Proof of Expansion

Where is Shelly Miscavige 2

Believe it or not, this is the best proof Miscavige has of His “expansion.”

Everyone knows the stable datum that “the squirrels go crazy when we are expanding” so they MUST be going totally crazy: q.e.d. we ARE expanding.

This afternoon, the barricades went up and the armed guards took their positions for the event they like to claim demonstrates their massive humanitarianism.  



As the crowds awaited clearance to enter the hallowed halls with their photo ID’s , a banner flew overhead asking the question that SHOULD be on everyone’s mind for this gathering of Scientology’s elite.

Two weeks ago they were treated to a banner “San Diego Is Done” — but really San Diego isn’t done with anything. But it seems like the crowds were probably awaiting another banner “Valley Is Done” or “Paris Is Done” or something…. Instead they got something a little more REAL.

Wonder how Dear Leader feels looking out at the audience, wondering how many of them are looking at him and thinking “Yeah, Where Is Shelly Miscavige?” 

Bad thoughts.

Leah Remini was declared for asking the question. 

Try NOT to think about it everyone as you revel in the Shermanspeak hype of the evening.


Where is Shelly Miscavige 090


    • Idle Morgue says

      Awesome BLOW to Scientology and David Miscavige. I wonder if Laurisse and Miscavige soiled themselves when they read this? Excellent job you brilliant SP’s. We love you!!

  1. Silvia says

    Brilliant…I hope many of them saw the sign and…maybe, just possibly, even if a little, this awoke their minds to “look” instead of listen, applaud, don’t think and robotically do what they are told.

    I bet DM is more than nervous, if not outraged.

    • indie8million says

      You made me LAUGH, Tony! Right. But then, they couldn’t do their OT levels (if they couldn’t look into the faces of other humans). That’s alright, uncle Davey will change that process too.

      • Aquamarine says

        As further security at outdoor Int Events, the RCS could enforce the wearing of Ideal Bllinders which will only permit a public to look straight ahead and not to the left, to the right, or, God forbid, up. :)

        BRAVO, Mike and Mike.

      • Aquamarine says


        Ideal Blinders cannot be made that would prevent someone from looking up!

        The blinders on carriage horses only work because they are wearing a bit and a bridle which prevent them from raising their necks too high.

        What to do?

        Ok, so, along with the Ideal Blinders, public could wear specially designed, state of the art, Ideal Neck Braces which would totally constrain their neck muscles.

        I am just so solution-oriented.

    • clergyman says

      I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the people didn’t have some thought stopping process that they were madly trying to run on themselves for fear of having to spend an intensive, or two, getting re-programmed because of an errant thought.

      Chairman of the Club of Seals might have had his own trepidations countered by his voracious greed (“dat gonna be good fo’ bidness”).

  2. indie8million says

    Mike – You’re my hero. Thanks. :)

    Can we have “Is Heber still in the Hole?” for tomorrow’s festivities? Please? 😀

  3. Katniss Everdeen says


    Davey, I’ll see you one fake navy, and raise you one flying squirrel air force. It really doesn’t get any better than this. I’m just waiting for the regges to start calling asking for “donations” to buy surface to air missiles.

  4. Jeff says


    Mate, no worries…This will indeed go down as a day of KAWB-related INFAMY!

    “Pay no attention to the Dwarf behind the podium….”

    You are swiftly moving up my Hero’s List. Definitely top two.

  5. SadStateofAffairs says

    Oh Mike, you are such a party pooper for all those humanitarian people and their poor, dear leader slaving away at least a couple hours a day figuring out how to keep going the greatest expansion since the big bang.

  6. KFrancis says

    Mike you realize if you won’t leave Clearwater then Dave is going to have to move the whole Flag Land Base. He can’t have you torturing him every time he shows up in town with helicopters and planes. Well I guess it’s time for Him to call United Van Lines and start packing up the faux circus he’s been presiding over (tent and all).

    I love the sign and BTW, now that you have asked the question, where is Shelly Miscavige? Never mind Carmen Sandiego, where in the world is Shelly?

    • Mike Rinder says

      Yes Meg. Bunker took some video of the plane for anyone who is wondering whether this is real. It’s up on Ortega’s blog.

      • Jane Doe says

        This is so awesome! I hope many of the sheeple lookd up and read it. You keep springing huge surprises on us and they are just the right kind of good stuff to infuriate and torture the midget and maybe get some sheeple looking and planting a seed. Thanks for doing that.

      • indie8million says

        See what happens when someone knows standard PR tech and applies it like Mike?

        Too bad, so sad DM lost Mr. Rinder.

      • indie8million says

        Hey Mike,

        Know what’s really interesting about these two Flying Squirrel / Apostate Airlines capers?

        What does a person want to do about suppression? You want to be slight, gentle cause.

        Against this enemy, it’s hard to get a good swing at it because It, I mean He, pardon me, hides himself behind all of his barriers.

        Seems to me that, when Mike & Mike took to the friendly skies, we all got to share in the slight, gentle therapy. Both times.

        Please, Mike, continue. It seems we’re getting TA on all sides. 😀

        “You came up with the breeze on Sunday (Saturday) Morning”

        Note the lyrics:
        I know who I am but who are you?
        You’re not looking like you used to
        You’re on the other side of the mirror
        Where nothing’s looking quite as clear

        Thank you for turning on the lights
        Thank you, Now you’re the parasite
        I didn’t think you had it in you
        Now you’re looking like I used to.

      • Aquamarine says

        Oh, I am just loving this! It’s just so Wizard of Oz-zy…”Surrender, Dorothy”. You really know how to pull one out of a hat, Mike! Thank you so much!

        PS: I’m finding myself having back-off from using exclamation points when I write now, but, look, when you think that something is terrific that’s when an exclamation point is appropriate.

  7. Joe Schmo says

    I am howling with laughter. This deserved a VVVVVVVVWD! Good job!

    Even if only a minority of the people going in there saw it, it will still be a huge blow to OSA’s morale, and hopefully will get some of them thinking. I really really hope so. Because once the seeds of doubt are sown and Scientologists actually allow themselves to really think for themselves, the domino effect takes place and the lies and self-delusions start coming down one after another. I know, I lived it.

    You can only prey on people’s ignorance for so long Mr. Miscavige. You can only drive people with fear. LRH himself said there is nothing more powerful than an idea. You cannot stop it, you cannot kill it, you cannot drive it away with bullsh!t “dead agent packs”.

    I am bowing down in admiration to Mike and Mike, who I assume are the ones responsible for this. Simply wonderful!

    • Joe Schmo says

      I meant to say “You can only drive people with fear for so long.” Sorry about the omission there.

  8. WhiteStar says

    literally above and beyond the call of duty.

    seriously awesome guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the midget’s ass has gotten to be burning up with this one…….i can just see his veins bulging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cindy P says

    Wow! Mike and Mike, you guys really are amazing! Thank you for putting your resources into todays plane ride. We were going to a movie tonight but after todays “caper” I am going to give up my AMC movie membership. No one could make up a story like the one that is unfolding right now with the C of S!

  10. Anon4life says

    I love everything about this, but have to say that my favorite part is the *perfect* timing. You put a new and novel question in their heads just as they were going into the event, where they were trapped in their seats listening to the very subject of that question drone on and on and on…it’s hard for me to imagine any way their minds didn’t wander to that banner in the ensuing boredom. A+++ for time, money and effort well spent!

  11. Mike Rinder says

    Interesting additional information. The pilot just told us that while he was IN THE AIR he was being contacted by someone from the church telling him to leave the area. Just like with the chopper… Those sort of commands just dont work outside the tent. :)

  12. says

    Superb! I take it that you’re now negotiating with the Wicked Witch of the West about skywriting “Surrender Voldemort!” in black smoke over FLAG tomorrow?

      • Aquamarine says

        Spirit of Play and insouciance! This makes my whole week. There will be those who will have seen it and will need to be “handled”, and those who are designated as safe terminal handlers of the handlees will probably themselves need to to be handled before they can handle anyone else, and so on, and so on, up the command chain…LOL!

      • indie8million says

        Right! And then the handlers will get put in lower conditions for being jokers and degraders for DARING to LAUGH at all that entheta! Rollin’ on the Floor, Laughing!

  13. WhiteStar says

    the drama that is scientology is surreal on so many levels i don’t even know how to describe it. how to concisely frame it.

    it’s like i fell into my television, like i wandered into Toontown.
    like i woke up inside the World of Sid & Marty Krofft.
    there a whole cast of characters and plots and sub plots, various dramatic threads.

    everyday there’s a new installment of “Welcome to Crazy”
    super powers and helicopters, planes, banners and movie stars.
    money, lawyers and judges.
    prison camps and galas………….and even a navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when you step back and sum it up, it’s pretty frigging trippy.

    In the middle of the summer, in the middle of a park,
    There began a great adventure for a boy whose name was Mark
    He had come to see the magic man, along with all the children and
    ’twas so began the day that Mark was never to forget

    He performed all sorts of miracles, and Mark was so impressed
    That when the time arrived to go he lagged behind the rest
    Then quietly he did return, the secret of the hat to learn
    But everyone had gone away and darkness filled the set

    The moment that he touched the hat the room began to glow
    And as he put it down and ran the hat began to grow, and grow,
    And grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow,
    And grow, and grow

    He was stunned and he was fascinated, still he had to see
    There was something deep inside the hat
    What could that something be?
    Then cautiously each step he took, he climbed up on the brim to look,
    And all at once the hat began to shake, and rock, lookout

    maniacal laughter

    Falling, falling, into the hat he fell,
    Spinning, turning, whirling, twirling
    Down, down

    And when he looked into the skies
    He couldn’t believe his ears or eyes

    Lidsville is the Koo-Koo-Kookiest,
    Lidsville is the Ki-Ki-Kickiest,
    Lidsville is the Groo-Groo-Grooviest
    Lidsville is the living end, friend

    If you have a chance to go-go there
    You’ll be glad you did, ’cause
    Everybody who goes to Lidsville really flips his lid

    Hoo Doo’s signature evil laughter

    How’s that for a topper?

  14. non scientologist says

    Mike, I’m amazed. With a limited budget, a crew of two, and a couple pilots you have twice out throught DM, despite his incredible advantage in raw bodies, monies, security personal and lawyers.

    I suspect you know David far more then he can ever know you, because he is so self obsessed that I doubt he can ever put himself in the shoes of another human being while you had to learn how to anticipate his insanity for close to twenty years.

    I wish I ran a major corporation so I could hire you to do public relations, you keep showing slappy up!

  15. LDW says

    We of the church believe that all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely and to write in the sky freely…

  16. Joe Pendleton says

    Shelly? I don’t get the controversy. The LAPD I believe spoke to her after Remini made her report. Shelly is working on “the vaults.” Heber is wherever HE is (and he came out for his son’s memorial in LA). They are two people who have contributed to so many horrendous overs against so many people, that the have quietly agreed to hide away. Good riddance.

    • Philip Arlington says

      They are being held in psychological imprisonment, which should be a crime but unfortunately isn’t.

      Scientology still enjoys some success posing as a legitimate religious denomination. Few things are more likely to get through to the media and public that they are anything but legitimate than drawing attention to the fact that the leader has disappeared his wife.

    • Peter says

      The questions have been: “How did they speak to her?” Telephone? In person? How was she identified? And just WHO did the identifying? The LAPD, that bastion of ethical behaviours – NOT! – refused to answer any of these questions. They buried that one so fast, that alone was suspect.

      • indie8million says

        Suspect doesn’t even come close, Peter. It was downright shocking how fast the LAPD shut Leah down. Not only that, they shut Shelly down if she was actually in need of someone to come out and see how she is.

        Freakin’ disgusting. I don’t know if any of the powers that be get it, but we’re not asking these questions just for the fun of it – although we get the sub product of imagining DM squirm. We are genuinely concerned for these persons.

        If any of these old timers (still in) knew that Heber spent time in the engine room on the ship and THEN the Hole for who knows how long, they would revolt. The old timers would. Heber was like the kind, well-spoken leader that we all respected. Seriously. That would get some traction. Does anyone have pics of Heber being led around at the Int base?

        Photographic fly-by, Mike? 😉

        Here’s a little Heber in his hey-day.

    • Formost says

      Joe … me thinks it’s a M/W/H op. DM’s likely ditched her and been doing the horizontal tango with Lou for years … so maybe just a refreshing short-taylored single-3D/4D sec check type-a-deal.

  17. Mary Rathernotsay says

    Mike, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in months!
    Very, Very well done!
    I cannot wait for a sequel.
    Now I can clearly see that you are not just talk but actually a man of action.
    I love it!

  18. edge says

    Brilliant once again Mike and Mike!

    New rules for Clearwater Scis: Don’t talk to SPs. Don’t read the Tampa Bay Times. Don’t read the internet, especially not Mike Rinder’s blog, or Mark Bunker’s blog, or Tony Ortega’s blog. Don’t ask questions. And lastly: Don’t look up!

  19. Sabine Waterkamp says

    That is so hilarious! Great stunt!

    They will set up tunnels to the tent/venue from now on so nobody can see or be seen anymore.

  20. Sejanus says

    I wonder how Midget took out his frustration over this one.
    This should be put up on billboards in Clearwater and in L.A.
    I would throw money at

    • Jane Doe says

      I would contribute to billboards all over LA and Clearwater asking “Where’s Shelly?” and “What did David Miscavage, head of Scientology, do with his wife?” Let’s take up a collection for it and buy billboard space. It’s a way to make up for all those donations we did earlier to the IAS.

      • Mary Rathernotsay says

        Great idea! Posters could be effective and cost-effective, also.
        They would have to be up high where the SO could not easily rip them down…
        Maybe one with, Where is ED INT?

      • indie8million says

        Or “David Miscavige. What did you do with the President?”
        Then, a picture of Heber,
        and then,
        “Are you STILL punishing him in the Hole?”

        Sorta like, “Do you still beat your wife” but one answer is true.

      • Jane Doe says

        Brilliant Indie 8 Mill. Yes and each week we change it slightly to list another name and picture, such as Shelly, Heber, and then the others, Guillaume, Norm Starsky, Ray Mitthoff, and others. But we keep punching up the Shelly thing and always use Miscavage’s name etc.

      • indie8million says

        Oh yes. “The Scientology Seven” in the Hole. 😉 Let’s not discuss TOO much strategy here, lest we alert the enemy.

        Let us just say to one, David MustRavage, “We know who you are, and we know what you’re doing.”

        “We know who you are and we know what you’re doing.”

        Now the world will know too – including your unwitting victims. You’re not going to want to stick around for this one.

  21. Gayle aka TroubleShooter says

    Mwahahahahahahahhhhhh!!!! I can see cob’s thinking “DIE! DIE! you bastards! DIE ALREADY!!!”

  22. Wendy M says

    Leah Remini must be getting a kick out of this. From her lips to a clear blue sky! On the other hand, Tommy Davis must be kicking himself – for handling the questions so badly when first asked. This question is not going to go away!

    Well done Mike ‘n Mike!

  23. Natural Philosopher says

    Well, looks like these small IAS events will have to be held underground in future! And it’s not just Shelley we are interested in….what about Heber, Lyman Spurlock, Mark Ingber and all the rest of dedicated unfortunates who Miscavige has parked in his private ‘Ministry of Truth’.

  24. says

    that’s great! What an awesome idea. I bet it cost some money but well… I guess we can make this a standard operating procedure and do our PR campaign from up in the air… Mike and Mike you have some altitude and now it shows even clearer.

  25. says

    Wonder if it took some time to figure out what you would put on the
    banner? But then again Mike (R) you must know every square inch
    (of the few that’s there) of DM’s mind so it was probably easy for you
    to zero in on the best button.
    Fantastically great. Thanks Mike and Mike.

  26. Teddy says

    Mr. Rinder,
    For about 1 year DM had your balls in a vice during your time in the Hole. And everything that you have done since, including the already legendary helicopter surveillance at the Flag Superpower opening and this helicopter banner flight, demonstrates that you have put DM’s balls in your vice! karma. WELL DONE MR. RINDER!!

  27. says

    Mike I commented over at Tony Os the other day trying to think of ways you guys could top or continue the FlyingTech from the SP opening and I had come up with sky writing in basically a fantasy type situation. Didnt even post a possible message. Much to my extreme delight and pleasure I saw the pictures of your amazing flying-banner tech! Just totally blow me away and made my whole crappy weekend so much better. Thank you again for the great 1 upping of the church. I can just imagine CoB having a total fight when the plane didn’t listen to his orders. Hes yet to figure out he cants boss around wogs/exes/indys like he can his Sea Org slaves! To both M&M you guys are amazing! Thank you very much the both of you. :)