A Year Later Ideal Org Gets A Supervisor

The ideally empty Cambridge Scientology building

The ideally empty Cambridge Scientology building

Big win, the “Ideal Org” in Cambridge, Ontario that Dear Leader opened a year ago has just made an Objectives Course Supervisor!

With the heavy push to have EVERYONE from OT VIII down re-do their Objectives, one would have imagined that they might have had a trained Objectives Course Supervisor.

I guess they can now get underway… 

Now that’s straight up and vertical.


FB snipWhat is so remarkable is that the clubbed seals apparently find something in this to celebrate. 

Soon we will be seeing Facebook posts announcing the good news that “Las Vegas Org is now open on Wednesdays from 3-9 as well as Saturdays and the first Sunday in each month in order to fully serve their community and Clear Nevada!!!”

That sounds ridiculous. Believe me, it is not far from reality today — who knows what next week or month will bring.



  1. Schorsch says

    Objectives are quite easy today.
    Give me your money!
    Thank You.
    Until flat.
    Or you audit Routine 1A. = 1 hour objectives. 1 hour sec checking.
    Sec checking is also very easy. Only one question.
    Did you withhold any money?
    Until flat.
    If you cannot have having no money then your ethics is evidently out.
    Wait a second…
    Nice building
    you go in

  2. KFrancis says

    “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” I guess so. I’m just waiting to hear about anything, anything at all happening at the Vegas Org.

    Cirque du Soleil however is beautiful and if you can get past her politics, the Celine Dion show is pretty cool. Better to just get down to the strip and have a good time.

  3. Madora P says

    I overhead AO reg Kathy Johnson love-bombing the Sunland Missionholder (Randy or something) today. I just happened to be in a public place where they were. I could tell right away this Randy person was a still-in OT, even before he and Kathy starting speaking Scientologese, because how angry he looked and how rude he was to the staff at this business. I was totally embarrassed by his insulting and demanding behavior.

    As the love fest between these two Kool-aid drinkers began, they admitted the following (1) while Sunland has the largest population of culties, hardly anyone is active, and Sunland Mission has “about 5″ staff (2) there some event coming up on the 22nd, but the event dates change at the last minute, so don’t buy a plane ticket (3) mission staff no longer gets staff auditing rates, but that’s totally great because rates have been lowered, hallelujah (4) AO Denmark is going to be first Ideal AO isn’t that amazing!!!! (5) Kathy’s very proud to have worked with Heber (guess she doesn’t know where he is now) (6) everybody loves being in the SO, loves working at Int, loves loves everything. Randy couldn’t be polite to a stranger, but he opened up to the incessant, over-the-top enthusiastic approval from Kathy.

  4. Ralph Hilton says

    I supervised the SRD at Flag back when it first came out. It took me less than a month to finish all the courses needed. Requirements have been added since then.

    • Formost says

      Here is what required (as stated on the original checksheets of 1980) for a new person embarking on becoming an SRD Crs. Sup: (Never mind GAT II)

      Student Hat
      Pro TRs
      Method I Co-Audit
      Course Sup Course
      Class IV Auditor
      Co-Audit Supervisor Course (M-1 & SRD Case Comp. Reqs.)
      SRD Course Supervisor Course

      If you can do all that in a month, my hat’s off to you.

  5. Cat Daddy says

    This video will explain it all, we have good and evil within us. The american faulty assumption that it is Character, Onley 1 % has the Character to be a hero.

  6. Ed Kette says

    In order to produce such a picture, one has to set the exposure say to 30 seconds. The moving public will never be recorded in the image. Ooops, the body thetans neither!

  7. Gene Trujillo says

    There were only ~5 on staff at Kitchener org when I knew someone from there in the mid nineties. It hardly seems fair to chastise the handful who actually tried to make something of it despite the horrible odds. I doubt they got much of anything out of it. But that’s the CofS, talk shit about the few who tried to do something about the mess that is the CofS then throw them to the wolves.

    • Markthehungarian says

      No. Lance Armstrong was a world-class triathlon/cycling talent before he decided to “take things to the next level” with all the drugs.

      David Miscavige has never been a world-class anything. He’s not even a practicing Scientogist… Auditing? That’s something OTHER people do.

      Miscavige is a nobody. A nothing. And at some point, those remaining inside the bubble will notice. And they will be very, very angry.

      • remoteviewed says


        Let’s at least that Miscavige is world class at something like for instance being a moron.

  8. Jose Chung says

    Maybe I’m the stupid guy in the crowd
    But…… All the pictures of Scientology Orgs and Academies are empty of people, all empty chairs.
    All the pictures of Indie Academies are full of people, chairs filled with real people on course, no actors.

    The above photo with lights on and snow covered parking lot, nobody or any cars, not even tracks ?
    I assume the heat is on as well as the lights ?

    • Mike Rinder says

      Well, we know only that the lights at the front of the building are on. I would not assume anything else.

      • remoteviewed says

        There ya go Mike.

        A careful application of the Obnosis Drills pretty much tells us that the lights are on but there ain’t nobody home.

        Another thing as you noted.

        It took ’em a frickin’ year to make an Objective’s Supe and they’re braggin’ ’bout this?


    • GTBO says

      It is no surprise that the orgs are photographed and filmed empty. That way they don’t have to re-do them every time a person in the picture gets declared (which would be continual)

      • Jean-François Genest says

        That is so true.
        Hey, by the way, there are several “declared suppressives and apostates” pictured in the books What is Scientology? and The Scientology Handbook.

  9. SadStateofAffairs says

    What’s next? Tweeting that there are a couple new chairs in the courseroom? Or a new supply of toilet paper finally came in?

  10. Roy Macgregor says

    The “Cambridge” org is the “idle” version of what was originally the Kitchener Org. The Kitchener org was famous in management circles as one the smallest, most struggling, weakest orgs in the world. If you wanted to say something was terrible you could say “as bad as Kitchener”, or “don’t go all Kitchener on us”. The Scientology mission network is pretty much crapped out, but there are many missions that are larger than Kitchener/Cambridge org. It’s also funny because it’s right across the US/Canada border from Buffalo, another of the worlds smallest, failing-est, most pathetic orgs. Buffalo org was the “test case” for the idle org program and what an idle org it turned out to be. It started as ugly and idle and now its pretty and idle. If I recall correctly the first org was Tampa, entirely done by the huge FSO field. Then the idea was to do an org that did not have a huge field around it- so Buffalo was picked. But the place is a graveyard of Scientology activity. The upside is that they own the buildings, so there is no rent. They just have to shut off the power and water and the place can sit idle for the decades to come. DM announces a “new church of scientology opened in Cambridge Canada!!!!!!!!!!” while the management staff cringe and the whales flap their flippers in joy.

    • statpush says

      Come on Roy, didn’t you go the event? Did you not fully duplicate COB? The yellow arrows emanating from each Ideal Org? Spawning more and more field activities, building up an unstoppable juggernaut? No?

      Nope. Me neither.

      Yet the sheeple lapped it up. COB is a genius! We really are going to clear the planet.

      Nothing in the Ideal Org strategy is based on observable truth. So they built Tampa from the ground up. Okay fine. Then to “prove” it wasn’t just Tampa, they did it in Buffalo. Okay fine. Everyone had their photo op and it was declared a success. Conclusion: We can do this everywhere!

      Unfortunately no one bother to look (really look) and evaluate these orgs 3 months, 6 months, a year after opening. If they would have they would have found after their honeymoon period those orgs fell back to previous dismal levels of production. The exception was probably Tampa which was artificially sustained by Flag.

      The most valuable thing to come out of the Ideal Org strategy is the key terminals at Int Management, including COB:

      1) Do not know how to do proper evals
      2) Do not know how to effectively manage a Scn Service Org
      3) Do not know what is needed or wanted by Scientologists and the general public
      4) Apparently think nothing of squandering the hard earned monies of well-intentioned parishioners

      A tough and expensive lesson.

      • Cindy says

        It’s not a lesson if you don’t actually look and learn from it. There are none so blind as those who will not see. And as for Tampa org, they are sustained by Flag because they send all their illegal pcs there.

  11. GTBO says

    Why is this not surprising, isn’t GAG 2 supposed to be the be-all-and-end-all, super fast etc, etc??
    Maybe his MU’s weren’t in the course pack “glossary”.
    If it takes this long to train a supervisor, what can the public expect for “speed of progress up the bridge”…not much.
    So did he volunteer or was he “volunteered” by his Org? I certainly hope it was worth it as he won’t be very busy in the Idle Morgue.

  12. Formost says

    SRD Course Sup training is a very extensive affair, 3 separate Crs. Sup. training levels have always been required. They need to do the Co-Audit Sup Course, then also do the SRD Co-Audit Sup training in addition to regular Crs. Sup certification. It can take up to a year full time with internships to get there.

    • SadStateofAffairs says

      If the training was not filled with arbitraries, that line up should take 3 months max. Believe me, I know from experience.

      • Formost says

        No need believe you or anyone else. Your experience would include what LRH’s 1980 Sup Co-Audit and Sup SRD checksheets required, namely Class IV auditor training. I’m not the faintest bit interested what COB or GAT II calls for, the original training materials to sup the SRD from the bottom up is approx. 1 year if you hustle & bustle. Post your e-addy, I’ll fire you off the checksheets, see for yourself. Also keep in mind, the Sup himself has to be taken through the SRD Co-Audit checksheet(s) (The HGC one too.) before he even gets near any Co-Audit Sup training course.

  13. SILVIA says

    On the plus side of this we may say that the longer it takes to build these Idle Orgs and get them manned, the better, as then the clubbed seals will suffer less, will save some money and will avoid messing up their cases with massive overruns.

  14. says

    Cambridge, Ontario is the only Ideal Org in southern Ontario. It has the ‘franchise’ for the brand for pretty much all of Ontario. I think it is the only high level ‘training’ facility in Ontario. Why the delay in getting a Objectives Course Supervisor? Didn’t everyone have to send staff to Clearwater last June to train up on GAT2? Only now has someone been trained for such an important position? How many Ontarioite clams are left? Last one left please turn the lights out, the electricity bills are a killer.