Kansas City Shooting To Be Just Like Portland


To give you some idea how badly these people buy their own bs, here is a promo piece exhorting everyone to give money so Kansas City can achieve the roaring success just like Portland.

See here for pix of what they are shooting for….

Then read below what they THINK they are shooting for. But before that, you can read about how GAG II is now making “planetary clearing” a reality and that for the first time things are really standard. I spose they really don’t know what it is they are saying — it is fed to them like soylent green and they just lap it up and obediently announce how wonderful it is.



  1. Gus Cox says

    “The difference between what we are doing now and what we will be able to do once we open our Ideal Organization on Grand Street is literally day and night.”

    “I ask you to just imagine our perfectly designed building filled to capacity delivering LRH tech.”

    OK, imagine this: The Briefing Course and Academy at ASHO being so packed, that roll call takes *15 fucking minutes.* If your name falls in the latter half of the alphabet, you can linger at the canteen for an extra 10 minutes because it takes that long for the supe to get to the Ts. The course room is so packed that it’s spilling out into the hallway, and you better arrive early to get a parking spot. And that’s the DAY course room!

    Well there’s no need to imagine it. It’s reality. OVER 30 FUCKING YEARS AGO! Yeah, that’s what it was like, late ’70’s into the early ’80s. Talk about night and fucking day.

    • Mike Rinder says

      This is an excellent comment Gus. It really highlights why people keep bringing up the “good old days”…. It’s not so much reminiscing in earlier times of “glory” but reacting to the constant statements of how things WILL be in the future if we just collect more money and buy nicer MEST. It is supposedly what these deluded souls are trying to achieve, and the reality is that it has nothing to do with MEST.

  2. WhiteStar says

    come on over here dear boy, have a cigar
    you’re gonna go far
    you’re gonna fly high,
    you’re never gonna die
    you’re gonna make if you try
    we’re gonna love you.

    well COB has always had a deep respect
    and i mean that most sincerely

    the green on white is just fantastic
    that is really what he thinks
    it’s why he’s got them working ’round the clock at INT.

    we’re all just keyed out
    after getting GAT II out
    it’s got be a sell out
    COB owes it to the people
    he’s so happy he can hardly count

    everybody else just wants to hold on to their green
    but we can reverse the dwindling spiral
    if we all pull together as a team

    you gotta make it to the briefing,
    it’s special just for you
    how to postulate and deliver GAT II
    as a bonus, discover that from now on
    none of you make belongs to you.

    yeah, if we tell you the name of the game, boy.
    it’s called “we’re all riding the gravy train”.

    Apologies to Pink Floyd.

  3. says

    I like the sequence that the woman describes. They have plans and then they fundraise and then…… at the very end!!!!!! she says they’ll staff the place. Unbelievable! Those polished marble floors are more important than an actual person, for someone wanting services to speak to. I hate to tell you, but it takes a lot of training, time, skill and experience (not talking to a wall) to handle people well, especially with compassion and dignity. Paying staff a living wage isn’t even on the table. That one guy is just working to feed the monster like a 600 pound relative that lives in your spare room.

  4. Potpie says

    I was watching a show about a con man and how
    he duped his targets. They had him on the show
    to talk about how and why he did what he did.
    This was after he got out of jail.
    He said that it was easy to con people and he
    was amazed at some of the things they would
    believe. He figured if they were dumb enough
    to believe him, then he was going to go for whatever
    he could get. No his name is not Miscavige.

  5. says

    How deluded can one get?

    Well the answer is Churchies who think that by building some edifice called an “ideal org” that their stats will magically increase.

    It’s all such a farce really.

    Aside from *common sense*.

    There is nothing in policy that says you even need a building to have an *Org* since the definition of organization used was and *is*:

    or·gan·i·za·tion [awr-guh-nuh-zey-shuhn] Show IPA
    the act or process of organizing.
    the state or manner of being organized.
    something that is organized.
    organic structure; composition: The organization of this painting is quite remarkable.
    a group of persons organized for some end or work; association: a nonprofit organization.

    Maybe these morons who promote “ideal orgs” should apply a little study tech to themselves and actually clear the above word *fully* and use it in a few sentences.

    Though I figure there may be one or two or maybe more who are actually profiting from all this ignorance and wouldn’t want the public that they are parasitically feeding on getting anywhere near a *real* dictionary which is probably the reason for all these glossaries on “the basics” or anywhere near an actual policy letter which is probably why the HQS course (you know like the one with the check sheet written by that EspEEEE unperson Mary Sue which covered basic *organizational* policies) is no longer promoted as a Basic Course.

    • Aquamarine says

      “How deluded can one get?

      Well, the answer is Churchies who think that by building some edifice called an “ideal org” that their stats will magically increase”.

      I have evidence that this is believed. This is not conjecture on my part.

      I was told on 4 different occasions by 4 different people, each of them long-term Class V org staff (over 20 years) and 3 of them highly auditor trained, admin trained, the 4th being only admin trained but with over 22 years of continuous staff experience.

      On 4 separate occasions I asked each of them if mere expansion of square footage equated to expansion of Scientology, and each of them replied, very firmly and positively, “Yes”.

      ONe of them told me it was LRH policy (that expansion of square footage equaled expansion of Scientology). Another oneI asked, “Do you believe in “Build it, and they will come?”, and this Class iV auditor, who had done the Data Series answered, “Yes”.

      Another one told me how, once the ideal org was purchased and renovated and furnished, that SO missions were sent and staff were hired and everything was put together very quickly, all necessary staff hired very quickly AFTER the org was opened as an ideal org…”That’s how that works”, this staff member smilingly told me. I just stared. I couldn’t even answer.

      These were/are not dummies, but intelligent, caring, well trained people, staff I liked, trusted and respected. Each time, it blew my mind. It really blew my mind, that they believed this, that they could not see the huge outpoints inherent in this altered sequence.T

      o me it was like throwing a party by renting a hall, decorating it, shopping for the food, preparing all the refreshments, setting the tables, preparing everything for the guests, and then, when everything was all ready for them, getting on the phone and inviting them to come to your party. I’m telling you, it just blew me away, the stupidity of it.

      NOTHING expands in this universe in altered sequence!

      Now, I don’t consider myself that smart. I don’t think I’m dumb, but I don’t consider myself brilliant in any way. So if I can see this, why can’t’ they?

      Answer: HAS to be – because they don’t WANT TO.

      “There are none so blind, as those who will not see”.

      There can’t be any other reason. They just don’t want to!

      • says

        I know one staff who insisted that putting the ideal building there was part of “Be”, so “Be, Do and Have” is still in the correct sequence.
        Back in the day, that staff was even super-literate.
        I am under-whelmed.

  6. Roy Macgregor says

    They have a neat trick they do. The day they open a brand new building, they do a lot of hoopla and get a bunch of people to come through the org and do tours. These get counted as some kind of stat. Then they do a graph, showing “before” and “after” the grand opening and the stats are rocketted!! Of course it does not show them collapsing back down to even lower levels than before. Its all part of the lie lie lie strategy- the bigger the better.

    David Miscagive has a straight up and vertical approach to lying.

    There are no little lies, no half measures- its just one huge whopper after another. I am sure that this is where his idea came that orgs can’t succeed because they are not big enough. It’s like lying – it works so much better to just tell a great big whopper.

    So David Miscavige’s one successful action “tell big whopping lies, the biggest one work best” is being being applied to all scientology -and its not working well.

    This “rocketed stat” then gets passed around to show what a big success everything is.

    The sheeple clap their hands and squeal with delight.

    They never dream to call a friend or visit and check to see if its actually true. It never occurs to them because they are afraid to rock the boat, afraid they might be next in line for the SP declare.

    “First they came for the rebelling mission holders, and I wasn’t a mission holder so I did nothing.

    Then they came for the field auditors, and I wasn’t a field auditor, so I did nothing.

    Then they came for the whistleblowers, and I wasn’t a whistleblower so I did nothing

    Then they came for just anyone refusing to disconnect from family, but my family were OK, so I did nothing.

    Then one day they came for me. And by then it was too late.”

    • Mike Rinder says


      They just regurgitate what they are fed.

      She had NO IDEA what she is talking about, but these are the party lines she has been told and she listens and reads and repeats.

      It is the Golden Age of Parrots. They recite these lines to the walls and there are “What Do You Do?” drills with patter that goes something along this line:

      Q: “You org is empty, what do you do?”
      A: “Buy a bigger building” (Ref: COB Golden Age of Admin speech)

      Q: “No auditing being delivered in the org, what do you do?”
      A: “Call in public for a special briefing and get money for a new building” (Ref: COB speech to OT Ambassadors on Freewinds)

      Q: “Staff are leaving as they cannot live on no pay, what do you do?”
      A: “Get public to increase their status in the IAS to bring about planetary clearing” (Ref: COB speech at IAS Event)

      They learn soon enough. Number of times over the materials equals certainty.

      • Potpie says

        Very funny Mike but yet so true.
        She really does not have any idea
        what she is talking about. That sums it
        up for me. I won’t spend anymore time
        wondering what these people are thinking
        when they say things….they aren’t thinking.
        A lot of them aren’t much different than a Parrot
        in a cage. (no offense to Parrot owners)

  7. chrismann says

    Miscavige does do one thing right- he gives them a goal. One thing about groups is that they must have a goal. A big one is best. Something that is just maybe, if we work really hard and with a little luck possible. Something in the future to work towards. He’s really good at keeping their attention focused on the future. It makes one feel that if things in his area arent working it’s because he hasnt done enough or donated enough.

    Ultimately these guys will need to see that there is no management and that they are being undone from above. It’s a bunch of PR and lies guys. Selling your house and donating your retirement money to the Ideal Org fund is commendable on some level- I mean you are sacrificing yourself for the cause which I believe shows that you are a good person. But before you do that you might want to pull your head out of the sand and take a look around. That the group you are in punishes you for observing and speaking freely is not a good sign.

  8. says

    The trouble with you Mike is you are so busy running this blog you have not taken the time to walk about your locale and see that Planetary Clearing is a total reality!

    Have you not noticed the 10’s of 1000’s of free beings walking about with bright eyes and Osmond’s fixed type smiles in states of total freeedom.

    Nah, me neither, the only things these guys are free of is their money and their awareness.

    The Golden age of the dog turd is upon us.

  9. Friend says

    Note: hope to meet you after the blow .. would need some conversation because there are not a lot of thetan around in this environment ..

    My oldest problem in Scientology was to ask others what would you say to me if you would meet me near the moon .. got never an answer .. never ..

  10. Friend says

    Yellowstone will sometimes after now blow off .. for sure .. only a real OT could shut it down .. IDEAL ORGs or FREEDOM is not the way to handle it .. you need some big thetan who can confront and handle MEST in a second .. such thetans are there .. but surely not in Scientology .. how he could be there when he goes at all time of some Volt in Charge (allegedly because of meter responses) ..

    Means, if you go in communication about meter reactions .. you must be pretty weak .. and following was anybody weak who gets lots of wins out of Scientology .. LRH found always the bad which should be handled .. never the good .. following there are guys around who want to handle the bad .. and this is the game about IDEAL ORG contributor .. but it looks like IDEAL NONSENS .. for me it is since 1973 only a field of IDEAL CONFUSION .. and so it goes ..

    Again, if somebody holds on Scientology he must intend to handle the bad .. never the good .. this goes in existence for all who work with LRH Tech .. but it follows LRH idea to make it a better world .. but if you have enough time .. and everybody has enough money .. it could work .. the only problem is that there will be no OT at the end who has real power .. naturally not .. Yellowstone will explode the other day ..

  11. Madora P says

    It’s really something how small the names get at the bottom of the Honor Roll. Trying to humiliate the small donors. LOL

  12. Potpie says

    First time ever people are graduating with
    total certainty in check sheet time……what?
    Folks are totally certain about their
    check sheets on graduation or are they totally
    certain and can apply the data from the course?
    First time ever???? No one has any idea what
    they did prior to this? Oh I see that is why he
    cancelled all the permanent certs….no one knew
    what they were doing…..I see.
    Things are really standard now?….then why are
    you still using the same auditors code? I know,
    I know, no one bothers with following it but still
    shouldn’t that be changed? Are they still using the
    same correction lists per LRH? The same Laws of L & N
    per LRH?
    What makes all this so much more standard?
    With all this new standard stuff why are these
    Ideal HGC auditing rooms empty? Could it be
    that if they do find a PC that auditors trained on
    all this new GAG stuff can’t really audit themselves
    out of a wet paper bag?
    Silly me with all these stupid questions….the
    grand pupa says so that’s why.
    I think an ideal way to torture Miscavige is to make
    him audit…..you know a full session set-up, pc, meter,
    a c/s the whole works. This would surely drive him
    up the wall. Of course there should be an auditor who
    knows what they are doing to repair the PC once Miscavige
    has a hissy fit and trys to kill the PC. Yes I know his actions
    would be his version of Standard Tech. Also there should be
    someone with a straight jacket as well….not for the PC.

    • SadStateofAffairs says

      Full session set up for Miscavige would include seating the PC at a distance where Miscavige could easily reach out to slap the PC.

    • Good Old Boy says

      Dear Potpie, please read HCOB 28 AUG 1968 OUT-TECH, ISS.1
      It explains it all perfectly.

  13. Morris Adams says

    Interesting on the “Honor Roll”. how they make the font-size get smaller and smaller as the donation size decreases. A couple of more levels down and you’d have to read the names with a microscope.

    • says

      Morris, maybe this is the build-up to the ‘Golden Age of Stirling Status’, or GASS.
      You can then expect a Burp (Big Up-tone Resurgence of Power), but more likely one will revert back to FART.

  14. Jose Chung says

    Full disclosure of all money
    Lists of everything to the penny.
    accurate accounting of results
    How much money to produce one Clear?
    How often is an auditor made ?
    Piles of money do not audit anyone
    so wheres the Bang for the buck?

  15. MJ says

    To: All Scientologists
    From: RTC DM Overseer
    Re: Golden Age of Dave (GOD) is here!

    Dear random Scientologist,

    As you know, we’ve never asked you to donate for our Leader’s birthday before, but there comes a time when we all have to do the right thing to back up command intention. Therefore, we are instituting a tithing system (standard in all other churches) to deduct 10% of all your income to COB’s birthday fund. Monies will be used to purchase appropriate gifts for Him that befit a truly inspirational leader. He himself wouldn’t ask you himself because he’s not that kind of guy. He let’s us have the privilege of serving which as ron says is the most valuable thing a being can do and that means you! I will be sending each of you automatic withdrawal forms which you can then submit to your bank. Let’s all pull together and show Dear Leader that he has all our support.

    Lou the Tool

    PS – Non compliance will be noted and reported to Ethics. But let’s not get into any threat mode and make this a theta thing, okay?

  16. Friend says

    I am a full-time Ideal Org contributor .. what that means? He goes in and out, and in and out, and in and out, so that somebody realises traffic ..

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Means he is “in bidness” …. he gets a commission (probably 15% or more) on money he regges for the IAS. What was that word in DMSMH? ….. oh yeah ….. symbiotic ….

    • Potpie says

      Friend….a full time Ideal Org Contributor is
      an FSM. Not the FSM us old timers know of.
      You know……the FSM’s that got people on to
      training and processing. This is the new FSM
      that constantly pressures people into giving money
      they don’t have, with no exchange and then being given 10% of the
      money he extorted from these poor souls. Then validated
      for his contributions to mankind.
      Perfectly justified by the fact his wife is on staff and his
      son will be on full time training.

  17. says

    They’ll be able to service over 500 public at any given time? Kansas City is going to need another 474 Scientologists to satisfy the BIS, but with a good body-router and a strong marketing campaign they could…….wait, they don’t have either.

  18. says



    An interesting insight, having been the OES at Kansas City Org is that a large number of the people on the status list are staff members themselves at that Org. Over half of them them are. There are so few public there that they eat their own over and over. The other half of the status list are the same old bread winners, with the exception of one new wealthy couple, who have been keeping the lights on there since the late 80’s, continually. The push for the new building has been going on for the last seven years as there just isn’t enough G.I. to pay the utilities, let alone buy a multi million dollar bank building in the new Arts district of Kansas City. Their OT Committee refused any evidence submission on my part in my Kangaroo Comm. Ev. as they were afraid I would poison their minds with real facts as to the true state of the COS in 2004. Terri Marx, wife of Bob Marx, a successful dentist, (seen above), was the Head of the Committee of Evidence and OT Committee at that time also. The true state of this Org. Is unfathomable, despite the white wash. A pit of vipers would be a kindness when referring to the staff, many of which have been stuck on the Bridge at the same point for over twenty five years. They were once truly good intentioned people with big hearts, most but not all. Catch 22 overt Reg. cycles turned them to the dark side. Truly hundreds of take their money or be declared situations pushed downlines weekly have made the staff infight and very bitter just to survive.

  19. Ms. B. Haven says

    As I peruse these promo pieces there is always something that jumps out and grabs my attention,

    “My wife is a full-time staff member, my son is scheduled to be a full-time student in the Academy and I am a full-time Ideal Org contributor…And as Thetans, we are attempting to recognize the important over the unimportant.” Cass Brinkman, Silver Humanitarian.

    All I can say is WTF? That doesn’t even make sense. Contrast this with someone who is just starting to wake up as evidenced on Ortega’s site this morning.
    There are a lot of things said there that aren’t perfectly clear either, but it makes more sense than this situation.

  20. says

    Funny, RCS is the only group I know of that announces it’s successes BEFORE they occur. And with certainty only a Scnist can muster, these successes are statements of FACT.

    • Cindy says

      So true Statpush! I did a double take seeing the graph with arrow going “straight up and vertical” to be 22 X. I thought it was more lies. Turns out it was creative lying. It was not lies as to what happened, but lies put into the future. This is what theyhope will happen. And they say they want 500 new public a week or month coming in. Since when has anything even close to that number ever arrived in their org, whether it was ideal or not? This is what I call delusions of grandeur.

      And Mike, “Soylant Green” is the perfect analogy. They are eating their own bs and buying it and spitting it out for others to imbibe. Soylant Green indeed.

      • McCarran says

        Yes, I have said before that this is the only church I know that eats its young.

    • John Ritson says

      Gilbert and Sullivan had already used this idea of pre-announced successes in ‘The Mikado’
      ” It’s like this : when your Majesty says, ” Let a thing be done,” it’s as good
      as done, practically, it is done. Because your Majesty’s will is law.
      Your Majesty says, ” Kill a gentleman,” and a gentleman is told off to be killed. Consequently, that gentleman is as good as dead; practically, he is dead, and if he is dead, why not say so?

      MIKADO. I see. Nothing could possibly be more satisfactory !