Voldemort Update 9 August

voldemortUpdate from last night’s graduation.  While the adoring crowds no doubt were screaming and jumping to their feet like a room full of jack-in-the-boxes on steroids, this is becoming pretty boringly mundane. The false “exuberance” is no doubt now being enforced on all present. “You will be impressed, or else….” Even our Special On The Ground Correspondent seems to have become bored with it all.  You know how it goes, when Voldemort was a far off, unseen figure he was pretty scary. When you see him for the first time he is pretty scary. But after a while, he sort of becomes old hat.
So, here is the report, with my comments in [square brackets and itals].


Oak Cove conversion works have started (it will be a hotel again). The renovation of the Sandcastle and the AO (originally scheduled for December) was started this week and planned to be completed before the grand opening of the Super Power Building.

37 new catering and maintenance staff members have been added to Flag Crew, and 11 more are in training. [What a bizarre thing to publicly announce…. probably reprieved some people from the RPF.  But this is like McDonald’s advertising how many people they have cleaning their kitchen. Very strange.]


Public completions:

Purif RD: 76 pcs are on it (using 100% of the available sauna capacity), 23 completions, 2600 Purif WDAH.

Objectives: 430 people are on it, 2500 WDAH. [5 hours a week? On full time Objectives? Huh. He didnt really say this as a big plus?]

GAT II Objectives for Cornerstone members: 227 are on it, 28 completions. A video of success stories was shown, where an OT VIII, 3 L’s Completion said that these new Objectives handle things that no other part of the Bridge addresses and they are like an OT level and it is a new hope for mankind. [This is really sad, they actually promote this sort of “success” — this person never did objectives before??? They did all their OT Levels and 3 L’s and had never completed Objectives? And now they announce without irony that this like a new OT Level. Just proves that you could tell people that eating a ream of paper was a “newly discovered process that had been suppressed by SP’s.” You then get them to pay you for this “breakthrough that is going to make planetary clearing a reality” and sit them in a room and tell them to eat paper. And when they finished they would invent a glowing success story to make it sound like THEY had achieved some new exalted status. And not even 20% of the suckers have even completed the re-do of the re-do of their Objectives???]

Completions: 225 Golden Age of Knowledge courses, 23 Purif RDs, 28 Objectives, 18 Expanded Grades, 7 Clears and 6 OT VIIs. [Golden Age of Knowledge Courses?? People are STILL doing those and they are still being promoted. The other stats are feeble,  not really a surprise when everyone has been ordered onto Purif and Objectives — the only other game in town is try to get some “OT VII Comps” so they can be routed onto Super Power…]


Outer org trainees:

– over 20 million Student Points were produced. [Hip hip hooray. I think. Possibly.]

– The last 58 trainees have completed the Pro TRs Course, so all 1244 trainees have completed Student Hat and Pro TRs. [Well, it’s about time]

– Upper Indocs completions: 69 this week / 1180 total.

– Metering completions: 126 / 1098.

The majority of the trainees are already on their specialized training lineups (auditor, Sup, W/C’er training). A few have already completed the entire training, but all trainees will be fired back to their orgs simultaneously. [If He is sticking to this plan then the release of GAG II can be scheduled for New Years Event as it is observable at the current rate they will NOT all be done in time]


Ideal Orgs:

A video of the new Tokyo Org building was shown, which is an 8-story building on a central location. [This is the 4,321st building to be “shown” — some orgs have gone through several before anything was purchased and some have purchased several before they started renovating them and some have purchased and never started renovating. The “Ideal Org” program has ground to a halt too — still talking about opening Kaohsuing which was announced as an “IAS Org” back in 2004 or 2005 and that’s about it. Been milking that one for a while now].


Super Power auditor trainees:

100 are on this training, currently co-auditing the rundown, and they have audited 4501 perceptics in total. [The figure has gone from 200 to 135 to 115 to 100. At this rate by the time the building opens there will be 3 auditors and 250 maintenance workers — all the auditors that didnt make it because they smiled at an RTC person when on training.]


New uniform:

All Sea Org members working in the Super Power building will get brand new special uniforms and this was presented on the graduation. [Seriously? The King of MEST is telling them about “upcoming” uniforms?]


.. and He is still in town. [That’s a big relief for everyone located in other parts of the world…]


  1. The Oracle says

    I am grateful for all of the treason, illusion, abuse, disappointment, struggle, set backs, out tech, wrong indications, suppression, invalidation, injustice, scammers, people who traded humanity for “duty” and a wad of cash.

    Whatever has been re stimulated, I have been able to address and handle. It has come to my attention that I needed a “bridge” within the “bridge”.

    I am announcing myself now as a “Scientology Life Repair” product. I have done a “LIfe Repair” as a “Scientologist”.

    Yes, I know things will not get worse within this Scientology arena. For ME. I know I have been teetering on the edge of watching the whole activity “go down in smoke” under the guidance of David Miscavige (and those in his valence). They have their own future to face and live in. (I won’t be in it by the way)

    For me though, I do not have to wake up every morning and wonder if MY adventures in Scientology, the culture, the people, will get worse. It will not.

    I am recommending for everyone who has been set up for continuous losses in this arena, to arrange to get a “Scientology Life Repair”.

    Then, there is a “Scientology Grade Zero”, where you can take the rags that have been stuffed down your mouth to keep you from communicating out, and you can get through a
    Scientology Grade Zero”. and so on, until you do the bridge you need to do in the Scientology adventure, so you can get back on the MAIN bridge and return to your goals you originally started out with when you reached for your first Scientology service.

    The SAME BRIDGE that was there to pull you out of the mess from the world you knew before Scientology, can be used to heal your Scientology experience.

    Thanks to all who helped and suppressed! It has all been GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!


    • Jane Doe says

      Congratulations on your wins The Oracle! I am so glad to hear you are getting what you came into Scn for but you are getting it outside of the church. The tech and auditing and wins are alive and well in the Indie Field. Go get some of that for yourself! Slice yourself off a piece of that pie everyone!

  2. Jose Chung says

    Is it just me or has exulted holiness wizard COB invented
    “Tail Wags Dog ” management ? I can’t find it my Green Vols.

  3. Stephanie says

    This should be so much fun to watch this Sept. and October – Slappy has promised to open it (due to the Luis Garcia Lawsuit, of course) and now has to. No one has any money left – so no one will be able to do it and that was the plan all along!

    Getting my popcorn out for the epic fail!

    • Vertsurblanc says

      I agree Stephanie.

      This next few months will be very interesting. One of the things I have been thinking about is when these guys return to their orgs their main emphasis will be on the grades and bottom rung training which is in poor shape in these orgs. I can see the fanfare upon their return only to wake up to a deadly silence from a large slice of the field. These services are going to be designed for NEW people on lines, and that puzzle has been an unsolvable enigma (maybe not) for a long time. To make the new stuff pump in decent volumes requires LOTS of new people coming in. This isn’t happening.

      So of course, he has the wrong why once again and sets up all who are still playing the game, a loss and failure and a wondering, why why why?

  4. Espiritu says

    “Completions: 225 Golden Age of Knowledge courses, 23 Purif RDs, 28 Objectives, 18 Expanded Grades, 7 Clears and 6 OT VIIs.”
    This is SO ridiculous. These are the stats of the Flag Land Base?!

    Only the OT VII completion stat is an important Flag statistic. I don’t know how these weekly stats (they are weekly stats, aren’t they?) compare with last week or previous eras at Flag so they don’t mean much to me.
    The rest of these stats are for services which are supposed to be products of lower orgs.
    225 Golden Age of Knowledge “courses”?…… that basically means that 225 people read a book and got a star rate check-out on it. Except that these days with GAG, GAS, whatever you want to call it, they don’t get a star rate by an actual person. They answer pre-written questons so no-one notices com lags when they give definitions and explain principles covered in the books. Pre-GAS, most auditors’ courses used to require that several books be read on each course. These were not counted as separate “courses”. They were ITEMS ON AN LRH CHECKSHEET !

    As has been said over and over again, Miscavige is squirrel. He is a jack-ass. This donkey is kicking down the walls of the once proud Mecca of Technical Perfection and home of the the upper OT Levels as he brays is twisted BS. He really needs to stop bamboozling sincere people and give actual Scientology a chance to succeed and let people actually go up the Bridge. (The one LRH designed)
    The following is a suggested new theme song for the Flag Land Base which gives some good advice as to how seriously this jack-ass should be taken as he is routed out of the org and out of our lives:

    • plainoldthetan says

      “Completions: 225 Golden Age of Knowledge courses, 23 Purif RDs, 28 Objectives, 18 Expanded Grades, 7 Clears and 6 OT VIIs.”

      Don’t forget thtat Miscavige is used to “collapsing” stats in his Int Event presentations. “60x more Basics completions after the Ideal Org Grand Opening than before” Over what period before? Over what period after? He constantly omits the TIME parameters to make Him look better.

      And, oh yeah, HCO PL 24 October 1968 III SUPERVISOR KNOW-HOW, R-FACTOR TO STUDENTS tells us what a graduation is and what it contains. No mention is made in that issue of “stats” either local or international, or Idle Org openings, or…or…or…

      In His usual A=A=A=A manner, graduations have turned into:


  5. Michael Finley says

    In 1988 I went on mission to Flag to put the entire FLB into tropical uniforms. I had 1 week to do this or my org the Uniform Org would be assigned lowers and RPF’d. I did it in 1 week with WDC commends for my whole org. That evolution lasted about 6 months before the uniforms were scrapped, I am told. I guess Slappy got jealous!

    • Cece says

      And I was a Treas Sec that got your (fuckn) bill.
      After all my training how purchases or future commitments should be agreed on prior.
      Well at least you are on the right side now….
      [And the product was for shit.]
      AOLA 198 somethin

  6. Transporter says

    Hey Mike, Today’s a famous day in the PTS World: 10 Aug ! How many times has an E/O or MAA sent us away to word-clear and demo 10 Aug?!

  7. Rick Mycroft says

    “All Sea Org members working in the Super Power building will get brand new special uniforms”

    They might get new uniforms, but I assume that they’ll have to pay for them like the Ideal Org staff. I bet they’ll be that expensive-to-clean wool again too. (And wool is just the perfect fabric for Florida’s heat and humidity.)

  8. Machiavellian Dwwarf says

    From the Founder’s History of Man ” let’s not go upsetting governments and putting on a show to “prove” anything to Homo Sapiens for a while- it’s a horrible temptation to knock off hats at fifty yards and read books a couple of countries away and get into the rotogravure section and the Hearst Weeklies—but you’ll just make it tough on somebody else who is trying to get across this bridge” to selling OTVIIIs on Objectives, who attest to a new level of OT doing: [ Student controls coach by and while giving the commands: “LOOK AT THAT WALL!”, “THANK YOU!” ; “WALK OVER TO THAT WALL!”, “THANK YOU!” ; “TOUCH THAT WALL”. “THANK YOU!” ;
    “TURN AROUND!”, “THANK YOU!”- well, that’s something new and spectacular, certainly leading to the release of OT IX and OT X.

  9. Sam Domingo says

    “The renovation of the Sandcastle and the AO (originally scheduled for December) was started this week and planned to be completed before the grand opening of the Super Power Building.’
    So that means never then? 😀

    • DollarMorgue says

      It just means we should pray for the SO staff who will be worked to the bone and made wrong for not completing impossible targets.

      DM’s incomparable “Too Little Too Late Management TM”.

  10. Starman8 says

    “A video of success stories was shown, where an OT VIII, 3 L’s Completion said that these new Objectives handle things that no other part of the Bridge addresses and they are like an OT level and it is a new hope for mankind.”

    As an OT VIII who HAS done 3 L’s (thankfully pre GAT) WHAT an f’ing INVALIDATION of the bridge, including the State of Clear and OT Levels up to and including OT VIII!!!! GAG!


    • DollarMorgue says

      Why didn’t they dare let the OTVIII out to speak for him/herself? Videoed success stories… is this going to be a new trend? It certainly would be an easier way to gloss over the fact that the party is over. If they use actors for TR training films these days (?), couldn’t they have the same give rave success stories?

  11. ME says

    Mike you really had me cracking up reading your clever comments, especially the ream of paper!!!
    After hearing the wins of the OT8 in the report, I only fear that “The All Creative One” may get the idea to have all PC’s -from now on- go up the entire PC side of the bridge 3 times through for certainty!!!!

  12. Silvia says

    Again and again…promoting MEST: “Tokyo Org building”

    And you are correct, at this rate they are way behind target. It is 10 August and Super Power is suppose to open before September… or was it in September??? Either way, with a lot of luck they may be able to open it towards end of October.

  13. Gus Cox says

    …and let’s not forget the parsing here – All I’ve seen is that “the super power building will be opened.” Nothing about super power being released. I wouldn’t put it past Him to do that bait-and-switch.

  14. tony dephillips says

    They audited me on the perceptics of the weight of my wallet. My wallet blew a lot of mass and became utterly weightless. It only took about 5 minutes to VVBI’s.

      • Gayle aka TroubleShooter says

        Philadelphia’s building too. Purchased in spring ’07. Nothing done since.

        • Carcha says

          If you have photos and some summary, you could submit it to:
          Six years is an awfully long time.

          As far as the Garcia lawsuit, their attorneys might find the above resource useful to show a pattern.

        • calvin b. duffield says

          Durban, my hometown, had it’s new “Ideal Org” conceptual design as the
          remodeling of an old pre- war building of magnificent but staid architecture.
          The building was of course bought through “an overseas Benefactor” and
          some hefty local investments. The building was then shored up for about
          two years, and had to employ local watchmen to keep out vagrants.
          The demolishers were finally called in to flatten the much mooted ‘old worlde’
          building, as it was becoming an infested rats- haven in what is arguably
          the most prolific restaurant neighborhood in South Africa. (Florida Road.) Today it continues to stand as a bizarre, empty, fenced off plot of land with just gigantic weeds, to conceal what might just as well be an “ideal (vagrant’s) morgue” for all I can see! The present small org building , some 200 meters away, has all but collapsed, with perhaps one or two staff manning a morbidly
          empty space. with perhaps one or two students to speak of.
          Another needless tragedy, for those really decent ( & once extremely wealthy ) investors I’d known and looked up to since the early 70’s! The grip of
          Miscavology and it’s attendant kool-aid addiction, is something I never would
          have suspected to have overtaken their former brightness (and dedication to
          LRH.) Today I realize just how insidious and thoroughly concealed the plot
          by the Demoniacal Miscavige has been, in the way it fooled (and still does) so
          many, who have allowed themselves, (as the “frog” analogy) to be boiled alive,
          without ever realizing it.

  15. The Oracle says

    Another new line being forwarded with the P.R. is “Fully funded by the I.A.S.” “This is funded by the I.A.S.”. Presenting the I.A.S. as some large “funding source”.

    The I.A.S. has not “funded” anything. The I.A.S. IS FUNDED through beggar units. Occasionally they permit some of that cash to trickle sideways (I think they are legally obligated to use SOME part of it to help someone else).

    When you see the term “funded by the I.A.S.”, what you really should know is that SOME PUBLIC SCIENTOLOGIST “funded” it. The I.A.S. BEGGED for the cash and let some dribble sideways. And they pocketed and hoarded the rest.

    • calvin b. duffield says

      Small (no, make that midget) correction there, TO! … “And HE pocketed and hoarded the rest.”

  16. Dan Koon says

    Total number of perceptics audited? What about total number of revivifications (from the Bright Think Rundown) or total number of reading items from the Study Green Form or total number of false datums handled on the False Data and Loss Rundown, or the total number of ethics/justice motivators handled on the Ethics Repair List? Oh, yeah, none of those states require anything more than an auditor and pc and a process. I can see that good old Voldey is planning to make Super Power all about his groovy machines that he spent millions on. I cannot wait to hear what this rundown will be about. According the someone who used to be in Scientology named L. Ron Hubbard, the Perception Rundown begins with an assessment of the 57 perceptics and only those that read are run. I will bet that the room devoted to “saline content of cells” remains closed until the end of time.

    • Bonny says

      Rumor has it, and this is absolutely hush, hush:

      DM, after 4,752 exhausting hours, 23 minutes and 45 seconds, has personally recovered the lost original tech on the Super Power Perception Rundown and discovered that all 57 preceptics are not assessed, but are to be run in full on each pc. This data is to be released right after the first 500 have “completed” the Super Power Rundown, of course, thereby allowing them to re-experience the awesomeness of the rundown and His Emence’s once again saving the day.

  17. says

    I wonder what these “new (as in most likely squirrel) objectives are….

    Here’s one giving to me from an inside source deep background:

    “One process run to EP of PC or Pre OT completely destitute:

    “Give me all your money.”

    “Thank you.”

    “May require hand gun or lead pipe if PC or Pre OT becomes unwilling.”

    “Then put PC or Pre OT into a hypnotic trance and have them repeat:

    “This new objective is like an OT Level.”

  18. Chris Mann says

    I guess, yes the Church and Miscavige does produce something. If I was “in” I could look to that and feel like something was happening. You have to be careful about being deceived. You have to be vigilant about observing the end product. Whats the end product? It’s currently not what it was supposed to be and what was intended by LRH. The end product seems to be a lifetime of slavery and brainwashing.

    All the “products” or sub-products, renovations and number of tiles laid and number of OT’s through GATII Objectives-redo- NONE of it is neccesary for actual Scientology. It reminds me of North Korea the way he keeps everybody isolated and creates all this pomp an circumstance to foll everyone.


  19. tony dephillips says

    I can recall being at Flag while doing a “refresher” while on OT7 and seeing all the Sea Org members lining up to take the buses and how stressed out they seemed. I would pick up a mixture of feelings and emotions from them ranging from spite, apathy, dedication, weariness, etc. I didn’t look like a very fun game to me.
    With all the millions of dollars donated to the “church” you would expect that they would create something lasting. It never made sense to me that they would discard people so easily. I think the Super Power (SP) Rundowns are just another smoke and mirror game in a long line of smoke and mirror games.

    • calvin b. duffield says

      You said it Tony! And just had yourself another overhead perspective on the hateful mind games played
      by the Master of Mind Control Manipulation Himself, The Honorable Emperor of $cientology, His Wor$hip,
      THE Supreme SAUCE, David Miscarriage. 3:)

    • Pepper says

      Yes, Tony! Yes, Chris!
      Trotting out the SP rundowns is an effort to keep the restless public at bay and fully under control. Making them do Objectives over again, for a long number of hours ensures that. OT’s have to re-do Objectives? It’s silly, but the hypnotized followers will do it regardless.
      I have a friend who is OTVIII and trained to Class VIII. Several weeks ago, we were having lunch and she sat back and sighed, ” I’ll probably need to do 200 hours of Objectives….” I asked her one simple question: You’re OTVIII, what about your case gain? She was stupified.
      A lifetime of slavery and brainwashing, robbed of one’s joy, energy, financial solvency, even family; all for a smoke and mirrors, shell game that’s hollow, meaningless and is NO PRODUCT.


      • Carcha says

        Let me get this straight. Only OT VII completions are to be “allowed” onto “shooper power,” a rundown designed for smashed up staff that had been wrongly RPG’d … sorry … RPF”d? And objectives, which follow Life Repair and precede Dianetics, are to be run on OT VII’s to qualify them for “shooper power”? In other words, the RPF was supposed to be objectives to begin with, so the “correct” way to “do it” is to run objectives in order to run “shooper power” to repair objectives after objectives wrongly run, and “restrict” this to OT VII’s who have already run objectives but are required to rerun them as OT’s?

        I give up. Seems like this is either sheer genius, intentionally misrunning objectives so that “shopper power” can repair that, or someone, somewhere, only understood the words “material universe” out of the entire body of knowledge of Scientology, yet, without as much as a valid cert to their name, is not just self-appointed Senior C/S but is rewriting the entire Bridge for everybody and ridiculing it. Now that last definitely sounds like a scazaam.

  20. Jose Chung says

    I’m just glad that I don’t have to make the choice between
    sitting through this foolishness and pounding rusty nails into my arm.

  21. Brad Halsey says

    RE: “A video of success stories was shown, where an OT VIII, 3 L’s Completion said that these new Objectives handle things that no other part of the Bridge addresses and they are like an OT level and it is a new hope for mankind.” That is the most PATHETIC thing an OT8 could ever say. Objectives do not handle any aspect of your reactive mind in terms of AS-IS-NESS of Thought-Emotion-Effort. The whole idea of going CLEAR is rid oneself of the content of your reactive mind, by bringing it through into your conscious. the hole idea of Objectives is to show the PC he can control his body, so that WE CAN GET TO to his reactive mind in an auditing session. The collective group of people buying into doing Objectives again and again are all just a bunch of very, very very stupid people.

    • calvin b. duffield says

      Oh Brad! So what do you suggest we do with this bunch of very, very, very stupid people? You KNOW he
      needs them THAT way! Duplicate man! What’s the matter with you? :)

    • Axiom says

      That person had to say how wonderful and OT the objectives were, otherwise he would have to go back and do some more.

    • Pepper says

      The idea of an OTVIII. and L’s completion saying that the “new” Objectives is like an OT level and a new hope of mankind leaves me without words…

      This Glib, Airy-Fairy, No-Confront, Pollyana needs to spend some time in a Syrian or Sudanese refugee camp, a childrens’s CANCER unit, an AIDS unit in Africa or India, a homeless mission, a group home for children removed from their homes because of severe abuse or neglect, a domestic violence shelter, anything that would get him to look at the depths of humanity and think about what he’s really doing, and the effects it’s creating around him.

      OT completions on New Objectives as the new hope for humankind?


  22. SadStateOfAffairs says

    Can you imagine wasting some poor staff member’s time to add up the total number of perceptics audited? Or to compile the number of new janitorial staff? How about instead compiling the number of seconds passed from groundbreaking for the SP building until opening? Or number of times COB has spewed forth statistics that have nothing real to do with actual delivery of actual Scientology?
    Damn straight people are always relieved to hear the COB is somewhere other than where he is. And the dread and dismay felt when they hear he is coming to their locale. A visit from COB = new group Engrams for all concerned, and individual engrams for many.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Yes, the total number of perceptics audited is a bizarre thing to talk about. Obviously this is what He wants to push about Super Power because its the sexy MEST aspect of it…. His NASA spinbin machines and oily tables and stuff. Next week he is going to announce “Number of Commands Given on Objectives This Week.”

    • Indie8Million says

      Charlie Brown: “Wake up! If you don’t stand up in a second, you’re gonna get a KR. Oh man, am I gonna hear about this on Facebook.”

  23. Natasha Boris says

    I swear there is a dent on my desk from my repeated head banging. Maybe that should be a new rundown? Tape a piece of paper to the wall, draw a circle on the paper, bang head to full EP, write success story. What do you think? Will people pay me oodles of money for it?

    • wandersoul says

      You are Hysterical! My head hurts as well from slapping myself silly! I can’t even read this too much pain.