Sharron Webber Murders The English Language

blahIgnore for a moment the hype and bs about OT IX and X.

This is just an embarrassing assassination of english.

I have not changed a word from what I received.


I am sure you have seen the release of Golden Age of Tech II by Chairman of the Board RTC and I’m just as sure that you would agree the Bridge has just been given exactly as LRH intended and it is our responsibility to get everyone started as well as get started ourselves. Can you imagine anyone with disagreements to get going on their Golden Age of Tech II line-up. You must realize OT IX and X is next on the horizon and it is vital everyone of you avail yourselves of St Hat, Advance Solo Auditors course, if directed by C/S Purif and Objectives. Just send any questions in the Chief Off Alice Webber and she will immediately assist you. What really blows me away you can do it right there in your local org or you can come to the Freewinds. Obviously I would want Freewinds first. But honestly the point is I want to send compliance that all my New OT VIII’s are started and have wasted no time. You do realize your slow will slow the future release of New OT IX and X. I am very proud of you and you know that! So step up set the example for all Scientology as you always do and be the first to get started and the first to complete. New OT VIII’s were the first group to fly though their Basics with very little that have not completed. It is almost a done and I want the same with Golden Age of Tech II. Years of hard work went into seeing that you received LRH as he intended, your acknowledgement is to start! Please let me know your have done this. I am utterly counting on you as our future never looked brighter.

ML, Sharron CO FSSO

As for OT IX and X, it is highly likely that the news has not been broken to Sharron yet that OT IX and X don’t exist. (Though I suspect at some point they are going to release something and claim it was “from LRH” — probably taken from an obscure lecture or PAB from the mid-50′s so they can always point to it and claim “this is where LRH first talked about it.”). But that is not even the real point. The “divide and conquer” strategy has been taken to its ultimate conclusion here.

LRH long advocated a management technique where failing orgs were told they were “out of step with the rest of Scientology” (whether that was true or not was irrelevant, its sort of “shame management” that was relatively effective).  This became so pervasive and it was really perfected with the “International Events” that depicted “straight up and vertical expansion” and everyone looked around at the dismal, barren scene in their own orgs and concluded “it must just be us, we have got to work harder and do what COB says.”

Then Miscavige moved it to a new level with the Ideal Orgs. He first told the public that all orgs needed to be SH Size before OT IX and X would be released. But that was not going so well and he then came up with the “Ideal Org” strategy and added that all orgs ideal was now a requirement for the release of OT IX and X. But the real stroke of genius was to then appoint the “OT Ambassadors” (OT VIIIs) responsible for the fundraising. Thus they can NEVER complain that they have not been given OT IX and X because THEY are responsible for it not being released as THEY have failed to get all orgs to Ideal.

But the whales available to complete the rest of the Ideal Orgs just dont match up with the number of orgs left. So, in order to maintain the fiction that these ideal orgs “prove” astonishing expansion, they are apparently embarking on a new strategy if Auckland “Ideal Org” is any indication.  Auckland has a field of maybe a hundred people and their “Ideal Org” was becoming an embarrassment. So, the mother church is now paying for this to be completed. Wonder how all those donors to the other orgs feel about that?  It’s either a new strategy to start funding them centrally (which I have pointed out many times is what SHOULD be happening if they REALLY believed this is the strategy that would result in clearing the planet) — OR, COB wants a vacation in New Zealand as He has never been there.

So, we have an “out” being created for the release of OT IX and X even if central reserves pays for them all.

Now the NEW requirement is all OT VIIIs must be through “GAG II” with the ultimate divide and conquer make wrong: You do realize your slow will slow the future release of New OT IX and X. I am very proud of you and you know that! 

It’s hard to fathom how these people who have complete “Truth Revealed” can’t see truth that is smashing them in their face (or at least in their wallet). 

But one thing I DO agree with Sharron, and she should take her own advice: avail yourselves of St Hat. And a grammar course.


  1. Bela says

    I love the line, “Can you imagine anyone with disagreements to get going on their Golden Age of Tech II line-up.”
    Ummm…yes, yes I can!

    • Bela says

      PS…of course we all know that the purpose of that question is simply to ignite the thought stopping mechanism.

    • Hallie Jane says

      Disagreements??!! Even the thought of gag 2 makes my skin crawl. I haven’t gotten any emails for awhile since I’m a special person, but I got 2 recently, demanding that I come to a sooper dooper elite, 10,000 solo nots meeting so I could be “helped”. I’d rather be tied up by Liliputians, At least they’re cute.

  2. Cooper kessel says

    How does one have any hope of getting through a St Hat and grammar course on 2 hour sleep per night, Sounds like this was written on 1/2 hr sleep or more realistically ….no sleep because her stats were down.

    I know one of her OT VIIIs that she is so proud of will not be completing ………. to say nothing about starting!

    I can hear the collective groans of the OT VIIIs around the planet ……. “OMFG it is beginning again. I thought I was done!”

    “Flunk!!!! Start!!! but see the reg first….and make me proud of you! You bet Sharron, I mean YES SIR, RIGHT AWAY SIR! Oh yes, and you say I need to see Teddy Braggin first? OK, he’s always so nice and I love being bankrupted by him.

    Yo Dave,
    We have had a nice snowfall out here in California so I thought I would take in a day of skiing and enjoy the sights. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be truly free of all your incessant bullshit. I can only imagine it is equivalent to or above the results of say 200 hours of overrun ( I mean objectives). Just sayin….

    • Hallie Jane says

      OMFG is right Coop. The whole point and process of completing courses to an end phenomena has been completely abandoned. It’s an ability gained, and for people who have that ability, to have to go back over and over again is painful, invalidative and useless. Dm and his crew have no concept of an ability gained, so keep invalidating the people who have achieved one. There’s some huge hidden standard in play, being run on the whole group, redoing things, so dm and his crew can “see” something they’re looking for, but is not really defined. It is their ability to perceive that is the real problem, so they’re trying to “fix it”. Scn dismantled and madness defined.

      • Jane Doe says

        Yes Hallie Jane and Coop! DM has nothing new to release and he knows there is no OT IX and X, so he has figured out how to keep recycling the Bridge on the few whales left. From a technical point, he is having them overrun the process they already eped, which overrun then creates a mass, and it is that mass that DM has them audit out again. Although this is good for DM’s pocketbook, it is extremely hard on the case and this essentually F’s up the OT or pre-OT’s case big time. So he kills two birds at once: any OTs created are then weakened and debilitated, and he gets paid lots of money for doing in OT’s. A win win situation if you’re DM. A lose lose situation if you’re the victim.

      • Zana says

        I have gained the ability to ignore the asshole and watch this whole soap opera from the grandstands. Whew!

        Thank you, Mike, for an amazing blog and for revealing the inner workings of this deranged mind.

        As I was on this page I just got a call from Co$ inviting me to the Dec 29th New Years Eve thing-y. It felt so freeing to be staring at this blog and politely tell her, “No, I won’t be there,” and hang up. (I wasn’t in the mood to confront her at this point. Sometimes I do confront them by showing concern about the changed tech and say, “Isn’t this squirreling?” They have no answer to that.)

      • Cooper kessel says

        We have gained a new ability. The ability to enjoy a nice bag of popcorn with like minded friends while watching the collapse of a cult.

        I received a nice heavy cardstock postcard today with a US Flag on it and the words

        Dang, gives me a tingly feeling all over to know they were fighting hard to crush reg my ex into donating to them and being sure not to tell me about it ……might interfere with my work and cash generating potential.

        Yo Dave,
        Tell your asshole, oops, I mean IAS buddies I sure miss those freedoms to donate without really knowing I was donating. Well ….cheerio …it must have been fun while it lasted. Now I’m spending the excess cash (which there is actually quite a lot of these days) on popcorn and new bleacher seating. There is a crowd forming to watch you testify………………

      • Peter says

        “I have gained the ability to ignore the asshole and watch this whole soap opera from the grandstands. Whew!”

        Congratulations! You are now a GAG 2 release! And you’ve attained the EP: “Are these people effing kidding?”

        And, btw, just what is the meaning of “straight up and vertical”? Isn’t that redundant? Come to think about it, DM is about as redundant as any human can become.

      • Idle Morgue says

        the ability gained that I have seen in Scientology: 1. Bankruptcy and not care (pirates and bums reference). 2. Foreclosures 3. Upside down debt on home and credit cards. 4. Cancer and other life threatening illnesses 5. Disconnection – shattered families 6. Divorces – straight up and vertical 7. Insane people not looking at their religion and doing everything they are told to do. 8. Empty buildings, the World scoffing at Scientology and bat shit crazy celebrities like Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise and John Travolta 9. SP Declares – there are more SP’s declared than people that finish Bridge levels or training!! That is Scientology – from someone that did Scientology – that is all it is…a criminal organization that takes people’s money and forces slave labor in exchange for a carrot on a stick that constantly moves forward…and one can never have it!!

  3. minorron says

    Sharron’s email reminds me of someone who is experiencing sleep deprivation.

    Maybe she isn’t allowed to sleep until she sells her quota of ultra emeters or worse… all the Viii’s complete the bridge as Davey intended it (I guess Ron forgot to write down and publish his version of the bridge).

  4. WhatWall says

    Will Sharron next resort to face-ripping her OT VIIIs, as she is prone to do with her staff? I’ve read that she was a caring and decent person at one time, but, according to ex-Freewinds staff, she has for many years now been a DM minion and subjects her staff to his abusive style of management.

    • Jane Doe says

      Sharron went the route of so many good people under his influence. Contagion of aberration and in the winning valence.

  5. RisingRogue says

    This has GOT TO really piss off the OT VIIIs to no end. I can only imagine. And its got to be embarrasing, losing some of their “stature” by redoing basic Bridge steps (and “blowing charge” that isnt suppose to be there). Hell, some will be told they arent Clear! More are gunna bail. Thanks for another great post Mr. Rinder. Love it.

  6. Kevin says

    Mike, I love you. I love this blog. But this sentence is a little bit ironic: “This is just an embarrassing assassination of english.”


  7. Madora Pennington says

    The punctuation and grammar errors in these e-mails is shocking… Indicates the severe sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and pressure to “produce”.

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes Madora, it indicates sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and pressure to produce, but maybe it also represents that the SO themselves are not able to avail themselves of the courses and tech that they are pushing…. no personal enhancement time to study or get auditing because they are too busy with their quotas on post.

  8. Carol says

    I am sure the line-up of OT VIII’s is huge….not!!!!! The same ole continues….”you need to step up more….more…more”!!!

  9. says

    2 years ago I was sent to the ship for some thought modification since I admitted that I had been reading Marty’s blog. I was there for 3.5 weeks. Fortunately, someone else was paying for it.

    For the first 2 weeks, I would tell people I was there for OT IX setups. Then, I was like “fuck that” – “I am here for a sec check.”

    The Dir I&R, Max de Groot was assigned to dead agent whatever I had read. He vehemently denied the hole existed and explained the bars on the trailers were only because there were many confidential issues laid out on the floor. And no one actually lived in the trailers.

    I later came to realize that that was probably what he was told. Wouldn’t make sense to tell him the truth about the hole, then tell him to lie to the public about it. Easier to lie to Max.

    Every Sunday night there was a major IAS fundraiser. It would go on until about 1AM and you couldn’t leave without permission from the D of P or Tech Sec.

    Sharon Webber would get up and attempt to work the crowd into a lather. She would repeatedly tell us that it wasn’t her IAS, it was OUR IAS. Now who’s IAS is it?

    The regging was so constant and pervasive, I was even regged for The Way To Happiness by the examiner a few seconds after she told me that my needle was floating. Another time, the gals that cleaned my room double teamed for an IAS dono. Another time, my auditor double teamed with (forgot who) to ensure that I had every possible book and tape release known to man. This is just to name a few that are hard to forget.

    Fortunately, my daughter was getting married and I had a drop dead date that I had to leave by, or I might still be there.

    As I side note, there are many awesome sea org members on the ship, but they seem to have little choice but to reg the shit out of anyone that arrives.

    • Zana says

      That’s why I refused to go back to the ship. I was very vocal about it… to my auditors and to the people on the ship who were trying to re-reg me for the ship. I HATED that rounding up of all the usual suspects and holding them in the Starlight Lounge till they coughed up money beyond their means. It was so disgusting that I told them then how hateful I felt it was. They assigned someone to mollify me and lead me out of the barrel of fish that were being shot at. Pretty ugly goings-on. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

      • Hallie Jane says

        Yes Formost, I want to see a full disclosure of “OUR” financials for “OUR” ias. I’d like to know exactly, to the penny, like any legitimate charity, how all of OUR money has been spent and what money, of OURS, is left.

    • Moonshot says

      The ship actually used to be a pretty fun place to go to, coffe and cakes with the IAS non-withstanding.

      I found Sharron to be charming at times, but the main reason she was promoted from Dir I & R to CO FSSO is her ability to tranform herself into a high energy screamer, in the immortal vulgar style of DM, at any time. The fact that she is functionally illiterate is immaterial. Or perhaps, vitally material.

      Mike can interject his thoughts on this matter, but over the years i seemed to notice that the requirments for DM minionhood are/were a penchant for the vulgar turn of phrase, the ability to energetically follow (cram it down the throats of others) any order no matter how patently stupid and preferably at high volume, and a more than healhy dose of functional illiteracy.

    • gato rojo says

      Goddammit Sheldon, this is such squirrel crap. Thanks for exposing it. Having been at the int base for so many years we were never told about the Squirrelness of what was going on at lower levels and to this day these stories just make me puke. But to be clear, and make no mistake, LOL….. we had our own level of Total Squirreldom too. There’s just no end to it–nothing technically or administratively is the way LRH intended it anymore. I see fully and completely that there is NO org or mission that will be able to stay open or survive anymore, unless they go rogue and figure things out for themselves.

    • Jane Doe says

      Sheldon, been there done that, and my experience was like yours on the Ship. And I made the mistake of putting money on account for OT VIII while at the Ship as a “postulate” to be on OT VIII soon. Well, I came home and next time at Flag, Rick Alexander unmocked and took that money for OT VIII to buy WTH books for Columbia to stop the drug trade. And I was so dumb to believe his PR story of how the drug trade was being single handedly beaten by giving WTH to the Columbians. I bet those WTH books never left the warehouse. But the main point of this rant is that any time I had money on account, the postulate and purpose of it got raped and pillaged and taken for the cause du jour. It is indeed incestuous to keep taking internal money and moving it around internally just to get your stats up. It is the shell game all over again, but ultimately the bottom line is there are no new people coming in to the church and there are very little OT’s moving up onto VII and very few OT VII’s moving up to VIII. And no amount of new glitzy buildings will change that cold hard fact, Davie.

      • Aquamarine says

        Wow, Jane Doe, I had the same huge beef with money on account never being used for its original purpose. I became so fed up with it that I began to flatly refuse to put any money on account! I told them I would pay for whatever service I was slated to do the day before I started the service. Boy, did they hate that, but I challenged them to show me a reference that forbade it and they couldn’t.

        All of this being said, its interesting that the exception to this is the still-ins being forbidden to buy Warehouse VIIIs this way.

  10. says

    Jesus, when did Sharron Webber become a non-native English speaker? Maybe they did not get all the asbestos removed from the Freewinds and some particles lodged in the language center of her brain. Regardless, this is one Key to Life cert hereby cancelled with authority. Good gawd.

    • says

      That text looks like being written by a Swiss or a German from a grammatical viewpoint.
      Maybe it was written by Alice. Isn’t Alice from Switzerland? Maybe she wrote it so Sharron could get at least 2 hours of sleep….

  11. Markthehungarian says

    “Obviously I would want Freewinds first.”

    Pay, pay, pay, them pay some more. Never take a break. NEVER STOP GIVING!

    Scientology doesn’t believe in giving their parishioners a “breather.” It’s just constant hassle to give, donate, provide, pay, etc.

    Where is the “spirituality” in all this? Where is the surely-all-important RELIGIOUS aspect to this? From here it seems like nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, or variation upon a Ponzi theme.

  12. Galactic Patrol says

    Well, Mike, in addition to the run-on sentences and validation/begging/scolding tone of Sharon’s email, the real message here is that there is an utter and total flap with the OT VIIIs not getting moving on GAG II. Big surprise but actually this is probably the best news yet from inside the bubble. Because the OT VIIIs as a group, many of whom are the Scientology whales we hear so much about, are the most dedicated and hardcore of the lot. They are also the ones who can sometimes be the most independent thinkers.

    I’m not going to read too much into this one piece of information, but it is definitely an indicator.

    I’m wondering if anyone at all is moving on the GAG II services. I’d love some direct observation here from anyone who is still in or has ties to anyone who is as to whether the courserooms are “booming”. From what comes across my plate, I see no indication that there has been any real change at all in the world of Scientology in terms of real results, increased public on services, etc. There are some people who fawn and gush on Facebook but I’ve not seen any Facebook postings that say “Oh my god, look at all the people in the courseroom now!”

    Hell, in terms of news, RCS just opened up an entire Ideal Org, the physically largest one yet with a whole CLO included in it for the entire Asian world, and the response on media lines was not even a yawn because it was the biggest non-news event ever. I looked in vain to find anything on this except the one press release from RCS itself. Absolutely nothing. So much for the world’s fastest growing and popular religion on the planet.

    On GAG II, it’s only been a few weeks so it’s a little early to start counting the Clears and Auditors Made stats, but how about # of Public on Course in the Academy? You can’t really count BIS (Bodies in the Shop) as I’ve seen reports that this stat no longer accurately reflects actual people on service. From what I’ve heard, now anyone who walks in the door or even looks at the org is counted as a BIS.

    If this is going the way I think it’s going, this is not going to be a merry Christmas for the staff or the Sea Org.

    • Bela says

      I have not received one email, letter or phone call about GAG2 from my local org, or any other for that matter. NOT ONE!

    • Zana says

      Is there a way to find out how many of the new e-meters have been sold? I can’t imagine that many parishioners have bought them. Any way to find out?

  13. WIS says

    What?! The paying public are not constantly and steadily streaming in the doors to start GAG II since the big release party, and are already being targeted with grammatically-challenged,guilt-inducing emails???
    What a shock! (NOT.)

    As for Voldemort, I’d say “anywhere but TEXAS”–and FAR, FAR AWAY from Texas– is where he desires to be.
    Wishing Monique (and Marty) the best today in that Comal Country courthouse.

  14. John Doe says

    Do you suppose that the comma has gotten a bad name among the SO staff, due to all those suppressive semicolons used in LRH books before Miscavige “corrected” them?

    • says

      COB Order # 273,938,107,348,578,039,384,173,243,243.1796319 specifically states that ALL CAPS and exclamation MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! are the only approved communicationilogical marks in the ecclesiastical Scientology Church. How could you have possibly missed that? ;0)

    • Leonore says

      What we have here looks like fear of commas, fear of semicolons, fear of subjects and predicates and full sentences for that matter (from KTL). All in all, it seems we have a fear of 6th grade English. Maybe somebody stayed home from school too often, and just like every other kid who has MUs, he/she says, “It’s all “stooopid.”

      However, you can make up for it with the exclamation marks you learned in 2nd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jose Chung says

    Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing.

    — Nepolean Bonapart —-

    You are soooo yeterday Sharron !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Silvia says

    Maybe the Church will start financing the completion of these buildings as it has become a sore spot with City Officials and the consequent media, to have them empty without renovations for so, so, so many years (Philadelphia to name one).

    Also, he won’t be using his own money to complete Auckland, in this case; rather, with the make wrong will force other OTC to continue fundraising in other areas…as long as money keeps being ripped off and pocketed in his wallet, this little investment will keep the charade going on.

    Re Sharron’s message, I suspect is more lack of days of sleep than her grammar, as in the past she has written other messages in a more appropriate form.

    • Jane Doe says

      Silvia, you know what I love about you? That you see the best in people, even the assholes. YOu look on the bright side, see the best, and validate the best in people and thus you bring out the best in people. Long may your flag wave!

  17. says

    When my son started College, he asked me to read his first English paper. I love my son. He loves me. My first response which I did not hesitate to say to him was “how in the hell did you graduate from High School?” (he laughed, ok I am not a mean mom)

    This email is so much blather it makes my son’s first college paper look wonderful. The first sentence, I re-read 4 times. I give up.

    But on that same line, who is Saint Hat and where do I meet him?

  18. Ilbye says

    Mike a eval question about all this:

    Let’s say DM does cobble together some crap and call it OT 9 & 10. He’ll of course want to charge an arm & leg for it. Now, for it to REALLY make bank there will have to be a LOT of VIII’s waiting around to get it. Do you think he’ll wait until there are ton more VII completions (seeing as 8 is a short action) before releasing 9 & 10?

    Does even HE think that he can tap dance much longer with Bridge retreads, etc, as he knows what the REAL BIS stat international has been doing since ~89 and where it is now?

    Talk about problem vs. problem!

    • Mike Rinder says

      I think when he finally come to the realization that he is losing his grip on the flock (who knows when that will be as it is hard for him to see anything in the real world as he lives in a bubble of sycophants) this will be a desperate measure to try and get them back into the fold: “OT IX and X is going to be released and it will NOT be available outside the church. Your very eternity is at stake. This is the most monumental breakthrough since, well, since forever and ever. It even beats the removal of semicolons in the books.”

      • FG says

        New OTVIII is already a made up level my bet. Actually, the main process would fit well just as one of the not’s RD, to handle overrun dianetics. It maybe never was intended to be OTVIII.
        “Truth reveal” was an exciting title invented on the spot to make sure in 1982 the public don’t fly to David Mayo. They had to assert they had a big thing that the “squirrel” don’t have..
        And I would bet that “from clear to eternity” was not written by Hubbard. What business would he had to promote “real OTlevels” which don’t exist?
        And “it handle amnesia on the whole track” is simply false. It doesn’t… All PR, no tech. I did the freaking level, and that’s my point. And “Order of magnitude” etc… it’s really imagination… like to know the author!

      • Ilbye says

        FG, LRH wrote it. LRH made the recording where he describes OT VIII. He lied. Part of recovering is knowing the truth. In an early HCOB he lied BIG TIME about other OT levels (above 8) being researched and ready to be put into issue form. He lied about the Bridge giving one REAL OT powers (not subjective feel good stuff). LRH LIED to you.

        Miss Cabbage is a product of LRH.

      • Peter says

        Sometime in ’81 or ’82, I received a communication from the czerch spelling out the names of OT 8, 9, 10, 11. I can’t recall if it was green on white, but it was supposedly directly from LRH. I never heard anything further.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      ” Do you think he’ll wait until there are ton more VII completions (seeing as 8 is a short action) before releasing 9 & 10?”

      Now that is going to be some wait…………….I’m thinking eternities here. The pipeline is pretty empty these days.

      • Jose Chung says

        David Mscavige modeled Ideal Orgs after Mc Donalds business plan.
        Mc Donalds makes more money on rent from its restaurants than
        selling burgers. So why deliver anything ? Just collect rents and screw em if
        the public or staff doesnt like it,who gives a flying f^^k about the small fry.
        It’s all about the big buildings and lavish furniture for Tom Cruises pals.

      • Peter says

        Wow! Tom Cruise still has some pals? Who might they be, other than Kirstie? And, of course, David the Creep. I suspect that Cruise has duplicated Misconceived and has no friends, only sycophants. Poor silly bastard.

    • Globetrotter says

      Probably with the CMO Exec Council standing right next to her until she sent it – promising to send her to clean the bilge if the email didn’t go out and the stats didn’t stat going up in 15 minutes. Then, where the f@*ck are those 17 Compliance Reports to COB’s programs, you CI bitch? I feel sorry for her. She used to be a very intelligent, caring person.

    • richardgrant says

      Tony, it does have that tone of desperation, doesn’t it? As though she were forcefully given instructions, and some fixed amount of time to comply, with zero margin for proofreading.

      Is it possible for an entire group of people to simultaneously suffer emotional collapse? Sort of like mass hysteria only for exhausted people. We may be looking at some unexplored psychological frontier.

      • Odd Thomas says

        Perhaps she composed it while whirling about in one of the Super Power Gyroscopes. Which might explain the dizzying use of syntax and the complete absence of appropriate punctuation. She was too exterior to note where the commas went.


    • Aquamarine says

      i love the idea that David Miscavige is pressuring the OTVIIIs to STUDY. No longer can they be heroes by being pro FSMS or throwing their own money at the Church. Now, to please HIM, they need to do GAG II. To make HIM right, they have to spearhead this Great Movement, because THEY are so admired and respected that WHATEVER they do, the other sheeple will follow. Now, the OTVIIIs must get on their Levels and become AUDITORS. Oh, this is rich. Oh, to be a fly on their thought walls whilst they process this latest demand. LOL, people! Because – and this is just MY experience now, OK, and NOT intended as a suppressive generality – because the OTVIIIs I happen to personally know are totally into reg’ging and full time FSMing, and never open a book if they can help it.

  19. gretchen dewire says

    I was thinking english was her second language mabe. I would love to talk to my old FSMs who are OTvIIIs and see what they are thinking, but I dont think they would be too happy to talk to me.

  20. LDW says

    People who make mistakes are PTS, Sharron.

    Report to the HGC for an S & D immediately.

    Confronting the real WHO will give you a massive release, my dear.

  21. SadStateofAffairs says

    Whatever the idea about Auckland org happens to be, I don’t believe that the Church will now centrally fund the completion of all remaining Ideal Orgs. I can see the Church picking and choosing to fund some of these orgs. Auckland could be because the building is sitting there a long time and it is the one org in that country. Maybe there will be a few other such cases.
    Re: OT IX and X, Miscavige will use the promise of this to whip the OT Committees as long as possible. Then if he ever decides or is forced into releasing something it would be relatively easy. For example how about claiming that the old OT Levels V-VII were meant to be new OT IX. X, XI all along, but needed a certain number to make it up to new OT VIII first.

    • 2cents says

      Yep. He will definitely do this: Make Old OT 4 through 6 – the NEW OT 9 -11. Provided he can wait long enough for enough people who did them in the 70′s to die off and not raise a stink. Also, as so many New OT 8′s have already left the building, he’s going to have to make a whole new “crop” of OT 8′s (like a “murder” of crows or a “pitying” of doves etc. Could this be called a “clubbed seal” of OTs… just saying…) to be able to go onto the NEW (old) OT 4 etc. As Mike likes to say: it really sucks to be Miscarriage!

    • says

      I think Miscavige is too scared to visit New Zealand, of all countries. He knows that Kiwis are famous for their courage and integrity.

      But if he ever buys Adelaide an ideal org and comes here to open it, I could invite him home to hear some uncensored PDC tapes and see my original, functioning Mark VI (don’t worry Dave, I won’t ask you to pick up the cans).

  22. War Horse says

    I’m sure buy now you’ve seen this post and others like it and no the importance of reading it all and es-chewing all previous prior punctuation up to but including commas,,, semi;colons per.iods and the like because due to who can disagree with know punctuation accept maybe e cummings but he was a poet and didnt have the technology that COB has given us to. Sew start!!

  23. ka says

    Oh, the long ago withered carrot of OT IX & X is gotten out again. Maybe some OTs got a bit unruly when getting pestered with GAT II and were asking about OT IX &OT X – what they had paid for a long time ago.

    “Chairman of the Board RTC” is Sharron Weber’s puppeteer. He handles the strings skillfully (also via CMO) letting his adoring puppet do the “he is the great leader dance”. If he shakes a bit hard it comes out as wrath. Her roller-coaster between saccharin sweet and projecting blaming attack was a “normal” occurrence.

    I remember how she was telling me with a purring voice, like a teenage girl idolizing her favorite boy-group star: “Isn’t COB great, he is soooo upstat”. Even having been in my indoctrinated bubble-state, I perceived it as being quite odd. She was pushing the “COB-is-sooo-upstat” like a mantra. I think she had to do it also to convince herself that what was happening was right, because sometimes I saw her swallowing hard,with a guilt stricken face, when she saw staff getting subjugated to harsh treatment.

    In this promotional video about an Ethics &Finance convention (she was anyway talking about “ethics” all the time – “ethics” this and “ethics” that, ad nauseam) she doesn’t look to happy, more like fearful and hunted. Her puppeteer probably had pulled on the strings too hard.

    • Aurora says

      Her breathing is really shallow, the pacing of her words is artificial and she shakes her head as she is making positive statements…thereby negating what she is saying. She seems panicked.

      • Jane Doe says

        Aurora, did you watch that TV series, “Lie to Me”? It is great and you can get it on Netflix. I agree with our assessment of Sharon. DM thinks everyone is out ethics and needs ethics slammed in on them, so I’m sure he is pulling her puppet strings on this whole ethics course.

      • Aurora says

        As a matter of fact I did; and read a book by Paul Ekman, whose work was the foundation for the TV show. I also was fascinated by a deconstruction of the ‘blood libel’ video statement made by Sarah Palin at the time of the Gabby Gifford’s shooting. Observing body language like this, makes life that much more interesting!

  24. Pepper says

    I met Sharron Webber at a seminar at AOLA about 8 years ago. She was quite likable while giving the seminar.

    However, I had been to the Freewinds before that and knew it to be an absolute hellhole. The constant regging is just incredible and ruins the whole purpose of being there. I felt like I was being treated like a prisoner and when I left, I vowed I would never go back again and didn’t.

    Seeing Sharron at that seminar made me wonder so much about her. How could she be the CO FSSO and seem like such a nice person? Very incongruous to me, even now. She must have some clue as to what’s going on, or is very PTS, or just both.

    Sharron’s email sounds desperate and that she is suffering from some form of PTSD. I hope she gets out and gets some help soon.

  25. Pepper says


    Thanks for again pointing out that the “Ideal Orgs should be funded by the central church, if they really believed in the Ideal Org’s strategy to clear the planet”. Isn’t that what the church exists for?

    As the old saying goes: Put your money where your mouth is!

  26. says


    I saw a video with Pat Broeker saying OT9 and 10 were written, and there were a bunch more after that. I was wondering if you could comment on that. I ‘m not disagreeing with you at all that they don’t exist, I think you are probably correct about that. That video just has me puzzled. DM must have hated him for his speaking style more than anything. All the “um”s and hesitation.

    • Ilbye says

      Mike, Big P (Pat Broeker) was lying. At the time he was lying to DM also. Why? Because it was something he could hold over DM in the power play to see who would run the church after LRH died. DM couldn’t move against him until he had taken those “OT levels” from Pat. Marty R. probably has a write up on his site about this specific incident…

      • Mary Rathernotsay says

        It is beyond me why COB hasn’t simply invented some processes and called them OT9 and OT10 by now. He’s had plenty of time to do it and he has not been shy about squirrelling everything else. What is holding him back? Surely he cannot lack the imagination?

      • Mike Rinder says

        It’s a good question. He has not felt the necessity yet I guess. It would take a really bold move to do this and I would consider it a sign that he had finally reached the end of his reign. He could simply invent something and it would be a total bust, or he could cobble together something from other stuff and he knows that it would be scrutinized and analyzed and that it would create quite a furor about its validity etc etc.

    • DollarMorgue says

      If you can find the video, I recommend you watch it again, and this time watch his face very closely.

  27. says

    Sharron said “You do realize your slow will slow the future release of New OT IX and X. I am very proud of you and you know that!”

    When I read this I had trouble getting what she was saying.

    Mike, you really did a great job zeroing on the mechanics of this (the divide and conquer aspect.) They just keep changing the obstacle course and setting everyone back to start and if they complain or “are slow” it’s their fault.

    • Leonore says

      Science Doc,
      Now you’ve gone and done a bad, bad thing! You weren’t happy with the troublesome little semicolon; you just had to go for it all: the frightful COLON!

  28. Mary Rathernotsay says

    The comma cannot be a bad thing. The comma can be life saving!
    To wit:

    a) Let’s eat, Grandpa!
    b) Let’s eat Grandpa!

    Grandpa sure would appreciate the comma!

  29. Joe Pendleton says

    Obviously Sharron was drinking when she wrote that and I can understand why she might have some Jack Daniels available to her at all times. Mike, you’re right – there will be SOMETHING that will eventually be called OTlX and X – probably repackaged original OT levels (as they would have new impact as OT levels after a person has re-done Objectives and Super Powah). But that’s about five years down the line I think. First every available dollar has to be milked for SP/GAT2/meters and if there are any whales with any money left in five years, SOMETHING will be announced as OTlX.

    Isn’t just 5,000 meters sold at $5,000 each TWENTY FIVE MILLION BUCKS? All you really need is just a few thousand “marks” (chumps, suckers) left in the CoS and you’ve still got a GOLDMINE to keep yourself in the money.

    And … I LOVE it. Keep getting the idiots onto the ship; keep showing up on their doorstep at 2 am, keep grinding on them to up their status ….. that’s the price they will HAVE to pay for agreeing to sacrifice their integrity and loved ones. Go get ‘em, Davey (you too Sharron, don’t trip over the edge of the boat now).

  30. BeenThere8 says

    I heard Sharon used to be a teacher before joining the SO. Chronic lack of sleep affects the brain, big time. She almost went psychotic during a library campaign reg cycle 6 years ago and was already extremely sleep-deprived then. Also, on the point of the number of OT VIII’s, the majority of them run for the hills after finishing that level. So the numbers will be very sparse indeed!

  31. says

    COB wants all Scientologists to know that their defeatist slow speeds the think that all Orgs cannot be Ideal unless their hidden standards are first handled. Whereupon it becomes evident that we in RTC will never release OT IX and OT X until and unless the St. Hat Comps are straight up and vertical and all hidden standards, as well as the False Data underlying these hidden standards, are terminatedly handled using GAT II FDS and what will certainly be thousands and thousands of hours of Objectives, which Objectives can only be done at Flag.

    Then again, Basics Comps must show the same compliance to straightup-verticalness, which straightup-verticalness is needed to reverse the dwindling spiral into which the Church could be swept unless you personally and heroically “go all in” by donating so heroically that you have no unflatness on sleeping on a park bench if that is what it takes to further the aims and goals of the IAS for planetary clearing at heretofore unimaginable magnitudes.

    All of which is to say that, yes, grab a shovel because we have to dig our way out of a billion mile deep hole created by your fourth dynamic failure to handle and secure this planet by booming your Ideal Org. All other Ideal Orgs are booming except yours and you are the reason — and yet you sit there and make COB wrong and natter online and this is why this planet is on the verge of being lost. This is not a make wrong so much as it is a dire foreshadowing of an SP Declare if you don’t immediately clean it up in Ethics, confess your crimes, and supply the names and e-mail addresses of your fellow criminals.

    To end on a happier note, the new IAS cotton tote bags are now available in the bookstore. Priced at $2164, a free IAS key-chain is included.

  32. says


    Lousy grammar and bad writing aside.

    You know of course what the Ol’man has said about those levels above VIII existing in note form in Tech Correction Round Up and Dn & Scn Current State of the Subject and Materials and remember he said this in the case of the latter almost 4 decades ago.

    Has anyone done a full inventory of what happens to be in the CST’s vaults?

    Personally I doubt it.

    I mean let’s not go the same route that the other Dave as in David Mayo went when he said there where no levels above VII in his so called “Recollections”.

    Seems he didn’t “recollect” that the HCOB regarding OT VIII was on the Class VIII Course.

    But anyhoo….

    Ron never wrote up the original lower levels. He just said what processes should be on those levels.

    He left it up to the auditors auditing them and the C/Ses who C/Sed them to figure it out based on the ability gained for each grade.

    The big mistake he made and what caused the rush to Quickie Grades was that he issued an HCOB on what the Major Processes of the Grade should be.

    So everybody ran those instead of doing the long tedious work required to sort through all the Comm, Problems, O/W, ARC and Ser Fac processes.

    In fact it wasn’t till around ’72 which was 2 years after Quickie Grades that BTBs came out covering what processes to run for each level.

    A BTB.

    Again meaning again that Ron wasn’t directly on that line.

    The only actual grades he personally directly worked on were Power, Power Plus, R6EW, CC, OT I – IV. The levels above V that is the original levels V, VI, VIII where based on his notes regarding what should be on them.

    OT V & VI based on R1 processes covered in COHA and VII based on processes dealing specifically with the thetan’s ability to project their intention much like TRs 8 & 9 and what factors would prevent them from doing so.

    Much of this information covered on the SHSBC.

    As he said in C/S Series 2 he developed the Grade Chart from the top down.

    I mean anyone who’s studied the NOTs Series can see how these actions and process relate to those processes and actions run in the early ’50′s as part of track mapping.

    I mean if anyone wanted to compile some OT levels above VIII all they’d have to do is find the processes or actions relating to say Orders of Magnitude ,Character, Operating and Future, etc.

    Either in the earlier materials or rescue them in some ninja raid on Trementina.

    Instead of just saying they don’t exist, they don’t exist…etc.

    Hey maybe they’d been there all along.

    Who knows?

    What I do know for a fact is that the Church will never release them. Especially not if they can convince everybody to go around and around in the squirrel cage they created beginning with the Golden Age of Tech for OTs and put so called “Ideal Orgs” there first.

    That said.

    Nobodies probably ever going to be able to run those levels fully unless they do *all* the levels below (which includes the original OT levels) OT VIII and run an OT VIII that includes the full level as covered in that HCOB I mentioned earlier.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Jeez Robin,

      Has it ever occurred to you that some of the things the “Ol’Man” said were bullshit?

      This is what I keep objecting to you in your comments. You assume that because he said it, then its absolutely guaranteed to be true. It’s not. Just come to grips with that and a lot of things will make a hell of a lot more sense.

      Believe me, everything has been scoured a thousand times. There was a huge “Raid on Entebbe” conducted in the middle of the night with armed PIs and lawyers and about 20 people (I was one of them) to pull up moving vans and take away everything that Pat Broeker had at Newberry Springs after nothing was found at Creston.

      I know I keep wasting my breath with this, but I just don’t want to perpetuate the false data and false demigoguery about LRH.

      You say “remember the good old days when the Ol Man paid for our XMas parties” and I say “he didnt pay” and you respond with “well, who cares, we had a good party you grinch.”

      Both Marty and I have written about the “No OT IX and X” (let alone XI-XV) many times. You can choose to disbelieve us and just blindly follow “well, the Ol’Man said he had them” and until your dying day you will STILL never see anything but believe its still coming or its some conspiracy to “hide them” or “keep them away.” Believe me, Miscavige has no motivation to do that. If he could come up with ANYTHING that could be verified as LRH it would cement his position and authority without doubt (let alone be a huge source of income). It’s why the properties at Creston and at Newberry SPrings were basically torn apart and why the heavy hitter attorneys (Gerry Feffer) were brought in to threaten Broeker that he would be turned over to the IRS for criminal prosecution if he didnt cough up the “OT levels he was hiding” because those statements WERE believed.

      I promise you, if these things existed they would have been released. Or at the least, there would be handwritten notes that indicated something to tantalize and convince people they DO exist.

      Quit acting like Pangloss.

      • says

        Wow Mike…tell it like it is. This is why I love your blog. Yes, I had case gain, no….I do not “believe” everything L.R.H. said is true.

      • Peter says

        I had fabulous case gain. Loved every bit. And when I learned that SO #1 was a lie, I automatically doubted all his hooey while still taking advantage of what worked for me.

      • says

        Regarding the Xmas party who was lying?

        Rhetorical question since Ron never said he himself supplied the cash it was the LC or the LRH PR.

        Like I said earlier.

        “So what?”

        I suppose there are others who claim the Ol’man walked on water as well.

        Again so what?

        But anyway what made you think Broeker would have these notes?

        According to the HCOBs I’ve cited these notes were written over 30 years ago.

        How do you know they are not at Twin Peaks or Petrol or Trementina?

        As I mentioned earlier.

        Also I don’t believe that Miscavige would release them because he hasn’t rereleased the original OT levels and because above all else. He is a suppressive. Probably working in tandem with other interests.

        I think you are the one playing the role of Dr. Pangloss here Mike.

        But let’s just say no such notes exist.

        Even so.

        Much of what is considered OT phenomenon is covered in the earlier lectures and books. Just as I wrote earlier.

        And just as I wrote earlier you could use them as a guide to OT. Even without such notes.

        Which means these levels could be hiding in plain sight.

      • Mike Rinder says

        I’ll bite. I guess you were the one who was lying when you said: I remember the days when the Ol’man himself sent all Orgs a check to cover their Org Xmas parties.

        You are the one at this blog that claims the “Ol’Man” walked on water. And the problem with it is that you write with an air of authority, as if you have some sort inside knowledge and you mislead people. I am interested in the truth because that leads people to increased awareness and the ability to unstick themselves from lies and wrong indications and invalidation and evaluation of their observations. Conspiracy theories and tall tales from the halcyon years don’t forward that objective. I give you a lot of leeway, but I worry that me passing on your comments makes it appear I endorse what you say.

        You shift your position and theories and its all very authoritative sounding.

        Here is an example:

        Now you want to challenge what made me think Broeker would have the notes. According to the HCOBs I’ve cited these notes were written over 30 years ago. How do you know they are not at Twin Peaks or Petrol or Trementina?

        Well, I will waste my time again (but be forewarned this is the last time and I will just start sending this type of stuff to the trash).

        CST didnt exist when these supposed notes were announced in 1978. So, they had to be with LRH. They were NOT at La Quinta. There are enough people who were there (David Mayo specifically included as Snr CS Int and LRH auditor working on NOTs) who would have known about them. So, if they did exist, then they must have been with LRH. Forward to 1986. Nobody has ever seen such things. There were only 3 people left on earth who COULD know where the invisible notes were. Pat, Annie and Sarge. Annie and Sarge have no idea. Broeker starts claiming he has telepathic communication with LRH about changing the tech and redoing the grade chart. He tries to back everyone off by intimating he has “special tech” and “the notes.” That’s when the gloves come off and the raid happens and he is threatened. He backs down and disappears into the sunset.

        Still, no “notes.”

        They didnt just magically fall out of the sky and land in Trementina.

        If your conspiracy theory holds true then SP Miscavige would NOT have the imaginary notes preserved at CST. They would have been burned or something.

        But after all that, you then shift your position once again and now its all just in the existing books and lectures.

        And then finally “who needs notes anyway”?

        You are the one that is trying to claim the notes exist, not me. But after arguing about everything you end up with “the notes are not important.” They apparently are to you because the “Ol’Man” said there were notes, so there must be notes. Even if the “notes” now become “earlier books and lectures.”

        I am not wasting more time on this with you. As I said, its just going to be sent to the trash bin.

        Anyone continuing to mislead people that there are “future OT levels” and just keep giving us money until we are ready to give them to you is no better than the RCS. Please stop perpetuating this falsehood.

      • Formost says

        Mike, I’m glad he asked/posted, I’m glad you set the record straight, as this is all news to me, and I’m sure to many others too. Much appreciated. I would suggest if anyone asks, to be patient once again and make the specifics known … new people who know-not arrive here all the time.

      • Ilbye says

        Remote. The “original OT levels were sitting in every solo C/S’s office up until ’89. (last time I saw them). DM never hid them. LRH changed the grade chart. Say it slowly. L R H.

      • Foolproof says

        I’m sorry Mike, I like your blog and what it does in freeing up people etc. but you seem to have a bee in your bonnet about this subject. What you are saying is that we should believe what you say about the (non-) existence of the levels above VIII but not what LRH states in an HCOB from 1976.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Yes, that’s what I “believe”. You apparently believe these things exist, though not in the physical universe.

        I have a “bee in my bonnet” because it is a lie that is used to string people along to “stick with the program”. After 30 plus years (about the same time as Dianetics to LRH death) nothing has ever been seen by anyone or made available, you can ignore anything I say or Marty or Sarge — just OBSERVE THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE.

        Believe all you want they exist. Ignore the evidence. It’s what believers do all the time. But don’t pretend it is a “fact”. Fundamentalist Christians do the same thing and look foolish. When Christians simply stick to believing in the bible they are fine. When they try to “prove” the earth was created in 7 days and man coexisted on earth with dinosaurs, they fly in the face of the reality of the physical universe.

      • FG says

        I agree with that, Mike. Since I finished OTVIII (when I was young!), I’m convinced that it is not a proper OT level, and that this tech was not aimed to be OTVIII. And of course subsequent OT level don’t exist.

        But I would like to have your advice on that point : the consequence of this idea would be that “from clear to eternity” is false as it promotes OT level which are a fiction.

        Either LRH didn’t write it or he lied, invented a story to keep people on line.

        What do you think?

        From earler text, I’have never seen LRH promoting a non existing tech. I would tend to believe that those “actual OT level”, are an complete fiction, but who got the “bright idea”? One needs writer imagination to state “truth reveal”, “order of magnitude”, “character”, “operating”, “futur”. Something to dream with… But a big scam.

        I cannot believe LRH is the author of the scam. Why not Pat Broeker? He was much playing like “actors studio” on LRH death event, Marlon Brando type of acting… He was a kind of an artist. A real good crook.

      • says


        If you study carefully the research phase of LRH, specifically the PDC, the Factors & the Phoenix lectures AND you delve into the sacred Buddhist Texts, including some of the Tibetan magic systems, etc.

        You should at some point come to the conclusion that NOBODY can make you O.T. as it is the most personal decision that anyone would ever make, it is a state of mind, and only YOU can produce it for yourself.

        It is actually highly unfair to LRH, to expect him to deliver you to you.

        I also agree with Mike, in that all these expectation keeps people from leaving the farm. It is not healthy.

      • FG says

        Conan, I was absolutely not talking of LRH making me OT, it’s not the subject. I was speaking about the possibility that “From clear to eternity” which speaks about “actual OTlevel” is a forgery. It’s not philosophical speculation, it’s a suspicion…

      • Mike Rinder says

        Its not a forgery. But it does contain hype and false promises and claims by LRH.

        Just as an example, now that you actually know what Super Power is — do you REALLY think it achieves the following (boldface is mine)?

        This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create the new world. It puts world clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel rundown to Power in Saint Hills which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high-power rundowns which are brand-new and enter realms of the tech never before approached. Power is still very much in use on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on Dianetics ®. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills ® within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming the Super Power Auditors in a special international course. It will be delivered in almost all languages.

      • Antoine says

        Well actually, yes in head , Hubbard had it right and you can take it to the bank,
        There is an OT view which can all know, and we are all being real about. So that’s the truth. Even if you have not been with us about it…

      • Formost says

        There was a video’d LRH lecture about the the Grade Chart in ’65 I just watched where LRH clearly indicates he had been working on the tech for much longer than this current lifetime. There was also some blah-blah elsewhere through some grapevine-blog that the meters of current earth tech cannot adequately deal with the upper levels to be audited that he had already researched, and he may have destroyed his work only to be appear again at some point in the future. Of course all this is just speculation.

      • Peter says

        Mike: I’m certainly not going to argue whether there are or are not those “upper levels”. I do specifically recall, sometime after I’d quietly “left”, an info release (I believe it was green on white, but my memory ain’t what it used to be) stating the TITLES of OT 8, 9, 10 and 11. As I remember, it was the just the titles and a few lines written for each one, nothing much beyond that. If only I’d kept a copy!

      • Peter says

        Thanks for that. I left a very long time ago and that was one of the last things I recall seeing re upper levels.

      • Mary Rathernotsay says

        In spite of the lack of any further OT levels beyond OT8, does COB really need to cement his position and authority? I ask this respectfully. It seems to me that everyone is in terror of him, and that nobody would dare question him anyway.
        It seems to me that he could invent some OT9 and OT10 processes, then claim to “find” them. From what I hear the entire structure of “authority” in the Church is in the hole anyway, broken and useless. COB solely commands the SO, who are all in grave fear of him. Also, aren’t good forgers a dime a dozen?
        Who would dare to challenge him on this except for some crazy apostates on the fringe of the Internet?

      • says

        Your TR3 on that subject is admirable and highly appreciated.
        While this isn’t auditing per se it is still a kind of 3rd dynamic auditing or de-aberration by putting the correct data out there again and again.
        It is understood that you get tired of repeating your message over and over.

        Maybe this helps this or that Indie:
        After getting out of the Co$ and going through the decompression it took me a whole OTHER period of research into who LRH really was, what he did and what he DIDN’T do, sorting out the wheat from the chaff as far as truth and lies are concerned. LRH having been a tremendous stable datum for so long, it takes a while before being able to take him off the podest and yet still able to acknowledge him for and apply the workable tech legacy he left.

  33. Obnosis says

    My guess is she spoke it and it was recorded and transcribed by someone who is poor at writing English. I find it hard to believe the punctuation and grammar errors could have come from her hand unless she was really out of it for whatever reason.

  34. Jens TINGLEFF says

    I just wanted to make fun of “St Hat” – sorry about that. I mean, I like my hat but there is a limit.

  35. says

    Translation of Sharron’s message above: We’re desperate. Almost no one is buying into the GAG II bs and I’m getting bucketloads poured onto me from above. You can’t be reasoned with, so I’ll use a little emotional blackmail, which you should be well used to by now. I also don’t believe OT IX and X will ever materialize, but let’s just pretend and hope that somewhere down this rabbit hole we will find a reincarnated LRH or something and all will turn out alright in the end.

  36. says they create a new project on calling all OT 8s, OT VIIs, and they will start with YOU MUST DO, the next Six Month Check people also the same, just pay and do the new courses….thanks god I open my eyes on time.

  37. says

    “So, the mother church is now paying for this to be completed.”

    Even I, who posses a white-hot contempt for everything about Scientology, even I know that the local Orgs, and some of the staff in them, is the only source of integrity or honesty in Scientology.
    Plus, they are the people who know the territory.

  38. Elle says

    I’m a very interested “never-in”. My reaction to this criminally oppressive mind-fuckery is that it is all so very, very sad. I can’t even imagine the horror of people who have been through this process twice before only to be told they must go through it all again-AND PAY FOR IT!
    Talk about a recurring nightmare.

  39. Antoine says

    Omg this sucks! I thought I sucks,,which I s so degrading. And if Mike, puts us in this category

  40. hiatus57 says

    Acually OT IX and X do exist.

    The COB creature will release something but it won’t be the original materials in handwritten form that were about in 83.

    He has to milk the cows somehow if he wants to continue to smoke and drink as he does.

    Oh and his ashma medication must cost a bit too.