Scientology Disconnection — Where Are The Declare Orders?

stampThis is the third in a series of postings concerning Disconnection. See:  Disconnection — Scientology’s Nasty Secret and  Who Qualifies To Be Declared?

There has been an evolution (devolution) of “Declares” in Corporate Scientology.

Some years ago, in order to be “declared” there would be a “Declare Orders.”  A recounting of supposed facts and their alleged associated “crimes” would be printed on goldenrod paper (the “colorflash” of the Hubbard Communications Office – home to Ethics) and sent to those concerned and placed on the public notice board.

After all, the theory of this was that “labelling” suppressives served three purposes:

  1. To alert other Scientologists that they should be cautious around such people (these are the Hitlers and Napoleons of the world….),
  2. To bring the person to their senses by “labeling them” and hopefully thereby getting them to recant, mend their ways and become a contributing member of society once more (for some commentary on this point, see Claire Headley’s discussion on Tony Ortega’s blog today), and
  3. By giving SPECIFICS with time, place, form and event, allow “as-isness” to take place where bad effects had been created on those in the environment of the SP.

The problem these days is that it is clear these purposes are no longer driving “declares” and thus they have taken on a stench of corruption and ulterior motives — that is, CONTROL.

Thus, we began to see Declares written but kept locked up by HCO or OSA, only to be “shown” to people when they needed to be “handled” concerning the SP. People quite naturally would ask to “see something in writing” when they were told they could no longer associate with their friends and family. “Wow, they seemed OK yesterday, and for 30 years before that, are they really now suddenly declared? I would like to see something written that details why this was done…” So, for those pesky types they would be ushered into an office, the door would be closed and they would be handed a goldenrod to read, but NOT KEEP. Someone told me they had seen one of these on me and that it was 16 pages long and included “addenda”…  It’s funny, I have never seen it.

But after a while, stories of these sort of declares began creeping onto the internet. Many of the “issues” were the same. They used similar language “they joined a squirrel group” and “they were given the chance to resolve the situation” and other statements that were known to be untrue. Word spread that these were just “cookie-cutter” issues with a new name substituted for the previous one.  So, this didn’t seem a workable solution, and coupled with the sheer number of people being “declared,” it ushered in the era of “Grapevine Declare.”

This was for some time the most common means of being informed that one had been declared a disaffected (used interchangeably these days with “Suppressive”). Someone would hear it from someone and pass the word on. Usually with the instruction to “check it with OSA” or “ask the MAA about it.” Contact with the MAA or OSA would result in a verbal “confirmation” that yes, indeed that person “HAS been declared.”

Verbal declares became the subject of much protest and derision among the “bitter defrocked apostate set” and as a result there is a new type of declare, the “Letter Declare.”

This declare comes in the form of a letter usually on Senior HCO letterhead. In a brusque paragraph or two it informs the person “you are declared” and attaches a copy of the Suppressive Acts PL with certain “High Crimes” highlighted. These are supposed to be what the person is “guilty of” though there are NO specifics given. But it is “in writing” so therefore “it’s true.” It closes with “Your only terminal is the International Justice Chief.”

Seems to me that for an organization that claims to have the sanest justice system ever devised, and that tout themselves as champions of human rights their ACTIONS don’t quite live up to their PR.

And finally, to pre-empt the cries that this is just the ravings of a bitter, defrocked, apostate squirrel, I provide some quotes from HCO PL  2 JUNE 1965 WRITING OF AN ETHICS ORDER:

When writing an Ethics Order, don’t ARC Break its readers by leaving out the data. Don’t create a mystery. Example of Wrong phrasing: “Woody McPheeters is declared a Suppressive Person. He stopped a student from coming on course.” That leaves out all the data. Leaves questions – Where did it happen? Is it in our area? What did he do? Who did he do it to? What’s the evidence? Correct Example: “WOODY McPHEETERS in Baltimore, U.S.A. is declared a Suppressive Person. On (date) he discouraged Fred Fairchild from taking the Saint Hill Course by writing to him lies about the course, well known by said McPheeters to be false statements. Evidence: Letter from McPheeters dated – – to – – now available in Ethics Files….

Don’t be unspecific or you leave people in a huge mystery. Ethics Orders are supposed to run group engrams out, not in!

Always put in what you know, nothing you don’t know, and only what you have evidence or witnesses for. Ethics Orders are issued on real data, not opinion.

These days, Corporate Scientology apparently ignores anything — L. Ron Hubbard, good sense and even long term prosperity — if it does not suit their immediate ends.


UPDATE — A reader sent in a copy of the letter and attached highlighted PL received and suggested attaching it. Here it is in all its finery:



  1. Aquamarine says

    Totally understood, Rachel and proud to be considered as one of your friends here :)

  2. says

    Dear Mike,
    I do appreciate you illuminating the current process of control by declare being used. As you know, I have been ‘out’ and critical for quite some time. I have never seen ANYTHING in writing about my status.

    I have also been subject to disconnection. I received some handwritten notes, penciled on lined paper, from two different friends. Many erasures and rewritten wording. I wonder if the process of disconnection occurs in the ethics office or MAA’s office where they write these? Do other SPs have the same type of penciled disconnection notes from dear friends?

    I do have a difference of opinion. I feel that the ‘declare’ and ‘expulsion’ were always used for control. There are two aspects: The control exerted over the person being declared and the control strengthened over the remaining flock.

    It was Hubbard’s intention that the declare would somehow shock the declared into coming to their senses and getting with the scientology program. That is a control move. Making them lose their families and friends is a control move. Saying they give up the scientology promise of freedom forever is a control move. Making them fair game and saying they can be destroyed with not argument from scientology is a control move.

    And the other side is the “head on a pike”. It frightens the remaining sheep to settle down and get with the program. That is a control move. It demonstrates the arbitrary and awesome power of the ultimate dictator and potentate of scientology, Hubbard. That is all about control.

    So, reviewing the history of Hubbard’s creation, it is easy to see that every time he was challenged, even just by someone who had ideas of their own and wanted to contribute, he ran control and ran them out.

    That he wrapped the mechanism he used in high-minded sounding concepts and official looking procedures was just gloss. It was always about control.

    • DeElizabethan says

      Took almost a year after my resignation by emails (only) to MAA and my OSA contact, of my commenting on blogs, protesting a few times, also posted on the WWP list, for me to get a letter of Declare. Finally when I got it in the mail I was so happy to be acknowledged and sent it to Tony O’s Bunker, which he printed. That was the best day of my life, really being free from them and their suppression and acknowledged after so many years.
      Keep on truckin’ so they say and thank you for helping.

  3. Aquamarine says

    Rachel, its Aqua again. Don’t be offended but I want to suggest that you re-title your work so as to gain the widest possible audience. Conceptually, off the cuff, I’m thinking of something notorious, along the lines of, “BETRAYED BY HER CHURCH – The Lost Love of a Scientology Widow”. Actually, that’s pretty awful, but you get the idea – because your name is not famous, something to position the book with the CO$, so that the media take it up.. Now, that said, if you don’t for any reason want that, then just ignore this, because your title is flowing and beautiful from a grammar and syntax point of view Peace. :)

    • TheWidowDenk says

      Thanks Aqua! Your point on the title is well taken. However, I wrote from the viewpoint of wanting to communicate to friends, not necessarily the media. Among friends, the story is understood much better. In the media, well, no. I’ll eventually post these stories somewhere. At that time, you’ll see what I mean. L, Rachel

      Note to Mike/Moderator: I have the following box checked and I’m not receiving follow-up comments. Help?
      ” Notify me of follow-up comments by email.”

      • Wendy Munro says

        I do hope you will publish…… you must have had a pretty fascinating life.

      • DeElizabethan says

        I had the same happening and wondered for a while too. Finally they sent me an update email from Disqus to “confirm” each blog, which now when I press that each time, I get the followup comments. It’s not like Marty’s or the Bunker’s. Hope that helps.

  4. CommunicatorIC says

  5. AnyOldName says

    I’m very confused. Tommy Davis swore that there was no such thing as an official policy of disconnection. I heard him. He said it on national, er international (BBC) TV.

    Yet, the third highlighted reason in the document above for being declared an SP is for “Failure to disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of Suppressive Acts.”

    So, you can be declared a Suppressive Person for not disconnecting from a Suppressive Person. But there is no policy of disconnection?

    Hmmm….. Maybe the next time CoS claims there is no disconnection policy someone (reporter, interviewer, interviewee….) could ask them to explain how this works for us outsiders.

    • Wendy Munro says

      Very good point. Hah. Documentary evidence that the PR machine lies. It only takes one PR lie to lose all credibility. Good eye AON.

  6. TheWidowDenk says

    This is a hot topic and I’m going to comment from a very different viewpoint; that of a staff member who has to “handle” a widow.

    The first thing we have to do is safeguard the group. After all, Dr Denk was on Flag lines, OT VII, and fell terminally ill. What will his wife, also on Flag lines, OT VII, do about that? We change the widow’s CS and D of P immediately.

    The widow has worked at ASI a total of twelve years or so. ASI is one of the top orgs in the overall echelon of management orgs. We escort her out of the org immediately.

    We need to go through the widow’s trash to find any important documents, comm lines, etc., and do so. After all, Dr Denk worked with LRH over a number of years. This is for security. No need to clean up the trash. Just leave it strewn all over the place for the widow to clean up.

    We need to ensure the widow displays exceptional conduct to influence others. After all, she holds the Denk name now. We will have Howard Becker of the IAS contact her to raise her status in the IAS by taking out a home equity loan. This will serve as an excellent example to others because of the Denk name showing support for the COB.

    We need to ensure the widow stays tied into the unhandled business affairs of Dr Denk and his partners. This will keep her under control for the next four years.

    In the meantime, we need to keep her coming to Flag for regular sec checks. This ensures she doesn’t get too stable in the home environment and keeps her under our control, especially for the raising of status in the IAS and any other reg cycles which may arise.

    We need to send the widow the new books and take the money off her service funds at Flag. This is to let her know we are cause and mean business.

    We need to talk to the widow and recover her. After all, we have done everything for the good of all concerned. It’s now time to rehabilitate the widow.

    Oh, she’s found out about the independent field! Declare!

    • Aquamarine says

      I have no words, Mrs. Denk. What remendous loss, tragedy and betrayal in real time. May I be so forward as to suggest you write a book, if you would be so inclined, and even if only for cathartic reasons

      • Aquamarine says

        And, frankly, I think it would be a smash hit. What a story! I mean, you can’t make this stuff up And, please, I hope you don’t take offense at my saying this. Aqua.

        • TheWidowDenk says

          Thanks Aquamarine! Absolutely no offense taken by your comments. I’ve already written “Memoirs of TheWidowDenk: Stories of Love and Loss.” Alas, it’s incomplete at 30 stories so far, but I expect I’ll finish it up in the not-too-distant future. Cathartic — yes! Rachel

        • Aquamarine says

          Good news, indeed, and you’re welcome. Rachel, whenever you’re happy to release your stories I’ll be on them like white on rice. No kidding, I have this picture of you – on all the shows -Oprah, The View, etc. – Holy Cow, I really have this picture!!

  7. Tom Gallagher says

    Hey Mike, now I’m wondering if the dwarf’s RCS cult is going to introduce Ideal Disconnection along with Ideal Declare Orders.

    You know they got to keep their marketing themes consistent.

    • Roy Macgregor says

      OK, :I’ll bite. Ideal Org = Buffalo (no people) Ideal Person = Grant Cardone (no honesty) Ideal Life= Kathy Feshbach full time IAS fundraiser (no confront) Ideal E Meter = Mark VII Qauntum with messed up variable TA (no accuracy). Ideal Auditing = Sec check (no relief for the vicitm).Ideal Ethics = Instant SP Declare based on rumor or hint (no justice). Ideal SP Declare = Message on Facebook from Jojo Zawari (no accountability).

  8. Aquamarine says

    Gerhard, these people have MUs and are lacking data. They believe that the Disconnection policy is being applied standardly and approriately to each person and situation. They have no clue that Disconnection has been subverted from its original purpose to that of controlling all communication between K/A drinkers so that the RCS’s crimes remain hidden. Disconnection now is purely a control mechanism now. Tommy Davis even admitted this in one of his footbullets. Its the threat of disconnection which keeps Sciendollarists in line now, probably far more, IMO, than “loss of eternity”. This is why what Mike is doing is so valuable. What these people need is truth. The telling of the truth is the only thing which will eventually penetrate the RCS;s steel plate armor of lies. These guys are being continually lied to and worse, implanted. Their heads are swimming. They are in no shape to think or reason rationally or fairly. They need actual, factual data; they need TRUTH.

  9. Roy Macgregor says

    What is really sick is that the primary means that the Church of Scientology uses to get people to disconnect from “SPs” is facebook. Because the SP declares are “top secret” there is no easy way to make sure that that Scientologists know about the declare and disconnect. So what they do is make sure that there is an OSA spy who is your “friend” on facebook and then they just go through your entire friend list informing everyone that you are SP declared and they need to unfriend you. The last one to unfriend you is the OSA plant. If your friends do NOT “unfriend” you, they will get facebook threats, where JoJo Zawari or someone will tell them that they are going to get THEM SP declared if they dont disconnect. This is a very effective way to track down an “SPs” Scientology connections and make sure that massive disconnection occurs. Very sick behavior and if facebook knew that their service was being used in this way I think they would be very upset. Anyhow my recommendation if you are on the fence or starting to see the truth that you friend as many Scientologists as you can on Facebook and simply beat OSA to the punch- message every single one of them with the link to Mike’s blog! That way they all know where you stand. Oh, and it is only partly the fear of seeing the SP decalares on the internet that freaks OSA out. By publishing the orders it also exposes how MANY people are getting SP declared and exposes the KIND of person they are SP declaring – OT VIIIs, Class VIIIs, veteran SO members, founding Scientologists etc etc. The cream of Scientology is getting SP declared in the hundreds. That’s another reason they keep those declares under lock and key. Can you imagine how big the notice board would have to be for all those hundreds of declares? They could re wallpaper and entire Idle Org with just last 12 months of SP declared.

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes very true Roy. I used to see SP declares on the board all the time but haven’t seen ANY for several years now. It is because of the sheer numbers of SP declares, (more than the number of Clears and OT’s being made) and the fact that they are highly trained and veteran Scns. I have a question on Facebook: If I Unfriend all the Kool Aid drinkers that are on my site right now, will they know they’ve been unfriended? I never knew if anyone unfriended me so if it won’t cause a huge stir, I’d like to just get rid of all of them now and save myself the trouble later.

      • Roy Macgregor says

        There is no notification when you un friend someone. If they remember that you were on the friend list and they look and don’t see you anymore then they know you must have un freinded, thats the only way to tell.

      • TheWidowDenk says

        I’m laughing at myself as I write this. I have a grand total of 57 friends on Facebook. It’s very easy to know when someone has defriended me. lol

        • sets guy says

          Hahahaha, I have 28. :) BTW I would unfriend them myself anyways. Who needs enemies when you can have Kool Aide drinkers for friends?

    • Sidney18511 says

      Roy..there is a way to block people from seeing your friends list on Facebook.

  10. ThetaPotata says

    In the Church, back in the day, they used to have an ancient form of determining guilt or innocence called a “Committee of Evidence.” Apparently it’s been replaced with new fast flow justice. Think how much easier it would be if the Police/District Attorneys found people guilty of crimes, no need to mess with that whole pain in ass trial and innocent until proven guilty crap.

  11. PepsiCat says

    When I was doing the BC, I read a reference (sorry don’t remember it and I threw away all my materials) where LRH said that every organization sows its own seeds of destruction. Disconnection is that seed and LRH was its first farmer.

  12. Dan351 says

    Great job on keeping us updated on the ever evolving language of Scientology!
    I didn’t know that “disaffected” was the same as “suppressive person”.
    A staff member at my local org, told my daughter that I was disaffected. But at the same time, that staff member was wanting to get my daughter to buy auditing?
    Also, it seems the highest compliment you can make to a Scientologist is to call them a suppressive person. A Scientologist is not wearing their hat of Scientologist if they don’t get declared a few times.
    So I’ll go ahead and say it. Mike, you are one of my favorite SP’s.

  13. says

    In the UK due to data protection laws it is theoretically possible to get any information the cult holds on you. The process is apparently very simple – you follow the guidelines on the ICO website As ever with the cult it’s not quite so simple – they have been screaming “exemptions!” when my request was sent. They are arguing they are a “special case” (aint that the truth). The info they did send via cult lawyer Peter Hodkin – late of course – was as little as they thought they could possibly get away with, meaningless accounts data and copies of letters I had sent them! However with a little help from my local MP and SP-grade Tone 40 persistence, we are making progress. I can’t say too much because negotiations are at a delicate stage, but suffice to say ultimately they will either have to say that LRH policy has changed and it is no longer policy to issue SP declares to those being declared, or actually send my SP declare. It will be one or the other. I would urge any other UK SPs to follow this route – it is not time consuming, and the more pressure the ICO office gets about the cult in the UK the more they will be forced to comply with the law.

  14. SILVIA says


  15. Cooper Kessel says

    I had an official SP declare written on me and dated 12 February 2013 according to my former wife who was called down to LA shortly after it was written so she could read it and get her handling done. Apparently Julian Schwartz had a CPR unit standing by to administer the necessary arc x sessions, sec checks and or crying towels but they had not realized that I had been telling her this very thing would likely happen for at least the previous year. So while the CPR unit was not needed, the requisite amount of pressure was applied and resulted in our subsequent filing for divorce. Now that all of this is a part of my past ( being the truth) it is also necessary to let all know my name and that I have previously posted under the name of Newcomer. I made a similar statement on Marty’s blog today for the same reason.
    My story is boringly similar to anyone else that has been a Scientologist over the past many years so I am not going to recount those gory details but suffice to say that my daughter Haley Kessel, D/CO CMO-IXU, son Phil Kessel, Sac Org Day Tech Sec and ex-wife Sheri Kessel, public, are disconnected from me and remain in good standing with the CO$.
    Likewise, my ex brother-in-law Rod Daniells, ex SO (twice, once at Flag and once at ASHO) my ex sister-in-law Lori Daniells, ex SO (twice, once at Flag and once at ASHO), my ex nephews Adam Daniells, ex-SO, and Ken Daniells, public, have all dutifully disconnected from me and remain in good standing with the CO$.
    It should be noted that they all became involved in Scientology as a result of my disseminating to them and I take full responsibility for my actions. I hope they all can someday come to their senses and recant.
    I got into Scientology in 1975 at SFO Day while Roy Selby was the ED. Louis Schwartz became my good friend and Reg and was responsible for my routing onto the SHSBC in February of 1976. Those were great times and I really enjoyed being on course with hundreds (yes hundreds) of other BC students. I graduated from ASHO and AO as a Class VI, OT III completion. Later in life I completed OT VII (#283) and OT VIII (August 2003). It is ironic that Louis’ son Julian Schwartz is the one who presented my SP declare to my then wife Sheri. And no one from the church or my family (other than my wife) has asked me even one question about my viewpoints (I was approached by two persons from the freewinds who showed me a DA pack on Mike and Marty). There have of course been sec checks given and KRs written probably to great extent but I have not seen even one of these things if they do exist.
    I can be contacted at, I do not participate in facebook so I will apologize in advance for no comm on that site. May the force be with you all.

    • tony dephillips says

      Hi Coop,
      I responded to you on Marty’s site and will here also.
      It never ceases to amaze me the depths of human depravity. For all your family to kick you to the curb is so unreal and so disgusting to me that I have to take a deep breath. I know you must have been a very strong figure in all of these people getting better and for them to betray you like this is a statement of how deep the mindfuck can be.
      I am truly sorry for your loss but an VERY excited that you were smart enough and brave enough to get away. Now you can work on them and recreate your own life.
      I do get down to California once in awhile and would be happy to buy you a beer and shoot the breeze.
      I am in Seattle , so the offer is good for you too.
      Take care Coop! I like the name Coop, it sounds like a free mans name. :-)

      • Newcomer says

        And now it surely is! Thanks Tony. I like Corona with lime and when in Seattle a few oysters with it cannot be topped!

        As a young lad I attended the opening of the worlds fair in Seattle. I was a member of the Sonora High School Marching Band. We happened to win honors for a small school band and the trip to the top of the space needle remains a fond memory!

    • Jane Doe says

      Coop, your story is not boring and we welcome you to the Indie world. I have enjoyed your posts under the Newcomer moniker. I’m sorry about your family’s disconnection. I hope they wake up some day and recant and come back to you. Congrats on seeing the light and having the guts to leave. The world awaits you.

      • Cooper Kessel says

        Thanks Jane.
        I will always keep the door open for the kids. One day they will be very much in need of a friend and for someone they can count on. Hope that day comes sooner than later.

        Meanwhile, all I can say to those at the Kool Aide stand is bring it on. Battle of New Orleans is my theme song for the moment.

        • Cooper Kessel says

          Oops, looks like the Newcomer name wants to stick. But as much as I like it, it too must pass!

    • breppen says

      So sorry Coop, it’s a rough road when you follow the truth. I’ve shared this link to a word doc that I post on 2 private Facebook groups Indie Scn current Event and Indie Scientologist in hopes that will help others. Wishing you the best and support in your new journey which undoubtedly will be liberating now that you are out from the psychopath’s control. The suppression never ceases to amaze, glad you rose above it, not an easy task.

  16. Spectator says

    My family was torn apart by Scientology’s disconnection policy. My spouse and I were divorcing. After a couple of intensives of sec checks I guess the Flag personnel weren’t convinced I’d told all (I had). In fact, I’d volunteered most of it in D/P and ethics interviews. With my spouse now seeking revenge (because I wasn’t “with the program”) nothing I said or did was good enough. I was left with no money and was told to come up with even more intensives. Ethics interviews were interrogations. I was DEMANDED to go whole track to find my “crimes”. The only crime I could come up with was that I’d spent every last dime on useless auditing and Ethics handling. So I refused to cooperate any more. Within weeks my family refused any communication from me. It’s been years since I’ve spoken to my kids.

    Screw you 20-something Flag MAAs. You’ve really got the tech to handle the 2D, don’t you?
    Screw you Flag CSes. Your lame ass, evaluative CS suck!
    Screw you Scientology robots. You wouldn’t know the real world if it kicked you in the ass (and it’s doing that now!)

    Ultimately there is no love in the Church of Scientology and there never has been. There’s no compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, or understanding. You are either upstat or downstat. That’s as much love as you get.

  17. Dan Koon says

    Mike, yeah, after you, Marty, Geir, Steve and I met in Denver in 2009, an addendum was issued to our declare orders. I heard that mine was 20 pages long in total, so yours was probably at least that long. With addenda, I feel that you, me, Marty and Steve should be carved into the Mt. Rushmore of SPs.

    • Jane Doe says

      It’s your badge of honor. You all must be very powerful and make the church feel very threatened to have to ad addendums and stuff to your declare. Take a win that you have them running scared from the Big Beings. Reminds me of the war between the meat bodies and the Big Beings. Only this time the Big Beings are winning!

  18. A Grapevine Declared Ex says

    A few years after me and my spouse completed OT8 we heard through the grapevine that we’d been declared. We hadn’t heard a peep from Flag, the Ship or anyone for about 2 years prior. Our “crime” was that we quietly walked away. Just stopped answering the phone or the doorbells, “ran for the barbed wire” and made our way out. Like Dorothy pulling back the curtain on the Wizard, we both felt that after all the money and time and commitment invested, it was kind of like “Is that all you got?” after completing OT8. Anti-climatic.

    We’ve since met so many spiritual amazing people. We practice meditation, study Buddhism, the Tao and some other older philosophies that have been around long before Scientology. The gains have been remarkable. Scientology, to both of us, was a stepping stone and not a destination. We have Marty’s blog to thank for helping us on our journey — and Jeff Hawkins’ blog. It’s nice to check in periodically on Marty’s blog and witness his evolution of thought. A friend once said it took him about 8 years to fully get out. I honestly felt it was about 2 years for us, but there are still mindsets, beliefs and ways of thinking that are peeling off. So the journey continues.

    We were So So happy to find out we were declared. It was truly liberating. We’ve since heard from friends that were still in when we got declared who are now out and reconnecting.

    Now, if we can just get off all the mailing lists ….

    • sophia13 says

      In the late 60’s, I studied eastern philosophy and meditated. It did nothing for me. Then I got 5 hours of introductory auditing at a mission. I was astounded at how much improvement that auditing made in my mental, emotional and spiritual state.

      I believe that most of us have had a very hard time achieving any kind of stability of case gain while being connected to the C of S in general and the SO in particular (even if it’s only connected as public). I’ve encountered a number of truly kind, caring, dedicated SO members, but there have been just too many sadists and fascists that have found their way into the group and been allowed to remain there. I observed what I thought were Nazi tendencies amongst a number of SO members in 1971. The situation has gotten progressively worse since. IMO, the purpose of the PT Sea Org is to enslave the rest of the human race. It seems to me like many of these guys are aiming to become the “Aryans” of the planet, lording it over the rest of us.

  19. Gerhard Waterkamp says

    This whole declare business as conducted by the COS is so obviously childish and non sequitur that it baffles me most, how people actually assign importance to this nonsense and based on these jokes disconnect from family members, friends and acquaintances. I have no sympathy for those individuals who have checked their common sense, allegiance to family and friends at the door of the nuthouse. They commit quite an overt of magnitude against their own integrity.

  20. Cindy P says

    My husband received the same letter signed by the same person as the sample above. I was very surprised that there was not a copy of the declare in the letter. My guess is that the C of S does not wish that Declares are posted on the internet or used in a lawsuit. Crazy!

    We do have a website that will be up soon and it is all about Disconnection.

  21. SRL says

    I never received a declare either. I sent a letter to my mission as well as AOLA announcing my disaffection as well as demanding a repayment of all unused monies on account. I go to the post office about once a week to collect my mail taking a large canvas bag to carry all of the SCN propaganda that I get. About 2 weeks after my letter, I went to the post office and there was no SCN mail ! That’s when I knew I was dead filed. But there was nothing from the church telling me anything. I am with you, Christine. I want to earn mine, too. I sure don’t miss the embarrassment anymore of going to the post office.

  22. Aquamarine says

    Hey, I think a parody on Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Thru The Grapevine” as regards Sciendollary disconnection is in order. I’m on it. Great post as usual, Mike!

  23. tony dephillips says

    adjective different, conflicting, differing, disagreeing, diverse, separate, varying, variant, diverging, dissimilar, deviating two people who have divergent views
    Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

    It’s so odd that being a member of a divergent group is even considered suppressive. I think LRH got this one wrong. Also the cult takes it to another extreme, like if you go to a blog then you are a member of a group?? Huh?? Truth be told the acts they feel is suppressive are these:
    1.Continuing to think for yourself.
    2. You are hereby guilty of the suppressive act of not wanting to give us all your money.
    3.Refusal to uphold your credit cards and continue to give them to us.
    4. You are guilty of telling the truth about david mismanage and thus creating out PR for the cult.
    5. Guilty of the SP act of not towing the line and refusal to let us cave you in so you will go along with any and all of our insane shenanigans.

    You need to do A-E, your only terminal is the International Injustice Chief.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      See my comment below as regards changing my ‘handle’. If you are down California way give me a holler!
      Formerly Newcomer

  24. Natasha Boris says

    Seriously?! A yellow highlighter is what Co$ justice has been reduced to?!

    • sets guy says

      Hell yeah. They are the new civilization builders. Sounds like Oblivion to me :)

  25. Zana says

    Being declared is a badge of courage and good sense. Right on! Good going. !! Free free free!!

  26. Blown SP says

    FYI – there were more SP Declares issued in the 4 years I was in than Clears or OT’s.
    When I studied the PTS/SP stuff – it is really hard to get Declared an SP!
    The truth – it is impossible to go Clear or OT and it is easier to get Declared.
    The opposites at work here folks!!

  27. tony dephillips says

    I will never voluntarily be part of a group who feels they have the right to tell me who I can or can’t associate with.

    • Forrest Crane says


      Go figure. How many sheeple disconnected from myself and my wife? And she’s such a lovely espee.

  28. Blown SP says

    Is the Cult issuing SP Declares if people ask for their money back – the money on account for future services – “not used” money on account?
    I was told when I was “in” that if I put money on account but decided Scientology was not for me – I could get that money back.
    Did they lie?
    What does one do to get that money back? It is totally criminal to keep money!! CRIMINAL!
    I could care less about being a “Declared intelligent person that can think for themselves and observe the simple truth about the lies and crimes of Scientology and will suppress the hell out of the evil cult of Scientology any time I damn well feel like it”
    I think it is an honor and a privileged to call yourself an SP when it comes to Scamonology!!
    Let’s keep suppressing the cult!!

    • Mike Rinder says

      BSP — That’s exactly what they are doing. See Luis and Rocio Garcia’s lawsuit.

      The “church” now declares anyone who requests their money back and then tells them they cannot do the CVB Routing Form as their only terminal is “IJC” and thus they are not doing what is required by them to get their money so they don’t cough up.

      Unless you are Brian Culkin and provide a declaration that will be used to try to disqualify his lawyers….

      • Jane Doe says

        I remember in the old days the policy on refunds was followed to the letter, that if anyone requested a refund of monies on account that hadn’t been used, that they were to be given it asap and also told they could never do further services after that. I witnessed it first hand when a couple I knew were walking with the Chaplain at the org and I said hi to them, not knowing what was going on. The Chaplain took me aside and said that this was a refund cycle and she was getting them their money and that I probably wouldn’t want to fraternize with them after that. But she was getting them their money or routing them to the proper terminal who would give it to them. The fact that now all you get is an SP Declare when you ask for money back is proof that DM has altered the tech and made it into suppression.

    • Eric Alexandrou says

      Dear blown sp,join the club I have money in account too,I think the difference with me is ,corporate Scientology ,nows I visit different web sights,and they don’t like it,the other is ,I got offered a visit for free at home with an auditer to find my upset on the e meter,I also refused bullshit legal documents,to stop my freedom of speach,I have not been declared in write in yet,and still I was threatened at home,and iv been hassled,stalked,spyed on out side my home every time I make a post,reach and withdraw in the name of the game for corporate Scientology ,I refuse to go in fear,I fear no more,I feel one day we will get all our money back,keep strong!!!!!
      Eric Alexandrou
      Brisbane ,Australia

  29. The Oracle says

    “Leading names of Scientology” are all out here or suppressed somewhere by Miscavige. Or paid to go away.

  30. Declared says

    Here’s some more data on my declare Mike posted. It states “continued membership” “continued adherence” to and “failure to handle and disavow”

    They never once called me, told me who or what group, asked me to disconnect, handle or do anything. Never wrote a KR, report or letter prior to this declare. I had no hearings, comm ev’s or metered interviews.

    It also states engaged in malicious rumor mongering. At the time I had never posted anything on the internet nor had I spoken to anyone about my feelings of discontent.
    Its all UTTER BS.

  31. Seeker says

    I really had to chuckle when I received my “Letter Declare”.
    When I read my three highlighted crimes my first thought was gee….my declare is just a generality – are they trying to muscle in on my territory – don’t generalities belong to the SPs?
    Second thought – if this “Justice Chief” only knew how irrelevant this is. No one cares, no effects are created & they sure do look foolish.
    Lastly, I did feel a bit invalidated…I was hoping for something on goldenrod from IJC…something a bit more majestic…maybe with a shiny seal….something that made me look like an important SP. Aw Shucks.
    I kinda felt like small potatoes.

  32. Christine says

    I heard, like most, from a friend that I have an order and he ‘knows what I did’. I know I asked for a refund to stop their calls. That is my crime. I am guilty. But he said crime(S). I know they make stuff up. I was in 100% till I was out. Ya know. I didn’t do anything to get declared but am thinking of earning my declare now. Ya know.

    • sets guy says

      Same here. I didn’t see mine either but I am sure it’s full of juicy crimes against humanity. Funny thing is that I am not even part of or supporting ANY squirrel or suppressive group, not committing any present time overts and for sure I am not actively suppressing anyone so that kind of a letter wouldn’t even really mean anything. Oh well, I’m sure they can find plenty material for it. I haven’t received it and probably never will.

  33. James says

    I was threatened with beaten up physically to a pulp by a CCHR fundraiser
    because I purchased Flag Services. Stop giving money and thats enough to be declared.
    Its a slippery slope.

    • Bob Dobbs says

      That’s felony, just the threat, I believe. Please report the crime if you can.

    • says

      Did you write a KR? What was the outcome?

      I also had an IAS lady at Flag checking the full tonescale against me.
      At some point she yelled at me and made me really upset.
      I knew that if I stood up and leave the area I would be in ethics trouble.
      I failed to slap her. I wish I had. It is still a stuck flow upsetting me!
      She did not want to understand that it had nothing to do with my
      tone level. I simply did not want to give away money anymore. I was at Flag
      to receive something, not to give all my money away.
      What is the tone level of self destruction? Tone 40?

      And another IAS lady at Saint Hill once told me that owning a “Ferrari” is an overt.
      I really had and still have a fu….. ARC break on this.

      Sometimes I really failed to show my rage. So there is a little win here.
      Similar situations will never happen again, I now prefer being arrested and not have a stuck flow.
      Well, did not happen yet. I am not in the cult anymore!

      • sets guy says

        Of course it’s an overt. Having a coffee is an overt since you should have given that money to the IAS instead of self-indulging at Starbucks. Having a Ferrari is the TRUE PROOF of utter criminality and suppression of the HUMAN RACE! You should be declared 857 consecutive times! I am calling the thought police as we speak.

  34. Formost says

    The church fears media flashback declares may be publicized. Bad PR for them.

    And then some of these Declares were posted on blogs, the invalidity of these church issued documents clearly demonstrated by ex-Co$ execs — even more egg running down their faces.

    One informs fellow Scientologists in respect to the off-policy fundraising, after writing KRs has led nowhere and then ends up with a Declare. The Person is deemed an SP, but the off-policy actions are left uncorrected and disregarded by the church. The SP Declare then becomes a tool to maintain fundraising at the same time concealing from parishioners this illegal practice by quietly cutting the communications between the informer and the membership without him having any inkling of it until some time later …. surprise, surprise.

    The Debbie Cook story said it all — Scientology is no longer practiced here.

  35. Richard Kaminski says

    Grapevine Declare? LOL! Mike, you are the funniest guy around. Is that phrase your invention? If so, you have become immortal!

    ‘Grapevine Declare’ is exactly the childish world DM lives in.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thanks Richard — with material as rich as this, its not hard to come up with descriptions….

      • Steve Poore says

        Roger that Mike, “rich material” indeed! In fact its so rich, so ripe, its getting stinkier every day – because its PURE ROT!
        That’s why your bright light of truth you shine everyday on this rot and others speaking out is the only disinfectant to this horrible pile of stench!.
        Thanks again Mike for the work you’re doing!

    • tony dephillips says

      Plus 1.
      As if they didn’t have enough at first…They have to sort of do a dog pile..

  36. breppen says

    For a Mother/Father to cut off their son/daughter has got to be one the worst heinous acts especially when that Mom knows the goodness of her son/daughter. Disconnecting from a true Psychopath is necessary for survival but the CofM uses this disconnection like an addict pops a pill. Whether they want to admit it or not, this is one of the things preventing expansion of Scn. Word spreads like wildfire and those who find out that this is a common practice of Scn turns people off like water puts out fire. This is a cult practice, if Scn wants to reform and truly expand knocking off this one practice alone will change it’s image but when a Psychopath is running the show, not likely to happen any time soon.

    Claire Headley was putting together a website where these stories of disconnection can be told, especially in light of the many hundreds of bogus declares being handed out like candy, I can’t wait to see it.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Betsy — yes, I am looking forward to it too. Claire gave me a sneak peak and I think it is going to be something incredibly valuable (Cindy Plahuta is working on this with Claire).