Super Power Marketing

blindHere is further proof, as if it were needed, that fundamentalist Scientology is 97.5% marketing hype and 2.5% product.

Even when they are wanting money for an actual service (as opposed to buildings, IAS, library campaigns, “planetary dissemination”, CCHR, ABLE etc etc etc) the lies and hype are simply out of this world.

Barbara Dews is not writing this foolishness. This is the approved promotion for Super Power. The blind ARE still leading the blind.

For those of you who may not be familiar with what Super Power actually contains, see the article by Dan Koon here. All the supporting documents can be found here.

A few people noted on the Johnston’s “successes” how absurd their statements are about how Super Power now miraculously “gave them a life” when they are already OT VIII trained auditors. The 30 years and a million dollars worth of services didn’t do the trick, but now this one does (though I bet if you went back and looked at their earlier “success stories” particularly from OT VII and OT VIII they said that they now had complete control over life and had never felt better or more causative or more alive or more wonderful or, or, or….)

So, now comes the pre-ordained “this is what you are expected to say about each one of these actions.”

You will note at the outset that Super Power shrunk from 12 rundowns to 10.

And that it is “confidential” (an amazing series of super fantastic confidential rundowns) even though a large part of it consists of things that have ALREADY been broadly published.

Let’s just look at a few of the claims compared to the actions. 

These are unlike any rundowns you’ve ever experienced   — -hmm, not so much. They are in fact like a LOT of what you have already experienced.

Ethics Repair ListYou will experience a brand-new type of auditing. This first rundown is so powerful, LRH said “nothing is more likely to exteriorize a pc than this rundown.”   — Again, not so much. Read the HCOB on the Ethics Repair List — it is a list that is assessed and handled Method 3 – -hardly a brand new type of auditing??? And the only exteriorization this could be referencing is exteriorizing from the RCS because if this rundown is done correctly, that could be the only result. Interesting the Johnston’s didn’t offer a success about this, the FIRST SP Rundown?

Personal Revival Rundown: Check out the HCOB this is based on HCOB 27 Oct. 78, COLLECTIVE IDENTITIES. It addresses “collective masses” and “dead thetans”. Love to know how “OT’s” are having such miraculous wins out of this that they are being “brought back to life”?

Bright Think Rundown:  That’s right, with this simple yet powerful rundown, you’re headed to another rundown that gives case gain equivalent to an entire level of the Grade Chart.  Another “confidential” rundown issued to all orgs in 1978. Here is the ENTIRETY of this “rundown”: 

“Where would you be safe?”
Repetitively to F/N, Cog, VGIs (and pc in PT of course).

The end phenomena of the process is a realisation by the pc that he’s really in present time. 

Super StudyThis rundown will rocket your ability to gain competence…as a being. It’s auditing technology like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced. Imagine a rundown that handles the absorption of knowledge in life itself. It’s the Super Study–so in-depth, the issue covering its steps and handlings is 69 pages. It addresses any element in life that prevents case gain–and all factors that can impair any learning abilities, in life itself. And what does this super amazing, confidential, like nothing you have ever experienced before rundown consist of?  THE STUDY GREEN FORM.

False Data Thinking:  This is the first time in this universe that a being’s think can be straightened out. This isn’t False Data stripping, it’s False Data thinking–restoration of your full thinking ability. This is a rundown that focuses on the very essence of sanity.  Well, yes, it IS False Data Stripping. And locating and handling the loss. And Hubbard Consultant Lists. Absolutely nothing new here. Just marketing hype.

Confront and Cause: Another amazing, confidential, never before seen “rundown” from HCOB 4 February 1960.

The Perceptics: Of course, they saved the biggest hype for last:  an entire floor has been designed and built to LRH specifications to deliver the final amazing rundown-Perceptics. LRH said absolutely NOTHING about building silly machines or buildings. Remember, this rundown was going to be available to STAFF and as an alternate to replace Power for Dianetic Clears AT SAINT HILLS.

You will experience the rehabilitation of all your 57 perceptics. This means handling any disabilities on any perceptions. With case barriers removed, you can restore them in their entirety. From sight, sound, touch, taste, smell to compass location and magnetic fields. In total, this rundown will take you through all 57 perceptics. You not only have them all–you’re using them. Drilled to a perfection of perception.

Err, OK. If this is true, how come Matt Feshbach still wears thick glasses? That is NOT a “perfection of perception.”  Oh, wait, its “perceptions as a being”? Then why all the NASA equipment? The beings are gyroscoping around or getting all oily? I thought it was BODY perceptions? I didnt think beings even experienced gravity. Oh, this is REALLY confusing.  

You just gotta call total bs on this one. 

But the best laugh is the last line. Why the hell does this woman keep promoting going up through the Grades on her Super Power hype?

It’s like trying to sell candy with a tagline from the dental association about eating sugar.  Wrong product.

I think maybe Barbara Dews is one of those people that LRH was talking about — the “dead”/disassociated staff member who cannot learn and doesn’t perceive the world around her.

I have the solution. Giver HER Super Power.

Wow, maybe THIS is what LRH was talking about making Planetary Clearing possible? Making staff capable? Super Power does not “make Clears.”

Gosh, maybe this is all a big misunderstanding?  Maybe Dave needs the False Data Thinking Rundown?  

Flag Service Consultant Newsletter




 >Restore tremendous life and causativeness

 >Rocket perceptions and awareness to whole new levels

 >Able to absorb knowledge and study anything

 >Return of native abilities for handling thought and decisions

 >Rehabilitation of all 57 perceptions as a being



The technology is now in place to provide an amazing series of super fantastic confidential rundowns.

You will enter a new world at Flag and experience ten rundowns like no other–ever.

Ten rundowns in specific sequence in a space created exclusively for that purpose.

These are unlike any rundowns you’ve ever experienced. What they address. How they are delivered. The unique and utterly spectacular results of each.

Each rundown, in exact sequence, addresses a unique aspect of a person’s case. Each builds wins and power upon the last

They put you in fantastic shape as a being. They launch you into a brilliant new realm of ability, they unleash your Super Power.

Get ready. It is time to begin a journey like none you have ever experienced. Here is a preview.



Super Power starts with a thorough review and preparation of your own unique case–so that you receive maximum case gain on each of the nine succeeding rundowns.


The rundowns begin with “something never done in this universe– or any other.” You will clear away Third and Fourth Dynamic engrams related to Ethics, Justice and Injustice. On your entire case. You will experience a brand-new type of auditing. This first rundown is so powerful, LRH said “nothing is more likely to exteriorize a pc than this rundown.”

And that’s just the beginning. Now you’re ready for…


This rundown is based on the discovery that a being can go into many levels if awareness– and many levels of unawareness. The purpose of this rundown is simple yet powerful–to restore life to a being. How powerful? So powerful LRH said it could even “bring a dead Thetan back to life.”

With that kind of power, think what it will do for you.


With this prescient rundown, you achieve the restoration of prediction and the full awareness of consequences.

With the completion of this rundown, you will see the next light on the Super Power horizon.

It is called simply ….


That’s right, with this simple yet powerful rundown, you’re headed to another rundown that gives case gain equivalent to an entire level of the Grade Chart. The rundown has unique end phenomena that always occurs– with every preclear and every pre-OT. This is an EP that happens every time.

With bright think achieved, you are ready for…


This rundown will rocket your ability to gain competence…as a being. It’s auditing technology like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced. Imagine a rundown that handles the absorption of knowledge in life itself. It’s the Super Study–so in-depth, the issue covering its steps and handlings is 69 pages. It addresses any element in life that prevents case gain–and all factors that can impair any learning abilities, in life itself.

With all that, is there anything that could still impede your total expansion across all dynamics? Yes! False data.


This is the first time in this universe that a being’s think can be straightened out. This isn’t False Data stripping, it’s False Data thinking–restoration of your full thinking ability. This is a rundown that focuses on the very essence of sanity.

With that, you move to…


If a being was all-knowing how could he be put at effect? It’s the same reason one can be hypnotized. It’s what caused beings to identify with MEST. 

Five powerful high-echelon processes to move you up to Confront–and all the way to Cause.


You’re now ready for the next echelon beyond Cause-a restoration of your Power of Choice. This will not just increase your ability to make your own decisions, it will increase that choice-making power. You’ll be able to make those choices at an extended distance. You’ll increase the very amount of life you possess. That’s power. And now it’s time for the last rundown. Here, an entire floor has been designed and built to LRH specifications to deliver the final amazing rundown-Perceptics. You literally enter a new world…..



LRH observed, “perception can be trained” This rundown achieves that reality. You will experience the rehabilitation of all your 57 perceptics. This means handling any disabilities on any perceptions. With case barriers removed, you can restore them in their entirety. From sight, sound, touch, taste, smell to compass location and magnetic fields. In total, this rundown will take you through all 57 perceptics. You not only have them all–you’re using them. Drilled to a perfection of perception.

This is clearing at a technical level only dreamed of.

The entire experience–all ten amazing rundowns– in one amazing and powerful sequence–to bring you to new levels.

This is Super Power.

This is planetary clearing.

The minimum case prerequisites for Super Power are Purification Rundown and Objectives Completion.

Super Power may be done at many points of the Grade Chart after: Purification Rundown and Objectives Completion, Grades, New Era Dianetics, Clear, OT III, New OT V, New OT VII and New OT VIII.

Time: On average:

>Preclears:              5-7 intensives

>Clears and OTs:    4-6 intensives

Number of intensives varies for each person. I can get you a Tech Estimate for anybody that wants one.

Call me or write anytime for anything!


Barbara Dews

Flag Service Consultant

323 872 3585



“Freedom is reached by

going up through the GRADES

of auditing.”  LRH

HCOB 5 April 1969



  1. Carol says

    Wow…can one say any more, this is more blah, blah, blah. As for Drew and DeDe I truly feel for them both. DeDe has been looking for a life ever since I’ve known her!!! Its the same ole, same ole!!

  2. Rory Medford says

    10 new flavors of the month!!!! People need to believe this crap just to justify what they spent!! !he deaf are leading the deaf let alone the blind

  3. jonsty says

    Pushing the same button I got caught up in: “With Scientology you will walk on water…you will be total cause over all life.” Therein lies the hook, and with that in mind, no promo claims are outrageous.

  4. Forever Lurker says

    “Where would you be safe?”

    Recall this command (minor variation) from ’53-54 era lectures.

    Not so new.

    • says

      Perhaps someone could run this on Leah Remini right now? As she is being verbally abused through the press. Is any Scientologist connected to this culture REALLY safe? A process would need to be run on anyone who has been threatened with towing the line, and their eternity for all the years it is run on them. Wonder if the staff up at Int are feeling safe? Maybe if they were not stuffed in trailers out in the desert, whipped to run in circles and bitch slapped by David Miscavige, they could feel safe someplace? Mosey had to take it into court and get a restraining order on this domestic terrorist to get some security. Most people will not go near the front door of a Scientology organization, they are scared to death of that place. Inside members have to pay to CONSIDER places they could be safe. This is serious business, money religion and justice so tightly mixed together in every social exchange in that place and shoved up your nose like a bad mix of drugs.

    • Roxy says

      Yes, Forever Lurker, from the 17 June ’54 lecture an assist for a fight with a spouse: 1. “Give me places where an angry (husband/wife) would be safe. 2. “Give me places where an angry (husband/wife) would find you safe.”

  5. War Horse says

    I’ve always believed in looking for the best in people. None of us are perfect. The important thing is that we concentrate on the positive, the lofty, the sublime.

    That’s why I could never understand why, despite hundreds of hours of XDN and FPRD, I still can’t rid myself of the unrelenting desire to drive a tractor up and down Drew Johnston’s forehead.

    • Carcha says

      You’re only allowed to receive one LOL per comment.

      I’m feeling stupid right now. I was going to post what’s below, then I read your comment, and you’re smarter. Maybe if I got some XDN (which I ALWAYS wanted) and FPRD (which I’ve never been C/Sed for) I wouldn’t be so stupid. Sigh.

      You need an integrated philosophy to achieve anything. A reason why. It must be valid and true, or you fail. There was a cool book written and a movie made, titled “The Swamp Thing.” Some biologist discovered some formula that evolved him into a combination human / tree, with incredible strength and regenerative abilities. The bad guys in the script stole it, but instead of gaining strength and beauty, they turned into rodents, pigs, and reptiles. Then they angrily demanded to know what went wrong.

      The theme and moral are as old as the hills. Indiana Jones and the carpenter’s cup. It’s not wise to make fun of the fool on the hill. It depends on the case, on who one is, but the idea of processing is the same – to free the case of hatreds and minus emotions (“Advanced Procedures and Axioms”), if necessary, then run Expanded Dianetics, False Purposes – a whole raft of procedures. But get the being to where he can at least SEE a true goal and envision a true Ideal Scene. That I know of, every religion on the planet hopes for something better than Earth. But … the way out is the way through. I like Earth – it’s the stupid, ignorant, SOB’s who won’t even talk to me that I hate.

  6. Cindy P says

    I do not think this promo is being written by Barbara Dews, either, not her style. When I did fundraising for Superpower, the promo did proclaim 12 rundowns.

    David Light, Charmaine, Bruce and Lauri really hyped up these rundowns and how Superpower was going to change the staff, the public and then the government and change the world. Oh yeah, get ethics in on the government with the 1st Rundown, Ethics and Justice. That was how they sold Cornerstones to the Public.

    Well, the problem is going to be for the Public that complete Superpower, is that they cannot tell anyone, what it is really like. That would be natter and a suppressive act to disclose Confidential information. This really is a trap that they cannot get out of.

    The sad thing is, that most of the Public got into Scientology because they really believed that they could help the world become a better place. Superpower was going to be the vehicle to explode that effort. After they realize that it has NEVER happened, they do not believe that they can get out of Scientology.

    • Poet13c says

      “they cannot tell anyone, what it is really like.” That’s right, Cindy. Even if you feel suicidal, you are not to say anything. I wonder what is the percentage of members caught in that trap – 97.5%?

  7. Just Me says

    Mike, get ready for high blog traffic. Half the Scientologists in Clearwater were already reading your blog. This post should jack up the traffic to about 90% of all Scientologists in Clearwater who read your blog.

    BTW, hi COB. How ya doin’? How’s that tightness in your chest? Put down the cigarette. Thank you.

    • Aquamarine says

      Just Me, you said, “Half the Scientologists in Clearwater were already reading your blog”.

      This is really good news. Can you expand on this data?

  8. says

    Well this is perfect. It solves all the problems of the universe.

    David Miscavige needs to pull all those “out ethics assholes” out of the hole immediately and get them going on this. As soon as they are done, he can re staff the entire Exec Strata and give God and the Pope back their hats.

    Then he will have the free time to resume the teensy amount of auditing and training he abandoned as a teenager.

    Um hum

    Thaaaats gonna happen

    • Cooper kessel says

      Yo Dave,
      Would you pahleeeze send this ‘out ethics asshole’ his goldenrod. I would like you to mail me a copy to the same address you are sending your other IAS out PR bullshit.

      Mail to:
      Cooper Kessel
      18161 Zeni Lane
      Tuolumne CA. 95379

      That is how the address appears on the “United States Government Will Help You” flyer your IAS outbox I/C sent to me last week. By the way, I’m just down the street from the CST storage facility in Tuolumne and Jane McNarin can help you out with the location as needed if you want to deliver it in person. (A friend of mine who lives on First Street said he thought he saw you arriving a while back) If so, stop on over for a stiff one next time you are in town but call me first at 209-928-4822.

      In any case, I’m really not interested in your ideas of “Guaranteeing The Future” using the ‘freedoms the IAS fought for and won’ because your request to make a ‘tax deductable donation NOW’ really does not work for me because I don’t think you are in a user friendly place of wanting to give me services..

      Or are you saying that perhaps a small donation to Super Pooper, sorry, I mean Power could handle me on all of the problems I am now having and return my grody ass back to the sanity of operating as a good compliant kool aide drinking you know whatski. Let me know which way you think I should go on this.

      If you want more money and I can get some Super Pooper services I am good to go and I have lots of cash because I just sold some real estate. But If you don’t want me hanging around then let me know that too and please send me the Goldenrod SP declare that might exist but nobody really knows for sure. Ask He Who Will Not be Named (or check with yourself if that is you) and lets get this cycle off the dime. For the records. Julian Schwartz apparently issued the declare that is on a need to know basis on the 12th of February, 2012.

      And before I sign off here, am I on the need to know list or is that for the C/S only who will need it to prep my Super Pooper set ups? Thanks for all you do (and HE does) to save this planet. We are definately really fortunate to have Him around ( or you if that is you)! By for now Dave.

    • Odd Thomas says

      Conan — fascinating connection to SP. I think I recall reading once that this video was conceived, written and produced by several Junior High Males – who were all about enhancing their perceptions.


      • Chee Chalker says

        I believe the lead singer (Jani Lane) married the girl in this video. They divorced and he passed away recently due to alcohol/drugs. Very sad……he went on one of those celebrity weight loss shows and his problems were very evident.

  9. splog says

    Nothing about Super Power makes any sense at all, right from day one.

    When did Hubbard first mention Super Power? 30 or more years ago? The BPI issue that describes it makes certain definite statements; that it is for staff first, that it will make planetary clearing possible, it will be delivered in a Class V org, and that it will be ready in 6 weeks.

    That last one is a clincher. If the rundown needs a mere 6 weeks to be made ready for delivery, then why was it never done? Why wasn’t Hubbard all over everyone’s case to get it up and running? Why wasn’t management all over the years with implementation programs? This alone makes no sense at all.

    But it’s now here, 30+ years later complete with a huge lust of absurd requirements (SP building etc) that have already been covered at length. But I still can’t wrap my brains around that original outpoint. If Super Power needed a mere 6 weeks to get done when Hubbard was still alive and all over the lines, why was it not done THEN?

    • says


      I was written up and ready for release back then but there weren’t any auditors with the quality of TRs adequate enough to deliver it.

      So the Ol’man entrusted management or as I call ‘em the coup to get the various sub projects and programs piloted and done which included the Pro TRs Course with CTP and KTL/LOC.

      You could say the pooch has been screwed on those prelims with the exception of Pro TRs.

      Not mention the pooch being screwed on delivery since I see they’ve omitted those prerecs particularly KTL/LOC for delivery of Super Power which I’m sure they’re are hoping that the faithful remaining will forget all about.

      • Mike Rinder says

        It wasn’t written up and ready for release. See the write up from Dan Koon.

        And it wasn’t that there were special TR’s needed for Super Power. LRH decided that ALL the auditors TR’s sucked. There is no such thing as “Super Power TR’s”. There is no special skill or technique required to deliver SP. M3ing a list is not special. Repetetive questions to fn cog VGIs is no breakthrough….

      • says


        Where in my original comment did I say special TRs were needed?

        Also many of the Rds like the bright think,personal revival rd(which is the handling for “deadness” on the 53) ERL, false data and loss, Study drills were all ready to roll.

        In other words as *you* yourself said much of Super Power consisted of actions and rds already extant.

      • splog says


        I’m not buying it, there’s a truck load of missing and weird information surrounding this whole cycle. Do keep in mind that Super Power was announced in 1978, LRH ED 301.

        And since then not a single word from Hubbard about Super Power anywhere. Not.One.Word. I could be wrong in that and if I am please describe any later writings, but I haven’t seen any.

        Does that not strike you as a little weird? What are we supposed to conclude here from the available facts – did Hubbard did just forget all about Super Power after 78 ended, did management disappear anything he later wrote, some other explanation perhaps?

        Whatever the truth about Super Power is, the whole think reeks of total bullshit since day 1.

      • says


        There is HCOB 1 Dec 78 Programing the Dn Clear for His Next Step which discuses when to program a clear for it followed RED 301-1 Int 6 Jan 79 giving the recs for Super Power Auditors then there is the fact that NWC is established in LA to export Super Power.


        Maybe in the way it is currently being delivered yes but I don’t think the Ol’man was BSing about the Rundown.

        It either existed or was at least on the drawing board back then.

        Of course this is mostly speculation on my part also based on some insider information since I did do a stint at NWC.

        I do know for instance that the Bright Think RD which is part of Super Power was released in I believe ’76 then withdrawn.

        And that other actions were tested and piloted at NWC though I wasn’t specifically on those lines.

        Remember the Ol’man as he says put Super Power on the “back burner” mainly because of I think these were his words he used as well the “despicable” state of TRs and the inability of the students who were sent there to study which begat the whole WOOC and KTL/LOC evolution which is what I worked on while at NWC aside from reviewing RP cases.

      • splog says

        Now I’m even less convinced.

        “the “despicable” state of TRs and the inability of the students who were sent there to study” – I can buy this on the surface as a single isolated data point. But at the same time as this was going on, the Ls were still being delivered, Class X-XII were still being trained, NOTs happened and continued and every other paying bridge action continued.

        Based on the details of Super Power now coming to light (mostly Dan Koon’s work), I don’t see anything at all in them to justify that quoted statement. I can’t think of anything in all of Scn that is stated to require better TRs than the Ls, and yet the Ls continued along with everything else. Super Power, Primary RD and KTL just dropped off the map (PRD I can understand if KTL is a full replacement for it). It took 20+ years to get KTL out the door, why wasn’t Hubbard all over the place getting that one debugged since 1978? Instead he was off in California writing Mission Earth amongst other things. That’s a whopping altered importance right there.

        I can’t help but think that lack of income from those services is the real reason they withered on the vine since 78, and the initial hype about Super Power was little more than a carrot hung out to appease staff who were rumbling. I’m open to evidence that shows otherwise, not everything related to Super Power would be BPI of course.

      • says


        It seems no matter what I write. You believe that Super Power was some kind of scam perpetrated by the Ol’man.

        I’ve already given you “evidence” that the RD was mentioned in issues other than RJ 30.

        Plus the fact that there was a shift toward TR training and a TR course and check sheet that was initially delivered in Qual and then became a Div IV course.

        That there was an eval done which was called World Out Of Comm and based on this eval the KTL/LOC pilot was started.

        Yeah sure auditors were still being made but all of them had to do Qual TRs course if they were auditing in the Org or the later Div IV Pro TRs course when it was released before they did any auditor training.

        Aside from the fact that as I already mentioned New World Corp was established in LA.

        In other words there was a lot of activity back then relating to Super Power.

        And maybe not a whole lot of production.

        But personally I wouldn’t blame the Ol’man for that instead I’d blame the coup that took over who fucked it up.

        And have been fucking it up ever since.

        I mean they are the ones who basically countermanded getting DeOp Tech in.

        Dragged their feet on getting the KTL/LOC pilots completed and then after that issuing it broadly to the public instead of getting the Staff through it.

        Maybe the Ol’ man was under the misguided belief that as Earl Cooley once said that the Org was in “good hands” and thought they’d eventually release Super Power in accordance to his wishes.

        Which of course didn’t happen and isn’t happening now.

        Also you remember that he was somewhat distracted at the time with the injustice department trying to pin the Snow White actually GO 1361 debacle on him plus his estranged name sake going after his estate with Flynn and Associates.

        Not to mention the Infernal Ravening Service going after him personally for back taxes.

        (You ever ask yourself why it was someone from the Treasury Department who verified the Ol’man’s finger prints on the Riverside Affidavit?)


        As far as I’m concerned the whole period is the prior confusion that left us with the fixed “solution” called Miscavige and is the reason why the problem persists and why it took so long for Super Power to be released.

        My opinion is that it’ll be the same catastrophe that occurred when KTL/LOC were originally released.

  10. Mike Finley says

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to be on this side of the fence and not dealing with the constant bs within the Co$. I know/knew Drew Johnston when he was in Marin County and the Int Finance Police were running field auditors through their beat down. Somehow he didn’t join the rest at the Mission Holders Conference probably because he was just a field practice. I remember discussing it with him and he just wanted to stay out of it. He was a great field auditor, Damn shame what he has turned himself into. Seriously downgraded from what he was.

  11. says

    Mike: there’s a glaring oversight in the hype surrounding SP. If we’re all 100% on-source (like the COB crowed dozens of times at the IAS event) then the first thing that should have been done with the SP building is to route FOR NO CHARGE dedicated staff members, in shifts, onto the SP rundowns. Start with the longest-term staff members first. Then, when all the org staff members are done, do the mission staff members, then all the management staff members. Then OFFER SUPERPOWER TO ANY DISINFECTED ex-staff for free. Including FSMs and ex-FSMs.

    Then, when that’s all done, take a look at the international stats. If they started rising and went into power internationally when the staff started getting SP, then you could use the results of that “experiment” to sell SP to parishioners.

    P.S. Dews is baldly stating that SP handles your ability to predict consequences. Screaming proof that DM hasn’t received it.

    • Anon says

      This would be a workable path, even with how the church currently runs on a local level. Except for the free part (giving away stuff for free means making out-exchange criminals, according to current church operation).

      Even in more recent years on staff in an ideal org, superpower was promoted to us as being an action we would receive after most SO members. Definitely before public! I highly doubt Org public will ever receive it.

      You made a good, clear point, which only proves the church isn’t out to only “help mankind.”

  12. Jose Chung says

    No shortage of lame excuses.
    Super power was supposed to be delivered at ASHO’s
    The Super Power Building brings the “Marks” to Flag for
    cash flow into all of the projects that make the one who must not be named look ultra fabulous.

  13. Odd Thomas says

    God, reading these articles, success stories and sundry emails about Super Power, is turning into the mental equivalent of the Kama Sutra. I am aching from all the new positions my mind is being forced into, trying to comprehend what the F**k these guys are saying.



  14. says

    DM’s latest operation is to cut things out from either what he ordered earlier or what LRH developed earlier. The “new GAT II” Grade 1 only contains 7 processes I was told. If the pc does not reach the EP by the 7th process what does the C/S do? How about pulling out the 1987 Grade 1 Process Checklist to find more processes to run, which was the purpose of those very complete 1987 checklists. They were never supposed to be a rote checklist for each pc. Next, DM has cut down Super Power from 12 rundowns, as expressly stated by LRH to only 10. Where did the physical universe drills go? Where did the other rundown go? Oh, and as far as the Perception Rundown goes, the auditor only runs those perceptics that read on assessing them. Wonder how many times saline content of the cells will read on people? Not to mention perception of conclusions, past, or whatever it is.
    The thing DM does not realize is that people are curious and they read the internet even if they are warned against doing so. Lots of people are reading Mike’s blog and they are getting the straight poop. DM, you should have bought the internet and shut it down when you had the chance like oil companies bought up carburetors that delivered 100 mpg back in the day. Too late for that strategy I guess.

    • Jane Doe says

      Good comments Dan. And Mike, can you publish the stats of your blog vs the official church blog again? I just know that there are many under the radar Scns reading this blog every day. I bet your stats on hits on your blog are sky high. I would say “straight up and vertical” but I think I’d get booed off this blog if I did! lol

      • Mike Rinder says

        Jane — anyone can go to and put in my blog and and see the results.

  15. says

    What happened to the other 2 rundowns !?

    If I remember rightly from my time at NWC there was one dealing with the dynamics and another directly dealing with beingness and stability.

    What’s up with that?

    Incredible or more suitably “wow wow wow” they’ve managed to quickie this RD before even releasing it.

    From what I understand and maybe Dan can correct me on this. One of the reasons Ron developed this RD was because Clears couldn’t run Power Processes.

    So basically in my opinion he was trying to achieve the same result which was basically the ability to hold a stable position in space from where a being could generate power.

    A quick glance over the RDs available and it is easy to see that non of them would directly achieve this EP.

    Another thing is what a crocka shit on the set ups.

    According to the ERL you are supposed to set the person up with a 53 to F/Ning.

    Now this is supposedly a “tailored setup” of some kind.

    Guess they either don’t have anyone left who can do a 53 to F/Ning especially by the new 3 swing criteria or they a calling what we used to do as a routine action back at AO a quote tailored setup unquote.

    Then there is “super study” . I vaguely remember when the first line up for the Super Power RD was released it was just called a Study GF and probably would have been skipped if the person had say a newer version of the Student Booster RD which included the SGF to F/Ning.


    You are right Mike.

    There is more BS per square inch and over hype than I have ever seen generated by the Church of Squirrelotology.


    • Mike Rinder says

      It seems they combined the Part 1 and Part 2 FDSing (part 2 is HC Lists) into one and eliminated the “Physical Universe Drills” that is the last step of Super Power to drill someone on their job. Somewhere in there was also the 1957 “Learning Drill”. May now be incorporated into the “False Data Thinking Rundown.”

  16. Pepper says

    I just don’t get the “Rehabilitation of all 57 perceptics, AS A BEING”.

    Thetans are not bodies are they? So what’s with all the machines that spin, or simulate gravity, stimulate senses, etc., on the body? So does this mean the body controls the Thetan? Sure, the concept is that Thetans are connected to bodies, so they will benefit from these exercises. Really? Does anyone else see the outpoint here, or better yet, anyone who is considering doing Super Power?

    This is absurd and foolish. I cannot imagine that LRH had the idea to create NASA, sense-stimulating machines to deliver a Super Power RD either. Maybe they were created to impress people like Tom Cruise, so he could get an adrenaline rush. Woohoo! Not to mention the construction of a basically useless building to shrine it in and disaffect the public in the hard core fundraising process.

    It’s more than just “hype”. This is a good example of how the CoS infantilizes the (I never had a life before ’til now!) faithful public, while bamboozling them at the same time.

    • Schorsch says

      My point of view on those 57 or whatever number of perceptics the body has:
      If you run something then the result of the process might not be what you did expect while starting the process. If you run those perception processes then you might have some cognitions. Finally I would say, that you could realize that not your body does the perceiving but you. You could find out that you run on automatic. Not only the body steering but also what appears that comes from the body towards you. Lets think about the sensation of pain. You cut your finger and then the electrical impuls runs though the nerve cells up to you brain. The brain cannot perceive pain. But you can feel pain. The body can feel pain. But who is the reception point of that pain? You? Yes and no. Your „recorder“ (some electronics called mind) is the reception point of all those sensations, signals. In their intended form those perception processes do not deal with increasing the ability to be the reception point of those signals. It should increase your awareness and ability to handle perceptions. Not equal to increase the sensitivity to signals from your body. (it is not proven that those signals stem from your body, only an assumption) So, this is a broad field.
      But typical for current Scientology that they only act mechanically. They have lost all the wisdom. They only know „Super“, „Power“, „Big“. Physical universe scales. Like „Power of Choice“ = Power. You need no power at all to make a decision. You simply decide. Has nothing to do with being „powerful“ or being a „powerhouse“ or whatever. You even have not to make your decision stick. They confuse making a decision and facing the consequences. The flow towards you after making a decision might require some confront. But to decide not. They cannot think.

  17. Joe Pendleton says

    Here’s what you might consider about this. LRH was EXTREMELY savvy when he wrote DMSMH and promised the moon and the stars for the state of Clear. Why the super duper hype for what was obviously totally unreal? Simply because the folks on planet Earth absolutely LOVE this stuff when it comes to the religion business. More than love it, they crave it and want it almost desperately. Christianity promises eternal life, and more than just that, doing the living right near the throne of God himself; Throughout the Old Testament, Judaism promised a God that would be right at your side not only comforting you but doing battle with you and killing your enemies, Islam has recently promised spiritual soldiers the 75 virgins in heaven (please, just make a FEW of them virgins, ok?) and just consider what Buddhism is shooting for, nothing less than infinite spirituality.

    Fact is, most folks won’t respond to “this will make you happier”, “you’ll feel more like yourself”, “you’ll be more in tune with life”, “you’ll handle your problems better”, etc etc etc Actually I should say most folks won’t respond to those things to the EXTENT of giving up all their money or self determinism or to the extent of dedicating their life to the cause. AND added to “what you will get” (at least in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Scientology) is THE CAUSE – “we” are saving all of humanity, and really are the salvation for all of the universe. The customers eat this stuff up and really demand this level of hype …. and yes, I include myself for about 35 years (though I did not come into Scientology wanting that, but repeated musters, events and readings of KSW got me into the swing of things fairly quickly).

    So, how long will the completely overheated hype continue in Scientology? As long as the customers respond, my friends. I not only do not doubt that the “in house” Scientologists do in fact feel excitement at the current hype, I think they expect it and would be very disappointed if it WASN’T totally over the top. I don’t think they would even show up without it. Miscavige is just playing the tried and true card that Ron and many others have very successfully played over the centuries. Remember LRH’s description of OT5 as “living lightning.” I myself have gotten tremendous wins from auditing, though I will always remember Wollersheim’s original tour in the late 70s when he was on the “NOTS speaking tour” and intimated that one might be able to actually time travel as a result of this level. Me? I’d totally dig hearing the Gettysburg Address, watching Babe Ruth play baseball and heck, even listening Jesus personally and heck, maybe even getting to shake his hand..

  18. Moonshot says

    Its rather ironic.

    Looks like “SuperPower” was simply a round up of existing processes thrown together in such a way to give all those overworked staff who would in all likelyhood never have a chance to do much of the bridge themselves, a chance to get some case gain and also give Orgs the chance to have a more productive and sane staff.

    Obviously, the paying public doing the real bridge wouldnt pay for that stuff since they have the real bridge to do and will already do all of that and more in the course of their progression.

    Thus the moniker “SuperPower” was simply a hype tag given by LRH to give all those slaving staff some hope and havingness. But the fire drill that is the Sea Org and its managment never could get its shit together enouph to give the staffs the minimal enhancement that is “SuperPower.”

    And thats the irony. Now, all these fools, er, i mean big being OT’s who have already done the whole “bridge” are paying MORE big dollars to do what was only meant for staff members low on the bridge and which they have already done in one form or another. Those who shouldnt need it are being hosed through the nose for what the staff’s need and should be getting for free.

    One would think that at some point beings wouldnt have to begin a major auditing action with some sort of ethical anal probe. The longer i am away from SCN, the more it looks like some sort of Soviet or North Korean internment camp for societal subversives: YOU ADMIT TO YOUR CRIMES AND TO THOSE OF OTHERS. IN WRITING. CLAIMING INNOCENCE OR LACK OF CRIMES IS INDISPUTABLE PROOF OF THE WORST OF CRIMES!!!!!!!

    Looks like “SuperPower” the way its promoted pretty much 100% invalidates the validity The Bridge.

    • says


      Sorry I don’t share the same stark view you have of Super Power.

      From my point of view it is a culmination of research the Ol’man did to improve the conditions of being on staff.

      I mean the Ol’man can write all kindsa cool and groovy tech but if it never gets applied.

      Well so what.

      Ever heard of Acceleration or Group Engram Intensives or Order vs Disorder?

      Then again you might have heard of Full Product Clearing (I don’t mean that quickie action called “Short Form Product Clearing”) or Post Purpose Clearing or the Danger RD.

      The Ls were originally conceived to place *Scientology* Execs being trained on the FEBC at cause over their posts and making them more effective.

      Now it is being sold exclusively to the nothing but fat cat FCCIs.

      You ever wonder what happened to the FEBC?

      Well when the coup resurrected it back in the ’80′s they omitted the Ls and most of the Execs who did it fell flat on their faces when they went back to their orgs.

      Yeah I was there and saw that whole disaster roll out before me.

      Sure some of the lucky ones got objectives and DRD (if they were luckier but usually the morons skipped that step) then FPRD which was supposed to be a substitute for L12 that didn’t quite work out that way.

      (Don’t get me wrong FPRD is an incredible RD and all that but it doesn’t address the same level of case the Ls do or even XDn does for that matter but there ya go.)

      You can naively ask yourself:

      “How can this be?”

      But all you gotta do is look at the Church.

      I mean if they ever apply the Tech over there it’s usually by accident and the person who makes such a misstep usually winds up with their sorry ass in front of the MAA or Ethics Officer.

  19. Silvia says

    Technically, another departure: She describes the ERL to handle 3rd and 4th Dynamic ‘engrams’- sorry, the handling is to FN, or E/S (earlier similar) to FN. Engrams have a specific technology and are run to ‘erasure’, not just key out.

    One of the RDs is specifically for No Case Gain or Slow Case Gain; so, if you are an OT what the hell you want to run? By now you should have had some case gain.

    The problem here is that, some (if not all) of the pcs are going to have to create or mock up some case/charge in order to run these processes and believe me, your case shape is going to deteriorate…forget about all this ‘super, unique, never available’ blah-blah.

    Also, and very covertly, all these statements are just ‘evaluations’ (telling the person/pc what to think about his case), wrong start and the outcome, time will tell.

  20. Poet13c says

    “how long will the completely overheated hype continue in Scientology?”: the length of a piece of string, I’m afraid, Joe.

    Lies persist, truth doesn’t. If it were truth, it would unmock. This, I believe, is the problem LRH had from day one. In order to enable Scientology to persist, a curve would have to be put on it; and in this way LRH created the monster he knew would result. How else was he to propagate his ideas to the Western World? All they know is BS. Man on the moon? 5Tbyte HDD? Doctorate in Philosophy? £75 cologne? Protest the protesters? Platinum Meritorious Status Plaque Winner? Nelson Mandela, I kiss the ground you walked upon. Christmas comes but once a year. FFS, this planet is a Fg madhouse.

    CoS members are quite possibly the stupidest people on the planet for not knowing the most basic fundamental of their own tech: knowingness of consideration.

    Forget Axiom One: think David Miscavige; he’ll save you all.

    • Cooper kessel says

      That is hilarious! She will no doubt have to resort to another form of weight loss/control..

  21. Tim Hallinan says

    This is taken from a blog by a Scientologist calling him/herself “Kswlion” at and is intended as a rebuttal to the brilliant “Scientologists Getting Back in Comm” blog put up by people who have left the booming Ideal Org of Johannesburg. This is pathetic in the extreme, for what it unwittingly reveals:

    “From Johannesburg to Cape Town, from Port Elizabeth to Durban and across Africa the roar of what is coming, the buzz on Golden Age of Knowledge Phase II is unstoppable.

    “We have heard stories of Scientologists that have been off lines for 5, 10 and 20 years coming back because they heard of Golden Age of Tech Phase II. This is happening across South Africa.

    “Just the latest news I got from the grapevine: in Port Elizabeth a public who has been off lines for 20 years heard about Golden Age of Tech II, went back on line and started on service!

    “Scientologists the world over are now realizing their dreams are about to come true. For the first time in the history of Scientology we will have the Bridge 100% as LRH intended. We will make Clears and Auditors at the speed that LRH intended.

    “We are flourishing and prospering like never before!”

    Imagine that: “A public,” complete with the singular article. Straight up and vertical indeed.

    • Aquamarine says

      “For the first time in the history of Scientology we will have the Bridge 100% as LRH intended”.

      I don’t expect it, but I have hope that some desperate RCS reg will send me some comm like this.

  22. Flexible Flyer says

    Will the Gold executive strata receive Superpower after the GITMO Rundown currently in progress.

  23. says

    We in RTC wish to point out that the owner of this blog forget to mention the most powerful new rundown of all.


    In the False Data Unthinking Rundown, one begins session at the the moment they were declared an SP.

    Whereupon, they go earlier and earlier on the chain until the very first time they encountered the Church of Scientology.

    At each step of this rundown, the SP unthinks each of his or her false data thinking on COB.

    As unthinkingnesses — literally actual thinking-thought crimes against COB — are located and shattered, charge is blown on COB.

    The SP suddenly cognites that they had mocked up COB being a “bad guy” or some sort of “Master Criminal” or perhaps even a “Marcab Psych Implanter.”

    The EP: COB is wonderful and I am ready to return and do A-E.

    Donation: $500,000

    The False Data Unthinking Rundown may be done as many times as necessary.

  24. NYjourno says

    I’m a NYC-based journalist covering the local branch of Foundation for a Drug Free World. I’m looking for information about the motivations of the group and its members:

    The volunteers who give the anti-drug presentations to schools do it for free and take an incredibly busy schedule. Is there a reason to do so, besides personal motivation? Course credit, maybe? Advancement in the church?

    And what’s the purpose of FDFW? Since it keeps its affiliation a secret, is it effective as a PR measure? Is there an element of proselytization?

    Sorry for the off-topic post.

  25. Robin says

    I confess I haven’t read all the comments and I skimmed through the Super Power references because, you know, I have no plans to do it. However, having done all the original OT levels through full 7, several of the processes seem to come from them if memory serves me. BTW, I’d have posted here before this, but was only just declared — for reasons unspecified … over 25 years after I left the church! Sheesh, even the declares are out tech!

      • Mike Rinder says

        Welcome Robin! Quite the comm lag they have these days…. Just too many of those pesky SPs around creating extra work for the IJC.

      • Robin says

        Thanks, Mike! I think they’ve invented the “Out of The Blue Declare” just for the fun of it. My husband (Mike) and I haven’t been active since the mid-’80s, nor have we been vocal. But we just recently got a letter telling us we were declared (no reason stated). Mike’s emailed the IJC asking for a nice SP certificate instead of the letter. He’s still waiting on a response (lol!).I must say it’s nice to find myself in such good company. x.x.x.x.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Well, I must say, I had you two pegged right from the get-go. Absolutely Special Persons that would not want to be anywhere near the RCS. You may not have been vocal, but you did hang around with the worst people in the universe :)

        BTW, your “SP certificate” should be along in about 25 years. They have a backlog at the international super printing press plant….

  26. gato rojo says

    This thing about losing gains from earlier training and auditing is an interesting phenomena. Anyone who has read more than 2 or 3 PTS references knows that your gains will not stick to some degree or other if you remain in a suppressive environment. You need to either figure out how to change it or get the heck out of there and you’ll thrive and keep your gains.

    Well, that’s all the present day church members are IN! They blow out from a session or from a win in the course room for example, then they KNOW they are going to walk into a reg somewhere before they even get out to the parking lot. The reg is only interested in another credit card swipe and the person already starts to introvert and slip. He/she knows they will be made less of and critiized or screamed at if they don’t hand over more money. So there they are, already out of the stratosphere heading for the gutter.

    Then they don’t want to go back into the org but they have to, just another problem piling on over their wins. If they do hand over more money now they have done something against the agreements with their spouse for example, so that’s piled on over the wins too. Plus they even know deep downinside that something is really really wrong with this procedure. From what I’ve read on blogs there are now hundreds of things that get done to church public that anyone who understands that tech would call suppressive.

    I remember when I worked in Div 2 in an org where public would walk out of session and actually come see us and the reges and tell us what a great session they just had. And yup, we said “Great!!” and let them walk away and enjoy themselves. We knew they’d want more when they were done and they’d do what they could within their means to make it happen. Our gross income went up and up and up. At one point we didn’t even have any reges posted!

    Sooo…these days that’s a lot of additional money to un-suppress oneself when it’s a lot easier to just walk away.

    • Hallie Jane says

      Good description gato rojo. I think that’s part of the boiling frog syndrome, it gets worse and worse, until the enturbulation causes loss of gains. Then the person isn’t thinking straight, makes more and more errors and down the tube it goes. The environment itself is suppressive at this point, added to the out tech and we get some very weird results.

  27. says

    So many good people writing here. Their views, experiences and data they have. They are not necessarily against what Ron did, but they are all definitely against you David for what you have done. Keep on doing it and you will see us increase in numbers and strength. I am proud I am on this side. Thanks Mike for doing such a thorough and good work. It keeps us together.

  28. says

    “Scientology is 97.5% marketing hype and 2.5% product.” Yogi Berra once said “90% of this game is half mental–the rest is physical.” He also said “in the first half, give 100%, and then, in the second half, give what’s left.” I wonder what he would say about Scientology.

      • Aquamarine says

        All over again, and the good news is that, “No, you aren’t stupid, and finally, once and for all, we can have the Bridge just the way LRH intended D. Miscavige, GAT I 1995.

        “…and people who have been off the Bridge for 20 years are coming back in droves upon hearing about GAT II, and the good news is that finally, once and for all, we can have the Bridge just the way LRH intended. D. Miscavinge, GAT II 2013

        “…therefore, with ALL,arbitraries completely removed, and with LRH’s tech now completely pure and complete, the good news is…..D. Miscavige, GAT III 2030.

        My rhetorical question is: HOW DO THE SHEEPLE STOMACH THIS?