The Mscvg Stdt Ht

squirrelWell, it turns out that the reason students are getting through the “Student Hat Tapes” in “record” time is that the lectures were EDITED.

To remove “all the unnecessary technical data” that would cause them to bog.

Dave himself personally oversaw this effort.

And the clubbed seals cheer and clap and proclaim the great, omnipotent Dear Leader has delivered them to salvation once more.

I believe he could literally stand on stage and tell his adoring crowds that he has found the “missing step” on the Bridge that undercuts the Purif which undercuts everything else and is WHY people are not making it through training, are stalled on the Bridge, orgs are dead, staff aren’t getting paid, the press is bad — omitted COFFEE ENEMAS!!!

And everyone would scream and clap at his genius and how HE is doing what LRH wanted because now they could cleanse their colons STANDARDLY in a special Flag Only Rundown at Class IX rates “thanks to COB.”  And he would tell the adoring fools that a new building is going to be purchased to make it all possible, The Cleanse Palace, and it will be the biggest in history at 861,000 square feet. He will show a computer generated fly through including state of the art NASA designed enema machines, and announce that as soon as the funds are raised the foundations will be poured and planetary clearing will begin for real.

Is there any end to the bs in sight?

In a word. No. 


  1. Bonnie List Kittelson says

    Eventually the process will be: “Give us your credit card. Thank you. Give us all your income. Thank you. Give us any money you might be hiding from us. Thank you.” You have now achieved the level of Freedom From Surviving Well (Or at all). And the best news is that you no longer need to bother with pesky, time consuming auditing and training.

  2. Odd Thomas says

    LRH was a man. A great man. An enlightened man. Whether he discovered Scientology word for word in a laboratory, or hobbled together age old concepts and created something unique in present time, doesn’t matter as much, as the fact that the bloody subject works. He did it. He made that “engine” work. It ran, it delivered, it brought happiness and relief to thousands of people with faith in it. And that faith lasted only as long as his first win or first session. Then knowingness and certainty took over.

    I simply don’t see any purpose to continually point out that LRH was fallible — who bloody wasn’t? Or point out that he didn’t do everything right. Who does? He continually tried fixing that engine, while it was running, not the easiest task. Not everything went right, not every decision was perfect. But there was also about 87,340 other incorrect decisions made along the way by others, who were running along side by side with the man. Many errors probably attributed to him.

    He left us something grand and wonderful – the Technology. And as Morelivesthanacat points out, there’s a record of all it. I wish that were true of Buddha or Jesus or Mohammed. I wish I could flip on the CD player and hear the Sermon on the Mount or what Mohammed truly meant about woman covering themselves and what was and wasn’t appropriate. But I can’t, because all of that has been written and rewritten 100s of times until, I personally have no certainty that their actual words are represented today. Do you?

    But with LRH there’s a 97.8% (my number) probability that we’re hearing what he intended. Yes, clearing 20 words instead of 8 takes more time. But in the final analysis, they’re still pretty cool words.

    DM is a usurper. He alters, repackages, claims authorship, while standing on the shoulders of the man who made it all happen. Unique, nah. He has the intellect, the power and the respect, that any of us gives him, and nothing more. Yeah, he did some things right. He stepped up and was willing to be in charge, and we went along with it. Maybe he had the best intentions 20 years ago. But today, those intentions are not pure. What’s the old adage: Power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely. True words, even for Lord Tiny Fists. Altering the tech that works constantly; producing dwindling results, ARCXing hundreds if not thousands of veteran Scientologists, through eval, inval, pointedly bad handlings; lying to staff and public about actual attainments, those are the stats of his current leadership. View the stats. They point out the true intention of the man. Not how he compares to LRH. Because he doesn’t.

    • Aquamarine says

      I did Student Hat pre GAT and in the beginning it was irritating to have to clear all the extraneous words and I rebelled and would have blown the course because I was getting the idea that I shouldn’t have to slog thru all this and that I was probably stupid after all even though I had always been considered bright, and why wasn’t I making the progress I felt I should be making, etc. etc…anyway, I originated all of this to my course sup who listened, and when I was done complaining, he/she r-factored me, “This is not an easy course”, and then just stood there and let this sink in with me. Well, somehow, it did sink in, and I felt duplicated and validated, enough to not blow the course. I went back to slogging thru the words in those tapes. and Eventually I comped the course, and it is no exaggeration to say that it turned my life around. I had case gain from the confront of wordsI had to muster up. I had case gain simply from the fact that I comp’ed it, and I cognited on how I had forgotten my early love of learning. Nice wins. That was my personal experience with pre-GAT Student Hat which others may relate to or not as the case may be. Due to my own personal experience I am sorry that it is being changed, but I can understand how others might welcome it. You see, one of my wins was that words are not things, they’re just the symbols for things, and, as such, they can be confronted and cleared up.

  3. morelivesthanacat says

    Note to Kevin Tighe: The point here is that Dave (and if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else) who never developed anything in his entire life sure found it easy to change and alter “for the better” the life-long research and work of someone who did, take credit and sell oneself off as a prophet. That sort of thing as happened since the beginning of time.
    There’s one difference here though: Where are the original writings of all those philosophers before LRH? They don’t exist. What does exist are attempts by others to re-construct or write down stories to pass on down. And then from that 1000 new sects pop up with their own versions of what it all really meant.

    But LRH wrote down just about everything by hand or recorded it in his own voice.
    He also told us over and over that “what’s true for you is true” and he told us–in these study tapes–how to evaluate information, how to evaluate importances, etc. He never held a gun to your head or forced you to do anything…unlike the “prophet” who immediately followed him. And that’s to be expected.

    Sorry to report that LRH was human. I met him. I worked with him, and yes, he was human. Much more human and humane than the self-appointed disciple who followed. And I worked with him too.

    So take it or leave it.

    But no one has the right , as soon as he’s dead, to start on a campaign of altering, editing and otherwise losing (hiding) what he developed–particularly since one of the first tasks was to preserve the technology so that this wouldn’t happen. Probably 100s of millions were spent doing so before Dave decided it was all wrong, unmocked the organization that did the work (CST) and probably isn’t even bothering to re-do all that work in his image because it costs too damn much. Wouldn’t be surprised if his last act with CST was to order the destruction of all the work that was done…

    If you don’t know what 3DXX is, you can just look at it and say, “I have no idea what that is”, and read on. It’s thinking you know what it is when you don’t that hangs you up. And if it turns out it would be best to know what it is to get some later vital point, well then figure it out. But it’s your choice.

    But just hammering the guy for all his perceived outpoints in the face of all he worked out and codified that is demonstrably useful is spectatorish, to put it charitably.

  4. Phil Bruemmer says

    Some will choose to do other things entirely, some will choose to attempt improvements on the existing technology, some will choose to keep the original issued technology as strictly pure as possible, some will choose to use parts of it which they can competently and comfortably use and which they see is workable and others will use other parts for the same reasons. There will very likely be those who choose to use the technology to harm, suppress and enslave others.
    Nothing new here. It’s all been done before. Look at Buddha and the various beliefs and practices which evolved after he split the scene.
    That is just how it is.
    David Miscavige had control of all of Scientology, along with all the copyrights and trademarks and a whole fascist organization, and he could not stop this splintering.
    Get used to it people.
    Otherwise we’re gonna waste a lot of precious time raking each other over the coals.

  5. Gus Cox says

    I see the Dark Mark forming in the sky, as He Who Must Not Be Named assumes corporeal form… and really starts getting busy with his dastardly deeds!

    I just can’t help but laugh at this point. This asshole (Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Mr. David Miscavige) never finished his Class IV internship b/c he slapped his PC, but he thinks he knows well enough to edit the Old Man’s tapes.

    Now, whether you agree with Scientology or not, it is what Hubbard said it is, warts and all. If someone wants to pick, choose, or change any of it, I say go ahead – just don’t call it Scientology. I could edit the tapes and bulletins to my liking and call the result Gus-o-Tology, I suppose.

    The issue here is Miscavige altering shit and then sluffing the result off as “Source,” based on some lost advice or some shit like that.

    AFAIK, Hubbard said the subject was complete around the time he started writing Battlefield Earth. But somehow HWMNBN keeps finding “lost” “tech.”

    Ah, hell, anybody who wants to practice Scientology can find all the refs on the web at this point. They don’t need orgs anymore, and they sure as shit don’t need Miscavige anymore.


  6. Derek Bloch says

    Are you effing kidding me. My parents disconnected from me for THIS? After my dad screamed about standard tech and blah blah blah. Wow man. I hope they wake up.

  7. Aquamarine says

    Mike, I’m dying! Coffee enemas…a new building to deliver them…thanks for making me laugh. You know, you just have to laugh sometimes, its all so indefatiguably beyond the beyond.

  8. Aeolus says

    Regarding this discussion of whether Ron should have included terms like ‘daguerrotype’ on the Student Hat tapes, my opinion is that he quite deliberately put in words and concepts that the student would have to clear up, and that this was actually an important feature of the course. He chose photography because he had just been through that subject himself, field-testing the study tech as he went.

    By the time I did the course around 1975, it was a bit more challenging because photography had been through major technical changes and some of the processes he referenced were obsolete and rather obscure, but IMHO it was all the more valuable an exercise because of that. And any good course sup should have a “hard-to-find” index and other data sources available for students who couldn’t get past that hurdle.

    Removing any words the student doesn’t already know will just deprive them of much of the potential gains from the Student Hat.

    • KFrancis says

      I completely agree with you. I believe Ron was showing us the gauntlet a student would have to go through in order to reach an understanding of a subject. Those words were there for a live example of what anyone could be expected to run into while study a new subject.

    • Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

      You are correct and had the same thoughts at the time. Student Hat took me forever but it was way worth it. You know that LRH always had an intention and thought behind the way he compiled everything. The next thing would be to start slimming down M1 by removing the subjects we no longer study from the lists. Duh.

  9. Odd Thomas says

    I’m seeing some really interesting comments here. It’s becoming apparent that there’s a lot of attention on how difficult some courses or studies were, when they didn’t need to be. Frankly, I can’t argue with that. Kevin Tighe made some comments further up, that I thought was a little off – now, taking a closer look, I think his points are valid. I completed the PRD, it was tough and because of what I had to confront, I came out through the other end, new & improved. It’s what I needed to confront, but not necessarily what everyone needs or should have to confront. Where I get a little, no more than a little, stressed out, is thinking about who will do the editing of LRH’s work.

    I admit, there have been many a lecture, I’ve listened to, entitled “Subject X” or whatever and I would listen for 45 minutes before the actual word in the title was mentioned for the first time. Did I need the 45 minute Intro discussing something completely different? In many cases no. Was it useful, in many cases yes, but not always. But LRH was on a roll. It was 1952, the subject was new, he was jazzed, the words flowed, everyone was entertained. I have no issues with lectures from 1950 to about 1962 or so. After that time period, LRH had nailed down exact time, place form and event of many technical issues. It was precise — so there really was less need for those long preambles.

    I would not mind an intelligent, concise and well thought out plan to isolate and separate out SCN Technology, from general philosophical points or from LRH just riffing on whatever subject he felt like talking about that afternoon. I would like to see that attempted with the OEC vols, isolating awesome technology like the data series, 3 May PL, Conditions and Exchange Tech, from the three basket system, invoicing and making four copies and other issues that related to relevant but very narrow aspects of the organization’s general upkeep, not the Technology. I would certainly help with this.

    Once again, excellent comments.

  10. says

    I expect this will be a very unpopular comment but here goes: IMHO LRH did much good but he left Scientology a dog’s breakfast when he departed on all fronts: Tech wise, Admin wise, Ethics wise & Legal wise. Love him or hate him DM stepped up to the plate and righted the ship in many, many ways. We all applauded. He had our respect. Then something went wrong. And so here we are. It is my opinion that there is no putting it back together as it was never together to begin with. LRH left the job incomplete. It is unfortunate but he failed. He told Sarge as much. Perhaps with the knowledge LRH did leave us someone will come and give birth to a new subject and see it through to completion.

  11. SKM says

    I thought COB already has found the LRH advices regarding the Study Tapes which resulted in the reworked edition end of the 80s?
    What new did he found?
    Or did he realize that his first re-edit of the tapes was a fuck-up and he needed to re-edit it again?

    As far as I know the LRH advice consisted of skipping data regarding GPM / R6 Bank / 3DXX. And as the tapes initially were part of the SHSBC I think it was a good advice to edit those parts out of the lectures.
    But why doing it again and again?
    And why should ANYONE study the Student Hat again only because some of the data has been edited out – this is the real mystery to me.

  12. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

    It must now no longer be a high crime to go past an MU. In fact please have as many as you feel like because we want you to have whole track amnesia on the subject of scientology. We want you to forget that it was created by LRH and implant you with David McEvil’s image as the founder and elastical rubber band that bought you the tech. When you come to Flag part of your training lineup will be the super implant power rundown where you will have various thoughts embedded in your subconscious. Things such as I LOVE DAVEY BOY and THREE CHEERS FOR DAVID “the Leader” Hubbard Miscavich

  13. The Oracle says

    Whatever happened to the Primary Rundown? Method one? Are these things even delivered anymore? I got a new cell phone and the instruction book that came with it was 113 pages long. There is new nomenclature building daily with all of the new technology. The schools are not teaching Latin anymore. For anyone wanting to understand more about words and language a history lesson in the language itself proves a remarkable learning tool. Great documentary available now.

  14. James says

    Goes beyond grasping at straws.
    Cleanse Palace, Coffee enemas ?
    Emperor Commodious D.M.
    GAT 3 is going to be a gasser

  15. Formost says

    As much as I’m dead against editing LRH tapes, a real problem with the Student Hat tapes does exist in that there is no way out of it short of doing the SHSBC. Learning f***ing ship navigation, piano, photography parts and what not, many of these tapes are a MU minefield which is next to impossible to get through without skimping on the 120 word chains you already in the middle of. There is a real problem with these lectures, I still f***ing hate them to this day. Is it really really necessary I spend 50 hours word clearing to understand one f***ing 90 minute tape?

    For new students, I’m OK on editing it, but the original should nevertheless still be available in it’s original state, and they should indicate that. When a student does the SHSBC, he can listen to the original lecture in full. Do a student correction lost without having these f***ing tapes continuously come up … good luck. There is a huge problem, and it needed to be addressed.

    • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

      There was already a course that taught study tech in two days. It used to be called the Basic Study Manual…

  16. Claudio Lugli says

    Is obvious that Student Hat is so short – Read this from KMNW.
    This leaked and is the introduction to Keeping Miscavige NOT Working:
    Note: Neglect of this Pol Ltr has caused much less dollars in my pocket, and so has cost countless millions
    and made it necessary in 2006 to engage in an all out wipe out to sabotage basic
    Scientology over the world. Within 7 years after the issue of this PL with me off the lines,
    application had almost destroyed orgs. “Slow grades” entered in and overrun tens of
    thousands of cases. Therefore GAT Phase II and actions which neglect or violate this Phase are HIGH
    CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES. It is not
    “entirely a tech matter” but also a “money matter” as its neglect will show we are going broke and will suffer a 20 year slump. IT IS THE BUSINESS OF EVERY KOOL AID DRINKER to enforce it.

  17. Persistence says

    Hey Zoltan -I think this is more true than fiction and probably what will end up happening: “Soon a new Indie Technical Compilation and Verification Unit will be necessary in order to keep track what materials are LRH and what materials are alter-ised by “Dear Leader”.
    Dear Leader changes things so much that everyone will soon forget. I was told to destroy my old LRH books and tapes when the new ones came out. With nothing to compare the new against the original, who is to know. The Study Tapes are not the first and not the last thing to be altered by Dear Leader. In ETHICS REVIEW, HCOPL 29 Apr 65 Issue III, LRH says after the last ethics gradient, #36 ‘Expulsion’ – “Note that none of it carries any physical punishment or detention.” The beatings at Int and the infamous ‘Hole’ contradicts this policy. But, you read the new GAT ETHICS Book and you see that this policy has been greatly edited. It has listed out the 36 Levels of Ethics but Dear Leader has conveniently left off the part when LRH says that “None of it carries any physical punishment or detention.”

    • Jana says

      That’s a good point. Will it be at all possible to get any of the original work? I never took Student Hat. I was told by many that it was amazing. Will it be impossible to find ever again? — In case I get interested again. I feel like a sweet little seal that has been bludgeoned for a while and am just recuperating.

      • Axiom says

        Almost all the original LRH Tapes, PL’s & Tech is available on line. Freezone has a lot of it and most of the original basic books are out there too.

    • Formost says

      Virtually all the transcripts from the original Reel-to-Reels are available in the FZ.

  18. cre8tivewmn says

    I’m a neverwas, so let me clear this up. Hat means job, right? So student hat mean they’re now prepared to be a student? Is hatting only used for sea corps? Thanks for helping.

      • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

        yes the Student Hat is a course that most who study LRH materials in course format do in order to learn HOW to study in order to gain understanding of and ability to apply the material. It gets your hat ON as a student. It’s for public, staff and Sea Org.

  19. Michael Cox says

    I think you meant planetary “cleansing”. They would at least have a stat that represented some sort of human benefit gained to go along the side of “square feet of empty org”.

  20. SadStateOfAffairs says

    Hadn’t posted lately, but this one amped up the barf-o-meter. Since I studied the Student Hat with the original unedited actual LRH Tapes and had great wins, no doubt if I was onlines now I would be required to re-do the new Mscvg Stdnt Ht so that I could pay more to know less than I knew before.

  21. Obnosis says

    He should’ve just renamed the The Basic Study Manual as The Student Hat. It would’ve been a lot easier.

  22. Just Me says

    Mike, you and your blog are on fire. However, Miscavige is giving you world-class material to work with.

    I don’t think I could’ve imagined some of his latest moves. But one thing seems clear: He’s determined to drive out the old-timers, the trained and interned auditors, and anyone who “remembers the old days.” He’s completely remaking Scientology is His Own Image.

    I expect any day now, in an effort to become even more au courant, he’ll release a sex tape of himself, Paris Hilton and his little doggy.


  23. breppen says

    Honestly the “Squirrel Busters” Nurse Ratched need to instead start insanely howling at David Miscavige as the biggest squirrel there is!

  24. Susan says

    Unbelievable! DM is changing the fundamentals cause he “knows best’. Changing the definition of an F/N, promoting speed of delivery, etc. Next he’ll be removing KSW and Technical Degrades from checksheets if he hasn’t already. Looks like he’s going through the HCOB Technical Degrades and if it says not to do – hey, “let’s do it”! Also, concerning the area in New Mexico where LRH’s scriptures are kept in case of a nuclear attack, are they getting the altered version too? What a mess!

    • Jana says

      Does anybody know where Davey is on the Bridge? His auditing level (if any)? His training level (if any)?
      Seems to me that he cannot have had much auditing.

  25. Jonathan says

    Mike Please write a book with all sincerity I think you could help a lot of people that way. I enjoy your site everyday new insightful pieces to read along with the feedback.

    Please consider publishing a book Mike I would love to read it.

  26. Sapere Aude says

    2013 – The Year of Quickie for all! Shortening the student hat – WTF – guess we missed that during the time that HUNDREDS were on the briefing course and auditors were being made daily around the world. This is a sad joke and degrade. Just give me the original Primary Run Down and hold the sauce. I’ll have might neat and straight up as it was thank you.

    And now we even have faster L’s available. From an email just this week:

    “There is some seriously good news regarding the delivery and pricing of the L Rundowns that I thought you would want to know!  L11 only requires one intensive, L10 requires 3 – 4 intensives and L12 only requires one intensive.  All three L’s can now be done with a package of only 6 intensives!!! This is some very OT case gain to be had in a very short time.”

    Ok, now time for the seals to clap, cheer, grab their wallets and head to the reg. “Only 6 intensives!!!” and you are guaranteed to leave the building with a sh.. eating grin ear to ear. Oh, and the mighty one will even give you the paper to prove it at graduation.

    The rate of change and alterations will only speed up the demise and eventual collapse of the charade.

    • Jana says

      I was told that it would cost me approximately $45,000 to do L-11…because I had a lot of set-ups to do, and then had to do accommodations at Flag, etc. So… all that quickie stuff… remember, they will keep adding things on and regging you to death.

      I was even told that there weren’t many people at Flag. (this was last year). That is why they were so desperate to lie to me to get me there so that I would cough up more money when I got there.

      Does anybody know? Is Flag empty as well?

    • Starman8 says

      LOL, what a crock!
      I did the Ls – 1989. Not to contradict my first remark, sure L11 and L12 were in the 1 intensive range. HOWEVER, I was “hauled” back in 1994 for Ls reviews and shown an LRH advice that L10 could take upwards of 100 hours. So yes, back then I did more L10 for another 2 ints for a grand total of almost 4.
      In retrospect in the last year, I’ve come to think that L10 review was totally unnecessary, ie a waste of time. The arbitrary of needing 3-4 ints minimum.

  27. Forrest Crane says

    I see this as good news, it does spell the demise of the Cof$ in the near future.

    • Phil Bruemmer says

      “I see this as good news, it does spell the demise of the Cof$ in the near future.”

      The sooner the better.

      Davey’s singing “We will all go down together” & the seals are cheering and clapping.
      Go Davey! – get it done.

  28. says

    Come on you guys. You’re completely missing the point. Now, with quickie training and quickie grades people can be rocketed up the bridge to Flag where Dave can cash in on the $600 per hour sec checks.

    After all, that, and booksales is where Dave’s bonus bucks come from.

    • KFrancis says

      With Quickie Training why not just completely commit to it and just by-pass the course room altogether?

      Simply see your Registrar and once paid you go immediately to Attest. No F/N required- the fact that you donated shows that you are onboard with command intention and eligible for your next Registrar Cycle.

      • Jana says

        It doesn’t matter how quick it is….because you’re going to have to do it all over again later anyway. You’re right… go to the Reg. Pay the money. Magical thinking. Have a beer. Go to a movie. No work. It really doesn’t matter…. your Clear didn’t count… go do it again at your own expense. Your OT levels didn’t count because we changed them.
        THERE IS NO BRIDGE. It’s gone. YOU CAN’T GET TO THE OTHER SIDE anymore….that’s if you ever could. I’m not so sure about that right now.

        Ahhh… when is a Bridge NOT a bridge? When you can’t take it to the other side.

        • sets guy says

          I am exactly at that point too. The more I find out the more it looks like the whole thing is a big hoax from the beginning with maybe some useful parts in it. Those points however were developed by someone else earlier so wtf.

  29. ZZ~ says

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. *wipes tears from eyes* Priceless. Mike, that is the most concise A->B truthful summation of the effects the Mighty Sociopath has created in the Church. I laugh although inside I weep for those of us who still have friends and family drinking the Kool-Aid.

  30. Steve Poore says

    Mike, There IS NO END and THERE IS NO LIMIT to THIS BS – not at least until the little cob is gone or until the Co$ is gone. He is only hoping against hope that he can keep this shit up Indefinitely, but you just know that his # of believers and his overall GI stats are are singing a different tune.

  31. says

    Seems to me that if DM does something that actually makes sense most posters here still feel compelled to disagree or reject whatever it is. Perhaps even DM has come to realize, as many of us have, that Ron made some idiotic decisions such as having untrained public listen to SHSBC tapes. Couldn’t Ron have taken a couple days off from writing Mission Earth to record some study tapes suitable for those with no auditor training??? To be honest Mike, I feel like you’re creating a whole new species of clubbed seals here who applaud what are increasingly becoming nit picky, gotcha, boring posts.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Kevin — Dont know if this is really sensible or not, but the hypocrisy is what is most objectionable to me. Miscavige hangs onto his power by pretending he is the “finder of lost tech” and “doing what Ron wanted.” That is a lie. And if people who are still buying his bs can see it is in fact bs then some of them may wake up. And that would be a good thing. That is who I am really trying to reach. It’s the first step to getting people to wake up. They are not going to look at any perceived “attack” on LRH, that is too steep a gradient. But if they can separate out Miscavige from LRH that is a good first step. At least that is my thought on this.

      • says

        Mike – I understand and commend you for much, especially your earlier whistle blowing. But for me, I don’t like lemmings, no matter their strip or color. Hypocrisy is part and parcel to Scientology both before and after DM. The examples are numerous. We all cut LRH a lot of slack as he did do much good. But he also screwed up on a fairly regular basis. Having untrained public listen to SHSBC lectures is just one example. My point here isn’t to beat up on Ron but to point out the hypocrisy in ridiculing DM (without even knowing what’s on the new tapes) for something that IMHO, he may actually have gotten right.

      • says

        Mike – I would also add that as time goes by it seems to me that someone was needed to take charge and tie up the many loose ends that LRH left dangling. And LRH did leave much up in the air when he headed off for “Target Two”. Whether DM was (is) the man for the job is another story but LRH did leave Scientology in a very confusing state both in terms of admin & tech. And as we know from Sarge, LRH felt he had failed and wanted to kill himself (oops I mean, causatively drop the body).

        • Aquamarine says

          Kevin, no argument about your valid points, however if you’re into “dong something about it”, please think with this:

          Whatever LRH did or didn’t do, so what? He’s not around. L. Ron Hubbard cannot be handled. There’s no handling that can include him.

          What Mike is doing is dealing with what IS and with those who are here NOW, by getting the truth out there. Today’s reality is comprised of the decisions people made on the data they had yesterday. Tomorrow’s reality will be comprised of the decisions people make on the data they have today. Getting the truth out there is ALL that can be done. People must be able to make up their OWN minds, with correct data. Only then will you see change for the better, and in fact there is no other way to effect positive change.

          Think of the Jack Nicholson character in that film who said, “Some people can’t handle the truth!” So, what do you do? Dump it all on them at once? No, you give it to them on a gradient and let them process it. Time enough for them to discover LRH’s feet of clay, don’t you think?

        • Kevin Tighe says

          Aquamarine: You wrote, “What Mike is doing is dealing with what IS and with those who are here NOW, by getting the truth out there.”

          I appreciate Mike’s whistle blowing very much but unless you are talking truth as in Time, Place, Form & Event then who is to say what “truth” is? Is it true that DM is the source of Scientology’s demise?Sorry but I don’t buy into that idea. My truth is there is so much good in the ethics, admin & tech but there are also way too many flaws, nonsense and confusions in the ethics, admin & tech. And that is why we are where we are. DM may have extended Scientology’s life or shortened it but it is really irrelevant. IMHO the game was over when L. Ron Hubbard went from “Ron” to “Commodore”. Since then it’s been simply how long it would take to sweep up all the popcorn.

        • Aquamarine says

          Kevin, again, no argument with what you’ve stated here but I think you need to pick your battles.

          In answer to your question, when I say, “truth” I am using it in the sense of objective truth, i.e. facts for which there is evidence. “It rained last night”…”Joe is 6ft tall”…”Jane has 50K in savings in the Bank of Idaho”. The kind of things which can be agreed upon because they are backed up by evidence that they are so. “This is an apple tree”.

          Mike is not trying to convince people of the source of Radical Scientology’s demise. That’s not what he’s doing with this blog. What he is doing is countering the lies of the RCS to its parishioners with the actual facts (truth).

          Kevin, look at it this way: if you loved and believed in Catholicism and wanted to preserve, help and correct the Catholic Church, would you attempt to convince devout Catholics that what’s wrong today is source to the Pope who declared Galileo a heretic and had him imprisoned and tortured and so forth because he insisted that the sun revolved around the earth? (I’m just making this up but you get the idea.) Or, would you get the truth (facts backed up by evidence) out there of what the real scene NOW is with the clergy, the Vatican, parishioners, etc? I know I would go the former route – to deal with what is actually occurring NOW. Let decisions be made on actual stats, on the real, existing scene. Help people to confront what’s happening NOW because what people be, do and have NOW very quickly creates their future.

          Again, I don’t disagree with you at all and I find it very interesting to study and speculate on the REAL why , the BASIC causation, etc. of what is causing the downfall of the RCS but lets say you do find it and you narrow it down and you find out its because (Time, Place Form Event) and Hubbard did this instead of doing that and so forth and yes that’s what started it all and….and THEN try to communicate this to some RCS koolaid drinker who NEVER hears ANYTHING about the Church that isn’t from the Church’s own PR lie factory…what do you think will happen? Why, this person won’t even hear you. This person is so riddled with false data about the CO$ that he or she will simply dismiss you as an SP. You will not be listened to; you will not be believed. This person will not engage with you, because its TOO MUCH. Note that I didn’t say its untrue, or invalid, or not important, or even not crucial to understand – I didn’t say that. I just said its TOO MUCH. Changing people’s minds about dearly held cherished beliefs, getting rid of stable datums which are uninspected fixed ideas don’t just SNAP! happen. This is a process, for most of us. I know it was for me. And sure, its easy for you, and its easy for me. You could throw just about anything at me now about LRH and I’d be able to confront it, inspect it, consider it, evaluate it. But if anyone had tried that with me years ago, why, it would have been unthinkable to me. I wouldn’t have even considered considering it. What I can confront today is mountains above what I could have confronted some years ago, and it happened, for me, by getting regular doses of truth to countermand the lies I on which I was operating.

          So I have a question for you: what is it that you personally would like to see occur as re the RCS – what result or end product? This is not meant as a snotty challenge; I’m interested.

      • Odd Thomas says

        I agree with your approach. It’s exceedingly hard, trying to figure out, what datum, what word, idea, magic symbol will resonate within someone’s “bell tower” long enough to get them to see that something is wrong. The situation, as I see it, is that current RCS members have become numb to the BS, because, the data is not seen as BS They don’t see it.. If someone places a bowl full of mouse turds on your table with a garnish of parsley and calls it stew, who’s going to reject it, if they don’t have a memory of what the real thing looks and tastes like?

        Yes, some of the terms in the Study Tapes was hard to get through. Yes, looking up 20,000 words was hellacious — BUT, the result was incredible. I started the PRD about four months removed from taking recreational supplements. I started in Redondo Beach Mission with no twin – just me, the course sup (sometimes), fifteen dictionaries, a pile of demo pieces and a unshakable belief that I had found something worth pursuing. I got through it. Others have. Others could as well. A great dictionary defining arcane photography terms simply would handle the hell out of any issues.

        Anyway, main point, I agree with your approach. How everyone reacts to it, well, that’s everyone’s else’s business.

        • Mike Rinder says

          OT — thanks. The good thing is that neither Kevin nor Tony need me to help them see anything! They have been wide awake for a long time…. And I appreciate the fact that they express their opinions. They make good points and when I read my post again I wonder whether I could have made my point clearer.

        • says

          But think of the thousands who could not get through the dang course. I mean the irony of lecturing about MUs and then throwing out terms like “3D Criss Cross” and “Daguerreotype”. Now that’s fine when it was SHSBC students but to export those tapes to new public! I mean what was Ron thinking? If it was DM doing the same in his speeches (which he does) I think most here would have the rope out – as they do.

        • Axiom says

          Having a great supervisor and “Hard to Find Word List” helped a lot. But I agree the the result was quite wonderful. I do not know if I would have the same result if it was “sanitized” of the “big words” and unfamiliar concepts. I really had something to confront. And when I was done I knew I had confronted something.

    • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

      Kevin, I’ve gotta think that you’re referring to me since I’ve spoken up regarding your post. I don’t know if you’ll find anyone who knows me to consider me someones bitch or clubbed seal as you put it. I’ve covered the study tapes 8 or more times in my training since ’86. I’ve supervised people on it. I’ve been m4 starrated on the tapes twice in my training history. And do you know why I did? Because I found something in the tech that works when applied as it’s written. cob has has violated the biggest moral code of all by taking actions to edit LRH’s body of work. THAT is what is not ok. THAT is what most object to. THAT is not a sane, rational action to do to any body of work whose results are obtained when applied as it was written by the author of or in this case the founder of this path called Scientology. Please do follow whatever modalities, philosophies or paths of learning you chose but please do know that it’s pretty harsh to those of us who approach the tech with a practical approach and know that it’s not up for vote on what should or shouldn’t be changed. In cob’s case it’s not up to the dictator either. THAT is the point I’M making.

      • says


        You wrote, “cob has has violated the biggest moral code of all by taking actions to edit LRH’s body of work. THAT is what is not ok.”

        Why is it not OK? Sounds like a fixed idea to me.

        • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

          If you consider applying the tech standardly to be a fixed idea then I understand what you’re saying. Because of my duties and experience with applying it and overseeing it’s application – one can’t open that door to giving cob or anyone else a pass on going in and changing it and then calling it LRH’s tech. He can go do the work to formulate his own but then it would not be LRH’s tech called Scientology anymore…which really is the point. I came in and learned and applied LRH’s tech. cob wants his own stamp on it all apparently and is creating his own under the work done by another – LRH.

        • Kevin Tighe says

          Gayle: I respect you for your loyalty and KSW viewpoint. It is admirable. The only problem for me is that while the tech delivers a tremendous amount of good IMHO there has never been a Clear or OT produced. I’ve yet to meet one Scientologist who has the abilities LRH attributed to a Clear or OT. Why do I bring that up? Because if the tech did deliver what LRH had promised than protecting it down to the comma would be totally valid. As it did not, I feel your viewpoint is misplaced and at some point someone is going to go back to the drawing board and try to get it right. And that will mean upgrading what Ron began as I do think he was onto something. But I think he failed. And if you believe Sarge, LRH thought so too.

        • freebeeing says

          Well, I hate to poop on your LRH party but many very important parts of Scn tech were developed by others, not LRH, he just took all the credit – study tech is a perfect example – Charles Benier(sp?) and his wife were the developers of the barriers to study; told LRH about their work and the same night he was giving a lecture to BC students about his wonderful new discoveries. Alan Walters devised the good/bad indicators, handling bypassed charge (Gordon Bell contributed to BPC tech), L1C, and L4; Jack Horner developed repetitive processing, and so on…

          Fact is, the tech isn’t complete so someone’s gotta push on with the work, people like Ken Ogger (dead), Dennis Stephens (TROM – also dead), John Galusha(Idenics – dead to), Richard Decharme (R3X – improved dianetic procedure) and others. Technology never stays stagnant, it continues to evolve. Remember the buggy whip?

          It’s time to wake up and smell the 21st century. Tech evolution will continue. See any OTs walking around (and I mean per the definition of OT, OTs not someone that is doing well running his meat body)? No? Well that tells you more work is required. LRH is around to do it. So it can’t be done? Sorry, but that is just plain stupid.

          Now lil’ Davey sure as hell isn’t going to make any contributions in that direction. Noone still banging the totalitarian drum is going to make any contribution. Best let the fixed ideas go and come up to PT.

      • Starman8 says

        Gayle – as a trained OT (VIII) and trained CL IV (preGAT) I couldn’t agree with you more. Standard tech is FULL LRH, UNADULTERATED, UNEDITED, PURE LRH. Anything else is NOT “REAL” LRH!

        • says

          I’m with you guys. I’ve audited the full body of study tech on many people and have great respect for it and the incredible gains it can produce. I’ve never seen greater or faster gains in the sanity/logical thinking area except perhaps the data series out point/plus point lists. All sorts of suppression on the track is related to learning, knowledge and KNOWING. Study tech is in fact clearing and is vital to achieving full OT. DM suppressed this vital tech when he indicated a big motivator to the Scn community, that it wasn’t anyone’s fault that they couldn’t understand the books, it was the evil transcriptionist. Instead of getting the tech/admin ratio in and creating an atmosphere in the churches, where people could get help and lots of WC’g and auditing to achieve real gains, he’s squirreled and usurped. Another name for the nickname list would be mister data series 7….”wrong source”.

    • XClassVStaff says

      Part of what I think is so interesting about all this is that since DM has been running the show, there is evolution after evolution after evolution where DM “finds the right why,” “discovers lost tech in the Mayan pyramids of Tulum,” “debugs all the arbitraries that ever slowed down anything on the Bridge.” Each time, the evolution is touted as THE thing that will fix it all! And each time, members in the church buy into it (even if some of them mumble under their breath) and get routed onto the shiny new route. And each time, it’s as though none of the earlier times happened. Like everyone in the church develops short term memory! And, of course, the latest and greatest doesn’t solve any of the problems it claims to, but creates new ones with new arbitraries. I guess that’s so DM has something to “fix” for the next evolution.
      But, boy, when you are living in all of that, surrounded by that stream of consciousness 24/7, it sure can be hard to pull out of it. Even when you think to yourself that something seems wrong with all of this, you don’t have any safe terminals to talk about it with. It’s challenging to back away and see it objectively.

      Personally, I wish this blog had been out when I was first questioning things and had nowhere to turn to get info or perspective on all of it. It would have made a huge difference for me! And I know some folks on the fringe of the church who are getting a lot out of reading it.

      So, maybe this blog isn’t floating your boat anymore, Kevin, but it sure floats mine. Thanks, Mike!

      • Kevin Tighe says

        XClassVStaff: I enjoy the blog for the most part as I like to keep up with what’s going on. I avoid commenting as it can get time consuming but occasionally I like to chime in. I am not a DM fan but I will give the devil his due when I feel it is warranted. IMHO all of what is going down has as it’s source LRH leaving the work in an incomplete, confused state. Ron was obviously free to do as he pleased but I for one think his final years could have been better spent than writing BE, ME and messing around with his horse ranch. Yet another piece of his own tech he did not apply in his final years: Look. Don’t Listen.

        • statpush says

          I have to agree with you Kevin. One of the misconceptions that many Scnists have is that LRH developed “the tech” and it is complete and pristine; that if followed to the letter one can, once again, achieve native state. The reality is, there is no evidence that any of that is true.
          So what are they protecting when they cry “KSW”? The “idea” that this is true.

          Most likely they have personally experienced some benefit or gain from applying the tech. Cognitions, changing conditions, losing unwanted somatics, changing considerations are common experiences; however, it is a long, long way to the postulated state of OT. Scnists need a good dose of reality. I think LRH said some time in the 50s, possibly when introducing the subject, that Scn can help you play the game better. That is realistic, and in my opinion, that is what Scn can reliably deliver. Anything beyond that is para-Scn.

          With regards to DM, I feel for the guy. I would not want his job. He has what he has to work with, which falls short of public demand and anticipation. Unfortunately, I do not think he posseses the intellect or ability to take what LRH left behind and evolve into something that even comes close to the myth.

      • freebeeing says

        DM is following in Hubbard’s footsteps kinda – the entire history os Scn is strewn with “This is IT!”s from LRH. Trouble with DM is he isn’t qualified to be doing what he’s doing.

    • Formost says

      Seems to me that if DM does something that actually makes sense most posters here still feel compelled to disagree or reject whatever it is.

      There is no shortage of crap CO$ pulls, and you are right, no need to grind axes. I usually skip HE&R posts anyways (although my own in this thread are laced with it), rarely anything of value in them. Objectivity out here is often no better than at CO$.

      Perhaps even DM has come to realize, as many of us have, that Ron made some idiotic decisions such as having untrained public listen to SHSBC tapes.

      I knew that back in ’83, as did most of the Sups, so this COB dude isn’t exactly on the ball. I’ve never come across a student yet who practically hadn’t pulled his hair out trying to get through these out-gradient abortions.

      Couldn’t Ron have taken a couple days off from writing Mission Earth to record some study tapes suitable for those with no auditor training?

      Unfortunately the church does not issue LRH instructions, so we are left in the dark.

      To be honest Mike, I feel like you’re creating a whole new species of clubbed seals here who applaud what are increasingly becoming nit picky, gotcha, boring posts.

      Sorry, I don’t see that.

  32. SILVIA says

    Per Tony Ortega´s report, on a leaked material, the students completed all the student hat in one day!!!!
    Quicky, quicky, quicky…and thay are going as fast down the shute as their minds have been played with, yet they pretend all is glorious and great. The insanity is beyond belief really. We have not enough “quicky” words to describe it plus, they would not get it anyway… The end result will be zero products and overt products plus millions of dollars into the pockets of an unmistakeable SP=COB

    • very anonymous says

      Maybe the old Basic Study Manual will soon be released the “Expanded Student Hat” ?

  33. Sinar says

    The new hack job on the Study tapes also have huge benefits- it would speed up the primary rundown course, probably at 4X the speed! If there were still such a course in vs II of the Golden Age of Mscvgology!

    • Formost says

      Just a quick point. The Primary Rundown does not incl. the hundreds of word chains the student has to look up because of technical terms within the study tapes themselves. That’s the real mightmare. F*** it, just do the SHSBC, don’t bother with the Student Hat.

  34. KFrancis says

    “all the unnecessary technical data”….?
    For DM this would be just about everything LRH penned to paper.

    Why should a student be put through having to listen to a complete tape, open a dictionary, clear all the definitions of a word, put a concept into clay, write an essay, be spot checked on a paragraph or have another student check him out on his materials?

    I guess this is “Scientology Lite”……you go free with no discomfort or work at all.

    • says

      Yes, KFrancis, just goes along with this psych oriented think.
      Make everything so simplistic and validate the crap out of
      the simplest effort. Look at how the students used to write
      100 years ago. They could put together complicated
      sentences, use correct grammar and use “big” words (of
      course mainly in the educated society).
      Maybe DM is reading up on some contemporary psych

  35. Aeolus says

    Off-topic, but a couple of people recently have suggested a list of nicknames for the Ideal Dictator, so I’ve rounded up a few (and coined a couple of new ones) to get that started. In no particular order and with no credit to the originators, here they are:
    Runt in a Tux
    Demonic Midget
    Der ShrunkenSquirrel
    Degraded Master
    Pope On a Box (POB)
    King TinyFists
    His COBness
    Mr. Mini
    Mighty Mouse
    Davey MustDamage
    Chairman of the Bored
    Der DwarfenFuehrer
    Nemesis of Hemet
    Evil Elf
    His Most High Shortness
    Davey Dumpster
    David MustCavem’in

      • gato rojo says

        Yeah—that’s the creepiest one of all. “He’s going to be here any minute!!” “He hates purple….don’t make it purple!” “He expects to see you at that meeting.” “He says he wants it on his desk today.” On and on and on. Really really creepy.

    • Aeolus says

      Good ones! And from elsewhere in this very thread: Demented Misfit, Dear Leader and The Mighty Sociopath. Stats are straight up and vertical on nicknames for the Potemkin Pope (Yes, I know that one’s a stretch. It’s been a long day.)

  36. Neo says

    More utter nonsense. I stopped doing services when my selectee was told that she could not have book one auditing or do the PTS/SP course or even the HDA course until she completed all her basics! Since when are the basics a standard route onto the Bridge? Then I got Debbie’s email and that was the final wake up call for me. He’s changed the grade chart, auditor training (GAT), and now he’s even changed the Study Tapes? Wow!

    • Formost says

      ‘Basics’ requirements probably keep more people away from Scientology than all the noise generated by the FZ/Indies. They don’t need any helping hands, they’re doing just fine on their own.

  37. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

    Well had I ever realized that anyone in the hierarchy of the church was editing the tech in anyway I would have stepped back while still IN and reassessed the scene and left. On the other hand I DIDN’T do that when the 6 month checks came out, or when that revised HCOB came out during the GAT for OTs that had many additional pages to it. There were HCOBs that I knew this conflicted with. I did think that because it was an area of the Bridge I didn’t yet have subjective reality the change was “out of my perimeter of knowledge” and so played it down in my own head. My viewpoint of the willingness of those still drinking the kool-aid to continue to participate in the squirreling evolution of the tech going on inside cob’s cofs is evolving.

    Today my attention is on those who stay despite the writing on the wall case in point, this new data of GAT II’s “NEW and IMPROVED” edited version of the Study Tapes. Besides the threats of loss of family and jobs and everything else of value to someone that’s intertwined with their church affliation there exists in many kool-aiders a simple willingness to let someone else control their motion and take little to no responsibility for being in that motion. Creatures of habit, PTS to the little-ass or middle class, purposes to have someone else to blame if something goes wrong, other-determined despite the fact that the tech is supposed to specifically handle that non-survival condition of NOT being YOU. There is I think a large group within the church who are just very mechanical, push-button other-determined people who can’t/won’t evaluate ALL the data from that of all of the whistleblowers on down the list to the factual lack of expansion in front of their own eyes. I think it’s a high number of them who WON’T look not because of their fear of what will happen if they do. It’s started to occur to me that many WON’T because it would in their mind collapse their own personal house-of-cards they’ve constructed for themselves where life is better if you have someone else to blame if it goes wrong. It’s a scene that’s gives me the chills to just confront it but it is there to be confronted. cob will attract those types and repel those who are not that type – thus we have this group of independent individuals who continue evolving in to a formidable group of individuals who have not just achieved self determinism but to me have those who have continued to evolve in an improved condition to continue their pursuits originally motivating their association with Ron’s tech. Those who have left who are persisting in their quests to help others and obtain higher awarenesses in life have had to confront our own demons that made us invalidate our own observations while still in that caused basic, core conflicts in us. It is those people who have done that who have truly moved on up a little higher. One can leave but that doesn’t imply honest change or growth has occurred inside oneself. That requires introspection of the sort that provides an honest and objective look at the facts of ones own life, a first dynamic change that results in an expansion of happiness and purpose and truly overcoming something in ones own universe that was there.

    That ability to do that and be good with myself and good with others and others good with me so life is ARC of a high level is what I got in to Scientology to pursue.

    I guess that’s my piece. Have a good day.

    • Axiom says

      Great post! Also there seems to be some sort of Ser Fac or Fixed Idea at work here as well, no matter where they are on the Grade Chart. When I try to talk with someone who is still in, it is like talking to a brick wall that pushes back. I think that is the Kool-Aide effect.

  38. says

    “The Cleanse Palace!” LOL
    The end is when there’s no sheep left. There was a Ideal org fundraiser in Copenhagen last weekend. I counted max 12 people.

  39. Eric Alexandrou says

    Pure insanity ,I don’t get the sence of it all,pure madness ,and they are all buying to this madness.I truly believe David miscavige is working to destroy everything that works in the church of Scientology ,his already destroyed the tech,I don’t think there is a solution to this madness ,I’m stuck for words.

    • Jana says

      Yes. I think he is deliberately crashing it how because then he can say, “You guys are to blame! Look what you did.” And then he’s going to run off with all the real estate.

      I think that he MUST be laughing at how stupid all his followers still are. This gets more and more absurd.

  40. Kevin Tighe says

    If DM had such terms as 3D Criss Cross removed from the Student Hat tapes more power to him.

    • Roy Macgregor says

      Why not just make a really excellent and simple definition in there? You could even have a simple Scientology dictionary and an advanced one- there were such things once upon a time. Oh, hold on, you would need to release a dictionary for that, no never mind – just hit the delete button.

      • says

        Roy: One could do that but let’s be frank…if LRH had ordered that all words terms, such as 3D Criss Cross, be removed we would have all wildly applauded.

        • tony dephillips says

          I don’t like mismanage, but I have to admit that cutting out some of the verbiage on the student hat sounds like a good idea to me. I really thought it was a lot of unnecessary talk to get the main points of study tech. Clearing all those photography terms was a real pain in the ass.

    • XClassVStaff says

      Actually, Kevin, most of the terms relating to 3DXX and R6, etc, were removed in the ’89 release of the St Hat. As a former sup, I can tell you, that alone created confusion as there would sometimes simply be a gap in the tape with no indication that anything had been removed.
      Lord only knows what all has been removed now.

    • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

      A supervisor worthy of the term would know how to apply Evaluation of Information tape with a student and get them through it easily. How many have?! The win of the Student Hat for me was partly due to the fact that I looked back over what I learned on that course and had already proven to myself that I COULD learn anything I set my mind to. Thus, student hat. The completion of that course proved the results of it being applied worked.

        • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

          It’s not the same logic. The route upward was called the Classification Gradation and Awareness Chart because in fact it went in gradients which is the application of study tech to the route up ones training levels. It would also violate the balance of mass and significance. I’m saying that evaluation of importances in training applies and a real sup does.

      • says

        Gayle: You wrote, “A supervisor worthy of the term would know how to apply Evaluation of Information tape with a student and get them through it easily.”

        I think you could also write, “A lecturer worthy of the term would know to apply the very material he was lecturing on and not throw out terms like “daguerreotype” so that students could get through the lecture easily.”

        And with all due respect I’ve never met anyone who got through the Student Hat “easily” except those who had done it multiple times before.

        Note: Those who are now getting through the Student Hat at Flag “easily” have likely already been through it multiple times in earlier training evolutions.

        • Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

          I don’t disagree with what you’re saying Kevin. It wasn’t easy for me the first time either. Luckily (and you’ll understand this) I had a love of photography and had studied it in college before finding Scn. So my interest in that was a real boost for me personally. The course gave me somatics the first time I did it! But I did it. It’s just that it’s not cob’s hat to re-write the tech. It’s not within his domain. It’s not his right.

    • Formost says

      I agree !!! Pointless for new students who are only learning how to study at this point. Extremely skipped gradient.

      • Axiom says

        Then maybe the new students should do the “Basic Study Manual” first in order the get the concept of study before the Student Hat.
        Now I did not have a problem with the Student Hat in 1980. But I think there was a lesson in doing it the way it was written. I was confronted with many subjects and topics that I had never run into before and had to use the tech as I was learning it to get through it. It did help having real good course supes that knew where to find definitions to certain words.
        I would certainly prefer the LRH version to the DM version.

  41. KFrancis says

    The all new….. “Poopy Rundown”?
    Who is going to be assigned to creating a promo piece for that? A very unenviable job.

  42. Roger From Switzerland Thought says

    This is a very good idea to take all the “unnecessary technical data” away that people with low IQ wouldn’t be able to understand so people with low IQ will also have the chance to graduate and don’t have to get the education they never got !
    Lots of student hat grads with no education. How wonderful, what a new brave world !

    I suggest that this methodology be applied to universities too, so that anybody could graduate there in any sciences ! Also there It’s overloaded with “unnecessary technical data”. With this Superscientology you could become a doctor in just one year !
    I suggest to do even more; that the people study the “3 barriers to study” as its the essence of the student hat and if they got that they can attest the student hat ! Takes only 5 minutes and some will need perhaps 2-3 hours.

    :) :)

  43. Roy Macgregor says

    OK I am totally floored. The Student Hats tapes were incredible lectures, they were a gift from L Ron Hubbard. They were serious work to understand but they lifted you up and taught you something.. They have been EDITED and are no longer going to be given in their full form? This is a SUPPRESSIVE ACT by David Miscavige. This is a HIGH CRIME. This guy should be routed directly to the nearest sidewalk and never allowed inside a Scientology organization ever again. And Scientologists are clapping for this????? They are kissing his ass while he DELETES our scriptures?? Who are these people? There are not enough words to describe the sleazy cowardice that the modern Scientologist demonstrates in his daily life. These new Scientdollargists are despicable cowards who could not care less for L Ron Hubbard and his legacy. This is David Miscavige’s “handling” to make training faster?? DELETE materials??

  44. Zoltan says

    It is incredible! Soon a new Indie Technical Compilation and Verification Unit will be necessary in order to keep track what materials are LRH and what materials are alter-ised by “Dear Leader”.

  45. cre8tivewmn says

    Thanks,! I was trying to figure out how students were getting through lectures faster than before given that they were in audio format. Once you get rid of pesky punctuation, the next step is removing words. Maybe after that they’ll replace everything with multimedia presentations such as those recently substituted for PR.

    • Jana says

      It’s the Evelyn Wood method of listening…. eeeee…….. Done! :-)

      I was wondering the same thing myself. It can’t be long now until this all collapses. Hopefully.

  46. Cooper Kessel says

    “The Cleanse Palace, and it will be the biggest in history at 861,000 square feet.”

    And it will produce the greatest quantity of unadulterated pure bullshit the world has ever seen to adorn the shit eating grin on the face of the worlds mightiest ESS PEE, none other than the Pope on a Box himself and not withstanding the fact that he is the greatest ecclesiastical leader to have adorned the worlds largest pile of shit in the last 2500 years.

    Congratulations Davey, take a bow and give us one more shot of that shit eating grin you wear so well, especially after you have just completed another landmark alteration of the tech.

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes Coop! You nailed it. And don’t forget the crowd has shit eating grins too because they just ate all that Pope on a Box dished out! lol

  47. Bela says

    Yet ANOTHER, HUGE technical degrade, which he will attribute to ANOTHER hidden data line of how LRH really wanted it to be done. So, 27 years after LRH’s death, Miscavige saves the day.
    It absolutely floors me that people buy this BS!!! How many times has everyone read the policy on Tech Degrades, yet they don’t see the live example of it staring them right in the face??

    • Jana says

      I AGREE with you! This is idiotic! Don’t the people inside know that’s what’s happening? That the tech is being degraded with all this? I mean, is that not something that I can say to a friend who is still drinking the Kool Aid… “Aren’t you concerned about all the omitted and changed tech?”

  48. sets guy says

    You got it. No end to the bs. When I did my SH I really enjoyed the tapes, I believe there were 9 maybe 8 but anyways they were the most enjoyable part of the course. It certainly helped me a lot and I had to clear up a lot of specialized things about music and photography, but hey I loved it. I got through 1 tape a day so I guess I wasn’t flying but taking weeks? I just don’t even understand that as a barrier. They were not THAT hard. English is my second language still these tapes didn’t hang me up. Is this the big revelation? My god. It’s like in schools. If the majority of the kids can’t pass, don’t worry we just lower the passing grade! Solved. Meanwhile the country is getting dumber and dumber. No one benefits from such stupid solutions.

  49. says

    OMG, what is next?! Let’s cut down the Axioms of Scientology. Well,
    with LRH’s books re-edited maybe this has already been done. I do
    not know as i refuse to read something changed from the founder’s
    original writing.

  50. Chris Mann says

    I loved those lectures. I had huge cogs on study and life and learned so much from studying them. This actually pisses me off.

    • threefeetback says

      The demented misfit is one of a few who can personally examine his own colon and have his morning coffee too. No fly-through required. One of these days he is going to get stuck in that positon. He knows that there is no light at the end of his tunnel.

  51. XClassVStaff says

    Yeah, I’m sure this is *just* what LRH would’ve wanted. Pshaw!
    When I was on service at the Idle Org in Tampa, they would have more experienced/knowledgeable students Method 7 newer students on materials to avoid having to burn their newbie eyeballs clearing their MU’s in those scary ol’ Admin and Tech dictionaries.
    Why stop at Quickie Grades, when you can quickie everything?

    • threefeetback says

      The original tapes simply require one to apply what is being learned about study.

    • Jane Doe says

      Mike, Oh you are in fine form today sir! Coffee enemas and the trained seals will pee themselves in ecstacy! I can’t believe they go along with editing out LRH’s words when they have to read KSW, Tech Degrades, Verbal Tech Checklist on every course! Brainwashed cult zombies, that is all there are left in the corporate church. And this acceptance of his latest editing of student hat tapes proves it.