“Full Fundraising Completion For Maiden Voyage”



This is what they have been reduced to.

Full fundraising completion… As a “product” to be proud of and “announce” at Maiden Voyage.

Remember a few months ago they shifted the goalposts and the actual amount needed was “a little more than we expected.”

As if it were needed, it’s another example of how off purpose the entire activity has gone. There is NO mention of doing anything about improving conditions in the environment or even for an individual.

And amazingly, even the orgs that HAVE gone “ideal” are also all focused on this. They are not “clearing their area” or “starting new groups and missions (let alone orgs) in “NorCal”, they are working on raising money for another failed “ideal org” to be created. They already have 5 others — and they are doing NOTHING. But somehow in the infinite wisdom of the Vulture Culture, they are ALL focused on raising money to meet the target for the “fundraising to be completed.” It’s not even to complete the building.

The dwindling spiral is getting tighter and tighter….


  1. says

    I remember well that one of the fundamental reasons I was so intrigued with Scientology was actually reading the books, and doing the courses.

    I had known for some time there was more to life than ashes to ashes , dust to dust etc.

    I also knew there was a lot wrong with the world and much evil about.

    So it was easy to agree with what LRH wrote as it actually said why something was this way.

    He ranted much to my delight about Government incompetance, stupidity, the lies etc.

    Never use lies in PR was a favourite phrase of course.

    How did the C of S members ever move so far away from the Philosophy of Scientology Tech and Policy?

    Mike says they live in a bubble, maybe they do. All I know is bubbles expand at a rate, and when they reach a certain point they burst.

    The Asthamatic Dwarf like Hitler is an outstanding orator of his time, he must be to get so many idiots on board for this idle morgue folly.

    In St Hill in the 60’s it was packed with Students and Auditors they even used outside sheds to audit in and they loved it.

    Today magnificent buildings of glass and steel (or is it Gaffs and Steal) and they are empty.

    London Org City of London Ideal Org, 2:00pm a while back, four staff including receptionist building empty?

    Er The old Ldn Org day would have had at least 20 staff about and 15 students and PC’s.

    What a waste of Technology.

    The Dwarf must be the biggest and worst SP that even LRh never took this level of suppression into account.

  2. The Last Commodore says

    I’m surprised they’re even bothering promoting the “Maiden Voyage” since this event, like the upcoming Dianetics event, has become nullfiied into non-existence and irrelevance.

    Most staff on the ship have no idea what to even expect, since one day the Maiden Voyage is going on the ship, next day its not, a week later its on again, a month later, forget it. Security on the ship is so tight that news from the outside is restricted to the point that they have to rely on hearsay from publics about what’s going on on the mainland.

    No one seems to know why, but the FSSO staff worldwide appear to be in lower conditions. Visit any FSSO office around the world and you’ll be lucky to find even JUST ONE staff member in there. Check it out for yourselves. What are supposed to be the two highest stat & busiest FSSO offices, WUS & EUS, are DEAD (don’t even ask about the mess in Blackwater… err, I mean Clearwater). Even the FSSO call center they installed on the 2nd floor of NYC org a few years back with rows of long desks with dozens of computers and phones has just one guy on the phones and all that poor bastard does is route calls to the weirdo “advance scheduling reg” on the ship.

    From what I can tell there’s some kind of strict limit being imposed on how many publics can be on the ship at any given time, something like 50, and they’ve got to fully vetted & financially gutted publics with at least 5 years in the cult & a consistent record of donations to Ideal Orgs, Super Power, blah blah. It’s not even good enough to be a Sponsor or Patron if you haven’t “donated” half your annual salary to one or more building projects.

    Since a good bunch of staff are confined to quarters for alleged PTSness (sick with cold/flu, unexplained coughing, etc) could it be they didn’t get rid of all the asbestos & it’s starting to bite them in the ass again?

  3. says

    Well hell, it’s easier for the group to raise money than it is to get up the bridge. They might as well abandon Scientology and build real estate portfolios. People want to have a win. At least they were allowed to do something and finish it with the real estate project.

    • says

      Hubbard does talk about low toned this is in one tape, and he uses the Egyptians and their fixation on building (the pyramids) as an example of a mest goal civilization.

      New buildings have a very short life span. Like with a new car, once the owner drives it off the lot, it begins to decay.

  4. says

    How can any well programed ronbot stomach this type of thing? Most ex’s eventually come to realize that what the ‘chirch’ says and what it does are very different things. This dichotomy eventually reaches the conscious level and a WTF moment intrudes and change in the clam begins.

    That is why new meat is important to scam. Someone has to replace all the dropouts. And most do dropout, that WTF moment is something every clam faces and many do stay with the scam. The ‘sunk costs’ thinking intrudes and when your family or business depends on the good graces of Miscavage, you might consider your self stuck.

    But how can ‘status’ be sold? Isn’t going clear and going OT the real product of $cientology? No, sucking money and mo’ money out the remaining minions is the current business plan.

  5. Good Old Boy says

    OH MY GOD, I can hear the sucking sound of the giant vortex of oblivion as the Church
    implodes on itself. Will the last one out please turn off the lights.

  6. hgc10 says

    If anyone ever asks you what it means to put lipstick on a pig, just say, “the First Ideal Region in the First Ideal Continent!” That should adequately demonstrate the concept.

  7. Potpie says

    Network of Ideal Org Builders?
    I think this is turning into a
    black hole and this above network
    is the energy at the outer edges that suck
    everything close to it into the abyss.
    They aren’t hard to identify. They have
    this weird sucking sound when they breath.
    Here in Florida there is a fish called croker.
    When you catch them they make a croking
    noise. These ideal org builders start making
    this croking noise when one refuses to give
    them money. They also croke loudly when
    they deposit their commission checks.

  8. says

    Have to give Miscavige credit for his one and only truth in advertising. I’ve never seen him promote an Ideal Building that had a single person in the rendering. Surely his last few customers will start noticing the same, soon?

  9. Jose Chung says

    Mt. View tried to recruit me. All they did was fund raise, all hands,
    no other products. That’s no auditing, no training, I’m thinking WTF ?
    You have to look behind the curtain, who gets the big unseen payoffs,
    the kick backs, and a picture of how and why this is pushed.
    It’s a PONZI Scheme !!!!!!!!
    Next door is Stevens Creek, home of De Dinging, John Allender turf
    and other Squirrel Busters..
    It’s a training camp for SLEAZY MONEY AND POWER.

  10. WhiteStar says

    king dwarf is looking every bit of 54 years.

    he has the haggard look Darth Sidious.

    • FOTF2012 says

      You would be bummed too. You got rid of your wife. You are now one of the richest men on Earth. You have great shoes, motorcycles, and sunglasses. And still, your love for Tom is unfulfilled, despite moving as many wives of his as you can out of the picture.

  11. NOLAGirl says

    “The actual amount needed was “a little more than we expected”” should be the new slogan.

  12. WhiteStar says

    the planet did seem a little clearer yesterday. i’m gonna keep an eye on it today, see if i can spot a trend.

  13. Paul J says

    “Traditionally, this is the time of year where OT accomplishment is personified in landmark achievements in the name of Ideal Orgs”.

    Definition of traditional OT accomplishment: Bankrupting yourself in a completely out exchange, off policy manner that results in the destruction of the Church of Scientology. Way to go DM!

  14. SILVIA says

    A circuit in using “ideal” for everything: the builders, the donors, the Continent, the Org and so on.

    It just fulfills the ‘ideal greed’ of Black Heart in amassing more money irregardless of ANYTHING else.

    And yes, they will self destruct in no time…3…2..1… bye, bye.

  15. Peter says

    It just struck me that “upright and vertical” has TWO directions. They claim one, but are actually experiencing the other. Sad.