Scientology Golden Age Of SP Declares


The Golden Age of  “Suppressive Persons”

For many years now the Church of Scientology has been declaring people as “suppressive” as control mechanism in a losing battle to limit questioning and criticism of the David Miscagive’s Brave New Scientology World.  (See Disconnection Scientology’s Nasty Secret to understand this practice)

The impetus for this survey was the response to a series of postings on the subject of Disconnection and particularly one concerning “SP Declares” . I wondered what the bigger picture looked like. I know my own experience and that of others I had read about or spoken to, but I was curious just what is this new breed of SP?

In 2 days, 200 people responded to the survey.  And from a wide variety of people — from the very well known to those who have taken their declare quietly and walked away without another word.

My thanks to all of you who responded. There is a lot of useful information that I have not yet fully digested, but I promised to publish results so here is a preliminary view.

Profile of a Golden Age SP

If you fit this profile, you are at high risk of being SP declared (but don’t worry, you will be in VERY good company!!):

silhouette28 Years In Scientology: The average length of time as a member of the church for a declared SP is twenty eight years. It appears that people who knew what Scientology was like BEFORE David Miscavige gained total control are in the highest risk category.

10 Years on Staff: The average time contributed as a staff member for a declared SP is ten years. If you have spent 10 years or more on staff, you are probably a “New Era” SP and should just declare yourself and save David Miscavige the trouble of having to get rid of you.

Clear or OT: A whopping seventy one percent of declared SPs are Clear or OT. In fact fifty percent of declared SPs are OT and thirty-eight percent are OT V or above.

Trained Auditor: Sixty-six percent of declared SPs are trained auditors, Level 0 or above. If you include co-auditing and book auditors then seventy-two percent of declared SPs are also auditors. My survey included responses from over forty Grad V’s, Class VI’s and Class VIIIs.  So 21% of these declared SPs are Grad V’s or above.

Administratively Trained: Seventy-nine percent of declared SPs have trained to Staff Status II or above. While I could not break down the huge amount of training information I got, I did notice that there were 14 people who were OEC/FEBC trained and an additional 13 people who were Data Series Evaluator Course trained. So 13% who have reached the highest levels of Scientology administrative training.

Probably the most telling statistic is the percentage of declared SPs who have served on staff. A stunning eighty-three percent of declared SPs have served as staff in Orgs, Missions and/or the Sea Organization. One hundred and sixty seven of the two hundred respondents listed staff service in their survey.

And finally if you take the Suppressives that answered the survey and total up all of the people who are either Grad V and above or Full OEC and above you come to 64 people. 32% of those declared in the last 10 years have attained top levels of either Scientology technical or administrative training.

Just the 200 people who filled in the survey account for over 2,000 YEARS of staff experience and 5,726 YEARS of Scientology experience.

Of the two hundred people who responded to this survey, only thirty two were given a written SP declare. So if you get declared you have about a 16% chance of finding out anything about why. This is an excellent way to make sure that anyone who gets SP declared stays SP declared, with no route back. A far cry from the kind of “superior justice system” touted by the church and its lawyers (see their filings in the Garcia lawsuit for evidence of their superiority over all other forms of justice — in fact, all other forms of life on earth).

In fact, of those persons SP declared since things got really hot and heavy in 2009 (following the Truth Rundown series in the St. Pete Times) only twelve were given a written SP declare. Of the 200 respondents in this survey 16% got a written SP Declare and 8.5% received a letter from the Church of Scientology telling them they have been declared. 11.5% had a Church official tell them verbally that they were declared. That means sixty-four percent of our declared SPs only heard about their “declare” from friends and family and were never contacted by the Church of Scientology at all. But friends and family disconnected just the same.

The Church of Scientology is grossly abusing its internal justice process and has strayed so far from its own tenets as to be unrecognizable.

Who Me?

If you have been in Scientology a long time, done long stints on staff, are Clear or OT and have done extensive auditor or admin training, your days are numbered.

Sometime soon you will likely receive an “HCO Summons” to appear based on a “report” from someone who has turned you in for questioning, not giving money, commenting negatively about something, said you would no longer go on course, searched forbidden terms on Google (like Scientology or Miscavige) or any one of an ever increasing list of “crimes.”

If you try to be a good person and go in to find out what they want, you will be ordered to sit down and pick up the cans for an interrogation. If you refuse you will be threatened and blocked from leaving. Then declared. If you cooperate, they will gather enough information to “prove” you really are “disaffected” and more importantly, who you have spread your disaffection to — and then you will be declared.

Your “declare” will be in the form of “friends” informing you that you need to “sort out your scene” or “do A-E”,  alerts that you are no longer to be “Friended” on Facebook, and if you are really lucky you might get a form letter on letter on official stationary informing you that you have been declared, but without any specifics.

There are a lot of Scientologists know this but do nothing. They fear the consequences.

But when enough step up and just say “NO”, reform will happen. And though in the eyes of Miscavige and his Vulture Culture taking away this control mechanism would be a disaster (and in fact, it would be the coup de grace to his “Golden Age”) it would be the best thing that could happen for the future of Scientology as a SUBJECT.

He is slowly destroying the organism on which he lives — and it is as painful and ugly to watch as someone dying of leprosy. The result is inevitable. How long and how much suffering is going to happen before the end?  That in large parts depends on how much EXTERNAL pressure is brought to bear as the internal mechanisms that would theoretically deal with this have long since been tossed into the dumpster labeled “suppressive reasonableness” (though its true label is “common sense standard tech.”)

Thank you for participating in this survey. If you can use these results to wake a few “Joe Scientologists” from their slumber then it will have been worthwhile.


  1. Bonnie List Kittelson says

    Just to add my 2 cents on this subject. My husband, Mike, and I received a letter dated March 21, 2013 informing us we were declared. It was a vague form letter declare, no goldenrod included, and no reason for the declare stated in the letter other than referring us to sections of the Suppressive Acts PL. There was a blue tab indicating the A-E steps. We laughed out loud when it came. The declare was in a plain brown legal envelope with a hand written return address, but not the name of the addressee. I had been on the Bridge for 40 years, am a Class 6 auditor, was on staff at Gold and am OT7. My husband was in Scientology for 35 years. He’d been a WISE consultant for 27 years. Well, just more “old timers” gone from the fold.

  2. calvin b. duffield says

    Wonderful time to be alive on this planet, Mike. It is simply amazing to see the extent of axioms and clear observations and predictions of the Ol’ Man and earlier sages, panning out in real life, just as the Ol’ Man said they would. You’ve said it hundreds of times, how “it sucks to be Miscavige” ( VERY astute observation Mike, btw ) Though HIS circus has now been in town for over thirty years, all the former attractions have gotten so stale, and the acts so clumsy and predictable, even young kids are totally bored by it all, staying away in droves! Jeez man, the very least you expect from a clown, is that he can make you laugh! But THIS message just HAS to be gotten back to THE Ringmaster, sometime, somehow!……………David Miscavige..your delusions have overtaken you! Pack up your unwelcome Circus
    show and head off to another planet that might better appreciate your parlor tricks, contortions of truth
    and smoke and mirrors special effects. Perhaps, just perhaps though, some small opening could be found for you in some of the local sanatoria, where you may yet still get some semblance of clapping and adulation, which seems to be what you’ve been seeking, all along! Lord knows, you surely can’t no longer be doing it for the money?

  3. Aquamarine says

    Mike, thank you for this survey. You have obtained very useful data. I’m under the radar in my own universe but I suspect that per the RCS II might actually be one of the secret declares or provisional declares.

  4. Roy Macgregor says

    One thing about the “just walk away” strategy is that it does let you smoothly out the door. But when you stand up boldly and say “this is wrong and I won’t support it” you help wake others up from their doze. Slipping silently away is all well and good for you personally, but if you are willing to stand up and shout it out then it is certain that someone will hear you and you will help guide that person to a saner life themselves.

    • Mary Rathernotsay says

      You are right Roy. If one was to let ones pals know that he/she was leaving and why, it could surely be helpful to them if one was an opinion leader for them.
      When I left I was unaware of any blogs like this one, and of course Mike’s blog and Marty’s blog did not exist back then. I applied the Policy Letter Leaves and Leaving ( i think that’s the title) down to the letter because I wasn’t aware of how bad things really had gotten at the CoS. I actually thought that perhaps I should leave the door open a crack in case things improved at the Orgs, or in case it was me that was wrong about the Golden Age of Out-Tech.
      If I had known back then what I know now I would be inclined to inform all my terminals like Debbie Cook did.
      What she did was brilliant and she certainly had the connections as a big OL to make an impact.
      I looked in vain for a terminal I could confide in but couldn’t find anyone who seemed as disillusioned as I, so I gave up and left quietly. It would have been awesome if this blog had been around back then! How very encouraging to discover like-minded souls.
      Thank you, Mike!
      If you are on the fence, please don’t Q&A. Jump! You have support!

  5. MaBű says

    This is an excellent survey which confirms what SP (SP = social personality) people have been observing: the Co$ is getting rid of people who know how Scn use to be and how Scn should be contrasting with Co$ perverted practices.

    For those who are missing the “badge of honor” goldenrod, there is a Do It Yourself Declare Kit available. This kit is better than the official, because here one can state the real causes of the “declare”. :-)

    Ronn, June 9, 2013 at 12:44 pm: “200 of us is in fact a pretty broad sampling, enough to give a pretty accurate view of the thousands more”

    Calculating the goodness of the sample is not difficult.

    For a sample of n=200, the real proportions can be estimated (with 95% probability of accuracy) with +/- 7% error margin.

    E.g.: 71% of the sample of declared SPs are Clear or OT.
    The above means that 71% +/- 7% of declared SPs are Clear or OT. I.e.: The real percentage of declared SP which are Clear or OT (with 95% probability of accuracy) is between 64% and 78%.

    The calculation of the error margins of the averages requires the data in which the averages are based.
    It could be easily calculated with e.g. Excel’s built-in formulas.

    E.g.: The average years as a staff member for a declared SP, in the sample is 10 years.
    The above means that the real average years as a staff member for a declared SP is 10 +/- e (error margin) years.

  6. Jim Vanus says

    A few years back it seemed that DM’s special brand of Scientology (never ending fund raising, “improved” technology, secret SP declares) had been implemented in varying degrees across orgs. For instance, Stevens Creek was reported as pushing the “your either with us or against us” view on its parishioners, while Los Gatos was more tolerant of less radical parishioners.

    I wonder about the current scene in this regard. That would make an interesting survey or status report: To what degree is each org implementing DM’s programs? The ones that most implement DM’s toxic management style and policies will surely be the ones most likely to fail faster. Flag would be at the top of the list.

  7. James says

    Dear Mike,
    I saw much of this over the years but did not connect it to D.M.
    “I hate it when Im right” I used to say.
    I did the SP survey and did not add that I was De Powered in the Future.
    Yes , there are forms for that which are pulled from a plain brown envelope.
    But only to be used in the future, should Im elected the scapegoat for a future event not yet materialized whether you are there or not, usually not.

    My observation from life experience is no matter how many Billions D.M. has stashed in offshore accounts,
    all will crash. Datum to watch is that the Criminal always accuses others of what the Criminal Himself/herself is doing.

  8. Maria says

    Thanks for doing this survey. It confirms my suspicions that the effort is to blow off anyone who can dispute the truth of the past of the C of S, or who has any real familiarity with past successful actions in ethics, tech or admin.

  9. Joe Pendleton says

    So, let me see if I understand this. Scientology wants to “clear the planet” and rid it of war, insanity, criminality, etc. Back in the day – when I got in in 1970 – the idea Scientologists had was to approach this goal by getting people INTO Scientology (and then auditing them, training them, etc and auditing more people, etc). Having trained as a very experienced AUDITOR, and putting in my 35 plus years of contributing to the motion, I am now kicked OUT of Scientology (for being there and communicating) as being a “suppressive person.” Uhm …. makes sense from a third and fourth dynamic viewpoint …… yeah, right. Besides the immense illogic and stupidity of this approach, I will continue to point out the real situation in Scientology ….. how has involvement in the church of Scientology resulted in so many otherwise bright people becoming SO fucking stupid and other determined as to buy into this bullshit (along with all the “statuses” as all their money is being stolen). People aren’t driven down to this state of zombie-ism by just “Miscavige”, that;s for sure.

  10. steve spargo says

    Great post and confirms what is happening to experienced auditors, staff and public.

    I am not too sure about this commonly heard theme that says Miscavige is destroying the organism that keeps him alive. By getting rid of anyone who is trained and making training and auditing difficult or impossible to achieve, he is creating a new kind of organization. One that will support him far better than people who are Scientology-aware. The orgs can be rented out for weddings and public events – something we’ve seen piloted in Israel but has been going on for years at Flag. That income and the interest on all those billions can keep the Church on life support indefinitely.

    But one thing is for sure. He is definitely destroying the organism that has been the life and hope of most Scientologists for many years. In fact, it is dead already.

  11. Zana says

    Thank you, Mike, for publishing this information. It’s amazing. He’s getting rid of all the qualified people. Of course the Co$ has to cave in. It’s stuptifying that so many intelligent people are still dedicating their lives to The Wizard of Oz. At least the Wizard of Oz was entertaining and fun… The Church of Scientology is a nightmare. Diabolical.
    Thank you again, for your Heads Up.

  12. Sister Wendy says

    Thank you for this survey- it’s wonderful. I’m so happy to be part of the 70%!

  13. Still On Your Side says

    How many of the declared were over 40? 50? 60? Older? I hope that those who are declared understand they are not alone (I hope they see your survey). How much fun did Miscavige have cutting off older people from a lifetime of friendships and family? How enraged he must be now that you have connected the disconnected, and given some hope to those who may have felt abandoned!

  14. Phil de Fontenay says

    Nicely written Mike! Wow, interesting stats. David Miscavige should show those at next mind-crushing event of his ~lol

    I agree Bruce and Steve, JUST LEAVE!
    Keep your sanity and whatever integrity you have left, and JUST LEAVE!

    Phil de Fontenay (OTVIII)

  15. Scrane says

    Thanks for gathering this data. It’s really helpful to have this information to forward to a few fence sitters. I hope it helps to push them off.

  16. Steve Poore says

    Right On with this one Bruce! “So my recommendation to anyone sitting on the fence thinking – JUST LEAVE. ”

    mine too, JUST LEAVE!

    • Sapere Aude says

      “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” — Carl Jung

      “To see the farm is to leave the farm.”

    • KFrancis says

      Yes…Just Leave
      No one is required to stay on a playing field once the rules of the game have been obliterated.
      You never promised to become a fool.

  17. Starman8 says

    Awesome job and results.

    Regarding a write up above about leaving:
    Really, just leave! My wife and I were about 2 weeks into having read Debbie Cook’s email and then everything else we could find on the internet. I immediately began working at divesting myself of a few entanglements, ie OT Committee related hats to pawn off. We showed up for what turned out to be our last OTC meeting, and I held back from gagging at the absolute BS during the meeting and the subsequent CF crap filing they were doing.

    At 6pm we left. I said to my wife, we’re never coming back. And we didn’t. Almost no one bothered us from that day forward. Very rarely a phone call, and it was only from the D/ED. No one ever tried to recover us. I guess in our case we had already made it clear our utter disgust with the fund raising and attitude of OTC members and the org.

    So my recommendation to anyone sitting on the fence thinking – JUST LEAVE. You certainly don’t owe an explanation or anything else to anyone, at least not to the org or staff, especially HCO and a sec check. They’re the squirrels!

    Bruce (OTVIII)

    • Zana says

      Right on! I just left. I didn’t explain anything… except to have one last conversation with my auditor saying, “Obviously Scientology doesn’t work. You and your family have thrown your 74 year old father out on the street with nothing, taking the house that he bought you, and none of you will talk to him at all. If Scientology worked, you and your family would be thriving, in great communication and loving life. Your family has spent hundreds of thousands of dedicated hours and dollars on Scientology. That you are here now… tells me that Scientology, as you are practicing it doesn’t work. I love you a lot and am grateful for what you’ve given me. And… this is the last conversation that i’ll have with you about this.”
      Thank you for this information. No need to tweek the monster. Just leave. “Good roads. Good weather.”

    • Joe Pendleton says

      After years or decades in Scientology, when one fully realizes the intoxicating freedom of knowing he/she will never have to even THINK about getting another sec check or do an o/w writeup for “ethics”, then one is free from even the possibility of ever being “recovered” because one then KNOWS how the entrapment works. Scientology’s arc of involvement goes from wins/cognitions (in many cases, immense life changing ones) to slowly but surely complete spiritual dependency and control by others. I guess when you realize that and you start to spread the word, you become the biggest threat there is to the CoS and are thus now “suppressive.”

      • Karen B says

        ” intoxicating freedom ”

        What a perfect description of how I feel sans the church. As mentioned, you find that you have all of these wins/cognitions in session or on study only to be shown that it doesn’t exist in the real world practice inside the CofS. But the reality is that when you leave, as soon as you start applying the Code of Honor to your dynamics all of the abilities gained come right back and can be applied in real life.

        I think the Indy field offers the best in terms of the three valid therapies; processing, education and change of ENVIRONMENT. the last being quite powerful in its simplicity.

        • Peter says

          Answer to Karen B – The change of environment is absolutely critical. [Just been reading The Power of Place which deals a lot with this concept.] You must get beyond the “place” wherein you became addicted to ever get away from the addiction. The org (I will no longer refer to it as a “church”.] prevents that by enforcing long hours in the same place, long hours doing the actions of the addicted, enforcing conforming to the addiction itself and deriding any thoughts otherwise. Most of our left behind friends will probably not make it out this iifetime, unfortunately. They’ve become, and have been trained to be, fearful of any thoughts other than the addiction.

  18. Nomnom says

    Imagine what the stats would be if you counted all lurkers and those who , if the church found out, would be guilty of their definition of ‘suppressive acts’!

    • Gus Cox says

      Pretty much in the toilet. Nay, down the toilet and at the sewage plant.

      Hell, I post here, which is a “High Crime.” If those sorry bastards knew who I was, they’d “declare” me, too. So this very post makes me an SP in the Corporation’s eyes.

      I did my first course, oh let’s just say well over two decades ago. I remember when the only reg was the one who signed you up for your next course when you finished your current one. That was it. Comp your comm course, sign up for HQS, done with the reg for a while. Now you have to run the friggin’ gantlet of registrars on your routing form, and even then you’re not done with them. They’ll hassle you at the snack bar while you’re trying to eat a sandwich and chat with your friends on your lunch break. They call you continually. They show up at your f–cking house and maybe even at your job.

      Nothing instills dread like seeing an angry-looking woman wearing an IAS jacket heading toward you! It makes one not want to be around the org. That, along with Miscavige’s stupid Golden Age of Tech (as if that idiot would know anything about auditing) made me not want to be around the org.

      With just a quick look, I can count five of my friends and several family members who used to be active, onlines Scientologists and aren’t now. All for the same reason – the piss-poor behaviour of the Corporation of Scientology. And most of that piss-poor behaviour is committed by none other than He Who Must Not Be Named, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Mr. David Miscavige. What an asshole.

      I’m not saying there weren’t and aren’t problems that HWMNBN isn’t responsible for. But rather than spending the last 20+ years solving those problems, he’s amplified them manifold.

      So, yes, the stats are piss poor just from what we can see, and the actuality is far, far worse than that.


  19. The Oracle says

    This is heavy Mike. This has got to be one of the most powerful truths to hit the Internet I have seen in this social intercourse.

  20. Peter says

    Further, I always thought LRH was incorrect in creating the disconnection policy at all. It has led to perhaps the worst view of Scn anywhere, especially the breaking up of families. I’d have written to him directly, but even in the late 60s I’d learned that Standing Order 1, “All mail addressed to me shall be received by me.” was not in effect and anything which might prove disturbing was either ignored or responded to with some bland answer. Thus he had already cut himself off from his *real* public. No different than any US president, either. LOL

  21. Formost says

    The average length of time as a member of the church for a declared SP is twenty eight years.

    A whopping seventy one percent of declared SPs are Clear or OT.

    Sixty-six percent of declared SPs are trained auditors.

    eighty-three percent of declared SPs have served as staff in Orgs, Missions and/or the Sea Organization.

    32% of those declared in the last 10 years have attained top levels of either Scientology technical or administrative training.

    So if you get declared you have about a 16% chance of finding out anything about why.

    That means sixty-four percent of our declared SPs only heard about their “declare” from friends and family and were never contacted by the Church of Scientology at all.

    Absolutely astounding, almost unbelievable.

    But when enough step up and just say “NO”, reform will happen. And though in the eyes of Miscavige and his Vulture Culture taking away this control mechanism would be a disaster (and in fact, it would be the coup de grace to his “Golden Age”) it would be the best thing that could happen for the future of Scientology as a SUBJECT.

    Just my 2 discounted cents based on what I had personally witnessed 20 years being in: Someone gets declared, others notified, then forgotten … the next “exciting” event or other occurrence refocuses attentions elsewhere. If anyone is curious, they are shown “Suppressive Acts, Suppression Of Scientology And Scientologists (HCOPL 23 Dec 65R?)” and what infraction the declare was based on. The inquirer agrees and forgets as the matter has been settled in his universe … after all, LRH said so in the above HCOPL. Any movement which denigrates or mixes Scientology practices out here has completely lost the attention any given CO$er might have and labelled squirrel per LRH’s instructions, all reform issues falling on deaf ears. That’s the way it’s rigged.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll just cont. to declare people right to the point of collapsing that empire. I wish that weren’t true, but I’ve never seen any indications to the contrary. The membership will steadfastly continue to uphold these writings and operate the same way until no one is left. But given enough public pressures, I’m sure they’ll quietly address some issues. However until these off-policy Ideal Org, Cornerstone and other over-the-top bogus vulture culture fundraisers have been abolished, they need to be hammered incessantly until that end is achieved. That’s the very worst aspect of current Scientology, and one that should make anyone run for the hills.

    He is slowly destroying the organism on which he lives — and it is as painful and ugly to watch as someone dying of leprosy.

    True, sad take indeed.

    When he got back home, we talked and one of his big reveals (revelatory “whys”) was that he had been told by his SO handler that 85% of people in Scientology who had attested to Clear are NOT Clear.

    That was one of the final nails in the coffin when I felt Scientology for me will go absolutely nowhere, and another $ 10,000 – $ 20,000 AO junket was simply out of the question.

    • Roy Macgregor says

      This whole phenomena is explained by Jeff Hawkins in this post- a true classic piece of writing: thought stopping. Thanks Jeff, your writing helped me to see the truth that was sitting right in front of my face.

      And as a note, I think each of us would do well to remember our slow process of realization that something was indeed deeply astray, and recalling our own slow meandering strolls to the altar of truth, not lose hope for those that are still on that path. Do not assume that because a person has not arrived that he or she has not started the journey.

      • TheWidowDenk says

        Very nicely written, Roy! My own “slow meandering stroll to the altar of truth took five years.” It definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

        • TheWidowDenk says

          Shoot! May I please have an edit button???? Should read:

          My own “slow meandering stroll to the altar of truth” took five years.

      • Steve Poore says

        Roy, I love this comment! “I think each of us would do well to remember our slow process of realization that something was indeed deeply astray, and recalling our own slow meandering strolls to the altar of truth, not lose hope for those that are still on that path. Do not assume that because a person has not arrived that he or she has not started the journey.”

        • Steve Poore says

          we, unlike the desperate, has-to-be-done yesterday SO Staff lead by the little insane one, and all those they hammer that reality into – just need to have patience and simply persist.

  22. sophia13 says

    Impressive stats. I’m still technically in, but am working on getting things together to get out. I’m for sure a future SP and can hardly wait. 43 years in Scientology, OT III, 4 years on staff, HSDC, Staff Status III, OT Doc course.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Wow, you are ripe. Maybe even overdue… Good luck in making your getaway!

    • Formost says

      Continue your bridge out here.

      Plenty of highly-trained NOTs auditors on standby for you that won’t break your bank.

      • sophia13 says

        Yes, I’m postulating an Indie auditor in my future. I was in despair until I discovered that standard tech exists outside.

    • Mary Rathernotsay says

      Congrats Sophia on reading this blog before making your getaway!
      It’s good to know that you have friends waiting out in Freedomland.
      I’d love to hear your story once you’re Free!

  23. says

    Thanks for doing this survey. There is a predominance of people who have long experience in Scientology, whether as auditors, staff or as long-term PCs/Pre-OTs. And I agree that if you fit in this category, you are at risk. My take on why is this: You have a better grasp of the Ideal Scene of Scientology, and you can see the outpoints quite a bit more easily than those who are new or who haven’t read as much policy and tech. In fact, if you did the same Staff Statuses I did back in the day (mid-70s), the outpoints would immediately jump out at you. That was my experience in 1977, and the outpoints then weren’t near as bad as they are now. If you were a pure PC for the last decade or two, you might never have read ANY policy or tech, and you’d have no idea what goes on behind the curtains in an org. So the situation with Miscavige might look like some of the goofiness you find in any large corporation, if you even noticed at all.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Paul — I think you are totally correct. The more knowledgeable people are more likely to see the departures from the ideal scene.

      • Peter says

        Mike: It seems to me that a letter from some supposed “officer” telling you that you’ve been declared is not actually an SP declare. It only states the (possible) existence of one. Thus it is illegal and non conforming to correct tech and ethics, no better than a phone call. All I can think of as a proper answer would be to write back and say “Prove it.” (They really don’t want those written declares out in the public where they find their way to media outlets! LOL)

        • Mike Rinder says

          Of course. It’s all bs. “Letter” declares, “Grapevine” declares, “Facebook” declares, “Provisional” declares, none will be found anywhere within the extensive writings on the subject of ethics and justice the church claims to applyu.

  24. says

    Just realized another thing about the church and DM and had a good chuckle.
    If you look at the above data then look at the lawsuits the church is facing, the horrible PR they have , the lack of any results, the lack of Superpower (there isn’t any codified body of tech for this as I understand it),
    not having OT IX and X, less and less people donating, a “leader” with an eighth grade education (and a pretty bad one at that) and you see at once the very people they need to get them out of the mess are the people they are declaring!! As more and more able people are declared there will be more and more flaps and sits that have no real solutions nor terminals to implement them while cob is swilling scotch with one hand and alternately holding the copper grounding rod and writing RPF orders with the other, wondering in his foggy little pea brain how the hell he is going to keep his donators in the fold. The OT VII’s and VII’s especially are especially problematic when you don’t have 9 & 10 or Superpower to give them to keep them around and donating. South Park could make a really funny satire out of this in their medium! “The bastards- they killed my slush fund targets again!” It really sucks to be DM.

  25. says

    Mike, thank you so much for putting this together. As many above have said, it paints a lucid picture of DM’s list of persona non grata. The doers, the thinkers, the people capable of critical thought. Basically,
    the most able who had a comparable datum of the way the Church used to be are certainly undesirable in the present church. I am proud to be a part of this group!

  26. Tim-S says

    Wow. Amazing data Mike. Sorry I missed the survey. You analysis is spot on. I fit in most of the high risk categories, having been on staff, been in for 35 years, being OT, being admin, ethics and auditor trained. Shit-Howdy I was destined to be declared. Well, I’ve been told I’ve been declared, by a friend. Ha ha. Your analysis fits like a glove.

    Good to be out and doing auditing.

  27. says

    I remember how embarassing it was when I realized what a sucker I’d been for supporting the IAS. And how betrayed I felt when I became fully aware of the technical squirrleing at the top top top of the scientology food chain. It was a bitter sweet blowdown. Ahhhhh there’s the truth of it. And oh my gawd how could I have pretended for so long that those outpoints were a little ant as opposed to a sherman tank.

    Miscavige is a real live honest to god SUPPRESSIVE. Textbook.

    No matter what you do in his cult, if you don’t pretend 100% allegiance to his warped viewpoint, you are GONE. They even have sec check questions designed to ferret out any remote disagreement with his bullshit.

    The axiomatic bottom line on all SP declares is “disagree with dave.” Disagree with giving him all your money, disagree with his warped tech viewpoint, disagree with his grandiose building plans, disagree with killing your unborn, disagree with his right to be the dicator…anything, and you are out.

    And what a blessing it is to be declared and OUT.

    Thanks for the data, Mike. Maybe you’ll stir up a bit more disagreement and free a few more lost souls.


    • Jane Doe says

      Yes Les, it’s all about get rid of the ones who see, who think, who question. And isn’t that how we all came to be on Earth (Teegeak) anyway? The ones targeted for export to this planet were the rabble rousers and NON ‘Robots among others. In RJ 67 Ron talks about the categories of people who were shipped off to earth to cleanse the area of them. And that dramatization has continued with the ethnic cleansing that Hitler tried to do and now with DM doing the same with our church members. He is a classic SP with all the characteristics. Amazing that no matter how many times some people re-tread the PTS-SP course, they still can’t spot the correct SP. LRH warned us of this. He said that the tech area is where SP attack first. And look what happened? No auditors being made, no Class VIII’s, very few Clears and OTs being made compared to before, tech altered and squirreled in auditing and training. Long-time highly classed auditors and OT’s systematically exterminated with SP declares and disconnection… it makes George Orwell’s “1984” look like a day in the park in comparison.

  28. Roy Macgregor says

    DM is for sure not scared of a 20 year old, no matter who he is. He took LRH off the lines once, he could do it again in a heartbeat. DM is afraid of Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Declared SPs, Indy Scientologists, UnDeclared SPs, SO Staff, Non SO staff, Scientologists who think thoughts, the FBI and Martians, though not necessarily in that order. That’s what the black SUV is for. And let’s not forget the armed security professionals that accompany him everywhere he goes. Yup, when that many people are after you, you gotta take precautions.

  29. Axiom says

    This befogges my mind. If LRH was to return in 20-25 years (as per David Mayo), DM must know something we don’t. If I were doing what he is doing, I would be so terrified that LRH would be around the next corner ready to pounce on me. Maybe that is why he needs a bullet proof SUV?
    Something sure does not add up here …

  30. Roy Macgregor says

    The people who can SEE problems and want to DO something about it are being ruthlessly hunted down and weeded out. The flock is being thinned down. The survey shows that most of those declared are active Scientologists who were part of orgs and missions and attended events and so on. I know that worldwide event attendance is only around 12,000 to 15,000 for any single event. This is a very accurate representation of ACTIVE Scientologists. A low estimate of people declared in the last 10 years is 1000. (the are 460 openly announced Indy’s and for every Indy I know two people who are SP declared or “should be”). That is the equivalent of SP declaring 7 or 8 percent of all active Scientologists in the world. This has absolutely nothing to do with ethics and justice. This is 100% a control mechanism aimed at squashing efforts to correct blatant out points. Originally Scientologists were gutsy and non-conformist. Now the original breed is being carefully exterminated. I pity those who are left. They make a poor example of humans and are a far cry from “superior”. Most Christians conduct themselves way better than the remaining Scientology sheeple with their witch hunts and disconnections and broken families and endless money grubbing. Declared SPs should have a club or something. And yes- we should have badges for courage and integrity as well.

  31. Mantis says

    Mike, this is staggering! Your final report will have to be one of those that are broadly emailed and kept at the top of the site as a “must read”. It is MIND BLOWING and the sort of article that will get more than a few uncomfortable questions being asked.

  32. TheWidowDenk says

    I just love the survey and the analysis. As I re-read the analysis, I’m like: “Of course we’re trained; of course we’ve been on staff or otherwise contributed; of course we’re Clear and/or OT!” How would we otherwise achieve independence!

    I eventually returned to Flag in 2005 after Dr Denk’s death in 2004 and that’s when I met up with an old friend whose x-husband had recently passed away from cancer. They were both OT VIII and somewhat trained. She told me about how she’d been told she wasn’t really Clear and needed to do more processing to achieve the state. She also told me how her x-husband hadn’t really been Clear either. My point is she just lapped up the indication not only for herself but for her x-husband. Makes absolutely no sense to me …

  33. breppen says

    ” A far cry from the kind of “superior justice system” touted by the church and its lawyers (see their filings in the Garcia lawsuit for evidence of their superiority over all other forms of justice — in fact, all other forms of life on earth).” LOL, superior to all other forms of life on earth! Ha! Well if they are touting this in Garcia’s suit, this survey certainly counters that 200+ times over.

  34. says

    Yes, now it is clear to me too 😉 more then 10 years Staff, Book-Auditor, SSII and OEC trained and Clear! Reading the blogs since 2010 – nobody told me, I’m SP…

  35. says

    “see their filings in the Garcia lawsuit for evidence of their superiority over all other forms of justice — in fact, all other forms of life on earth.”

    Your unique ways to express the Church’s psychosis is absolutely hilariously, you crack me up!

    My two cents on your survey project, is that it will be nice to provide a medium, so more declared Scientologist can continue to fill in the survey on an ongoing basis.

    Who knows you might end up with a data base of ex-members larger than His Holiness and his Church of Satan.

    Thank you for all you are doing.

  36. elephant says

    The little tyrant is aware and very scared of the exodus of people and trying to do something about it. I am one of those under the radar people who still gets calls from orgs and a while ago I started to tell them what I really think about the current operation. Recently I got a call inviting me for an interview to sort things out. The person I talked to said that there is a CMO Mission in LA Org to handle this kind of matters. Of course I did not take them up on the ofer. Anybody here interested? (joke)

    • KFrancis says

      “there is a CMO Mission in LA Org to handle these kinds of matters”

      How about getting a Universe Corp Mission into L.A. Org to the handle the matter of making a Clear or training an auditor?

      Oh never mind.

  37. Mark Fisher says

    Very interesting data. Amazing the patterns that are shown when you combine and analyize the information. It paints the picture completely.

    I remember awhile back I think on Marty’s blog it was listed how many Class 12s, Original Messengers and Senior Executives who served with LRH or worked during that time period and it is a devastating number!

    Anyone still in the Church wondering what is happening, just take a look at Mike’s analysis above. It lays it all out for you!

  38. calvin b. duffield says

    Yay Mike!
    This is cause for celebration indeed. And to sweeten the early victory, ( guaranteed, btw,) – there is no way a COB ( Creator Of Bullshit ) can reverse this self induced kamikazi plummet to world infamy. Indeed, LRH may be having the last laugh at this man/boy ‘s deluded reign of power. The reason? ’cause he’s NOT a Scientologist! Ironically, one of the Golden Era Productions DVD’s “-Classification and Gradation,”( back cover ) – on which LRH states; “We have this simile of the bridge and the bridge goes from this state of existence to that state of existence. And the bridge is all complete now and can be walked. But there’s one point: you have to walk on the bridge ” The DVD, continues “You Know? You wouldn’t think you’d have to tell people this. You’d say to somebody, “You can cross the Grand Canyon as long as you walk on the bridge. “And you’d think that is enough — but, by George, somebody will go down to the edge and walk off into thin air. And you say…[ whistling…thud ]So the gradation-classification plan is a prevention of that kind of thing. It says, “There is a bridge. And if you’re going to go across from where you are now to where you’re going to arrive, why, you go across on the bridge.” And you might say Ethics, as you will connect with in organizations, sooner or later, and become aware of and so forth, is the traffic cop. And the traffic cop says, ‘That’s the bridge. That’s the abyss.” That’s about all it amounts to….

    So now we (with our safety parachute properly secured to our backs ) join Dear Davey, in freefall, for
    his comments,as we pass our mike over to him. Davey? —-” !@(&%$# C—k S—–g ., 666! *&^%***!!

    Tcch, tchh, Silly boy, always had himself convinced – HE knew best!

  39. Ronn says

    Very interesting Mike, thanks for your effort. 200 of us is in fact a pretty broad sampling, enough to give a pretty accurate view of the thousands more, fence sitters, those in fear of disconnection, those in hiding, those who were so pained they no longer have anything to do with Scientology.

    I heard from a friend his observation about the vast majority of staff are now in their teens or twenty somethings, too young to know anything about how it was or is actually supposed to be.

    • Ronn says

      … just thinking off the wall, Indies could have some business cards made up: YOUR NAME, Rumored SP; Your Name, Letter Headed SP; or, YOUR NAME, Golden Rod Official SP.

      Many are called, few are Golden.


  40. Chrissie says

    What I find most fascinating is the fact that Corporate Scientology gives Facebook such power. It’s baffling. Really!? I am going to be swayed by what someone else posts on Facebook!? They are so out of touch with reality. Yet I can see how they are, since those members still in believe whatever propaganda they are fed and there are some real doozers going around recently.
    Apparently if I just delete Marc Headley and Mike I might be forgiven for my sins… of which OSA does not want people to know the truth… so how does that make sense. Hello OSA, I have NEVER asked for forgiveness for what YOU did, I just fought back. Your carrots dangling are worthless to me as there is NOTHING to negotiate with you people. Talk about crazy!
    Sorry I missed filling out your survey Mike. I never heard directly from Corporate Scientology that I was declared but I have heard from people who heard from other people that they have read my Declare, which I hear is a generic boring one. They wouldn’t dare write what I really did because that would lead to more questions and people might become enlightened. We just got verbal confirmation from a friend who was told by a family member that Shane is Declared. That one took them 4 years! Good to know since his parents disconnected “voluntarily” (we hear, though his mom crying that OSA Int ordered her to do it or else lose her “religious retreat” contradicts that) a year and a half ago. Never a dull moment!
    Thanks for continually putting the truth out there.. =)

  41. one of those who see says

    Mike, this is excellent data to have and show people. I am under the radar because of family. But, I can feel that loosening up. So hopefully I will have more freedom soon. I do what I can in the position I am in. I am not declared, but would be of course. My info: 31 years in Scientology, short time on Staff , but more than 10 years – part of that was full time FSM and part of that was a huge project as a public. Clear, SSII So I guess I fit in there too. I haven’t earned any Status’ in any category. Been writing on the Blogs since 2010.

  42. SILVIA says

    The out points are there- you can not have such a number of highly trained apersons, and for years dedicated to Scientology, suddenly being now an SP- it does not make sense. Contrary facts.
    Also, it again shows the tone level where COB and his minions are operating from: cowardice, and as such they tell lies. They can not confron REALITY, confront people and deal with them per LRH tools.
    Correctly so Mike, you pointed out this character-COB-is destroying the organism whe dwells in; it is on Science of Survival and other materials-they are going to end destroying each others and all around them.
    At the end, the main truth on this post is: ALL DEPENDES ON THE EXTERNAL PRESSURE WE CAN EXERT… to do something about it. Lets keep at it…
    Ah, we can chuckle a bit as we are on THE IDEAL SPECIAL PERSON LIST!!!!

  43. says

    “While I could not break down the huge amount of training information I got, I did notice that there were 14 people who were OEC/FEBC trained and an additional 13 people who were Data Series Evaluator Course trained. So 13% who have reached the highest levels of Scientology administrative training.”

    Those who did FEBC would have also done a Data Series Eval course. Something that could also be done in a class V org though not common AFAIK. Those who trained as evaluators would have done a more thorough training with an interneship.

    “If you have been in Scientology a long time, done long stints on staff, are Clear or OT and have done extensive auditor or admin training, your days are numbered.”

    Just goes to prove the truth of the statement that the two crimes are being there and
    communicating. :)

  44. says

    Muhahaha. Miscavige is taking management lessons from Joe Heller’s book Catch 22.

    He should take lessons from H. P. Lovecraft instead. Of course that would assume he knows to to read…

    Rlyeh Bob

  45. Axiom says

    It would be interesting to know how many people told that they are not now Clear (after they had attested to Clear) have been declared. If that data is available.

    • Forever Lurker says

      Three years ago, a very good friend got an extensive MAA / OSA handling at AOLA in advance of his getting onto OT5. When he got back home, we talked and one of his big reveals (revelatory “whys”) was that he had been told by his SO handler that 85% of people in Scientology who had attested to Clear are NOT Clear. That this was the big “why” found, which management was currently acting on to “revert the existing scene.” I was supposed to be wowed by that, I guess. I wasn’t . . . but didn’t pop his balloon.

      My initial thought was call me when the success percentage of “products off the assembly” line is higher than 15%. I would never buy an iPad if only 15% of them worked per company claims.

      The irony of the story is that his wife has already made three complete trips up the bridge. That is, clear to not clear, clear to not clear, clear to not clear. She is currently not clear and getting more auditing yet. I can’t imagine the mental stress she’s gone through and is waiting for her in the future.

      Another SO emissary, who I talked to three years ago when he was trying to “salvage” me, told me the percentage was about 80% not clear. He revealed this with the expectation that I would appreciate management’s brilliance at finding the “correct why.” I was only quietly relieved that I stepped away over 20 years ago with my gains intact and never looked back.

      Nowhere in this world can you promote a 15-20% success ratio with a product or service and expect to survive. The sad part of this is that they’re so removed from life in the real world that they don’t know this.

      That said, I was stupid once too. A bit.

      Then I wised up. Thank god!

  46. says

    Great overview, Mike, thanks! Just wanted to add that some of those 16% who saw their SP Declare issue (A) were only shown it but not given it and so don’t have it and (B) the issue is just a bunch of lies. Mine was. Also how many of the 16% who at least saw the issue also had a Comm Ev that issue was supposedly the result of?

    • Karen B says

      No Comm Ev – but since I was declared for secretly planning to leave and doing so, then it seemed quite obvious when I hadn’t shown up for post in over nine months that I had indeed left. Though my declare states attempts were made to contact me, this is not true. At the time, I didn’t really care to be contacted, nor was I concerned about being declared.

  47. Emilie says

    Thanks for tabulating the results. Quite a badge of honor to be among these highly trained and processed people. For those still in the gulag, this should give them hope.

  48. Jonsty says

    It would be interesting to see how many who read your blog, but not yet declared, also fit into those categories of most likely to get declared. I, for one, fit all those categories: above OT 5, class 5, 10+ years on staff, Staff Status 2 or above, and so on. One day I just left and would never consider going in for an interrogation. As such, I guess nothing has happened. Well, now that I think about it, who knows, maybe I have been declared…means nothing to me anyway.
    Maybe most of the readers fit those categories you describe.

  49. says

    Wow Mike. This data is amazing. I personally fell into several of this categories. 10 years on staff. Grad V permanent. SSII and OEC Volumes training.

    Summary; Declare anyone who really knows the tech and is with the tech LOOKING at what are we (CofS=COB) really doing. Let inside only the ones who don´t know the tech or the ones who know but do not have the guts to apply it in all fields. Thanks for this data.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

    • gato rojo says

      “Declare anyone who really knows the tech and is with the tech LOOKING at what we (CofS=COB) are really doing.” I noticed exactly this several months before I left. For some time what I had learned earlier was clashing with what was going on right in front of me so I knew someone somehow was messing with things. But I didn’t know who yet or why the wrong things weren’t being corrected anymore.

      I also noticed the the biggest suck-ups around me, and people who were “favored” by Miscavige and bathed in it, were not tech trained at all. And in the most part their administrative training was done by Miscavige in COB’s School of Intimidation Violence and Threats. Anyone who studied the earlier actual LRH tech materials could see that this behavior is very wrong and it was harder for him to get them under control than people who hadn’t studied the “old” levels and courses.

      Oh…Mike…there is another way to get yourself declared if you’re on staff. Why even say anything to get yourself all upset and get everyone screaming at you and telling you what a jerk you are. Just leave. You don’t need to have any interview or sec check or even explain yourself at all. Keep a lid on it, make your plans for a safe escape, act like a good little sheeple until the very last minute so there is no suspicion, and walk/run/ride off into the sunset, safe and victorious.

      • says

        gato- that last part is a great little write-up on how to leave if you are “on the fence”- just pretend to be a good little sheeple right up to the last minute then walk out the door and never look back! This works for public, staff or SO. As a matter of fact it’s exactly what I did. And then I didn’t answer any phone calls from anyone anywhere in Scn, the premise being that if you don’t give them anything to grab onto and try to handle, there is no handle! Also, when you really get down to it they only have the power that you grant them. The MAA or OSA or even Der Demented Midget himself have no inherent power. He said so himself- when people listen to you, that’s power.
        As Jeff Hawkins stated so eloquently on his former blog- the way out is the way out! Just wanted to punch this up as I felt it might help some of those on the fence who felt they had no solution. It is as easy as 1) Find the door, 2) Walk out the door, 3) Don’t listen to anything from the Church , 4) Stop returning their calls. Repeat 3&4!!
        The only thing this doesn’t address is the friends and familial disconnections. I can only speak for myself when I say it got to the point of “I have to have my own integrity intact so if those disconnections occur, OK. They will eventually see the outpoints ,too and then all will be well.”
        After that we truly flourished and prospered!

        • Mary Rathernotsay says

          I cannot agree more!
          That is what I did, also.
          After realizing that all of my old terminals had been brainwashed by the Golden Age of Out-Tech,
          I simply acted like nothing was wrong. Got my few belongings together and called a taxi.
          Out the door in 20 seconds, speeding to the airport.
          No goodbyes, no sec-checks.
          Do not answer your phone to anybody from any Org!
          Keep it Simple. It works.

        • Jane Doe says

          How do public who own houses not too far from PAC Base handle the in person unannounced pounding at your door and refusing to leave and making you wrong because “you won’t return our calls.”?

        • SirRalliart says

          That’s exactly what I did. Only I had to add threatening to call the Sheriff to “Repeat 3&4″ step to stop them from chasing me across the country.

        • Formost says

          How do public who own houses not too far from PAC Base handle the in person unannounced pounding at your door and refusing to leave and making you wrong because “you won’t return our calls.”?

          2 options I can think of off the top of my head.

          1. Move and change to unlisted phone numbers which is what I did to shake them off completely including kissing goodbye to a quarter ton of annual junk mail.

          2. Tell them you’ll file harassment charges if they enter your property again, but be prepared for an SP declare. It’s become an suppressive act to refuse to be financially harassed by the church.