What’s Wrong With Scientology.org?

asleepThe masters of the internet and cutting edge technology (see Warehouse VIII and the state-of-the-art paper printing plant) seem to have a rough time keeping their website relevant.  Let alone problems with credibility.

They finally just put up an announcement about the opening of the Ideal Org in Kaohsuing. Though it might be best to just leave the Ideal Org thing to die an unlamented death. This is the 4th “Ideal Org” this year — though the first since the first clear city of Portland in May, preceded by the bust in Pretoria and the non-event in Cambridge Ontario. This is a big thumbs downstat from the claimed 11 last year? How come there are only ONE THIRD as many Ideal Orgs this year as last year???

You still find this on the webpage:

The listing below includes new properties in planning or construction stage projected to open in 2012-2013.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Battle Creek, Michigan
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Columbus, Ohio
Detroit, Michigan
Harlem, New York
Kansas City, Missouri
New Haven, Connecticut
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
San Diego, California
San Fernando Valley, California
St. Louis, Missouri

Cape Town, South Africa
Durban, South Africa
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe

Toronto, Ontario
Montréal, Québec

Bogotá, Colombia
Las Lomas, Mexico
Caracas, Venezuela
Valencia, Venezuela

Copenhagen, Denmark
Budapest, Hungary
Basel, Switzerland

Birmingham, England
Manchester, England
Plymouth, England
Sunderland, England

Sydney, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand

Their prediction isnt too good. They only have less than 3 weeks left to even get ONE of these done.

But I guess I am being too harsh as I didn’t include the grand opening of the “Ideal Ideal Org” — the SP Building.  This is now deemed to the “The Cathedral” (I guess the Pope analogy is really sticking to Him — every Pope needs a cathedral of course).

This the headline:


And it goes on from there with more purple prose from the dainty pen of Dan Sherman. 

They seek to lend an air of credibility to their BS by brazenly stating in the first sentence of the report about the ribbon cutting the “fact” that there were “10,273 Scientologists” present.  This is one of the data that Sherman operates on “specifics give color and add an air of credibility”. Of course nobody counted 10,273 people in attendance (they could not have done that as they just weren’t there) but to state it like that makes it SEEM as though someone MUST have counted. How would anyone come up with that figure otherwise? (Plucked it out of his butt is the honest answer).

Amazing how brazen they are, even though they KNOW the real photos don’t show anything near 10,000 people. But this simply proves the main public for this website is existing kool aid drinkers who swallow anything that is presented by the “official church.”

And that would tend to be confirmed by the figures from Alexa today.  

I am aware that Alexa is not especially reliable. But if it is the yardstick that is used from one time to the next it is at least a good comparison. The lower the number the higher the amount of traffic (ie Google is the #1 spot)

Scientology.org   World 93,842  US 39,187

Mikerindersblog.org   World 64,032  US 18,180

Tonyortega.org   World 41,765  US 16,298

Now, I happen to have figures from May 24 2013 (not for Tony’s) and they show a pretty marked change in positions:

Scientology.org   World 107,385  US 54,342

Mikerindersblog.org  World 246,414  US 49,032

To badly misuse an old Scientology expression “We are going up while the church is going down….”


The Volunteer Minister Fraud

The IAS Volunteer Ministers descending upon the Philippines still appears to be 4 people who reported in on 14 November — according to the website.

The ONLY update, from 4 December, concerning the massive volunteer army that shipped out for Hurricane Haiyan relief — thanks to the generosity of an IAS Grant — is this. Under a headline that reads Assist Training in Tagalog for the People of Philippines is this lame paragraph of complete generalities that in fact has nothing to do with the Philippines: 

Scientology Assists, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, can help ease the pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, of friends and family members. While Assist technology is the mainstay of the Volunteer Ministers who respond to natural and manmade disasters, it has tremendous impact on the lives of individuals anywhere on a daily basis. A woman who learned and used this technology shared what occurred: [Followed by a SINGLE "success"]

I guess this was just a big old bust…. What a shock. As I predicted earlier, the “grant” was to fly three people there and take some photos. Anyone else had to make their own way. I guess out of the hundreds of thousands of VM’s this just wasnt important enough to break out the yellow t shirts and video cameras.

But the best is saved for last:


CCHR Hypocrites

You should see the CCHR section. Really, check it out and give their stats a boost.

It features an entire section in booklet form entitled “Eroding Justice: Psychiatry’s Corruption of Law.”

Lo and behold, they are railing against the use of psychiatrists in the courtroom.

Now I wonder whether CCHR is going to hold a demonstration at the HGB against OSA who are petitioning the court to have a psychiatrist examine Laura Dieckman so they can bring the “expert testimony” INTO the case.

Come on Jan Eastgate — get out there with your bullhorn and psychbusters and picket the HGB.



  1. Cooper Kessel says

    Dan Shermanspeak should have also noted that there were 10,275 people in attendance and two even rented their own helicopter to get a ring side seat they were so excited to see His Majesty.

    • says

      My entry for the ShermanSpeak Writer’s Contest for Dec 12, 2013.

      “The majestic celebration was so majestic, in fact, it nearly blew out the back rafters! Not to be undone, two or three would-be celebratory parishioners took to the sky, in helicopters no less, just so they could get a seat!”

      (Roar of Applause)


    • iJefferson says

      Partially true. The Pope’s cathedra (chair) isn’t even in the Vatican. Its in the Lateran Basilica, a few miles away in Rome. A really good point (especially for the Rathbun lawsuit) would be that the cathedra itself is totally useless without the bishop that sits there. If DM is going to use catholic terminology, as their website calls the SP building a cathedral, they should at least apply it correctly. All catholic clergy take vows of obedience to their bishop, which means he runs the show. They also don’t submit undated resignation letters. In all fairness, there are rules for automatic resignation as certain ages (75 for bishops), but these are often individually waived by the pope.

    • minorron says

      Good points but don’t forget Davey is a Pope with a boat where he can entertain his celebrity buddies like TC. Also, he gets to dress up in a snazzy naval uniform and play Captain.

  2. Cooper Kessel says

    Another point of interest. It seems that a lot of new SO staff are coming from Russia and yet not one new Idle Org is planned anywhere there.

    A friend of mine commented that there are many new MAA SO staff who seem mostly Russian. I wonder if they make the best MAAs due to background environment? What am I missing?

    • SunnyV says

      Religious visa opportunity. The economy and govt, corruption in many regions of Eastern Europe and Russia is terrible and so are jobs prospects and standards of living. The chance of getting a visa to get to the US or Australia is a major carrot to dangle in those countries. I would bet you have plenty of people who join the SO for that very reason – to get to the western world, even if they do have to become a cult slave for a few years to do it. (Also the reason you see a lot of Asians manning the orgs in ANZO)

  3. Just Me says

    LOL! Yeah, that Scientology motion to have Laura Decrescenzo Dieckmann undergo a psychiatric examination — that’s hard to wrap my mind around. Errrrkkk! Nope, can’t get it to work. I honestly never would have predicted that one. Just goes to show that the Church of Scientology can still surprise me.

  4. Axiom says

    We all need to go to the CCHR website and write them an email asking for their help regarding a certain court case where the defendant is asking the judge for a psyche evaluation of the plaintiff. I wonder what kind of response we would get back.

    • Idle Morgue says

      Shortly before I left the Cult of Scientology, I tried to get help for a friend’s sister who was addicted to prescription drugs. Let me shine some light on CCHR – THERE IS NO HELP!! No one at CCHR even responded to my e-mails. The only thing one staff member told me to do was to refer them to NarcoNuts!! The person had no $$$!! So…another hole in my already pin-holed bubble of Scientology – and a few more…and I got OUT!! CCHR is just smoke and mirrors!!

  5. says

    Here’s a link to the photo set from the helicopter http://flic.kr/s/aHsjMCr4fA

    You can view any one of the photos at the original size by selecting “view all sizes” from the menu on the bottom right. Menu icon is 3 dots.

    There is clear evidence that there were not 10,000 people there, and there were not 5,000 either.

    Try again liars.

    • Carcha says

      Thank you for those photos and the laughs. Next time let us chip in for gas money – all in the interests of the U.S. Constitution which the Co$ seems to be set on disregarding. Your photos are the definitive proof we have.

    • Idle Morgue says

      Awesome Job!! Thanks Mike B. and Mike R. for the delivery of a very effective BLOW!! Yes, we can all see that there were about 1,500 there…mainly staff and Sea Org plus a few pubes and some hired actors!! Scio-LIARology!!

  6. says

    Here are September 5 2013 screenshots of Mike’s, Tony’s and Scientology Inc.’s Alexa Rankings (lower number again is higher rank):


    Scientology.org: World 107,185 US 35,568

    MikeRindersBlog.org: World 108,292 US 23, 559

    TonyOrtega.org: World 59,565 US 10,864

  7. says

    I have to think that regardless of LRH’s edicts to win at all costs that he would have a fit about Scientology essentially endorsing the validity of psychiatry to win a court case.

  8. Silvia says

    That is the point, the amount of lies that get blurted out are intended to hide the facts.

    But the statistics speak for themselves as far as number of hits on the web and the years and years it takes to ‘renovate’ the buildings to make them lavish. Also, another fact, is that the delivery stats are at the bottom deepest ever.

    So, neither majestic words nor redundant adjectives can’t hide the true facts.

    Majestic Downstats fits better to their show.

  9. Just Me says

    Yeah, that “Majesty” subliminal instruction is a bit transparent.

    I guess he wants us to address him with some royal honorific like … yeah, I got it … Your Holiness. Like in The Hole.

  10. Jose Chung says

    Kaohsuing is a nice seaport. I liked the open air market, in a way it
    Good for Scientology except for the collision of East meets West culture
    micro managed by the worst example of Bad management. David Miscavige
    will be “right” all the way up to selling the ideal org to a Novelties exporter.
    CCHR is another story as they increase the numbers of Psychiatrists
    and psych drug sales.

  11. DollarMorgue says

    Well, considering the number of people who watched via Tony’s blog, there may well have been that many in attendance ;)

  12. hansje brinker says

    The owner of the startpage “ant-psychiatry” in Holland has deleted every link to CCHR when she/ he has heard about the Laura Dieckman-case.

    On all sides Shrinking/ shrinking/ shrinking…………..

    • Axiom says

      Thanks for that report. That is another thorn in their side. I can only hope that any related site follows suite.

  13. WhiteStar says

    both Cruise and travolta alone have had more groupies than scientology has members.

    more people show up for a ball game on a tuesday night than scientology has members world wide.

    if you have a website with 10,000 members you’re small potatoes.

    the celebs know big crowds……i can’t see how Cruise didn’t look around and wonder where is everybody?

    so even if you give them the benefit of the doubt on 10k showing up, still that is a pathetic figure. it’s really a disgrace.

    maybe can they recruit a pornstar and get her to bring her fan club along. they’ll double their membership in an instant.

    scientology you’ve got to be kidding. 10k? really?

    what does an arrow on a graph representing 10k look like?

    weren’t there more people at the “war is over” event? wasn’t travolta there? how could he not notice there were less people at GATII?

    we have all kinds of mailings and flyers that went out, all comm lines all abuzz with how important this event was and how it was a “must be there” event. that’s what THEY SAID. you had to be there. an all out call to gather as many scientologists as possible in one place for this historic event.

    they said so, not anyone else.

    and all they could muster was 10k, if that?

    come on now…….when it gets that noticeable it starts to become visible even from the interior of the bubble and the plow speeds up.

    scientology is in the end game stage, down a pawn, behind in development and their king has no escape squares.
    it’s not looking good.

    without large reserves it would already be over.

    I’ve heard, and maybe Mike can weigh in on this figure, that the church spends about 5 million a month on lawyers. that’s 60 million a year just in legal bills.

    if that’s somewhat accurate, there is no way, at least at this point, that reserves aren’t being dipped into to keep the whole edifice afloat.

    you can factor income in tens of millions for emeters and courses and auditing but what ever amount you figure, that 60m legal bill takes a big chunk out of that.

    then consider the tax bills they have, they do pay tax on some real estate.
    the fact that the SO doesn’t make them money. free labor yes, but that labor has to be supported, even if only with rice and beans and birthing. and if that labor is superfluous, in that whatever they produce isn’t really needed because actual demand isn’t there, that free labor now becomes a financial burden.

    paying “extras” costs money, shipping tents costs money, waste cost money.

    you look at all the big and little things together, there is no way they aren’t in a negative cash flow right now.

    it is possible though, that they can have enough billions in reserve that can throw off perhaps upwards of a 100 million a year in interest. then they can slowly grind things out for decades, barring RICO convictions.

  14. Hallie Jane says

    Duplicity, duplicity, duplicity. The operating basis of lying about everything is truly bizarre. The dramatization of some past monarchy, where people were fed to lions, or killed for sport is starting to take shape. What’s next, velvet robes for little puffy? How about a throne and a cute little crown?

  15. says

    Front row of “Scientologists” present per pictoral evidence:

    Laurisse (Sea Org and DM’s “personal assistant”), Monique Yingling (NON-Scientologist – paid millions of dollars per year out of IAS Slush Fund to administer legal injustice), John Travolta (Alleged Actor), Kelly Preston (Alleged Actress), Tom Cruise (Alleged Actor), Old Man with a cane . . . .

    That right there shows that there were plants in the audience when even on the front row, there were Sea Orgers and a Paid Scientology Lawyer.

    Sheesh. I guess it doesn’t matter because no one will be allowed to look at the picture anyway. Oh wait . . .

    Thanks Mike Bennitt!!!

  16. gato rojo says

    An Ideal Morgue in DETROIT?????? Gimme a break!!!!! Do they even have ANYONE with money there???? This is the saddest “joke” of all. Well, only because I’m familiar with the territory. I’m sure most of the others are just as sad and pathetic. LMAO in a sad sort of way.

    Don’t forget the late-70′s “genius” move of putting the Detroit orgs (Day and Fdn) in a huge freezing cold marble and brass bank building smack in the middle of downtown, which closes up TIGHT after 5pm (or else you’ll get robbed, raped or mugged.) Fdn org did not have a happy time of it. The purchase of the building included a $44,000 heating bill to be paid by the new tenants—the church! That was making some $2-3,000 a week if that. Now that’s some really smart Int Finance Mangagement…even back then.

    I’m not very familiar with other org locations, having been pretty much “holed up” at the base for decades. But as I write this I realize something else from what I know from Int and also down on the ground–NO real effective research is ever done within the cities where orgs are supposed to go, and nothing is learned about the locals or what they need or want. Detroit is proof now time and time again. OMG.

    • WIS says

      I almost fell off of my seat when I saw Detroit listed.
      Granted.. I haven’t been there in a long time. Flew in to the airport on my way to clients in Dearborn years ago.
      But HELLO. Even years ago, it was obvious that the city was in trouble. And, on top of that, I read the (real) news.
      Detroit has been suffering for a LONG time; it’s water supply has been near- dessimated due to pipes that have been destroyed (think about that), and is now about to file for bankruptcy.
      The WATER SUPPLY there is a wreck there.
      Try to imagine living in a city like that for just a DAY.
      No one is going to be “clearing” 2 houses in a row there, let alone the entire city.
      WAKE UP! Wake the F UP!!! (is what I would like those who are still prisoners–in their own minds–to FEEL inside themselves).

      I didn’t grow up with RAP music, but it’s pretty obvioius that EMIMEM –just by sticking by Detroit– is doing MORE to help the people of Detroit than the CoS has EVER DONE, ALL COMBINED.

      Speaking of EMINEM…
      One of the songs on his latest record should be the ANTHEM for MONIQUE and MARTY in their court case; should be the ANTHEM for MIKE on this very blog; should be the ANTHEM for the Headleys….. Atak… Brousseau… Jefferson Hawkins…. Amy Scobee… TORY… Karen… DEREK….and on and on and on (you all know who you are).
      Check it out. Just Google “SURVIVAL” by EMINEM.

      The chorus/”hook” is:

      SO TAKE IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (which is what I wish for Mike, Marty, Monique, Marc, Claire, Tory, et al.)

      If nothing else.. it is a great FIGHT lyric. It is the Phoenix rising up from the ashes and refusing to GIVE IN.

      To me.. many of the lyrics ring so strong and true to the fight of so many who were put down by Miscavige but who have had the inner strength to stand up to him/to OSA/to the officials who have been compromised, etc, etc, etc.

      I wish it could play as Monique and Marty walked into court.

      Back to the topic…

      I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I can say, FIRST HAND, that the bldg purchased off the sweat of the backs of the area public is an urban BLIGHT, and the City is so fed up with the CoS over the lack of activity/total abandonment of this formerly beautiful, historic bldg, that court action against the CoS is the result.

      As Tory says..
      TICK, TOCK.
      Not enough time left in 2013 for anyone to alter the complete blight that the Philadephia “IDEAL” Org imposes here.
      All that money from Dave Braverman/Le Bus… gone to waste.
      (And I know that Dave would have preferred to have donated all of it to a decent, honest charity, which makes it all the more heartbreaking.. and which makes it all the more INFURIATING.)

      “Throw me to them wolves and close the gate up
      I’m afraid of what’ll happen to them wolves”
      (EMINEM LYRICS from his “SURVIVAL”)

      • WIS says

        More lyrics from SURVIVAL that apply (warning: explicit)

        So get your ideas, stack your ammo
        But don’t come unless you come to battle, I’m mad now jump in the saddle
        This is it, it’s what you eat, sleep, piss and shit
        Live, breathe, your whole existence just consists of this
        Refuse to quit, fuse is lit, can’t diffuse the wick,,,

        Cause you’ll never take my pride from me
        It’ll have to be pried from me, so pull out your pliers and your screwdrivers
        But I want you to doubt me, I don’t want you to believe
        Cause this is something that I must use to succeed
        And if you don’t like me then fuck you!
        Self esteem must be fucking shooting through-the-roof cause trust me
        My skin is too thick and bullet proof to touch me
        I can see why the fuck I disgust you
        I must be allergic to failure cause every time I come close to it
        I just sneeze, but I just go atchoo then achieve!

  17. says

    There’s one thing I just completely can’t figure out in my 2 1/2 years of watching the cult.

    I can’t understand why Battle Creek would be home for an org, given its metro area population of less than 140,000. Incidentally, if we believe that there are 15,000 Scientologists out of a total US population of 310 million, then that implies that there ought to be a total of 6.6 Scientologists in the Battle Creek metro area. That’s an opportunity to go straight up and vertical, baby!

    Mike, is it because there’s a particular rich whale that could be soaked for a couple million for a building in the area? Or is there some historical reason why there might actually be more than 6.6 Scientologists in Battle Creek?

    • Mike Rinder says

      JPC I dont remember why, but many years ago someone got a “deal” on the “original Kellogg hotel” in Battle Creek. Miscavige decided it should be bought and turned into an org. I don’t recall a lot of details about it. It is truly one of the white elephants of the Miscavige reign. I recall around the same time a building was purchased in Kansas City and that was going to be the “next big thing” and the “heartland of America” was going to be conquered. So much for that plan. The entire US midwest is covered by St Louis, Kansas City and Denver. Nothing in Nebraska, Wyoming, North or South Dakota, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas. West of the Missippi to the Rockies and North of Texas to Canada is virtually a Scientology Free Zone.

      • Cooper kessel says

        It has the right name! Davey loves to have an org in BATTLE CREEK. Reminds him of his daily job description……………………..

        Yo Dave,
        So who’s ass are we gonna kick today? Mine? OK, call me or have your OSA goons come by. 209-928-4822. If I’m not there , leave a message.

        Oh yea, I was wondering why you are now referring SPs to contact the ‘Continental Justice Chief’ rather that the International one like LRH wanted. I suppose when the stats go up then you need to delegate the job out to handle the increase? You are definately doing a stellar job as you are finding all kinds of new SPs around. Funny thing that most have been around for a long time and you are now just finding them. I got into your cult back in 1975 and and it took you until just this year to find me. i was even hanging around your boat doing OT VIII without you noticing. What’s up with that?

        I’m sure your GAG II is the answer to all of this even though it is definitely hard to find good help anymore.

    • SadStateofAffairs says

      At the time the Battle Creek White Elephant was bought, which was eons ago (2003? 2004?) there was an org in Ann Arbor, and the idea was to move Ann Arbor org to Battle Creek. I know, how stupid is this?

    • says

      Battle Creek is the stomping grounds of Per Wickstrom, who ran a Narconon there (and with branches in Albion and I think Muskegon) until the name “Narconon” became so toxic he started calling his places other names (“Forever Recovery” etc.). My buddy who went through the Battle Creek Narconon hates Per with a passion and is always thrilled to hear that he is becoming more and more bogged down in litigation.

    • ThetaOne says

      My understanding is that the group in Ann Arbor was a mission of Detroit that was stat pushed to become an “Org” when such things meant LRH Birthday Game points. This “Org” was physically in a rented house and moved into quarters downtown that they could not afford. Unpaid bills stacked up and the few staff that did exist ( Judy Bulduc, Donna Rybacki and a few others ) all blew. The “Org” was later moved to a location on the west side of Ann Arbor to reduce financial stress. A cycle occurred where the weekly financial planning would be done normally for many weeks until the rent got far enough behind that the landlord would send an eviction notice. Then the regulars would be squeezed, the org income spent completely on the rent, rinse, repeat. The situation was better than downtown but still bad. Bills greater than Income and constant unreal orders to an “Org” of maybe 5 staff.

      An analysis was performed using BIC Building Inspection Checklist. Past income was calculated and multiplied by 15% to get the maximum rent that should be paid. In addition an analysis of the current regulars and where they lived was performed. Well over 80% of the public were from outside Ann Arbor. Some would drive hours from Ft. Wayne or northern Michigan. A search started with every option in Ann Arbor being at least double the amount that should be spent. A site in one of my favorite towns to say and spell – Ypsilanti (which is just east of Ann Arbor) was identified but the BIC was not approved and the financial flaps continued.

      Mike Clark of Mannetron fame ( http://mannetron.com/about-us/ ) is from Battle Creek and was one of the ones routinely being leaned on to save the day. My understanding is that he identified a low cost building for the “org” that should/could be renovated and grown into. This was before the Ideal Org program really hit. Nearly all the remaining staff were from the western side of the state and after more and more late nights to just pay rent I’m sure it began to sound good. I believe the current lease at the time was also ending and there was no chance of renewal due to continual late payment. So they had to go somewhere.

      I’m not sure how much of the building and renos Mike has paid for but i’m sure it is significant. But of course rather than just getting it ready to be used and using it it is being made “Ideal” at great expense and sits unfinished.

      Battle Creek is even farther away from Management in New York City and I can’t help but feel this was a factor.

      Of course there should be something in Grand Rapids, which is the second largest metro in Michigan, but that would be thinking in futures and way too strategically.

      I’ve pulled some goodies from a Policy Letter I don’t see quoted enough when discussing Ideal Org Buildings:


      A. VIABILITY of the org (its economic survival including its security from political enemy motivated attack) is the first and foremost consideration. In terms of quarters an org can afford just so much expense. Therefore Viability is the first consideration-not how posh or what repute or what image. Thus we have the policy that THE FIRST CONSIDERATION IN PROCURING QUARTERS IS THE VIABILITY OF THE ORG.

      CONCLUSION: Viability of economics must not exceed the income of the org. The SAFE figure for rent and mortgage payments must not exceed 15% to 17% of the gross income of the org.

      B. Quarters must be close to ample and cheap student and pc housing, restaurants and transport.

      CONCLUSION: The presence of ample cheap housing and restaurants and general and local transport is a main factor in the viability of an org.

      C. Image is a secondary consideration.

      CONCLUSION: One does all he can by staff work to improve the image. If image is the reason why one must move from an area where the org was viable or had student housing, forget it. Polish up what you have already. Image is gratifying. If A and B exist, one can think about image. Image of the outer building does not much affect A and B. Cleanliness and order of what you have is the image to concentrate upon. Staff pay and food and cheap student housing do more for an org than a posh building.


      CONCLUSION: Purchase is superior to renting unless political viability is very bad. And when an org owns quarters and is viable it is not clever to sell and rent.

      E. Expensive office equipment is not a first priority.

      CONCLUSION: Enough desks and chairs and furnishings is far superior to top grade office furniture. Reserves tied up in furniture are never recoverable. Furniture quality does not influence production. Furniture lack does reduce production.

      F. Renovations are destructive if extensive.

      CONCLUSION: Don’t renovate at vast expense. Use and make it better as you can with your own people.

      G. Other businesses or rentals to support an org wind up very costly.

      CONCLUSION: Schemes to use other than Scientology actions or partial rentals, etc can be a bad nuisance. Scientology supports Scientology orgs and we learn this over and over.

      H. Depending on political viability it is better to buy than rent.

      CONCLUSION: In politically troubled areas use a downstat hotel and promise student room rentals. One can move in hours. Or one can stay.

      I. Where possible, don’t split up units of the same org unless you have to.

      CONCLUSION: The functioning public line units (Aced, HGC) should not be in separate buildings from the org.

      However working units such as Mimeo or even Div 2, except the Body Reg. have sometimes been separate from an org and no trouble was experienced. Housing and food for a staff can of course be separate and should be.


      The above are the major policies relating to obtaining and situating quarters. A and B are much more important than the remainder. An org which adventures more than 15% of its current gross income for rent or purchase payments can get into far more serious trouble than an org with a poor building image. Hopeful thinking contrary to these policies, especially A and B. can smash an org.

      The switch of address alone can cost an org a great deal unless loudly remedied.
      One maxim is, if you have a going concern with enough income and pay, don’t monkey with it until you can realize a total purchase price with A and B in mind.

  18. says

    Yesterday at a Wal*Mart in Lancaster CA I was in a bathroom stall and the gal next to me was saying “but I know my kettel is only half full and his is full because he plays a trumpet. I don’t play a trumpet and I’m not going to say to every one that gives me something to give me more. I won’t do it. Some persons don’t even have jobs – I can’t ask them. If they want to give they will….
    I finally figured out she was the gal out front for the Salvation Army. When I went to the next Wal*Mart down the way in Palmdale yup, there was a young man playing Christmas songs on his trumpet.
    I thought maybe this is a fraud. I did a bit of search and seems there has been less collections. Maybe that will make Him feel a bit better – it’s not just Him. But I doubt very much that the Salvation Arm has law suits and refund requests as he does. He is most likely running on empty thank goodness!
    And as for the attendance numbers if you blow up one of those photos the persons can be counted. Not even close to 3,000 IMO.

  19. Cognited and Out says

    Here’s the latest out of the Pasadena Ideal Morgue… pay for service so the staff will have money for Xmas! —-

    From: OTCmail [mailto:otcmail-bounces@pasaotc.org] On Behalf Of Yahoo Mail Team
    Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2013 12:19 PM
    To: otcmail@pasaotc.org
    Subject: [OTC-Mail] From Sara- RUSH!!!

    Dear OTCers,

    WOW!! Exciting times!!!

    We have more people paying for and starting Golden Age of Tech Phase II services and helping your dedicated staff earn a GREAT CHRISTMAS BONUS!!!

    BIG ACK to:

    Chris Wrightsman
    Henning Heldt
    Pat Chadwell
    Bob Flanagan
    Bob and Gail Carroll
    Jim Owen
    Amanda Reynes
    Rich Graf
    Cheryl Schwalbe

    Thank you for EVERYTHING you are doing!!!


  20. Aeolus says

    So, Dan Sherman conjured up 10,273 attendees to “add an air of credibility”, did he? I knew a contractor who used to add 49 cents to each bid for the same reason. I suspect he and Dan studied the same course on Razzle Dazzle Public Relations.

  21. Black Panther says

    I had to laugh at the list of Ideal Orgs to be opened in South Africa. – the one they are raising funds for now (Joburg North) is not even on the list. I have heard a couple of rumours that the Durban property (i.e. parking lot) and the Port Elizabeth orgs have both been sold (but this could be yet more BS coming out of the ministry of misinformation = the org).

    And the idea of 2 Ideal Orgs in Zimbabwe is just ludicrous. Any idiot knows this country is in utter turmoil with millions of people having lived without water for months now. The exchange rate in this country is out of control – it will cost 14,357,419 Zimbabwean Dollars to get ONE South African Rand. Multiply this number by 10x and you get the exchange rate to the US Dollar. Can you imagine trying to sell someone a Purif at these prices?

  22. SadStateofAffairs says

    Miscavige always claims to be a marketing genius. Yet the Scientology websites are total brush-offs that just sit that with a desultory addition made once in a while, no one home when it comes to removing things that are outdated, and no overall view taken as to totality of content, keeping it updated, etc. Typical.

    • SadStateofAffairs says

      …i.e. it is just a pile of crap that Miscavige uses once in a while as part of his event false hyper bombast. More visitors to our websites in the last nanosecond than the total number of grains of sand in the universe….

  23. Still on your side says

    When (not if) Miscavige is deposed in the Monique Rathbun case, it would be interesting (although off topic) to ask about the demand for a psychiatric eval in Laura’s case and then inquire why Lisa McPherson was never allowed that kind of care. Care that would have saved her life because that was the care offered by the first hospital emergency services took her to. The church was so “offended” it rushed in and yanked her out of that hospital, and therefore caused her death less than three weeks later. Miscavige may smirk now as he demands that Laura see a psychiatrist, what he fails to see is how many times his sick, vile hypocrisy will be discussed as it travels around the Internet in the days to come.

  24. says

    Mike, I know you didn’t post these stats seeking praise. But, you really did save the day. Around the time your blog came on line, the “independent” field was having some difficulty. It was actually dispersing to some degree as Marty had chosen a new direction for his blog and another group was being formed (Milestone Two) that didn’t go nearly as smoothly as anticipated.

    My intention is not to criticize MS2 as I’m quite sure they had very worthy plans. And they are doing some very good things! And I’m definitely not criticizing Marty. He carried (carries) WAY more than his weight.

    But, I just noticed at the time our group dispersing and experiencing a fair amount of disagreement.

    People were definitely expressing anger and I’m sure DM was doing backflips in joy.

    Well, your blog really did handle that. In the last 8 or 9 months your stats are “straight up and …” And, your blog has been a pleasure to read and participate in.

    I get the feeling that 2014 will continue to expose the insane human rights abuses that Miscavige is so famous for. More and more kool-aid drinkers will open their eyes. And the church will be under more pressure to change and become more humanoid.

    It is interesting to note that the Catholic church was having a somewhat similar crisis with whistleblowers exposing human rights abuses and they handled it by forcing out the pope and replacing him with a much more popular type of man. He was just selected as Time magazine’s person of the year.

    So the hat of whistleblower is a very important one and you are wearing it well!

    Wishing you and your family the best for this holiday season and the new year.

    • Bob Dobbs says

      Sheldon, you are right — Mike’s blog took over just in time. The infighting that was going on got pretty disgusting, and seemed made-to-order by Miscavige. It was and is great to be able to come to this place where people seem mostly to concentrate on what we can agree on. Mike brings a friendly, courteous, and welcoming presence, while still running a pretty tight ship. Thanks, Mike!

  25. says


    Evidently we don’t see eye to eye at times.

    But you are so right on calling this hypocrisy.

    I mean I was tempted to drive up to the HGB myself when I read it immersed in the usual sewage.


    As Tweetie Bird would say:

    “What hip-a- twits!”

  26. joe darks says

    Could that 10,273 possibly be the number of ID cards that were issued for the event? even if that where to be true. that is still an incredibly small number considering all the millions of scientologists out there.

  27. tetloj says


    The stats may be unreliable, but to what degree? +/- 5000, +/-25-30% is a large error margin and still shows Mike and Tony with a significant margin over the world’s fastest growing religion – blech.

    They highlight what a fabulous resource you have here for those in with a little doubt.

    No doubt you are changing lives here Mike, for the better.

  28. says

    I wonder what happened with Helen Chenn? She is an Indie and as far as I knew she had/has a lot of stuff going on in Taiwan. Anyone know anything about her in Taiwan these days?

  29. MaBű says

    Out of the local context of this OP, but in the global context of this blog.

    “It seems that psychs have tapped into Dianetics and are now doing ‘TIR’ which is ‘Trauma Incident Reduction’ on combat veterans. I actually saw a ‘session’ on TV where the vet had his eyes closed and was going through and incident where his Humvee was blown up by an IED. When he was done going through the incident the operator had him return to the beginning of the incident and go through it again. They are saying that ‘this is the first time that they have been able to desensitize the trauma these veterans have undergone’.”

    It looks like there is a big contrast between the results got by “squirrels” and “bitter defrocked apostates” sanely using LRH based tech versus the results got by the Co$ attacking the “psychs” and abusing its own people.

    By the way, about a year ago, I have read about a scientific study where they found out that (I’m paraphrasing) they could desensitize a trauma by repeatedly showing images similar to the traumatic incident.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Traumatic Incident Reduction is Dianetics as practiced by Dr. Sarge Gerbode. He was the main supporter of David Mayo back in the day and is a psychologist. As part of the settlement of the case with him I had to verify his materials did not have trademark violations. He is a real gentleman and has carried on applying TIR and it is widely accepted in the psychology community as a valid therapy.

      • says

        Sarge has my respect and admiration for the job he’s doing in getting Dns applied.

        Too bad I can’t say the same about the so called Church of “Scientology”.

      • Peter says

        Sarge was a good friend back in the day, and ran a first rate mission before it was stolen from him in the Great Mission Debacle which, to me, truly signaled the beginning of the end for the czerch. It’s taken a long while and Misconceived seems to be eagerly pushing the envelope of its destruction. Patience, dear friends.

  30. MaBű says

    Tony DePhillips, Dec 12, 2013 at 9:04 pm: “I wonder what happened with Helen Chenn? She is an Indie and as far as I knew she had/has a lot of stuff going on in Taiwan. Anyone know anything about her in Taiwan these days?”


    TerrilPark, Nov 27, 2013 at 1:11 pm:

    “No worries! They can go to Helen Chen’s FZ Org which has over 100

    Trey Lotz 19 November 09:20

    ‘We’ve had a great couple of weeks here.
    I did 79 hours of auditing, resulting in an L12,
    three Original OT 7, and two 8-8008 Certainty Auditing

    Novia has been the very capable ED of Hellen Chen’s
    org in Taiwan for 12 years. This org has over 100 staff
    and is the largest independent org in the world!’ “



    Helmut Flasch, Nov 27, 2013 at 7:09 pm:

    “Actually, we ( that is Hellen and Helmut ) have made more the a dozen of clears, about 6 OTIII, in the last year and are delivering the Excalibor (OT 7 & 8 ) as well.
    I am on it personally, and me and another person are OT IV C/S’s —
    Switzerland’s Ron’s Org has trained me is still helping us with C/Sing those upper OT levels and will also train us to deliver OT 7,8,9,10 and above.

    by the way Trey Lots is also helping us with auditing,to clear, L’s, supper power etc.

    We do NOT do people in SCN already as a common practice at all, as we always have been “new people disseminators” and are having plenty public that way, but might just have to have no choice than to pick up the mess Mr. Mismanage is leaving behind him once more.

    After all we are here to help, and the very first mission Taiwan was because of my wife’s selectee she got in SCN from the street, and then was helping him in taiwan with seminars etc :) ))

    In fact you will be hard pressed to find too many SO members form Taiwan who have not attended a seminar from Hellen which got them on mission line – staff about 20 years and then ripped of by the SO so that the mission holder never had any good staff.

    sounds familiar ??

    Anyhow, he could not have planed it more perfect as we are ready just in time for the cleanup :) )




    • Joe Pendleton says

      How did Trey Lotz get the processes for “supper power”? (local cuisine?) OT10 and above ….interesting. OK, I’m having some fun here, but you know, I say … go for it Helmut. This stuff might be better than the current OT levels ….. or it might not be. Marketplace of ideas and all that.

  31. Karen#1 says

    I made a video on the Ideal Org scam ~~ many do not know that after the locals have been fleeced, there is a Phase II. As a commenter posted :
    There is a Phase II, after the building is purchased, where the locals are told that the building can not open until a design and remodeling phase takes place. The locals are not told in advance about Phase II and are allowed to celebrate Phase I for a month. Only then does management tell them about Phase II. Most locals have maxed out their finances for Phase I and can’t contribute to Phase II. Thus there are often delays of several years between purchase and the actual opening of the Ideal Org.
    All this to increase the net worth of square footage of Int Landlord Office, part of Church of Scientology International who now *RENTS* the church back to the locals. This money comes right off the top before staff pay.

  32. Schorsch says

    Legal notice quotes:
    „Church of Scientology International (CSI) owns this site and operates it.
    You are granted permission under a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to view material from this site…

    Regardless of any permission or license given to you here, we retain sole discretion, without further obligation or liability, to limit, deny, or revoke this license and any permission to use this site ….“

    So Mike, do you still have permission to read the text of Scientology.org or has this been revoked?