has to be given to RTRC staff who had a thankless job compiling the GAT drills) but because of all the insane arbitraries imposed by DM that made each Academy course a nightmare to endure for months & months, especially Pro Metering, the end result auditors suffering from robotism.

        But here’s the thing: since there is now so much alter-is & direct violations of KSW that cannot be denied, there is no question DM in “correcting” green on white will also have to “correct” KSW to justify & make possible all these alterations. Before it was just a word or two here, a couple sentences there, mostly slight changes. Now we’re seeing ENTIRE bulletins being gutted from course packs & removal of tons of key paragraphs, rearranging lectures so that they are barely recognizable when compared to the originals, even more lectures being removed from the new sets, justified under the claim that they belong to SHSBC, not Academy checksheets.

        You have to really witness the reactions of veterans & old timers when they are being regged to redo the Purif for the umpteenth time, redo Tr’s & Objectives (SRD) for the umpteenth time, redo ALL their Academy training (and eventually the even more gutted SHSBC), ad nauseum. This is to say nothing of the thousands $$$ more needed to shell out for the gutted materials, GAT II meters, new rules for mandatory IAS donations on a regular cycle if you even want to maintain your Clear or OT status, on and on.

        Folks just don’t have the money or the energy to make it anymore just to throw it all down the cult chute. When you look at the whales, even most of them aren’t on training lines & have no intention of going on training lines — not cause they don’t have the cash (obviously they do, being whales!) but because they’re wiped out. Easier for them to throw a few million at the IAS each year as a tax write off than to sit in a course room doing the same crap again for the zillionth time, and alter-ised crap at that.

      • says

        Thank you for your reply, TLC.

        Yes, I read Battlefield Earth and thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact, I couldn’t put it down; paper-thin characters but excellent pace and plot, in the best comic-book style.

        I tried but couldn’t get into Mission Earth as the story might well have been LRH’s, but the hand certainly wasn’t. When it came out, I was hugely sceptical of professed LRH authorship of anything published or done after his death, and the sheer scale of this yarn also seemed out of character. I dismissed it as a money-earner, and regard it as Ron’s effort to cushion the leaking of the OTIII narrative, farmed out to another for padding and embellishment.

        Now for the nitty-gritty: how sure are we that the detailed instructions for Orientation were authentic? Who else besides Miscavige had sight of these? Were these instructions handwritten? What happened to LRH’s typewriter after his death? How skilled was Miscavige at forging LRH’s signature? Who held these instructions during the ten years between LRH’s passing and the production of the film?

        The films LRH did produce himself were so different in style – some people even call them corny. Sure, they didn’t have the Miscavige garishness, mock opulence and empty style, or the effort to overwhelm with the SO pushed in your face, or the flickety-flick people sequence, or the implicit make-wrong: ‘blow your brains out or do Scientology’ – yuk, that’s just low-toned. Perhaps you remember The Case He Couldn’t Crack: where is the cold-hearted admonition of a struggling auditor there? No, there was LRH’s generous nature and subtle wit shining through to a happy ending.

        Yes, LRH would definitely have moved with the times and produced slick films, but Orientation is just grisly, without a trace of sardonic irony or dark humour, let alone cheerfulness. Both times I’ve watched this film I walked away down and serious, an effect I never experienced with his previous films, or his lectures, or his books.

        This film followed a decade of catastrophic organisational blood-letting and power-building by a certain stunted individual whom I wouldn’t trust to make a cup of tea. This individual is incapable of following instructions, let alone the spirit of Scientology. Instead, this individual is a notoriously violent bully, a cynical manipulator, a know-best who couldn’t even leave the simple definition of an F/N alone, and stinks of narcissism.

        Orientation was made according to LRH’s detailed instructions when Miscavige was in charge of them? Pull the other one.

        • Mike Rinder says

          Sorry, I saw the LRH notes and directions on Orientation. Orientation is NOT a “tech film”.

          LRH definitely wrote Mission Earth. The only people other than him involved in those books were Pat Broeker anbd Vaughn Young who went through to replace the vulgar language and to proofread for punctuation mistakes and typos.

          Don’t want to burst your bubble here, but this is what it is.

  18. steve carlton says

    Does everyone see the pattern here? When Captain David (Slappy) McSavage goes out into public, EVERY ONE gets upset. It won’t be long he won’t be able to go out into public, eventually he’ll go into hiding and change his name…. so the authorities can’t find him……. and then he’ll change his name. But don’t worry Captain… you’ll have “Underlings” that will take care of you. Just like you took care of your leader… I wouldn’t wish your future on my worst enemy. Who by the way is YOU… Captain. The clock is ticking…tick…tock,… tick….tock.

    • says

      That is a really interesting thought, someone to take care of him just like he took care of LRH. I wish no one ill as it is not something I would want on my conscience if they got what I wished for them. However, since he is one of the few people who knows how he cared for LRH, that thought would be either chilling or comforting to him. I know what I believe.

    • Mike Rinder says

      He has his entire empire resting on the fact that he can continue to have people believe that he is guiding scientology through its greatest period of expansion ever. This is the ONLY thing he can use to “prove” that. Videos of ideal orgs. There’s nothing else….

      • says

        With the added plus this time that if he’s in Sydney, he has an excuse for not being in the US during Flagdown – poor busy little ecclesiastical guy. (I almost got that out without laughing).

      • says

        Yes, Mike. The self-delusion is actually reaching crisis proportions. Only this is one stat that will not be screamed over. (directly.) However, it is bound to just exacerbate the already unmanageable number of things already pushing him over the precipice. One thing is certain though! By now, the quantity of scotch being consumed by that small frame, IS also reaching crisis proportions!

  19. HushHush says

    Confront . . . Shatter Suppression . . . Major Religious Leader . . . His behavior betrays him!

  20. says

    Dave looks so much less put together than usual. He’s lost so much weight that he looks like a bobble head doll version of himself. Not sure if he’s sick or what but he certainly didn’t look like he did his all out buffoonery in this opening. The facial expressions and grandiosity seem so toned down. Hmmm…..

    • Mike Rinder says

      He will be all dolled up when its time for the video to be shot. He probably brought his VERY expensive Hollywood makeup artist with him along with the hairdresser and chiro/masseuse.

      • says

        I bet he still looks like a bobble head. It’s hard to hide that much weight loss. Looks like some of the anorexic celebrities–all head and no body.

      • says

        Not sure if he’s going to take these latest gushing comments on his looks, too well, Mike. I have a feeling that it’s going to result in a series of micro-managed plastic surgery hirings & firings instead.

    • says

      Frankly, I feel some compassion for him after seeing those pre-makeup shots. Without the brash teenager/ head prefect/ team captain mask, the weak human being is visible.

      SPs are PTS to themselves.

    • GTBO says

      Oh the teleprompters will be there and the speech will have been written before he left. Nothing is left to chance

    • NOLAGirl says

      Not really sure. But, as pointed out by Observer at Tony’s, the sick, little midget is wearing his wedding ring in those pictures. I guess those things don’t bother his mistress.

      There is just nothing about this guy that doesn’t disgust me.

  21. SS says

    David did Sydney just as Debbie did Dallas. Wish someone could get the FBI to do Hemet and Clearwater.

  22. says

    Interesting that he rehearses not just the speech but the actions – the podium thumping and triumphalist waving. Interesting yet a little pathetic. Just shows how engineered the whole smoke-and mirrors illusion really is. Marty remarked once how Miscavige loathed Heber not least because of the latter’s ability to actually TALK to his audience, with humour and grace, and without hyperbole.

    • sheeplebane says

      Lil Toadie if he could would make all his minions walk on their knees! Easier to hit them that way! No wonder in his youth he used a table as a trampoline to launch himself at his hapless victims. Heber mustve made Toadie feel very, very vertically challenged!

    • Leonore says

      Heber talked with audiences of any size and character as he talked with you privately – one on one. I loved that man. He was abundantly generous in spirit, kindness, humor, and care. He did so much good for Scientology back in the day. It is still distresses me and really, perplexes me immensely, that Heber could have been beaten down so completely that he would acquiesce to all this nonsense and abuse. How could he not see who he was dealing with? If he did see, how could he put up with it and endure it, and allow himself to be so eviscerated?

      • Brian The Nudge says

        Don’t forget Heber was also part of the GO gestapo in the day. I liked Heber also. But he fought windmills and governments at the whim of “the only hope for man.”

  23. Jose Chung says

    Really surprised D.M. showed up down under.
    Naaaa, that was his body double.
    This guy arrived on a domestic flight under his own name
    economy seating, no meals , no scotch.

  24. says

    I wonder who is running their PR section these days and who’s idea it was to have people put balloons in front of the cameras.

    Is this to show the world what a bunch of air heads the typical Churchie is these days?

    What’s with the surely response?

    Obviously never read anything on Press Policy or let’s get even more basic ARC.

    So what have they proved?

    That they are a bunch of surely air heads who got something to hide.


    That’s really gaining acceptance of Scientology folks.

  25. says

    Wow. Every city that gets the “Ideal Org” treatment has this to look forward to, or worse. You bet your whole org on this one act, and then when it’s time to do the big reveal, everything is locked down. Instead of saying “hey, come in! Find out for yourself!” these morons are saying “Get the cuss out. We don’t want you, Stay the cuss OFF our sidewalk.” Or worse, hands over their ears saying “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”

  26. Brian says

    His face is a perfect study in how behavior reflects itself. At once I felt two disparate views.

    1- compassion for a suffering human being, (I know, it’s hard to have that with all of his evil actions) yet ultimately, no matter how long it takes, even the worst of us will one day learn our lessons- suffering has a definite purpose. The laws of life will be learned one way or another. The laws of karma dole out the mathematics of cause and effect with dispassionate exactitude.

    2- glad to see him look so bad as the more he caves in and becomes self destructive the less capable he is in causing harm.

      • Baby says

        hgc That is 100% what I was thinking.. One of my favorite movies! He looks bad..wow really, really bad.

      • Brian The Experimenter says

        Until the burdens of his causing harm, dismembers his capacity to act.

        Dare I say: LRH in his motor home when mortality comes a knockin. At some point we do cave ourself in. The weight of all those chains ala Charles Dickens.

        The greatest of them are still are pulled out of a hiding hole. He suffers no doubt. What a tragic burden he carries.

      • says

        Absolutely true, BTE. Any of the labels can apply. Karma, motivator, ‘just desserts’, wrath of the gods, etc, etc, Perhaps though, there is the most irony in the demise experience of LRH himself, whose ‘ultimate’ state of case level development, OTVIII, was described as: ‘Ability to be at cause knowingly and at will over thought, life, form, matter, energy space and time, subjective and objective.” However, IMHO, LRH’s brilliant formulation of the Scn Axioms, must stand out as perhaps his greatest ground-breaking work, followed closely by his actual auditing tech! I honestly feel that there is nothing comparable, which demonstrates as much truth or workability. Do you agree?
        — Calvin.

    • indie8million says

      Brian – Yes, indeed.

      His face is reflecting the sentiments portrayed in this episode of the Twilight Zone – Masks. The only difference is that HE chose to take the actions he’s taken so chose his mask willingly.

      It is so sad. I’m sorry for Ron Sr. When he realizes the actual truth and the karmic prescription that will be doled out on his son, well, I wouldn’t want that heartbreak.


  27. TheWidowDenk says

    I can’t quit chuckling at the title of this post: “David Does Sydney.” Since no one else has commented about this title, I simply must. If anyone doesn’t “get it,” say so and perhaps someone will help you out in a comment. Thanks Mike, you made my day!

    • Mike Rinder says

      Maybe only us more mature people get it Rachel! Glad you “got it.” :)

    • Draco says

      OMG – I totally missed that! Thanks WidowD – that gave me a chuckle. And Mike, not so much of the “more mature”; I prefer “knowing a lot of stuff due to rich life experiences” 😉

    • Cindy says

      I got it immediately and laughed out loud at “Davie Does Sydney.” Mike, your wit is so great.

    • TheWidowDenk says

      Still chuckling. In the interest of saving anyone possible embarrassment by asking what’s so funny about the title, “David Does Sydney,” here you go:

      From Wiki: “Debbie Does Dallas is a 1978 pornographic film starring Bambi Woods. … The film was highly successful, selling 50,000 copies when it made it to videotape, making it the most successful video release of a porn film in its time. It is regarded as one of the most important releases during the so-called “Golden Age of Porn”, and remains one of the best-known pornographic films.”

      No, I never saw the film but I recall it was quite the rage at the time. Mike’s sense of humor astounds me.

      • Laurie Dlm says

        thank you so much for that! Being a foreigner I didn’t get it, and yes it would have been embarrassing to ask…very thoughtful of you.

    • indie8million says

      I’m glad someone mentioned that. I just smiled when I read it, knowing where Mike was going with it.

      That doesn’t mean I’ve actually SEEN the film. No, I haven’t. If I HAD, certainly, I would lose my eternity because I watched ‘porn’. I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t! (“I hope it doesn’t read, I hope it doesn’t read.”)

      But then again, maybe there’s hope. Playboy playmate, Dorit Stephens did her OT levels in LA with the money that Hugh Hefner paid her for posing nude. But that was in the ’80s, before DM was ordering SO members to pay a $3,000 fine for masturbating.

      But I digress.

      Little Davey isn’t just ‘doing’ Sydney, he’s doing everybody in his sphere of influence. I think it’s time that the courts and the public returned the favor, don’t you?

      Now where’s that broom? What?!? I just want to sweep the floor. Clean up the joint. 😉 Did you have something else in mind?

  28. FOTF2012 says

    Unbelievable. They are stuck, not surprisingly to anyone who was “in,” deep within the mantra of always attack and never defend, with a thick layer of illusion that the “wog” world, so full of SPs, is out to get us.

    Good luck with that.

    Go to http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2601081/posts and scroll down a bit and you will see the Scientology OSA special issue sidearm.

  29. Old Surfer Dude says

    As I’ve posted before, scientology is truly the Ministry of Hate. And it was on full display at the opening of the Sydney Idle Morgue. Make no mistake, this is a hate filled, militant cult that will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

  30. Draco says

    Dear Leader looks a tad moth eaten. What a difference make up and a blow job makes…er I mean blow wave…
    I am shocked that he does his own sound check – I assume that’s why he was out there looking like a wet rag?
    Take a good look folks, this is DM without his game face. You can see his true, nasty and violent nature etched all over his face. He certainly does look ill or maybe it is just all the evil in his black heart showing its true face…

    • deElizabethan says

      Worth repeating:
      “Take a good look folks, this is DM without his game face. You can see his true, nasty and violent nature etched all over his face.” These pic are a treasure, thanks to Bryan Seymour’s Channel 7 News Story,

  31. Shannon says

    The dude’s lightening his hair, including blonde highlights. And he looks gaunt.

  32. TommyJ says

    You guys got it all wrong…These pics of DM is actually photos taken for the new “Ideal Tone Scale”

    The 1st pic is for “False 4.0″ and goes down to Critical. More pics to come

  33. says

    I loved the ladder in front of the podium. I know it is out of the crowds line of sight, but did Dave need a ladder to get on the stage? Dave flies for 20 hours, spends perhaps 3/4 of million and all he gets for pr is his goons pushing cameramen and journalists around. Not a good pr day. I don’t think they have steak and shrimp in the Outback RPF.

  34. Potpie says

    He goes on…..
    Oh and one more thing you mindless idiots,
    my new hole is in the outback. It is your own
    personal hole, that you dig, and then get in. Your
    twin will then fill it in so only your head is above
    ground. You will then be required to do the basics
    turning pages with your tongue. Be careful of the
    snakes and other critters that like to eat fresh meat.
    They know the brain is full of protein.
    I of course have several video cameras to document
    your studying to ensure you keep in my….oops your
    study tech in.
    He then pauses…..and asks….
    Do they have scorpions in the outback?….I hope so
    as we will get that on tape too.
    Hey don’t put those balloons in front of the camera filming
    me you idiots…..I hope the outback is big enough to hold
    all of you mindless scum.

    • Jose Chung says

      Alice Springs ?
      Big scorpions , Big spiders, snakes
      lots of space, bonsa

  35. SILVIA says

    The hallmark of ‘unfriendly’, ‘don’t care about any one else’, we ‘are the only ones’, ‘the best’ is now pervading, not only events, but into the common people of a country you are visiting.. A sure sign of the paranoia and terror Black Heart lives in.

    His sociopathic charisma is gone man; he looks aged, tired, old and in fact exhausted. He is on his way out and down at a speed faster than he could even imagine. Tick-Tock mister…tick-tock.

    • Anon says

      Wow, I didn’t know Jan is in court as a defendant in Australia. That is quite a serious issue.

  36. ExIntStaffMember says

    He’s not looking well, and I doubt that it’s jet lag. If he didn’t go by private jet he went first class, and either way he would have been able to sleep just fine. No, he’s just not well. I’m not gloating over that as I don’t wish ill health on anybody. But the questionable health plus the way he had the media treated belies a very poor state of mind.

    • Old Surfer Dude says

      Exintstaffmember, I like your post and I agree with your sentiments. What you wish for others, you wish for yourself. The tiny dwarf has so many overts and with holds, along with his history of violence & lies, he’s doing himself in. It won’t be long now. Everything is catching up with him. I actully feel sorry for him. No really, I do. I really…Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I’m just kidding!

      • Ms.P says

        I don’t wish ill health on anybody either but let’s just hope that his overts and W/H ARE catching up with him is why he looks like shit.

  37. Potpie says

    The fifth photo down he looks like he is saying…..
    You stupid MF’ers. What in fuck are you doing?
    You have totally fucked my rehearsal. None of this
    is correct, you are wasting my GDamn time you fucking
    idiots. Security….take these assholes to the new Ideal
    hole I have set up here in Australia.
    The last photo down then appears he is calmly saying…..
    Now lets try this again you lot of dumb asses. Try to
    do it correctly or I will shove your fucking faces into
    the side of the vehicle that will be taking you
    to my best ever new Ideal hole…right here in Australia.

    • indie8million says

      Yeah, Look at the absolute lack of ARC. No flow going out, only flows going from him to himself. Absolute introversion and irritation that he even has to a) be there and b) deal with these stupid flunkies.

      Am I right, Mike? He looks like the flows all go out and come back in on himself like the magnetic field around the earth. Would love to hear you elaborate on this a little since you know him so well.

      What a fascinating study in the narcissist.

  38. Burythenuts says

    Still frame number five………Dave looks like he is smelling a rotting corpse.

    Oh, ….wait……. 😉

      • Steph says

        LOL Ok, Mare, I will tell you how I really feel. It’s not very ladylike to say this but…..in the last picture of Davey, not only does he look like shit, but he looks like he is TAKING a shit.

        I feel better now. I bet DM does, too !

    • Benjamin says

      Looks like it and sounds like it. I’d like to slap him hard and see if he feels like it too.

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        David, you’re right! He’s ALWAYS been full of shit for at least 10 quadrillion years, so, I guess we’re all just stating the obvious. But, it’s just so much fun!

  39. says

    As a wise man recently pointed out: “…why if you are opening a building that you hope to get new people to come into, don’t you allow them to the opening?”

  40. threefeetback says

    Hey Dave, Fix your perm and your face. Your cult is not the only thing that is shriveling.

    • Old Surfer Dude says

      TFB, there’s one other thing besides his perm and face that’s shriveling up.

      • threefeetback says

        Yeah, We already know about that. Next time Lou does Dave, she should write a Knowledge Report so that she doesn’t get the same Condition.

  41. shelgold says

    Dave does not look good. Maybe was jet lag? Or maybe he is unravelling. Would be long past due.

    • McCarran says

      It’s hard on you when you can’t hit someone and you really really REALLY need to.

    • Potpie says

      Sheldon I agree….funny how all the money in the
      world won’t slow down our bodies from aging.
      In his case it appears this process has accelerated.

    • Old Surfer Dude says

      Sheldon, I was thinking the same thing. He looks tired and out of it. If scientology was a theme park, it would be Fantasyland in Disneyland. And Fantasyland is not doing very well. The fact that they had aggressive goons out in force for the entire world to see, can’t be good for PR.

    • Cindy says

      I agree. David looks gaunt and bad. I read an LRH reference somewhere that if someone is dramatizing and you stop that dramatization, prevent them from dramatizing it, they get ill and don’t do well. Could it be that he can’t beat up some people to relieve the pressure he is under, and he is showing effects of that added pressure?

      And the goons trying to prevent coverage. If they truly wanted to flood thousands of people into the new Ideal Org, wouldn’t they welcome press to get the good news out? Who would want to be a Scn when they see sneering, solid, and stoppy, unhappy goons out front there?

      • McCarran says

        That’s what I’m saying, Cindy. He’s being prevented from dramatizing. :)

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        Cindy, that may very well be the point. There is no more going up the “Bridge.” It’s ALL ABOUT BUYING EXPENSIVE BUILDINGS that are empty and will stay that way. The tiny shriveled up dwarf knows this. When he leaves, he leaves with 10s of millions of dollars as well as the mortgages on the Idle Morgues.

    • tony-b says

      I have to disagree with you Shelgold. He looks really good behind bars…. even if the bars are horizontal and are rungs of a ladder! Ok you have to use your imagination a bit.

      I seem to recall when Martha Stewart was in jail and tried to decorate her cell she protested that the bars would look a lot better if they were horizontal rather than vertical.