Truth In Advertising Update and Wedding News

One of our Special Correspondents sent in some additional information concerning Matt Feshbach’s skill in applying financial policy to his life (see earlier post here).

Gives a less than complimentary picture of his history. It is not that I have any personal vendetta about Matt Feshbach or anyone else. It’s that he is still held up as a poster child of success, and it is a lie.

Here is the update:

– Matt closed down his Feshbach Brothers fund on the west coast years ago, having taken investors’ money.

– Additionally, he started a company on investors’ money – called FatPipeU, a broadband installation company that closed around 2001. It was started in Calif., run by John and Claire Woodruff, and Matt was somewhat hands on and drummed up the investors. It was then moved to FL. Last corporate filing was in 2001. (Florida Dept. of State Corporate filing page shows FatPipeu corp filing revoked 2004 due to lack of filing.)

– In 2008, he liquidated MLF investments, the fund he started in about 2001, though it’s still active on the Florida dept of State Corporate fillings site, most recent filing 2013. 

– Then he declares bankruptcy.

So Matt has 4 major negative financial events that I know of.

Other News

This will be the subject of some future coverage, but a brief note here tonight. The Church paid expensive Beverly Hills lawyers to extend my divorce from my former wife Cathy (of CNN fame) for 5 years. It was so they could get financial information and have a justification for PI activities. The church FILED the divorce (can’t have someone at Int connected to a major SP of course) but then realized there was some benefit to keeping it going for the reasons above.

They finally had nothing else they could do, and the divorce she requested was granted.

Christie and I are getting married tomorrow, many friends have already arrived and more will be coming in tomorrow (of course Miscavige is in a state of absolute paranoia as a “Who’s Who” of SPs is gathered in his back yard). 

So, I will be otherwise occupied and I will not be doing any postings for a couple of days and may only see comments sporadically.

I hope you all have as enjoyable a weekend as we are planning!



  1. joe says

    Congrats Mike and Christie…glad you guys stuck it out with all of the “CofS drama” and now worth the wait in Gold…Very happy for you both…

  2. Jerry and Kat Brady says

    It never ceases to amaze just how destructive the church is toward all the dynamics, most especially the second. Very well done on out-creating that suppression. A family is made! Very very cool. Best wishes for a long and happy life to the three of you. You deserve the joy.

  3. MyView says


  4. Claudio Lugli says

    We are really happy for you guys!!!!!!
    Here for you a piece of Italy:

    Here, where the sea shines
    and the wind howls,
    on the old terrace beside the gulf of Sorrento,
    a man embraces a girl
    he wept after,
    then clears his throat and continues the song:

    I love you very much,
    very, very much, you know;

    Claudio & Renata

  5. Thetabear says

    Congratulations on your wedding tomorrow . Wishing you the future that you have postulated for the both of you. Have a great time tomorrow and for the rest of this life together.
    Warmest Regards,
    Tom Brown

  6. calvin b. duffield says

    Mike, this couldn’t be happening for a better guy than you, sir . I’ve supported you from day one, since you already have those qualities I genuinely admire and appreciate. Your sense of humor being simply one of your best. And I’m sure your future can only grow rich in more ways than one. So now it just remains to be said, —congratulations on yet another unfolding Rinder adventure, and may your clan swell to even greater numbers, as you continue your “now legit” journey, with Christie.

    Best wishes,
    Calvin & Dorothy

  7. Sandy says

    Mike – I am also a “never in”, but I admire you SO much. I am sending good thoughts to you and your bride and all the SP’s gathered to cheer you two…

  8. Vertsurblanc says

    What wonderful news Christie Rinder and Mike Rinder!

    Thank you as well for sharing this with us on your blog. I feel honored.

    Congratulations to you both from me and mine.

  9. Daisy says

    Have never commented on this blog before as I am not an ex but am signing in to say congratulations Mike and Christy and may both of you enjoy the happiness and freedom you both so richly deserve!

    Back in 2008 when I stood outside the NY org with a sign (chants) that said “Mike Rinder blew and so can you!” I never imagined you would become the public critic / teller of truth you have become. I also remember the superb article featuring Christie in the New York times a couple of years later. At the time, I felt that her going public – and the interest by a major news org – as an escaped sea org member marked a real turning point in the battle against the human rights abuses embodied the the Co$.

    Until now, I had no idea that reason the two of you were not married had anything to do with the cult. All I have to say about it ithis: THIS IS WHY!!!

    Much happiness to both of you and all of yours.

  10. The Oracle says

    I am SO HAPPY for both of you and your family! May the Rinder name and the Rinder tribe continue to flourish and prosper! May the royal and noble blood of the Rinder tribe continue to grace this Earth and carry with it royal and noble purpose! May the Rinder tribe forever be in favor with the Gods! The red carpet will continue to roll out for you! XXOO T.O.

  11. threefeetback says

    Congratulations. Please continue the good work and continue to set an example of how to walk away from the CORRUPT Church of DM, Inc.

  12. Steve Poore says


    Steve Poore 2012

  13. Old Secretary says

    It was along road for each of you, filled with all manner of challenges and growth. And its all lead to this wonderful union. Wishing both of you a meaningful and love filled life together.

  14. Heather R says

    Wishing you a wonderful wedding day and a very happy life together’

    Pierre & Heather

  15. Karen B says

    Oh my gosh! I don’t think I have been as happy about a current event since Marty and Mosey got married. Victory, Love and being with your soul mate…that’s pretty damn awesome!

  16. Jethro Bodine says

    There are a few other financial flaps that Matt Feshbach has been involved with in addition to the ones you listed above. The main one I’m thinking of is Cocolat.

    After Matt Feshbach and his siblings took control of the San Francisco-area chocolate company Cocolat in 1990, 13 managers quit, reportedly claiming they were disturbed by the Feshbachs’ use of Scientological management techniques. Another six said they were axed for not toeing the Scientological line. Yet another manager filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim against Cocolat, charging religious harassment. The stats went down after the Feshbach’s took control of Cocolat, and eventually went out of business.

    It’s simply a lie that:
    1) Matt Feshbach is financially successful over the long term. He had wealth and lost it several times.
    2) That Scientology is responsible for his “successes”. Can Matt point to anything today that is successful?

    I have nothing personal against Matt, but I think the “Church” is a bit careless with it’s facts because it is short of poster boys to use to attract people to what’s basically a reg event, oops I mean “seminar”.

  17. Starman8 says

    Mike & Christie – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And a happy lifetime together !!! :)

    Bruce & Jen

  18. Al Brown says

    Mike, Congratulations to you and Christie. You both truly deserve all the happiness you are creating in your lives. And if Jim Lynch tries to attend your wedding, hopefully by now the church has paid him enough money to buy some new shoes for himself.

  19. Joe Pendleton says

    Mike and Christie – all the happiness in the world to both of you and your family. CONGRATULATIONS KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sapere Aude says

    A big congratulations to both of you! You will get to enjoy your wedding as well as your close friends. I expect more happiness in your future and I know that both of you deserve that. We won’t be there in person, but, you will have our thoughts and agreements as though we were.

  21. Yvonne Schick says

    Congratulations, Mike and Christie! Sorry we could not be there in person to celebrate with you but we are there in spirit. You both deserve all the happiness life can bring. Much love to you and your family.

  22. Michelle says

    Congratulations Mike & Christie!! All the best to both of you & your gorgeous kids.

  23. Ronnie Bell says

    Congratulations, Mike and Christie. You’re a lovely family and I wish you a happy and productive future. Jack is one lucky kid!

  24. SadStateOfAffairs says

    Mike, hearty congratulations to you and Christie. Typical of the Church to attempt to exploit your divorce forever, but in the end you and Christie win out. Warm wishes for a fulfilling and long relationship.

  25. Blue Seagull says

    Ah, terrific news! What better reason for some quality time out. (You got an approved CSW for that, right?! :)) Very theta – my congratulations to you both!

  26. SKM says

    You sure look good together. And the kids. Well, this is beautiful.

    All the blessings from Europe.

  27. Conditioner says

    You can feel the love like a big orange sun rising on the horizon, giving warmth to us all. I’m very happy for you both. Can’t wait to see the photos (hint, hint)

  28. Bob Dobbs says

    Mike, congratulations! Great that you and Christie can finally make it official. Obviously a happy family already, but it’s gotta be great to be able to move forward in peace. Never met you, but love to you both.

  29. Wendy Munro says

    Congratulations!!! LDW said it best above. Wishing you every happiness possible.

  30. Ed Paulson says

    Helma and I wish you and Christie all the best. Any time you are in Orlando, stop by.

  31. Dan Koon says

    Christie and Mike, Congratulations and lots of love and best wishes from sunny Sweden.
    Dan and Mariette

  32. Espiritu says

    Congratulations, Mike and Christie!
    It is so wonderful that you can finally “make official” that which has already been true.
    May you enjoy your celebration and the life that you both create together.

  33. Eric Alexandrou says

    Wonderful News! MIKE & CHRISTIE Congratulating both of you, My you both have a loving relationship together as husband & wife!

  34. Gus Cox says

    Great news Mike! Wishing you both continued happiness, and enjoy your bit of time off!

    All the best,


  35. tony b says

    Christie and Mike, I wish you many, many years of happiness away from your former ties with the churchies. Please keep up the excellent work if you have the energy..

  36. Sunshine Disinfects says

    What a absolutely wonderful news Mike and Christie. I am so happy for both of you and your gorgeous family. Two people with so much integrity and honesty……. who could not be bought by that evil David Miscavige.
    Thank you for all you are doing to expose the atrocities and lies that “the most ethical group in the world” commit.
    Love always.

  37. Delphine says

    I am SO happy for you both. What an enormous weight lifted . . . . you get your woman and she gets her man . . . . . it’s going to be a happy life for you. A happy life now.

  38. Richard Palmer (Joe Doakes) says

    Congratulations Mike and Christie! Happy to see this resolve. :)

  39. tony dephillips says

    Congratulations Mike and Christie!!
    Marie-Joe and I wish you all the best. You sure deserve it. :-)

  40. Peter says

    Fantastic, Mike & Christie!!! I met my lady at Flag in ’77, we became best friends for decades, then put it all together 12 years ago. We both left around the same time [left = got sane] and it’s been a great ride. I wish you both as much joy and growth as we’ve had together.

  41. Natasha Boris says

    Whew! I was granted some more time to finish my next article! Just kidding! :)

    Major congrats to the both of you. I wish both of you happiness and prosperity!

  42. Kirsi says

    Congratulations Christie and Mike ! Very very happy for you and all of your family and friends too.

  43. Michael Hobson says

    I’m very, very happy for you two!!!

    Congrats! May your happiness ever grow!!!

  44. Mariella says

    Congrats to you (Mike) and your beautiful bride (Christie)! Enjoy your freedom and the happy life you created together. We are sending you tons of love!

  45. Scott Campbell says

    Congratulations Mike and Christie! May fair seas and fine friends follow you all of your days!

  46. Mark says

    All the best to you and Christie. Ready to receive you in Hawaii for the honeymoon!


  47. Ronn says

    Awesome and big congratulations to you both!

    If all of you SP’s get a chance, take a group stroll down past the FLAG entrance and take video… that would be precious. But I understand if not…………. much good wishes to you both.

  48. gato rojo says

    Congratulations on the successes—both the divorce finally and the wedding! Have fun on your honeymoon and with all your friends converging on the place. So happy for you guys. Whoo-hooo!

  49. Richard Kaminski says

    Congratulations Mike and Christie! Have a wonderful life together.
    All my love,

  50. Errol says

    Re: Matt Feshbach…So they set a wolf loose on the sheeple. Some
    shepherds these guys are

  51. Blown SP says

    Congratulations Mike and Christy!! May your lives be blessed with love and peace. I am happy you have each other to share life! Have fun and many blessings!

  52. Sabine Waterkamp says

    Dear Mike and Christie,
    those are great news!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world and a wonderful celebration tomorrow!