OT Ambassadors Code


Just for fun, I thought everyone might get a kick out of reading this.

It is the original write up put together by Sherry Murphy or Guillaume Lesevre or someone to hand out to the “OT VIII’s” who attended the Freewinds Maiden Voyage Events (back when they were still held).

The idea was to give the public something that started to make THEM responsible. Miscavige complained often that he is the “only one” and that the staff and even public didnt contribute to accomplishing “command intention” so this was written and handed out and the newly invented “OT Ambassadors” were made to swear to uphold it (reciting it in unison). 

This was when Miscavige first had the idea that these OT VIII’s should all become org ED’s, and that was the fad for a while.

Then they all had to contribute to “making Ideal Orgs.” That became their mantra for years. “If you want OT IX and X you have to take responsibility for getting your org to be Ideal.” And off they went with “orders from Command.”

Then they were told they needed to take responsibility for ALL orgs becoming Ideal. Of course, this means, “get the money to buy and renovate the building.”

Then when the lustre wore off that, they became “IAS Regges” (like Kathy Feshbach)…

The “OT’s” were tricked into “taking responsibility” and becoming a reg team. Of course, that is not mentioned in “The Code”. 

For a bunch of people who are supposedly “Cause Over Life” and have had the “Truth Revealed” they sure seem blind and at effect of whatever anyone in authority tells them. Hardly a state to strive for….




  1. Old School says

    For people who have done VIII ( and thus KNOW that it is total crap) to continue on regging people shows either A) EXTREME stupidity or, B) criminality. There is no “C”

  2. Live Zombie says

    From the Code of an OT Ambassador

    As an OT Ambassador I promise to follow the Code of an Ot Ambassador, to bring about the creation of an OT civilization.

    I think there are and have many trying to bring about an “OT” Civilization if I understand this concept right.


    Guess the difference is that if a true “OT” Ambassador does not follow “Command Intention” they become an “SP” in certain circles in the world.

  3. Pepper says

    Isn’t this “Code” just a little grandiose?

    Everything always has to be big and have a sweeping effect across lifetimes and universes. Making a person responsible for everything and everyone? Please.

    It’s just more mind-fuck fodder to put Scientology “first” and self, family and all the other dynamics in the toilet. And telling people who and what they are and making them read it aloud in unison is called Hypnosis.

  4. Bonnie Kittelson says

    My question is, why doesn’t anyone ever wonder why OT8 has been out for over 25 years and “OT9&10″ haven’t been release?. I asked that question 5 years after the release of OT8 and every year after that. But then again, why am I asking stupid questions?

  5. Aquamarine says

    Remarkable document, Mike. . I’m comparing it with the following 2 Scientology Codes:.

    The Code Of Honor written by LRH is qualified by the datum that its use is a luxury use. With the Code of Honor, LRH advises that one’s power of choice is key and necessary to its actual effectiveness.

    The Way To Happiness, a moral code, frequently prefaces its dictates with the phrase, “Try to” and also communicates many of its rules as suggestions in assisting others to do these things, along with explanations as to how doing so and so could be beneficial, and why not doing so and so could be harmful, etc. By communicating its dictates as suggestions via subjunctive mode, and by offering further illustrative data, one’s power of choice is consulted and one is encouraged to think with the data.

    No such breaks for the OTAs, though.

    Here is a moral code with an obligatory promise for each and every policy. Each policy is, of itself, a huge generality covering a wide range of situations and possible activities. Taken together, these promises to these generalities encompass life on every dynamic.. I can’t think of a single beingness, doingness or havingness, on any dynamic that would not be governable under one or more of these promises.

    To sum up, these guys are really fucked!


  6. WhiteStar says

    so you sign on with scientology to handle “your ruin” and you end up having to commit to saving the planet.
    forget about your own life goals, hopes and desires………from this day forward you will service us.

    Locutus of Borg might have been the greatest OT ever.

  7. says

    Oh, I remember this well… at the Maiden Voyage in 2006 I suddenly found myself in the middle of the event room when He asked everyone to pull out that piece of paper from under the chair and read in unison. I had no idea what was going on and so I read line by line and felt more and more tricked, really. Then when I met Miscavige for the photo shoot the next evening, I got the real shell shock…

  8. DollarMorgue says

    Those are heavy chains to wear. I promise … to demonstrate knowing, and willing, cause over all dynamics. (But I don’t do parlour tricks and I’m broke so please don’t hit me up for any more money.)

  9. Chrissie W says

    Originally the OT Ambassadors program was only for OTVIII’s and they were sworn in on the Ship. In 2007 after the massive “Basics” push. Miscaviage ordered all OTV’s and above to a special meeting at Flag. There weren’t enough attendees to fill the auditorium in the Fort Harrison so the staff were now inviting by “special invitation only” Clears and above. At this super special briefing he gave the whole room OT Ambassador status. We received huge gold pins with a diamond (that if worn would rip clothing). He also stood in front of the room telling everyone it was the end of being treated like “meat bodies” and that orgs were a place of succor and sanity. That if you couldn’t be on course you would be able to just hang out and be left alone. That was one of my big aha moments about him. Since obviously the complete opposite was happening. I was watching people around me being sent to Ethics because they couldn’t conform to a full time schedule so obviously they had crimes. I even got a KR in the mail for my dad, who wasn’t even a Flag public and lives in California!

  10. freespirit says

    So this is the code that provides the framework for their abuse. This is the code used to create the games of mind control over the OT’s and used to make them feel “not-OT” and grossly out-ethics if they failed to cooperate. Little did many of them know that their reality of this code would differ so greatly from DM’s designs, just as what so many gullible Sea Org recruits later discover they really wound up really signing up for.

  11. War Horse says

    “I promise to help salvage this sector of the universe”?

    Most of them can’t find a non-polyester dress to wear to IAS events.

  12. Skydog says

    “I promise to respect, and increase, the repute of the state of OT, through exemplary ethical conduct, and by my actions, so as to be a living example of the new civilization we are building”.

    Well that clarifies it. The Squirrel Busters, a group of idiotically attired Scientologists wearing GoPro cameras on their heads, stalk and harass critics at their homes. This is a fine example of “exemplary ethical conduct”. Usually one needs to visit a penal institution to find ethical behavior of this caliber.

  13. Ms. B. Haven says

    Sherry Murphy? I can’t believe that she is still in, but I am disappointed a lot these days.

    WTF with the OT Ambassador Code??? My favorite is:
    I promise to protect, and increase, the repute of the state of OT,
    through exemplary ethical conduct, and by my actions,
    so as to be a living example, of the new civilization we are building.

    Exhibt A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgwG5b9nbQU

  14. MJ says

    I promise to trust my own judgment and not to blindly agree with any orders or regulations that are inconsistent with what I really believe.

  15. Cindy says

    Mike thank you for this article. It brought it home to me that religion is the same all over the world in some respects. It is the same old, “Tow the line, stay in line, do as we say, or you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you die.” Only with Scn, the promise is that you will have the Godly rewards right now, and don’t even have to die to get them. That makes it an even bigger carrot to go for. These people want so badly the promises of OT and spiritual freedom and nirvana and all that stuff, that they will do anything to ensure they get it this lifetime. And the threat of “it won’t be here forever… this is your only chance and it is going away fast… so don’t waste this brief breath in eternity.” It is the religious “Buy Now” ploy. That is why these OT VIII’s forget all the “truth revealed” that they experienced. They want OT IX and X so badly they can almost taste it. And that is the power that Davie holds over them that keeps them entrapped.

    • Pepper says

      Cindy- well said and I agree. I didn’t want to do any more OT levels after a certain point and was always told by certain “OTVIII’s” that I wouldn’t want to die with my OT case not fully handled.

      I would even be threatened with the “fact” that I would come back next lifetime as a woman in Afghanistan or India or something like that because I chose not to continue with OT levels in the now.

      How uptone and encouraging, trying to get people to continue up the Bridge under the threat of pain and suffering. Faith based indeed. It’s the same to me as being told that you’re going to hell for your sins.

      • Odd Thomas says

        Pepper —

        When I first got into SCN in 1972, the OTs that I interacted with reminded me greatly of Buddhist monks. Almost all were trained auditors and there was this sense of serenity about them, that certainly pulled me into their orbit. They were balanced and sought only to help others without feeling the need to judge or evaluate at all. Then as the years passed, the OTs became less and less saintly and more and more judgmental.

        The “OTs” that you interacted with Pepper, were in a way, false prophets. They spoke of things that they truly had neither attained nor fully understood. When reading through the above Pledge of Allegiance to Davey, I get this altered sense of reality, like everything OT that one might want to achieve is somehow “outside” of who we are and what we do. As if being OT is purely a functional doingness. Reg money, create Ideal Orgs, create an OT movement here on earth.

        What about being OT? Raising one’s reach and breadth of compassion. Striving to understand all people and granting them the beingness that we are seeking ourselves. Davey the Artful Dodger, is once again turning a theta concept into a MEST construct. OTs are things, dutiful things that listen and obey and act in unison. What bollocks!


      • Pepper says

        Hi Odd,

        Thanks for that, it is hopeful. I came into Scn shortly before GATI and I saw an extreme change in the manners and behavior of public and staff alike over time.

        I’ve met several people who were on the Apollo and in the SO for a long time, who are out now.

        The one thing I commonly hear from them is how fun Scn use to be and the great times they had in the good old days. As they reminisce, I can see that they long for something which no longer exists. Thanks to you know who.

        I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of OT’s as you describe, but they are a rare breed now and are simply not found around the orgs these days. Most today have little training (Solo course only) and are DM drones. They aren’t trained because public are told that a Solo course completion is just as good as a ClassV. I beg to differ because I’ve done both sides.

        Public are pushed onto OT levels instead of training because its more lucrative. I had been told many times while training that I wasn’t doing the right thing by not going to Flag and heard the word “duty” mixed with “Command Intention”. You need to have a pretty thick skin and a good sense of self if you want to survive that group with your personality intact

    • FOTF2012 says

      Heaven can wait, when OT is right now.

      My mantra remains: show just one DMSMH clear or just one OT VIII by original definition — objective as well as subjective.

      The emperor has no clothes. Miscavige’s finest schemes are invisible threads spun on an imaginary loom.

  16. says

    “…to make THEM responsible”. Funny. In HCO PL RESPONSIBILITY AGAIN, LRH talks about the difficulties one gets into by dodging responsibility. In Advanced Procedure and Axioms, in the section on RESPONSIBILITY, LRH discusses the cycle of responsibility and how the truly irresponsible seek to pawn off responsibility onto others. And in HCOB THEORY OF RESPONSIBILITY PROCESSING LRH says “In order to make up one’s mind to be responsible for things, it is necessary to get over the idea that one is being forced into responsibility. … The power of choice is still senior to responsibility.”

    I am reminded that when Hitler took over the Wehrmacht, the soldiers were given TWO oaths to recite: one making them loyal servants in the defense of the German people and the Motherland, and one oath to make them loyal servants of the defense of Herr Hitler personally.

    That basically made the soldiers puppets of Herr Hitler and subject to his aberrated savage orders, like slaughtering Polish citizens and Russian Jews.

    What I see in this OT Ambassadors oath (not an LRH issue) is that same attempt to take over the will and willingness of the OTAsshats. It is a key mechanism in how they became OTAsshats.

  17. Cindy says

    I used to know Bill and Sherry Murphy years ago. Are they still married? I didn’t know Sherry joined SO. Is she still in? Any info on them or her?

    • Mike Rinder says

      Sherry was in the Sea Org since the mid to late 80’s. Bill was not. Last I heard she was on the RPF in PAC, though might be a folder page or something similar by now. She was Fields Exec Int for many years. Off and on.

    • statpush says

      I was on training with Sherry in 1986-7. In 1987 she joined the SO, from what I recall at the request of DM, and was supposed to go to RTC.

      From a reliable source, she ended up in The Hole. In 2008 she was diagnosed with MS. Then some time after that she was badly injured in a car accident. No further data, unfortunately.
      Sherry was a sweetheart. I hope she finds her way out.

    • Bonnie Kittelson says

      Mike and I were very close friends with Bill and Sherry Murphy from good ole Sterling days when Mike worked there. I was close to Bill when he lived in Clearwater and one day he sold all his Scientology materials and moved to Utah where he grew up and I suspect he is done, but quietly.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Dan — you may be right. I just shorthanded this. It was probably someone more literate than either of them. Could even have been Gail Armstrong. Or Dan Sherman. Or if Miscavige had felt he needed to do some amends, our old friend Lyman. Or none of the above and some other completely disrelated person was “assigned the project.”

      • says

        Whoever wrote it Mike.

        The code is quite a tour de force in doublespeak.

        Personally I always thought these “OT Ambassadors” were much like sending out a drunken sailor to represent the Navy.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Oh yeah, I left off the final line:

      “I promise to follow Command Intention unthinkingly and uncritically and report on anyone I suspect is CI to COB.”

      Is that what you mean?

  18. hgc10 says

    … protect, and increase, the repute of the state of OT…

    Makes me think of that popular video of George Bailey. My understanding of the state of OT is informed by him more than anyone.