How About Some Iconic Ideal Spelling?


Seriously — this poster only contains 24 words and they spelled two of them wrong, including the FIRST WORD (and ironically the last one).

This must be evidence of the superior tech now available in the GAG II Student Hat.

Or perhaps they rehired the SP’s who originally messed up all the books with typos and bad punctuation?

Or maybe this is the result of children who never graduated high school.

Or most likely of all — people that are sleep deprived.

But someone should put in a policy of spell checking these things — it’s not like they have to be proofread.


  1. says

    Epic fail there and too bad. That poster had a nice design. Say, where would a poster collector obtain one of these for a personal collection? The spelling errors make it very collectable.

  2. Gus Cox says

    Ha, I thought I was the only one who did that. And I tend to swipe at the pages now, too.

  3. strumpet says

    Everyone seems to be saying “oh the staff must be lacking sleep.”

    I’m interested to know if there’s a central graphic department for COS. A lot of the print advertising (including this one) is very slick, done by someone who knows their craft. I find it hard to believe that every org has a retained graphic designer in their local area, or happens to have an experienced designer on staff. These aren’t created by Ms B. L. Indsheep who mans the front desk who has an old copy of Publisher.

  4. says

    I’m glad the words are spelled wrong. Another clue for the clueless. A few more will attempt to understand and find out the truth.

  5. Sir Upticious says

    Perhaps these misspelling iare intentional. What if the cult was using this message as a means to track who has been sending these messages to Mike by altering each individual e-mail. It isn’t like they have anything better to do since training and processing are virtually stopped.

  6. Mat Pesch says

    Don’t worry, the intended public will never see the outpoint. No need for spell checking. Even if the do, they can be told COB made the promo piece after discovering the Webster dictionary had actually spelled the words wrong.

  7. Jose Chung says

    Even 14 year old’s need some sleep.
    Note from Gruel IC to D.M. – Must add some Rat meat to beans and rice.

  8. Katniss Everdeen says

    Maybe they’re practicing lolspeak for when they blow and join Anonymous?

  9. Friend says

    I have got a lot of letters in the last 41 years from Scientologist .. I have learned, if you understood a word, you cannot write it wrong .. but if you do not understand the word, you can write it as like as you speak it .. it is like a child .. which do the same .. also congelation means congratulation .. and so on ..

  10. says

    “Contact the org for time and location…?” Really?

    Misspellings aside, that’s the kind of invitation people ignore. And maybe that’s the goal: no calls, no confirmations, no iconic event (whatever THAT is), no extra work for the staff.

    Another in a series of efforts to empty the orgs and alienate the field.

  11. says

    O.K. Let’s just keep it real for a minute. DAVID is the leader of the Golden age of Q and A, and the Golden age of suppressive reasonableness.

    Let’s just try to keep it real huh folks? If we can just maintain that.

  12. overrunincalif says

    I think they should hire the guy who wrote that poster to write instructions for Americans on Chinese products.
    Fit right in.

  13. says

    Frist and last word misspelled – that just cannot be a conincidence.

    PS: all jokes about Telexes aside, technology does tend to become part of the expectation – I have gotten so used to the built-in dictionary in my e-book reader with touch screen (press down on a word for a second and up pops the dictionary and Wikipedia entries) that I’ve started poking at newspapers and books (when the rare event that I have a paper copy in front of me occurs). Funny.

  14. says

    I’m glad I didn’t have any hot or cold liquids or food stuffs in my mouth when I clicked on the poster.

    Thanks Mike for making my day :)

    Hey i still love ya even though we don’t totally agree on things.


  15. Gus Cox says

    True. Although of His psychopathic ilk, I tend not to think of them as intelligent but rather as “sharp.” He’s sharp, alright. But you are correct.

    He is ignorant. That’s a different kind of stupid. He has led an insular life since the age of about 15, and simply has no goddamned clue what the world is like. All the proof of that is in His, or rather “Karen Pouw’s,” press releases 😉


  16. Mike Leopold says


    Obiously you do not recognize Superliteracy when you uncounter it.
    Shaime on you.

    • Peter says

      I once did a lecture on the subject of insanity. I had realized that the ONLY way to FULLY understand it was to become insane oneself. Don’t take that road, Mike!

  17. doloras says

    Wow, nice flier from Auckland there. Is that what they spend their time there up on Khyber Pass Road rather than actually renovating that mouldering pile of bricks?

  18. MJ says

    Dave and his minions at Int
    Made it a high crime to think
    He cut out the commas
    And comm ev’ed his mama
    And now all his sentences stink

  19. Michael says

    The Co$ has created the dumbing down of America and its values….as if the Co$ had any in the first place with Dwarf Vader at the helm.

  20. says

    The promotional fliers are a reflection of the short guy who is leading the Church of Scientology into a dwindling spiral. You know David Miscavige never finished school to begin with and dropped out before he learned all of the words. That is also probably why he has Danny Sherman write for him so that the high school drop out will appear more intelligent than he really is.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Dean — I can assure you, Miscavige has a very large vocabulary, is an extremely fast reader and is very intelligent. His high school “drop out” status was that he joined the Sea Org when he turned 16, not because he could not complete high school. After all, say what you will about his supposed incident on the internship at AOSHUK, the fact remains he was ON the Class IV Internship when he was 12. That is not someone who is slow. He reads a LOT of books. That he has a high IQ doesn’t mean he isn’t a sociopath. This idea he is some sort of village idiot incapable of putting a sentence together has some currency because of the “high school dropout” pigeon-holing. It’s just not true.

      • EXESSO says

        Rant Advisory In Effect:

        Yes, that’s the gospel truth there. Rabid Misacavige could not have gone as far as he has without a high intellect. It is in fact one of his primary mechanisms.

        Because he is faster on the uptake than most and can understand complex ideas, he is able to run rings around others intellectually and then uses this to humiliate and control other people. Its an unhappy combination that occurs fairly rarely -very intelligent sociopaths, or in scieno lingo – a high IQ SP. People who are smart and who live to humiliate and control others are very dangerous people.

        There is lots of pigeon holing of DM that goes on and all of it serves to underestimate a very dangerous man. He is short, and he is short sighted. These are problems. But when “in the moment” so to speak, he is very intelligent. His compulsion to hurt, his drive for “revenge” against the smallest slight, these things blind him to the long term results of his malicious acts. But he is smart as anything when it comes to the problem right in front of him. And he is especially good at manipulating people and situations.

        He can even do good, positive situation handlings – so long as they allow him to take out the person who “should have been handling it”.

        Exampe: Rabid Miscavige has a Problem: Need to take down Executive A who is just too popular (think Heber). Sees that Executive A has messed up situation X. DM works out a brilliant and positive handling for situation X, everyone is in awe. DM then “discovers” some minor ethics flaw and with much huffing and puffing Executive A is removed from post and never returns. The overall situation for scientology worsens dramatically because despite the fact that Executive A did not have the “most brilliant” solution for situation X, Executive A was smart, talented and well liked (otherwise DM would not have needed to get rid of him). Heber is a great example. There are probably a hundred others. Thus scientology is now missing a great exec. So DMs “brilliant and positive” handling ended up pushing scientology a little further down the tubes. So went Heber, Ray Mithoff, on and on the list goes.

      • WhiteStar says

        your comments Mike are what it seems to me from afar.

        and i can assure everyone that lack of formal education, while not a good thing, is far from equating to lack of education.

        I personally dropped out of school at 13, didn’t even attend high school in order to drop out of it.
        but at 13 i was already reading whatever i could get my hands on, paying attention to what was around me and listening closely.

        mike himself grew up in the SO. how much formal schooling did he get? I’m guessing not much.

        how many college grads are in the hole? lot good it did them against the drop out.

        underestimating miscavige’s intelligence and education misleads one into concluding the wrong “why” behind the problems.

        there are a LOT of people with diplomas and degrees that are dumber than dirty.

        yes formal education is a credential but lacking that credential doesn’t mean you lack the education.

        my lack of proper capitalization is a remnant and a reminder to me of my own personal road to self education.

      • Bash says

        Miscavige may have a large vocabulary, I’ll trust you on that because you are in a position to know. But his new favorite word seems to be “iconic,” and I’m not sure that everyone using the word knows what it means.

        • Mike Rinder says

          He may have said “iconic” at one time, and then every underling jumps on the bandwagon. It’s like “talking points” at Fox News. Roger Ailes dictates them in the morning and they are repeated all day long by every host of every show.

      • Lurkness says

        Mike, very good points, including: “That he has a high IQ doesn’t mean he isn’t a sociopath.” He also may be well read, including reading and learning a thing or two right here on a daily basis!

        That being said and while more “traditional” education is not the same today, in his generation, a completed high school and college eduction would have vastly improved his education and abilities, including his writing, grammar and language skills.

        I know some “sociopaths” who are very good intellectually, but not so much when it comes to writing abilities and proper grammar. His chosen path, however, would not have helped in these higher communication skills. That he reviews, teleprompter-reads, accepts and apparently enjoys Shermanspeak, also speaks volumes about his personal abilities. (But then again, what does it say of Sherman’s eduction?)

        You would know better, but with all the note-takers around, I doubt he stops to think about, draft and cogently articulate anything in writing. If he has, many of us have not seen it. And if you don’t do it, your skills only get worse. Moreover, with his micromanager tendencies, it is hard to believe some of the garbled things that get out (not saying this promo), didn’t go through multiple reviews by the second biggest being himself–our Dear Leader.

        Personally, I think he is very bright and particularly adept at manipulation and control. There are also people who are very bright and talented in interpersonal/group skills that are actually illiterate. I know of an individual who ran a business and was also elected to public office. He overcame his condition with a wife, children and a long-time and competent administrative assistant, that read everything to him. He survived too, by asking people: “Don’t hand me that, tell me what it says?” and “What do you think about it (a document/legislation, etc)?” Never really wrote a thing in his life, other than his name. He certainly was by no means “dumb” and, by all appearances, exceptionally bright.

        Thank you for the additional insights, they are always thought provoking and helpful. It also goes to show, truth matters more than propaganda.

        • Mike Rinder says

          Believe me, his writing and grammar are better than 99% of the population.

      • LDW says

        Of course, another thing that furthers the village idiot label is those startling text messages and his foul mouth. No, he’s no dummy but his associates are cowed, ill and making mistakes on a regular basis.

      • GTBO says

        I agree Mike, he is very intelligent.

        Someone will RPF for these spelling mistakes. But, as nearly all new recruits have English as a second or third language what can he expect?.
        They are not exactly getting “study time” these days in the SO other than the compusory GAG2 Student Hat. I predict it will get worse and keep us either laughing or shaking our heads in disbelief depending on our point of view.

      • says

        What I find so perplexing about Miscavige is how he lacks common sense in dealing with people and situations. What the world saw when Tommy Davis was the spokesman is Tommy following Miscavige orders to the letter and creating arguably the most disastrous PR blunders in the history of the church. And how about the brilliance of going after Debbie Cook legally so she could testify about the abuse of the hole for all the world to see. He may be very intelligent but he’s also capable of great stupidity.

        • Mike Rinder says

          The explanation of this is that he lives in a bubble of sycophants. He is already inclined to believe in the brilliance of his thinking, but when exclusively surrounded by those who constantly tell him he is brilliant, he has lost touch with the real world. ANd you see more drastic measures to keep it that way — would not be surprised to see domes erected for his ribbon yanking ceremonies soon so he is completely hermetically sealed off from the real world.

          A second factor is that this is a two terminal universe. ANd the minute his only other terminal of comparable magnitude (Shelly) was banished to non-person status, his ability to act intelligently drastically reduced. It is interesting to see him following the same path as LRH with Mary Sue and his ultimate isolation from the world.

      • Espiritu says

        Mike, giving the devil his due may or may not be popular but it is a very intelligent policy, because it is not possible to confront something or someone unless one confronts all of the exact details. “Evil” is the least enjoyable and most difficult thing to confront, but if one does not confront it one can become the effect of it. You and a few others were able to observe this guy at close quarters and come away with your lives and your sanity. Most have been beaten down into a state of brainwashed submission. I think that the reason that Miscavige and those of his ilk are so difficult for the average person to confront is that the way he looks at the world is so completely alien to most people. Most people are trying to do better and make things better for others. Who on earth wakes up in the morning thinking about how he can ruin other people’s lives? Well, crazy as it sounds, there are a few.
        You are wise to point out that this is one smart dude. And saying that doesn’t admit to admiration or respect for him. Intelligence is a double edged sword like any ability. Their values are only determined by the intentions behind their application just as great strength or skill can be used to protect others or harm them. Any well-intentioned person is more valuable to mankind than the most intelligent and most powerful person dramatizing evil.
        It is a great folly to fully recognize one of the latter when they are in one’s vicinity.

      • Cindy says

        Exesso and Mike and others, I agree that he is very intelligent and cunning and because of that, dangerous. He is a computing psychotic and a sociopath, and intelligence has no part in determining who is or isn’t a sociopath.

        Very interesting point that since it’s a two-terminal universe, that ever since he lost Shelley, he has had no other terminal of comparable magnitude for himself. And so he goes the way that Ron did when Mary Sue was not around. In looking at videos of interviews with old SO members from the Apollo days etc, it was said that Ron did much better when Mary Sue was around and she really had a good effect on him, helped and things went smoothly when she was around. She kind of grounded him (in a good way). So Miscavage cut his nose off to spite his face the moment he banished Shelley. And yes he is in a bubble of sycophants who “yes” him to death on all his ideas, so he is not able to see that he is off the mark.

  21. Jimmy Threetimes says

    Mike Rinder, I think your taking this mispellings way out of contects. I dont know what is there perpose but that dont mean there isnt one.

  22. Juggernaut says

    I’ve noticed this trend in many church communications for some time now. Another thing it shows is lack of Issue Authority, or the person has no time to send it to IA, or IA is also asleep/PTS/incompetent. All public promo and comm is supposed to get IA, but modern orgs, which are supposed to be oh-so-on-policy, seem to be ignoring it, or they forget to use it. And one other thing – for god’s sake, one 2-second cursory glance at the thing would show these typos; they’re pretty glaring (oops I used a semi-colon). I get the feeling that church personnel create their masterpieces and send ’em off without even looking. Maybe it makes me sound nitpicky, but I don’t have a good feeling about getting service from people who put out such a sloppy product – I’m afraid I’d get the same level of attention and care.

    • Aurora says

      I also suspect it indicates reduced personnel; any place with adequate staffing and managemen would have ‘two sets of eyeballs’ on something going out to the public. They seem to not have enough folks around to proof each others’ output.

      • Aurora says

        (sorry…intended to delete the ‘and management’ and somehow only the ‘t’ got zapped…)

  23. needtoknow says

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I have a feeling it’s more to do with education.

    What do you expect when they are being led by a high school dropout.

  24. WhiteStar says

    start the fundraising for a new ideal spell checker.

    a person could easily mistake scientology for a comedy troupe.

  25. says

    Yes, time and location “detials” should read “denials” for all the events that get cancelled or postponed.

    But spell checkers have been banned ever since one of them dared to correct the Chairman’s spelling.

  26. Lurkness says

    Not sure if could be the same SP’s, there are no semicolons or commas in the whole short thing. Of course, new tech exclamation points are included!!!

    • McCarran says

      Yea. So they can redo the event and get people to come again to the same event and charge them twice.

      • McCarran says

        Or donate twice, because their first dono was done under the suppression of the person that typed the original promo.

    • gato rojo says

      LOL..! Nope, having lived it (and you did too…) it’s for sure lack of sleep, having helicopter execs angrily hovering over your every move until you get it done, and lack of education and foreigners as copywriters with English as a second language.

      I’m sure there’s a “QC” point on the routing form for the promo, but who IS it? And does anyone even use routing forms anymore to do anything else except extract money from people?

      To think that money was spent on these glossy posters, and all the other misspelled promo, is really kinda funny. Top-notch, best of the best SIR!

      Yes indeed.

  27. tetloj says

    Clering hte planet of good grammar and spelling, one promo at a time. There is no excuse for typos that a spell check would pick up.

  28. MJ says

    Mike, I think they’re trying some ideal eubonics tech and piloting it here. Or perhaps silent sabotage.

  29. says

    This is embarrassing. I thought this kind of thing only happened here in South Africa – we get some real doozies sometimes, but it looks like the aberration has spread. And I note on the poster Africa is featured as the “actual first Ideal Continent” – WTF? We should change that famous LRH quote about the next great civilisation springing from Southern Africa to: “From Southern Africa will spring the next great generation of illiterates and it will do so because Miscavige and all his minions are on its side”.

    • says

      VERY embarrassing, BP!! Like the use of ‘loose’ for ‘lose’ (pronounced ‘looze’)
      …where ‘loose’ (looos) applies in case of ..’a few LOOSE screws in the brainbox!
      Should any of this be surprising ? :)

    • Frik Blaauw says

      That infamous quote by LRH used in the PR in South Africa, also has a similar one written at the same time by Ron in letters of encouragement to Australia, Italy and others. It is not unique, and should have been read knowing about the others.