It Take Courage To Join Staff



From the Truth In Advertising file. For once.

Well, except for the fact that there is an “OT Org” (AOSHANZO, no doubt about to “go Ideal” soon) that is really the “OT Org” if there is such a thing.

Funny, all the hype about Sydney opening by the 1st of March has vanished like money given to the IAS….


  1. Dean Blair says

    There are going to be three sorry OTS after doing this courageous act. I expect we will be hearing from them in the future with a different mindset.

  2. says

    Yes it definitely does.

    It is more like being a Kamikaze pilot. You need to have really big balls or be blind, deft and dumb.


  3. Kevin says

    Can we replace “Courage” with “Not able to make rent or car payments” or “Loves eating nothing but Ramen Noodles”?

  4. Black Panther says

    I see poor old Peter is OTVII – how is he going to get in 5 sessions a day and do his 6-month compulsory PDH trip to Flag while being on staff?

    • Bystander says

      A related question… Underground Bunker is running the tally on the cost of getting to the top of the pyramid scheme, now on OT6. How much does it cost for the sec-check every six months at flog on OT7? Add to that several grand in air fare and two 24 hour travel experiences every six months for good ol’ Pete. Maybe he’s really only 35 and just looks 80…

  5. SILVIA says

    The poster states it is the most incredible team in the world…sorry to disagree with your OT promo..
    the most incredible team in the world is of those who are free to choose their way and live life fully, boy, this is really fun and does not need glossy promotion, just do it. Ah, and it is free.

  6. Debbie Jones says

    I hate to be rude but I once did drills with Peter Shead and literally thought he was retarded. Now I know he is!

  7. Carcha says

    “Scientology is a religious monopoly and offers total freedom.”

    Rah. It’s always in the fine print. No pay, either. I ask myself the question: “Would you follow anyone who would join staff in an organization like that? Or trust them to audit you? Or want them as a friend?”

    Scientology is philosophy. Philosophy is thought. Thought is rational. Yet somehow, The church isn’t rational. It isn’t the logic that’s flawed there, so it must be the definitions of terms. Slapping words (or people) around without looking at what one intends to convey in meaning isn’t good (accepting words and being slapped around without looking at the intent, is also not good, not rational by omission of observation). Thought comes from a person, rational or not. If it is rational, it is some form of practical philosophy, based on observation. So in the church, you get a person who doesn’t actually get into rational thought and so doesn’t get into philosophy, and so doesn’t get into Scientology, and so … joins the church on staff as an excuse for not thinking straight, thus avoiding all the bothersome work of Scientology.

    Soooo … a rational person would think about that, look at that, be philosophical and practical, look at Scientology itself as contrasted to the church, realize that Scientology is not the church, conversely that the church is not Scientology (as it is not rational, not equitable, not just), and would not join staff, thus affording himself the opportunity to actually get into the work of the philosophy of Scientology.

    The conclusion is that one must be rational about these things, work these things out for oneself. Did I get that right, or is my logic still off somewhere?

    • says

      In today’s church, Scientology (the subject) = Church of Scientology (the organization), and vice versa. I have had a number of discussions with org MAAs regarding the illogic of this position, to no avail. I was shocked that this person, in-charge of applying Scn Ethics (reason), was unfamiliar with such concepts as: thinking in identities, associations, and differentiations.

      It would similar to say, Democracy = The United States Federal Government. This, of course, makes no sense.

      After spending 30 years either on staff or as a public, I have isolated the following myths:

      1) Sea Org members are more on-source than everyone else.
      The reality is that SO members live and work in a bubble. The Sea Org has it own rules, regulations and codes that may or may not have anything to do with Scientology, the applied religious philosophy. And the SO member you have dealt with may have very little experience or knowledge about the Scn philosophy. They may not even be on the Bridge. SO members can spend decades serving the cause, without receiving any benefit from training and processing. One could say – “There is the on-policy way, the off-policy way, and then the Sea Org way.”

      2) The higher you move up the command channels the more and more on-source the staff operate.
      This is simply not true and there is no evidence to support this claim. Again, SO members can and will operate on their own set of rules, which seemingly violate the very principles of the Scn philosophy (out-ARC, beatings, yelling/screaming, out-WTH, Code of Honor, etc). The most dedicated, successful application of the Scn philosophy I have witnessed was by a limited number of Class V org staff members.

      3) If someone with authority says something IS, it IS.
      Do not be deceived by the uniform or the military bric-a-brac. I worked side-by-side with a senior SO member (in Snr Qual), who effectively lied his way to the top. He was a big talker, who boasted and bragged about all sorts – NONE of it was true. In fact, it was later discovered, after he blew, he was a con artist!

      4) Scn always works when applied correctly.
      Again, no tangible evidence to support this claim. If this were true, we would have to conclude that the thousands of Scnists who sought to make Scn work over the past 60 years were either intellectually deficient to understand, duplicate and apply LRHs work; or that LRH was a sufficiently poor communicator that he was unable to impart the application of his tech to others; or, possibly…shock, horror…may be it doesn’t always work all the time?

  8. Jose Chung says

    Lets check up on these courageous souls a few years from now
    if Scientology is still around. Which one will write a tell all book about Scientology ?
    Which one will be the cause of most Cancer and suicide deaths ?
    Which one will commit murder (type 3)?

    • Draco says

      What Tory said! Courage is not a factor here – I see 3 people who could not carry their “No, I don’t want to join staff” through to the end. They blinked.

  9. says

    I see they give their OT Level as opposed to actual training level meaning that likely the only training they had on the left side of the GC was probably the HQS Course and “Instant Hatting” meaning a lot of VD on how to run an org.

    The smell of burning toast coming off the pic is almost overwhelming.

  10. Joey says

    I remember Peter Shead back in the early 80’s; he was good person and an opinion leader to some of us early Scientologist’s getting in and had a fairly successful real estate company …now that he has aged ( must be close to 80) not sure what in the hell he was thinking with this move…

  11. says

    I would not use Peter Shead in an advertisement. I am actually surprised scientology hasn’t dumped him. They will dump Peter soon. I wonder how his (?) grandson Oilver will rationalize that.

    • Carcha says

      It’s a bad scene superimposed on them. (It kind of looks like some apocalyptic movie set. Maybe that will be the next come-on theme for the Co$, in Shermanspeak, of course. “The lone, the brave, standing tall above a world exploding, cold, chrome, steel high over the chaos riding the mighty theta curl of time in a timeless pasture of sheep grazing on blah, blah, blah,”)

      • Draco says

        Thanks Carcha – that made me laugh – especially “a timeless pasture of sheep grazing on blah, blah, blah,” :)

  12. Carcha says

    Here’s some free copy for the Co$:

    “Stand defiant against the demons. Place integrity above lies. Place independence above slavery. Place yourself at the top. Join the SO staff and put an end to cowardice, betrayal, tyranny, and suppression today.”

  13. Ookpik says

    It looks legit as the body language reflects the expressions perfectly. The church shoops are notoriously inept, euphemistically speaking.

  14. says

    I agree that it takes courage to join staff. But courage and wisdom do not always go hand in hand.

    A soldier with a lot of courage may be fighting for a corrupt government who is fooling him into believing that he is fighting for the greater good, when in actuality that soldier can be fighting for the exact opposite of what he believes he stands for.

    He is displaying courage within the framework of what he believes he is fighting for, but he doesn’t know what he is really fighting for.

    That is the situation with people who join staff in Scientology. When they confront the idea of working hard for little pay and rough working conditions, to try to salvage mankind, and being one of the few people on the planet who are doing it, while being fought, that takes a lot of courage. But they are utilizing that courage in the wrong direction, having been led on by lies.

    • Paul Cocovinis says

      Nicely stated Dave. If we are judging courage from the viewpoint of it’s subjective context, then it has to be admired. It gives hope that more will be displayed when they start cogniting on the source of their cognitive dissonances, something I believe deserves much more admiration. Takes a lot to admit you got something so important so wrong for so long, and then make the sacrifices to stand up and do something about it, despite the personal danger. Kudos to everyone that applies to out here.

    • says

      Well said Dave. There are a number of other parallels between org staff and the military, particularly in the area of recruitment. “Be all that you can be”, toughness, impossible task, many are called – few chosen, elite corp, are you man enough? Just a button-pushing exercise.

  15. Obnosis says

    Wow, do you see the fine print? “NOTICE: Joining Scientology staff is a religious commitment and all activities are entirely voluntary.” In other words, don’t expect to get any pay or services in exchange. You’re a frickin’ volunteer! All staff are now volunteers. That’s a new one. Does this mean you won’t get saddled with a freeloader debt if you break your “volunteer” contract?

    • deElizabethan says

      Volunteer. Thought this interesting read on the Writ of Mandamus, posted on Tony Ortega’s blog today.

      29. Plaintiff asserts that Mr. Miscavige exercised control because he leads the Sea Organization, a religious order within Scientology. But the “Sea Org” is not a corporate entity; it has no physical or legal existence. It is not incorporated or established pursuant to legal formalities. It has no constitution, charter or bylaws, and no formal or informal ecclesiastical, corporate, or other management structure. It has no directors, officers, managing agents, or other executives; no employees, staff members, or volunteers; no income; no disbursements, no bank accounts or other assets; no liabilities; no stationery; no office, home, address, or telephone number. It does not create or maintain any financial, personnel, or other records.
      30. It can neither give nor receive orders because it has no one to either give or receive them or to carry them out. It cannot sue or be sued

    • says

      Hey as a “volunteer” does that mean I can work as little as I want? Not show up for staff musters? No all-hands? No all-nighters?


      I guess Scn has redefined what “volunteer” means.

      • Jane Still says

        Scn definition of ‘volunteer':
        You volunteer at the beginning. Once you have volunteered you have basically decided to ‘do something about it’. this means you have taken responsibility.

        The corollary is that you cannot then un-volunteer yourself because that would be shirking. If it isn’t as you expected it to be well….you should have looked into it and thought about it more carefully. the fact remains that you made a decision and you cannot renege on that.

      • MJ says

        I remember when Scientology was about freedom. When I volunteered it was because I really wanted to. Now, there’s another agenda. Too bad we can’t impeach DM. A leader is someone others want to follow, not someone threatening too gruesomes if they don’t toe the line. Sad state of affairs.

  16. Black Panther says

    Actually, maybe this is not such a bad idea. Speaking from personal experience, joining staff and seeing the insane off-policy, hey-you org board, musical chairs, lack of ARC and iron-fisted SO meddling in everything – the complete mockery and ignoring of how LRH says an org should be run – THIS was a big part of me starting my journey OUT.

    So hopefully it will be with these 3 ……….. Perhaps we will see them on the flip side sooner than we think.

    I sure do hope so.

    • Axiom says


      That is exactly the same thing that got me to look as well. I know something was not right and when I figured it out, it came down to the fact that the CoS could not and would not apply Scientology. Simple as that.

      It is not very hard to do. So all anyone inside the bubble has to do is just LOOK. Then apply what they know of the tech. Then they will see the writing on the wall … “Time to bail.” Even rats have enough sense to abandon a sinking ship.

      • Black Panther says

        Hi Axiom. This is precisely why it is becoming more and more difficult (and dangerous) for the Church to employ experienced Scientologists. Anyone with half a brain and being a social personality won’t last long – as is evidently happening in Joburg org right now. I have just heard of 3 people (experienced Scientologists) that have left staff, and one other about to – she cannot wait for the day her contract is up……

        Joburg org long ago cottoned onto the idea of recruiting completely green non-SCN’s – that way, they can “mould” these guys into the new regime – without them being able to compare how things should be.

        This is one of the reasons I no longer have any sympathy or time for experienced Scientologists “hanging in there” and willing to go down with the ship. They are now all so utterly PTS they can’t see the wood for the trees or have taken on the colours of the SP regime they are so avidly supporting.

      • Cindy says

        “This is one of the reasons I no longer have any sympathy or time for experienced Scientologists “hanging inthere” and willing to go down with the ship. They are now all so utterly PTS they can’t see the wood for the trees or have taken on the colours of the SP regime they are so avidly supporting.”

        Exactly! Well said, BP.

  17. Foolproof says

    To be staff these days you must be capable of ignoring HCO PLs and just doing what you are told if it somehow (always falsely) “gets the stats up”. Being on staff has been made into an engram of gigantic proportions with DM’s “Executives” bearing down on ever-dwindling numbers of staff to try and sell mostly criminal non-products like IAS and Idle Org donations but the general antagonistic tone towards staff that would not toe the party line (by following LRH policy) started around 1982 with a telex order (not HCO PL application), probably from DM as FB Action Chief at that time (?), to “bear down on ‘non-compliant’ staff and they either bend to our will or are offloaded”. That is they became compliant puppets to an off-policy management. A good example of this is that there was an MAA once who, when told that the stats being reported were false replied shouting “WELL, SOMEONE IS TRYING TO GET THE STATS UP!” Treating staff like sh*t has become the norm now.These staff above are either courageous in such an environment or damn stupid. Or both. But we can do without the stupidity in supporting this off-policy dictatorial regime
    and start following LRH policy instead, which is proven to boom Orgs, not squirrely “bearing down on staff until they break”. The report from a South African Org recently where it was mentioned that being on staff was “entheta” sums it all up very nicely. This is what I mean and of course LRH already covers it in policy: HCO PL 7. Aug. 1965 Issue I “SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS, MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OF” in OEC 1, page 107 Ron writes under point 3: “A suppressive will try to get rid of an org. Good staff members are a prime target for SPs. In one org where an SP got a foothold, 60% of the staff was gotten rid of and the org almost crashed. They do it by making people too dissatisfied to produce and so make it impossible for the org to earn.” Sums it all up very nicely.

  18. mwesten says

    “offers total freedom…”

    …delivers an expensive mindfuck that shuts down critical thinking, encourages black-and white absolutism and promotes intolerance.

    You’ll be broke, abused, verging on insane, no real friends, disconnected from your family, ensnared within a perpetual chaos of lies – but you’ll think you’re a god amongst insects so it’s okay.

  19. DollarMorgue says

    An apocalyptic worldview is what the “Church” of Scientology is thriving and dying on. It asks you to be courageous (under its own definition), be crazy (under its own definition), disagree (under its own definition) and fork over all your money and give your life. It won’t do any good if we don’t save this planet from final and eternal damnation in a few years, anyway.