Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach — WTF?


How is it that Tommy Davis and Jessica Feschbach have never stepped out into the sunlight?

They left a trail of destruction in their wake and witnessed a lot of things they KNOW hurt people or were just plain wrong. 

The Tommy/Jessica (Tomica) story is darker than most realize. I wouldn’t doubt that if anything keeps David Miscavige up at night it’s the thought of Tomica growing a conscience. That’s probably right up there with Shelly escaping. Or Heber exposing the abuses he has been subjected to over the last 20 years. 

A recent article on Tony Ortega’s blog exposed the shore story that had been circulated about Jessica leaving the Sea Org to be treated for cancer.

This is an old trick used by the church to explain to the faithful the departure of prominent people from the world of Miscavige. “They are on a medical handling.” It is a story that most buy without questioning as its considered impolite to pry into the misfortune and private matters of someone suffering a debilitating disease. The church used it with Debbie Cook when she left – and subsequently when they attempted to silence her criticisms the truth came out in sworn testimony that she and her husband had in fact escaped from the Miscavige madhouse and were brought back, paid off and given a “shore story.” And it was used again when Greg and Debbie Hughes left — though Debbie Hughes did suffer from severe diabetes that had worsened due to lack of medical treatment, an unhealthy diet and the living conditions she was subjected to. But they too escaped and were brought back, paid off and given a shore story. 

Tommy had blown once before when he took off to Las Vegas in the middle of dealing with BBC Panorama in 2007. Apparently, like so many others, Tomica simply could not tolerate the insanity inside the bubble at some point. Ironically, it was Jessica who had been Tommy’s sec checker and ethics officer for months after he was recovered from LV — reporting in daily to Miscavige on the progress of his handling — and this is apparently the start of their romantic involvement. 

Tommy (he now goes by “Thomas”) participated in some of the worst PR disasters in church history.  His infamous John Roberts CNN appearance, storming out of the Martin Bashir interview in a hissy fit, horrendous mishandling of Paul Haggis, challenging Larry Wright to investigate Hubbard’s war record as if what Tommy said wasn’t true it “undermined all of Dianetics and Scientology”, looking like Agent Smith from The Matrix on BBC Panorama and on and on… His problems usually came from his literalness in taking instruction from the Miscavige bubble and parroting them verbatim.

In the infamous CNN Interview John Roberts asked if it was true that “if you are a member of the Church of Scientology and someone in your family, a friend or spouse is skeptical or critical of the Church of Scientology, you’re supposed to disconnect from that person.”  Tommy boldly asserted that “There’s no such thing as disconnection as you’ve characterized it…Scientology actually mandates – it’s really part of the code of being a Scientologist – to respect the religious beliefs of others, so certainly a Scientologist is going to respect their family members’ beliefs…We consider the family to be a building block of any society, so anything that is characterized as disconnection or this kind of thing is just not true. There isn’t any such policy in the Church dictating who you can and cannot be in communication with, it just doesn’t happen.”

Well not for Tommy anyway. However for thousands of others less fortunate, disconnection is a heartbreaking reality. And of course Tommy’s lies about disconnection are a big part of what drove Paul Haggis to speak out against the abusive practice. Where Heber spent years building bridges for Scientology, Tommy burned them in one extended bonfire.

All this is of course VERY public, and its not what keeps Miscavige up at night, other than yelling at the ceiling how “Tommy’s incompetence is the why for all the bad press.”

What really has Miscavige worried is that Tomica have some stories to tell that would shock the world and expose more of the dark underbelly of Dave and Tom Cruise’s world…

For many years, Tommy was in the “President’s Office” in CC Int. His almost exclusive job was to cater to Tom Cruise and to provide whatever Miscavige directed him to do for his pal while constantly reporting back on what was going on in the Cruise world. 

Tommy told me he was physically assaulted by Tom (“I deserved it”) who followed in the footsteps of his mentor Dave. Tommy was subservient to “Mr. Cruise” as was everyone else in the Sea Org by order of “COB.”

Tommy had to divorce his wife Nadine because she became persona non grata in the Cruise household.

Tommy was directly involved in the “girlfriend” search mission to find a mate for Cruise.  In fact, he and Greg Wilhere were the ones that arranged the “chance” meeting of Nazanin Boniadi with Cruise in New York. 

Tomica were also the ones who dealt with anyone who offended or upset “Mr. Cruise” or Katie – including getting people fired, hauled in for extensive sec checking and ethics programs for even minor problems.

Michael Doven and his wife were both given the boot from Cruise’s employ by Tommy on behalf of “Mr. Cruise”. 

Jessica was of course Katie’s Holmes’ auditor and BFF. That didn’t turn out too well.

So, how come they are silent? It’s not because they got paid a bunch of money and are afraid of losing it and ending up on welfare – Tommy’s dad is very wealthy and got him a plum position for which he is eminently unqualified as a managing director at a branch of Colony Capital.  Jessica too comes from a wealthy family and also landed a high paying job selling multi-million dollar homes (like the one they live in which was listed at $1,495,000 before they purchased it outright in May 2012).

Of course, Tommy’s mother (Ann Archer) remains an avid proponent of what she believes is the church’s “human rights” campaigns, though Jessica’s mom (Cindy) seems to have fallen off the Scientology radar since the premature death of her husband Joe.

So, why aren’t Tomica speaking out about the abuses they witnessed or participated in?

Perhaps Tomica are frightened by that non-existent “disconnection” policy that Tommy was so adamant about?

Or perhaps its just that they are simply too content with their cushy lifestyle to be concerned about the well-being of the “little people” who continue to suffer hardships, injustices and broken families. And those who are still trying to recover from their less than pleasant interactions with Tomica.

This quote comes to mind: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” 

But another quote I came across yesterday also seems appropriate and is in part what prompted me to write this post.

In 1985, in an interview for the civil rights documentary Eyes on the Prize, the late Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth spoke to one of the mistakes he and other organizers had made when initially trying to defeat racism in the United States. “We thought that you could just shame America,” he said. “Say, ‘Now, America, look at your promises. Look at how you treated your poor Negro citizens. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.’ But you know…you can’t shame segregation. Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide. Ball teams don’t strike themselves out. You gotta put ’em out.”

This is the first pitch to Tomica. 




  1. palehorse says

    Dear Mike,

    I always look forward to your articles and comments, and this one is particularly juicy! Please forgive me my naivety, but I am inclined to grant a bit of compassion toward Tommy Davis. Of course, unlike you, I was never in the scope of the firing squad, so it is much easier for me to be patient.

    Having watched and read you and Marty from afar for quite sometime, and watched as people relentlessly assaulted your characters, I am inclined to wait in hope of a similar decompression period in Tommy’s case. Didn’t you need time for yourself before coming out publicly against the crimes of the CoS? Marty has also written of his time of needing to disappear.

    I recall reading about you and watching you work for and defend the CoS while thinking awful things about you before I knew you left. My initial opinion of your character was utterly wrong. When I was on staff, I remember fearing Marty and suppressing my thoughts that he was a thug. I was terribly wrong about him, too. I now know both you and Marty to be courageous and compassionate men, warriors for your integrity despite attacks from those who refuse to forgive your actions while in the CoS. Those moral karma accountants who are bent on blame may never accept that you and Marty have more than made up for your involvement in the shenanigans of the CoS.

    I cannot help but wonder if compassion might be more effective than blame in Tommy’s case. He may or may not come forward as courageously as you and Marty have. But at least he is not actively and publicly assaulting the truth as he was under the auspices of the Church. As a public spokesman, it must be tremendously difficult to turn around and point out your own duplicity.

    Mike, I greatly respect and admire you, and I would welcome your criticism of my thought process. Clearly, you know this situation eons better than I do.


  2. justpassingby says

    Mike Rinder:
    This speculation on Tommy Davis ad what he might or might not now do is fascinating. A sincere question from someone who was never in Scientology – I assume there was a time when you were as committed and convinced as Tommy Davis, and there must have been a “decompression” period between you’re leaving and you’re deciding to speak out. I’m sure that there was no one event, but probably a process, that brought you to the point where you were willing to speak out publicly. From your experience – and granted it’s impossible to put yourself inside someone else’s mind, this is all speculation – what would it take for Tommy Davis to be able to reach the point you have, to realize that he personally will never be free until he attempts to make amends – as you are doing with this blog , etc – and start speaking publicly about the abuses he must have personal knowledge of? Thanks, best wishes.

    • justpassingby says

      Damn – forgive the typos! “your” leaving, not “you’re” leaving – sheesh. Posting before proofreading is never a good thing!

  3. DeckardCain says

    Mr. Rinder, I usually avoid your blog but this post screams hypocrisy, which is a notorious trait built into the acceptable truths taught to all Scientologists and practiced by many both inside and outside the cult’s walls. The level of hypocrisy in your words are too much for me to not comment and resemble that of your friend, Mr. Rathbun. Until you start to publicly peel away the onion I don’t think you are in the position to be pointing fingers. At all.

    Spending years in top Cult management and overseeing all of the dirty tricks I challenge you to start revealing events, harassment, crimes, ripping apart families, and covert actions that were… you said once in an interview trying to dance around a direct question…..”under my purview”. I also challenge you to post this comment (others with similar messages don’t seem to get past your “open” comment policy) but are recorded elsewhere. It would show a lot of fortitude if you actually commented to this as well. That would finally be a step in the right direction for you.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Mr. Cain — I think you are better off avoiding this blog. It certainly isn’t intended for you. And your definition of hypocrisy is a strange one.

      When Tommy and Jessica go to the FBI and numerous other law enforcement agencies and report everything they know, when they talk to the Tampa Bay Times, New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, BBC Panoramas, Today/Tonight, Anderson Cooper, TV 3, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Janet Reitman, Larry Wright and start their own blog to expose the abuses of the Church of Scientology I will compare notes as to who has exposed more and revisit the allegation of my hypocrisy.

      Come back with another comment then.

  4. breppen says

    Awesome quote Mike about putting them out, so true, psychopaths have to get the ax.

  5. Jethro Bodine says

    For once in his life Tommy “Footbullet” Davis told the truth – he really did deserve the beating from Tom Cruise, but not for the reason that Cruise was trying to imitate Dear Leader. The kool-aid runs deep in Tommy’s veins and it will be a very long time, if at all, he comes forward with the truth that he should tell.

  6. sophia13 says

    A month or two ago, I read an on-line news article that was commenting on the Vanity Fair article re. TC and Nazanin Boniadi. A person wrote a reply stating that she could corroborate the accuracy of the VF article, as she personally witnessed the events. The name this person used was Jessica.

  7. Sidney18511 says

    This story was picked up by well known site “radar online” and now it’s gone. It makes me think that they heard from Cruise or the COSs lawyer, ya think?

  8. The Oracle says

    I do not think Tommy Davies lacks courage. At all. And I do not think his mother is still involved with the CofS. If he is being quiet it is to protect someone else, not himself.

    Oh Hell,… wait a minute. Did you say he threw his first wife under the bus because she fell out of grace with the Tom Cruise Crowd?

  9. Jerry says

    When I was in the SO these two were the bedrock of Scientology. Amazing, now Miscavages bedrock has become quick sand. He is soo doomed even he must see the writing on the wall. Brick and mortar will do him absolutely no good when his judgement day comes. And it’s right around the corner. It’s absolutely inevitable.

  10. Indie8Million says

    Sorry to go off topic but this concerns another “celebrity” situation. I thought some of you would like to comment about this.

    Michelle Stafford has left the cast of the Young and Restless, saying that she is hoping to go on to bigger things, blah, blah, blah.

    I don’t know if you heard this but, when Michael Fairman came back to work after going to Marty’s for auditing and concurrently being personally declared by Tommy Davis (he had the declare in his hands when he went to Michael’s house, telling him that he wouldn’t put the declare through if Michael recanted), Michelle told Michael, “I just want you to know that you have an enemy at work now!!!”

    Now Michelle is quitting the best gig she ever had and that people don’t want her to leave from.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting for people to comment in the comments section that maybe she’s leaving because her former friend (I think she got Michael that job in the first place) was now in bad graces with Scientology.

    I wonder which brilliant MAA decided that it would be for Michelle’s “greatest good” to leave the show that was her primary source of income, that she was paying for her Bridge with, etc. Really smart…not.
    If you’d like to comment –

    • Chris Mann says

      Why doesnt the MAA just explain to the producers that Michael is a suppressive person and needs to be destroyed?

      • Indie8Million says

        Right, Chris. Then poor, poor Michelle could come back because the MAA said she could. “MAA, may I?”
        Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner. He and his wife stopped in this small town to repair their car. They started reading the ‘forturnes” from the little wizard fortune telling machine in the town restaurant and were convinced they couldn’t leave town, on the little wizard’s advice.
        They finally walked out and got in their car and drove off, while a very old couple entered that same restaurant , the wife saying, “Do you think it will let us leave today, Henry?”

  11. Errol Sayin says

    Why pick on Tommy? None of the OTVIIIs that I’ve had the pleasure to meet in the CO$ could
    fill the late Reverend’s shoes. Sounds like Fred Shuttlesworth did more for saving the planet
    than any of them.

    Some selections from Wikipedia:
    On December 25, 1956, unknown persons tried to kill Shuttlesworth by placing sixteen sticks of dynamite under his bedroom window. Shuttlesworth somehow escaped unhurt even though his house was heavily damaged. A police officer, who also belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, told Shuttlesworth as he came out of his home, “If I were you I’d get out of town as quick as I could”. Shuttlesworth told him to tell the Klan that he was not leaving and “I wasn’t saved to run.”

    Shuttlesworth was apparently personally fearless, even though he was aware of the risks he ran. Other committed activists were scared off or mystified by his willingness to accept the risk of death. Shuttlesworth himself vowed to “kill segregation or be killed by it”.[1]

    When Shuttlesworth and his wife Ruby attempted to enroll their children in a previously all-white public school in Birmingham in 1957, a mob of Klansmen attacked them, with the police nowhere to be seen. His assailants included Bobby Frank Cherry,who six years later was involved in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing. The mob beat Shuttlesworth with chains and brass knuckles in the street while someone stabbed his wife. Shuttlesworth drove himself and his wife to the hospital where he told his kids to always forgive.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thank you for this.

      Now that is a man to admire.

      As for Why pick on Tommy? Because he is privvy to a lot of information that could raise awareness about the truth of the abuses that are ongoing inside the church.

      Miscavige has spent many years riding on the public awareness and goodwill of Tom Cruise to forward his personal agenda. The reciprocal of that is when Cruise’s name is connected to the abuses they also get wide coverage and public awareness. Tomica know.

  12. Roman says

    Someone should fund a Squirrel Busters-like group to stalk Tommy and Jessica for 6 months. Bet you they’d crack.

    • Mike Rinder says

      And that would be just as nuts as the church doing it to Marty and Mosey. Because they do insane things doesnt mean it’s a good idea for you to do them. It’s already clear from Tommy’s track record that he cracks under pressure, that’s not in question. No need to try and prove it by resorting to insanity.

  13. Sidney18511 says

    As I see it..Tommy Davis was raised inside a bubble that was in another bubble. He was raised from a boy in the cult and also as a rich kid. And his circumstances now, STILL has him living in a bubble, as all his and his wife’s families are still members in good standing. I don’t see anything that could come up in his life that would pop the bubble and open his eyes.

  14. says

    Way to go Mike! Great post, written with scalpel-like precision. Cuts right to the chase. It’s very useful to remind oneself of just how toxic and far reaching the poison goes. Whether Tomica step forward or not doesn’t matter too much, although it would be great if they did – but Karma won’t care either way. It just brushes its teeth, fishes its breakfast and gets on with it.

  15. statpush says

    I suspect both Tommy, er…Thomas and Jessica have been to the Dark Side. I don’t think you can travel in those circles and not incur damage (mental, spiritual, physical, etc). I would be surprised if they want anything to do with RCS having seen what is behind the curtain.

    Like many of us who have left, but still have connections, you handle it like a PTS situation – good roads, good weather, maintain friendly relations with the natives. They both need to decide whether their own personal integrity is worth more than the shit-storm they (and others) would have to endure should they speak out.

  16. James says

    Voldermort should be packing up his wristwatch collection and checking on
    Ideal asylum locations in South America.

  17. Phil Bruemmer says

    They, Tommy and Jessica, might need courage to speak out, but the main thing they would have to have would be COMPASSION for their fellow man.
    It looks doubtful they even know there is a fellow man to feel compassion for.

  18. richelieu jr says

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    You’re confusing Tommy with ‘good men’, Mike?

  19. Heather G says

    Another classic Tommy Davis media moment:

    Nathan Baca: Why are the spikes facing inward?
    Tommy Davis: (shrugs) That’s just how they were installed…

    That’s why they called him the Leader of Anonymous.

  20. Heather G says

    How deliciously provocative of you, Mike!

    I hope Tomica speak up, for their own good as well as the good of others. Living with secrets that big isn’t healthy. TD needs to build a reputation based on integrity to work in the financial field. He can change his name to Thomas but it won’t stop people making the link with Tommy Davis – THAT Tommy Davis – and his media and internet profiles are waaaaay too big to be papered over. I can understand him wanting to put Tommy behind him for business reasons, but I don’t think that’s realistic. Far better to go public and show he’s drawn a line between his present and his past and has the integrity to face his past and call it for what it was.

    Looking forward to the next ball.

  21. Chris Mann says

    A slightly different take:

    He really did a terrible job. That and the fact that he eventually left tells me that he is probably a decent guy who found himself in the wrong place and made some wrong decisions and lost himself trying to survive. That his family is so connected to the Church and there is apparently money and job he could lose if he spoke out in unfortunate. That situation can make for a very miserable life in reality so it’s very good to free yourself of those things. It’s actually suppression and a form of slavery if you are not free to speak or act for fear of losing something. It’s much better to live free Tommy.

    • villagedianne says

      Tommy’s parents are divorced; The money and the real-estate industry connections come from Tommy’s non-Scientologist father.

      • Aquamarine says

        I think the disconnection issue is more directly concerning as regards Jessica’s family than Tommy’s. I don’t know these people but I for some reason I doubt that Anne Archer would disconnect from him. The Feshbacks are another story. There are lots of them and they are very solidly entrenched in the cult.. The Feshbachs would cut have to cut Jessica loose if she talked or went along with him talking. Anne Archer would be embarrassed and disgraced within the Church, and the Feshbachs would throw them both under the bus so fast their heads would spin. This couple would need a lot of conviction that they were doing the right thing to maintain their position in space against what would rain down on them. They’d be out on their Francis’ with only each other. and the pressure on each of them to divorce and come back to do A-E would be enormous. I don’t see those 2 trust fund babies as having the guts to withstand this. Sincerely hope I’m proved wrong.

  22. sheeple says

    Excellent write up. One thing I noticed though; on Tommy’s Linkedin profile, he changed his job description from Managing Director to Assistant to the President or something like that. It seems after Ortega brought Tommy’s Linkedin profile to light, he changed his job description from the ridiculous Managing Director to something a little more understandable like “Chief Errand Boy”. I can’t find his profile now but I remember seeing this last week.

  23. says

    I think the first pitch to Tomica was a STRIKE!
    Way to go, Mike. Can’t wait to see the next one!
    Do you know of any actual criminal activity that Tomica either participated in or helped cover up?

  24. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

    Right ON MIke! Where in the hell is the conscience that MUST be in the hearts of these people who have had at one point or another the ember that was fanned in to a flame by the hope Ron’s tech provided to help improve conditions in life around them? Where IS the motivation to pursue truth as a part of their character gone???

    I personally understand the effects of feeling that I was DONE making anymore sacrifices for the cofs but can’t live with myself as a person if the steps I climb to improve myself and life around isn’t constructed of truth. There’s no moving forward or respecting what you see in the mirror if what you’re looking at are the justifications you’ve constructed wall out the light of truth.

    I hope that Tomica [missed this since TomKat ended] finds more meaning again in their lives than living in comfort and confronts their past and uses it to further shine the light of truth. I’d like to think that the lives of those in the greater sphere of their existence mattered to them more than silence is reflecting.

  25. Rod Keller says

    It might be nice for you guys (Mike and Marty) to be forthcoming about some more of the things that happened when you were in. What happened with Miss Bloodybutt (Linda Woolard) for example? I think the stories about DM’s punching fetish are very valuable, but I think there’s a lot that is still unsaid.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Rod, if I had any idea about this I would have talked about it long before now. I havent got a clue what this is about and I have asked Marty about it and he doesnt know either. Seems like some some of urban legend or something that is apparently very significant to a few people and utterly unknown to most, including myself. I have a vague recollection of hearing about some wild allegations that I categorized along with the “Marty is in a submarine at the bottom of the Great Salt Lake.” Sorry, I dont have any information about this whatsoever.

      • says

        Mike: The Church of Scientology went to court in Finland to obtain the identity of the individual who leaked a report from INCOMM on alt.religion.scientology under the name -AB- about the encounter between Linda Woolard and Tom Klemesrud, which occurred in the midst of RTC v. Netcom, which also named Klemesrud (or his BBS) as a defendant. -AB- turned out to be a Caltech alumnus who was working for Scientology at INCOMM, Thomas Rummelhart. There’s no question that Scientology *at least* sought out Woolard and interviewed her to produce the report which Rummelhart leaked. I also tracked her down and interviewed her to get her side of the story for my 1995 Skeptic magazine article:

        Also see Chuck Beatty’s account ( and Dan Garvin’s (

        • Mike Rinder says

          Thanks. Though this is very off topic.

          I DO know something about Tom Rummelhart, who was held in a room in the PAC base for months while he was sec checked. It was MANY months and he was not allowed to leave. He was under guard. He was watched with cameras that bugged the room. He was sec checked by Hansueli Stahli from RTC. When he did eventually leave, he was interviewed on camera by Elliot Abelson and I was present (and Kirsten Caetano may also have been present) and Abelson essentially told him he had better behave because he could have been prosecuted for espionage. Kirsten Caetano accompanied him back to his mother’s home in Iowa (or somewhere in the MidWest) and stayed with him for some weeks as I recall to ensure he was settled in and was not going to cause problems.

      • Rod Keller says

        Thanks, Mike. Give me a call sometime if you like. 267-255-5311. I think a lot of the lore about Marty comes from Barbara Schwarz, who is clearly crazy as a loon.

  26. windhorse says

    Excellent comments — especially liked the one about karma not necessarily being *instant* —

    Thus this type of blog post from Mike helps potentially speed up the karma. I’ve never met Tom and only met Jessica when she was about 4. She has a twin sister. Probably yet another reason she stays quiet.

    The old disconnection worry.

    BUT — I feel from all I’ve read about Tommy particularly is that he has an ENORMOUS sense of pride, arrogance — self-important and NEED to be respected.

    If this button is pushed hard enough — as in — hmmm — do your colleagues at your big time job KNOW about you screaming at John Sweeney – have they SEEN you go off the deep end.

    Hmmm — wouldn’t an info packet sent to his neighbors be interesting? How about the country club he’s probably has joined.

    IN OTHER WORDS — do unto others what you once did to them —

    In the era of the internet — who can really hide —

    MUCH better for his sake to come forward. Head bowed and say — gosh — I had no idea how all of that happened — and guess what — neither do any of us REALLY — but we did become a member willingly of a rather bizarre group that was mean and nasty much of the time.

    I like what Mat Pesch had to say — he wished him well.

    I do too and part of that means hoping he’s able to find his true nature. It IS basically good.


  27. lightblb62 says

    What is Greg Wilhere doing now, do you know? I had heard that Sandy died.. and also that their son, Darius, was one messed up S.O. boy, sent somewhere far afield in disgrace under the COB rulership. I hadn’t seen his name mentioned in a while so am just curious.
    Congrats on your wedding.. fabulous pictures.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thanks so much and nice to hear from you. :)
      Greg is still at Int. Sandy is in LA and last I knew was alive, though unwell with MS or some other debilitating illness.
      Darius was sent off to Mexico and had a bad car accident. I do not know where he is now, but I don’t believe he is in the Sea Org.

      • windhorse says

        Darius is on facebook — Darius Stevens Wilhere

        Stevens was his mother, Sandy’s maiden name.

        He is apparently married with at least one child. Very obviously still a scientologist based on his friends but has some funny quotes as well as interesting quotes from T.S. Eliot.

        Seems like a good guy.

        I never knew him except as a 4 year old. But it’s sad to me that Greg will probably never meet his grandkids. Once upon a time Greg was an EXTREMELY devoted dad who spent every family time with Darius swimming in the pool.

        • Mike Rinder says

          Yeah, me and my son Benjamin (who considered Darius his big brother) spent many libs days (back when those were still part of the program) with Greg and Sandy swimming at Marshall Goldblatt’s house on Sunset Plaza Drive. He considered Darius and my two kids to be “his.”

  28. Silvia says

    Well, if Tom C was assaulting Tomica it must be because he has fallen into the valence of his SP best pall, on the other hand, Tomica may have now enough money to decide to lay back and keep quiet but the truth won’t die, he knows it and so his wife..I hope they get enou courage to talk as communication will help them release the facts that have harmed so many. Keeping quiet may disturb their sleep, you can not just lay back

  29. Tony DePhillips says

    Thanks for that Mike.

    Your post brings to mind the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword.” :+)

  30. Roy Macgregor says

    Being very arrogant and superior himself, I think Tommy fit very comfortably into DM’s management style and would have been in accord with everything EXCEPT the personal abuse that was heaped on HIM. That would have been totally unacceptable. Hurting, even torturing others, lying to the press, using fame and money to manipulate and destroy people- I think that was all second nature to Tommy. He lapped it up. He just didn’t like getting smacked around himself. So I doubt we will ever hear from him – what is there to tell? Everything he did was acceptable to him. Greg Hughes was exactly the same. The guy was the International Finance Director for years – he knows enough that he could bring DM down with one swat of his hand. But instead he took the money and a cushy job working for some Kool Aide drinking LA millionaire. He LOVES David Miscagive and thinks the man is a great leader etc ad naseaum. He just didn’t like getting smacked around personally. So he left, but would never speak out. What’s to talk about? Who cares about the riff raff and what they have to go through. His past is also very murky – he created Sterling and made millions personally while sowing the seeds of it’s destruction with his “greed is good” management style. He and Tommy have personal integrity on the same level as a blob of jello. Jessica is much the same – she had no problem altering tech, using auditing to suppress and invalidate and generally crushing the riff raff. Yes sir, no sir, no problem sir, may I kiss your foot sir? People who were offended by what they saw SPOKE OUT regardless of the reasons not to. People who liked what they saw and did have not spoken out, regardless of the reasons they have to do so. This is not about decompression for these people. Greg Hughes has been out for years now. You will never hear a whisper from him- in fact I would not be surprised to see him working as an OSA volunteer. He LOVED it. Just not when it was done to him. In my estimation Tommy is the same. He LOVED it. So Tomica is not the correct name – Jessica and Thomas should be referred to as Jessic-ass.

  31. Marta says

    Terrific article, Mike. Much appreciated. Tomica’s actions speak for them and so does their silence. I hope that changes. Here’s to strike one and looking forward to the next!

  32. Axiom says

    Heck, I’m waiting for Tom Cruise to wake up and speak out. That would be the element that brings down the house of cards and stop this train wreck in its tracks.
    Why in the world would Cruise physically abuse Tommy? What is wrong with that picture? Just reading DMSMH and understanding what an engram is and does should be enough to stop anyone from physically injuring another. Guess some people are really out of valance. Can’t wait for Super Power… that should handle that.

    • Aeolus says

      TC is not just out of valence. He is specifically in the valence of the Dwarf Miscreant, and he’s learned that abusing the Little Beings under your thumb is what you do if you are a really Big Being.

      • Cooper Kessel says

        I think Tom said it best …………”ruthlessly put ethics in”……… go for it Tom.

        Why not start with your BFF Der Miscarriage! What a piece of work that pair is!

        Now …..back to that ball game…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Conditioner says

    As Swift said, this is one of your best pieces of writing yet – classic journalism. You make hard hitting points, short and sweet, and with great purpose. You’re leading us on the ramparts, Mike. Thank you.

  34. Old Secretary says

    Now pitching for the Karma Team, Mike Rinder, and his first pitch is a fastball right down the middle for a strike. Tommy Davis probably wishes he never heard of scientology. And he is going to wish he never suited up for this game. But he did suit up by his involvement in perpetuating and covering up abuses and now by his silence. Me may break the silence if things become too uncomfortable for him. But that is what it would take in my opinion. Not for altruistic reasons. Those follow after the fact so he can live with himself.

  35. says

    I have the feeling that Tom and the Feshbach girl, are going to wind up very unhappy. One day the dwarf will decide he needs then, like he always does with people that are out but not fully. He will call them into the fold. They will have two miserable choice; go back to being slaves, or be declared.

    By the wife I have nothing against dwarfs, only the dwarf.

  36. Obnosis says

    Hadn’t heard about Joe Feschbach, just read up on his untimely demise. So a 55 year old OT VIII drops dead of a heart attack. Being that DEAD is the worst lose there is in Scientology’s eyes, I’d have to say that it didn’t work for him very well. I’m sure the true believers did their mental gymnastics to reason it out: “He must’ve been PTS.” “He must’ve had overts.” “He must’ve pulled it in.” Whatever. Indies will say he was PTS to the “Church.” I would just say, maybe he don’t have all the answers to life after all. I don’t care how you reason it out. Bottom line is he died much earlier than the average modern American, and a rich one at that. Sounds about as Cause Over Life as a fly. I don’t mean any disrespect to the individual. It’s a comment on Scientology.

    • Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

      I hadn’t heard about that either. Similarly a good friend of mine who is still “in” is in EU right now trying to get treatment for cancer. She is an OT V I believe. Not sure where she stands at the moment on the Church but I bet a good field auditor could clean that up. Sad state of affairs.

      I knew Tommy from when I was on course at CC int when he worked there. I always liked him back then. Seemed like a reasonable guy. Perhaps when he stated there was no such thing as disconnection he was trying to apply what LRH had written and deliberately sabotaged DM’s program. Its like stating the truth as it should be to expose what it has become. I also liked the lie he told about Sea Org members getting 3 weeks vacation a year. LOL What planet was that on.

  37. Sindy Fagen says

    Tommy always seemed to have a hard time lying. He wasn’t very good at it. I think he’s already shown a glimpse of a conscience and would probably like very much to spill his guts. Of course this is all conjecture. These are the possible problems that I can see:

    1) He might suffer disconnection (though I really don’t think so).
    2) He’s probably realizing, along with Jessica, just how messed up things really are and is quite possibly too embarrassed to open himself up to the ridicule he would face as the duped son of Anne Archer and former Scientology spokesperson gone AWOL.
    3) If he is going to finally make something of his life he might be hoping that he can just lay low and this whole nightmare will blow over. He may not have too many financial worries, I wouldn’t know, but he certainly has a lot of catching up to do — like so many of us.
    4) Maybe he still believes and/or has signed a bunch of garbage he still feels beholden to?

    As an aside, I had the honor and privilege (and I do not say this lightly) of being audited by his ex-wife, Nadine. That woman is an absolute angel, beautiful in every way as far as I could perceive. I have never felt so cared for and so comfortable in another’s presence. Though none of us can know or judge other people’s relationships or fully understand why people can make it through the long haul together or why they can’t, I really have a hard time understanding how anyone would not want to live the rest of his life with Nadine, but, I digress.

    My guess is that we will never hear from those two again. I hope I am wrong. Amongst those I would like to hear from — and think it’s owed quite frankly, are the various Miscavige clan. It really is time for all the big names to expose what they know and to make a stand — to support those who have been willing to put their necks out and those who have been victimized and abused.

    Silence is NOT the answer because if you are still a sentient being, that silence will eat a hole inside you as sure as the sun will set tomorrow and as big as the grand canyon. You KNOW. You know.

  38. FromMexico says

    I met Greg Wilhere once and I though he was such a kind person.
    It is a sad thing to know he has allowed these kind of things to happen withing the Church.

  39. Espiritu says

    What a great article, Mike. I found that it is chock-full of coherent, pertinent data and cogent analysis of the behavior ot two people who have been intimately involved in the covert, machevelian acts of a psychopath who has been covertly destroying the reputation of this basically very benevolent subject called Scientology. I also hear in this article a message of hope that these two people are each basically good, and might possibly come to their senses, and take responsibility for the good of mankind. We’ll see.
    You say at the end of the article,
    ” ‘Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide. Ball teams don’t strike themselves out. You gotta put ‘em out.’
    This is the first pitch to Tomica.’ ”
    …….I call it, Strike One. (called strike)

    So, Thomas and Jessica, from what Mike says my guess is that you have at least two more pitches coming your way.
    I think that this first one was kind of a change-up. Maybe it caught you looking? Why? Was it because you know that you are facing Nolan Ryan who can unleash that un-hittable “heater” at any time? What will the second pitch be? A curve? Maybe surprise you with another change-up? Or maybe two fast-balls, right down the middle. In any event, something is coming down the pike.
    …You can strike out (again), or you can rise above this game and hit a grand slam home run by fessing up about what you have observed and taking your share of responsibility for the fact that this wonderful subject, meant to benefit all of humanity, is being destroyed by a mad-man. The world will listen.
    You have been given so much.
    Time to give back.

  40. says

    2x tone 40, hip hip hurray!
    Responsibility on the highest level!
    Scientology is also about responsibility, isn’t it?
    It seems Tomica are not applying what they were defending by all means.

    Maybe it is not tone 40 but -1.0 (blame)? No way! Not the spokesmen. At least the two are useless for all of us now. 0.03
    Btw. Where is “LOL” on the tonescale?

  41. says

    Tommy elected to become a suppressive person by agreeing to do DM’s bidding. His wife did the same.
    Maybe they found the shoe fits, really, really well.

  42. Mat Pesch says

    Tommy could pull the plug on Miscavige and at least give Scientology Inc a possibility of getting back on the rails. I’m sure he is shell shocked and in need of serious decompression. He may never recover. Of course it is easier to turn ones back and drive their shinny car to a nice big $1.5 million dollar home and hope it all just goes away. I understand that but the responsibly sits on his shoulders despite it all and will remain his burden. He can change his name, change his location, etc but deep inside Tommy knows. He knows. I wish him strength and wisdom. He could use an extra BIG helping….

    • Carcha says

      My guess is he never knew what he was doing to begin with, and it didn’t bother him a bit, by virtue of having always been entirely directionaless in life. And he won’t be bothered to find a direction, now. This is the lost soul who never knew what to hope for, and so is not disappointed with the results.

    • richelieu jr says

      Well, if he’s not helping Scientology get back on the rails that’s in his favour at least.

    • Bob Dobbs says

      Mat, that is a compassionate yet strong perspective you lay out. Your balanced view is very refreshing to see, and I thank you for it. I see why all mentions of you on these boards have been so highly complimentary.

  43. says

    One of you best essays yet.
    What a legacy ~~ to leave the world a worse place than before you entered it, due to cover up, staying muzzled and gagged, when important and factual whistle blowing could help and assist others so much.

  44. J. Swift says

    Mike, outstanding writing — and a bombshell of a story as well.

    “Tomica” can drop out of sight but Karma sometimes has very dramatic was of forcing people to address their past. Wealth cannot shield anyone from Karma.

    • Phil Bruemmer says

      ” “Tomica” can drop out of sight but Karma sometimes has very dramatic was of forcing people to address their past. Wealth cannot shield anyone from Karma.”

      That may be true of folk who go off their path and do things that aren’t in alignment with their own self.
      Karma can then be rather swift.
      But, look at John D. Rockefeller, who died peacefully at 97 years of age, for example, or John Pierpont Morgan. Morgan died in Rome, Italy, in his sleep in 1913 at the age of 75.
      Look at the apparent karma of George Bush, Bill Clinton and other mass murderers who accumulated wealth through destructive acts. What the story of Tommy Davis, that I’ve seen so far, tells me is that David Miscavige was a bigger, even if smaller physically, more able psychopath than Thomas Davis and was already in a position of power, which position Tommy couldn’t assail.
      If you wait for karma for these characters you might be waiting a long time and most likely you won’t see it happen. Wait too long and he might decide to go into politics. That is just about his level.
      We should continue to give poor old karma a hand so these pricks can meet theirs and perhaps benefit from having done so.
      I was going to cease reading these blogs and told myself I certainly wouldn’t post anymore, but I suppose even an occasional diatribe from me can be of some assistance to these lost souls. I guess I’m stuck with wasting more time on “Scientology” and useless, time-wasting “Scientologists” who contribute nothing useful to existence.

      • Tony DePhillips says

        I sure hope you don’t drop out of comm Phil. I really enjoy your comments.
        We are in a pretty exclusive club you know?

      • Peter says

        Actually, I think Tommy (he’ll never make it to “Thomas” in my book) is likely to come forward and make up some of his damage the day after Hell freezes over. Just as the Snow White cast has never ‘fessed up, the Tommys of this world have got their overts totally justified in their minds. As well, all that money and position would be at risk if he ever went public, thus making it an even more unlikely scenario. I really hold out no hope for his cleaning up his act in this lifetime. Unless, of course, he were ordered into court to testify against his will. (Much money would be spent by Dwarfenfuhreur, as well as Tommy’s family, to fight any such possibility.

      • richelieu jr says

        I’m no fan of Clinton, but ‘Mass Murderer’ seems on the same level as ‘History’s biggest monster, Jimmy Carter” from the Simpsons…

      • J. Swift says

        Phil, looks like we have radically different views of Karma. The notion that Karma should kill evil people is on the same level as the belief that there is a God in Heaven who should also kill evil people. It just doesn’t work that way or all Evil people would be dead.