The World Famous Finance Seminar…. Truth In Advertising Check


Flag, AOLA and Pasadena present? Huh? Pasadena makes sense as that is where the seminar is. Matt Feshbach is Flag public, but that’s still strange. AOLA is left field….

No longer any mention of Matt being the first public “Super Power Completion”? 

A seminar that includes a Life Improvement Course? Some stat manipulation happening here….

But the whopper in the middle of the room is this. “Learn from a master. Find out how Matt applied LRH Finance Tech to his own life…”

Read the excerpt below from the declaration filed by Matt Feshbach in the United States Bankruptcy Court on 12/11/11 and see if this is someone you would want to take financial advice from:

5. Further, because of our IRS obligations, my wife and I have been unable to save for retirement, and we have no retirement accounts.  In fact, our retirement accounts were liquidated to pay our income taxes. 

6. We no longer own a home because we sold it to pay our tax obligation and paid all the equity to the IRS to pay our 2001 tax liability.  In fact, over the years, we reduced our expenses to be able to meet our tax obligation.

23. Despite this unfair allocation, we continued to pay to the IRS our $120,000 obligation each quarter until January 2008, at which point we were simply overwhelmed with numerous unanticipated financial circumstances which left us unable to pay.  First, the disastrous decline in the stock market in 2007 devalued all our assets, as it did all Americans.  The decline in the stock market also crippled what remained at that time of my already much-declined investment business.  There was likewise few employment opportunities for me in the hedge fund and investment management field, the only field I have worked since 1984.  

24. Second, in the middle of this financial turmoil, I became seriously ill with chronic pelvic pain syndrome.  What that means is that I suffer from crippling pain in my pelvic regions – making it impossible for me to stand or sit for long periods of time, and requiring that I be laying down.  This condition severely curtailed my ability to restart an investment business, interview for employment with an investment firm, or otherwise engage in meaningful business opportunities.  This ailment also prevented me from working outside our home.  Because of these unfortunate events, we were unable to pay our April 2008 installment obligation in a timely manner. 

25. But in an effort to continue paying the IRS, we sold our home in June 2008 and used the net proceeds from the sale, $685,607, to pay our tax obligations.   Further, we also tried to sell our furniture from the house in July 2008, but to no avail.  We listed various pieces of furniture for approximately three to four months.  When that generated little results, we placed the furniture with with antique dealers and furniture consignment stores to sell our remaining furniture.  We applied the proceeds of each of these sales toward our tax obligations.   


    • Jane Doe says

      Wow, Mike, Whatever you do to get the real facts is amazing and you are to be congratulated for posting the truth. That is how you handle Black PR is you take the thing that was said and find the proof that negates it and you are doing that to a Tee with your facts. I so wish that the corporate sheeple could read what you just wrote about Matt, the one being touted as the expert financial guru and you can be like him if you’re lucky. Good work on this article. Also can you send it to Tony Ortega and have him publish it also on his site? And any Indies that have a website should publish this article on their web sites to get the word out.

  1. breppen says

    Unbelievable, the PTSness is astonishing, but why should I be? After all it is well known knowledge that connection to an SP/Sociopath/Psychopath will result in one acting in a crippled manner in life and here is the perfect demo of financial and physical ruin. Handle or disconnect Matt or accept your fate.

    • Steve Poore says

      Sinar, Interesting article on everything he touches turning to shit, I mean “reversal” Seems the guy just can get a break.
      well, as LRH said, The enslaver becomes the enslaved.

  2. SadStateOfAffairs says

    Wow, I really want to learn all about Finance from “the Master.” Yes, learn all about Tax Evasion leading to Bankruptcy. Learn how to be disabled and not able to work…or is it learning how to artfully plead victimhood and poverty in the courts? It would be great if someone in the LA area could respond to one of the phone numbers listed and then ask about the contents of his sworn statement about the debacle brought about through his masterful financial acumen.

  3. says

    Therefore the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying anything.
    Things arise and she lets them come; things disappear and she lets them go.
    She has but doesn’t possess, acts but doesn’t expect.
    — Lao Tzu

    Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.
    — George Bernard Shaw

  4. Cooper Kessel says

    “Learn from a master. Find out how Matt applied LRH Finance Tech to his own life…”

    He rode the bubble up and then rode it back down. I’m sure his success was all due to his impeccable ability to apply the Tech and was in no way due to living in the Silicon Valley at a time when one of the greatest economic bubbles of all time was inflating. First it was the dot com and then the housing bubble but Matt moved to Clearwater I think before the housing bubble hit the valley.
    His brother Kurt built a huge home at the time with the windfall profits. Don’t know if he was able to sell before the crash or not but the Silicon Valley still remains one of the best real estate markets in the country.

  5. Roy Macgregor says

    Seems like we are getting more truth revealed. Matt is someone who has worked for years pushing the whole “fundraising” culture. He has spoken at many events and is in fact the first Scientologist ever to have made a substantial “dono” to the Church of Scientology- as distinguished from a donation for services. Matt Feshbach is the guy who got the whole “dono” vulture culture rolling and who has worked tirelessly to support it and keep it going. He is the posterboy for David Miscaviges new Sciendollargist culture. For anyone who has met Kathy Feshbach, she positively gushes with praise when the subject of David Miscagive comes up. She is one his biggest fans and strongest supporters. So I think that this post is an important message to each and every Scientologist out there who is supporting and forwarding the vulture culture and it’s chief vulture- David Miscagive himself. I wonder how many people Matt and Kathy have pushed and shoved into bankruptcy with all their dono regging over the years? Could we finally be seeing some Karma?

  6. Bela says

    If anyone has access to their email list, forwarding this info would be doing a favor to the Pasadena public that will be regged to attend this financial death sentence event. I notice that there is no mention of any specific, qualified, training courses he has had in LRH finance policy.
    I’m sure that the “key” references they show everyone will only be out of context excerpts, used to justify why they need to give all their money to the church and violate all the real principles of finance policy.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      “I notice that there is no mention of any specific, qualified, training courses he has had in LRH finance policy.”

      Just the old word of mouth and direct experience is enough for the sheeple! But he could call his course the “HOW TO SPEND MORE THAN YOU MAKE AND GET OTHERS TO DO THE SAME ….for the rest of eternity.”

  7. Peter says

    Given the ease with which anyone interested can research this idiot’s financial “acumen”, anyone who shows up for the lecture deserves the financial fate coming to them. “Feshbach” was a bad name back in the 80s when I split. Seems he hasn’t reformed at all.

  8. says

    Your blog is on fire! This post is priceless. Was that an inadvertent pun? What I am having trouble with is although I know the die hards are forbidden to read online information the question is, how can they put up with so many gross alterations? The new student hat is a joke. In 2010, I had already done the course three times. I would have just walked out. I remember when they came out with the rule that anyone that had done their KTL as a pilot had to redo it. I would not, did not agree and held my ground. A couple years later it was then stated that if I wanted to redo the test and passed I could then do the Life Orientation course, which I did. I am just wondering how guys like Ty Dillard, Pat Parodie and other long term FSM are not questioning what the hell is going on. So far, all my former friends in the Church that disconnected from me in 2010 when I left are still silent. What will take? Every day, I am so thankful to be separate from this insanity. Since I left the Church of Cultology, my life has improved markedly and that is putting it mildly. Thank you Mike Rinder for what you are doing. You are kicking ass and taking names!

  9. Roger from Switzerland Thought says

    what Lrh teaches about finances you can learn from any honestly succesful person ! there is no magic about it !

    • Carcha says

      LRH’s forte is Dianetics and Scientology. In that, there is no one to touch him. All other stuff like finance and government is entirely peripheral. I still have doubts that he even wrote some of the stuff on money – it seems more likely he delegated that to someone, and may not have even reviewed it before it was published under his name. If you want to learn about money, then pick up an introductory accounting text and read it. If you want to learn about capital, then pick up an intro text on economics. If you don’t want to spend $40 on texts and apply study tech, then there are numerous websites such as the FRB and US Treasury sites which have learning & history sections with excellent summary information and explanation about how capitalism and the banking system work. I’m not detracting anything from LRH’s work, nor from the man. He stands as a giant amongst men. But there are plenty of people who have dedicated their lives to understanding the functionings of MEST and money and little else. Like I say, I doubt LRH wrote what is attributed to him about money and what I have seen is less than a fraction of a percentage of his writing and lecturing.

      • Bob Dobbs says

        Carcha: Huh? You want people to study money and banking by reading Federal Reserve and Treasury sites? That is like sending someone who wants to study Scientology to the “Church”. Just as the church won’t tell them that there is little if any actual Scientology left in the church, the Federal Reserve (about as “Federal” as Federal Express) won’t tell them that there is only around 2 cents of value left in the US Dollar they have manipulated since 1913. To educate themselves on either subject, people would fare much better with a general web search.

        I’m sure I haven’t read all of what was issued over LRH’s name on the subject of money, but what I remember he said about fiat currency was spot-on and prescient.

      • Carcha says

        Not what I said. Have you read either the FRB or Treasury sites? I’m in the mood to takje down net-posters who don’t know what they’re talking about. I have adegree in economics, and have read about twenty texts plus forty books after college. Do you have a degree or do you just believe everything you see on the net? Read what I wrote before you try to tell me I’m full of shit. You reply shows a) you didn’t read, b) you have no knowledge of the subjects, c) you are replying out of some vague fixed idea you heard from someone, somewhere, that all authorities are per definition, stupid, deceptive, and destructive. That’s anti-social.

  10. Maria says

    As I understand it, Matt made a great deal of money by investing other people’s money, the key here being other people. Other people who attend events that is. Other people who make money (and lose it too) with Matt and give that money as donations. So would it be safe to say that the C of S and Matt (and such individuals as Matt) are in collusion in fleecing people in the the C of S?

  11. Starman8 says

    hmm, I was in Kathy Feshbach’s condo in later 2011 and it wasn’t too shabby at all! It was quite upstat, private elevator entrance etc.

  12. Leslie Stipe says

    How can you have chronic pelvic pain syndrome when you have super powers? See, all that work (and money) for nothing!

    • John Doe says

      The chronic pelvic pain is just a side effect from f**cking so many people day-to-day…

      • Leslie Stipe says

        “Then Miss Cabbage must be virtually crippled!!!”

        Oh that was a good one Peter, but now I have this vision of COB bent over trying to master some manner of gait while holding a wee wittle cane!

  13. KFrancis says

    I am sure there are those in the church who would consider this kind of fact checking and background investigating pretty rude.

    The internet just keeps getting into Dave’s way.

    • KFrancis says

      …….facts and truth shouldn’t be allowed to get in between your wallet and Dave’s bank account.

      • 1984 says

        Don’t confuse the issue with facts. That’s just being entheta.
        Just go to your happy place and think pleasant thoughts.

  14. says

    Gawd! You guys are missing the point again. Hey…Matt donated millions upon millions to dave’s estate and conned a lot of other people into donating millions upon millions.
    Everybody knows “the group is all and the individual nothing” according to the scriptures of dave. So, you ain’t worth a crap so it’s the ethical thing to grab every dollar you can beg, borrow or steal and give it to dave because, after all HE is the only one who can help. (used to be HE and Tom, but Tom seems to be outta the picture these days)

    • Peter says

      I heard a rumour yesterday (still trying to track down where) that it’s Tom’s millions which are actuallly buying the new Idle orgs. Still rumour to me, but makes at least more sense than Miss Cabbage does.

      • Aquamarine says

        Peter, that’s an interesting rumor, and good news if true, as its tacit proof of the unworkability to fundraise the public.

  15. Valerie says

    Will he be laying down to deliver the seminar? If not, I hope the IRS and Bankruptcy Court take note of this as it means he lied in his filing or he’s miraculously recovered and should be able to pay off that crushing debt immediately. Hmmmmm. Not interested enough to shell out $50 to find out.

  16. singanddanceall says


    thanks for this data Mike.

    My gawd, these people are such bullshit artists. I don’t get it, how they do seminars and rah rah everything.

    WTF is wrong with these two faced SOB’s?

    • Carcha says

      Like somebody who doesn’t know how to play poker committing to a pot. Or maybe a better analogy would be someone getting on a turnpike then realizing it’s the wrong one, or running into a long detour on a road, Never had much sense of direction to begin with. Painful experiences, all of them, but one must get off or out and reorient, once one realizes the mistake. What’s so amazing is that these people apparently don’t realize they’ve been detoured. Just driving along with their eyes closed.

  17. Steve Poore says

    Mike, can these guys get nothing past you? I’m sure glad I’m on your side as I would not want you as an enemy!

    I think if you looked in the dictionary under the word “ironic” you would find this post and poor Matt’s photo.

    this is just so ironic in too many ways to count!

    • KFrancis says

      ………its true right?

      Just when Dave is loading one into the chamber Mike is already squeezing off a round.
      The internet is a fully automatic weapon.

  18. Quiet Guy says

    I attended Matt’s Finance Seminar at Mountain View Org 9 years ago. Matt used the seminar to promote the current “gotta have” service, which at that time was the PTS/SP course, his point being that he made money to the degree that he was un-PTS and to the degree his ethics were IN. He also put in a plug for more companies adopting the Proportional Pay system — to which I objected. At the time I was working for a Scn-owned company that hid the VSD stat (upon which the value of the pay points was based) from employee view and freely adjusted the percentage of VSD going to payroll, thus maximizing company profits, which in effect flattened the “proportional” conecpt of Proportional Pay.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      “his point being that he made money to the degree that he was un-PTS and to the degree his ethics were IN.”
      Well that says it all! No wonder he is bankrupt!!!!!!!!! Where is the frickin cog Matt? Forget the objectives redo……………….You need a full blown retread of everything bottom up. Check with Der Leader, he may be willing to cut you a discount due to your Kha Kahn from having given HIM all the other peoples money you were able to commandeer because you were so able with the tech. Rant over!

    • Karen B says

      Yes, I attended on at Palo Alto at about the same time and he was promoting PTS/SP there as well. Ironically, I did the course shortly after that and the data in it was ultimately the thing which allowed me to disconnect from the church.

      • Peter says

        That apparently was before Der Kline Fuhreurdumkopf had yet to mess around too much with that course. So you had direct proof that Scio worked! LOL Well done.

  19. Carol says

    OMG he is still around promoting himself and all his worldly knowledge on how to do nothing and get paid for it!!! where do I sign?, gawd!!

  20. Hapexamendios says

    Wow, awesome post Mike! Way to blow the lid off of that false advertising!

    Curious that he doesn’t mention any of those fat (I’m assuming) Ideal Morgue/IAS/SuperPower donations in his IRS declaration. On another note it’s sad that he considers success being able to hand over even more money to Davey’s slush funds.

    • Blown SP says

      IF bankruptcy court finds out about it – they could make the church of scientology pay the ones damaged back.
      Most staff and members are filing bankruptcy these days! It is just the “right thing to do”.
      One staff member told me after they filed BK – something about “Pirates and Bums” reference??

      • Hapexamendios says

        That’s a pretty lousy thing to do. I remember Howard Becker bragging that he planned to do something similar at an IAS briefing in the early 90s. He said he was going to run up all his cards donating to the IAS and stick the banks with his debt when he died. Pretty sure he was dead serious.

        Using the tongue-in-cheek (that was my interpretation at least) “Pirates and Bums” reference to justify theft and fraud – now that really shows how squirrely things are these days doesn’t it?

      • Aquamarine says

        Ah, yes, the “Pirates and Bums” reference. Often I heard that reference used by RCSers to justify their non-payment of credit cards, rents, mortgages, taxes. I also noted what I can only describe as a smug, superiory quality, a covert pride, actually, that emanated from such people when talking about how they were stiffing their creditors so as to flow that money to CO$. I could see they really thought they were kind of cool for doing this. For politeness sake, in those days, I would pretend to approve by stretching my lips into a smile and saying, “Wow” whilst inwardly I would be withdrawing from them in pity, distrust and contempt. Today I would simply tell them from my heart how wrong it is and let the chips fall where they may. But they don’t ask me anymore, LOL.

  21. Simple says

    Also the Pasadena OT Committee is raising funds to pay for Matt’s airfare to the event.

    • Emilie says

      Ah, the irony of that! They probably have to pay him a big speaker’s fee as well.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      Good fucking god!!!! When will the insanity stop? What about food and accommos. Are they renting the Beverly Hilton for the upstat?

    • tony dephillips says

      Truly sick that they have to raise this schmucks airfare. I mean, come on, if he really wants to help the poor unwashed masses can’t he buy his own plane ticket? On top of that, hardly anyone can flourish and prosper financially when you are being hounded 24/7 for cash.

      If you want to flourish financially I will give you a FREE crash course right NOW. not walk ..away from the cult and tell them to get lost. Then start working and having fun in life and paying off your debt and saving some cash and you will feel better and better. END of seminar. Your needle is floating.

  22. Blown SP says

    Truth revealed. Just love how you pull the curtain back Mike Rinder – and cut to the chase with the facts.
    The Feshbach boy’s have donated lots and lots of money to the Church of Scientology and its various front groups! They had “special privledges” with David Miscavige – they got to do “super power”.
    The results of their involvement in Scientology:
    Joe is dead.
    Matt – filed bankruptcy and lost his fortune twice from what I read. 1992 and 2007. Owed taxes to the IRS – sounds like he still does…big bill to the IRS.
    I was just wondering – at what point does Scientology work? Why do people like Matt Feshbach not see that their lives are not better – but worse.
    He must be doing some type of a “condition formula” to make up the damage for fling bankruptcy.

    At the Flag Scam Base – you know the one, the MECCA of technical extortion – the MAA’s will “crush regg” to get out of lower conditions if one files bankruptcy.
    Of course, the Church of Scientology pressures people into going into debt. Then when the member is overwhelmed with debt they cannot pay back – it is their fault. The church of scientology WILL KEEP all the money – and blame the member for getting themselves in that condition.
    No one can talk about it – until now. Thanks Mike! Thank God for the internet!
    BEWARE OF ANY AND ALL REGGES IN THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!! They will betray you like no other staff member – they have to in order to survive!!

    • singanddanceall says

      nicely said Blown SP,

      I like that “at what point does scientology work?

      where’s that Tony D laughing snip?

    • Cooper Kessel says

      How about a tad of a change up on that quote:
      Everyone has an agenda if only to write up a KR on you to prove they are pushing ‘command intention’.

    • Jane Doe says

      Blown SP, yes beware of all regges in the church…. but to add to that: nowadays EVERYONE in the church is a registrar. They are teaching each staff member to reg and telling them that their hat is to sell sell sell…. sell basics sets, sell tapes and lectures, sell making a donation, everything. At the Flag Scam Base even the MAA’s were selling to the public and even the waitresses in the Sandcastle were selling. You couldn’t escape them.

  23. John P. says

    Nice job of research on the bankruptcy filing. It would be interesting to note whether the Feshbach’s made any donations to the RCS or any related entities shortly before filing for bankruptcy. Typically, any unusual payments including those to charity right before a bankruptcy is filed can be cause for all sorts of sanctions by the bankruptcy court. And if I recall looking at some of the corporate bankruptcy cases I’ve looked at over the years, the bankruptcy administrator on behalf of the creditors may seek to have the court force a “clawback,” where the recipient has to return what essentially amount to ill-gotten gains, even if they’re innocent of any intentional actions to help reduce the size of the bankruptcy estate. Many people who just happened to cash out of Bernie Madoff’s scam before it unraveled were forced to return their profits, even though they were completely innocent of any knowledge that it was a scam.

    Example: I borrowed $150,000 from my brother to launch a business which failed. The terms of the loan were zero interest for five years with a balloon payment, so I haven’t had to make any payments yet. Three days before I declare bankruptcy, I have $160,000 in the bank, and I pay my brother $150,000. Then when I file, I list only the remaining $10,000 in cash. In the old days, the remaining creditors would have been stuck splitting only $10,000. But with a clawback law, anybody getting an unusual distribution within a certain time period before the filing would have to pay that money back. That is true whether I told my brother that I was about to file bankruptcy (in which case he would be conspiring to loot the bankruptcy estate) or just told him that things were going well and I wanted to pay him back early (in which case he would be innocent).

    So I wonder if RCS or any related entities were forced to disgorge any money back to the Feshbach’s bankruptcy estate if they received any inappropriate payments before the case was filed. I don’t really know if the RCS would want to keep quiet any legal troubles of that sort and just pay up or if they would fight a court order on grounds of “religious discrimination.” I think most legitimate churches would be happy to return “dirty money” if it were tainted by potential bankruptcy fraud, but of course DM thinks a bit differently than most “ecclesiastical” leaders.

    • 1984 says

      This whole article (with bankruptcy notice) should be sent to the IRS. Let them deal with him in a new unit of time.

  24. says

    We in RTC wish to point out that Matt’s IRS filing is another part of his financial success strategy.

    The fact is that we in the Church of Scientology can help you make credible “this lifetime” dramatizations to the IRS and other taxing agencies.

    These dramatizations can save you hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in taxes which can then be contributed to the IAS.

    However, as we know all the tricks, we never allow our members to pull that sh*t on us! We want the money and don’t care about the pain in your zorch, your pelvis, or anywhere else.

    Today is Thursday and the money is due at 2:00 PM sharp.

    No excuses or we in RTC will give you “pelvic pain” you will never forget!

  25. Paul J says

    Since I own a successful business and I owe nothing to the IRS, I think I’m qualified to give a seminar here.

    Do the following:

    1) Work hard.
    2) Always make more than you spend.
    3) Invest in you future and plan on being around in 20 years.
    4) Don’t give any money to the Co$.
    5) As you become affluent continue to do the above.
    6) Don’t attend any seminars by Matt Feshbach. He’s clearly PTS.

    This is about all I have to offer, but I’m sure it’s more valuable than anything put on by someone working with the Co$. Thank you for your time.

  26. sets guy says

    This BK deal is 5 years old. Any PT data? Plus he doesn’t seem so bed ridden does he?

  27. uncover says

    >>> “Learn from a master. Find out how Matt applied LRH “Finance Tech” to his own life…”

    >> “What that means is that I suffer from crippling pain in my pelvic regions – making it impossible for me to stand or sit for long periods of time, ….”

    Hey, he was really applying LRH-“Finance-Tech”:
    “…..crippled and blinded, unable to….”
    ….to obtain some benefits from the government.

  28. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

    Several months ago I was told that Matt left the country to open a business outside of the IRS reach. This story reminds me of the “successful” method used to reg a dying man for auditing at Flag’s AO that he’d never use as he was no longer able to metab and wasn’t going to get back to the health required to do so. This threw him in to bankruptcy proceedings as he couldn’t pay his bills. Jacob Kemp was his name. He passed before the whole matter resolved. He did have a win on getting the captain involved in the illegal debit on his account for a new e-meter which was done without his consent a few months before he went. . . that’s Flag. Many stories of a similar nature about the “mecca”.

  29. Robin says

    , is part of the elite deviance that is currently perverting what I like to call the 501ciii Animal Farm the Church of Scientology has become.

    The question is:

    Do elitists like Feshbach kowtow to Miscavige or is it the other way around?

    On a lighter note:

    Feshbach wouldn’t know what Scientology Financial policy was if it bit him in the ass.

  30. mreppen says

    I wonder if Matt has fallen out of favor with Pinocchio Miscavige, now that is bankrupt. He used to be his poster boy. Not anymore!

  31. CommunicatorIC says

    It is a simple matter of Be, Do, Have.
    Be a member of the Church of Scientology
    Do the “World Famous” Matt Feshbach Finance Seminar.
    Have no home, no retirement, and a legal duty to pay $120,000 per quarter to the IRS for back taxes.

  32. Forever Lurker says


    I’ve been reading Scientology blogs religiously for about five-six years and right now I’m thinking this posting takes the prize. My head is about to burst in disbelief! I’m so glad you’re posting “investigative reporting” like this.

    Some of my friends have asked me over the years what the “final meltdown” will look like. I’ve always told them, you’re looking at it right now. What you see around you. This is how it goes down. A good example are events like this one, totally based on a con and with the attendees not doing any due diligence before, during or after. Everyone carefully keeping their heads in the sand.

    Unlike Matt, I am and have been comfortably retired for years and have paid any and all debts to anyone owed over the years. Of course, I stepped out of the COS about 20 years ago. Life is good.

    I followed this magic conditions formula: just do the right thing, follow the goodness in your heart, and don’t be swayed or compromised. (Fortunately, I have a good heart.) The formula worked.

  33. Formost says

    Great post.

    I’ve always found actual help from Scientology-based seminars and events to be specious at best, and they only and always merely seek to get money out of you. No matter how worded, positioned or bait-laced, it’s just another 1.1 spam message blocked the same as any offshore investment opportunities.

    More than likely Matt’s looking to make a few bucks FSMing.

    Check with Der Leader, he may be willing to cut you a discount due to your Kha Kahn from having given HIM all the other peoples money you were able to commandeer because you were so able with the tech.

    Contributions beyond last Thursday do not count.

    At the Flag Scam Base – you know the one, the MECCA of technical extortion – the MAA’s will “crush regg” to get out of lower conditions if one files bankruptcy.

    They used to send people starting their OT levels back to anull their bankruptcy and somehow handle it, even if it was impossible to do so. Regges incessantly on their heels routinely brought these situations about. Of course should one point this out, one is labelled a “Responsible for Conditions” case and sent for PTS/Sec Check handlings. The only way to survive is to get rid of CO$.

  34. Midge says

    Karma baby!!!

    Not to mention, he has no ethics, hence no tech has can be applied!

    Having had personal and financial dealings with both Matt & Joe, I feel no pity for his sit. I knew him from 1995-1998 and here is a glimpse of what was important (which paralleled Joe & Cindy’s scene): II went to their $4 million dollar home in Monte Sereno, CA the poshest of areas of Los Gatos, (CA) for an ‘event’. where we were met at teh door by their Butler then served fine food and wine by their Chef and waiters. To say their house was ostentatious was an understatement, with custom Italian made gilded furniture, original art, Leather bound LRH materials, pool house, fleet of cars & more…..
    After making their millions on short sales in the late 80’s, they then scammed small frys like me & my husband (and many others) selling us on ‘investing’ with them as they were OL’s (having been on on the cover of Time Magazine) and they “applies the tech”, We lost all the money we invested and neither Matt or Joe took any responsibility for their actions. No surprise.
    The final straw was when he helped Joe & Cindy get our son to disconnect from us, after he joined staff at the Palo Alto Mission (that was 1998, & my last year in Scientology!).
    So, here’s my recommendation Matt-get your ethics in so you can apply the tech and live and act like an OT.
    Otherwise, this IS your karma baby!

  35. Aeolus says

    My takeaway here is that even if the business world pulls the rug out from under your feet, you can still make FSM commissions by giving a seminar on business. And the way this is positioned with Flag and AOLA as well as Pasadena, no matter where one does their next service after attending this seminar, Matt is likely to get a piece of it. Which may be his only income lately.

  36. Espiritu says

    “Why some people seem to prosper effortlessly, and how you can become one of them”

    (In other words) Become a thief like me! But not just any kind of thief….become a very clever and manipulative thief. Of course some people will come out holding the short end of the stick. But don’t worry, it is all very ethical. After all WE are Scientologists!
    In summary, it is important to always remember that YOU are Number One .
    ….and everyone else is number two.

  37. ThetaPotata says

    It would be interesting to get a ballpark estimate how much he’s donated to the Superpower Project. I would guess at one time he must of been the top donor since he became the Poster boy for Superpower, so at least a $ Million? While reading through the bankruptcy excerpt, I had a distinct urge to put Linda Rondstadt’s “Poor poor pitiful me” on. Seriously, he needs to assess where the PTSness is coming from. I’m sure bullshitting people about how great a life he’s had since doing some (or all?) of the Superpower rundowns can’t help.

  38. Phil Bruemmer says

    Well, natter all you want, Matt at least can say he is “cause over life” and he can remember that he is cuz he is free of amnesia on the whole track!
    Not only that, but he also can now do all the OT levels above VIII – soon as he’s done with the Purif & Objectives.

    Well, eat your hearts out, all you bitter, defrosted apostates!

    • ThetaPotata says

      Yeah, I wonder of the IRS would notice if he missed a year or two of monthly payments? He could be the first guy to have to do a redo of Superpower, continuing his pioneering ways (after a redo of purif & objectives of course.)

    • says

      When he was an almost billionaire, he was the short king. For those who do not know what it means, he made money by selling shares he believed will go down. He was so “good” at it, that when he shorted a share, he would destroy the company. Nevertheless, he kept destroying companies, some good, some bad, until he shorted one that was too strong for him. They kept buying the shares he sold, not letting the price go down, until he could not sell any more. Than they bought more, raising the price. At that point he was destroyed. Nice guy.

  39. says

    Mat Feshbach is somewhat of a con man. He lost a lot of money to many people. He hides behind dm in trying to crush competition. He was never successful in building a productive enterprise, or even in supporting one. I would say he is the opposite of an opinion leader in business and finance. I would not go to his lecture if they pay me.

  40. Jethro Bodine says

    I still can’t get over this. If word gets out to the sheeple about what’s in Feshbach’s bankruptcy declaration
    ( about how poor he is now and is in so much pain he can’t do any work outside his home [which he doesn’t own]), I can’t imagine that the church would still use him as the poster boy of financial success or the poster boy of Super Powers. Matt Feshbach as done the entire processing side of the bridge up to OT 8, and has also done just about all Flag-only rundowns including all 3 Ls, and also has done the Key to Life, and also has been one of the very few public who has completed Super Power. Yet, according to his BK declaration, he’s bankrupt, doesn’t own any MEST of any value, has no savings or retirement fund, is in so much pain he is prevented from working a normal job, and yet he still owes the IRS tons of money and he’s 60 years of age (now). It doesn’t sound to me like he is being cause over life, does it? I guess it doesn’t pay to be a shill for Miscavige and his vulture culture cult, does it? Karma is a bitch….

  41. Karen B says

    Mike, this doc reveals one thing which cannot be argued with and that is that there is a big unethical side to him that is easy to see when all the pieces are put into place. I had not been able to see this before, partly because I didn’t want to and partly because I have been out of comm with the family for the past decade.

    Spelled out – Matt has filed for bankruptcy twice and in the last one, he declares he is unable to pursue any employment interviews or employment itself due to disabling pelvic disease. Within a period of 1 1/2 years he is well enough to do seminars for the church and for his newly founded medical institute.
    When I declared bankruptcy, I was so embarrassed about being a Scientologist and defaulting on my debts. I only did it because debt collectors started coming to my work and I felt that it wasn’t okay for me to let my personal problems to spill out into my profession. After the bankruptcy was granted, though I was free of any legal obligation, (as soon as I had money) I contacted all the agencies that had been defaulted so that I could work out repayment.

    Which brings up two questions that won’t leave my head. 1) while paying the IRS debt, up until he was too broke to pay…how much money did he pay the Church of Scientology and all of its entities? 2) How much did he invest in the state of the art hospital he (and Joe who was also an investor) founded for stem cell therapy relating to chronic heart disease? What? I thought he was broke and disabled? At least according to this document which was filed barely a year earlier. His activities show a pattern of dishonesty which I was unable to admit to before.

  42. says

    I wonder if Mr Feshbach gets an FSM commission on everyone in the room who later gets regged for a flag service?

    Most likely scenario in my estimation…