Travel Back Down The Bridge And “Recover Your Infinity Of Future”

This was recently sent out by ASHO.

Some have accused me of being a grammar nazi, but for an organization that claims it has the ONLY solution to literacy, this stuff is just so out there it isn’t funny.

This odd little LRH quote has been utterly misduplicated. She actually thinks it says you “recover your infinity of future” not that you will “not recover in your infinity of future.” How one loses an infinity of future is illogical enough. Then how you recover it makes no sense at all.

Shows you how much these people even understand what they are doing. Or why they are doing it. Or what this means. Robotism in its purest form.

And Jessica Pruitt has been at ASHO for at least 30 YEARS.

And ASHO is supposed to be the elite scientology training organization on earth.  What a sorry state of affairs when “the American St Hill Organization, home of the Briefing Course and Power Processing” is desperately trying to round up people to do their Purif and Objectives.

Oi vey…

As part of Golden Age of Tech Phase II, many public are being programmed to do the Purification Rundown and Survival Rundown, as these services are what make the incredible gains and speed of your Bridge possible. We want to know about your progress on these services and how we can help you to get onto your Survival Rundown quickly, so you may recover YOUR infinity of future!

These services can and should be done by public at all levels of the Bridge – Grades, Clear and even OTs. If you have not had a Bridge Consultation on these services, come in to ASHO Foundation and we will answer all your questions and get you started!

“Without Objectives no being is likely to recover in his infinity of future”……LRH

(HCOB 12 May 1980, “Drugs and Objective Processes”)




1. Have you started on your Purification or Survival Rundown? At what org?

2. Do you need help finding a twin?

3. Have you received a Golden Age of Tech Phase II Bridge Consultation?

4. If you have not received a one-on-one Bridge Consultation in the past 6 months, when will you be in to do this at ASHO Foundation?

5. Do you need help getting programmed for your Golden Age of Tech Phase II steps?

6. Do you have questions?

7. If already on your Golden Age of Tech II lineup, what would help you to make faster progress on your services?

Thank you! Send your answers today.

Jessica Pruett, Letter Reg ASHO F



  1. Pepper says

    You are not a grammar nazi Mike, you just point out the obvious and have the platform to do it.

    If it happens to involve grammar, then so be it.

    ASHO used to be a great training org and I loved it there. But they have gone so far south in their mission to train AUDITORS. Students got taken off their levels, BC, etc to study BASICS instead in 2007. That was a huge ARC break for many of us at the time but what could we do?

    There’s no “grammar nazi” but there is a Nazi who derails students in auditor training, who stops them from it, who makes them do something else, and who allows the IAS to prowl around the course rooms and pester students in the hallways. His name is David Miscavige, known as “C.O.B.” and his orders roll downhill.

  2. Aquamarine says

    Based on this and other leaked org communications that Mike has already posted, my eval is that just about every already Ideal Org is failing miserably, with each org still operating off of Brite Ideas to handle Wrong Whys, of which none have been working, andwith each Ideal Org blaming themselves AND BEING THEMSELVES HAMMERED AND BLAMED by Management for their low stats, and with each org largely deluded that Scientology is expanding amazingly in OTHER areas but not in their area, that OTHER orgs are managing to make things go right but somehow THEY can’t seem to, and now they have NO excuse, because they’ve been given ALL the tools, all the Right Whys have been given them, all the handlings have been given them, and yet they STILL can’t make it go right. And the already Ideal Orgs are frantic and desperate and, I’ll bet, in actual grief about this, if they’re still communicating at all.

    Now, the orgs which are not YET Ideal are simply fundraising, fundraising, fundraising, because they have THEIR Why. They (God help them) know that all they need is a big, beautiful, renovated and well furnished BUILDING.

    But the ALREADY Ideal Orgs’ staff are I would say at this point pretty damned desperate and in grief, and soon to be in apathy. Their voices are echoing in the halls of their big, beautiful buildings and they’re blaming themselves and being blamed, and grabbing at ANYTHING that will raise their stats.

    That’s my take.

    And, Mike, by the way, in that your expert grammar and syntax are always used as conduits and supports for your communications, and in that your communications are invariably informative, highly readable and frequently quite amusing – given all of this, if you are a Grammar Nazi, I say, “Sieg Heil” :)

  3. gato rojo says

    Grammar nazi? LOL…. Well, after countless face-rippings for an additional comma, or one typo in an 8-page piece, I bet it feels good to shovel a little right back at ’em. Especially when the copy in these posts are supposed to be perfect anyway! I have to admit I too look at some of these promo items and cringe, noticing how many screw-ups actually end up on the printed page.

  4. Joe Pendleton says

    Jessica is a very nice person. The point here though is that when it comes to actually UNDERSTANDING what she is doing and saying …… after thirty plus years in the SO, she now has the “smarts” of a crab cocktail. Who knows if she has actually really understand anything LRH has ever said, or even studied any LRH writings on Scientology in the past twenty years.

    It’s a sad fact that so many SO members are completely clueless. Jessica reads an LRH quote, but she doesn’t REALLY know what she has just read and doesn’t know that she doesn’t know. I remember back in 2006 saying to a good friend about a realization about my ethics cycle at ASHO, “I’m being handled in the Church of Scientology by people who know nothing about Scientology.” Yeah, Primary RD, Key to Life, yadda yadda yadda – maybe Jessica did these courses with no sleep – or maybe the tenth time through the “new” Student Hat and her eighth Purif will handle her. Personally, I would be on my GAG II lineup right now, except I’m enjoying life instead.

  5. Gus Cox says

    “…Rocky Stump.”

    I remember Rocky. I met him briefly. He had a Kha Khan cert on the wall the wall of his little office at ASHO when it was on, I think it was Temple Street? This was around 1973, I think. He got kicked out, and then IIRC the chick who got him kicked out got declared (probably for being stupid), and they tried and tried to get Rocky back but he was so pissed off he would have none of it. Smart guy, that Rocky Stump.

  6. hgc10 says

    How about a pool for a little friendly competition among the readers of this here blog:

    At what date on the calendar will the stats for number of public members and number of lawyers employed in the Rathbun action cross a Thursday 2 pm line graph?

    • says

      hgc 10,

      I’d say that lines already been crossed like most the CB graphs of these so called “Idea Orgs”. The question to ask should be:

      “How long will it take before for most public and staff notice it?”

  7. Espiritu says

    Mike, you are not a “grammar nazi”. It’s simply that you have the ability to read.

    And you know the importance of noticing and understanding those “small grammar words” (like the word “in”) that LRH talks about in the study tech.
    Maybe NOT looking up those inconvenient little words that have so darned many definitions is what one learns on the GAGII Student Hat course. :-)

    Jessica’s quote is the last sentence on the last page of the bulletin. For anyone who wants to read the whole issue for context, here it is:,d.cGU

  8. says

    Next thing ya know, they’ll be taking the word “static” out of the tech dict. How confusing to someone to read that definition and then connect the dots to the word “eternity”. I wonder if the idea of recovering or regaining one’s “eternity” is supposed to be a similar line as “clearing the planet”. Kind of a slogan of some sort, maybe. They’re both pretty bad in my opinion.

  9. richardgrant says

    In fairness, Jessica does get more coherent toward the end of the letter, when she really starts to drill down. I’ve emphasized a couple of key words:

    “… WHEN will you be in to do this at ASHO Foundation?”

    “… Send your answers TODAY.”

    This is not fuzzy, infinity-of-future babble — this is the blunt language of a bill collector. We’re done with the Shermanspeak and down to business now. And she doesn’t bother throwing in “ML” or anything like it when signing off. Though she does refrain from tacking on “— or else.”

  10. says

    The bridge is really a Mobius strip. You never reach the end, you always owe money, and, if it doesn’t work, it’s always your fault.

    • gato rojo says

      It is now–it didn’t used to be that way at all. Ask any auditor trained and interned before any ot the GAGs…I mean GATs.

    • tony-b says

      An interesting way to describe the bridge. Sounds apt to (never-in) me as few seem to have made the other side.

  11. says

    NAME: Amanita Mushroom

    TRAINING LEVEL: COB Adoring Minion

    CASE LEVEL: Brainwashed (deeply)

    1. Have you started on your Purification or Survival Rundown? At what org?

    Hell no.

    2. Do you need help finding a twin?

    No thanks I like myself.

    3. Have you received a Golden Age of Tech Phase II Bridge Consultation?

    Yes, but I had a headache after. Was that because of the electrodes?

    4. If you have not received a one-on-one Bridge Consultation in the past 6 months, when will you be in to do this at ASHO Foundation?

    Not in a million years.

    5. Do you need help getting programmed for your Golden Age of Tech Phase II steps?

    Would that include a pre-lobotomy exam?

    6. Do you have questions?


    7. If already on your Golden Age of Tech II lineup, what would help you to make faster progress on your services?

    Yes, by not being there!

    Thank you! Send your answers today.
    Jessica Pruett, Letter Reg ASHO F

  12. Racnad says

    Infinity of Future??? Another example of “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

  13. says

    Mike wrote:

    “How one loses an infinity of future is illogical enough. Then how you recover it makes no sense at all.”

    Busted out laughing at this one!

    Telling an immortal being that “his eternity is at stake”, or that doing something in Scientology has anything to do with his eternity, is a really interesting math problem.

    You should get a big chalk board and try to work that one out.

    I’d love to see what you come up with!



    • Kemist says

      Ok, I tried, and this is what I got :

      Unhandled exception at 0x00f5144b in eternity.exe: 0xC0000094: Integer division by zero.

  14. Old School says

    The outgoing communication from the “church” is becoming almost incomprehensible. Many of us know the people sending this stuff out. It is weird because I knew them as coherent people at the time. Very sad.

  15. says

    It sounds like an ‘LRH quote’ is being dangled like a carrot in front of a donkey. Who cares what he says or what it means, it’ll get the sheeple going.

  16. War Horse says

    A Mathematical Wonder:

    1) Take the number of public who, after receiving their personalized, one-on-one Bridge Consultation, were told that their Purif and Objectives were done standardly and DON’T need to be redone.

    2) Add that number to the number of public who, after receiving a special IAS briefing, were told their limited funds would be better spent on training and/or processing.

    3) Add that number to the number of new public flooding up both sides of the Bridge and clamoring for more.

    4) Multiply that number by the number of students currently on the Briefing Course, Class VIII Course, and Auditor Internships, planet-wide.

    5) Add that number to the number of public and staff who, deciding they’ve had enough and announcing that fact to the Church, are told, “No problem. We appreciate your years of past support and wish you the best in all your future endeavors”.

    6) Finally, add that number to the number seven.

    The final number: 7

    Try it. It works every time!

    Amaze your friends!

  17. says

    When I was ONE of the day supervisors on the BC in the late 70’s back when we were still on Fountain, I didn’t get to sit down much, not because we were told we couldn’t, but because all of us were constantly running around between students, checking clay demos, helping with MUs, etc.

    We had a backlog of students waiting to get onto the “Wall of Tapes” and we spent a lot of time at those reel to reels helping students figure out what Ron was saying, helping them get past them. If the students wanted to come in at night or weekends (they were never told they had to), it was actually a juggling act as the Foundation Supervisors had to work with the Day Supervisors closely to figure out where to squeeze in the extra students. The scheduling was a fun but challenging nightmare.

    If we had had to try to squeeze people in on Purifs and Objectives, it would have pissed. me. off. Of course, now that the SHSBC is empty, no matter how pretty the building is, it doesn’t matter what they do in there I guess.

    On another interesting note, back there was staff gossip of a semi-celebrity who is still in, though her daughter is thought to have blown, because she was upset when she found out what the Briefing Course was. She had bought it because she thought it was brief. She still hasn’t routed onto it.

    • knatherthomas says

      LOL!! Love this celebrity story. Probably can’t look up brief or briefing in a non-dinky dictionary because these are essentially banned in “standard” course rooms now as “all the definitions you need are in the glossaries.” So much for how to clear a word.

    • Pepper says

      Hi Valerie,

      Perhaps the semi-celeb’s daughter who purchased the Briefing Course had an MU on the word “brief”, knowing only one definition.

      Too bad she thought it meant a short period of time. Any time I hear the word “brief” in regards to pretty much anything in Scientology, I know it will not be quick.

      A briefing (fleecing) can go on for hours. The same with a “brief” interview at the Flag office where after your interview, you will then get your head talked off for hours, until you agree to go back to Flag or just get up and say you’re done talking for now.

      Beware the use of the word “brief” and prepare to spend lots of your time, energy and quite possibly, your money.

  18. WhiteStar says

    any reports on the “flood” of new public to the newly minted ideal org down under?
    you know the one who’s opening the public was barred from attending.

    only in scientology does it make sense to ban the public from attending the opening of building that is purposely opened to invite the public in.

    miscavige: from now on, I don’t want anyone to come in and see me while I’m in my office. Is that clear?

    fresh face lacky: Yes, sir. What do I say to people who want to come in and see you while you’re in your office?

    miscavige: Tell them I’m in and ask them to wait.

    fresh face lacky: For how long?

    miscavige: Until I’ve left.

    fresh face lacky: And then what do I do with them?

    miscavige: I don’t care.

    fresh face lacky: May I send people in to see you after you’ve left?

    miscavige: Yes.

    fresh face lacky: You won’t be here then, will you?

    miscavige: No.

    fresh face lacky: I see, sir. Will that be all?

    miscavige: Also, I don’t want you coming in while I’m in my office asking me if there’s anything you can do for me. Is that clear?

    fresh face lacky: Yes, sir. When should I come in your office and ask if there’s anything I can do for you?

    miscavige: When I’m not there.

    fresh face lacky: What do I do then?

    miscavige: Whatever has to be done.

    fresh face lacky: Yes, sir.

  19. knatherthomas says

    I don’t know anyone on the Bridge who hasn’t already had Objectives. This square dance calling approach to Programing and C/Sing is so appalling it boggles my mind that every Class VIII has not left the church in disgust.

    • says

      It boggles my mind that any PC is allowed to request that they get C/Sed for anydamnthing. How does it make sense in any world in or out of Scientology that a blanket fix for everyone is going to work?

      Oh, right, we are all machines.

      Even in medicine, a broken physical body doesn’t have a blanket fix and the mind is so much more complex.

      The approach that every single person needs exactly the same handling and they will all be ok is flat ass CI to what fixing a person’s problems really entails that it would tend to make someone wonder what kind of CICS is calling the shots.

      • says

        Valerie wrote:

        “The approach that every single person needs exactly the same handling and they will all be ok is flat ass CI to what fixing a person’s problems really entails that it would tend to make someone wonder what kind of CICS is calling the shots.”

        Have you looked at LRH’s Bridge to Total Freedom lately?

        It is a Henry Ford Conveyor Belt to spiritual freedom.

        It is a blanket fix for every unique individual on Earth.



      • says

        No not really Alanzo .

        Unless you are being run on the “one size fits all(tm)” “technology” currently in vogue in the Organization.

        There are many variances of what actions to run on PC’s on at the lower end of the Bridge before R6EW and on the Upper end after OT III.

        Too bad you never had a chance to finish the SHSBC and do Class VIII.

        • Mike Rinder says

          I don’t follow why you included the last sentence? I assume that you are a Class VIII and thus you are attempting to belittle his comment because he is less trained than you? Or is there something I am missing?

          • says

            Belittle his comment?


            Suggesting that he study all the materials relating to Scientology auditing that are available before comparing auditing to making a Model T.


            Basically Alanzo asked a question and I answered it.

            • Mike Rinder says

              Have you done the Briefing Course and Class VIII? If not, how are you qualified then to make comments about “standard tech”? This an old trick — “you have not stided enough to have an opinion, therefore for your opinion is invalid/wrong”. “Experts” in every field from psychs to engineers to MBAs pull this.

              • says

                Please Mike,

                A big reason the Church is in the trouble it is in is because there is someone who is totally unqualified in the position of Chairman of the Board RTC.

                Miscavige wouldn’t know what Standard Tech was if it bit him in the ass. Same with a lot others who are totally unqualified (meaning they haven’t even studied *all* the relevant material relating to the subject and actually *applied* it to others) trying to evaluate it’s potential.

                Much like a book “critic” who have never bothered to write a book themselves or a music “critic” who can’t even do a passable rendition of chop sticks.

      • Joe Pendleton says

        Alonzo, I would say you’re comparing apples and oranges here. The current orders about what ALL Scientologists need as cases ignores of course the fact that most have ALREADY done those actions and completed them to excellent results. So it is the arbitraries of arbitraries to order re-do’s en masse (ah, the ironies never end in today’s Scientology, do they?) and of course violates the primary data of how to handle cases in the first 10 CS Series issues as it ALSO takes the person OFF the action they should be on.

        I understand your comment on the Grade Chart and what you say is literally true, I grant you. But there really shouldn’t be much controversy on those subjects as being needed by 99.99999% of the people on Earth. I have not met or heard about any human being who has not had some issues with communication or problems or upsets or overts or CERTAINLY on service facs (all these things on one flow or another or all four flows sometimes).

        I think LRH offered a new and different way to deal with people’s problems and spiritual issues and while not perfect (especially in regards to attests to the ep’s which is a whole other subject), I think audited and cs’d per the rules of auditing, the Grade Chart and its processes work very well on people and make them happier and more aware (which is why so many of us stayed in Scientology for so long, because we had wins as pc’s and as auditors0.

      • says

        What an awesome response to my post, Joe.

        Thank you.

        Sometimes I think that I became a critic of Scientology just so that I could find rational people who could defend Scientology to me in a reasonable way.

        Your point is well taken that Miscavige’s orders are an extreme version of a one-size-fits-all C/S taken to the point of complete ridiculousness – actually having EVERYONE do the same steps over again, because EVERYONE did not get what they were supposed to get the first time.

        If you take the viewpoint of Miscavige, the originator of this Chinese Fire Drill (My apologies to the Chinese), if he totally believed what LRH claimed about the states of Clear and OT, then EVERYBODY should be cause over Life, MEST, Thought, blah blah, and they’re not.

        So since Scientology works 100% of the time when correctly applied, OBVIOUSLY no one got the EPs of the Bridge steps they did.

        Therefore, DO OVER!!

        It could be that Miscavige believes in LRH tech with 100% CERTAINTY, and has never spotted any outpoints in LRH’s teachings.

        That could be the reason for this madness.

        Given the premises built into Scientology that Miscavige is thinking with, the original madness was that a Henry Ford Conveyer Belt to Spiritual Freedom could exist in the first place, and that each unique individual on Earth would respond to it in exactly the same way. This is the premise LRH placed into Scientology in the early 60’s when he installed the Bridge into Scientology. And what we are seeing with Miscavige’s orders may be the result.

        What do you think about that?


      • Joe Pendleton says

        Alonzo – to answer that question -I would say that from the very start of his SO career, Miscavige has understood very little of any of the basic ideas of Scientology (especially about those aspects that filled up orgs in the 70s).

      • says

        Joe wrote:

        I think LRH offered a new and different way to deal with people’s problems and spiritual issues and while not perfect (especially in regards to attests to the ep’s which is a whole other subject), I think audited and cs’d per the rules of auditing, the Grade Chart and its processes work very well on people and make them happier and more aware (which is why so many of us stayed in Scientology for so long, because we had wins as pc’s and as auditors).

        Well, it worked for you and me – for a while.

        But in any evaluation of a system, you have to count the “misses” as well as the “hits”.

        To count the misses (those for whom Scientology did not work), think of the actual sizes of the groups of people who are introduced to Scientology’s way of dealing with peoples’ problems.

        The first group are all those people who read a book, saw an ad, or were disseminated to by a Scientologist over 64 years, and who never came in to an org or mission to get any service of any kind.

        How big is that group?

        Out of all the people who read a book on Scientology, saw an ad, or were disseminated to, how big is the group who actually walked into an org or mission for the first time?

        Which group is bigger – the group who never came in?

        Or the group who did come in?

        The group of people who never came in to an org after being introduced is a massively huge group of people – WAY bigger than the group who did come in, right?

        Now. Of the people who did come in to speak to someone in an org or mission and got some kind of free intro service, how big is the group of people who left and never came back?

        Of the people who came in for the first time, and who did a free intro service, and who stayed and actually routed on to their first paid service – how big is that group?

        Which is bigger – the group who left or the group who stayed?

        The group of people who left and never routed on to their first service over the course of 64 years is a HUGE group of people, right? WAY bigger than the group that actually paid for their first service.

        Next to look at is the size of the people who did their first paid service and never routed on to a 2nd one.

        How big is that group?

        You see what I am getting at.

        In evaluating whether LRH’s one-size-fits-all Henry Ford Conveyor Belt to spiritual freedom works for the majority of the population, you have to count the MISSES (those who left and never came back) along with the HITS (those like us who stayed).

        LRH had many ways to distract Scientologists from this kind of evaluation of the results of Scientology. He always explained away, or distracted from, or derogatorily labeled the misses, and only counted the hits (until they, too, became misses)

        Count the misses, too, and your evaluation of the effectiveness of LRH’s Scientology begins to change.


      • says

        Remote Viewed wrote:

        “A big reason the Church is in the trouble it is in is because there is someone who is totally unqualified in the position of Chairman of the Board RTC.”

        Miscavige wouldn’t know what Standard Tech was if it bit him in the ass. Same with a lot others who are totally unqualified (meaning they haven’t even studied *all* the relevant material relating to the subject and actually *applied* it to others) trying to evaluate it’s potential.

        Much like a book “critic” who have never bothered to write a book themselves or a music “critic” who can’t even do a passable rendition of chop sticks.”

        By your logic I would need to ask you: Have you ever run the Church of Scientology or been in the position of the COB RTC?

        If not, then by your logic, it would be impossible for you to make a true statement about the condition that the Church is in.

        The logic point that Mike is making is in the story about “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. All the sophisticated grown ups who were in the sway of the Emperor either could not see, or did not have the courage to say out loud that the emperor was naked. It was an unsophisticated little boy who made the true statement.

        It follows the logical principle that even a fool can speak the truth.

        Examine the statements that people make for their veracity.

        If a person is untrained, then you can see the falsehoods in his statements, right?

        To ignore a person’s actual statements, and to dismiss whatever he says about the condition of the Church because he has never been COB RTC – so whatever he says is therefore false – is a big mistake in logic.

        Am I right?

        Then see if you can address the statements I make, and not my tech training level.


      • Joe Pendleton says

        Alonzo – I certainly have no disagreement with the general look you present in regards to how many people got involved in Scientology after initial contact of some sort and also how many people have stayed in Scientology after actual involvement in training and processing.

        I do think to get a clear picture of this, you would have to look into the reasons why this is so. As far as the initial contact with Scientology goes, I can only guess at that. May have something to do with the skill/ARC of the person they initially came in contact with. In my case, I received very high ARC in my first contact and so I really wanted to look into what it was all about.

        My best guess on those who left is that it MOSTLY had to do with the abuses of a totalitarian fundamental religious organization. Though I will also point out that not all of us felt that way until being in Scientology a long, long time. I was in for 35 years before experiencing this (from my own reality).

        While I would certainly agree that auditing does not produce the results that LRH way over hyped from DMSMH through “living lightning”, my OWN experience (and that is all I can speak to) is that on all three flows (pc, auditor, CS) what auditing does accomplish (done with the rules that LRH set down) is often wonderful, producing extremely happy and more aware and more able beings.

        I also would say that it is hard keeping those wins when you are involved 24/7 in a Soviet style church, having your own point of view nullified continuously and demanding that you agree with the overall construct of the church in order to even stay in it; thus agreeing to participate in the duress and force on all flows.

        As I have noted a number of times, I am an expat, now living and traveling throughout Asia and a number of differing cultures (from Hindu to Buddhist to Muslim to loving the USA to not liking it very much) I find the basics of Scientology philosophy, and the abilities I gained as an auditor to be a great aid in just day to day living and problem solving.

        I think Ron blew it by becoming the huge effect of his own case and megolomaniacal tendencies. Last year I told an old friend of mine (a Class 8 CS) that had LRH just stuck to delivering auditing and training, with a small functional org board, using ethics to only handle personal PTSness which stopped a person’s progress and handling any TRULY disruptive or destructive people, along with a VERY friendly dissemination crew, AND also encouraging free speech, free opinion and respectful debate and disagreement, that there would probably be two million active people in Scientology today. Then upon thinking of that some more, I revised my number – there might very well be TWENTY million people active in Scientology by now – or even much more. Out of 6.5 billion folks in the world, I think that is very realistic. But …. as we know, Ron didn’t do that. But also, that fact does not invalidate the wonderful COGNITIONS I have had in Scientology T&P nor really ANY cognitions that I have witnessed others having.

    • says

      By the way, one last post and then I’m done.

      (I want to thank Mike for allowing me to say what I have to say here.)

      I’ve done this evaluation of counting the “misses” with the “hits” myself.

      When I was the full time Executive Director of the Mission of Peoria, probably the longest running mission on Earth, I had pledged not to eat if the staff pay from our mission could not pay for me to eat. When I joined staff there, we had 2 Class 8s working as auditors and C/Ses, and a Class 6 who was also a Professional Word Clearer and Pro Supervisor running the course room.

      When I joined staff, they were open from 7 to 10pm Monday thru Friday, and open Saturdays for auditing by appointment only.

      I said “Fuck that!” and moved into the back of the mission, sleeping on the floor of one of the auditing rooms, and opened the mission everyday at 1pm until 10 pm. I had taken LSD, so was ineligible for the Sea Org. So I decided that I would create my own 1-man Sea Org right there in the middle of the cornfields of Peoria.

      As you can imagine, I was alone rattling around in that mission for many hours per day, reading, studying, listening to tapes, and trying to find THE WHY for the massive loss of public we experienced in the early 80’s.

      So I looked at the statistics of the New Names to Central Files and compared them to the First Service Starts stats.

      The ratio was 99 NNCF for every 1 First Service Start, despite all the letters out, bulk mailings, and phone calls, etc etc going out to book buyers. And that 1 was being VERY generous.

      Then I looked at the number of people who took their first service and who then moved on to a 2nd service.

      Over many many years, it was WAY worse than 99 to 1. The number of people who took their 2nd service was like 1 tenth of 1 percent of those who purchased their first service.

      Well, per standard tech, ethics, and admin, you know what that means!


      Since Scientology works 100% of the time when correctly applied, our 2 Class 8s, and especially our Class 6 who was running the course room, were SQUIRRELS!

      Obviously, per LRH’s stable datum, Scientology was NOT being correctly applied.

      Was THE WHY really, as LRH taught, that these extremely highly trained and experienced Scientologists could not assimilate straight Scientology?

      Or did we have to look at Scientology itself as the cause of something unworkable going on?

      Because the size of the group that left Scientology was ALMOST 100 TIMES LARGER than the group who stayed.

      A very interesting scenario developed when, as an Exec Status One trained Executive Director, I lowered the BOOM on the Class 8 and Class 6 SQUIRRELS working in my mission.

      But I’ll tell that story another day.

      Again, thanks Mike for allowing me to communicate my experiences in Scientology on your blog. In all my time writing about Scientology on the post Scientology Internet, you are truly an extraordinary person.


      • says

        Point made Alanzo.

        However my experience in Scientology has been different than yours obviously. So I have a different point of view on the subject in general.

        Personally I’ve had more successes than failures in applying the Technology to others which is probably what keeps us auditors going.

        Also my apologies if I was a bit brusk. The fact is that you are entitled to your opinion.

        However I still stand by what I said and that is that there can be a variance of actions that can be done on a Preclear and Pre OT and it is not an assembly line designed to make one model of car.

        Fact is people have different goals and aspirations that they are trying to achieve and Scientology can be used to help them obtain them.

        Though maybe in other cases Scientology might not be the answer. Thus Scientology is not for everyone.

        Anyway Alanzo I wish you the best in whatever endeavor you seek to pursue and I really mean it.


  20. Steph says

    Not getting the full benefit of your Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering?
    Come on in and do your Algebra 1 and Geometry 1 at your local middle school !

    Bring lots of cash.

  21. KFrancis says

    Mike you’re not really a grammar Nazi so much as you’re simply a man in search of Ideal language. LOL

  22. iForrest says

    The Runt in the Tux is C/Sing his own case on the whole world. He needs the Purif to handle that Scotch. He’s definitely out of PT needing the Survival R/D. He should do his new Student Hat course, some how he’s has no understanding.

  23. LDW says

    C/S Series 55: “EXECUTIVE opinion is the world’s worst source of data on a pc. No C/S should
    ever take what seniors say about a junior. It’s all Human Emotion and Reaction. It’s
    not tech.”

    So, basically, david miscavige’s Human Emotion and Reaction is being C/S’d on everyone in scientology.

    Not my idea of spiritual advancement.

  24. Idle Morgue says

    They could have stopped right there:

    “As part of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II, (they could add staff), many Public are being programmed”…

    and add –

    To go up the Bridge and down it again and again without ever cogniting that they have been promised pure 100% LRH tech for the past 64 years.

    To give all money everywhere so their “cherch” can amass trillions and never spend it.

    To hail COB always for everything.

    To write up anyone who disagrees with COB and disconnect so they never find out the truth.

    To remain a clubbed seal, never looking, not knowing and not thinking -ever for eternity.

  25. SILVIA says

    And if this is true: “… the Purification Rundown and Survival Rundown, as these services are what make the incredible gains and speed of your Bridge possible” then, how come people are leaving the Church at speeds never seen before?

    The above is presented as an almost absolute statement. I guess desperation and ‘you have to’ contributes to robotism.

    And I am so very very glad we have ‘grammar nazi’ amongst us-thank you Mike.

    • Robert Almblad says

      So true … the Golden Age of Tech Phase II is emptying the Church faster than anything previously presented to the public. The truly dedicated and effectively trained Scientologists that are still “in” are departing because of Golden Age of Tech Phase II. It’s a Neutron bomb that kills off people and leaves empty buildings behind.

  26. KFrancis says

    7. “…. what would help you to make faster progress on your services?”

    Well this one is fairly easy. I need to stay with my Class 9 highly trained Independent auditor.

    I find that she ends the process on an F/N, smiles easily, listens to what concerns me, has rates that are 63.5% less expensive than Flags, doesn’t suggest that I am selfish for wanting auditing, doesn’t consider I’m a low-life for not donating to the IAS and to really top it off she’s a great cook and often invites me to have lunch or dinner with her after session ! Awesome !

      • KFrancis says

        I can’t give a name Cindy but pretty shortly she will be coming out from under the radar and when she does you’ll hear it here. I expect more than a few VIP’s and celebrity types are in for a surprise!

    • Laurie Dlm says

      II put my name on her waiting list….thanks KF for the hope your comment brings to us, faithful scientologists

  27. TheWidowDenk says

    Jessica has been a dear friend for many years. We go back a long, long way. In fact, she’s one of the few staff who maintained a strong comm line with me after Dr Denk’s death and my subsequent relocation to Washington State. I’m preferring to overlook her verbal indiscretion at this point in time and hope she sees the light soon!

    • says

      Very kind of you, TWD. I sense that we are seeing some sweet beings suffering the result of living in deprivation and constant fear of being thrown in the RPF or worse. It will end, just a matter of when.

  28. Potpie says

    They know they can’t get people onto the
    BC. I mean really who wants to do such a massive
    course these days when the basics give you all the
    data you will ever need (except how to audit)?

    Who wants to be an auditor when you are totally regulated
    down to what meter you use including when you can use it and how long.
    If you want to be a field auditor you are taxed and
    regulated (extorted) by Ihelp. Being an auditor on staff
    these days does not appear to be as noble a cause as it once was.

    They are getting rid of all us old gas guzzlers and bringing
    in hybrids as they throw out the baby with the bath
    water. In this case the baby being the BC.

    I don’t think I need to point out to the folks on this blog
    where this will all end.

  29. KFrancis says

    6. Do you have questions?

    I do Jessica, but I‘m afraid there not the sort you’re really going to want to hear.

  30. GTBO says

    Well apart from the obvious misduplication and robiticism, they are really getting desperate for “bodies in the shop” at least to keep up a pretence of actually achieving anything as an Org.

    • Old Surfer Dude says

      And, GTBO, this has been going on for several years. I visit the Pasadena, CA. Idle Morgue a couple of times a year. I ask if I can use their bathroom. No one is going in, AND, the staff are almost always different from the last time. I remember a couple of years ago, at night, a staff member, with a full head of steam, walking down the sidewalk stuffing tickets to the orientation movie into people’s hands. And she didn’t look happy doing it! All the tickets ended up on the sidewalk. She’s no longer there.

      This is the end. Their reputation is just so toxic, no one wants ANYTHING to do with them. I don’t know how staff survives in these days. The turnover is massive…

    • Cindy says

      And how sad that ASHO, the bastion of auditor training on the BC and an upper org to deliver CCRD, OT Preps etc, is now fighting to get a piece of the Purif and Objs action. ASHO doesn’t even have a Purif sauna! At least that is how it was when I went there. It used to be that orgs would leave lower Bridge to places like LA Org and they would do upper stuff and review at higher orgs like ASHO and then pass them on to AOLA for OT Levels, for example. Now it is a free for all with Flag in there fighting with the rest of them for the scraps of lower Bridge stuff. In the mean time, how many auditors were made? How many Clears were made? This is cannibalism in full bloom as they vie for what little dollars are left in an exhausted and broke and dwindling flock. Sad.

      • says

        True dat.


        ASHO was more interested in making Class VIs and OT Preps then lower bridge like the purif which were usually farmed out to LA Org.

        I’m pretty sure if the Ol’man saw ’em promoting the Purif he’d have some Missionare going in there with guns ‘a blazon’ like Pecos Pete or Rocky Stump.

        Anyway it wouldn’t be pretty.

        Even the CCRD was moved off the line once it was piloted.

        So Jess has moved off of what is considered the “usual” these days such as quoting some random quote by Ron totally out of context and then never giving the source.

        Seems she violated the latter so Jess is probably sitting in front of the MAA.

        Ya know ’cause “ethics” these days is usually used to drive tech out.

        Also I can understand Mike’s big button on grammar. Not because Ron cared too much on tech lines or internal comm but on any promo he didn’t want the public in general to get the impression that we were a bunch of illiterate morons.

        Seems that has changed dramatically as well.

  31. Chris Mann says

    She believes that i am a spiritual being with an infinite future, and apparently that my future time will stop at some point (I guess when I decide to not do the survival rundown?). I will then be imprisoned in a state of timelessness until and unless I get around to doing my Miscavige approved rundown. This is regardless of whether I have done objectives in the past.
    This makes sense.

    • Idle Morgue says

      Scientologist’s ARE imprisoned in a state of timelessness – going up and down the Bridge, never having any lasting relief or gains, fleeced out of every dime they have, lied to and manipulated to believe the propaganda. Told to purchase the same stuff over and over – promised “this is IT” and then “it is NOT”…over and over and over for infinity!

      This is total mind control beyond belief and they have NO CLUE. How sad for these poor souls.

  32. DollarMorgue says

    Get your air today while stocks last! Now with 100% on source breathing instructions!! Breathing has never been easier!!!

  33. Mreppen says

    I used to work with Jessica back in the 80’s when she was Qual Chief CMO PAC ( I was CO Cont Training Org WUS ). Sad to see her sending these e mails in the present. She was always a kind caring person. Even though she was CMO she treated those as an equal human.

    • Cindy says

      Betsy, since you were connected with ITO, any news or word on John McGurk? Is he still in? Drinking KA? How was he to work with?