The Golden Age of No Tech, Part II

bridge-closed_tallThis came in from one of our Special Correspondents in response to the last post. She has a way of clearly expressing things, as she did in the earlier one I posted entitled “The Scientology Push”.  I felt this too deserved more attention so am putting it up as its own post. Enjoy. Mike Rinder

In 1996 David Miscavige locked the doors to the training bridge so tight that it was almost impossible to squeeze through.

Since that time the Scientology religion has been stripped of auditors and supervisors. Attrition rate has been far, far higher than the rate of training new auditors.

Dan Koon pointed out that GAT allowed David Miscavige to introduce alterations on the Student Hat and arbitaries on Pro TRs as well as totally screwing up Pro Metering. But in the end, the main reason for massive auditor failure has been that Class V orgs are generally completely unable to get students through the Pro-Metering Course- in any amount of time.  The supervisors themselves did complete the course, but only because they did it at Flag under some of the most highly trained and veteran auditors and supervisors in the world. Having to the deliver it themselves in Ottowa or Perth was a hopeless task. Why? Because the David Miscavige Metering Course violated HCO PL “Instruction and Examination- Raising the Standard Of” almost line by line.

That HCOPL gives a specific example to NOT do in training auditors. So Miscagive DID EXACTLY that.

He made a course that required a student auditor to reach the highest level of metering possible BEFORE starting the academy level training.

Here is the reference by L Ron Hubbard. The entire reference covers it but there are a couple of quotes that make the point.

“What’s it say at Level O? “It says ‘Listen.’ ” Okay, then, damn it, when the student is able to sit and listen and not shut a pc down with yak, the student passes. “And the meter?” You better not let me catch you teaching meters at Level 0…”

“So the expert tries to make a student do Class VI auditing the first day and the student is never trained to do any auditing at Level 0.

This nonsense repeated at Level I (by adding a meter, by purist flunking “because the student couldn’t handle an ARC break”) and repeated again at Level II (“because the student couldn’t assess”) and at Level III . . . etc., etc.

Well, if you add things all the time out of sequence and demand things the student has not yet reached, the student winds up in a ball of confusion…”

“If you never let a student learn Level 0 because he’s flunked unless he does Level VI first, people will stay on courses forever. And we’ll have no auditors.”

Quotes by L Ron Hubbard from HCOPL Instruction and Examination, Raising the Standard Of.

By setting up a Pro Metering Course that required PERFECTION on every metering skill up to Class V graduate, David Miscavige slammed the door on auditor training and bolted it shut.

What David Miscagive did to this course appears to have been monumentally stupid. It was announced with little fanfare- all the hype and hoopla was on the new Golden Age of Tech drills. But slipped in there quietly was a new metering course.

The thing that PROVES that this was deliberate and not an error is that very quickly after the release of Pro Metering huge problems were apparent in getting auditors through it. Within 6 months the word was out that that only place a person could get through Pro Metering was at Flag. And the RTC Reps got to hear about it from the public- loudly. So why nothing done for 17 years and counting?

Now we finally have an email admitting the exact problem and saying that after 17 years it is now supposed to get “handled”.

“Pro Metering is 2-3 weeks!! Not months and months like now. And a lot of people blew from this. There are reasons for this as you will see. You had to do higher academy level actions in the pro metering to pass it. There are out sequence things of having higher level data and things needed to pass at lower training levels. This sets the student up for a loss. For example the passing standard for pro metering requires the students to use model session and lists and auditing comm cycle. But you are just learning the meter and haven’t learnt these things yet, they are learnt LATER!”

It did not take 17 years for DM to figure out that he screwed up. It has taken 17 years for enough back pressure to mount up against DM for him to offer up a new twist. Right now solid and standard auditor training is available as an Independent Scientologist- checksheets very close to the ones that David Miscavige tore up are available for download, penned by one of the most experienced and trusted technical compilations staff in the world- Dan Koon.

Since 1996 the training bridge has been slammed and bolted shut. Now with the Indy movement and PR flaps rolling in every day, Miscagive needs bolster his reputation with the faithful. 

And this has not touched on the story of how DM ordered and approved the current bloated Grades Checklists that for the last 22 years have indeed made the Grades much longer than needed. Now after 22 years of over-long grade checklists for PCs comes the much awaited QUICKER Grades. Yet tech terminals who were on the scene say that revised Grades Checklists were compiled in 2006. And many people know that these new Grades Checklists have been in use at Flag and on VIP lines since then.

Could they not have been simply placed in an envelope and mailed to every org in the world?

Ah but then there would be no event, no thousands of screaming and clapping fans.

But  how is that the same person that ordered and approved the bloated Grades Checklists gets to be cheered and applauded when he strips them back 22 years later?

The Golden Age of Tech Part II is actually the Golden Age of No Tech.

If you are a Scientologist reading this you should up your confront and actually go visit the two Class V orgs closest to you and just walk around – look at the stats if you can – they should be posted on a wall somewhere. Then you need to make a hard decision about whether you are willing to stand silent while your religion gets pushed under for the third or fourth time. 



  1. plainoldthetan says

    There’s additional problems with the Professional Metering Course that made headaches for me, such as described in

    “An altered definition of “change of characteristic” was put into the Book Of E-Meter Essentials that, in practice, was the only acceptable definition, when an experienced, meter-trained auditor had no problem understanding and actually using the original 1961 definition of “change of characteristic”.”

  2. Steve Poore says

    Miscavige IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILED CASE AND STUDENT! As a true blue 2.5%er Suppressive, Psychotic, Arberrated Personality, he is so far out of valence as to not being capable of even the slightest degree of As Is Ness.
    Apparently ( per planetary dissemination org fund raiser Rudy Kempner) Miscavige revealed in a closed door tech briefing to top tech terminals how it was that he came to his “brilliant eval conclusion” which lead to GAT. The story goes that one late night miscavige picked up a Basic book from his nightstand, “Problem of Work”, read through it and then ask himself, “what did I just read?” and at that point realized there was something very wrong with the book. This lead him to discover numerous errors, bla, bla, bla. He then ordered all the Basics to be reviewed by “his crack compilations unit or RTC staff…” (Of course, being the completely out of valence SP that he is, he could never be wrong, it could never be his own MUs… – He couldn’t directly blame LRH (he’s too smart for that, would be too unpopular with the sheeples) so who does he blame?, the lowly transcribers of years past. Of course LRH never read or reviewed his own books). Oh NO, only Miscavige in his infinite wisdom could have made these brilliant discoveries and breakthroughs.
    Anyone reading this blog who has ANY DOUBT that Miscavige is what I and others say he is, need only to look at his products, his actions. If you still have doubts, then I implore you to re-study your PTS/SP pack, SOS, clear your own MUs, stop listening and LOOK!

    Those who insist on the continual support of Miscavige and or condoning him or his actions by not speaking up (out of fear) need to face their own gruesome reality of suppressing Scientology and Scientologist by complicity – and what the future holds in store for you.

    Thank you Mike Rinder, Dan Koons, Steve Hall, Tony DePhillips and others on this blog (especially those with the balls to identify themselves) who KNOW, for continuing to shine the bright light of truth on the biggest squirreled of all time and the #1 Anti-Scientology/Anti-Scientologist on the planet, David Miscavige.

  3. Wendy Munro says

    I just shake my head and thank my “lucky stars” (and good friends) I am out of that pit of quicksand. I did not know how bad it was. Every day ( even a year later) I am stunned at the new revelations. I do believe that that here is an element of desperation though, judging from emails which I still see. Eg. The once only viewing of the video on the Portland Opening (Once only? It doesn’t stand up to scrutiny?) and the “Monumental Dedication” announcement from COB coming soon. And other emails which go on and on about the “why” and the purpose of ideal orgs. Methinks they do protest too much (at the exodus of members and the CI of those still in.) The clapping and cheering? Staff and Sea Org who cheerlead the crowds out of their own desperation to get the stats up and the money in. I remember feeling nauseous when the Basics were released. I didn’t catch on immediately, and didn’t know why I felt sick about it then, but I certainly have learned to trust my gut. And my gut tells me, others are experiencing the same thing….

  4. Kevin Tighe says

    “You better not let me catch you teaching meters at Level 0…”

    Really? Then how do you do session rudiments? How do you know what Level 0 processes to run? How do you know when the process has F/Ned? No metering on Level 0. LOL!

    Ya know, maybe if Ron could have found the time to film an F/N and an instant read instead of dicking around writing Battlefield Earth and the Mission Earth series we’d wouldn’t have to deal half this bullshit. Oh, and by the way Ron, thanks so much for writing from Clear to Eternity where the “speed” engram is layed in with “whole track branding irons”. And Ron, next time you take off, would you mind doing a hat write up, proper turn over, etc. Let your frickin’f ollowers know what the hell is going on!

    Brother, so much good Ron did, but he sure left us all with a pile shit to step in over and over again.

  5. jewel says

    Open Question:
    Does anyone know when the 6 months checks were instituted on OT 7? I have read the BTB where Ron says not to do it, but I don’t remember if the OT’s in the 70’s had to go for 6 month checks.

    • Roy MacGregor says

      I know some of that story and it fits perfectly with the rest of the whole crappy tale. Dan Koon probably knows the time line even better. OT 7 was released by LRH around 1979. At that time there was no such thing as a “6 month check”. When six month checks were started they did not include any sec checking. They were simply a qual consult. If there was any auditing done it was done on review hours, but a Solo Auditor doing fine did not get auditing, just the qual consult and back out the door. The checks took 1-3 days and there was no need to buy intensives. Solo NOTs was quite inexpensive because one paid for the initial course and then paid about $1000 every six months for the C/Sing and that was it. If you needed auditing it was done immediately on review hours and you paid for the hours you use only and could pay it off over time. Solo NOTs auditors did not have any financial strain at all. There were little old ladies living on pensions that were on the level. This whole subject really should have a post of it’s own because Solo NOTs has been turned into some kind of strange twisted nightmare after LRH passed away.

      • FG says

        That is exactly right, Roy. In fact, eligibility was established in 1982, and I would bet that it was never written by LRH himself as it was in contradiction with the PL saying that you dont inspect before the fact.

  6. jewel says

    Mike and Marty, among others who worked with dm, have made it clear that dm screws things up, blames others, and then comes in with a “solution” to the original mess. This is yet another example of his brilliance at being psychotic. I still have a hard time accepting that the public and staff applaud him. It’s truly unbelievable.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Well Jewel — They applauded and lauded and fawned and yelped all over again at Graduation last nite when he informed them what was coming…. He knows his public well and what their buttons are and what to say to them. It is sad. He could tell them he was going to start putting dogshit in paper bags and make it available to them for the limited time only price of $1000 and that each person required 2 bags and then they needed to get a bag delivered to every VIP on earth and they would give him a standing ovation. As long as he said this was “LRH intention” and that he had “uncovered the why for lack of….” and that THIS would now “make planetary clearing a reality.”

  7. FG says

    Feel like screaming ! After having created since 96 all possible arbitraries Miscavige cancel it and take credit for it. He is again the hero. He is an idiot but finally we pushed the truth to him, the indies being a qual, he took the cramming. He will do a big event, and all this suckers will be so happy, they will dance and sing… Gosh.
    This little monster has no OT levels to deliver above new OT8. Same business, he might take the ideas from the freezone. He’ll just have to copy some bites and pieces of Bill Robertson’s bridge (which has been piloted the last 30 years with seemingly happy customer), to reissue it as LRH and here come OT9 and 10 ! And he will get massive money and applause ! I have read Excalibur, and it’s quite thrilling, if the churchist could have it delivered in proper packaging with high price, confidentiality, eligibility. That would be some stock in trade…
    Now I have observed, this mean little monster is himself under the radar. Did you read Impact recently. Not one picture of “COB RTC”, zero. Few month ago, one picture of him at each page!
    He is going to be sweet and mellow. You can expect that after 35 years of comm lag, he will deliver superpower.
    And we will be “freezoned”. Of course we don’t care, but our criticism have been a qual for him. After all, it might even make happier public, but still there to be crooked.

  8. El Jeffe says

    I started the Pro Metering Course in 1999. I was still on the course by the time I left Corporate Scientology in 2010. Too long of a runway? You bet. I questioned this every step of the way. I’m surprised I was not declared sooner the way I questioned everything about GAT. I totally agree with the above article. The Little Fuhrer wanted Class VI auditors before they could even fly Ruds!

  9. Formost says

    Another great post.

    The Golden Age of Tech Part II is actually the Golden Age of No Tech.

    Yes, more like a partial retraction of GAT version 1.0

    If you are a Scientologist reading this you should up your confront and actually go visit the two Class V orgs closest to you and just walk around – look at the stats if you can – they should be posted on a wall somewhere.

    You are now considered to be disaffected, a heretic, apostate if you ask to see the stats, and GAT HCO will bring order and shove you out the door.

    Love Scientology technical topics because they are very educational setting records straight.

  10. DMSCOHB says

    excellent posts, mike! i was just at marty’s site and saw that he has his new book coming out next week. i was wondering if you were ever going to write a book about your experiences in scientology? marty is marty but i bet you have better stories to share than he does. thank you very much, as always, mike, and keep up the good work. you are the epitome of upstat!

  11. Last Man Standing says

    “If you are a Scientologist reading this you should up your confront and actually go visit the two Class V orgs closest to you and just walk around – look at the stats if you can – they should be posted on a wall somewhere.”

    Try doing that at NY or DC or Boston org and watch what happens. They won’t even let you through the door at those orgs unless you’re already a paying customer. The 2nd floor of NY org has been taken over by the CLO anytime any public ends up there by mistake (very easy and common mistake) they literally get physically accosted & thrown out by the goon who keeps watch by the elevator. Kid you not, I saw them throw – literally throw – a man out of the org just for asking what goes on in the 2nd floor when he tried looking around. And that was a paying public who had just gone Clear, was supposed to start OT preps at Flag, and was running around the org excited about his win & telling everyone he was going to Flag like the cliche about someone winning the lottery & saying they’re going to Disney World!

    Well that poor SOB found himself on the 2nd floor of NY org, still running around and grabbing people sitting around behind desks on the phones and telling them he was going to be OT at Flag, until the goon grabbed him and screamed obscenities at him & telling him to stop. So the guy stops, looks around, calms down & seeing all these rows of empty desk & only a few of them occupied by what looked like SO workers, and Flag, WISE, ABLE, etc logos everywhere, he asks what the hell is going on here and before he knows it he’s out on the street & told never to come back. Later that day he gets a call & finds out he won’t be allowed to arrive at Flag either and has to get in comm with the Flag MAA before he can even think about doing anything or going anywhere!

    He tried to go back to NY org but he was turned away at the door and told to talk to the Flag MAA to get his “program”. So that’s how they’re treating someone who just went Clear and dared to ask what the hell was going on in the 2nd floor of the org (which apparently is a CLO call center for Flag, Freewinds and other reps) & had plunked down $150,000 to get started at Flag. I don’t think he’s going to be doing much else in Scientology for a very long time.

    There was another raw public who walked into NY org recently & just wanted to get some information & was treated so suspiciously & hostilely that she just left before she even watched a video and told the receptionist that they should be ashamed of themselves & that “no wonder people think Scientology is an evil cult”.

    This is how they’re treating regular people, folks. Don’t expect to just be able to walk into an org, even if you’re a public, and just be allowed to look at the stats when paying public aren’t allowed to ask questions and raw public are turned away just for wanting a tour or to get some introductory info. Stats? Not gonna happen!

  12. Aquamarine says

    Let me try to get this straight:

    David Miscave never actually finished his own Class iV internship, which means he is a Class III Auditor, correct? And yet, he HEADS RTC which is in charge of ALL the tech. He, as head of RTC, is, in rank, ABOVE Class XII C/S’s, but he is nowhere near Class XII as an auditor. Forgive me for possibly being a bore, but how can ANYONE head up RTC if he or she has not been both audited and trained to the very highest grades and levels of Scientology? And this would include ALL functions like FESing, C/Sing, all of it. How is this possible that being in charge of all auditing and training everywhere in every org and on every grade and level would not require a working knowledge of it all?

    • Aquamarine says

      Also I would think that the head of RTC would have to be an Ls auditor, as well as knowing how to deliver all the Flag-only Rundowns like Havingness, etc.

      • Espiritu says

        One would think so, wouldn’t one? Personally, I have wondered if he has not exacerbated his lack of sanity by exposing himself to OT data and actions which he is not prepared to fully duplicate.

        I have beamed a shaft of light into the minds of at least a couple of “Cool Aid Drinkers” by asking them how they would feel if they found themselves sitting across a table from David Miscavige and he said “pick up the cans” and offered to give them an auditing session…….and I don’t even tell them the story about him punching his PC first. I think that most people have just kind of sensed that something is just not quite right about him. The disdain for others, irrational fear, or whatever it is just kind of oozes from his space.

    • Roy MacGregor says

      Answer- David Miscavige is NOT in charge of all of Scientology and was NEVER intended to me. David Miscavige is in charge of TRADEMARKS. He is well qualified and hatted to oversee lawyers who make sure that TRADEMARKS are registered around the world. What is he doing strutted around huge stages and re-writing LRH tech? I would love to know.

      • Aquamarine says

        Thank you, Espiritu, as I have never heard anyone mention their knowledge of DMs case and training, so when it first occurred to me I immediately dubbed in that, “Of course” he had to be both trained and audited to the highest level, and so I never asked!

        And thank you, Roy. So “in charge of trademarks” is his ACTUAL hat! Wow! And right, no one in charge of TRADEMARKS of the tech would need to be hatted on the tech itself. This makes sense.! I can think with this now. He achieved this post, was hatted for this post, then added to it, morphing it into – whatever the hell it is. Chief Ecclesiastical Squirrel?

  13. Rusty says

    Doesn’t David Miscavidge have an auditor? Who is that person, and how was he or she trained?

    • Mike Rinder says

      No — this has been covered extensively on Marty’s blog. No auditor is good enough for Miscavige.

      • Tony DePhillips says

        Do you recall the offer made to psychs of paying them some amount of money for them to got electro shock treatment?

        Well, I may make the same offer to dm. If dm gets a sec check by one of his GAT 2 auditors I will buy him a new jump suit or sun dress or something..

      • Jane Doe says

        Per the PTS/SP data: the SP never shows up for auditing and refuses auditing and thinks no one can really be helped. Does Davie fit those characteristics?

  14. Tony DePhillips says

    My correct indication:

    “You were given gross out tech. Both as a Solo Nots auditor and as a pc. You were given suppressive indications that were money motivated. The Sea Org tech terminals went into agreement with this suppression and delivered it to you and made you waste thousands upon thousands of dollars. You were also mis-trained to the point of knocking out any interest you had in becoming an auditor. Despite all of your efforts to correct us and get us to see your viewpoint you encountered much know-best and arrogant authoritarianism from the RTC reps and others who were there to protect the tech and have impeccable integrity. They failed in their mission. Subsequently, your pointing out all the out-points you saw to others got you a false SP declaration and people that you thought were friends, turned their backs on you. This in fact is their out ethics.” End of R-factor. LFBD / VGI’s noted.

    • Jane Doe says

      YOu go Tony! YOu nailed it and now i don’t have to pay tons of money to get the correct indication of BPC. I love it! THANK YOU especially to the unnamed Correspondent for this most excellent article. What is your name or screen name so I can follow all your posts? And if you don’t mind, I’m saving your article to my private stash of references and articles so that I can refer back to it every now and then. Great writeup.

    • Ronnie Bell says

      Beautifully rendered, Tony. That is the precise communication that would blow down this entire situation. Add in the R-factor that “David Miscavige has been found to be the chief culprit in all that has gone wrong in Scientology these last thirty years”, and it will be complete.

  15. Tony DePhillips says

    Great, great post!!

    This post and Mikes earlier post should be sent to all the people still on lines in Orgs. This would really help them to wake up. It is actually giving them the correct by passed charge indication. I swear I have blown a ton of charge just hearing this spoken of. I may have heard it earlier but it is like repeating the auditing command and letting more charge come off.

    As opposed to the indications you might get in the cult now. ” I would like to indicate that all of your past auditing was incorrect due to some out tech we found in GAT 1.” and ” All your GAT training needs to be redone as there were errors made by some SP’s that have since been taken off the line.” and ” We are sorry that it took 17 years to debug this but we wanted to make sure that everything was perfect.” then ” We need you to repurchase your training and you need a review to clean up any out tech that may be present due to the out-tech we allowed on your case.”~ Thank you , your needle is floating. And by the way you don’t need three swings anymore, that was out-tech too. Because you lived through this we are going to award you with the title of “Founding GAT survivor” this title will be bestowed upon you once you finish paying for and start your new technical estimate! Isn’t this EXCITING!!! (Regg beaming)

    • Aquamarine says

      Funny, Tony :) Yeah, I was wondering about whether the GAT I Auditors will be required to retrain, and if their certs will be cancelled if they refuse ala the first GAT.

  16. Bert Schippers says

    Excellent summary.
    Unbelievable insanity – the fact that he did what he did and keeps doing it and the sheeple keep applauding him for it. Total insanity.

    • Aquamarine says

      Utter insanity. Thank you, Mike and Special Correspondent for this valuable insight, and to all of you posting here as well, because reading your comments really helps me process the kind of news that is the most difficult for me to confront, i.e. willfull perversion of the tech. I can’t wait to be trained and audited in the Indie Field. Really, there is no way I will ever trust the RCS again to deliver Scientology. No way.

  17. uncover says

    I don´t know the GAT-changes but when I made the academy in the 80´s the route was student hat, pro-TR´s (with 2 hours TR0-bullbaiting without a flunk, video-checked), E-Meter course (with model session, lists, etc.), method-1 co-audit and then up to the levels as fast-flow-student. And there where a lot who made it through this steps without becoming disappointed. So the reason for no new auditors must be a different one. Maybe it´s the change of the interests in the society – e.g. play on the iPhone simply is more fun than to listen to boring LRH-tapes – maybe it is the suppresive mood in the Orgs…. whatever.

    BTW, I left the Co$ when someone suddenly came and wanted to enforce me to sign an “I HELP” contract. F*cking bastards, I paid for my education, I used my time to learn the stuff, and when I want to apply it, I will do it – without asking anybody and/or paying a fee. Does a medical doctor have to sign a contract with his university and have to pay a percentage of his income ?

    Maybe this is another reason why nobody is interested in the academy: because it is useless without being a slave of the Co$.

  18. Regular Dog says

    Thanks Special Correspondent. This is a good write-up.
    It seems David Miscavige is basically admitting to the crimes of having destroyed the technology within the church and takes no responsibility for his crimes. And now wants to sell the solution for a price.
    Sort of like those creeps who send a virus to your computer and then want to sell you the cure.

    • richard lloyd roberts says

      He’ll probably blame someone that has been booted out and declared.

  19. Raindog says

    “Could they not have been simply placed in an envelope and mailed to every org in the world?”

    Why would they do that when they can make a new course and get the “auditors made” stat up. During LRH’s day, a new R/D would come in and an auditor would high crime it. Now they have courses for a list such the Psych Repair RD. This makes it look like they are actually making new auditors when they are just recylcing the auditors that are still around. Even with that the Academys are empty.

  20. Chris Mann says

    Ringmaster Miscavige.
    He is very good at it though, I’ll give h im that.

  21. pazooter says

    Found this LRH quote which well explains GAT: “6106C12: E-meter action, Errors in Auditing, Tp.188
    Now, people get too panic-stricken at making a mistake. And they get so panicstricken
    at making a mistake they become unreasonably tense and unreasonably upset
    about learning the right way to do something and they can’t relax. You understand? So if
    they figure anything is worrying them this hard, then it’s very easy for them to go over the
    borderline and just start insisting nothing get done. And there’s a very thin line between
    total perfectionism and accomplish-nothing. That’s a very thin boundary. And it is very,
    very easily crossed.”

  22. iknowbetter says

    “If you are a Scientologist reading this you should up your confront and actually go visit the two Class V orgs closest to you and just walk around – look at the stats if you can – they should be posted on a wall somewhere.”

    Well Atlanta Org has about as much activity as a broom closet, but it’s slightly bigger.

  23. says

    Living proof that you can indeed fool some of the people all of the time.

    The clapping seals who laud miscavige are absolutely at delusion or lower on the awareness scale.

    My lovely wife and I nearly got declared suppressive at ASHO in the late 90’s for daring to insist that the Pro TRs course was in violation of Instruction and Examination Raising the Standard Of. Instead of maintaining our integrity, we shut up. Could have saved ourselves a couple of hundred big ones if we had held firm and got our declare right there and then. Lesson learned.

    My favorite quote from that PL is “The basic reason students remain long on courses stems from inept criticism by instructors regarding what is required.”

    Miscavige and his minions are utterly professional when it comes to being inept.

  24. Dan Koon says

    Factually, there was NO Pro Metering Course pre-GAT. Meter drills were included on each Academy Level as necessary for that level and NONE included EM 22 or 25. Pro Metering was DM’s invention based on LRH’s order that a Solo Auditor (not Academy auditor, SOLO AUDITOR) had to be a “meter sharpie” and so had to do each meter drill five times through. The basic on all this is that DM uses the standard of “perfection” to stop all progress. Absolutes are unobtainable but by demanding that, he stops everything in its tracks. Of course, no one want to get the reputation for having low standards, so people shut up and let him have his way. In doing so they completely ignores the more useful and practical datum that quantity comes before quality and leads to viability. DM instead pushes insane levels of quality which kills quantity and therefore viability. The last 17 years in the Church of Scientology are an object lesson in the truth of what I say.

      • Roger says

        You’re not correct too, I did M1 Co-audit course in 1975, there was NO prerequisite to it !
        The E-M drills were on the chechsheet !
        I’d perhaps one day to drill them. After 1 week on theory I was in session and had lotss of fun !
        The same wit HSDC. 2 weeks of study and the co-auditing 100ds of hours !
        I wasn’t even a fast-flow student and had to endure all those check-outs !

        THOSE WERE GOOD TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

      • Formost says

        Info that might be of interest:

        The 1979 Method 1 checksheet had no section for E-Meter Drills or worksheets, but the 1989 checksheet did.

      • momo says

        In the 1970ies, when I did Auditor Training, the Meter-drills were part of the level-checksheets.

      • uncover says

        Yes, they drills were on the levels-checksheet (additionally), but you couldn´t study the levels “fast flow”, because the prerequisite for a fast-flow-student was completed M-1-(co)-auditing. But I preferred “fast-flow”, so I did M-1 at the behinning – here is the reason why:

        FAST FLOW STUDENT, the fast flow student passes courses by an attestation at Certs and Awards that he (a) enrolled properly on the course, (b) has paid for the course (….), (c) has studied and understands all the materials on the checksheet, (d) has done the drills called for by the checksheet, (e) can produce the result required in the course materials. Twin checkouts are suspended. Examinations are not required.
        (HCO PL 31 Aug 74 II)

        “The only prerequisite for a student, staff or public to be able to fast flow his courses is Student Hat and Method One Word Clearing.”
        (HCO PL 25 Sept 79 I “Successful Training Lineup”)

        Of course you could buy the M-1 in the HGC, otherwise it was reasonable to do the M-1-course BEFORE the levels – but you wouldn´t have done the drills from the levels at that time.

    • Kevin Tighe says

      Dan: In your opinion why would LRH spend valuable time writing BE and Mission Earth when there were still so many loose ends in the tech to clean up or at least organize properly? Example: Wouldn’t we all be better off if Ron had spent a couple days filming some FNs? How about some instant reads or doing a correct can squeeze? Or how about updating what he meant when he wrote, “You better not let me catch you teaching meters at Level 0…” as that’s obviously an impossibility as you have to at least check each process before running it. It drives me crazy that for all that Ron did good he left so many contradictions that it’s no wonder we are where we are, DM or no DM.

      • uncover says

        >> Wouldn’t we all be better off if Ron had spent a couple days filming some FNs?

        THEORETICALLY (means: sales-PR) he even did that. At least there was an e-meter-reads tech-film (on film cassette in every org) in the early 80´s every academy student had to see (and pay extra for this, of course). I´ve seen this film three times. And hey, I would visit the local org today and pay 10 bucks only to see this “Humphrey-Bogart-style” film again – for fun. But unfortunately an “evil squirrel” (David Mayo) was visible in this film, so it disappeared very quickly and I think all copies of this film will have been destroyed in the meantime.

        In practice I highly doubt that Hubbard has done/written anything concerning the “tech” after he went into hiding (~ 1979).

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes Dan, and on OT VII, on EM 25, it wasn’t just that you do the drill and find the date. It is that you have to do it all the way through flubless without any wrong dates called, and no exploration of instant change of characteristics. We were told that is “old, background, and not used anymore” and flunked hard for it. Wow, it is just what Ron warned against in the KSW that we read first on any and all courses we do. Violations of it so blatant I wonder how the Course Sups can look themselves in the eye in the mirror after all those false flunks and suppression they were forced to do because they were being suppressed by DM above.

  25. Paul J says

    The fact that the Golden Age of Tech hasn’t worked is one thing, but the fact that DM has pushed it for so long while stats have crashed is another. Just like the Idle Orgs, it’s not that he tries different things, but that he keeps promoting them for years when it’s clear they don’t work. This should allow anyone to see that his actions are malicous and that David Miscavige is a suppressive person.

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes Paul. It is more than just continuing to burn the toast cuz you burnt it the first time (Service Fac). It is an actual evil intention, many many evil intentions that are being put into action and are now suppressive actions from a suppressive person. This message needs to be gotten out to the Scns still in. What about the idea of billboards with before and after pics of Idle Orgs and asking where are the people in them? The Scns may not open an email from a “known squirrel” but they sure do drive to work and see billboards.

      • Axiom says

        Love your billboard idea. I thought of that a few months ago but was thinking about using 5 years stat graphs on auditors made and completed intensives (or what ever the current stats are). I had a dream about putting one on Hollywood or Sunset Blvd near the Pac Base. That should get some attention.
        More importantly, I want to be there to see DM’s head explode when he sees it. I am sure it would be the talk of the town.

    • Indie8Million says

      Axiom – Or put it by the Author Services Building so he can’t miss it. heh heh Install video camera on the Billboard to record the reaction. Viral youtube video would ensue. :)

  26. phil pipieri says

    That was a good point. A cleverly placed stop which appears as a demand for excellence!
    How about the other end of the spectrum, auditors who made it to the top? How many are gone, and where are they now? How’d he get rid of them?
    For the record, is it true there’s more auditing happening in the field than in CO$?

    • Zana says

      There are more sec checks happening at CO$ than auditing, I’ll bet. Why bother. Who cares anymore? Next!