The Church of Spin

pinoccioMiscavige sockpuppet, Karin Pinocchio Pouw is at it again.

The “church,” as they always do, have turned the Shelly Miscavige missing person report into an excuse to launch more of their patented footbullets.

With a straight face, they are alleging to the Hollywood Reporter and other media that this is “ill-advised, ludicrous self-promotion”?  Say what?

Does anyone in the world, other than the most addicted KoolAid drinker, really believe that filing a missing person report is “ill-advised”, or better yet “ludicrous self-promotion”. It is clear from the media reports that the well-being and whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige was something of great concern to Leah Remini.  Asking about her in the first place landed Leah in hot water in the church. It has been clear in all the media since Leah departed the RCS that it was something she was very concerned about. And she could NOT get an answer. At all.

Let’s not forget, the church has OFTEN played the “where are the police reports” card…. They have tried to discredit whistleblowers about abuses within the church by saying “if this is really true, why are there no reports to law enforcement”? They have hidden behind this smokescreen MANY times. Now someone files a police report and they claim its “self-promotion”? 

Shelly Miscavige was no J.D. Salinger.  She was a VERY public figure. She accompanied her husband on every trip he made and was at his side for every public appearance he made until 2006. What caused her to suddenly disappear?

Given the recent history withAnnie Broeker — who was also “disappeared” and the church covered up the fact that she was DEAD — even to her family, and Richard Reiss — Senior CS FSO who was also “disappeared” and his death was only disclosed when I went to the coroner’s office and got his death certificate, I would say Leah’s concern was well-placed. 

And let’s not ignore the fact that apparently the church is admitting again that talking about their abuses is the preferred method of “self-promotion” in Hollywood these days. They went on to claim  “the entire episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini, cooked up with unemployed, anti-religious zealots, such as Tony Ortega, who blog on the fringe of the Internet.”  Somehow, if anything is reported by Tony Ortega it becomes a “plot” “cooked up” on the “fringe of the internet.”

By making this ludicrous claim, the church just keeps promoting Tony Ortega. His blog is rated twice as popular as already. If I were a cynic, I would wonder whether the church isnt trying to gain some internet credibility by constantly mentioning Tony Ortega and hoping to cash in on his popularity.

These days, the media run the church statements virtually without comment (and Miscavige pats himself on the back each time “see, when I send something to the media, they always cover it”) as they are SO ridiculously over the top they know everyone that reads them rolls their eyes, shrugs a little and thinks to themselves “those wackos are at it again.”

By the way — if Shelly Miscavige was actually OK, and they were NOT worried that she might scream “Help Me!” — the EASY thing to do would have simply had her make a REAL appearance. It would have put an end to this once and for all.But that didnt happen, so for the time being, she remains a Patty Hearst — reportedly declaring she is happy, though not even in public like Patty Hearst did for the SLA.  It begs the question why NOT have her appear in public and be interviewed by some media AWAY from her church handlers?  Believe me, Miscavige would love nothing more than to be able to prove Leah Remini and the lunatic fringe of the internet to be totally wrong. It is telling that he could not afford to make the attempt.

So, from the fringe of the internet, I give a shout out to Leah Remini for doing what anyone who was GENUINELY CONCERNED about the well-being of a friend would do. After asking and asking and not getting any response she did what any responsible friend would do.  A REAL publicity stunt would have been to allege Shelly was missing in the media and then DO NOTHING.

That is not Leah Remini’s nature. I have known her for a long time. While Tom Cruise famously claims he is a champion of human rights — he has ignored the abuses right before his eyes. Not so Leah Remini.




  1. Barbara Angel says

    The world is watching you little lunatic David Miscavige and your days of luxury, while torturing and humiliating others is nearly over. I’m in Australia; thankfully never been in and absolutely APPALLED at what these people have been getting away with!!! Americans are thought to have exemplary law enforcement over there? What a joke!!! Creepy Cruise and the nasty little Dwarf are legally and morally bankrupt. This woman has been missing for years. I’ve been following the scientology scandals ever since rabid Tommy Davis harassed that English journalist. How wonderful that he did that; even better Katie fled and now the “Where’s Shelly” campaign. YAY X 1,000 Those three episodes have shown the TRUE colours of the church of $$$ and have saved hundreds and hundred of thousands of trusting people from being sucked in and milked dry; physically, mentally and financially. So keep it up Dwarfinfuror; more and more potential targets, are being turned off hourly. Meaning more and more of those; lovely, ever so delicious $$$$$$$, you’ve just missed out on. Hahaha Your church of $$$ has failed here in Australia and I believe is shrinking by the hour, world wide hahaha. Your theme appears to be too much money is not enough. Why are you so GREEDY??? Oh and by the way, what have you done with your wife?

  2. says

    I don’t believe Shelly Miscavage to be fine. In saying this if she has been presented alive to the LAPD what does it matter what I believe.

    When I lived in Birmingham England a concerned mother was claiming her daughter was being held against her will in a Scientology house. The police person said we’ve checked it out and she chooses to stay. The mother claimed: “She can’t choose because she’s brainwashed!”

    The mother may have been right but without some guardianship order what could the police really do?

    As regards Shelly – the LAPD must be satisfied that she’s alive and who are we to metaphorically demand that she perform circus tricks on National TV. And if some legal whiz can find some law to make Shelly present herself for a full psychological evaluation I hope that law can be applied to all scientologists and not just those who are or at least were in the public eye.

  3. says

    The Church of Scientology is so above the law that many victims end up under scared psychs who help diffuse the victims need for police by branding them with a psychiatric disorder.

    Police don’t want to know – in any country. That’s probably why in countries such as Germany the Secret police monitor followers of Hubbard’s works.

  4. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

    Personally i think that everyone should file a report on not seeing Shelly and as missing. It should embarrass the crap out of them. Can we get a major news person to run a story on 60 mins or something?

  5. Peter McMahon says

    Well put Mike. The LA Police didn’t really answer the question. If Shelly is OK then why not have her make a public appearance. No downside to that unless she’s ill and they haven’t told anyone. It just makes the whole thing seem more suspicious. More people need to ask the question, “Where’s Shelly”

  6. 1subgenius says

    “Where is Karin Pouw?”
    She hasn’t been seen in a while either, even though she’s their spokesperson..
    Might the media start asking this question on their own? Do they take the word of unknown, unseen sources?

  7. Alex de VALERA says

    Thank you Mike once more for all you are doing. It’s David against Goliath but the giant has clay feet and keeps shooting at them every time. Arrogance does not lead very far. Alex

  8. Gus Cox says

    So, now, I’m interested to see whether Shelly shows up at the CC Gala this month.

    If she does, He Who Must Not Be Named, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Mr. David Miscavige will be admitting he’s wrong.

    If she does not, Ol’ Tinydick will be asserting his plenipotentiary authority over all things PR.

    I say the odds are 50-50.



    • Aquamarine says

      Interesting possibility, Gus Cox. Actually, as I see it, the Dwarf really can’t win now. If he doesn’t produce Shelly, the media will never let up and it will help sell Leah’s book also. If he does trot her out, it will show that he’s Mike Rinder’s and Tony O’s bitch. It really does suck to be Miscavige.

      And, hey, Greta Van S, how about a statement from loyal fervent Dwarf’s ass-kissing koolaid guzzling you on the Shelly Miscavige issue? Say what? Can’t hear you, Greta!

  9. DollarMorgue says

    Very Well Done PR Flap and Inches of Bad Press stats going into affluence.
    Successful actions that brought about the affluence:
    – DM sole source of thinking and orders
    – Violate human rights
    – Issue diametrically opposed and contradictory, childish, stilted statements
    – Reverse all facts and lie blatantly (and transparently) to both the media and the faithful donors
    – Attack noisily any person who directs any attention to the church
    – Suck people dry of their souls, their joy, their time and their money
    – Waste everything you can get your hands on (esp. people)

    Above stats expected to move into a power trend this year. DM: is the power hat write-up done yet? It is good to start early.

    Legal situation/cases finally returning to levels not seen since the late 70s. It has taken a long time and unimaginable hard work and self-sacrifice on the part of DM*, but we are finally getting there. Legal Sit stat coming out of danger and moving into emergency. Normal, and perhaps even affluence can be achieved this year. We are CLEARING THE PLANET, GUYS (of Scientology).

    Rah, rah, hooray, boom, boom, zing!

    *Sincerest apologies to all others who suffered and worked to get these legal cases going, but DM will have no other beside him (unless they are crowing in adulation).

    • DollarMorgue says

      I forgot – there will of course be the most stupendous highly commended ever for these achievements.
      I will SP declare myself immediately for the oversight.

  10. Aquamarine says

    And the Church’s response to Leah accusing her of being a publicity seeker for filing a MP report is just SO insane and out of touch with how most people THINK. Here’s Leah, here’s Shelly. They were FRIENDS. All of a sudden her friend DISAPPEARS with no warning, no goodby, no explanation. A FRIEND. And she stays gone for 7 years! And Leah is NOT PERMITTED BY HER CHURCH to ask about her? So finally she LEAVES her church and files an MP report. Now, for PR reasons only, if the CO$ had half a brain, they would have PUBLICLY THANKED Leah Remini for her concern! If they were the least bit PR savvy they would NEVER have shown ANY anger whatsoever about this But instead, dismiss her angrily and contemptuously as publicity seeker! Wow! Does the Church have ANY idea how insane, how abnormal, how utterly HEARTLESS they sound? I’ll bet ONE PERSON drinking the koolaid in the CO$ knows. I’ll bet old Greta over at Fox is cringing.

  11. Aquamarine says

    The LAPD is in the CO$’s pocket. That’s obvious to me. Well, they have spoken. She’s not missing. Of course, no one can be told where she is, but we have to take the LAPD’s word that they know where she is. On the positive side, Leah Remini’s report adds the LAPD into this troubling mix. If anything happens to Shelly, if she is ill, gets ill, dies suddenly, well, the blood will be on the LAPD’s hands, and they have to be very aware of this, which leads me to believe they will be keeping tabs on her. They are responsible for her now. A light has been shined on Shelly. THANK YOU LEAH, THANK YOU MIKE RINDER AND THANK YOU TONY O. And as for you, LAPD? You’d better keep an eye on this lady. Don’t screw up, or you’re toast..

    • Espiriu says

      Thant’s right. The LAPD has now testified that she is safe.
      They don’t need another scandal or an independent investigation into any “special relationship” their leadership might have with the Church of Scientology.

  12. Mat Pesch says

    Mark Headley just wanted to see his sister and Miscavige refused and moved her out of the country instead.

    Karen just wanted to see the remains of her dead son and Miscavige refused.

    Leah just wanted to know that Shelly was okay because she cared and Miscavige sent her for hundreds of thousands of dollars of thought modification.

    The list goes ON and ON and ON.

    Just the above 3 people alone have reached hundreds of millions of people with a warning about the criminality of Miscavige and his so called “church”

    Mean while Miscavige has to reach deeper and deeper into 3rd world countries to find enough bodies to fill the Fort Harrison auditorium, to hear his blabbering.

    Miscavige is fed a non stop, incredibly huge, PR ass whipping that grows by the year and he keeps pouring gasoline of the fire. Personally I’m glad. It’s like that show “Jack Ass” where the guys cause themselves pain so as to entertain others.

  13. KFrancis says

    Is there some very disturbing irony that Dave would let his guard down and choose to play grab-ass with a woman at a wedding of all places? He’s a married man but shows up without his wife and then in front of the wedding entourage is seen cozying up to another woman.

    Tom may have been able to look past this as just “good fun” but I am sure Katie (if she noticed) would have taken some offence at having her wedding day diminished with the suggestion of infidelity openly on display.

    Dave as an Ecclesiastical Leader of a church, do you feel any sense of responsibility to reign in your appetite for your concubine, if only for an evening, or to respect Tom and Katie’s wedding day?

    Marriage and Infidelity are two that should never arrive at the same location.

  14. breppen says

    We all know what goes down up there at Int Mgmt under the Sociopath David Miscavige. He can put out all the BS PR statements till the sun goes down but in reality Shelly is neatly tucked away under 24/7 surveillance being brainwashed by the Truth Rundown thinking she is the problem. Meanwhile little Davie is free to carry on his sexual irregularities that would land anyone else in the RPF. Davie boy we know who you really are, millions are finding out about you, you can’t hide behind that smile anymore and all your gaudy event props and atrocious lies.

  15. LDW says

    Leah, if you are reading this, I would like thank you for your courage and honesty.

    You have likely done everything possible to handle a lot of BS on so-called “standard lines.” As did many of us. I am loving the idea of reading your full-length knowledge report in the form of a book. Best of luck to you regardless of what you do!

  16. Sinar says

    “Mrs. Miscavige is not missing. Investigators have made some type of contact with her,” aid LAPD sources on News Thursday. “The investigation is completed and classified as unfounded.”

    That at least seems a well-stated, simple explanation by the police that explains she was missing. The government agent is able to be concise and straight forward. Now what did the Church of Scientology have to say in regard to it? Surely something magnanimous and careful and austere, considering that they are after all a Church?

    “This ill-advised, ludicrous self-promotion and the media inquiries it generated caused an inexcusable distraction for the LAPD,” the church said in a statement. “The entire episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini.”

    Of course, it is not for the church to say what the LAPD finds excusable or inexcusable. Nor, really, are they in a position to psychologize or attribute motives to Ms. Remini’s purpose in wondering where her friend disappeared to. They have reverted to their incendiary and emotionally charged language that has so characterized the church throughout the years, in which enemies are “fair game” and can be lambasted or publicly excoriated as they see fit. But this is the first time they have approached Remini in such terms.

    • says

      I agree with you Sinar.

      Obviously they are manifesting what they are accusing others of having and that is overts.

      Which is what you’d expect from an organization that has gone completely criminal.

      • Indie8Million says

        Which is what you’d expect from a tyrannical, manipulating, violent, abusive husband. I’m not saying that DAVE is, just in general, of course.

  17. LDW says

    ”the entire episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini, cooked up with unemployed, anti-religious zealots…” So there! I’ve told you my lie and you WILL believe it!

    Gee, you mean the average Joe in today’s society isn’t impressed or intimidated by miscavige’s tone 40 Severe Reality Adjustment?

    Hummmm…neither am I. It’s kinda sad actually. Pathetic, petulant hubris.

  18. Robert Almblad says

    At least someone telegraphed Shelly that if she ever escapes, someone important cares about her and is looking for her. I suspect that the LA police will have at least told Shelly that it was Leah Remini that filed the missing person report? Or, do you think they (DM) made the police agree to not tell Shelly WHO filed the Missing Person Report?

    • DollarMorgue says

      If Shelly was indeed spoken to, and given any information about why, rest assured that she will have been “briefed” by way of Leah’s DA pack to understand her once dear friend has turned mortal enemy.

  19. Jose Chung says

    Dear Mike,
    It’s like a game of Chess with other peoples emotions and image projected by Miscavige.
    It will all blow up someday and what will be said is why didn’t we see this ?
    Books will be written in the Post Miscavige era with all sorts of theories
    but between now and that time many will discover what Voldemort is made of.

  20. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

    So now heres the next question. Wheres Guilamme Le Sevre? Another not seen exec at any even in years. Can we just start the Where’s (add name here) .com’s

    • Indie8Million says

      Guillaume was seen at an event a couple of years ago. He looked gaunt (even more than his usual thin frame) with very sunken eyes, and nervous. Auschwitz came to mind.

  21. Joe Pendleton says

    Where the public at large is concerned, the whole “Shelly thing” is not any major PR flap for the CoS. It’s just one more story in a long series of accounts that make Scientology and Scientologists look wacko; sort of business as usual. Just another story about the nutcake religion in Hollywood, with the lurid accounts of prison camps, missing spouses, naval uniforms, space opera, broken families and disconnection, extorted millions in exchange for spiritual awareness, yadda yadda yadda. During the boom years of the 70s when my org was packed and I approached people about Scientology (I was in Div 6 before I got to Tech) I would say that 98 out of 100 had never heard of it (I had never heard of Scientology either when I was body routed into the org in 1970). Now … when I mention Scientology to people …. yes, the majority have indeed heard of it …..

  22. Espiritu says

    Two more outpoints observed:
    (1) Tony Ortega is an “un-employed” blogger?
    While I don’t like many of his views about the subject of Scientology, any honest observer can see that he seems to be doing quite well and has lots of audience. Duh.
    (2) Ms. Remini’s missing person report was ill-advised? Self-promotion?
    How about it is a perfect application of Training Routine 3 (TR3), the drill which teaches Scientologists to make sure that they get their questions are answered and not left hanging in mystery?
    Maybe Dave will now have to “discover” LRH instructions to cancel or change TR3 and perhaps other drills.
    In the meantime Dave,
    “Where IS your wife, Shelley, and what’s going on there?” ______
    “Has anything been suppressed about that?” ______

    Here a report of the statement from the LAPD:
    “The LAPD says the missing person’s report was “unfounded” and although the public information officer didn’t know where or when they found Shelly or if they even talked to her, he told us they are satisfied that she is NOT MISSING.”
    I see even more missing data here…..
    So, continuing to apply TR3, exercising due “swinish suspicion”, and while granting Shelly her privacy more data should be requested from the LAPD:
    DID someone actually speak with her or not?
    What is the name of the LAPD officer who spoke with her?
    Did the officer speak with her IN PERSON, i.e., was the officer physically present with her?
    Did the officer speak with her PRIVATELY?
    By what evidence or lack thereof was the case closed and the report determined to be “unfounded”?

    These are very legitimate questions which should be answered in a candid manner to Shelly’s friends who have been worried about her so that they can have “closure” on the matter.
    Leah Remini has lots of favorable publicity. She’s not looking for publicity. She’s looking for her friend.

  23. KFrancis says

    “Power is assumed!”
    I believe that is what you said Dave. If that is the case is it possible then that ….
    “Rank is assumed!”
    Good luck to you Dave if Leah ever assumes the right to build a campaign to have you removed from the church.

  24. KFrancis says

    Ms. Debbie Cook and Ms. Leah Remini.

    You have to love the some of the ladies of Scientology. How do they go from curls, pearls and gowns to women who can deliver a punch like a grizzled, alcohol fueled ironworker? Amazing!

    Ladies…….don’t want to live in a world without em!

    • Gus Cox says

      Wow, Tony Ortega really comes across as an expert here. He’s telegenic and very quick at speaking extemporaneously. I have a feeling he’s going to become the “go to” guy for the TV networks for Scientology coverage.

  25. AnyOldName1 says

    Mike, once again you have nailed them for their utter stupidity.

    The handling of this matter and the venomous attack on Leah have struck a nerve with a lot of women – including those who never heard of Scientology before. It is the kind of behavior one sees with domestic violence cases. The complete control of the one spouse who is unable to communicate or interact with friends and family and isolated, and when caught or questioned by an outsider the abuser attacks with rage.

    It doesn’t matter if the abuse is emotional, mental or physical.

    • Still on your side says

      You are absolutely right. Most news people understand the issue of domestic abuse, and that is why this story will not go away. The media has seen too many cases of husbands claiming their wives have run away, or are on vacation, only to cover the story of the same wife’s body washing ashore, or being dug up years later. Unlike questions of theology, or free will vs cult brainwashing, this is a story the population understands. A bully of a husband and a missing wife. What is Miscavige’s response? He attacks the woman who called the police! He is so out of touch with reality that he can’t see how much his attack on Leah R convinces people that he must be a brutal wife beater. The fact that Shelly Miscavige is not making any statements bothers many, many people.

  26. Pepper says

    In 2004, I was at Flag for a while and wow, what a place of “friendliness!”.

    I was on dinner break talking on my cell phone and watched a group of Sea Org staff walk past me in single file, silently walking to the bus to take them for their meal. Literally, 20 minutes later, they were back! Walking silently in single file, not looking happy or uptone at all, pale, tired, demoralized – the only thing missing from the picture was shackles.

    It was in that exact moment, that I vowed to withdraw any and all support from the CoS and did so. After years of being reasonable about all the things I witnessed, including abuse I suffered from oppressive auditing, regging, recruiting, invals, evals, tricks, manipulations, lies, etc., I was done.

    I just couldn’t stand to see the way these people were treated and knew that there was nothing I could do or say to change the regime of DM for Sea Org members. So, the solution to simply withdraw my support in body, mind and spirit seemed the correct thing to do. I cut my communication lines by not bringing any mail into my home, delete phone messages and emails, stopped donations, paying for services, going to events, all of it. It wasn’t exactly easy because I like a lot of people on staff and miss them, and have a spouse still in, but it’s a necessity for me.

    If you are still in good standing with the CoS, as I technically am, and are on the fence, just stop supporting the abuse by withdrawing your own support from the “Church”.

    I hear many public say how they “feel bad for Sea Org members” , so therefore, they will do “everything they can to help the church”. This will not help any Sea Org member, but will only perpetuate their suffering. Please stop it by NOT helping or flowing to the CoS in any way.

  27. SadStateOfAffairs says

    As usual, your commentary is biting, insightful and entertaining all at the same time. Re: “ludicrous self-promotion,” I think you covered this very well in the previous post about the VMs, especially as to them and the Oklahoma tornados. Or, in that case, perhaps “Disgraceful self-promotion” is a more apt description, since they literally stand on the graves of victims of catastrophe to self-promote.
    Yes, and it is quite amusing to see them to place Tony Ortega on the “fringe of the internet” when his site is twice as popular as their most popular site.
    It is pretty sickening when a so-called Church attacks a person who is acting out of legitimate and heartfelt concern for a former friend that they (read Miscavige) are abusing.
    All this fairly breaks the gag-o-meter. I watched the CNN Clip posted in the comments to your last post and the anchors’ responses were quite obvious and telling. One notes that the Church still has not said where Shelly is, and the looks on the face of the other anchors said it all. Great PR Miscavige via KP-Pouw.

  28. T says

    I think the one reason DM will not divorce Shelly is because the law states that a wife cannot be compelled to testify against her husband. He does not want her to be able to do that, even though he clearly cannot stand her for what she did to him. She one upped him by getting done in short order what he said only he could do, but never did.

    • Jane Doe says

      T you are spot on. He doesn’t dare divorce her for the reason you said, so that she can’t testify against him in court. And also so that he doesn’t have to disclose all his assets as in dividing up community property in a community property state. I think someone should kidnap her, get her to a safe place, let her start destimulating, and then help her understand that her husband is a sociopath and SP and that she should divorce him. And once divorced, she could testify against him or write her own tell-all book.

  29. Silvia says

    Well, if you see Tony Ortega’s posting, and the clip videos from the media, you will notice the media is not buying it, to the contrary; even with the “unfounded” conclusion from LAPD the media is not satisfied that this handles Leah’s request and they even mentioned the all known attack covert methods used by the church. No, DM may be trying to make others wrong, but in fact he has lost control of the many situations and flaps that are flying all over re him and the Church. The fire is still burning and pretty soon his all imagined power is going to blow up in his face, thus Pinochio will look very dark indeed.

  30. Ze Mooo says

    The “Where’s Shelly” meme has reached full penetration.

    This kerfuffle has become a sharknado and it won’t go away until Shelly makes a public appearance. The dwarfenfürher has shot his other foot off, again.

  31. Jethro Bodine says

    Mike, puh-leeze. Shelly is not missing; she’s just locked up and held against her will somewhere in the desert. She is voluntarily chained to the wall and wishes to stay that way. By the way, the “church” just released another press statement:

    Leah Remini did this as a publicity stunt in the same way that Paul Haggis is a “status-obsessed screenwriter”. Who needs these types of celebrities on our lines anyways? They should just mind their own business because they don’t have the fucking rank to even be asking about Shelly. They’ll never work in Hollywood again if I have anything to do with it. They’ll spend the rest of their lives flipping burgers at McDonalds. Lou, get Tom Crusie on the phone, right now god dammit!

    Karin Pouw

  32. aquaclara says

    This is significant. I can’t be the only one who didn’t know about Annie Broeker and Richard Reiss, too.
    This story continues to open up discussion about the behavior of the church of Scientology.

  33. The Clear now The Anti-Ron says

    If you want the real lunatic fringe on the Internet it is

    Many years I’ve been looking for the voiceless victims of covert black dianetics but no one but I speaks out.

    We exist we are many but voiceless.

    Please don’t buy the line that free personality tests are going to get more people into the cult. The same recruitment tactics and worse that are used on celebrities are used on joe public. Clearing Hollywood is not clearing the planet and neither is achieved with the offer of a free test.

  34. says

    Mike Rinder,

    Beautiful post. Accurate, enlightening and straight as an arrow. Leah Remini has my utmost admiration as well as you do. Your blog is the go to spot for anyone that would like to sort out the truth from the lies emanating from the completely corrupt, criminal Church of Scientology. The media is standing by, in the ready position, to blow Little Hitler’s lies wide open given any chance. This we just witnessed with the police report filed. It will only get better from here! My two bits! Thank you for your hard work Mr. Rinder!

    • joan says

      I thought it an excellent and very informative statement Mike. Thank you for the unquestionable truth.

  35. Bonny says

    What?!? It’s been thoroughly investigated and the findings after a few hours is that Shelly is just fine. How? Why? What? When? Who said so? Did anyone get to talk to her? Were “handlers” present? Was it only by phone? Was anyone listening in? (guaranteed!) Has her family heard from her? Seen her? Did anyone physically see her? Or did she just dash off a note saying she’s happy as a clam and wants to be left alone? WHERE’S THE BEEF?

  36. Doug Parent says

    Mike, excellent offering today and some very relevant questions that our good friends who are under the radar might consider. …” It begs the question why NOT have her appear in public and be interviewed by some media AWAY from her church handlers? …”..

    Some years ago a friend and former RCS’er asked a question immediately after the Truth Rundown appeared … “when is Miscavige going to answer up to all of these questions? ” I think many of our good friends who are being assailed by their own “church” these days have a right to ask this and similar questions. It is after all, THIER CHURCH.

  37. ThetaPotata says

    I’m glad you covered the recent events. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if she would have asked the cops to get her out of there during the interview. I guess she’s just another frog in the pot on slow boil and doesn’t realize it because of some really amazing mind control techniques. She’s probably been subject to custom tailored sec checking for many hours a week for years now. All with the purpose of convincing her that she is an unworthy SP who deserves to be treated like a prisoner. DM is the walking posterboy for the Overt-Motivator sequence, how about a nasty case of Cancer for him? With the amount of anger and hatred that he runs on, it’s gotta be hitting him at the cellular level.

  38. Paul says

    I really wonder what Tom Cruise responds to his non-scientology friends when they asks him politely “Hey Tom? Do you happen to know whats up with this Shelly Miscavige thing going around the media?”.
    And don’t tell me he doesn’t have any friends who ask him such questions, because hey, if he doesn’t, he’s really stuck.

    • Paul says

      Oh one more thing: I really like your blog, its refreshing how clear and direct you express your opinion.
      But one suggestion: The images you attach to the posts don’t resize well when viewed on the frontpage, maybe you can look into another theme or other sources of images with higher resolutions?

    • Izzysson says

      Note the venue, folks. This was a mere 3 months ago, and places into context the LAPD’s hasty current dismissal of the missing person report of Shelly. IMHO the situation is akin to Chicago in the 20’s & ’30’s under Al Capone’s reign. Widespread corruption, compromised Police (L.A and Clearwater certainly). This ‘splains
      A lot.

      • gato rojo says

        And this is why the people are still in the Hole, or the Hole Revised or whatever it is now, and why NO ONE FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL ACTUALLY GO IN THERE AND CHECK IT OUT. WHAT IDIOTS THEY WILL SEE THEY ARE WHEN THE VIDEOS OF THIS LOCATION EVENTUALLY GET POSTED ON YOUTUBE AND TV NEWS, JUST LIKE THE PSYCHO IN OHIO WHOSE HOUSE WAS FINALLY BULLDOZED TO DO AWAY WITH ALL HIS CRIMINAL ACTS OF KIDNAPPING, RAPE AND TORTURE. Except the woman who got out of that house had police who listened to her–Arial What’s-his-name never safepointed himself so he could gain police cooperation and get his captive returned to him.

        What a day that will be when law enforcement actually LISTENS to all the complaints, requests, filings and all the communications that have been made about this and actually LOOKS inside those doors–on a surprise raid so there is no time to get everything painted and fixed and made to look gorgeous first.

        Thanks for posting this video. I’m sure there are more but this is a great example of LAPD Ass-Kissers who are allowing horrible crimes to go uninvestigated and unpunished, flourishing and growing unchecked in San Jacinto CA.

        • Jane Doe says

          Wouldn’t it be great if John Travolta saw the light and decided he didn’t care if they published all his pc revelations in a DA Pack on him and he came out against the midget and then used his airplane to fly over Int and drop down expert ninja type bodyguards to literally pick up people and get them to the rope ladder and then be hoisted up into JT’s plane and whisked away to freedom and de-programming? Now that would be good.

  39. Ben says

    Again, you should know Mike. Thank you for supporting those who dare to speak out against Tiny Fists. I’m stunned that others are still holding to the party line.

  40. says

    My opinion is that Miscavige has friends in high places who are co-conspiritors in discrediting the subject which is obvious by Pouw’s skillful use of “Glutz PR”.

    Either she has never read the PR series or she is doing it intentionally.

    My bet is on the latter.

    This is why I believe asking for Government intervention is pointless and a waste of time.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Miscavige has NO friends. Karin Pouw doesnt write a single one of these statements. She is a complete sockpuppet.

      This is a sociopath at work. I highly recommend Martha Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door.

      This sort of arrogant, apparently irrational behavior is well explained in there.

      • threefeetback says

        Hopefully Leah Remini will elevate her complaint to the FBI to investigate the LAPD due to the numerous specific and known ‘glaring outpoints’ and the LAPD’s failure to property investigate Leah’s and numerous other complaints with no actual resolution. The Feds (FBI) have jurisdiction to invistigate compliants about a police department.

  41. DollarMorgue says

    They have suffered severe brain drain and no longer have (or permit) the personnel equipped and trained to deal with matters like these intelligently. Neither do they adhere to even their most basic of policies, and manage to forward the so-called “enemy line” in just about every publication and statement.

    Thankfully, with their great leader at the helm, this is not going to change.

  42. PalladiumSurfer says

    Why do they comment at all, and especially use names? Isn’t that off-policy? I thought to comment about “entheta” attacks was to give them power? Do they not read their own policies? Or is this justified because they’ve told parishioners to stay off the Internets?

    Maybe I had MUs on that part of the PTS/SP course. That must be it…

    • Indie8Million says

      Shhhhhh Palladium Surfer…Let’s leave them to their own ignorance and not comment on this point further, shall we? 😉 A little one may be reading these posts to get strategic ideas since we’re the only ones left who know any LRH policy at all. (no joke). Shhhhhh. Be vewwy quiet. We’re hunting Tasmanian Devil.

  43. Aeolus says

    So, the LAPD talked to Shelly and then closed the case. Whoopee! Leah, and the rest of us, still do not know where Shelly is or why she has not been seen in public or with her husband for SEVEN years. And does Shelly have any idea that her old friend filed a missing persons report on her, or that there are quite a few people out here who are concerned for her?

    This is a major PR flap for the Church, and the continuing failure to do the obvious handling doth speak loudly indeed.

    • Aeolus says

      Something I had forgotten is that I was on the ship at the same time as Dave and Shelly in late 2005. At one point Shelly walked past me coming from their private quarters in the stern, and she was surrounded by a black cloud. The woman was obviously angry and very enturbulated, and it struck me as quite an outpoint.

      At that time I still had the idea David Miscavige must be the most OT among OTs, and would have thought Shelly likewise to be some sort of exalted being, immune to such intense upset. Now of course we know Davey for the psychopathic weasel he is, and that enturbulation is the expected state for anyone within his sphere of influence. Perhaps Shelly is feeling some relief in her isolation, and the last thing she wants is to be seen again by the side of her husband.

      • Wendy M says

        If nothing else, at least Shelly will know Leah Remini cared enough to look for her. I hope she has an inkling of what is going on and that people care.

      • Indie8Million says

        Been there, done that – good point.
        Plus, battered women, whether battered physically or emotionally, many times try to find a safe middle ground to just exist in without “causing” any more upset. A big fear is, if he’s so furious with me now and I’m not doing anything, then he’ll KILL me if I try to leave. Very sad, but true.
        Unfortunately, until or unless the woman comes to her own conclusion that she should leave and that she is strong enough to do so, it’s very difficult to get the straight story or to intervene.
        Gosh, it just occurred to me. How many abortions has he forced her to have? Well, if he’s not shooting blanks, that is.

    • Robert Eckert says

      We don’t really know whether LAPD talked to her at all. Nobody from LAPD will talk on the record. The anonymous statements from LAPD are that they “had contact” which could mean a face-to-face, or a phone call, or a note passed to them by an attorney.

  44. Just Me says

    Mike, that’s some unassailable logic there on all points you covered — especially this one: “Miscavige would love nothing more than to be able to prove Leah Remini and the lunatic fringe of the internet to be totally wrong. It is telling that he could not afford to make the attempt.”

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Just Me, you’re right. Mike and Marty’s ex-wives can be dragged out to recite their moronic sounding recitations – “I know every inch of his body” and it’s vaguely humorous (sounding almost like a Saturday Night Live skit, in essence making fun of themselves and their “church”) …. but you take folks like Heber or Shelly who have been in intense brainwashing mode for many years and you have shells of beings, both physically and mentally. No way can Davey risk having these people be seen being interviewed, if for no other reason that they probably LOOK like death warmed over as long time tortured political prisoners usually do (now watch, Shelly will be on “The View” tomorrow and wouldn’t that make me look foolish?…….. but it would be fun to see anyway).

    • threefeetback says

      Looks like the Delusional Misfit has joined the camp that considers Fox News, ABC News, etc. to be the lunatic fringe.

  45. lurker says

    Mike, is this the first time that someone has raised the issue of mysteriously absent Sea Org members with the police? Did you have any experience of outside authorities inquiring about people in “the Hole” or on the RPF?

  46. gato rojo says

    Good comments, Mike, and this is what anyone else is wondering….Why don’t they produce her, looking happy and gorgeous, saying everything’s just hunky-dory. That would be easy to do. A nice pantsuit to cover up how much weight she’s lost, her super pale skin or the T-shirt tan, and a bit of concealer to cover up the dark circles under her eyes from contemplating her past, present and hopeless dim future while she cooperates with her sweet hubby’s new rules on what to do to people who he thinks screwed him over. (Now that’s real marriage material…..but she couldn’t even get a divorce filed because she’d be foiled at every turn–unlike other couples where one has “been bad” and the other is still the good on-Source sheepleperson. He’s not staying married to her because he’s the head of a religion and it would look bad to divorce, like he says. He is keeping her married on paper to mentally and spiritually torture her.)

    • calvin b. duffield says

      It’s what he lives for, gato! TORTURE! Spurred on with pure hatred for anyone who stands in his way!
      This is a level of evil few have the capacity to confront…. yet its all grown from a base of him proclaiming:
      ” Power in my estimation is if people will listen to you.” At the the end of the day, I suppose people are simply controlled by that which they cannot confront. Thankfully, there are several remedies for that!