Welcome To My New Blog

For 4 years, Marty Rathbun’s Blog – Moving On Up A Little Higher – has provided an invaluable service.  It has been the best source of news on the current goings-on in the world of Scientology, exposed truths about what has happened in the past,  provided a venue for those newly emerging from the bubble of the Church to announce themselves to the world, given insight into squirreling of the tech, offered helpful advice on sources of wisdom and became a place to find new friends or reconnect with old ones.

Marty has always said that it was his desire to help raise spiritual awareness, to move on up a little higher.   If you are a regular reader you have probably noticed his blog evolving away from the daily news into higher concepts and discussions. This is something that is important. And it is a message directed to those who have well and truly left the church behind and are moving onward and upward.

But I feel there is still a need for coverage of day to day news and activities. And a place where those who may just be emerging from the bubble that is corporate Scientology can find information to help them to break free once and for all.  And perhaps a place where even the seasoned veterans of Moving On Up can keep up with current news.

Tony Ortega’s blog covers a lot of ground, but I don’t see everything from the same perspective he does, and no doubt anyone inside the church, or “under the radar” or recently stepping away would reject a lot of what he says due to his clearly expressed skepticism about the entire subject of Scientology.  That being said, there is no question of the service he continues to provide, standing tall and strong in exposing abuses as a journalist rather than a former insider blogging for a different public.

Sinar Parman recently began a Facebook private group where he keeps everyone abreast of current media, but Facebook doesn’t lend itself well to any in depth articles, and it is fleeting, unindexed and unwieldy to use as a reference source for information even a few hours after an initial posting, let alone weeks or months later.

I assisted Marty moderate his blog since the early days.  We agreed that he will continue Moving On Up A Little Higher and I have started this new blog Something Can Be Done About It  that will hopefully help fill the vacuum on the “daily news” about Scientology. I would like it to be a place where those “sitting on the fence” or “under the radar” as well as those who want reassurance that progress is being made towards ending the abuses in the church can find information of value.

I intend to share the latest news about the Ideal Orgs and events in orgs. About who has announced their departure from the church. I plan to cover current news and pose questions that should be asked by those who are still in the church.

As has been the moderation policy on Moving On Up since its launch, a lot of leeway will be given to people who are sincerely expressing a view. But if it becomes clear their only intent is to stir up trouble and distract from the discussion, they will be told they can go somewhere else. It’s simply a matter of deciding whether one person demanding their “right” to yell “Fire” in the theater trumps the right of everyone else who is there to watch the movie.  Anyone who feels aggrieved is welcome to start their own blog. It costs nothing and WordPress makes it very easy to do.

I have tried to make this blog seem relatively familiar to readers of Moving On Up, but I have also added some features. You will see on the right side there is a menu that shows the 10 most recent comments  as I know it is sometimes difficult to navigate through the comments to find what you haven’t read if there are a lot of responses. I have also included several fundamental articles – the 31 Factors, Debbie Cook’s Open Letter and The Letter from Garcia.

The earlier posts I wrote that were published on Marty’s blog (see the button at the top of the page “All Posts”). And recommended books are also included.

Not all features and aspects are fully finalized, but its operational enough to get started then fill in all the blanks and iron out any bugs as they arise.

If you have an article or information you think may be of interest, send to me at idealorg14@hushmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. burnedbutnotbitter says

    I read the letter to your first family….Whew, I feel so much compassion for you–did not know the hell you went through….Thank God you had the strength to start over and that baby is too cute for words…..well, I will be back because I think current news is a must. Very much want to know the public response to Jenna’s book and how the Luis Garcia case is going. Have read Tony Ortega when Marty points to it, but would prefer you.
    Thank you for what you are doing…..

  2. Jens TINGLEFF says

    This blog is a step in the right direction. Keep it up, please :)
    To the intended audience: believing that keeping quiet is in your own interest and in the interest of those “inside” who are not yet reading this blog is only true if you are in a minority. Countless stories of breaking free from the grip held by the scientology organisation have passages along the lines that after finally talking to other members the ex-member found out that doubts were shared but kept silent.
    Silence might keep you connected to other victims, but it cannot do a lot to set them free.

  3. DeElizabethan says

    Mike forget the previous comment since I found the subscription was sent and basically I goofed. Please delete, thanks

  4. DeElizabethan says

    Great Blog Mike. I haven’t been receiving any follow up comments or new posts by email, since posting.
    I checked both and will again. Thanks.

  5. Heather G says

    This blog makes me happy. I always love reading you, Mike.
    Did you get my response to your recent email?

  6. calvin b. duffield says

    Hello Mike!
    I’m really thrilled that you have ventured into this big step. It will impact severely on your life, for sure – but I’m sure you already know that only TOO well! If I may say so, your willingness not to take things too seriously, coupled to your razor sharp wit, stands you in good stead and is something I find irresistible. It’s contagious mate, and it would be great to see more people catching ” The Disease ”

    No pressure on you Mike, but I have to say;…Roll On Rinder!
    Best wishes,

  7. Gayle Smith says

    Yesssssssssssssssssss this is great Mike. I’m happy to be here. Poppycock that I wasn’t one of the first to acknowledge you for this. But I do so now.

  8. Kris Steele says

    Thank you for putting up this blog. I will look forward to following it in the future.

  9. Ronnie Bell says

    I’m really glad that you put up your own blog, Mike. Since I first began reading at Marty’s blog, I’ve always looked forward to your contributions and comments there. It’s a real delight to see that there’s a place where I can go to get a regular dose of your keen insights and outlook on this evolving scene.

  10. says

    Being the residential wog. I am sure most people that are at this blog, have been to Tonys or Martys, as well. So most of the folks will know me & my story. I have always had an affinity for Rinder, I have watched him as a spokesman for the cult, (best Co$ spokesmen ever, that is not debatable). I have followed Mike from the times, most of us thought he had died, to his reemergence on Martys blog. Rinder and I could not be farther away, when it comes to thoughts on LRH & Scienotlogy and its application. But, Rinder also knows, that I dont care even one iota about such differences. I think he would attest, that he and I have been very welcoming of the other and their views and that not once, has either of us had a cross word.

    As someone who followed Martys blog daily, and now Ortegas, I still had a sense that something was missing. YES, these blogs allowed us to see behind the curtains & for Co$ watchers like me – they were astonishing.

    While Rinder & Rathbun are two guys, anyone would want to have a couple of shots with. Rinder is someone who I think I could hand over a bottle of Merlot & then close my mouth for the next 3-4 hours and just listen.

    Marty has something about him that rubs people the wrong way. He will quite often show a petty side & almost bully mentality where none is needed. ( I feel very comfortable saying this, because I know its the exact same thing people same about ME)

    But, finder…. Rinder is something else. Cool as the other side of the pillow.

    Maybe it comes from all of those years defending the cult and Der Fuhrer – dM.

    Maybe, its just natural to him.

    MY point is – Rinder has needed a blog. I think he can get across to those fringe people, who think too badly about Rathbun. The people inside, who see my comments and countless of other AntiCo$ wogs & then think to themselves “See, the world IS against us” – “The world IS trying to destroy me and my religion”

    I have ZERO doubt that Rinder will save, at the very least – ONE person who is currently in the cult at this moment. He will also prevent others from falling into its clutches.

    Knowing so much about what you had to endure, all I can say is that I smile daily, when i see the pictures of baby Jack – it lets me know that Rinder is in a better place. (no matter how hard dM tries to prevent it)

    My first post on here said it best:

    Its about damn time.

    All the best with your blog, my internet friend.

    I have the bottle of Merlot waiting.

    Michael Brown – free thinker & Bed Man in Okc

      • TrevAnon says

        Another residential wog here – from the Netherlands.. :)

        I’m now 45, and ever since I was 16 or so I felt interested in COS. In those early years I never went to the (Amsterdam) Org, as I was afraid to get sucked into a cult. Followed OCMB, ESMB and in May 2008 I decided to register at WWP, then Enturb, to actually do something. In 2009 I eventually did a short visit, just out of curiosity.

        And I really never knew a good answer to the question why I am interested in COS in the first place. (You should know COS in the Netherlands is really small, a few hundred members at most.)

        I can only guess why.

        What does keep me going is helping against the abuses etc. within the church and having fun outside of the church, especially on critics’ sites, but also on exes’ sites like this one.

  11. says

    Dear Mike,
    we really like what you are doing.
    We appreciate the fact that this Blog was born in coordination with Marty that did and is doing SO much for the Independent Movement and for Scientology in general.
    We are sure that this Blog will be a great factor for the recovery of the subject of Scientology as L. Ron Hubbard, his Founder, wished it to be and serve.
    Freedom and better conditions and NOT slavery!

  12. Paul Jay Salerno says

    I’m greatly enjoying your blog and it’s focus Mr Rinder. I wish it and you every success.

  13. Alex Castillo says

    Hey Mike,
    Yours is a great move! Congrats. I believe it’s important to keep the “skinny” line alive and I also believe it’s important to continue exposing Herr Midget Fuhrer Miscavige’s scam (s) for the benefit of the general public and hopefully for those who are still under his spell. I hope you don’t mind having me around your new blog. BTY, I always remember that day in London when we gave Miscavige’s expensive PIs the slip at that cafe!

    • Mike Rinder says

      Alex — yeah, they may have been expensive but they were hired from the Keystone Kops PI Agency. It’s always fun to mess with them. To see them frantically running up and down the streets trying to find us was great entertainment. Be well my old friend.

  14. Teddy says

    Mega kudo’s Mike. This blog and Marty’s will compliment each others nicely in covering the broad scope of this reformation. Cause over life in action! Here’s a cheeky suggestion if you ever want to consider a theme music for this blog; the “Boniadi Rap” video that you were a part of. I know, I know that’s probably a bit much for the tone of this blog:) Peace&ARC!

  15. FCDC Class of 74 says

    Mike thank you for stepping in and developing a middle way regular scientologists can interact, share resources and basically restore a sense of normalcy at. I suggest that maybe a hub of resources be developed you know unified i.e. where can people get auditing, supplies,training or c/sing. I myself have been looking for information but all I’ve been able to do is get info on training in Florida. I’m in Maryland. I can help but I don’t have that kind of background but willingness is the beginning of the postulate. Without the a fore mentioned info I have been unable to attain a lot of what is discussed on Marty’s blog. ARC Bill Dupree

    • Vic Krohn says

      Hi FCDC,

      I’m in Maryland too (Cecil County). I have materials and a meter and am looking for someone to train with.
      So there’s a connection already. If you’re interested in following up let me know.


    • FCDC Class of 74 says

      Hey Vic mea culpa on getting back with you. I hang out usually at Marty’ blog and I just happen to peruse Mike’s and saw I had a reply. I live in Columbia near the Howard county hospital I am 58 and retired, I never joined staff but was audited and trained equally up until I was to start my internship. FCDC said I was pts from my girlfriend now my wife of 35 years because I would not join staff so I left the “church” but not the philosophy. I monitored what has happened to the Orgs since the seventies and although I knew I’d never have to worry spiritually It still bothered me what the “church” was doing more to the point what COB was doing. I am at 10969 Eight Bells Lane Columbia MD 21044 301-717-3802. I occasionally get up above Bel Air to see my daughter and family so where in Cecil county are you? I too have a lot of materials and it would be good to make a plan and see what is needed for a start point. The Indies have been an immense help in answering questions and steering being in the right direction so I feel good about that. Please contact me at your convenience by phone or email if privacy is an issue. ARC Bill Dupree Indie 335/500

  16. roger weller says

    cit was nice to wake up and see you started a blog,congradulations, i look forward to read what you post.

  17. says

    Mike, the avalanche of support and good wishes for your new blog says it all. Perfect action at the perfect moment. Absolutely spiffing. Proud to be considered amongst your friends. Thanks. Martin.

  18. EnthralledObserver says

    A new blog… dedicated to news and real stats… nice. Good luck with this new venture. I shall check in frequently, I do quite like to read of your viewpoint on matters and appreciate your take on the up to date position in which the CO$ currently stands …

  19. Patty Moher says

    I’m so happy you established this much needed blog. Thanks for all your efforts.

  20. says

    Thanks Mike for this valuable new blog. I believe it will fill a vacuum that has indeed developed over the past months. I’m incidentally a critic who runs his own little site in the Netherlands. Even though I am a never-been-in and sceptical about Scientology as a subject, I’ve restricted the content of my site to issues within Corporate Scientology and refrain from discussing the content of OTIII. This way, I hope my site can be a useful resource for any Dutch Scientologist once they are ready to look. I’ll make sure to include a link to your blog under the further reading section in the next update.

    (Sorry if double post)

  21. Kim Baker says

    This is wonderful! Congratulations, Mike – another one to add to my bookmarks! 😀 And indeed, censorship never works, word spreads anyway, and the Internet is now THE vehicle to get word out, to communicate widely and express oneself freely, thus bypassing the stranglehold of corporate control and domination. So happy for you, Mike, and thank you.

  22. Ed Paulson says

    Such a great and worthwhile concept. Your blog has been bookmarked next to Marty’s at the top of my browser. Your entry into the blogosphere must really be soiling the shorts of OSAbots. Keep up the good work.

  23. Dani Lemberger says

    Mike, your new blog is beautiful and I am honored to be featured in it.
    We are expanding, we are doing the right thing as evidenced by Dror Center’s steady growth. We have been helped by both of you and by dear friends, Claudio and Renata Lugli, Jim Logan, Dan Koon, Steve Hall and now Silvia Llorens is here adding her expertise to perfect our AO.
    We are now free to move UP the Bridge to Total Freedom. I wonder daily how the slaves of DM’s tyranny can delude themselves they’re on the Bridge to Freedom. Quite fascinating, Man’s ability to use his intelligence to explain away fraud and hypocrisy. But this is just a comment on the sorrow state of a dwindling few.
    We, as true and loyal followers of Ron must unite, overcome our minor, yet sometimes noisy, differences. We continue to preserve the Tech and make it available to all. Auditing can be a rewarding career. Helping our fellow Man reach heights of ability, awareness and immortality is most gratifying. And Scientology is still “new news.”
    Ron is proud of us and thankful that we are keeping the road open and it’s getting busier with traffic day by day.

  24. Just Me says

    Mike, what a great idea. Your wit, intelligence and perspective will make this new blog a great success.

  25. The Oracle says

    Thank you for taking this on! Thank you for all the work you do! Don’t forget to add a donate button, some folk get to feeling out exchange or left out if they can’t help you. XXOO

  26. one of those who see says

    Hi Mike, This is brilliant! This way Marty can freely pursue the direction his blog is going in-and we can get all this data too. A total needed and wanted. Will be reading both blogs for sure. Well done!

  27. says

    Great news! We need different viewpoints and gradients to help scientologists to open their eyes. Marty’s website and some others, while being fantastic, are probably a bit out gradient for those still inside. I just discover on your links The true Scientologist website, which seems the best gradient for relatively uninformed scientologists. Thanks for all you are doing!

  28. Mantis says

    Congrats Mike, this is something we definitely need. It’ a lot of work and I admire you for taking it upon yourself to do it. Marty’s blog was an important part of my separating from the church because it was there that I could see that the craziness wasn’t just local. It was clear that it was a world wide pandemic. So this blog will serve that function for people making progress on their journey to a free Scientology.

  29. says

    Congratulations and the blog looks great! Just for the record, I agree with Luis on the fundraising button. And now my 2 bits. Thought about writing a book? I have always enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading more!

  30. Bob Eckert says

    Happy Equinox! An auspicious day to start something new. You aren’t Marty, and you aren’t Tony, you’re you, so keep being you.

  31. says

    More than hearing news of the C of S’s fast deterioration, I hope to hear news of the wins of application by Independent Scientologists. The world of field auditing within the corporate church has been in a no-win situation for many years, with fewer and fewer auditors being willing to even attempt it. The church has done it’s best to put a stranglehold on this and they just about pulled it off.

    Now there are so many who have decided to audit and they are auditing. They are not reporting stats to anyone, they are not videoing their sessions, they’re not doing Liability conditions for calling FNs that did not manage to go three swings, they’re not propitiating at events or cringing at the site of a visiting Sea Org member. They are just auditing and winning.

    I hope these winning, communicating, persisting, living, vibrant beings congregate here with their pcs and tell their wins and show us that the old dreams we had for this subject did not die but are actually real and alive. The church is in inevitable collapse and there’s nothing that can be done about it; the momentum is just too strong.

    The classic LRH lecture that became colloquially known as “Something Can Be Done About It” was, as I recall, mainly about individuals being alive and communicating and Scientology Zero applications bringing about a more and more safe environment. I hope to hear plenty of that here.

  32. Cindy Pinsonnault says

    I too have always enjoyed your posts on Marty’s blog. Looking forward to reading your new blog regularly. Thanks, Mike, for doing this.

  33. Maxv says

    Mike, I have always enjoyed reading your posts and comments. You will definitely have a regualr reader here. All the best to you.

  34. Sapere Aude says

    Mike – Congratulations on another free and open comm line of truth. This will be a very valuable location and I look forward to this journey. I always enjoy your stories and postings. Thanks!

  35. Luis Garcia says


    Great looking site, great purpose and great name as well!

    However, you are missing a very important button/tab. I’m referring to the DONATE button. Writing this blog is a huge commitment and lots of work, which will demand much of your time away from production. You are not only willing to take on this enormous doingness, but in doing so you are willing to, once again, put your neck on the line. You are subjecting yourself to the potential crazy reactions of His Majesty POB (pope on a box).

    I think it is only fair you give us the ability to support you and flow energy to you whenever we feel the urge.

    Please consider adding a DONATE button.

    Thank you,


    • Mike Rinder says

      Luis — thanks. I will consider it. I think I will probably do a post in the not too distant future about what people can do to contribute to ending the abuses. There are many avenues….

    • Alex Castillo says

      Amigo Luis,
      I don’t think Mike is doing this expecting to get donations for what he’s doing. I know him from our old days at Flag and I know what his commitment is. I know it would be nice for him to receive financial support for keeping his blog on line, but maybe such support should be done privately. Besides, IMHO, a DONATE button would smack of RCS (LOL). Again, in my opinion, considering Mike’s aims, ACTION (like what you have done recently) would be more fruitful and important than donations. I wish many more would follow what you are doing, which, pardon my French, takes a lot of balls

      No offence Luis, just my opinion.


  36. Aeolus says

    You’ve been bookmarked and I think this is a great idea, although I’ll probably have to start my day with two cups of coffee now, to last me through your blog as well as Marty’s. And I like your listing of the 10 latest comments. Whenever I check back and see that Marty’s has gone from 350 comments to 360, I know I’m in for some digging.

  37. freebeeing says

    I’d like to know the specifics of GAT II. Haven’t seen any leaked vids of the Freewinds events of last summer.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Hmmm, I dont think there are any specifics of GAT II. It’s like asking for specifics about the WMD of Saddam Hussein…. It’s hype piled on top of lies frosted with bs…

      But you raise an interesting point. If you have information about current activities of the RCS, including being on the mailing list or email list, forward what you get to me. If its magazines, you can email me for the address.

  38. Scott Campbell says

    Hi Mike,

    Great to see you with your own blog! I look forward to reading your unique voice and perspective on things.

  39. says

    Mike, I just learned of your blog and am so glad you chose to do this… for all the reasons you mentioned in your introduction. Looking forward to your posts!

  40. says

    Congratulations Mike.
    A site for those “Under the radar” and “on the fence” is a much needed and wanted. Great opening post

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thanks K#1. And to Haydn and Graham and Marsha and Scott and Mark and everyone else with words of encouragement.

      One thing is sure — the internet has truly created a “community” and when you become part of it you gain a LOT of real friends. These days you can travel all over the US and around the world and meet up with people who frequent FB groups and blogs and sites. And its not just nice to have friends, it is also nice to know there is strength in numbers. While we are going up the RCS is going down….

  41. Graham Berry says

    Congratulations and best wishes with your new website. I look forward to following the news and comments.

  42. Mark Fisher says

    Ive been looking around your blog and it is very well done.

    Seeing Jenna’s book on the blog reminded me that I would love for post regarding her book whereby people can comment on it and share stories. I personally thought the book was one of the best that has been published and was able to give my copy to a non-Scientology friend who zipped through reading it in 4 days.

    It really helped give an understanding to what many of us have gone through. Everyone can relate to Jenna’s story of a young girl born into Scientology and the Sea Org and having her world continually manipulated until she finally broke free and now is leading a happy life with her new family.

    Anyway, just a suggested topic!

  43. says

    Congrats, Mike. Great move. I love Sinar’s Facebook page – it is a great place to hang out without having glass windows. And I love Marty’s blog. In a world of people posting the most inane and outright idiotic opinions of Scientology, not to mention wallowing in the salaciousness of whole track materials, Marty put rational discussion of Scientology on the map. And continues to do so.

    I think you are understating Tony O’s opinion of Scientology. He is not a skeptic; he outright considers it completely without merit. But, he is tenacious, and it takes a pit bull sometimes to unearth the rotten tidbits.

    Independent Scientology and post-Scientology is expanding. We all know that those locked inside by fear need to be free from it. Now there is one more place they can be free to. Thanks! I look forward to this!

  44. Mark Fisher says

    Fantastic Mike. Definitely needed. Another place where we can keep up to date on what is happening Couldn’t be happier and I intend to contribute as much as possible. Thanks for starting it!

  45. Vic Krohn says

    This is a wonderful development and means I will be able to enjoy your priceless prose even more frequently.

    Thank-you in advance,


    • Vic Krohn says

      I just read your “Open Letter to My Family” and suggest everyone take a look.

      The letter clearly shows your integrity, hard-fought-for insights and willingness to state and repeat the truth for everyone to see.

      I can’t even begin to tell you how much I admire you.

      Seriously, man. You make me proud to know you.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Vic, the feeling is mutual…

        BTW the date of the letter is omitted. It was posted on Marty’s blog originally in May 2010.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thanks Sinar. You are the Walter Cronkite of independent Scientology — so I am glad you will be visiting, as I always look out for your news alerts on FB.

      • Gayle Smith says

        “Thanks Sinar. You are the Walter Cronkite of independent Scientology” lol True, so true!

  46. Richard Kaminski says

    Great, Mike, well done. At last, your own blog. Wishing you success.
    Love, Rich

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thanks Rich. Got a backlog of things to cover, hope to get something new up each day, at least to begin with….

  47. John Huss says

    I just want to be among the first to congratulate you on your new blog. It looks great and I will be checking in daily! I think the new features are great.