Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter – 9 Years In Storage


This article is reprinted from Steve Hall’s blogIt is both important and timely in light of the upcoming “Golden Age of Tech II”   They have been used at the FSO for a decade along with his “new grades,”  so maybe these enormous advances for planetary clearing can now be unleashed on the world…. 

Hello to all Independent Scientologists. Maybe you’ve heard rumors of a new e-meter. Here is the story.

During the evolution to create the Mark Super VII Quantum, the idea began to create a new E-meter using digital technology. In 2000 a project was launched to get this going.

Some of the goals for this new design included,

  1. Make it cost 1/10 of the current Quantum Mark Super VII to produce.
  2. Vastly upgrade/improve the existing design which is somewhat heavy and clunky with its snap-on shield.
  3. Give it at least ten times the precision of the current E-Meter as far as the reads and F/Ns are concerned.
  4. Set the retail price under $1,000.
  5. Make it possible to update its software via the Internet like an iPod so sending in the meter every two years for a new “Silver Certificate” are unnecessary.
  6. Include a set of high-tech ultra-light cans with an open top so the preclear’s hands do not sweat while in session (responsible for creating false TA).
  7. Would include a newly re-designed Remote Tone Arm.
  8. Would include newly re-designed light-weight spacers for solo auditing.
  9. Make it so that the meter could also digitally record and play back reads.
  10. Ergonomics of the meter case were redesigned and upgraded to make it more comfortable to use with smoother and less distracting (to the pc) during operation.

To push this project through to completion, Miscavige brought in CST executives who had proven themselves among the most capable of all Sea Org members for tasks that required highly technical electronic or manufacturing science or engineering.

This was in fact the same crew members who had created the:

  • Church’s new clamshell CD’s binders (not that CDs are even needed, since there is no reason except profit that the world can’t download LRH tech like iTunes),
  • Preservation archive of the LRH Tech (including acid-free archival paper and ink made of hyper-durable linen and flax fibers tested to last ten thousand years; all written materials re-produced as stainless steel metal plates encased in titanium cases, sealed in nitrogen, encased in flame resistant covers, buried in underground vaults; plus phonographic discs made of pure nickel, of LRH’s recorded lectures which can play back using a solar-powered amplifier; plus much more)
  • Design of the CD player and amplifier
  • All the new gadgetry that DM wanted for Super Power delivery (not that any of this was actually needed, since LRH basically created the Super Power Rundown in 1978 — long before any of his gadgets even existed! DM needed and still does need an excuse as to why, since 1978, Super Power has not been released).

That crew included,

Russ Bellin – CO CST

Tom Vorm – D/CO Prod CST

Tom Willis – Dir R&D CST

Michele Wheelis – O/O CST

Bert Trussell – Int Project 3rd CST

Reiko Abo Morrison – private pro designer

After nearly two years of very hard work, research and very little sleep (2002), this CST team developed the final product called the “New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meter.” Getting there required hundreds of prototypes, designed, produced, and tested by auditors at the Int base.

Notwithstanding the fact that nearly everyone receiving auditing at the Int base were receiving DM’s personal executive C/Sing (grossly out tech per LRH), the tests using the E-meters themselves were deemed a resounding success. HGC auditors at the Int base promptly refused to use any other meter. (2002)

It is also of interest that during those two years several “flaps” came to light at the Int base. 1) The Silver Certificate requirements were completely unnecessary, but were a primary income source to Gold… a cash cow. So have been allowed to continue. 2) The Quantum was grossly overpriced. But again, at $4,000 the money was too good to pass up.

The performance of this new E-meter was so advanced that DM decided to give a prototype to his “best friend forever” Tom Cruise so Tom could use it for his solo auditing. (2002)

The guts of every Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter in use by Flag auditors were secretly swapped out for the electronics of the Mark VIIIs. Ever since, Flag auditors have been using Mark VIIIs in the Mark VII shell.

The final product was finalized and produced… not at Golden Era Productions but in Taiwan to cut production cost and improve profitability (2004). 

Over 20,000 of the New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters were manufactured (all with silver color) and shipped to the United States where they have been sitting in Bridge Publications warehouse since 2004.

Six years after the final production of those New Mark VIII Ultra E-Meters, they still sit on the shelf.

And what happened to those top-notch SO members after DM got what he wanted? He crushed their creativity and integrity and send them all into the SP hall. None of them survived on their post and all have been suppressed in the extreme.

Throughout 2003, DM extolled the primary virtue of his “grand marketing plan” to re-release all the books and materials as the Golden Age of Knowledge, including the “Basics,” “Congresses” and “ACC lectures”… culminating in the release of the new Mark VIII. The primary virtue was how to maximize profits and how to milk each release for all it was worth.

Miscavige has not released his great new Mark VIII meter but instead has continued selling the Quantum for roughly $4000 each (way over priced) for the same reason he hasn’t released Super Power since 1978, or even completed his empty Super Power cathedral (even though he broke ground in 1998). Most importantly, he hasn’t released the actual OT Levels (yet he launched the Freewinds in 1986 expressly for that purpose).

Obviously there is a pattern here. It seems that DM is going for the money with the current Mark Super VII E-Meter sold to public for over $4000.

If he was not he would have released the Ultra Mark VIII a long time ago.

Written by FreeSpirit


  1. Ronn says

    In that we’ve known about this bull****, it remains amazing now coming to fruition he continues carte blanche to get by with it. I hope I live long enough to completely forget about you David.

  2. Formost says

    9 years later … I don’t think they’ll release that particular meter and likely has been trashed because newer advanced technology has come along since. I suspect any new meters they’ll release would have some sort of user verification connection to CSI to enable it’s function sort of like BLU-RAY disks pinging home for decryption before the movie can be watched.

    There are lots of top-notch non-CO$ meters for sale that work exceptionally well, if not much better.

    • Richard Kaminski says

      Thanks, uncover. Brilliant. Nothing mysterious in these drawings, yesterday’s bog-standard electronics. The sort of job you’d farm out and get back within the week, all written up. No novel component or software development. No R&D. Skylab testing not required.

      Total cost of e-meter product specification, design, bench-test, prototype, test-run, mods, farting around, finding a manufacturer, adding in admin costs (you know, phone calls and all that), final rounding-up to determine sale price, as a CSW = at the absolute outside, £50,000. As it’s a successful device already developed and in use for 60-odd years, upgraded seven times with this model being just another upgrade, the turn-around on this development would be expected at no more than a month, like any household appliance such as a microwave oven.

      The reason we’re not on E-Meter Mark IX or X or XI is because the incumbent manager at the CoS is not a Scientologist himself (perish the thought), not interested in what the CoS does, but only in maximizing profit, probably just for himself. From an outsider’s view, there can be no other conclusion. Managerial competence can be measured either in benefit to self or benefit to company, with the latter clearly not applying in respect of the CoS.

      The CoS opening its accounting books to the public would of course, shut me up good and proper.

    • Rick Mycroft says

      By Fig. 5E, it has an RS232 serial port for external communications. What’s it going to talk to?? In the 9 years that they’ve been rotting in the box, USB ports now rule and few computers have RS232 ports any longer.

      The computer world has moved, and he might as well scrap them or job them off to Fry’s Electronics.

      • uncover says

        Hey, Hey, Hey…. maybe thats extra made a RS-232 port so that you have to buy a Co$-GAT-II-USB-converter. I think it will only cost about $ 1000,– and will be needed to get you approval to audit every year via internet – which cost an extra $ 500,–. Compare it with microsoft-registration. If you become declared SP, your meter probably will stop working. And those ebay-sales of e-meters to evil squirrels can be controlled easily.

  3. Zana says

    Hopefully this will wake up some more of the struggling auditors who are working for peanuts and will now be required to buy two new e-meters and chuck the old ones. There is nothing about Scientology that I want or believe. It homogenizes people into think-less dupes while insisting that it is creating free and intelligent men. I think that it is impossible for this technology to create a truly enlightened and individualized, powerful Being. It’s some nice things to think with, nice self-help, however, there is nothing here that will give someone a blindingly, pro-active, happy life. And, to my mind, that’s the goal. And the journey IS the goal. Blindingly happy, dancing down the road, handling obstacles, building strength on barriers, and leaping tall buildings at a single bound. I have not seen one OT that I would want to emulate. I have not seen one OT who has all the super powers promised. I haven’t even seen a clear who is really so-called “clear.” I’ve seen some good people learn some nice things. And I, myself, was able to let go of a lot of pain from my childhood and my brother’s death. Even so… was it worth $100,000? Could I have gotten those results with another discipline? Most likely. What is it that Jason Beghe said, “Show me a mother-fuckin’ Clear!”
    I feel like I’m watching a circus that is sinking into a huge sinkhole.

    • sets guy says

      Zana, I agree with you hundred percent. My main reason to get out was that I never saw so many unable and broken people than I did inside. I was like ” these are the top beings on the planet” I want nothing to do with it. It is sad and it is the truth I don’t care who says what. The most miserable people were the OT whatevers and I guarantee you that my case level is way superior to those guys. I also never seen anybody “get better” or anybody “get handled” or do any better as a result of going up the Bridge and I am talking my entire twenty years of being in scn. What is true is what is true for me so the above is true. Enough said.

  4. Mark says

    Bridge staff went to Taiwan to produce these under direction of CST when I was at Bridge around 2004 as Steve states to produce these meters. Amazing how “breakthrough” tech and materials can sit in a warehouse for years.

    No wonder the Data Series is a lost tech. Any of these outpoints would rapidly become a super highway leading directly to the insanity of COB.

    One could have a field day with “Dropped out Time” alone.

    Stepping back from C of S after 7 years away… the Maxim that still seems to be in play is “the end justifies the means”. That includes ignoring your own common sense in lieu of “command intention”, crush regging, lying to the media and government, living in appalling conditions, the whole lot. And a smugness that despite the outpoints that surround your daily existence, whatever you do to forward Miscavige’s orders is the greatest good. You know best. Don’t confuse me with the facts.

    I watched the BBC documentary on North Korea.. could have been a tour through the Pac Base. Same mindset.. big shiny empty buildings representing prosperity, while the average joe lives with nothing, in fear of saying or doing anything out of step.

    I am so glad to be free of this insanity. Hope that folks like Russ Bellin come to their senses and escape.

    Keep up the good work Mike.

  5. Regular Dog says

    That’s good data FreeSpirit. It seems the new meter would help many as it has some advantages. It is suppressive that DM sits on the new meters for so long.

  6. Richard Kaminski says

    A perfectly stupid product.
    The Scientology symbol is not in evidence.
    It appears to be a waistcoat design motif with four decorative buttons in the center.
    The view of the rear meter shows it is supported by a flap on the left side – that would be the side where you’d want to put your hand in order to control the dials. The meter at the front shows it is supported by a pull-out rest. This rest doesn’t look the same as the one visible in the meter at the rear. If the rear meter’s rest (not flap) is the standard one for holding the meter upright, then it looks as though the meter will ‘rock’ during use. The rest shown on the front meter looks bigger and steadier. Conclusion: some photoshopping going on here to cover up a serious design flaw.
    Given the entire purpose and operation of the meter, it would make a nice design-and-build project for 15-year olds on their way to a medium level electronics certificate.
    Cables and clips? LOL! Haven’t they heard of WiFi?

  7. KFrancis says

    Well now that we have the new e-meter let’s put it to good use and get Davey on the other side of it to answer a few questions-Standard FPRD will do nicely.

    Special thanks to Steve Hall.

    • KFrancis says

      A digitally reproduced Rock Slam must be an amazing thing to behold.

      However for some big beings you don’t really need an meter at all, you merely need to look up from your worksheets and look directly into their eyes.

  8. Roy MacGregor says

    Oh and by the way. The new meters that have sitting on the shelves for 9 years? They are SO FAR SUPERIOR to the Mark VII that they make auditors who have used them DROOL. They may be behind the times electronically now, but DMs Mark VII Quantum Emeter is far inferior and has all kinds of problems with its “variable sensitivty”. So there is a very GOOD reason that David Miscavige has left them on the shelf all these years- they would make auditing and auditor training SO MUCH EASIER.

  9. Schorsch says

    Scientology has often been behind actual developements. Now they have an e-meter that works.
    In 1974 I manufactured a gas-phase chromatograph amplifier that measured in parts per million. Basically this device could detect one particle that is different within 999.999 other particles. So electronics from the 70ies should be good enough to build an e-meter that works.
    The second best meter I had was the Mark 5. The best had been the first sold Mark 6. All the later ones had been crap.

  10. North County says

    It seems the Mark VIII or an upgrade would expose the Pope-on-a-Box’s false floating needle definition used to suppress release states and grind down the audited. Potentially huge. A real stopper for the little guy releasing any better emeter.

  11. The Oracle says

    The Mark “Ultra” is Ultra ancient technology. How does he justify this complete waste of resources? Couldn’t he have shipped these off to Columbia to accompany the Way To Happiness Books? There are hundreds of people without meters that would love to have one. STAFF! Throw a staff member a bone! He would prefer people out there have no meter at all to audit with if he can’t collect tax on it. Who filed a waste report up at Int? Nobody because they don’t want to get beat up! Tortured! You can’t act sane or reasonable there anymore and it is a CRIME to attempt to put ethics in on the space!

  12. Richard Grant says

    Here’s what strikes me about all this:

    “Miscavige has not released his great new Mark VIII meter … for the same reason he hasn’t released Super Power since 1978, or even completed his empty Super Power cathedral (even though he broke ground in 1998)…”

    To me it seems there’s something weirder than simple greed involved here. I’ve read things now and then suggesting that little David has serious, maybe pathological trouble with letting go of something, declaring it Finished (or Good Enough) and sending it out into the world. I’ve read this about relatively trivial projects, pamphlets and the like.

    Heaven forfend that we should go all “psych” on David, but to me this suggests some kind of deep-rooted lack of self-confidence, at the very least. Which of course he disguises from himself by casting fault and blame on those around him — those stupid designers or architects or whoever, who can’t get a damn thing right.

  13. says