The Events That Started It All


This is the first in a series posts today and tomorrow to celebrate the most important birthday in Scientology. The birthday staff have been paying donating for over months.

There is nothing like a birthday to put everyone in the mood to look over the person’s life and accomplishments and take stock of what it means to have been touched by their presence on this earth.

I know it’s a bit early, but there is a lot of ground to cover, so we start off with a pre-birthday look at just one aspect of the accomplishments of David Miscavige.

Ask a Scientologist to tell you “what are the events that started it all?” and most will respond with “The publication of Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health.”

If not that, they might mention:

The delineation of theta, or

Establishing the first church of scientology, or

The Axioms, or

The Clearing Course, or

The OT levels.

Or maybe some other events that are considered milestones in the history of Dianetics and Scientology.

But anyone who answered this way would be wrong. At least in the eyes of he church.

You can see the REAL events that started it all at an org near you, starring of course, the Chairman of the Board religious Technology Center, Mr. David Miscavige with his launch of the Golden Age of Tech, the Golden Age of Knowledge, the Golden Age of OT and the Golden Age of Tech II.

Propaganda by redefinition of words. And he has conditioned his clubbed seals so well, they are proud of it.



    • Old Surfer Dude says

      Hmmmm. Well, MJ, I like where you’re taking this, but, I believe he’d tie his hands to a long rope and drag drag him through catus behand a car. . For starters. Seriously, he’s done so much damage to so many people, and continues to do so, it’s hard for me to gage how much revulsion I have for him. He truly is evil.

      • says

        Actually at practically every event to where DM2 was MC I was hoping for a lightning bolt to come out of the sky and light him up like one of those exploding stat graphs.


        But as Mick says you can’t always get what you want 😉

    • Old School says

      I doubt it MJ. He didn’t have him “shot” as he destroyed the Mission/Franchise N/W by doing the exact opposite of what LRH ordered be done on HCO PL’s. He didn’t when the Tech terminal who saved LRH’s life was detroyed by Miss Cbbage. No, empirical data shows that he probably wouldn’t be “shot” by LRH unless cash into LRH’s personal bank accounts was going down.

      • Carcha says

        That the moderation policy on this blog allows this sort of pig shit to be posted is why I’m visiting less and less. You choose who you want as company.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Very true. And you are more than welcome to ignore this blog entirely. Nobody is forcing you to read it. Or to submit comments. And you are of course always free to start a blog of your own and limit the comments as much as you want to what you find acceptable. Just remember, the people who do NOT have that freedom are the ones who are stuck inside the church mind bubble — they have only ONE acceptable way of thinking and speaking. You would be a spouter of “pig shit” to them. Freedom to think freely and express yourself freely is one of the most important and cherished rights you have. That also of course includes your right to CHOOSE what thoughts and speech you wish to participate in. If the comments on this blog are too radical for you, please don’t read them. The objective here isn’t to cause anyone upset.

    • says

      “I think if LRH were around he’d have miscavige shot.”

      Good old LRH! If only He were among us today, to deal out justice from His holy hand!

  1. Jose Chung says

    Oh please don’t leave out Debbie Cooks court testimony
    and color photos of the “Hole”.

  2. Madora P says

    What is a cult?

    1. A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose power.

    2. Coercive persuasion or thought reform.

    3. Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.

  3. says

    “Standard tech guaranteed” — ROFL! One can get on the Internet and compare what David is selling to the rubes against what Hubbard wrote and see that David has altered it all. Except that customers aren’t allowed to get on the Internet and aren’t allowed to think.

  4. says

    He’s the ultimate example of a ‘leader’. A man without any skills, knowledge, values or virtues of his own, whose sole function is to be the figurehead making speeeches and posing for photos.

    We hear a lot about leadership and how wonderful it is, both in the RCS and outside in the wider community. Schools, corporations, government agencies just love to foster leadership in their people and run courses to develop leadership. But look at Him, and you see what an empty nightmare a Great Leader really is.

    • says

      I am waiting for him to assume the title of “Pope of Scientology”, so that everyone can can address him as POS davie.

  5. says

    As a child I had an “action Man” toy, Could dress him up as soldier, sailor (SO) or an airman.

    In fact you could dress him up as anything just like Miscavaige and his “achievments”.

    In fact I bet his clothes would even fit that poisonous, evil, malignant asthmatic dwarf.

  6. GTBO says

    There should be a qualification to the question. ” The event that started it all”
    LRH’s Scientology (like it or not it was the real Scientology) or DM’s Miscavology (Squirrel in the extreme)… just do your own comparrison to the original online if necessary, not just the books but the lectures as well.
    For me the event that started it all was the usurping of power upon LRH ‘s death.

  7. Joe Pendleton says

    You have to call Michelle to “reserve your seat at the next showing”? Really? Otherwise there might not be a seat available? Hahahahahaha (believe me … “the next showing” is whenever one potential credit card walks in the org)

  8. Morris Adams says

    Mike, I didn’t even get it, until I re-read your post, and re-read the marketing piece. By “Event” I thought,at first, it meant “something that happened”. But of course, it means “Scientology Event put on by the Events Unit”. This is the only way you could see a video of the “Event”. There are no videos of the publishing of DMSMH or the discovery of the thetan or of the Axioms! OMG!! You are right, Mike!

  9. Good Old Boy says

    The best event for me will be when Diana breaks free and takes over and puts
    Auditing and Freed beings as the most important product. Dave gets declared.
    Those who worship him get handled and put on the RPF.
    Mr. Rinder is put back on post and puts real ethics in on the Church.

  10. WhiteStar says

    Happy Birthday to the Grand High Exulted Mystic Ruler, Imperial Poobah of the Tech and future King of Scotland.

    as a birthday gift we should submit miscavige to Guinness as “the most nicknamed man in the World”.
    the list grows by the hour.

    it really is amazing, i can’t think of anyone else that compares in that regard.

    • tony-b says

      I can think of a comparative one – the Devil – which you get by combining His first initial with the word Evil. I seem to remember seeing a list of 40 alternative names for the devil that the mormons published. I think one was Beelzebub which is in the bible and an all together lovely name for anyone. But maybe I’m mistaken and the latter was some other evil person, Anyway I’m sure there are many more than 40 but maybe you should submit the Dear Missleader as “the most nicknamed man in the World including the devil”. Furthermore there is ample proof, unfortunately, that DM exists in the world whereas there is absolutely no proof that the Devil ever existed. .

  11. outraged says

    Mr. David Miscavige – Chairman of the Golden Age of Gasp, Gulp and Gag.

    The end of the beginning of the end of Scientology.

  12. says

    We in RTC are pleased to announce Mr. Miscavige’s next epochal planetary-changing product launch. By way of a fully embracive acknowledgement for Very Well Done Donations (VWDD), COB has ordered a special new IAS medal to be struck.

    Called the “Golden Order Advanced Tech” or GOAT, the GOAT medal will bestowed only upon those IAS members whose VWDD exemplify the essence of GAT II, and yes, here we speak of donating money in ever increasing amounts to raise one’s IAS status.

    For what is GAT II except the embodiment of IAS status? Whereupon it becomes evident that the goal of the new GAT II GOAT program is to reverse, and at the correct orders of magnitude, the catastrophically dwindling spiral of donations into the IAS.

    The very fate of IAS’ weekly cash flow is at stake — and it is entirely your fault. Thus, in order to get your exchange back in with the IAS, if you donate $50,000 or more today you will become a GOAT tomorrow. And for you to become a GAT II GOAT is the greatest good for the greatest number of COB’s dynamics!

  13. LDW says

    I will not succumb to invitations to hate…I will not succumb to invitations to hate…I will not succumb to invitations to hate…I will not succumb to invitations to hate…I will not succumb to invitations to hate…

    I’m trying, I really am.

    • says

      And quite smart that you are doing so, LDW. Hating only affects the hater, and quite negatively in terms of all areas of health.

      DM is a sociopath. He revels in others hating and despising him. The more name calling that’s done, the more attention he gets, one of the major goals of a sociopath. To him, all that attention is proof of his ascendancy over others.

      I just think of him as a sad, self hating person. No joy, no love, no actual livingness. He’s not truly a part of humanity, one of the dregs on the planet.

    • says

      Na…I am not going to resist…it is way too much fun.

      Something about ‘dragging a body through a field of LaCholla cactuses in AZ’…is currently at the top of the list.
      On the other hand ‘overboarding someone while the ship is in dry dock’ while appealing just seems to be too quick.

    • Sydney aka xclassvstaff says

      One of the many reasons I love you, Les.
      We are all helping each other through our related, yet individual, trials and tribulations. <3

  14. Cooper J Kessel says

    “I’m just a man whose intentions are good ……oh lord…..please don’t let me be misunderstood!”

    one animal to another heard sung somewhere in the desert near a hole in Hemet.

  15. says

    Spare a thought for the remaining Sea Org members who will have “voluntary donations” taken from their massive $10 (aprox) pay to pay for another hand tailored suit or ornate pen or some such for His Holiness’ birthday. A practice that would even make Kin Jong Un proud.

  16. ka says

    ‘The Golden Age of … … …’ could also be summarized under ‘The Golden Age of Squeeze’ or ‘The Golden Age of Deceive’.

    ‘Golden Age’, of course, is implying prosperity. The opposite is occurring under the leadership of Captain COB RTC Miscavige. The ‘fastest growing’ religion with the ‘unprecedented expansion’ and with its ‘Ideal’ this and ‘Ideal’ that – ad nauseam – is shrinking. The exodus of members and the fastest growing number of whistle-blowers has to be constrained with growing insane measurements of disconnection. This will not work in the long run and is backfiring, as it is creating more and more ‘enemies’ and whistle-blowers which have to be disconnected and fought and so on… .

    Chairman Miscavige is a lousy leader and a DOWNSTAT!

    And he knows it. With all the hyperbole, this is what he is trying to hide (that besides his real crimes and inhumane treatment of others and of misusing his position, which he obtained by dubious means). He is trying to divert the probing eyes of the flock away from this and from the continual shrinkage the cult is suffering from (despite the ‘Ideal Orgs’ and all the ‘improvements’ he has implemented).
    David Miscavige has always to give the appearance of being ‘up-stat’, no matter the costs, as per Scientology policy a person who is ‘up-stat’ cannot be questioned and is protected. DM himself doesn’t abide by this policy, as anybody who doesn’t agree with his doings – or even has only ‘bad indicators’ – is getting attacked and is not protected at all by his statistics. So he got rid of the best people who he conceived as a threat to his position and his positioning as an ‘upstat khakhan’.

    He is already in the spotlight and thousands of people have spoken out about what was and is really going on behind the façade. Mike Rinder and others are continually reporting about this and about the cult’s failures and the attempted cover up.
    Chairman Miscavige’s solution: more hype, more ‘Golden Age of … ‘, more lies, more duress and ‘ethics’, more disconnection and ‘SP’ declares, more PI’s and harassment – more fascism. Ironically this leads to that he is more and more under observation.
    He sat his own trap and tries desperately to wiggle out of it.

  17. says

    Of course Dave was on the stage making the announcements but others did all the work. That is the way it goes with COB.

  18. Old School says

    Carcha, are you upset about the two major FACTS I presented about LRH allowing Miss Cabbage get away with criminality? Since you went all ad hom without actually addressing the data in a logical manner I can’t be sure…

      • Old School says

        I’m stating facts. I am not responsible for your misemotion on the subject of LRH’s unethical behavior. Or, inability to confront what is/was. Let me know if you want to actually discuss.

      • says

        I understand Carcha. I am also very pro LRH but then, I never expected him to be perfect. I just audited lots of people and the more wins I heard, the more my admiration grew. That is my experience. I think many people, from my very limited personal survey, who blame LRH for everything have/had no skin in the game. Some have had shitty auditing or some bad experience but have no or little experience applying the tech to better someone. Of course, there are exceptions and of course some, just have a negative view which is their right. I would like to see more personal responsibility for individual actions, ie, I wouldn’t be willing to put a camera on my head and stalk someone. There is something that the haters just don’t get, and that is that the reason that thousands and thousands of people have given their lives and money to Scn. is that, it is a very personal and very spiritual journey that is intensely meaningful and valuable. Once you’ve had that experience, admiration of LRH is easy. I respect Mike for presenting the multiple viewpoint system here, which is the only real and transparent way to fly. I appreciate your presence and viewpoint here on the blog very much and in speaking to the world, it’s important that your view be heard also. Consider me a buddy.

  19. Old School says

    For anyone who knows how LRH set up the CMO to operate vis-a-vis the rest of the S.O. it is easy to see how he (even if unintentionally) set it up so that his successor could easily become a total dictator that couldn’t be questioned.

  20. Obnosis says

    “Sir, what would you like for your birthday?”

    LRH: “5x stats!”

    DM: “Divert staff pay to buy me an expensive gift!”