Ryan Hogarth Steps Forward


The disintegration of the Radical Church in South Africa is rolling forward at a rapid clip.

The Sea Org Missionaires sent to try and regain control of the train that left the station are doing their best imitation of kamikaze pilots as they head straight down and vertical in a spectacular suicide mission. Not only did they arrive with a bang and declare 18 prominent OTs and field Opinion Leaders (including the biggest supporters of the Ideal Orgs in South Africa) they are now conducting a witch hunt “Comm Ev” that is soliciting rumors and “declaring” the next round of those who are not in agreement with their gestapo tactics. This is a failed mission floundering around in a scene that is far worse than what they expected to find.  It’s a suicide mission if ever there was one….

And that brings us to Ryan Hogarth.

Ryan is surely the most well respected spokesperson and public figure in Scientology in South Africa. I have known Ryan (his mother was in OSA Int for a long time and until recently was the CO OSA Africa) for many years. Believe me, it was not a coincidence that he was the first person ever to “MC” an event and introduce David Miscavige.  Miscavige understood that by having Ryan introduce him in South Africa it would reflect well on Him. 

And now they have blown him off too.

As I have said, this is going to be the first area to secede from the central church. And they are hurrying the process along in the best way they can. These “nobodies” from “LA” are swinging dead cats at a wedding. And their flailing is getting wilder and wilder and the cats are really starting to stink up the joint.

Here is the Ryan Hogarth story on the South African blog this morning. I have reprinted here in full due to its significance. You may have difficulty accessing the videos here. I encourage you to go to the African website here


Ryan Hogarth, former Church President, Declared Suppressive!

Posted on 

After hearing several rumours we can now confirm that Ryan Hogarth has been declared by the Church of Scientology. We asked someone who knows him well to write an introduction to his story which follows below:

When I was asked to write an introduction for Ryan I was honoured and humbled. What could I possibly say that would do justice to someone who has dedicated most of his life to unswerving service and personal sacrifice to LRH and Scientology?  

While many out there were making money so they could achieve the state of OT, Ryan and his family were on the ground putting an org there for the rest of us – often against unimaginable odds. 

It is incongruous that after everything Ryan has done for our group, it is demanded that all Scientologists turn our backs on these heroes. Through this action, Ryan has lost a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt and uncle. After 25 years of service, he walks away with nothing. There are simply no words to describe this travesty of so-called “justice”. 

I know that I speak for many when I say we will forever be grateful to Ryan, Melissa and Tyler for all they have done for our group. Without them, Scientology in Africa will never be the same again. I encourage others to stand with me in this message to the Church – “We refuse to withdraw allegiance from these fine people”. 

In closing, my message to Ryan and his family: “To new beginnings and other adventures”  - LRH

I was born into a Scientology family. My grandmother knew and worked with LRH in Rhodesia. She moved to South Africa in 1966 with her two sons, Robin & Simon,  to work full time for Scientology. Both Robin & Simon also joined staff. My parents, Simon & Anne, met at Joburg in 1970.

That makes me, I guess, a 3rd generation Scientologist. My wife (Melissa) and son (Tyler) have both served on staff. Between the three of us we have given 46 years of staff service to Scientology in South Africa.

My gran passed away in 2003 and my mother and father are still in the Sea Org.


My mom was transferred to OSA US in 1985 when I was 13 years old. I was recruited into the Sea Org within 4 days of arriving in Los Angeles. I was just so happy to be out of school and out of South Africa it seemed a perfectly smart thing to do. There would be no more formal schooling beyond the primary school I’d completed.

I loved LA and loved being in the Sea Org there. Although I was only there for just shy of 3 months I felt I’d made a home there. Sadly we all had to move back to South Africa. My mom’s replacement didn’t work out.

I was posted in OSA and I spent the entire 25 years on staff in OSA, both Sea Org and Class V staff.

For the first 7 years of my staff career all my posts in OSA were internal– recruitment of staff, hatting, ethics. In 1989 I met Melissa, my future wife. She was a DSA from Port Elizabeth. She was gorgeous and I was in love almost immediately. Our relationship was verboten since she was not Sea Org. But somehow we still managed to get married in spite of this in July 1989.


Melissa never got to join the Sea Org as she was asked to fill the DSA Joburg post “temporarily” which became permanent. Although she wasn’t an SO member she stayed at the SO base and was expected to work an SO schedule.

In July 1991 two years after our wedding Melissa fell pregnant. As it was now Sea Org policy that Sea org members were not allowed to have children I would have to leave. This was a particularly rough period of time. Melissa was viewed with great suspicion, the thinking being that she had “done this deliberately”. She faced particularly brutal ethics action and at 6 months pregnant was doing deck work sanding floors and facing an aggressive committee of evidence. I don’t dwell on regrets much but when I do it’s around this period and how I didn’t do enough to prevent my pregnant wife being treated this way.

At the age of 19 our son, Tyler, was born on the 13th of March 1992. Melissa was on post until 10pm the night before he was born. In fact we went to the hospital from the org. Any doubts, upsets or confusions in my life evaporated at the moment I held him in my hands. Nothing gets you focused like a new life that depends completely and utterly upon you.

6 months after his birth we left the Sea Org base and began life on our own as parents and full time Joburg staff. Our first residence out of the Sea Org was a cottage rented to us by a Scientologist for R25 a week. We were almost immediately behind on the rent, not making enough money to cover this tiny amount. We were broke constantly and on more than one occasion I walked around collecting empty cooldrink bottles to get the deposit on returning them in order to buy milk & bread. Life was a continual financial struggle. We didn’t have a car or any family to assist. Melissa’s family lived in Port Elizabeth and mine lived in LA. During all of this we never doubted our commitment to the church and ultimately changing the world. Life continued in this fashion for the next 4 years.

However it got the point where we couldn’t continue. Melissa took two leaves of absence. First in 1996 and again in 2000. Both times she returned when we believed that “things were really going to turn around now”. In 2001 Melissa was recruited to be the Chaplain. Ken Krieger convinced Melissa & I that she would make more than sufficient money as a Chaplain from selling materials so she rejoined and went to Flag to train.


In the late 90s Joburg Org was situated in the city centre which by that time had deteriorated to the point where fewer public were willing to come to the org, particularly at night.

We decided to find a new building out of the city. This was a local decision borne from necessity. We involved our OT public and a search began. Pandy Katakuzinos in 1999 found the perfect building and the Corbett’s put up the money (which was later repaid by Sea Org reserves).

We needed around R1.2 million to renovate. Fund raising began by asking public to put money into the org for services. We really felt we could do it this way. By late 2000 we abandoned this approach and went for straight donations. Something like this had never been done before so there was general agreement and excitement. By mid 2002 renovations were complete and we were ready to move! The problem was we just couldn’t get the okay from “uplines” to move. Months went by with our new building standing there, empty but ready! In late 2002 we received a briefing and brand new plans. The building was going to be huge! We were going to build an extra two buildings, and add a level to the main building. The size of the org doubled. “Ideal Orgs” had been born! The budget shot up to over R17 million.

R&DExhausted and exhilarated we held our grand opening on 2 November 2003. It was the biggest event ever held here – before or since. David Miscavige came out to speak at the opening.  I was the MC for the event and I was left in no doubt as to the enormity of the honour being bestowed on me. No one had had the privilege of introducing the great man before.

[ScnAfrica found this short clip of Ryan at this event]:


The other occurred in the exec space of the org, which Miscavige was using. I walked into the area heading to my office. No one else was around. He was eating in the conference room. He saw me and said antagonistically “What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here!” I was flummoxed and froze on the spot. He then bellowed with laughter and said “Just kidding”.

From the opening I assumed the title of “President of the Church of Scientology Johannesburg” It is a PR post and essentially translates to “spokesperson”. I took to it with vigour and for the next 6 years I was an active and frequent spokesperson for the church. Over time this morphed into being the national spokesperson although this was never official but no one else would or could speak to the media. In those 6 years I appeared on local, regional and national television, radio and print media. I actually developed working relationships with some journalists, relationships which I have maintained to this day.

In 2005 I got myself in hot water. I was interviewed by a national magazine. They asked the question “How much does it cost to get to OT VII?” My thought in answering the question was that we always skirt the issue of money like it doesn’t exist. So I decided to be open about it. I said “around R700 000”. This was a terrible underestimation as it was. When the article ran I got a Knowledge Report and a cram for answering the question.

Also in 2005 I was asked to come to LA to be in the President’s office and be an International Spokesperson. By then Heber was long gone and, as I would find out later, Mike Rinder was in the hole. I already had differing opinions on how the media should be handled. I felt my views on how to do it would not be accepted. I said that I would likely land up on the RPF fairly quickly so let’s rather not waste each other’s time.

The period between November 2003 and May 2005 were the best years I ever spent on staff.  We were left alone to do our jobs. We never got to the level of staff pay that had been promised but everyone ignored that because it was a good time to be on staff and we were making progress.  Don’t get me wrong there were a fair share of bizarre orders but the pain pleasure ratio was finally in proportion. In March 2005 we were announced as St. Hill Size at the Int March 13 event. A Universe Corps team arrived in April to audit the staff to OT. We had a huge public event. Staff were happy, public were happy. We had made it! All the years of hardship had been worth it. I had the most amount of auditing I’d ever had to that point. I went from nowhere on the bridge up and onto NED within 5 months. Melissa went clear.

Despite the excitement things were changing. In early May I was called to an urgent meeting along with other org executives convened by Ken Krieger. With a straight face he told us “50,000 people have to watch the May 9 event!”. The event was 10 days away! I thought he was out of his mind and pretty sure everyone else in the room thought the same. But we all nodded and gave a firm “Yes sir!”. Off we went to work out what unusual solutions we could come up with. We spent in the region of R60,000 or more trying in vain to attain this target.

This for me was the end of the honeymoon. Soon the org was again under financial stress, the Sea Org were back in the org micromanaging and it felt an awful lot like it had for all the years prior to the move.

By the end of 2005 the Universe Corps was falling apart and by May 2006 they were all gone never to return save one brave but vain attempt in 2008.


The hype around the Basics began, I believe at the start of 2007. We were hearing about a major overhaul of all the books of Scientology and that a “new breed of Scientologist” was coming. This was the release of the Basics which was to be the worst two years of my Scientology staff career.

Whatever org pattern and structure existed completely fell apart. EVERY staff member had to contribute to sales. Either directly or through “recoveries”

At the same time there was continued push on Ideal Orgs. Even though we were in one we had to get a Test Centre, we had to help the other orgs become Ideal. To add insanity to stupidity we had IAS targets as well. At one point, during 2009 it was Basics sales during the day and two Ideal Org events and one IAS event per week.

It was with this backdrop that one April morning while sitting in my office I had an epiphany: I could leave! This was a thought I never allowed myself to have. My staff contract would expire in January 2010 and I would leave.

In July 2009 I was reading the daily “Google Alert” for media on Scientology. I saw the name Marty Rathbun. Marty was a god from my standpoint. He was at the very top of my command line. I trusted him implicitly. I assumed he was making a media statement and since I hadn’t heard from him in a while I was keen to hear what he had to say. The story was the “Truth Rundown” in the St. Pete Times. It took several minutes for me to realise that Marty was not talking FOR the church. He was out and what he was saying was being confirmed by Mike Rinder the second most senior person on my command line. Time stood still as I watched, in slow motion, my life shatter in front of me.

For the next two days I did ZERO post work. I locked my door and read EVERYTHING I could find on the Internet. I cannot adequately explain the feeling of your entire life’s purpose and goals unravelling before you. But that’s what was happening. I got to see that the madness and mayhem in South African Orgs was not a localised problem. It was a global pandemic.

Over the ensuing 8 weeks I continued to read, I made contact with Marty and others. My decision to leave was now more firm than ever.

As a short aside: in the middle of all this excitement I gave my final press interview. I was in such conflict. I was in turmoil about this group and my own life yet I had to speak confidently of this group. I’m linking to the interview here. I think you can pick up the conflict I was experiencing, particularly when asked about the size of the Scientology membership. Ironically, this interview was posted to youtube a month after I left staff for good.


In November 2010 I was asked to go to OSA Int to route off staff.  After initially refusing I went. I had 28 days of straight security checking and little bit of case clean up at the end. For the most part I was treated very well which probably had a lot to do with the prevailing mood at the time, being just 6 months after the devastating “Truth Rundown” series of articles in the St Pete Times. I was very open – I told them everything I had done, everything I had read, everyone I had been in comm with. I asked all the questions I had. Some were handled well, most poorly. I read Mike & Marty’s declares which didn’t handle much. As for questions about the Int Base and “the hole”, these were categorically denied. I made a decision to accept what I was being told at face value and to see how it all panned out.

While “seeing how things panned out” I would not interact with anyone outside the church or any websites outside of official Scientology.

On my final day as a staff member I was collected by my brother who lives there. We got into his Jeep and hit the Pacific Coast highway. It was around 11.30pm. We cranked up the music and I sang my heart out. I was done! I was free! I was on my own. I had not been that happy in well over 5 years.

I arrived back in South Africa on the 20th of February and began my new life. I was 38 with no career, no insurance, no medical cover, no savings and a mountain of debt (most of which was Scientology materials related).

But Melissa & I had never been happier! Our life was OURS! Ours alone.

In the 3/12 years since I’ve built a successful career as a professional speaker and a budding career as a writer. I have had the considerable honour & pleasure of meeting and working with some of the greatest business thinkers in the country.

I tried for a short while to stay connected and work on projects but it became plain that nothing inside the church would change. It was the same old same old. Fund raising, promises and regging. Additionally Melissa & I realised that this group is so small and so toxic it was claustrophobic so we made the decision to build a life completely outside of Scientology which we have since done.

At the same time I tried to reconnect with every friend I had ever left behind, both Scientologists and not. I had come to see that I had lost connections for a variety of ridiculous reasons ranging from “he’s not a Scientologist” to “he’s not an upstat Scientologist”. The time spent reconnecting was incredibly therapeutic and it became my policy to always be open to communication, if it was genuine & real. People may well cut their comm with me but it won’t be me with them!

For a long time Melissa & I thought we had left it all behind us and it would become a dimming part of our history. However two things happened:

  1. I rediscovered L. Ron Hubbard on my own terms and came to appreciate in a very personal way the value in his work. This appreciation came mostly from being able to reject some of his writings at my own discretion. It made those parts that are truly profound even more so.
  2. Melissa & I began receiving calls from people asking, firstly, “what happened to you guys?” and secondly “what the hell is going on with our church?”

The first point made me realise that the philosophy is important enough that it deserves a chance in this world and that it will never get a chance as long as it remains in the hands of the church as it is now.

The second point got me talking openly with Scientologists who had themselves observed the outnesses within the church. We answered their questions.

This served to put me on the radar and over time it became a greater problem. In March this year I met with an OSA Int person who had come to do PR work for the opening of the Pretoria Ideal Org. We had a long, frank and robust conversation. He eventually asked in exasperation, “Well, what do you want Ryan!?”

My answer was that I wanted Scientologists, the many very clever Scientologists who had built this church to have a platform to openly discuss and debate what the church is doing and to have a say in the direction it takes. The response was simple and direct “Ryan, you know that will never happen.”

I told him there was then no point in us talking further.


On the 19th of November I received a phone call from the “Ethics Mission” which is here to declare or corral trouble makers. With almost no introduction I was informed that I was guilty of suppressive acts and then asked if I wished to do A-E. A heated discussion followed. A week later I was “given the opportunity” to meet with 3 of these missionaires. Two from OSA Int and one from OSA UK. It was surreal. I knew them all. I had worked with them and here I was, the subject of one of these OSA type projects.

I was confronted with 4 reports, accusing me of:

  1. Sending someone a link to an “enemy” blog
  2. Telling a Scientologist I doubted the validity of the tech within the church
  3. Telling a Scientologist that the OT material is available on the Internet
  4. Attending a meeting at the Corbett’s house at which “squirrel material was distributed”. (I feel it important to say that this never happened. To this day Melissa & I have no interest in being part of any Scientology group, splinter or otherwise)

I was given a simple choice: Get back on board by doing A-E or be declared. The next day I sent the following response:

Dear Robbie, Tao, Gaetane & Phil,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday.

I have spent a great deal of time since that meeting reading the references you mentioned throughout that meeting, with the exception of the State of Man & Clean Hands lectures since I was only given 24 hours to complete this serious matter.

I have considered at length what this means to me and where I find myself. Ultimately the choice you have given me is a terrible one. As I understand it I need to be fully on board by doing A-E or I need to be declared based on the 4 reports you showed me. There was no room given yesterday to express my dire concerns about how the church is handling these matters and the result it is having for the church. But perhaps these are already well known.

Gaetane, you told me yesterday that I was right about reports and observations I made 4 years ago. You criticised my handling of this. That walking away was the wrong thing to do. The reason I walked away was that those concerned, including OSA Int, were not interested in what I had to say. In fact I was told by both Paul (CO OSA AF at the time) and an OSA Int staff member to not report on matters as it would be seen to be CI to current planning and that’s not a good thing. It doesn’t help me now to tell me I was right. I knew I was.

That’s pretty much how I feel now. I know I am right about what is happening now. It shows in the real world: The state of Scientology PR, the state of the Orgs and, most glaringly our broken field. We can quote all the policy in the world but the result of these actions, based apparently on policy, is a field that is turning on itself or leaving the church behind.

The choice you are giving me is to supplicate to an organisation to which I dedicated myself for so long but which has lost sight of its ideals. Like a liability formula – I would have to ask the permission of the very people I believe have led it astray.

I remain, unreservedly, a Scientologist in its highest meaning and according to my observations & understanding.



After 25 years of committed service, I now stand before you all, declared a suppressive person. As has become standard practice I have not received a copy of the issue, despite requesting it. There was some hope that I might be allowed to at least read it but this, in the end was also refused.

I am liberated and positive about the future and, most importantly, connected to my wife, my son & some amazing friends.

I love open comm lines and I look forward to many new ones! Come find me and say hi:


  1. Just Me says

    Hey, COB — not too smart to declare all your public relations experts who have the best relations with the world’s media. Just sayin’.

    • Cooper kessel says


      It would drive Him bonkers to continue to hear it from His underlings as He knows they would be reading it and slowly heading South.

      Best to read it Himself so he can get it right. I would expect He is also considering banning most OSA staff from reading it at this point. Got to put a stop/loss in place at this point because a line is forming at the exits!!! (a few more of these in keeping with the spirit of things ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      BTW ….Yo Dave, Howz your Monday starting out?

    • Jens TINGLEFF says

      Of course not. David “he is NOT insane!” Miscavige has people read the messages posted which mention his name, he has the messages printed out, selected highlights hand delivered to him and everything filed away.
      At least that’s my impression from stories about the Co$ side bringing boxes and boxes of files to court hearings / depositions. For some reason I thought that Mike had reported this.

  2. Paul J says

    Ryan, Like so many other who have come forward, it comes through loud and clear what a social personality you are. DM has quite a tendency to attack the very best people.

    • Madora Pennington says

      For the life of me, I CANNOT understand why these horrific stories of abuse do not have this same effect on everyone.

      • Peter says

        Perhaps that’s because scios are ordered not to peek? One can hardly be horrified if one knows nothing of the event.

  3. BrianC says

    That short interview was by far (sorry Mike) the calmest, most sincere, best interview I have ever seen by an active member of a church of Scientology.

    Wow. Like losing your star point guard … Season definitely over …..

      • WhiteStar says

        no doubt to be replaced with their version of “Comical Ali”.
        an over grown, sunglass wearing teenager who will get “highly offended” at the simplest questions and shouts “what are your crimes!” as an answer.

        mike mike……mike,……. what are you crimes mike? what are your crimes? mike….mike……mike, what are your crimes mike? what are your crimes?

        you’re stuck in an incident mike, you’re stuck in an electronic incident and you’re just going “whurrrrrrrrrr”………did you know that mike? did you? did you know you’re stuck in an incident mike? because you are, you are mike and you’re just going “whurrrrrrrrr”……… you know mike? do you know?

      • Jane Doe says

        It speaks volumes that he is/was really good as the spokesman for the church, is a bright, shining, intelligent Big Being, and this is who DM gets rid of. If you look at nothing else but WHO are the ones DM is declaring? What have been the stats of those he is declaring? Look at that alone and you will see in crystal clarity, that DM is systematically getting rid of the best of the best, getting rid of the “star point guard.” That is either through sheer stupidity or is a concerted effort to bring the entire church of Scientology down and destroy it utterly. Which do you think it is?

      • says

        “To be declared a Suppressive Person is extremely rare …” from scientology.org FAQ page. I would like to know just how many “extremely rare” SP declares there have been since 1986. Anyone know of accurate figures?

      • Roy Macgregor says


        Mike did an article that gives a pretty accurate picture

      • indie8million says

        You’re right, Martin. I remember, back in the day, in the early 80′s exodus, someone said, “It is only 2.5 percent of the population who are suppressive. They must ALL be in the Church… )

  4. Jose Chung says

    RE: For the next two days I did Zero post work, locked the door and read everything on the Internet.
    Deja Vu, I had a similar experience.

    Old sailors poem,
    Red Sky at night ,Sailors Delight. Red Sky at morning, Sailor take warning.
    Point is sometimes you have to look UP.

    The Barometer is dropping for Scientology .

    Good Luck Africa !

    • indie8million says

      Isn’t it interesting? Jose, when you said, “Good Luck, Africa!” it made me think.

      Isn’t it funny that just a year or so ago, that heartfelt good luck might have been for Africa to win the birthday game or to become the first Ideal Org?

      Now the race is to see what country can fully disconnect from corporate Scientology first.

  5. Sejanus says

    Ryan I found your story fascinating and illuminating. I always rejoice a little when I find out about people stepping into the sun from behind the curtain.

    As more people are declared, expunged, wake up and walk, ask questions and are handled fewer and fewer will be left behind. This has me wondering. At what point is the membership low enough to make the Terror of Tinytown realize he has no church?
    At what point can. goverment say, you are no longer viable and therefor no longer tax exempt.

    What is the point of flatlining?
    20,000 members?

    There are likely more registered Jedi on the planet at this point….seriously.

  6. says

    Welcome, Ryan, and congratulations on receiving your declare (which, as everyone knows is really badge of honor and a commendation) from the Radical Church. Only the best people are receiving these nowadays.

    • Aquamarine says

      Yes, Ryan, welcome to the sunshine of self-integrity. Find a great frame and mount that Goldenrod proudly on your wall. Your story is simply amazing too me, I mean, I cannot think with the way an intellligent, dedicated, productive Scientologist like you has been treated. I just can’t think with it.

  7. MAK says

    ” It took several minutes for me to realise that Marty was not talking FOR the church. He was out and what he was saying was being confirmed by Mike Rinder the second most senior person on my command line.

    Time stood still as I watched, in slow motion, my life shatter in front of me. ”

    (Yes, + 1 )

  8. says

    Great story. Just remember, an SP Declare is a Badge of Honor. I wear my badge proudly, and always laugh when I tell people that I have been declared a “Suppressive Person” by the Church of Scientology.

    • Cooper kessel says

      I wish I had my copy. I would frame it and hang it on the wall of my office. And then watch the stats go straight up and vertical!

      • Mike Rinder says

        Coop — just take a copy of the PL on High Crimes, highlight a few, and hang that on your wall. It is what passes for a Special Person declare these days. You could also just type up a cover letter that says: “You have committed Suppressive Acts as per the attached PL. Your only terminal is the IJC. Your next action is steps A-E”. That will do it. An authentic RCS declare.

      • Gerhard Waterkamp says

        A good exercise is to replace the word “Scientology” in the PL on High Crimes with any other Symbol of your liking. Like “United States”, “South Africa” or even your local soccer club and then read through that PL again. After ½ a page it will become pretty clear what you are dealing with in people using this document the way they do.

      • Aquamarine says

        Mike, quick question: from whence comes “Special Person”? Is this euphamistic Indie humor? I like it.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Yes, I have no idea who started it. Maybe it was me, I dont think so. I tend to refer to SP’s as Special Persons fairly often. They usually are. If they have incurred the ire of the RCS they are probably cool….

      • Cooper kessel says

        Great Idea Mike. I might even pick up some embossed goldenrod stationery with borders and all …… but I would like to make it official by getting someone from OSA to sign off on it. Hey, maybe I’ll send it off to you. I mean you do represent the highest ranking ex OSA staff on the planet as I understand it. That would be an honor!

        I will underscore all of the suppressive acts I have committed and create an ‘attest box’ for my signature to make sure we are all in agreement. Cheers!

      • Jane Doe says

        Mike, lest anyone think that your comment about getting a letter saying you are now declared and your only recourse is IJC and enclosed is the PL with certain lines of it highlighted in colored ink to show what your “crimes” are, was sarcastic or made in jest…. unfortunately it is exactly what is happening now, now that the church has squirreled the justice and ethics tech of SP Declares and the steps that go before, during and after declaring someone. Oh, and sorry Coop, but they don’t give you a copy of your Declare; not even a copy of the bill of particulars if you’re lucky enough to get a Com Ev. They don’t want any of these pronunciemundos getting out to the press or to lawyers who might sue for libel and slander over all the lies they put in to assassinate your character so that any stray sheeple who does read it will now believe you are the devil incarnate and will run away from you rather than listen to anything you may have to say.

      • Cooper kessel says

        This approach will allow me to be sure all of the suppressive acts I have committed have been reviewed and approved by me. Also, I can add in all of the ones I have done since I was declared such as making public statements on the internet with my real name, etc.

        I mean I have really said a lot of things which are true for me and which I have personally observed to be the case and that as we know is very very suppressive. In fact, I think I will add an anti social characteristic to the list which might go something like……..

        Knowingly applying the ‘Creed of a Scientologist’ even when it might offend others while consuming their daily drink at the Kool Aide stand.

        I know it is bad and over the top but what is the saying in the cult, i mean creed, no wait …I mean the church …….. “it is what it is”. I must need more squirrel auditing…gotta go!

        By Dave, hope you sell a lot of those dusty meters to your sheeple today.

    • SS says

      Time and again defectors tell of this watershed moment (usually sitting in front of a computer) in which a sliver of reality finally breaks through the indoctrination, followed by the whole dam crashing down during a period of fixated research. .

      It speaks volumes to the covert nature of the church and the ignorance of the membership that a guy who’d given his life to Scientology (and had actually been asked to be the international spokesperson) had no clue Marty and Mike had even left years prior to “The Truth Rundown”, whereas, never-in’s who follow from afar, like myself, were already well aware of the defections and other controversies. Miscavige will maintain some semblance of control as long as the Kirstie Alleys of the church refuse to look.

  9. Breppen says

    “The other occurred in the exec space of the org, which Miscavige was using. I walked into the area heading to my office. No one else was around. He was eating in the conference room. He saw me and said antagonistically “What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here!” I was flummoxed and froze on the spot. He then bellowed with laughter and said “Just kidding”.” This shows how creepy little David is, it appears he got great enjoyment over being able to freeze Ryan in his tracks with the resultant bellowing.

    Welcome to the sunshine Ryan and family! May many follow!

    • KFrancis says

      Breeppen I had the same thought. That moment in the lunch room was a window into the mind of someone who loves to terrorize. Lil Dave may have cloaked his stunt with a ” I’m just kidding” but I read it as ” I am COB and I own you and this Org.-Never forget who is in charge.”

      A social personality finding himself with this opportunity might have said,” Ryan I am so glad I found you and we have a moment to talk. Do mind if I sit down while you have your lunch? Thank you. I simply wanted to say I am truly astonished with what you have accomplished here. I placed a very heavy target on you and the field here in South Africa and you you completely surpassed all expectations…Thank you very very much”

      Dave Miscavige………what a dick!

    • Aquamarine says

      Let me join this chorus. This was an example of David Miscavige’s HUMOR, which means this is what he is like when he is UPTONE, because he is making a subordinate who is unfamiliar with him startled, nervous and confused. This brings him UPTONE. This is FUNNY. Wow, a creep AND an idiot.

      • Gayle aka TroubleShooter says

        cob david miscavige (in case it is the comments with his full name in them that he gets culled and reads ;)) has perfected the only power he has and uses – the power to restimulate. Way to go cob, way to go.

        What a great right up Ryan. Best to you, your wife and family and friends that have the good sense to act on what they see. Really good job in the landing on your feet and running head long in to life and LIVING IT! Cheers!


  10. i-Betty says

    Ryan, I remember watching the MGO interview several months ago and thinking at the time “I wonder how that’s gone down back in the States” because it was apparent that you were being more honest than anything we’d seen before from a serving Scientologist.

    It’s even more interesting to watch it back knowing now what you were going through at the time.

    Thank you for sharing the story of your last decade; it’s fascinating. I am so very glad that your family is intact, and sorry that you have lost other close family members through Scientology’s toxic policy of disconnection.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

  11. Galactic Patrol says

    There are so many similarities here to my own experience. These people at OSA and within the Church really are unable to smoothly handle Scientologists who have questions or concerns. Their policies completely prevent them from being honest and open, and they are in the unenviable position of having to justify criminal activity carried out by those above their pay grade. This will not last much longer. It can’t. Even the guys in OSA can’t lie to themselves forever. This house of cards is going to come down.

    • Snoopy's Uncle says

      Oh yes, GP, but you should never underestimate the “abilities” of those operating “above the overt-motivator sequence.”

  12. Jane Doe says

    “The choice you are giving me is to supplicate to an organisation to which I dedicated myself for so long but which has lost sight of its ideals. Like a liability formula – I would have to ask the permission of the very people I believe have led it astray.” Brilliant. Truth so eloquently expressed. Welcome to the free world Ryan. And VVVWD to you on landing on your feet and putting together a great business and being successful. Flourishing and prospering and a life well lived is the best revenge.

  13. DollarMorgue says

    Hooray! Why don’t they just blanket declare SA and get it over with? Oh, wait – the policy is divide and rule. Well, divide away until there’s nothing left, sirs!

    Congratulations on your freedom, Ryan.

  14. says

    Ryan, you and your family are obviously full of life. Your care for your fellow man shines through. It makes me happy to see you free of the oppression you were experiencing. May you find ever increasing joy and happiness.

  15. Madora Pennington says

    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which one is excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity.

    Symptoms of this disorder, as defined by the DSM-IV-TR include:
    - Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
    - Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others
    - Envies others and believes others envy him/her
    - Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success, enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence
    - Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others
    - Is arrogant in attitudes and behavior
    - Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic

    Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is a perceived threat to a narcissist’s self-esteem or self-worth.

    Narcissistic rage occurs on a continuum from instances of aloofness, and expression of mild irritation or annoyance, to serious outbursts, including violent attacks.

    (from Wikipedia)

  16. KFrancis says

    Ryan, thank you for your revealing story and all the best to you and your family. I share your love for Scientology and I’m very happy that it is readily available outside the confines of the C of S.

    I find it tremendously ironic that Dave Miscavige should come from “The City of Brotherly Love”. Dave did you arrive in Philadelpia in your infancy just to make the whole city wrong? Did you just want to show them that there would be no love for a bother,father,neice or any member of all mankind?

    Dave Miscavige…a stockpile of sadness.

  17. threefeetback says

    Hey Puff Daddy Miscavige, Looks like you have a failed mission on your hands. Are you recalling those missionairs to cut your losses?

  18. Joe van Staden says

    I take it your grandmother was Jan Lacy? I knew her well. Had a few run-ins with her when she was in the GO. Of course I knew your dad and mom as well. The church is lucky to have them. Anyway, who knows, South Africa might be in for a very interesting time with so many able people reclaiming their freedom of choice. We were to get together for a chat?

    • Neville Chamberlin says

      Hi Joe, I am on a business trip to Cape Town this week. ~Shall I give you a call?


  19. Tim-S says

    Hello Ryan. Thanks you for your work and welcome to the real world. The work is being continued out here. There are many able and willing SPs (:>)) out here to assist or join with you should you so decide. The one product the CoS wants in its defectors, is for them be so fed up with Corp Scientology, that they no longer wish to practice their religion, certainly not in the company of others. Flourish and Prosper Ryan.

  20. Ex-RPFer says

    Wow. I was on the RPF with Ryan’s brother Sheldon and father Simon. Both always struck me as nice men. I can see that Ryan is as well. It saddens me that yet another family is torn apart by this madness. Both Sheldon and Simon went through some VERY rough and intense things on the RPF at the hands of the church. Years of their life just disregarded for nothing really. I find it hard to believe that Simon would disconnect. I thought higher of him than that. I hope one day the Hogarths can all be together again. Congrats Ryan. Good for you.

  21. Tom says

    As if we didn’t need any more confirmation. The most telling trait of an SP is shooting upstats. Ain’t enough copper in the world to bleed the charge off of the over-restimulation overts like that engender.

  22. Zola says

    Why not send the tent over to South Africa?…turn the mission into a safari and go hunting for more SPs.

    Ryan, you are a man on integrity and I salute you!

  23. Silvia says

    On the statement: ” I encourage others to stand with me in this message to the Church – “We refuse to withdraw allegiance from these fine people”.

    I, and many, many others do support you and the Church should know that many have joined forces in not accepting any longer the arbitrary policy of disconnection. DM, or nobody for that matter, has the right to tell you who to talk to or how to lead your own life.

    Our support is here for all the fine people of South Africa.

    And thank you for your write up Ryan.

  24. says

    This debrief made me re-examine the term “counter-intention” (CI).

    Ryan is accused of being CI, and so is declared.

    But from what he reports, he was I. His intention was to help establish and expand Scientology. And he dug down deep into his thetan and did it with integrity and honesty.

    But these days, being in Scientology Inc and operating with integrity are the opposite ends of a dichotomy.

    If you can’t align behind Miscavige’s lies, you are “CI”.

    If you want to “clear the planet” using LRH, you are “CI”.

    If the SoAf Ethics Mission is enforcing Miscavige’s lies and denigrating LRH, they are non-CI.

    It just clearly shows the state of deterioration of Scientology Inc.

    And why it can’t tie its own shoestrings anymore.

    • says

      He is CI to destroying Scientology and the tech and making paupers out of everyone except the cob. If being CI to that is a crime then find me guilty. Oh yeah, they already did…

  25. says

    Ryan, Thank you for speaking up. I wish the very best to you and your family.

    I would think that anyone with any sense could see that declaring 18 mostly high profile people and counting, would realize that something is VERY wrong. Those that don’t see at this point probably never will.

    • Aquamarine says

      Laura Ann, you’re right. Anyone with any sense WOULD realize that something is very wrong. The problem is that they don’t get the true data; instead they are spoon-fed a bunch of lies by the RCS. Ergo, their decisions are based on false data. All they need is the true data, and they would sure-as-shootin’ cognite, alright. But they don’t get it unless they themselves insist and persist in getting it. This is true for all still ins as it was true for us. When people really want to know, they “pull it in”, one way or another. And boy, when they DON’T want to know, there isn’t much that can be done, because they can be looking at the truth full in the face and still deny it and make excuses. My 2 cents.

  26. Black Panther says

    I had the privilege of penning the introductory statement to Ryan’s story. Words cannot describe the confliction of agony and honour I experienced while doing so. I have known Ryan since he was a young child and can testify that he is one of the finest people I know. The same goes for his beautiful wife Melissa whose loyalty to her family is a fine example to others. Tyler is an amazing guy with an infectious sense of humour – he lights up any space he enters – a quality inherited from his amazing parents. The fact that he is standing by his family at this time is testimony to the integrity he possesses. These are honest decent people – true friends to mankind. I have total knowingness that they will go from strength to strength and that nothing but prosperity awaits them in the future.

    All my love,
    Black Panther

  27. says

    Outa all the out points noted in your so called handling Ryan was one of the most glaring:

    “I was given a simple choice: Get back on board by doing A-E or be declared.”

    It used to be someone declared and expelled first and then given the choice to do A-E.

    Not anymore I guess.

    So much for keeping the door open even it’s just a crack.

    Then of course they admit that you were right but fuck it we’re going to continue what we’re doing anyway.

    Reminds me of a discussion I had with Pac’s RTC Rep way back which I mentioned earlier but never summed up which basically went:

    “Ya sure the Golden Age of Tech does violate the policy on “Drills Allowed” and sure most of the “drills” directly contradict the HCOBs they are purportedly based on.

    But so what?

    “I mean just think of all the money we spent on promoting it and getting it into every course room…etc”

    Nice to see they got all their priorities straight over there.

    And they wonder why they call ‘em the “Cult of Greed” and whatever over at Time Warner.

    I mean go figure?


    I’m glad you are outa that Government Approved and Tax Exempt Theta Trap Ryan and now can spend more time with your beautiful wife and family.

    Hey like many of us “defrocked and bitter apostates” and “disaffected” malcontents you fought the good fight. Tried to fix the scene and then maybe realized that you were just beating your head against a brick wall and it felt good just to stop.

    I’m just guessing that is the way you felt and if so I know the feeling.


    Oh well.

    We’ve got all the materials out here, including the missing OT Levels plus many of us try to apply Standard Tech despite what the “Church of Scientology” is doing which is something else.

    Ya know that “cheap shoddy substitute” Ron talks about. Though it ain’t that cheap.

    (I mean if you said how much it really costs the suckers left to progress up or back down then back up the “living Bridge” to no where if you included all the donations for statuses and of course “Ideal Orgs” and new course and materials after the Loser of found tech rereleases what’s *they* “lost” earlier because they buried it in some vault in Trementina New Mexico.

    The media probably would have had a group myocardial infarction.


    Nice to have you among us.


  28. Snoopy's Uncle says

    Ryan, I think I saw you in 2006 in JBG when there, even among various insanity going on in the org you seemed to be a decent person. Wishing you the best in your new life. I would say not only comm but also genuineness is one of the universal solvents and you cared to keep it. Sometimes it seems overcome with force but the one doing the overcoming makes an unfortunate decision to generate that force endlessly which is the beginning of his end as someone true to himself and authentic can experience anything without being affected and even though bowing under pressure he will stand tall again when the force ends. So I am sure, in your genuineness, you don’t have to make much of any force that may have come :). Good wind in your sail and sun in your face!

  29. says

    Ryan and family,
    That’s a great write-up!
    Thank you so very much for letting us and the world know.
    We are united not only in the suffering we all went through before exiting but in the realization that Scientology properly applied CAN have a place outside the Co$.
    My postulates are with you and the group of expelled veterans of South Africa for a prosperous ‘Phoenix-experience’ out of the ashes.

  30. Karen#1 says

    Because warfare, attack, oppression, domination and destruction is part of the culture and is dramatized throughout the length and breath of Scientology Inc, it would seem there is almost no one other than those in the Black Hole that escape the wrath and sledgehammers of Church hierarchy.
    Just see the SP declares early St. Hillers (who had served since the 50s, )

  31. Galactic Patrol says

    I only had a short minute to say something earlier and penned a small comment of congratulations. I’d like to say a little more now. I also posted this same comment on the South African blog.

    First, and again, very well done and a big shout out to Ryan and his family for having the guts and determination to stand up against what I know can seem like a very big adversary. I am proud to say that I stand with you in full support and am very very happy to have you on my side of the fence.

    Most importantly, now that you have “come out” in public, you are being a magnificent example of exactly how to do it for those who are still in but are sitting on the fence or flying under the radar.

    To those out there, I say from my own experience, that I know it is not an easy confront but it is the right thing to do. You know in your heart of hearts that the Church of Scientology no longer stands for what it says in its very own Creed. This is not the fault of the rank and file Scientologists. They are most of them very good people. But they are followers. The leaders of RCS have been operating a squirrel group for quite some time and no one actually noticed when it happened. But its so blatantly obvious now, that you have seen it and you know you need to do something about it, even if only for yourself.

    But what do you do?

    You don’t have to march right into the org and stand before an injust Comm Ev whose members have already determined your guilt before you even opened your mouth. You don’t have to write long KRs that will be used only as evidence against you of your “disaffection”. You don’t have to cooperate with the corrupt Sea Org or RCS at all, in fact. Their justice system, while it sounds swell on paper, is being used only as window dressing these days.

    Instead, just contact friends and family members and and say what’s on your mind. Be honest with yourself. Let others know. And don’t be afraid to say what you think. You may be quite surprised at the responses or reactions you get back. Because I can tell you this: you are NOT the only one who is thinking about this and who wants to get out before it’s too late. There are cases of family members under the same roof who lived with each other for years without knowing that the other desperately wanted to get out of RCS but was afraid to say anything for fear of disconnection.

    If you are having doubts right now and you don’t know what to do, then the thing to do is to find out more information. The Church is not going to give you that information. Believe me, I tried to get it myself and received nothing but cold, haughty stares and invalidative refutations that the only reason I was even asking these questions was because of all my overts. Just look at Ryan’s story above. He ran into the exact same thing when he was upfront and honest with the Church’s highest representatives.

    Go on-line and look for yourself. One or two or three natterers do not the truth make. But when you find out that there are thousands – yes, thousands – who have spoken out against the Church, you will quickly see that it is not a “handful of bitter apostates on the fringe of the internet.” Not even close. And their stories are not all lies and natter and disaffection. There is truth out there, waiting for you to find it.

    I hope you do so and may you never be the same again.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Excellent advice GP. I have a good mind to turn this into a post all on its own. But I dont have time to do it right at this minute and I want to get this out there. Words of wisdom.

      • Galactic Patrol says

        Thanks! I’d be proud to have this be a posting of its own :) (you don’t have to post this comment – just letting you know you totally have my ok for that)

  32. MaBű says

    OP: “As I have said, this is going to be the first area to secede from the central church.”

    I hope the South African people get in comm with the Dror Center and Helmut Flasch & Hellen Chen to find out how to secede and flourish and prosper. They could deliver everything outside the Co$. With the internet they could get good C/Ss and advice from all around the world. They don’t even need a building; just people delivering what they know in different locations, and having good comm lines and coordination amongst them.

  33. stevenpoore2012 says

    Welcome OUT Ryan! The very best to you, your family and all those in SA seeking the truth.
    GREAT ADVICE from Galactic Patrol!
    I would call it “The Sanity Rundown” It takes a little time, but well worth the investment to restore your sanity. And no donations required.

  34. says

    Wow, I am thinking 50 years of service between these two people? There is the big reward!
    Unfortunately this has been the usual, I have seen.

    Curious to know if the “Sea Org Missionaries” Dubbed OSAINTchiefpolicesecondincommandgeneralinternationalfederally or whatever identity they are calling themselves, are simply people in So. Africa with guest / tourist visas? With the only real power being to restimulate others. If so I would just organize and run them out of town. If so, I don’t think they have any legal rights to become a menace to society there. Chances are they don’t even have drivers licenses.

    Ken Krieger cut his teeth as an executive staff member in New York. I remember him as a very sane and safe terminal. Although extremely shy then, he was effective and pleasant. He has been at this a lifetime, between 40 and 50 years. Although he is fixated in a stuck view, this must be very difficult for him to watch and experience. I imagine this is breaking his heart. His wife Susan, was a very loving person also. She wielded great influence on me, and was hugely supportive of other people under every condition imaginable. They were both both two of the least ser facy people I ever knew.

    Nice to hear Simon is alive and well. That made my day actually. I think of him often.

    “Breaking bad” from the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige has become routine. It is his place, everyone else is just a guest leaving a party he took over. Authority has power only when supported by credibility. And his is really shot.

    • says

      “Ken Krieger cut his teeth as an executive staff member in New York. I remember him as a very sane and safe terminal. Although extremely shy then, he was effective and pleasant.”

      Dude, that is the exact opposite of the Ken Krieger I came to both fear and hate! That man became the epitome of evil.

  35. Espiritu says

    Astounding! The link leads to a list from Pierre’s site of St. Hill staff members from 1965 was published in “The Auditor”, issue 19 when LRH was there.
    And they have all been declared? Logically, that means that no one can support DM’s regime unless they also believe that everyone who Ron appointed to important posts of St. Hill was an SP! This would also mean that they also do not believe that Ron had or could apply the PTS-SP tech.
    And this St Hill Org, circa 1965 is is touted as the model for “Ideal Orgs” and “St Hill Sized Orgs”!
    Anyone who is still connected to Mi$cavige’s org should confront the above.

  36. one of those who see says

    Another Star Scientologist has left “the buildings.” Well done Ryan. Thank you for all you have done including standing up at this time. As others have said: The Theta has exteriorized from the Mest. The true heart of Scientology goes on. Wishing the best for you and South Africa. To Miscavige: You can not free people by enslaving them. Those of us who see, refuse to be enslaved.

  37. says

    Mike Rinder I am shock!!!!!!!!!!!! and I totally agree with you..looks like South Africa is going to be the first cont in getting free from the Church of Scientology. I worked also with him couple times, many years, I know South Africa like my hand. And this people must be smoking drugs like the good one to do this…..this is just crazy…but thanks good Ryan is free now!

  38. Hallie Jane says

    Welcome Ryan to the fresh air. Best wishes to you and your family! These SP declares are so meaningless at this point. It means your spoke your mind and refused to be a robot. Well done!

  39. indie8million says

    Welcome home, theta family…to your real home. I’m glad you could see well enough to take the red pill, out of the matrix.

  40. forrest8008 says

    Good that you’re out Ryan. I’m sure you’ll find a brand new world out here and it’s nice.