Flag OTC And IAS Take Credit For Narconon Nepal

IASTent2-e1380580880385Interesting how the stories change depending on circumstances.

Of course, any Narconon that is in trouble (Georgia, Arrowhead, Nevada etc) goes to enormous lengths to assert that the church has NO involvement.

But when it comes time to ask for money, it’s just one big happy family.

It is also a little strange that opening a Narconon last September is all that she Mrs. Feshbach (IAS cheerleader du jour) can cite as tangible results of their hard earned money? Why no report on the hurricane? Or the “massive” relief effort in Italy? Or ANYTHING other than a building opened 6 months ago that may or may not have had anything to do with the IAS.  In fact, I wonder what the state of this Narconon is today, 6 months down the line. The video crews are gone. The hype is over. Will the Flag OTC and IAS still be asserting their involvement when this is another forgotten “Big Project” like all the schools in the Gambia using study tech or Narconon saving killers in Ensenada prisons.  

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014

From: Flag OT Committee <kathyfeshbach@gmail.com>
To: Flag OT Committee
Subject: Thanks to IAS Members!

Dear Flag OTC Members,

I just thought I would acknowledge all of you for making this happen – keep
your donations flowing, we are changing the world!!

Ml, Kathy Feshbach


| KATHMANDU, NEPAL                                                                                                                |
On September 20, 2013, a new drug rehabilitation center was dedicated in Kathmandu, Nepal. The opening of this new state-of-the-art center was made possible by generous financial contributions from the International Association of Scientologists.

On September 20, 2013, more than 1,000 guests and dignitaries gathered in Kathmandu to celebrate the grand opening of the new Narconon Nepal. The four-story, 100-bed residential drug rehabilitation facility is located atop Hubbard’s Peak, the summit dedicated in honor of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard for his development of the drug rehabilitation technology used by Narconon.

The grand opening of the new Narconon Nepal was celebrated by more than 1,000 guests and dignitaries, including the Right Honorable Parmanand Jha, Vice President of Nepal, on September 20, 2013. The four-story, 100-bed residential drug rehabilitation facility is located in the foothills of the Himalayas atop Hubbard’s Peak, the summit dedicated in 2010 in honor of humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard for his development of the drug rehabilitation technology used by the Narconon program.

The Executive Director of Narconon Nepal, Basanta R. Kunwar, brought the program to the nation in 2004. As a 20-year police veteran and former Senior Superintendent of the Kathmandu Police, Mr. Kunwar was keenly aware of the relationship between drugs and crime and the urgency of addressing the nation’s drug problem. Under his guidance and leadership, Narconon Nepal grew from a single building to a complex of seven facilities in Kathmandu, and the new center represents a threefold expansion.

Narconon Nepal has already rescued hundreds from the grip of addiction. The center has conducted drug prevention seminars in cooperation with the national police force across all 75 districts of the country, educating more than 650,000 on the truth about drugs and addiction. Through broad-scale media outreach, Narconon Nepal has furthered its message of hope to more than 56 million in South Asia, the UK and the Middle East.

In his address to the gathering, Mr. Kunwar said: We are here to provide the lifesaving Narconon services to anyone who needs our help in Nepal. And we are further planning on reaching out to all of South Asia through our training services, here in this new facility, so that others in our great region can take advantage of L. Ron Hubbard’s workable drug rehabilitation technology.

Officially congratulating Narconon, Vice President Parmanand Jha said: In recent years, Narconon Nepal has provided their vital services to our people. The students who attend Narconon drug education classes graduate enlightened and aware of the truth about drugs–just as every Nepalese youth should be. In fact, with hundreds of thousands of students in our schools and universities now educated by Narconon, you are creating a generation that can defend itself against drugs and save our culture–and all while your drug rehabilitation work has forever changed the lives of former addicts and their families. And so it is that with the creation of this center, I support your efforts to make Nepal a drug-free nation.

Mr. Vishma Prasai, Assistant Inspector General, expressed his pride in Nepal providing this vital service not only to the nation but to neighboring countries as well: “Today is a proud day for Nepal, as we are not only expanding the facilities for Narconon to do its job at a much greater rate, but we are also opening the doors for this program to help all the people of South Asia. This is indeed an honor and a privilege for the Nepali people.”

Dr. Bansidhar Mishra, former Minister of Health, spoke of the results of the Narconon program: “When I became the Health Minister in 2008, I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a Narconon graduation. It was there I saw with my own eyes the remarkable results of Narconon. The way they salvaged former drug users and gave them back their lives was unparalleled. Their dedicated and tireless work has helped us protect the Nepali people from the plague of drug addiction.”

Mr. Devendra Sharma, who served as a judge in Nepali courts for 30 years, said: “Mr. L. Ron Hubbard developed this amazing technology, the Narconon program. Former drug addicts who were once tearing their families and communities apart are now responsible members of society, helping their families, helping their community and contributing to building a greater Nepal. This is truly an accomplishment.”


For nearly 50 years, the Narconon program has offered the addicted a drug-free method to stable recovery. The program not only addresses the mental and physical debilitation precipitated by drug abuse, but also the reasons why an individual turns to drugs in the first place. The full rehabilitation program consists of drug-free withdrawal and detoxification, followed by life-skills courses through which individuals learn to solve their problems without drugs. Tens of thousands of Narconon program graduates have gone on to lead drug-free, productive lives.

Since Narconon’s inception, members of the Church of Scientology have supported the organization and continue to carry on that tradition in the interest of helping to create a world without drugs. Their support has come in many forms: contributing time, funding and even establishing independent Narconon facilities. In fact, through the generous support of Scientologists, in 2001 Narconon established the premier drug rehabilitation and international training center, Narconon Arrowhead. It stands on 244 wooded acres in southeastern Oklahoma and is the world’s largest facility of its kind.

For more information about the humanitarian programs supported by the Church of Scientology, visit www.scientology.org.


  1. says

    So glad someone is taking care of the crack cocaine problem on the violent drug crazed streets of Nepal. I’ve been losing a lot of sleep over it recently.

  2. FG says

    Yes, It’s possible they do their best effort to make it go right. But the question is, does the IAS really fund them?
    The mail of Feshbach is just copying bits and pieces of propaganda in the pure North Korean style. It’s very unfair for people actually working on Narconon.
    Waiting for the real miracle, the removal of the beast, Miscavige.

  3. Anon says

    “International training center,” …Ha! Does she mean the single trailer-on-cement-blocks, being sup’ed full-time by a more-recent ex-drug addict named Chris, with no formal training whatsoever? Yes, the man who does not actually understand the Narconon tech and passes all the other recent drug-addicts on their courses and drills, even when they have it wrong because “you don’t want to give them a loss…”

    What a joke. So many reports I wrote to the Senior CS while working there, with a response of “we are working with what we have and nothing is perfect; there are no absolutes…”

    Yes, Arrowhead as a training center… A joke. And don’t get me started on the detox center. (Is it even still open?)

  4. Foolproof says

    I don’t think we should concentrate our efforts too much here on criticizing Narconon. One can only assume their staff are trying to do a good job in very difficult circumstances. I realize that the criticism here is mainly leveled at the “asking for donations (for nothing in return)” culture of this credit-card vulture Reg or it should be if not, but the rub-off of implied criticism for Narconon I think we should curtail. If we had full course rooms and Orgs making auditors then these addicts could be being audited on their Drug Rundowns free of charge as charity cases by the plethora of auditors looking for PCs, and that is where the problem really lies. It was hard enough working in an Org but can you imagine working at Narconon? Those are the real front-line troops. Good luck to them and well done, whatever is really happening behind the scenes up the lines!

  5. says

    In Nepal you can buy a “peak” and name it anything you want for 10.00. Buildings in Nepal? Like people in Nepal have money for drugs? What addictions are they addressing, morning tea? I worked for Save The Children Organization, we were in Nepal. About 40% of Nepalis live in abject poverty.

    Foreign aid keep them alive, and Nepal is heavily dependent on trade with India for any other resources. Thousands of Bhutanese of Nepalese descent have relocated back into the country from Bhutan as refugees in the last 15 years.

    They will however, be able to recruit for the Sea Org en mass.

  6. CobGatYour$$ says

    Give me a effing break! I just got back from kATHMANDU Nepal at around
    Thanksgiving, and there was not a word of Narconon in site. There is a problem with street children in Nepal who are homeless, and on drugs. The word from our guides and our hotel The Dwarikas, is that the Buddist Monks, are the ones trying to rehabilitate the kids. If I had known to ask, when I was there I would have. No word, no buzz, I read the english papers cover to cover and NO WORD OF A NARCANON, OR A DRUG REHAB FACILITY ARRIVING!

  7. Scooter says

    NarCONon Nepal has been struggling for years on a shoestring budget, thanks to Mr Kunwar and to Sydney OT 8 Evelyn Clarke, who have kept it open between them for years.

    I bought up the fact that the centre was being forced to pay fees to NN Int (and me as NN ANZO, altho’ I didn’t force that on Mr Kunwar, who was paying this OUT OF HIS OWN PENSION – LIKE ALL THE OTHER BILLS) in front of a Australian Senate Committee in Oz back in 2009 and – lo and behold – OSA announced that it had been “granted” money from the IAS (first I’d ever heard of it.) It was in debt and unable to afford vitamins so the Purif was omitted from the program. Probably still is as they would have trouble affording the electricity there.

    That they have a new building won’t help them that much as they still won’t be able to get people to pay for the program (advanced payments just don’t work in Nepal – cultural thing – you take a service from someone and THEN decide if you want to pay or not – when I last had anything to do with it, NN Nepal had HUNDREDS of people who’d done the program but not paid up.)

    So Kathy, you obviously still haven’t woke up since I was last on course with you at FSO back in 1989. There’s a lot that you just won’t/can’t see an this is just another example of it.

  8. GTBO says

    This is news? Wasn’t there an event video years ago covering this? I remember “Red House” and I think “Yellow House” with an ex cop? and endorsements fro Gurkas in a New Years Event

  9. Jose Chung says

    Why is it some place far away that very few will ever go there ?
    Kathy could roll up her sleeves and get much more done in South Central L.A. or Watts.
    95 percent of all contraband drugs such as heroin and cocaine end up in the USA.
    Just ask Phillip Seymore Hoffman.

    Kathy can you find a smaller country,how about Monte Carlo ?
    Food is better.

    • says

      I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that IAS “salvation” actions are almost always done in third-world countries where no one can do fact-checking without flying there and bugging local officials, risking arrest.

      In the US, the “salvation” actions are almost always done 200 miles from anywhere that local and state officials can monitor their actual activities.

    • Aquamarine says

      .”…keep your donations flowing, we are changing the world!!!”

      Mrs. Feschbach, you are delusional, but just keep on keeping on with that exclam tech.

  10. Bystander says

    They have to find places on the planet that are harder and harder to get to in order to keep the scam from getting outed . Where next? Pyong Yang? Tierra del Fuego?

  11. Taylor says

    The document is full of lies it also appears to be an exercise on using cut and paste in Word documents. How a bunch of High school dropouts including dm have been able to run this crime syndicate is quite disturbing..

    I think it would be profoundly depressing to spend anytime around these developmentally disabled people for even a short period of time.

  12. Madora P says

    When I was in the same business as AO reg Kathy Johnson yesterday, she was giving instructions on how to use a credit card machine, including how easy it is to take the number down and run it later. And laughing about it.

  13. Draco says

    I just looked for Narconon Nepal on Google maps and this is what it says: Narconon Nepal
    Budhanilkhanta, 27.775760, 85.357922
    Budhanilkantha 44600
    Permanently closed

    Did Google or Kathy get it wrong?

    • Idle Morgue says

      It is another LIE from the Church of Scientology. “A Fool and their money soon part” – Kathy Feshbach is a fool for knowlingly not looking and just donating money to such a criminal scam called Scientology!

      • Cindy says

        If she asks for money for that Narconon specifically, the one in Nepal, that is grounds for a fraud investigation because the Nepal Narconon is permanently closed.

    • Joe Pendleton says

      I will probably be the only person posting here who has actually WORKED at Narconon Nepal (unless a friend of mine decides to post later on). That address you have as closed is no doubt for the old facility (one I was at) which was right outside the ring road in Kathmandu. The new one is at the top of a mountain, which I did visit some years ago when they were building the facility. Basanta and the crew I worked with are hard working very well meaning people and I very much enjoyed working with them. Their public when I was there was mainly young men from fairly well to do families, though NN Nepal also did some outreach (lectures against drugs, etc) in the surrounding area.

    • says

      Nepal “Permanently closed”.

      Well don’t blame Ms. Feshback. It’s not as if she has ever been to Nepal or is planning on going there to work. She takes reports and forwards them, false reports.

      Someone set her up for a loss, and anyone else who sent in donations to the PERMANENTLY CLOSED Narconon. (What’s new there? David’s trademark calling card) I guess they thought nobody would find out anything about a place such as Nepal. They could probably issue statements that they have cleared half the country.

      Anyone who knows anything about Nepal or that region known the last thing they need is a Narconon. A drug pusher would go bust in that country in a week. After letting go of his free samples. There isn’t even money for food clothes and medical care. They are dependent on other nations.

      I know a woman who comes from THE Royal Family in Bhutan (neighbors Nepal) and she relocated to Connecticut through Save The Children (married an ambassador for the organization) to keep moving “up” in the world. And it was a HUGE “move up”.

      Read more about Nepal and Bhutan. It is actually very interesting!



      It is distressing that the Church is begging for donations for a Narconon that does not exist instead of helping some of these these children with a meal.

      Just repelling. With what they have raised to pay for David’s legal fees in Texas, they could have used to keep thousands of children alive with food, clothing, water and medical needs.

  14. LDW says

    “Their support has come in many forms: contributing time, funding and even establishing independent Narconon facilities.”

    Hummm. Independent Narconon facilities? Members of the church helped create?

    I would expect that a forensic audit of IAS donations would show millions of dollars taken in to support drug rehabs and a few thousands actually spent.

    Doing drug rehabs is very intensive and sometimes thankless work. But when you do get a win, it’s a true success. The endless false claims and over the top bragging by people like Kathy are repulsive to me. Narconon has a pretty workable product. It would be much better if they did actual drug rundowns. If they knocked off the ridiculous hyperbole and simply went about their business in an honest fashion, they would do some good to help a few people.

    There are over 25 millions addicts in the USA alone. Narconon has successfully helped a few thousand. Their swelled heads are far larger than their actual accomplishments. And their “we are better than anyone in the universe,” attitude is absurd to anyone who actually understands drug rehab and is familiar with the services provided by many fine organizations.

    • Tyler durden says

      Narconon does not have a workable product because they refuse to hire anyone with ANY expertise in the field. What they have are good intentions however they cut too many corners to be considered reputable in the field. The fact that to be qualified to run or work in a narconon you merely have to be either a graduate of the program or a scientologist is laughable to mainstream society. This business model is highly flawed and does not produce a good product and is downright dangerous. I was a senior executive in a narconon center for the pAst several years and can attest to the fact that all centers and upper management contain no qualified staff.

  15. SILVIA says

    The first line of her e mail starts with: “keep your donations flowing, we are changing the world!!

    Then she repeats a lot of blah…blah… A bit later says that this Dr brought the program in 2004, but in checking the Nepal Health Center publications and other press, they state that in 2006 there were 480 graduates in the 8 month long program. It took 2 years to get that amount of graduates amongst a population of 27 million people. Anyway, between Kathy and other Nepal’s web publications exists different statements of facts.

    She sounds like a politician; says or writes a lot, but factually says little or nothing. All this is a veiled speech with the only purpose to, again, collect money, money,money….

    Not everybody gets tricked by this nonsense.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      The Bots obviously have that confused with the real data known as Hubberts Peak Theory which can be found here:


      The only difference for the cult is that instead of looking for a peak in production of a natural resource, DM is mining for members personal assets. Of interest is the rule of thumb which states that peak ‘production’ occurs about 32 to 35 years after discovery.

      DM’s discovery moment (I could run this as my own and have all the money for me) was arguably 1980. That puts the peak extraction of the sheeple at somewhere between 2012 and 2015!!!!

      Brace for impact Dave, and don’t forget your clay tables and Osa Bots should be in there upright and locked position. Get on it!!!!

  16. Lars says

    So a new era is born in speckling the word Scientology
    within a write-up of Narconon. Good, now the whole line-
    up of drug handlings might as well be inserted in the
    Narconon program. Life-repair, drug-rundown and all
    the rest with professional auditing and of course nurses
    and doctors available. Naa, DM would not have that and
    we know why.

  17. Timothy Hallinan says

    So they named it Hubbard’s Peak twice? And who named it Hubbard’s Peak? And wouldn’t this be a tidy piece of evidence for someone who’s suing Narconon as the “church” denies any connection?

  18. Roy Macgregor says

    I love that way that Kathy Feshbach re-prints one of OSA Ints paid press releases. I bet Kathy is completely unaware that OSA Int can write whatever it wants and most definitely writes whatever it is told to write. If some exec says that the IAS sponsored something, then OSA Int will write a paid press release to toot it’s horn. It is not necessarily TRUE of course. Kathy is the epitome of false gushing enthusiasm and could be a poster girl for the three monekys “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” – the true motto of Scientologists today.

    • gato rojo says

      ….while the RC$’s motto is “do as much evil as possible and deny deny deny.” WAKE THE F— UP Kathy Feshbach!

    • Annabelle says

      Plus, she is on my list as one of the most smug, arrogant, self-important, know-bests on the planet.
      God, that felt good.

      • Cindy says

        The Feshbacks are big whales in LA. Is Kathy one of those rich wives who never work and go up the Bridge off their husband’s production? I ask because you said she was so arrogant and smug and know-best and I”ve see that sometimes in people whose own personal exchange isn’t in on any dynamic but yet are rich due to others’ efforts.

        And what is a “paid press release”? I always thought public service announcements were free. So if it’s paid, does it mean you can say whatever you want whether it’s true or not?

      • Cooper Kessel says

        Must be why Davey likes her so much.

        It helps that hubbie poo has some super powers and something left of a super checkbook as well……….not sure about the super powers though. Now that I think about it, the checkbook might be a tad dwindled as well.

        Yo Dave,
        Are you thinking about some sec checking for little Mattie to see what his bank balances are looking like?

    • thegman77 says

      “Kathy is the epitome of false gushing enthusiasm and could be a poster girl for the three monekys “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” – the true motto of Scientologists today.”

      True. However “DO Evil” is still permitted. “Shading” the truth is also included.

      • Cindy says

        It would be good to have someone over there check these facts by calling the police dept and asking if it’s true that Narconon conducted “massive drug prevention classes in conjunction with the police dept.” I’d like to find out exactly how many were done with the police dept and over what amount of time were these talks given?