How Many Scientology Missions Are There?


We have some interesting information from the Pubs Sector about Mission booksales, and by extrapolation about the Mission network itself.

More substantiation of the non-existent “massive international boom.”

Sorry about the formatting, they sent this out as a password encoded document and I could not figure out how to get it copied over in its original format, so this is a just the text. There are two columns, all the way down the left is “Materials Sales” (Gross Booksales in dollars) and the right column is “Raw booksales.”

Many missions appear here more than once, someone with more time than I have could take these lists and compile a total number of “Active Missions” in the world.   If a Mission is not even selling a single book, it could not be classified as an active mission. Of course, there are some ridiculous figures here — clearly materials “donations” rather than actual booksales as Kosice the #1 mission for GBS is not even in the top 50 of raw booksales. And you know the dead as a doornail Belleair Mission strictly caters to Flag public and Flag rejects.

It would appear that the numerous Missions that still lists in Russia are figments of their imagination.

Perhaps someone can figure out the total number of active missions internationally. I will add it into this post here _____ with credit to whoever does so…. :) (A breakdown by area would be even better)

But just from glancing at this list, I would be sure the grand total of active missions around the world is LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED.

Thanks to Draco, Silvia, Roy McGregor, MaBu and Detlef Rutchaz for taking the time to sort through the list and conclude that there are either 94, 96 or 98 ACTIVE MISSIONS on planet earth.  My guess was confirmed. This is about 25% of the number reported by the church, and added to the 150 orgs means there are about 250 SCIENTOLOGY ORGS AND MISSIONS INTERNATIONALLY (while they assert there are 11,000 scientology orgs, missions and “associated groups”).  Thanks also to Roy McGregor for providing the breakdown by country that is now at the end of the post.

Dear All Mission Pioneers,

Welcome to week #4 of the Books Make Booms Game! This quarter we has two categories being played, the Books Make Booms Mission Game and our newest addition the Books Make Booms Hall Of Fame! 

Very well done to Stephanie in New Orleans who is maintaining her number one spot as the top raw bookseller in all Missions internationally! 

And a congratulations goes out to Adriana and Silvia from Belleiar, Stephanie from New Orleans and Rondi from Baton Rouge who moved up to the BOOK MASTERS LEAGUE last week! Keep up the good work!

SPECIAL NOTE: The salesmen standings are encoded with the same password as the weekly report. Call into Bridge if you do not have this 323-888-6200, ask for Sarah or Jenny.

Best Regards,
Sarah Allen
Mission Sales Manager BPI

& Jenny Su
Mission Sales Assistant BPI



1 KOSICE Peter $35,815 1 NEW ORLEANS Stephanie Fielding 315
2 BELLEAIR Adriana Scarpellini $19,424 2 NEW ORLEANS Mary Hood 298
3 BELLEAIR Silvia Zanchi $16,072 3 FUSHING Elena Huang 131
4 BITZA Alena $11,226       BOOK MASTERS LEAGUE
6 NEW ORLEANS Stephanie Fielding $5,428 1 BELLEAIR Cristina Parisio 87
7 BATON ROUGE Rondi Adi $5,387 2 TAICHUNG Pei-yi (Vicky) Chen 78
1 HSI-AN Wei-ming Wu $4,643 5 GENOVA Enrico 52
4 TAICHUNG Shu-sing Chang $3,799 1 TAICHUNG Yi-ling 36
5 CHAI-YI Pure Chen $3,509 2 BATON ROUGE Dexter Manuel 35
6 LUGANO Lucio $3,239 3 TAOYUAN Damo 35
7 FUSHING Elena Huang $3,222 4 NEW ORLEANS Katie Lizana 32
8 BITZA Evgeniy $2,623 5 SAO PAULO STH Euri Magalhaes 32
9 COSTA RICA Beatriz Martínez $2,494 6 DAAN Evan 29
10 BATON ROUGE Dominic Boudreaux $2,360 7 SINYI Jenny Chen 29
11 NEW ORLEANS Mary Hood $2,125 8 BERGAMO Giuseppe 28
12 TAICHUNG Yu-shuan (Christine) Liu $1,773 9 TAOYUAN Ken Yao 27
15 SENIGALLIA DANILO $1,564 1 FUSHING Huei-fen Li 24
16 BITZA Oleg $1,483 2 MACERATA Simona 24
17 SAMARA Marina $1,479 3 NEW ORLEANS Jeri Lizana 22
18 LUZERN Hanspeter $1,457 4 CHAI-YI Miao 22
19 SAO PAULO STH Euri Magalhaes $1,391 5 RAVENNA Marco 22
20 COMO Maria $1,361 6 NEW ORLEANS Rick Fielding 20
21 MISKOLC Denes $1,338 7 HARLINGEN Ernesto 17
22 TAICHUNG Yi-ling Wei $1,288 8 BITZA Andrey 17
23 RAVENNA Marco $1,254 9 SAO PAULO STH Simone Rocha 16
24 TAICHUNG Chiu-sin Liu 劉秋辛 $1,233 10 MODENA Mattioli G. 16
25 GENOVA Enrico $1,167 11 HSI-AN Wei-ming Wu 15
26 SAO PAULO STH Simone Rocha $1,118 12 SENIGALLIA Samuel 13
27 CAPITAL Micky $1,115 13 BITZA Denis 13
28 TAICHUNG Pei-yi (Vicky) Chen $914 14 ULM Christel 12
29 CAPITAL Tiger Wu $863 15 COMO Mimmo 11
30 NEW ORLEANS Katie Lizana $855 16 MODENA Domeniconi M. 11
31 SENIGALLIA Lory $847 17 FOVAROS Ákos 11
32 FOOTHILLS Chuck $820 18 PISA Simona 11
33 BITZA Denis $797 19 SENIGALLIA Soraia 11
34 BERGAMO Giuseppe $740 20 RIVERPARK Tony Chen 10
35 BOURNEMOUTH Steph $685 21 HSI-AN Jiun-wei Hsu 10
36 TAICHUNG Shu-mei Yang $673 22 SEVILLA Daniel 10
37 DAAN Evan $633 23 BOURNEMOUTH Mel 10
38 TAOYUAN Damo $616 24 VICENZA Andrea 10
39 BUDA Giorgio $615 25 EL PASO Joni Superville 9
40 TAIPEI Joyce Liu $603 26 HSI-AN Yu-juan Chen 9
41 FENGYUNG Angie $601 27 WIESBADEN Marion 9
42 CLEARWATER Ann Manierre $594 28 SENIGALLIA Danilo 9
43 COSTA RICA Sandra Gabarrete $592 29 BITZA Natalya 9
44 SINYI Jenny Chen $588 30 S.ANGELO Barbara 9
45 YUANKANG Natasha Cheng $582 31 SAN FRANCISCO Tim H 8
46 COSENZA Antonello $576 32 SONOMA Rafael 8
47 LEVICE Petra $564 33 WIESBADEN Diana Wiemer 8
48 TAICHUNG Meng-jen Hsieh $561 34 BREMEN Sieglinde 8
49 LUZERN Judith $558 35 SEVILLA Miguel Angel 8
50 FOVAROS Szilvi $520 36 LEVICE Denisa 8
51 BERGAMO Anthea $509 37 LEVICE Petra 8
52 TAOYUAN Ken Yao $508 38 BITZA Anatoliy 8
53 COMO Mimmo $508 39 BERGAMO Daniela P. 8
1 BOURNEMOUTH Debbie $498 42 MODENA Gianna 7
2 BATON ROUGE Dexter Manuel $497 43 MODENA Andrea S. 7
3 OLBIA Lauretta $492 44 LUZERN Erich 7
4 ULM Roswitha $491 45 OCALA Jennifer Grant 6
5 FOVAROS Akos $485 46 EL PASO Jody Kincaid 6
6 LECCO Guido $482 47 BOURNEMOUTH Julie 6
7 EL PASO Joni Superville $460 48 BERGAMO Luca C. 6
8 KOSICE Jozef $455 49 SENIGALLIA Bruna P. 6
9 HARLINGEN Ernesto $445 50 SAN FRANCISCO Barb B 5
10 CAPITAL Jason $430 51 SAN FRANCISCO James G 5
11 LEVICE Denisa $421 52 NEW ORLEANS Seibold 5
12 DONGCHI Jeans $418 53 SAO PAULO STH Beny 5
13 CAPITAL Kuei-ho Yang $401 54 CAPITAL Stilla 5
14 BITZA Anatoliy $400 55 VALENCIA Mayka 5
15 SAO PAULO STH Hugo $399 56 MODENA Lorena B. 5
16 LEVICE Silvester $379 57 MODENA Marco M. 5
17 ULM Christel $379 58 BOURNEMOUTH Heth 5
18 CAPITAL Lydia Wu $373 59 FOVAROS Szilvia 5
19 TECK Bärbel $364 60 LEVICE Silvester 5
20 BARLETTA Antonio L. $364 61 BITZA Evgeniy 5
21 MACERATA Simona $361 62 LUGANO Cristian 5
23 BITZA Natalya $321 64 BUENAVENTURA Katie Jones 4
24 SALT LAKE CITY Cindy Wright $318 65 BUENAVENTURA Jay SooHoo 4
25 COSTA RICA Rocio  Corella $312 66 EL PASO Victor Boozer 4
26 HSI-AN Lou-mei Huang $310 67 NEW ORLEANS Harold 4
27 BELLINZONA Nicola $309 68 SAO PAULO STH Robson 4
28 BUENAVENTURA Katie Jones $307 69 CHAI-YI Shu-juan 4
29 BITZA Rafis $307 70 HSI-AN Lou-mei Huang 4
30 BITZA Kseniya $303 71 TAOYUAN Ching-de 4
31 HSI-AN Jiun-wei Hsu $302 72 TAOYUAN Din-tan 4
32 VALENCIA Pepe $301 73 VALENCIA Poli 4
33 LEVICE Marian $300 74 MODENA Vitali 4
34 FOOTHILLS Stacy Kitchens $290 75 SZEKSZÁRD József 4
35 FUSHING Huei-fen Li $288 76 BUDA Mónika 4
36 TAICHUNG Mei-fan Chen $283 77 CERCEDILLA Agueda 4
37 FUSHING Yi-ling Peng $273 78 LUGANO Lucio  C. 4
38 BOURNEMOUTH Mel $271 79 SENIGALLIA Roberta 4
39 HSI-AN Yu-juan Chen $269 80 ULM Martin 4
40 COSTA RICA Amparo Monsalve $265 81 CLEARWATER Ann Manierre 3
41 ANCHORAGE Rebecca Lasley $262 82 BEVERLY HILLS Jeff Kronen 3
42 NEW DELHI Amiyati Bhoi $261 83 SHERMAN OAKS Randy South 3
43 CHAI-YI Miao Lin $260 84 CAPITAL Kiki 3
44 SKOPJE Emilija $246 85 CAPITAL Jason 3
45 TAICHUNG Ting-shuan Sheh $239 86 WIESBADEN Juergen 3
46 TAICHUNG Chian-chung Chian $237 87 SZEGED Márti 3
47 BOURNEMOUTH Heth $235 88 NEW DELHI Amiyajyoti 3
48 WIESBADEN Marion $233 89 LEVICE Marian 3
49 SENIGALLIA Bruna M. $227 90 MODENA Lorena M. 3
50 DAAN Joanne $223 91 BANSKA BYSTRICA Ladislav 3
51 SAN FRANCSCO Barb B $220 92 BUDA Akos 3
52 RIVERPARK Tree Nebeker $207 93 COMO Giusy 3
53 CHAI-YI Brighten Chen $204 94 DUBLIN Viktor 3
54 COSTA RICA Rosibel Castro $199 95 ULM Sandra 3
55 DAAN Ya-han $199 96 ANCHORAGE Rebecca Lasley 2
56 MISKOLC Zoltan $195 97 ANCHORAGE Peggy Ash 2
57 BERGAMO Paola $195 98 EASTSIDE Violetta Kelly 2
58 GÖPPINGEN Evi $193 99 CHICO Brian Daellenbach 2
59 TAICHUNG Wei-zeh Hung $192 100 SAN FRANCISCO Marcela O 2
60 LUZERN Erich $190 101 SONOMA Tanja 2
61 CAPITAL Kiki $185 102 BATON ROUGE Cynthia Beauvais 2
62 COSTA RICA Miriam Anchia $184 103 NEW ORLEANS Peggy Vuljoin 2
63 BOURNEMOUTH Julie $174 104 GUATEMALA Boris Caceres 2
64 CAPITAL Chun-shiu Wang $172 105 SAO PAULO STH Carmelia 2
65 VALENCIA Esther $172 106 SAO PAULO STH Marcus Oliveria 2
66 PILSEN Zdenek $169 107 SAO PAULO STH Luciana 2
67 BUENAVENTURA Jay SooHoo $167 108 CHARTWELL Di Woodly 2
68 SENIGALLIA Inco $164 109 CHANG HUA Vera Chou 2
69 DUNAUJVAROS Etu $164 110 DAAN Shuei-fang 2
70 TAICHUNG Ya-ling Lai $163 111 MISKOLC Zoltan 2
71 PILSEN Ivana $157 112 SALZBURG Reinhard 2
72 NEW ORLEANS Peggy Vuljoin $150 113 SENIGALLIA Nicola S. 2
73 BITZA Rustam $149 114 VALENCIA Esther 2
74 VALENCIA Mayka $138 115 LUZERN Hans Ruedi 2
75 WIESBADEN Diana Wiemer $138 116 SENIGALLIA Elisa 2
76 GÖPPINGEN Waltraud $137 117 WIESBADEN Heidi 2
77 COMO Giusy $136 118 SAMARA Julia 2
78 BITZA Vita $132 119 MODENA Gianfranco A. 2
79 BEVERLY HILLS Eiman $131 120 SEVILLA Maximinio 2
80 RIVERPARK Tony Chen $130 121 BITZA Rustam 2
81 HUA-LIEN Jenny Hsu $130 122 SENIGALLIA Soraia 2
82 SONOMA Rafael $125 123 BARLETTA Antonio P. 2
83 COSTA RICA Jorge Jimenez $123 124 BERGAMO Antonietta 2
84 TAICHUNG Yi-shuan Huang $117 125 BERGAMO Vincenzo 2
85 SAN FRANCSCO James G $115 126 DUBLIN John 2
86 WIESBADEN Claudia $114 127 DUBLIN Mariette 2
87 WIESBADEN Jürgen $111 128 LEVICE Vlastimil 2
88 SAN FRANCSCO Tim H $110 129 LUZERN Pius Broch 2
89 SZEKSZÁRD Anna $110 130 MACERATA Gregory 2
90 SAMARA Julia $109 131 SENIGALLIA Giuliana 2
91 FUSHING Ya-ying Wang $108 132 SENIGALLIA Marianna 2
92 EKATERINBURG Eugene $107 133 ZUG Monika 2
93 TAICHUNG Huei-wen Lai $107 134 ANCHORAGE Margaret Markanthony 1
94 SEVILLA Miguel $106 135 CAPITOL Steve Hill 1
95 SAO PAULO STH Robson $105 136 SALT LAKE CITY Miek Wright 1
96 EGER Anna $103 137 BATON ROUGE Joseph Williams 1
97 MECHELEN Gerry $103 138 CLEVELAND Ron Baginski 1
98 FOOTHILLS Ronnette $100 139 PUERTO ORDAZ Elio Sanoja 1
99 TAICHUNG Huei-juan Lin $100 140 LEICHARDT Jane Bautista 1
100 CAPITAL Stilla $99 141 LEICHARDT Peter Shead 1
101 SZEGED Ottília $96 142 LEICHARDT Giino Cuomo 1
102 CLEARWATER Cory Judge $95 143 FUSHING Huei-ling Pan 1
103 RAGUSA Lucia $95 144 TAIPEI Boyce Hsu 1
104 TAICHUNG Sheng-Ming (Jammy) Wang $93 145 TAIPEI Vivien Wen 1
105 TAICHUNG Shan-shan Chou $93 146 BORDEAUX Françoise G. 1
106 VALENCIA Delmi G. $92 147 BORDEAUX Françoise D. 1
107 COSTA RICA Yanneth Galindo $90 148 SENIGALLIA Pasquale 1
108 LEVICE Ria $88 149 SAMARA Elena 1
109 SZEKSZÁRD József $88 150 BERGAMO Reddy 1
110 RAVENNA Elisa $87 151 BORDEAUX Bruno 1
111 RAVENNA Simona $87 152 COMO Marina M. 1
112 EL PASO Jody Kincaid $85 153 SENIGALLIA Bruna M. 1
113 DAAN Shuei-fang $85 154 DUNAUJVAROS Anita 1
114 NEW DELHI Sumit Bhatt $83 155 BITZA Oleg 1
115 SHATILAVKA Vladimir $83 156 BREMEN Hans Jurgen 1
116 UPLAND Carole Mathy $82 157 MODENA Eros C. 1
117 VICENZA Andrea $80 158 SAMARA Pavel 1
118 LUZERN Maria $77 159 TECK Hinz 1
119 TAICHUNG Sing-yi Chuang $76 160 BARLETTA Dominique 1
120 BUDA Monika $74 161 LEVICE Karol 1
121 LUZERN Hans Rudi $73 162 LUZERN Elisabeth 1
122 BUENAVENTURA Vicki Miller $71 163 NEW DELHI Yatin 1
123 FOOTHILLS Lynn Simmington $70 164 SAMARA Sveta Shishkina 1
124 RIVERPARK Melody Brink $70 165 SENIGALLIA Lory 1
125 AVELLINO Lello $70 166 BANSKA BYSTRICA Renata 1
126 BANSKA BYSTRICA Ladislav $69 167 BANSKA BYSTRICA Roman 1
127 TAIPEI Jessica Lou $69 168 BERGAMO Floriana 1
128 TAICHUNG Ning-jung Chen $66 169 BERGAMO Mariangela 1
129 DUBLIN Viktor $66 170 BITZA Anatoliy 1
130 VALENCIA Poli $65 171 BITZA Rafis 1
131 FOVAROS Melinda $63 172 BITZA Sergey 1
132 BREMEN Sieglinde $63 173 BREMEN Christine 1
133 CAPITOL Susan $62 174 BUDA Réka 1
134 N TAOYUAN Jean $62 175 COMO Anna M. 1
135 NEW DELHI Ranjeet $62 176 DUBLIN Massimo Pasina 1
136 CHICO Brian Daellenbach $60 177 FOVAROS Ibolya 1
137 CHANG HUA Vera $57 178 LUZERN Mia 1
138 CAPITOL Russell $56 179 MARSEILLE Ghislaine Huet 1
139 TAICHUNG Ren-kuan Hsu $56 180 MODENA Bandierini 1
140 ZUG Monika $56 181 MODENA Miki 1
141 EL PASO Victor Boozer $55 182 MODENA ULISSE 1
142 SAN FRANCSCO Marcela O $55 183 RAVENNA Francesca C. 1
143 BATON ROUGE Connie Landry $55 184 RAVENNA Marta L. 1
144 NEW DELHI Nopa Ram Kheechar $55 185 RAVENNA Vanda 1
145 TAICHUNG Yu-shiang Chian $54 186 SAMARA Aleksandr 1
146 TAOYUAN Ching-de $54 187 SENIGALLIA Elisa P. 1
147 SZEGED Marti $51 188 SENIGALLIA Incoronata 1
148 COSTA RICA Didier Rodriguez $50 189 SZEGED Oláh Bori 1
149 UPLAND Terry Turner $49 190 ULM Armin 1
150 SAO PAULO STH Luciana $49 191 ULM Sonja F. 1
151 BUENAVENTURA Kati Braun $44 192 BREMEN Karin 1
152 GUATEMALA Boris Caceres $44
153 TECK Hana $44
154 LUZERN Elsbeth $44
155 CAPITOL Steve Hill $43
156 COSTA RICA Maria Elena Ulate $43
157 LUZERN Pius $42
158 SAO PAULO STH Estela $42
159 EASTSIDE Violetta Kelly $40
160 TAOYUAN Din-tan $40
161 PUERTO ORDAZ Elio Sanoja $39
162 LEVICE Karol $38
163 BITZA Zulya $38
164 SHERMAN OAKS Randy South $37
165 TAIPEI Vivien Wen $37
166 NEW DELHI Yatin $37
167 LEVICE Laura $37
168 SAO PAULO SOUTH Marcos Oliveira $36
169 MODENA Andrea S. $36
170 ANCHORAGE Peggy Ash $35
171 HOUSTON Gary Pariani $35
172 COSTA RICA Katherin Alfaro $35
173 BARLETTA Antonio P. $35
174 CERCEDILLA Nuria $34
175 OCALA Jennifer Grant $32
176 NEW DELHI Ashutosh $32
177 BITZA Natalya $30
178 SAMARA Aleksandra $30
179 CHARTWELL Di Woodly $29
180 ULM Sefi $27
181 SAO PAULO STH Carmelia $26
182 NEW DELHI Johnson $26
183 BUDA Réka $25
184 BATON ROUGE Joseph Williams $25
185 COSTA RICA Elenia Orozco $25
186 LEICHARDT Jane Bautista $25
187 LEICHARDT Peter Shead $25
188 LEICHARDT Giino Cuomo $25
189 KOSICE Tereza $25
190 BANSKA BYSTRICA Renata $25
191 SARATOV Elena B. $25
192 BREMEN Karin $23
193 TECK Kirsten $23
194 BITZA Irina $23
195 BORDEAUX Françoise D. $23
196 BORDEAUX Françoise G. $23
197 BORDEAUX Bruno $23
198 TAICHUNG Jen-kuan Hsu $22
199 ULM Waltraud $22
200 LUZERN Vreni $21
201 ANCHORAGE Margaret Markanthony $20
202 BEVERLY HILLS Jeff Kronen $20
203 RIVERPARK Jeannie Hanson $20
204 COSTA RICA Maikol Ramirez $20
205 COSTA RICA Josa Rivas $20
206 HSI-AN Chi-ying Liang $20
207 HSI-AN En-yu Lin $20
208 SEVILLA Julio P. $20
209 DUNAUJVAROS Imre $19
210 MANILA Al $18
212 ULM Armin $17
213 DUNAUJVAROS Etelka $17
214 DUNAUJVAROS Anita $17
215 ULM Ursi $16
216 CLEARWATER Carter Manierre $15
217 BATON ROUGE Karl Salzman $15
218 COSTA RICA Daniela Morales $15
219 COSTA RICA Felipe Vargas $15
220 FOVAROS Attila $15
221 NEW DELHI Poulami $15
222 FOVAROS Bea $15
223 TECK Marianna $14
224 EKATERINBURG Lopanizina $13
225 FOVAROS Nora $11
226 SONOMA Tanja $10
227 TAICHUNG Chin-yuan Hsu $10
228 CAPITAL Pei-jing $9
229 TAIPEI Boyce Hsu $9
230 NEW DELHI Durgesh Raghav $9
231 NEW DELHI Bharti Gupta $7
232 FUSHING Huei-ling Pan $6
233 NEW DELHI Gaurav Verma $6
234 MISKOLC Zsuzsa $6
235 SALT LAKE CITY Mike Wright $5
236 CLEVELAND Ron Baginski $3
237 FUSHING Ya-Chian Wang 汪雅茜 $3
238 SAMARA Lilia $2











Costa Rica


Czech Republic
























South Africa











United States of America





  1. Detlef Ruchatz says

    Mike, you are right. I counted 96 missions. These are:

      • Roy Macgregor says

        And if you included all the Canadian orgs, there would probably still be no Canadians on the list. It shows that Canadians are a lot smarter than they generally get credit for.

      • Darien1.1 says

        The Vancouver Org is manned, I just passed by there the other day. But it’s not really doing anything. They don’t ever venture out onto the streets any more. Probably due to the long standing Vancouver tradition of publicly ripping on easy targets. Even the Hare Krishna gave up public recruiting a couple years back.

    • mission guy says

      I was involved with missions from the 70s through 2001. The list from Bridge above is a shocking report. There were so many productive missions with 20 – 30 – 50 even over 100 staff back in the 70’s. But Miscavige and the finance police had to knock our this horrible out ethics that they would actually help people at a grass roots level and sell and deliver basic services. Many of these the SMS missions the Davis Missions, Riverside mission had sold hundreds of books to NEW people every week. They also worked hard to get new people introduced to Scn. In the mission I started in. We had between 6 and 20 starts onto first services with interesting live lectures. Lots of hope to lead a better life, lots of talk about helping people achieve their goals. Lots of personal meetings, intro lectures and caring about new people. Then they were all gotten onto a simple basic communications course that helped people be more calm, more focused. Just TRs and lots of them. Total focus was on learning about the mind and become an auditor. Missions could train on the HSDC and NED course later. Then over to the local org for academy levels.

      From 91 through 2001 I knew the status of the missions mainly in the US as I toured them. Buenaventura mission used to sell 200 – 300 books per week and have a big course room and 4 -5 auditors auditing all the time and their C/s also took on a couple PCs. Bellevue Now called – Eastside Mission – had abut 50 – 125 books sold per week to new people. Great basic course room run by Andy – who wrote about his experiences in last couple years.

      SF mission had grown to a 4 story building by directly talking to dentists, chiropractors and local customers too. Now is a part time operation way away from their big downtown location on Sutter / stockton. Used to have 200 – 300 – 400 hours of auditing per week. Now 0.

      Davis mission closed. Was once huge directly working with college students and getting them involved. Same in Sac and Portland. They all had 200 – 600 auditing hours and upwards of 100 students per week. They actually got folded in with the local orgs and all resources got gobbled up.

      Geltman mission back east used to get lots of professionals into Scn, But they were wiped out and their class VIII’s out of the auditing business.

      Baton Rouge – used to have 50 – 100 books to new public weekly, catered to business and medical professionals in their area. Now collapsed way down.

      Beverly Hills mission was big and affluent and even won the international birthday game on the strength of class VIII auditors and other well trained people taking care of professionals in a caring fashion. They wold between 25 and 40 books to new people weekly. But they were wiped out because they were so greedy. Now that mission was just folded into another one in Sherman oaks.

      These are just a few examples. Elsewhere on this blog are all the celebrity missions. Peggy Crawford started Riverpark, then Wichita, then Memphis – yes with celebrity backing, but they also just did lots of work in their local community to sell books to new people between 30 – 250 books per week to new people in each of these. now… Memphis closed. WIchita?? Still in the big Kirsti Alley sponsored house or not? What happened to Peggy, oh yeah, joined the SO and her turnovers to those under her flopped big time.

      I could go on and on. During 90’s the missions went from 50 up to 85 in the US and have since nearly all have all closed down.

      Why? Finance authority and control had to have new expensive computer systems to run all their money. Had to stop their delivery to retrain their people on GAT / GAT II. None of their people could get trained as the orgs and even flag can’t seem to get anyone through auditor training and thus the whole things collapses.

      Used to be real people talking, caring about others in a confidential safe place. But the manipulations by management destroyed all that and put Video screens to do all the help? Real auditors who cared about their people were wiped out. Used to be you could get trained in local org and then actually audit and make a decent living each week.

      Now it is all gone.

      Continually wiping out any good that could be gotten out of the practice. Was supposed to be helping practice, not a manipulation and control and rip off.

      Long time observer.

      • Carcha says

        Clarifies a lot. Much appreciated data. Very nice to get some hard facts about how Scientology USED to be when LRH ran the show, before the exodus of the late 1970’s, before the bozos took over in all their vainglorious self-important status and utterly idiotic know-best.

    • Old School says

      “Investors were told that only a limited number of server positions could be bought, and those who were too late would be shut out. With promises of high yields, Bee and Bagley turned over about $130,000 to Hales and Bentley Holdings, which they were assured would be put into PMI. They were also convinced to help Hales purchase an RV, and to invest some money in an oil business.”

      A fool and their money is soon parted. Nail the crims but ya can’t save someone from their own stupidity. Eventually someone will take them.

      • remoteviewed says

        That pretty much covers the whale faction of the Church. You know all them “VIPs”. They are either con artists or suckers.

        Think of an organism that feeds upon itself and that pretty much describes those who have the coveted “Patron Status”.

  2. GTBO says

    Wlell that certainly shows straight up and vertical expansion
    People are just rushing in after the announcement of GAG2 and the upcoming GAA
    the rest of the world has obviously heard of GOF (Golden Age of Fleecing ) and GASC (Golden Age of Sec Checking) and are running away from any contact with RCo$

  3. richardgrant says

    The only mission in Maine, USA — located, according to the internet, in Bangor, a small working-class city — does not show up on this list, so I guess it’s another figment.

    The address appears on Google street view to be a shabby multistory building with no sign out front. The parking area was empty except for one pickup truck when the photo was taken. I guess the greatest expansion in history is happening somewhere else.

    • says

      We used to call ’em POB “Mission” because most of them weren’t any more than a Post Office Box like the L Ron Hubbard Library.

      (Synchronicity was that a friend and me had a small business that we ran out of exactly the same mailing address back in the ’90’s.)

      Otherwise they are someone’s home address like say the Tucson “Mission” which is basically a “Mission Package” sitting in this guy’s garage.

      This is basically what the Mission Network became after the “Sea Org Moves In” and is transferred to SMI who like IHelp are basically either a bunch of clueless morons or are dramatizing their e purps or a combination of the two toward anyone who isn’t a “dedicated” Sea Org Member.

    • SelenaKyle says

      I live near this “mission” and there is a sign in front of the building (it caught my eye driving by. The building is old, and there is very little around it. I have lived here all my life and I have never heard an utterance about the CoS being in this area, until the sign caught my eye. Next time I go up, I’d be happy to take some pictures!

      My fist time posting- I’ve been reading this blog and over at The Bunker for awhile now. I’m a never-in and so I’ve never really had anything to “add” to the conversation :)

    • MaBű says

      Since we did the counting using some software, I was curious about the differences. I found some misspellings which I didn’t take out of my non duplicates list: SAN FRANCISCO = SAN FRANCSCO, SAO PAULO SOUTH = SAO PAULO STH. So, my new counting of missions is 96, or 94 if the following are also misspellings CAPITAL = CAPITOL, N TAOYUAN = TAOYUAN.

      I noticed there are no missions with $0 or 0 books sold in the list, so probably there are some more missions which are not in the list. I also wonder how many missions did not report the books stat, hence not being in the list.

      • Pete2 says

        There is a Boulder CO mission not on the list. Also, Belleair must count all of its redo your Purif and SRD books etc. because the items and service is cheaper than Flag.

    • Mike Rinder says

      This is Missions. APparently there is no Mission in Seattle. Just an “ideal” org (that according to the pattern of expansion espoused by Dear Leader numerous times) that is generating field activity, opening groups and missions which are then in turn graduating to org status “and the pattern repeats over again and eventually the islands of sanity become the sea.”

      • Cooper Kessel says

        It’s working out Mike in the reverse vector. The seas are calming as the islands of insanity shrivel up.

      • Bonny says

        Mike, Seattle does have one remaining Mission – The Eastside Mission, located across Lake Washington in Redmond. It’s about 45 minutes away from the Org (on a good traffic day. We don’t have many of those). Looks like they sold one book! Whoo hoo!

    • mission guy says

      Used to be Bellingham Mission, Seattle mission, Bellevue / Eastside mission and one by the airport. Now down to just 1. I wonder why?

  4. JL02 says

    So San Antonio mission is not listed….I can tell you, living about 4 miles away, that it is dead dead dead, although there is still a storefront with a sign.

  5. NOLAGirl says

    If you Google any of the people from New Orleans, a few are listed as “church executives” for the Co$ mission in New Orleans. I got news for you, it’s a house, in a neighborhood, nowhere near any activity. They’re doing exactly nothing there.

    • Cindy says

      NOLA, in New Orleans is OT VIII Dave Carbonara still a KA drinker? Is active in the OTC if so? I was hoping he would come to “the dark side” which is really the light side.

      • NOLAGirl says

        Not too sure Cindy. Can’t find much info on him (if it’s even the same guy). I am a never-in so I wouldn’t have any personal info on anyone, I’m just familiar with the neighborhood. I don’t know how Stephanie in New Orleans (ugh, it freaks me out that her and I share a first name) sold so many books, but I assure you they aren’t “clearing” New Orleans. :)

      • cre8tivewmn says

        Maybe she sold them like we used to sell chocolate for school: hit up the relatives so the kid could have some sales.

    • says

      NOLAgirl. I believe you’ve commented before that usually if you call the phone number, no answer, or they re open a couple hours a week? And the New Orleans Narconon isn’t in New Orleans either.

      I saw some names, like Jenny Grant from Ocala, mission and it occurred to me that these sales, many of them, could be via their Craigslist ads. They sure aren’t selling them out of missions, in New Orlean’s case, just someone’s home.

      I mention all this because this would mean that the existence of brick and mortar scientology missions might not even total 98 missions at all. In any case, this is yet another evidence puzzle that is adding up to fewer and fewer viable scientology organizations and those actually still exist are not paying their utilities from scientology sales.

      • NOLAGirl says

        Yep, rarely ever an answer when you call and the machine/voicemail it sends you to is clearly someone who isn’t from this area, their accent is not local. The “New Orleans Narconon” isn’t even close to New Orleans, it’s out in the sticks outside of Baton Rouge. I’d honestly be scared to death if someone drove me out there for rehab. That area is almost completely swamp.

      • Mary McConnell says

        True about New Orleans Mission not being near Narconon ( 1.5 hrs away ) but the Baton Rouge Mission is only 20 minutes away from the Narconon Riverbend in Denham Springs. This follows the routine of trying to have an org or mission near a Narconon facility There’s a Narconon and a mission in Harlingen TX. There’s Narconon Michigan in Battle Creek within minutes of the Narconon Freedom Center. Chico Mission is about 2 hrs from Narconon in South Lake Tahoe. There is a missionin Santa Cruz County in Aptos, CA which is 15 minutes away from Narconon Northern California’s Watsonville facility ( aka Vista Bay and redwood Cliffs ) I know for a fact that Narconon feeds staff and sometimes graduates to these orgs and missions nearby whenever they can. The pressure is always on to send viable people to the org. Narconon is ‘the Bridge to the Bridge” One can see this mandate in their own newsletter

    • Hugh Carter says

      They may well be purchasing at wholesale price and dumping them on amazon. There appears to be a large market on there and they are selling for way less than list price.

  6. Roy Macgregor says

    Wow this is stunning. The Scientology website lists several hundred missions, but this list only has 94 different missions listed!!! After all the duplicates are taken out. This mean that the mission network is going through yet another collapse.

    • Carcha says

      Ah, it’s nothing. Just a few loose ends to suppress in the never-ending quest to secure the extinction of mankind, crush everybody’s hopes, make them hate and all that.

      “Freedom of religion.” You know there are people who actually believe in that? What a joke.

    • Martin Padfield says

      My thoughts exactly. The UK is down to ONE active mission which by the looks of it is doing a fraction of the business it was doing in the 80s. In the Roger Kaye era there was a whole string of thriving missions along the south coast, plus active missions or groups in the Midlands and elsewhere. This is straight down and vertical contraction.

    • Old Surfer Dude says

      And none too soon, Roy! LIke a house of cards, scientology has no foundation anymore. They’re living on ‘winks’ and ‘nods.’ There’s nothing there anymore.

  7. SILVIA says

    Yes, concur with 98 Missions.

    Per the names Italy is the one leading the number of Eurpoean Missions.

    All of LATAM – Latin America – with millions of spanish speaking has 8 Missions. Can I use exclamation marks????

    Dublin, where Black Heart promulgated that the massive expansion and dissemination handled a very high percent of the crime has ONE BOOK. Hello?

  8. says

    Missions are the ‘in door’ to the clampire. With out effective selling of the scam, it collapses. How can the new meat replace those who ran out of money or now hide from the regs and boutique business of Super Powerz? Every one in the ‘chirch’ is now expendable. But you might get on the ‘patron maximus books sellus’ list if you sell enough copies of Battlefield Earth.

  9. Macy says

    It’s great Mike you acquired this list showing again the state of affairs in the church of Miscavige. Just a little correction: Lugano is in Switzerland instead of in Italy; Costa Rica is a separate state, not part of the U.S.

  10. Draco says

    I hope this works! I have alphabetized with total amount for each mission. Seems to be only 93 missions all told. Sorry – can’t do by area as I don’t know where half of these places are!
    1 ANCHORAGE $317.00
    2 AVELLINO $70.00
    3 BANSKA BYSTRICA $112.00
    4 BARLETTA $399.00
    5 BATON ROUGE $8 339.00
    6 BELLEAIR $35 496.00
    7 BELLINZONA $309.00
    8 BERGAMO $3 217.00
    9 BEVERLY HILLS $151.00
    10 BITZA $21 639.00
    11 BORDEAUX $69.00
    12 BOURNEMOUTH $1 863.00
    13 BREMEN $86.00
    14 BUDA $714.00
    15 BUENAVENTURA $589.00
    16 CAPITAL $3 647.00
    17 CAPITOL $161.00
    18 CERCEDILLA $34.00
    19 CHAI-YI $3 973.00
    20 CHANG HUA $57.00
    21 CHARTWELL $29.00
    22 CHICO $60.00
    23 CLEARWATER $704.00
    24 CLEVELAND $3.00
    25 COMO $2 005.00
    26 COSENZA $576.00
    27 COSTA RICA $4 482.00
    28 DAAN $1 140.00
    29 DONGCHI $418.00
    30 DUBLIN $66.00
    31 DUNAUJVAROS $217.00
    32 EASTSIDE $40.00
    33 EGER $103.00
    34 EKATERINBURG $120.00
    35 EL PASO $600.00
    36 FENGYUNG $601.00
    37 FOOTHILLS $1 280.00
    38 FOVAROS $1 109.00
    39 FUSHING $3 900.00
    40 GENOVA $1 167.00
    41 GÖPPINGEN $330.00
    42 GUATEMALA $44.00
    43 HARLINGEN $445.00
    44 HOUSTON $35.00
    45 HSI-AN $10 064.00
    46 HUA-LIEN $130.00
    47 KOSICE $37 899.00
    48 LECCO $482.00
    49 LEICHARDT $75.00
    50 LEVICE $1 827.00
    51 LUGANO $3 239.00
    52 LUZERN $2 462.00
    53 MACERATA $7 619.00
    54 MANILA $18.00
    55 MECHELEN $103.00
    56 MISKOLC $1 539.00
    57 MODENA $36.00
    58 N TAOYUAN $62.00
    59 NEW DELHI $593.00
    60 NEW ORLEANS $8 558.00
    61 OCALA $32.00
    62 OLBIA $492.00
    63 PILSEN $326.00
    64 PUERTO ORDAZ $39.00
    65 RAGUSA $95.00
    66 RAVENNA $1 428.00
    67 RIVERPARK $427.00
    68 SALT LAKE CITY $323.00
    69 SAMARA $1 620.00
    70 SAN FRANCSCO $500.00
    71 SAO PAULO STH $3 166.00
    72 SARATOV $25.00
    73 SENIGALLIA $3 141.00
    74 SEVILLA $126.00
    75 SHATILAVKA $93.00
    76 SHERMAN OAKS $37.00
    77 SINYI $588.00
    78 SKOPJE $246.00
    79 SONOMA $125.00
    80 SONOMA $10.00
    81 SZEGED $147.00
    82 SZEKSZÁRD $198.00
    83 TAICHUNG $12 149.00
    84 TAIPEI $718.00
    85 TAOYUAN $1 218.00
    86 TECK $445.00
    87 ULM $952.00
    88 UPLAND $131.00
    89 VALENCIA $768.00
    90 VICENZA $80.00
    91 WIESBADEN $596.00
    92 YUANKANG $582.00
    93 ZUG $56.00
    TOTAL: $206 301.00

  11. says

    At least the Bournemouth lot won’t be making too many book-sales in future; they were the last obstinate trace left in the UK of the cult’s Craigslist advert scam – and posing as ‘owner’ rather than ‘dealer’, which was really dishonest – until concerted efforts at WWP and the Underground Bunker finally gave them the old heave-ho!

  12. Draco says

    And here it is by Highest to lowest GBS:
    1 KOSICE $37 899.00
    2 BELLEAIR $35 496.00
    3 BITZA $21 639.00
    4 TAICHUNG $12 149.00
    5 HSI-AN $10 064.00
    6 NEW ORLEANS $8 558.00
    7 BATON ROUGE $8 339.00
    8 MACERATA $7 619.00
    9 COSTA RICA $4 482.00
    10 CHAI-YI $3 973.00
    11 FUSHING $3 900.00
    12 CAPITAL $3 647.00
    13 LUGANO $3 239.00
    14 BERGAMO $3 217.00
    15 SAO PAULO STH $3 166.00
    16 SENIGALLIA $3 141.00
    17 LUZERN $2 462.00
    18 COMO $2 005.00
    19 BOURNEMOUTH $1 863.00
    20 LEVICE $1 827.00
    21 SAMARA $1 620.00
    22 MISKOLC $1 539.00
    23 RAVENNA $1 428.00
    24 FOOTHILLS $1 280.00
    25 TAOYUAN $1 218.00
    26 GENOVA $1 167.00
    27 DAAN $1 140.00
    28 FOVAROS $1 109.00
    29 ULM $952.00
    30 VALENCIA $768.00
    31 TAIPEI $718.00
    32 BUDA $714.00
    33 CLEARWATER $704.00
    34 FENGYUNG $601.00
    35 EL PASO $600.00
    36 WIESBADEN $596.00
    37 NEW DELHI $593.00
    38 BUENAVENTURA $589.00
    39 SINYI $588.00
    40 YUANKANG $582.00
    41 COSENZA $576.00
    42 SAN FRANCSCO $500.00
    43 OLBIA $492.00
    44 LECCO $482.00
    45 HARLINGEN $445.00
    46 TECK $445.00
    47 RIVERPARK $427.00
    48 DONGCHI $418.00
    49 BARLETTA $399.00
    50 GÖPPINGEN $330.00
    51 PILSEN $326.00
    52 SALT LAKE CITY $323.00
    53 ANCHORAGE $317.00
    54 BELLINZONA $309.00
    55 SKOPJE $246.00
    56 DUNAUJVAROS $217.00
    57 SZEKSZÁRD $198.00
    58 CAPITOL $161.00
    59 BEVERLY HILLS $151.00
    60 SZEGED $147.00
    61 UPLAND $131.00
    62 HUA-LIEN $130.00
    63 SEVILLA $126.00
    64 SONOMA $125.00
    65 EKATERINBURG $120.00
    66 BANSKA BYSTRICA $112.00
    67 EGER $103.00
    68 MECHELEN $103.00
    69 RAGUSA $95.00
    70 SHATILAVKA $93.00
    71 BREMEN $86.00
    72 VICENZA $80.00
    73 LEICHARDT $75.00
    74 AVELLINO $70.00
    75 BORDEAUX $69.00
    76 DUBLIN $66.00
    77 N TAOYUAN $62.00
    78 CHICO $60.00
    79 CHANG HUA $57.00
    80 ZUG $56.00
    81 GUATEMALA $44.00
    82 EASTSIDE $40.00
    83 PUERTO ORDAZ $39.00
    84 SHERMAN OAKS $37.00
    85 MODENA $36.00
    86 HOUSTON $35.00
    87 CERCEDILLA $34.00
    88 OCALA $32.00
    89 CHARTWELL $29.00
    90 SARATOV $25.00
    91 MANILA $18.00
    92 SONOMA $10.00
    93 CLEVELAND $3.00
    TOTAL: $206 301.00

  13. says

    Mike, information like this makes it clear that corporate scientology is primarily a commercial operation, not a religion (as Judge Waldrip in Texas found). What church spends its time on things like this? Do priests walk around saying “how are your stats”? No, there is a free Bible in every hotel room. They are analogous to a bookstore that sells Bibles and religious books and makes a profit.

  14. says

    Lotions…potions…cremes…books…cds…dvd’s. ..lectures…courses….and of course. .powers & even super powers…all typical religion for sale….how would you like to pay for or credit. …nothing new here at all…same olé swindle. ….

  15. Wendy M says

    Re the update – The Chartwell mission is the only South African mission I see on the list (not USA) – Di Woodley sold two books. That’s it for missions in Africa. Just less than two years ago Di Woodley sent out an email offering the mission for sale so she could join staff in Pretoria. I wonder what happened there and how active the mission is in PT. If it is still active it is the only one in Africa, it seems.

    • Draco says

      The Norwood Mission is still going in S Africa, though their book sales are obviously not too hot!

  16. Old School says

    This shows more than anything else that Scientology is a dead organism. It aint coming back no matter who is “in charge”.

    • Old Surfer Dude says

      OS, you’re right on the money! Scientology is flat lining right now. They have declared the patient dead. Scientology, I read once, was supposed to be able to raise the dead. They only they’re raising is Zombies.

      Hip, hip…

  17. EXSSO says

    This is certainly a shocker. The point is that this is the first 4 weeks of the game so it is a really good document to have.

    There are probably other missions that over the course of a longer period – say 6 months, will probably jump onto the list by selling one or two books. But having the list so early means that we can see how many actually active missions there are on a monthly basis.

    This list includes missions active on a daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. That is actually pretty generous because if a mission cannot sell a book in a week, then it is not really a mission at all, but rather just one or two individuals. Actually it would be fair to say that there are only about 70 active missions world wide, because the other 26 are selling less than $25 worth of books a week. One scientologist going out and selling books one afternoon a week should be able to sell 4 or 5 books. But that level of activity is being listed as a “mission” that is “playing the game”. I would actually say that most of these missions are playing the game of failing as fast as they can.

    Very interesting is the missions that are NOT represented. Didn’t Kirstie Alley have a mission in Kansas? Didn’t Jenna Elfman have a mission in South of Market, San Francsico? Didn’t Lisa Marie sponsor a fancy mission in Memphis? Opps, she’s not in scientology anymore.

    These fancy missions with nice buildings were from a big push that came BEFORE the ideal org program. They were the first try at getting big bucks and fancy buildings. Yet all of these fancy missions with big cash infusions are gone. Oh I am so sorry. John Travolta sponsored a mission in Ocala and it is indeed on the list, having sold a big $32 worth of books in a one month period. I think it must be the only one that still has it’s doors open.

    When I was in scientology, I heard once or twice this slogan “scientology lies”. I could not for the life of me undertand where that came from. We weren’t lying? Were we? Hell yes, but if you don’t go on the internet, read newspapers or watch TV you never get to see it. Hells bells scientology and scientologists lie their asses off day in and day out.

    This document is great. It shows the REAL scene inside the bubble.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Interesting you bring up the “celebrity missions.”

      Jenna Elfman’s SOMA went by the wayside, moved out of their building and ended up in a storefront that is open part time last time I checked (I think I did a posting about it).

      Ann Archer’s Santa Barbara Mission closed down.

      Lisa Marie’s Memphis Mission got taken over by Benetta Slaughter somehow and she turned the Mission into her house and then sold it (I think I did a posting about that too).

      Kirstie’s Wichita Mission is still there, but someone visited it recently and there was nobody there and it is open “part time.”

      Ocala is still there, though it is a sad scene — Christie and I visited it a couple of years ago and I wrote a posting about it — the only person there was a receptionist from Hungary who spoke little english and had been brought in with the promise of a visa.

      There was one on Melrose Ave, but that may have moved to Los Feliz, not totally sure. They are still going.

      The “celebrity mission” fad came and went. And it tells you a lot about the real motivation of those celebs that their missions died once they had their grand opening and got a pat on the head by Dear Leader and a video shown at the next event. The lights dimmed and they moved on to other more important things…

      • Roy Macgregor says

        Thats a great point Mike. The celebs and the whales are all me,me,me types. They love getting sucked up to and scientology does it so well. Then it’s off for more money and long vacations in San Tropez.

        Also really interesting is that the list shows only 22 active missions in the entire US. If you add up Taiwan and Italy you get more than that. Once the US was alive with tons of missions. Now the only places that have any kind of real mission scene are where the langauge barrier A) prevents the general public from finding out what really goes on inside scientology and B) allows local mission holders to blow off management and do whatever they feel is best.

        Russia is a great example of what happens when the bubble pops and the general populace discovers what a bunch of sleazy liars the scientologists are. Missions disappeared like farts in a fan factory.

        Scientologists drone on about “any PR is good PR” and “we cause our own stats not the press” and other supposedly LRH based justifications for allowing abuse and then subsequent horrific PR problems to crush their religion like a bug.

        The reason I bring up the US is because that’s where the worst crimes against staff and members have taken place, and that’s where most of the exposure has been.

        The idea that something is wrong completely defeats the average scientologist. It is incomprehensible because they cannot look outside the carefully contructed bubble.

        And I am so thankful for that. They have absolutely no chance of pulling this out of the fire.

        The scientology religion is now like a chicken with no head. The legs are still moving, but death occured some time ago.

      • Old Surfer Dude says

        Mike, isn’t that SOP? A celeb opens a mission. They have a grand opening with the dwarf. Everyone is cheering about how successful it will be. Everyone at the opening goes home. The mission is now on its own. At some point, they realize scientology is not wanted, let alone, needed. The mission goes to part time. The mission closes. Quietly.

        Is that about right?

      • says

        Mike, congrats are due to you, for not only keeping tabs on, but also for fueling, ‘hot debate’, concerning the involuntary ‘knee-jerks’, belches of putrid gases, and agonized ‘death rattles’, emanating from the dying $courge of $hamology!

        Clearly, It takes a certain temperament, to sustain such an interest. Perhaps that stint or two in the ‘stinking’ HOLE, proofed you up enough, to stay the distance? :) (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?)

        Anyhow, over a year has passed, and the support you enjoy here,( while keeping us informed and uproariously entertained!) –must be heartening!!

        Mike, I know this is off topic (notwithstanding the daily grind of sifting the facts from the fabrication), but have you, (or anyone offered )any speculations on what might happen to the ‘real estate’ (Ideal Morgues) and all the other holdings, were the current ominous lawsuits to successfully prosecute Dear Leader ? Perhaps premature, but nevertheless relevant speculation?

        Thanks for any comments you care to make.


      • Mike Rinder says

        Calvin — thanks for your kind words. ANd the support from people on this blog is more than heartening. It is the very lifeblood of it, as without that there would be no point.

        The current lawsuits won’t make a dent in the assets of the church (those assets include all the real estate that has been purchased).

        Ultimately, they will no longer be able to be maintained and will be sold off. Eventually the church is going to have to disgorge the money it has taken from people under false pretenses. The biggest creditors the church has is those who have undelivered services on account. It would take a LOT of lawsuits and a lot of refunds being paid out to impinge on a few billion dollars. But it will happen eventually.

        It’s a long way off in the future in my estimation. First the NEW money coming in will dry up. The organization will not be able to live off the interest of its stashed cash and it will eat away at that. Meanwhile, outside pressures of lawsuits and refunds will add to the erosion. But even at a bleed rate of $10 million a week, it would still take more than 5 years to deplete the assets. And it’s not at $10 million in losses per week at this point.

      • says


        Los Feliz Mission really has no presence at all.

        It was sooooo tragically hip at one time with a lot of hipsters hanging out there.

        Now it’s a black hole on Hillhurst.

        The big secret about the Russian mishs is that many of them went over to Ron’s Org and are now delivering Excalibur.

        Seems to me the FSB suspects the Church of Scientology of being a cat’s paw of the State Dept and CIA( or do I repeat myself) though one wonders where they’d get that idea from.

        Couldn’t have anything to do with their efforts to influence Germany or their unwavering support of Clinton’s “humanitarian bombings” in Kosovo and their support NATO’s interest in Ukraine like you know issuing a WTH with the Ukrainian Flag on its cover.


        Anyway Scientology’s got a bad rep over at Dzerzhinsky Square.

        While on the other hand Robertson’s Org Networks seem to be playing nice and not getting involved in politics which is what the Church of Scientology should be doing and probably would if they weren’t so obsessed with world domination these days.

        ‘Nuff said.

      • says

        Superb and revealing answer, Mike. Thank you for all the detail. It really helps to have a bit of direction, as to where the flailing monster is at/still headed!

        The mind just boggles, to even attempt to quantify the scale of inventory, that the ultimate collapse will leave in its wake.

        Just imagine warehouses FULL, of documents, pertaining to JUST ONE PRINCIPAL DEFENDANT?

      • says

        Jenna Elfman’s mission has had a bouquet of tulips on its chest for several years now. Nothing left.

        About Mike’s comment above, it seems that there is a humongous liability in the amount of collected money for undelivered services. If the IRS allowed ‘fixed donations’ for services and it is shown that most of those services were never delivered, that there was no quid-pro-quo and that no refunds have been allowed, then it stands that the non-profit status is meaningless.

      • cre8tivewmn says

        Roy Macgregor said “The reason I bring up the US is because that’s where the worst crimes against staff and members have taken place, and that’s where most of the exposure has been.”

        This is off-topic, but I wonder about this. Exposure, yes I think US , followed by UK and Australia have the most. US is also where Miscaviage spends most of his time. But aren’t there abuses everywhere the Sea Org is? I’ve heard of abuses and RPF’s in US, UK, Australia and on the Freewinds (also the other ships with LRH). I assumed I hadn’t heard of others because of the language barrier. Now this never-in is curious. Is the abuse everywhere, or worse in the US?

      • DollarMorgue says

        I’d appreciate money for my retired bankrupt SO parents’ pension funds. Ah well, one can dream…

  18. Xenuphobe says

    In spite of being one of the most widely hated people in the world, David Miscavige is actually an under-appreciated hero.

    He has single handedly wiped out 60% of all scientology missions world wide.

    This is a tremendous accomplishment. 200 different missions, spread all over the globe, speaking all different languages, and he has managed to shut them down just the same.

    David Miscavige should get the Anonymous Medal of Honor for couragous obliteration of scientology organizations. David has been working to bring off the big win- 200 missions shut down.

    The ultimate accomplishment for any anti-scientologist is shutting down orgs and missions. David Miscavige is the shut-down master having shut down over 10 full Class V orgs and now first the first time revealed- a full 200 missions!!!!

    • says

      Likely DM has a similar agenda as Bush had, doing extremely well with doing everything wrong and overspending like hell. Its just a different agenda from what the majority of people aspire for.

      • says


        Probably why dear leader and his inner circle looked upon Bush II as the reincarnation of Pope Constantine.

        Great…..or more like fools seldom differ.

        I remember being on my Golden Shower Uncertainty Course and the DCO asking the course room something like what if the President recommended that everybody become a Scientologist?

        As if this was a good thing.

        And me wondering if the DCO was on Psychiatric Drugs or was high on LSD.

  19. Daisy says

    Hey, John Allender where is san jose mission? You better buy a book. Hmmm maybe san jose is part of mission of silicon valley now.

  20. says

    You people are missing the point. This completely validates Captain Slappy’s observation that “trying to do too little” leads to failure. If these missions had regged their public into bankruptcy and used the money to purchase an outrageously expensive oversized building the public would be pouring into the missions in droves just like with the ideal orgs!

    Oh wait… the ideal orgs are empty? Hmmm, nevermind. 😉

  21. Idle Morgue says

    Books make Booms? Internet wipes out Booms and makes missions and Orgs disappear! LOL Funny how the “truth” does AS IS things containing LIES!!

    The Organization does not want MISSIONS …but they will sell you a franchise for $35,000 for the right to open one…and then never let you open it.

    Despite the fact Scientology is so dead – you can’t find a land lord that will rent to you (due to the internet and media – thank you very much SP’s) you can’t get anyone to come in (once again thanks to the internet, media and us SP’s).

    • cre8tivewmn says

      Books make booms when you drop them!

      I wonder how many of these missions made their sales by setting up a table in a shopping center vs. walk-in traffic.

  22. says

    Once Flagdown is over and out I shall call all these missions and record the calls, like I did with the orgs, and see what the real situation is, and post the video for us all to marvel at.

  23. says

    So if this stat is even correct and not artificially plumped up, a monthly gross total for all missions worldwide came in as a few hundred thousand bucks.

    By my real business world calculations, this would put the true total number of missions at Zero (give or take 1 or 2 that occasionally come back to life), with about 96 to 98 individuals running around selling pamphlets and little books to the wrong people/market at the wrong time in the wrong place selling the wrong product for the wrong reasons using the wrong methods. If 98 scientology mission staff were actually on post doing their jobs, there would be busy, active missions and there is to be a single report of a bustling, thriving, expanding mission network.

    David Miscavige set out to destroy the very concept of a mission and he succeeded. Whatever brick and mortar buildings are still standing, the handful of people that show up in them now and then are not running a scientology mission. It’s a sad commentary that it appears some of them don’t even realize it until the day the lights literally get turned off, with no money to pay the bill and no management to notice or give a hoot.

  24. Ronald Harkins says

    That is some amazing work right there. Displays the lack of income these missions are taking in given the prominence of book sales in gross income. I mean to me it looks like the trend is areas where they don’t speak English or aren’t too smart (NOLA) do the best here. I’d say the information campaign is working!

    • NOLAGirl says

      One month of someone being able to fleece someone else for some books is not a reflection of the intelligence of an entire city. And as someone who lives in that area (NOLA) I can assure you it is the good sense of people around here that has kept Co$ in a rundown house in a bad neighborhood and not in some booming “Ideal Org” downtown.

      Also, since we only have one month of these figures, we don’t know if this is a regular amount of sales for the New Orleans area or just a lucky month for the few people who staff that tiny (hardly ever open) mission.

      • Ronald Harkins says

        I assumed someone would say that. It was intended to be provocative. Though you can’t disagree the area does have some of the lowest test scores in the nation.

        I’d also like to point out that we’re not sure if it is sales to BPI or to the general public. And that the number one seller was maintaining top spot. Consequently, it’s been going on for at least one other quarter.

        Since you live there, do you see a lot of people out on the streets selling the books? That seems like the simplest way to peddle them, especially if not a lot of people are aware of what CO$ has been doing.

  25. Denis Dervišević says

    The independent Mission in cologne makes more than the best cofs Mission. We have More than 3000 bookbuyers with names in one year. Greets Denis ed of the independent Scientology Mission of cologne .

  26. aquaclara says

    This is great data- thanks to the helpers who shared and extrapolated the info so we can pour through this so neatly.
    I’m stunned by some basic bits:
    -More than 1/2 the missions have brought in less than $500 in sales over this timeframe.
    -Less than a 1/3 have sold over $1,000 in books
    -Of the $1,000 plus category, here’s how they break out by country (if more than one mission here):

    Taiwan and Italy, with 6 high-selling missions each
    US, 5
    UK, 1
    Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, 2 each

    The word is getting out about Scientology’s fails in the traditional strongholds, as evidenced by the sluggish sales.
    It looks like we have more work to do in Italy and Taiwan, plus Russia, Slovakia and Hungary. I hope the tremendous success of this blog and others carries the word that the missions are failing, and the orgs are, too. The money goes only one place. If you know people still in in these regions, please give them a link here.

    For those of you who have been helping to flag the cult’s Craig’s List ads, it’s working. I hope those of you who haven’t taken a stab at this will pop on over to WhyWeProtest or the Underground Bunker and see the links. There are MANY ads for book sales. I hadn’t connected the dots until now….but flagging helps keep new potential victims away. And keeps the booksellers from getting any easy wins. :)


    • Aquamarine says

      Aquaclara, Do all Craigslist Scientology book ads get flagged, or just the covert ads where the RCS does’t disclose itself?

      • Aquaclara says

        It’s your choice, Aquamarine (nice name, btw).
        I flag all of them. Most prey upon despair, which is despicable. All target young adults and teens, equally vile. The ads talking up “How to have a happy baby” or “see how we get people off drugs” are lies, so should be taken out, since Scientology’s track record here is well-known. It goes on from there.

        Oh, and there are ads talking up touch assists, too. That’s quackery under the false premise of healing. The most ironically benign ad is the “are you a seeker of truth?” Since they aren’t, why lie about it?

        This is why it’s awful.

  27. says

    There was also a mission in Stockton a few years back. Already then just part time and I was never able to get to a live person on the phone. Guess they did not sell any books. Oh well….

  28. says

    We in RTC wish to point out that the $5 book sale in Salt Lake City opened the flow in a city long held captive in the clutches of the Mormons. Based upon this monumental book sale breakthrough of magnitudes, book sales will boom to over $75 per week in Salt Lake City by 2018.

    This fact alone was enough for COB to call for a $729,000,000 Ideal Org to be built in Elmo, Utah. A quaint rural hamlet located 134 miles from Salt Lake City, the 162 people who call Elmo “home” were excited to hear the news that an Ideal Org would be opened in their town.

    Fundraising begins now.

    A dinner will be held in the Salt Lake City Holiday Inn to kick off the fundraising. Three Scientologists from as far away as Oklahoma have confirmed their attendance.

    The theme of the dinner will either be “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Star Wars.” Details we be announced soon in an encrypted e-mail that requires a retinal screen and a signed surety bond of $5,000,000 for any breach of confidentiality.

    Thank you.

  29. Jose Chung says

    That looks like the former mission on New York St. in Redlands ,Ca.
    It was open for less than a year then crashed ( actually crashed the day it opened)
    Been up for lease by Int landlord for many years. I’ll have to check but it has been used for some expansion admin of new car lot across the street. That’s about it.
    Scientology books are cheap buy the ton through Goodwill stores and penny trader give away newspaper ( trash can liner material).

  30. Power Wog says

    There is also South Coast Mission located in Lake Forest CA ( Orange County ). They make over 1.2 million dollars a year in services/book sales. They were #1 in the international birthday game this year.

  31. says

    Shout out to the citizens these three US cities.

    217 BATON ROUGE Karl Salzman $15

    235 SALT LAKE CITY Mike Wright $5
    236 CLEVELAND Ron Baginski $3

    Well done in not spending your money on $cientology crap.

  32. One Point Won says

    28 April 2014

    Thank you, Mike and all who contributed to the organization, compilation and deciphering of disinformation — into truth!

    Sadly, per these mission stats, of these 2,427 books sold in the first quarter, the average price of EACH book sold to “Raw Public” was $85.


    Yes, $85 each.

    I did the math.


    One other point that came up in today’s comments implies that some of us might think that staff can share in the Gross Book Sales (GBS) “income” or “profit” as staff pay.

    No can do — per LRH ED 343 INT 4 May 1982 — “Any money you get from book sales should go to buy more books.”

    So, GBS monies go to advertising books (via state of the art printing press promo), marketing (all those famous TV ads), and replacing any sold LRH materials including mandatory re-stocking of every LRH book sold and re-stocking of every Ultra 8 E-Meter sold (leased?)

    Laughing but crying…

    Love, One Point Won

    • MaBű says

      One Point Won,

      Some people are reporting only $ and some are reporting only books quantity.
      E.g.: BELLEAIR: Adriana Scarpellini $19,424, Silvia Zanchi $16,072, Cristina Parisio 87, Marian Esnoval 54.

      In order to calculate the average you need to consider only those who reported both $ and quantity.
      E.g.: CHICO: Brian Daellenbach $60, 2 books; average $30 per book.
      E.g.: HIS-AN: Wei-ming Wu $4,643, 15 books, average $310 per book; Jiun-wei Hsu $302, 10 books, average $30 per book; Yu-juan Chen $269, 9 books, average $30 per book; Lou-mei Huang $310, 4 books, average $77 per book; HIS-AN’s average: $5,524/38 = $145 per book. (I wonder why there is a big difference among the average of different people in HIS-AN).

      From the Raw Public viewpoint, the average makes sense only in each country compared to the average income of that country. Also, different countries have different monetary exchange rates. So, averaging for different countries together doesn’t make sense from the Raw Public viewpoint.

    • Cindy says

      OPW, this may have been how the book sales money was handled back when the orgs followed LRH refs and advices, but it isn’t how LA Org handles it now. I know cuz my son is the BSO and when I was KA drinking, I bought a big lecture package when he talked me into it. He said that it would help everyone in the org cuz the money would go into the big pot for org staff to share in the commission and would mean higher paychecks not just for him alone but for all the org members. So reinvesting it in advertising is a thing of the past, at least at LA Org.

      • Mike Rinder says

        All this means is that the sales commission for BSO’s goes to the staff pay sum rather than to the individual holding the post. The remaining 90% goes into the Bookstore Account and can only be used for buying stock from Pubs or promotion.

  33. says

    98 failing missions in the world, 98 failing missions in the world…. take one down and pass it around…. 97 failing missions in the world….

  34. Espiritu says

    More butchering of the English language.This has become such a usual occurrence that I have come to the conclusion that DM must have discovered a “lost grammar” book and has been piloting it on staff…..

    “Dear All Mission Pioneers,
    Welcome to week #4 of the Books Make Booms Game! This quarter we has two categories being played……”

    “You DOES? You got two categories? Well, don’t that just beat all, Huckleberry! “

  35. mimsey borogrove says

    I was wondering – WTF happened to the Los Feliz mission? I thought it was moving up the street – did it close? How many missions have closed in LA area? The Glendale Brand Blvd. and the Montrose missions are gone – how many more have bit the dust?

    • Cindy says

      Mimsey, are you sure the Montrose Msn is gone? It’s also called the Foothills Msn and is on Honolulu Ave in Montrose. Can you verify for me if this one is actually gone and not open anymore? Shocking if so. All of it is a damn shame.

    • Cindy says

      the Los Feliz Msn moved to Los Feliz. I read here on the blog that it is now kind of a black hole where it once used to be very hip and attracted young kids.

      • Paolo says

        Back in 1990 there were 250 operating missions worldwide, defined as missions that had delivered services that week, collected GI and sent to smi int a weekly report and a tithes check.

        I know around end of the 90′ s that number was over 300…

        Now in little over ten years they lost more than 200 missions. A total defeat.

        For me that I like the tech, is really terrible. They misapply everything

      • Cindy says

        I agree. And I made a mistake: Los Feliz Msn is on Hillhurst. But how is it doing now in PT? Any data?