Johannesburg "Ideal" Org — Truth Revealed

OHANNESBU G "Ideal Org" today...

I have written a number of articles concerning the Miscavige “Ideal Orgs” scam.

I have compared it to policy and shown it is squirrel. I have pointed out how it has destroyed the LRH Birthday Game and the idea of staff moving up to OT.

But this write up puts everything into perspective. Strip away the hype and hoopla, the lies and false promises and this story tells of reality.

This is not just ANY “Ideal Org” it is one of the first 3 in the world. And arguably the one Miscavige was most proud of and made the biggest deal about. It was also arguably correct to move the org at that time. The old org had been located in what had become an extremely unsafe area in the downtown Joburg central business district. One staff member had been murdered outside the org for his shoes. Carjackings and robberies were routine.

Miscavige had brought the then CO CMO Africa to Flag to personally oversee the space planning and designs for the new org.

Missions were fired to recruit and train staff, do the renovations and construction, clean up the org files and in early November 2003, amidst much fanfare and promise of this heralding the first “Clear Country,” David Miscavige and entourage jetted into town on Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream IV and presided over the ribbon cutting.

It is almost 10 years since the Joburg Org ribbon was cut to become the 3rd “Ideal Org” on earth. Plenty of time for his strategy to have proven successful in the real world. According to Miscavige’s hype, by this time Joburg should be a HUGE org, with at least 20 flourishing Missions, many of which have themselves turned into orgs and Joburg should have become an Advance Org. The staff should all be OT. They should all be well paid.  There should be field groups and Social Betterment groups, Test Centers, Dianetics Counseling Groups and everything else that emanates from an “Ideal Org.”  This is not what I say – this is what Miscavige has promoted for a decade now.

Well, let’s see how this measures up to the actual state of affairs as reported by our Johannesburg correspondent. He shall remain anonymous, so some details have been changed to help mask his identity. But I can assure you, this IS the scene in this org – and there are many other “Ideal Orgs” that are just as bad, and plenty that are worse with mounting unpaid utilities bills, phones shut off, empty courserooms, no auditors etc etc.

Here is the first “Dispatch From Africa”:

OHANNESBU G "Ideal Org" today

OHANNESBU G “Ideal Org” today


Saint Hill Size? Not Even Close

This is the current count of staff in the orgs:


Total Cl V Staff (non SO):           35         (this includes weird part-time and some-  time schedules)

Total SO posted in the org:         6        (ED, LC, FBO, D/FBO MORE, FR, Estates Manager)

Total Staff JBG D:                         41


Total Cl V Staff (non SO):             12          (includes weird part-time and some-time schedules)

Total SO posted in the org:           5         (LC, FBO, D/FBO MORE, FR, Estates Manager)

 Total Staff JBG FDN:                    17

Of course presenting these figures will probably be met with huge opposition because I am sure the QSH figure and Crew Lists will differ wildly. And there is good reason for this. For instance, one staff member left due to a collapsing business, another for medical reasons, yet another had 2d problems, yet another was on the OT levels for more than a year and all of these “staff” were counted on the crew list for months after their departure. And we are talking execs here, not mere staff.   And they have all sorts of “hopefully going to be arriving some time in the next millennia but on a a looooooong project prepare for now” – the minute that contract is signed they are counted and “on staff” so God knows what their figures would look like in comparison to what has been given you here.

I have counted the actual BODIES ON POST IN PT.

To give you an idea of the dismal state of Joburg staff, there was a massive recruit drive in mid 2011 when Joburg got up to about 65 staff (not including the SO contingent which numbers 6). Since then the staff compliment has dwindled down to approx 35 staff, a loss of about 30 staff in just over a year. When Joburg Day was declared “SH Size” in March 2005 there were 115+ staff, thanks to a huge push by both the Joburg Org and its public who joined forces in bringing this about with NO help from Int Management. Unfortunately this camaraderie between org and public was transient due to the over-regging and incessant demands of its public with very little tech delivery in exchange.

Universe Corps:

In May 2005 a 3 man Universe Corps arrived in Joburg with much fanfare and excitement.

Between May and December there was a lot of action on staff enhancement and I believe 6-8 staff clears were made. Study for staff was mandatory. It was an exciting time.

In January 2006 the UC I/C, Cat Fox, went on leave. She made a detour through LA and for reasons that have never been adequately explained she never returned (we were told “correction”). The other two members of the team (an Auditor and an admin person) stayed behind for another 8 months or so trying to keep the auditing going but they, too, were eventually recalled. And so ended that dream.

There was an attempt to resurrect it all when a 2 man team arrived in Joburg in 2007. A bunch of auditing happened but no clears, no real progress. They too were recalled sometime in 2008.  The staff were told at a few musters that there was no way they would come back with the org in the state it was (by then things had turned really sour and staff numbers had reduced) and we’d have to “get our shit together” before they returned. It all became the staff’s fault that the UC was no longer there.

Numerous people signed up for staff at the promise of getting their OT levels when we went Saint Hill size. By 2007 their contracts were up and the promise of OT was clearly not going to happen and so they left.

Current Staff Situation:

Joburg org has been left in tatters due to the caliber, training level and hierarchy of staff departing its ranks in recent times. For instance, it lost ALL its Div4 Course Sups, word clearers and Qual contingent, including the Snr C/S. The Div6 sup had to be posted in the Div4 Academy, but she too has since departed, necessitating them having to take one of their most highly qualified auditors and post him as their ONLY sup. They also lost most of their HCO staff and their ONLY reg, resulting in the ED spending 90% of his time on handling GI flaps – that is when he isn’t running around trying to raise funds for the incessant and insane IAS fund-raising quotas.  And the DSA who was also the President of the Church left after some 25 years of service. He was the spokesperson for the Church and was, in my opinion, a HUGE asset to the org. His unannounced departure did not go unnoticed amongst the public. His wife, the Chaplain of the org (a vital post owing to the amount of upset and ARC-X field) also departed. Today there is no DSA and no Chaplain posted which leaves Joburg in a very vulnerable position. The D/ED who was on staff for more than 13 years also left recently. By my estimate, Joburg org has recently lost staff whose combined staff experience spanned in excess of 150 years of service.

A sorry state of affairs indeed.

Public Divisions Decimation:

Just to top it all, in 2011 after the Joburg public rallied yet again to raise millions for the org to upgrade its premises, which included the building of 8 brand-new Div6 course rooms, they have no staff to man these course rooms which have remained empty and idle for the past 18 months.

A big recruitment drive in 2011/2012 saw the Public Divisions being built back up and there were even staff to man the Braamfontein test Centre which had been closed and standing empty for some months. But then a CMO Int DISestablishment Mission arrived and ripped a bunch off and others left for various reasons.

HCO made some attempt to replace the losses but this was with green, non-SCN cannon fodder that very shortly blew.   Today, there are no more than 7 staff in the Public Divisions responsible for running both the org and Test Centre – that’s a total of 18 Depts.

It’s like a veritable morgue now – an Idle Morgue.

As one staff member said: “The truth is that Joburg Org is no longer, by definition, a Class V Org. It is probably more of a “City Office” or Mission. It should DEFINITELY not be running a full Div6”. But they would NEVER admit to this – to do so would be a fate worse than death!

Staff Pay:

The pay is dismal. The average executive earned a weekly average of R260 ($28). A “good week” was R525 ($53) – And this was with high stats which meant a 20% bonus. AND it was probably a very good week for the org – included some IAS Commissions after some fundraiser or something.

Staff pay is a repeating and ongoing problem. Staff (often wogs) were being recruited and were not told about the pay situation (understand these were below-the-breadline-probably-couldn’t-get-gainful-employment-anywhere-else folk). These guys usually stayed very far away from the org necessitating most of them to travel to work daily by taxi (South Africa has an appalling public transport system). It was heartbreaking to see staff eagerly get their pay at the end of the week only to be presented with R100 ($10) – often less – when their taxi fare for the week was way in excess of what they were being paid.

I observed other staff (who were not relying on org pay for survival) often give of their own money to the most desperate of staff. I myself even on occasion bought lunch for other staff members as I could see that they were starving and had no money.

The situation is getting worse, not better.  Of late it has not been uncommon to hear it announced that “There was “no GI” this week.”  Average staff pay this year is between R150 – R200 ($16 – $22) per week. 

It is no wonder to me that when these “wog” staff blow (as 90% of them do), they take their uniforms with them – and probably sell them to “defray expenses”. I can’t blame them!

Uniforms, Oh My God:

Each Ideal Org is now issued with uniforms for their staff at a cost of R10,000 ($1076) per staff member.  And although these uniforms look very smart, they were NOT designed for warm-weather climates (most of the items are wool). The temperatures in South Africa can reach as high as 350C (1050F) in summer so one can only imagine how uncomfortable it can become for the staff, especially when they are expected to wear full uniform (including waistcoat and jacket) at all events.

And just for kickers, the uniforms have to be dry-cleaned! This is NOT a cheap service in South Africa. To clean ONE pair of pants costs R40 ($4.50) and the coat costs over R100 ($10). Standard issue is two pairs of trousers, two jackets, waistcoats and a coat which all require dry-cleaning. Needless to say, in very short order the staff start looking terrible as they either don’t clean their uniforms (can you imagine the stench at muster) or they ignore the “do not wash” labels and very soon the uniform has shrunk and/or is horribly creased from being washed. And the white shirts have all become a yellowish grey colour from the cheap soap powder being used. (Actually the uniform saga is probably an article all on its own as I am sure South Africa is not the only Org battling the “uniform engram”).

Clearing Joburg –  How?

Joburg Org has 5 auditors on day and 0 on Fdn. Up until December they had 6 Auditors, but then one of the auditors was ripped off post to become the Course Sup (the previous Sup would NOT renew her contract and has now left).  So a Flag Trained Class V HGC Auditor was put into the Academy and promoted as being the new “Co-Audit Sup” (in actual fact he is the ONLY Sup).

The “speciality” of Joburg Day is to almost exclusively reg and service overseas PC’s as they pay mega-moola for huge chunks of intensives at a time (they can afford to because of the exchange rate). This means our local PCs end up waiting for ever (sometimes years) to get into session, very often being driven to desperation and waiting their compulsory two years before going to a field auditor or mission.

The overseas PCs then demand intensive and exclusive auditing (as their time is limited) so we usually have at least two of our auditors exclusively and intensively auditing only 1 or 2 PC’s.

If one then works this back, say 2 of the auditors are each auditing 2 PC’s = 4 PC’s and the other 3 are auditing 4 a piece = 12 PC’s = a total of 16 PC’s being serviced in the HGC.

And the number of pissed off, upset and “blown” PC’s? – Well they are literally littering the field.

I can rattle off the names of at least 10 other public that I personally know have blown the JBG Org HGC and gone to other orgs or are waiting for the “2 year rule” and will then go to a Field Auditor or Mission.


Joburg org can no longer make Clears – it has not been able to do this for about 4 years now, as it cannot deliver the CCRD. Our NED Completions have to go to an AO as there is no org in South Africa that can deliver the CCRD. Our previous Snr C/S (Tracy Henley – previously Corbett) left staff in 2009/2010 as did about 15 other tech staff (most flag trained) over a period of 2 or 3 years.

Tracy now runs her own field practice and funnily enough employs ex JBG Org staff and I believe pays them handsomely – she has about 7 ex JBG D Staff in her employ, and rumour has it that her average staff member earns R12,0000 ($1300) per month..

The funny thing though, is that although Tracy more than qualifies to become a Mission I suspect she won’t because she does not want SMI Control all over her lines.

Training Auditors for the future?:

As for auditors being made, according to a recent Understanding Mag (issue 393 – Feb 2013?) these are the completions for the past YEAR: 

Pro Metering:             1 Graduate

Level 0:                         2 Graduates

Level I:                          1 Graduate

Level II:                         1 Graduate (this guy has been on his “levels” for 2 years)

Level III:                       1 Graduate (this lady took 1 year to get through her metering video, and finally had to go to Cape Town to get a                         pass in 2011. She is a public hoping to open her own field group and as far as I know, is yet to take a PC into session).

Cl IV Internship:        3 graduates (Two of these graduates are family from the almost-totally-defunct Chartwell Mission who has exactly 3 staff members. The other graduate is an auditor on Joburg org staff and is the ONLY man left standing from the 12+ strong 2004 TTC – it’s taken him 9 YEARS to achieve this level).

Students on Course and PC’s in the HGC:

Before the CMO Disestab Mission in 2011, the Bodies in the Shop were correctly reported at around 20.  The Mission then did some “hatting” on how to count the stat and “all-hands” call in every day (in addition to IAS Regging, event call in, booksales etc) and soon the figure headed towards 100, then 200, the sky is the limit. Now included in this figure is ANYONE who puts their foot near the org for ANYTHING (including advice, having a coffee in the canteen or a Reg Interview etc) – the rationale being that by them being in the org, we were “servicing” them and if they had ANYTHING on account (which 90% of our public do), then they “were in and on a paid service”. This inflated false stat even includes bodies being delivered to outside the org – some of the PE delivery took place at outside businesses or other venues, and these too were counted as BIS, so too assists delivered by Volunteer Ministers at people’s houses and anyone who sends in a lesson from an Ext Course.

Most days there are at best a couple of students on course. Sometimes there are a few staff in the Academy, perhaps 2 or 3, but normally one or two public.

Joburg org does not push training – as it does not pay………. As an auditor, this deeply saddens me as some of my best wins have come from training.


There are 4 Missions in and around Joburg and only one of these is producing anything worth mentioning. We are in the process of gathering more detailed information on the current state of these Missions and will post on this shortly.


In summary, Joburg org is crippled with mounting debt and unhatted, overworked, underpaid and demoralized staff. Its field is frazzled and ARCX from the constant fund raising and regging and lack of delivery. It is so far departed from the Joburg Org of yesteryear (when public and staff were proud people “carrying the torch for freedom”) as to be unrecognizable today.


A Very Concerned South African Scientologist.



  1. Tom M says

    I need a locational. You know, left alone, these staff would figure out what to do and make the org produce and make money. But “management” is about as screwed up as it can get and has only learned to tear down, disestablish and unmock anything good and productive. Just like their daddy they run the place with 1.5 tone level, which is destructive, and it all falls apart. How in the world can they say they are Scientologists (management people)?

    ML Tom

    • Emilie says

      Tom, regarding your comment that the staff would produce if only left alone by Management, I couldn’t agree more! I spent 15 years at a Class V org, and my primary, self-imposed purpose was to act as a buffer between the insane Management terminals and orders and our staff. I often failed to keep ALL the insanity from hitting the org lines, but I did manage to filter out a great deal. And I think I prevented at least a few good staff from blowing off the lines because of the enturbulation that Management caused. For example, here’s a typical Program target:


      Really? Immediately and at once? EVERY person in your field? (Can anyone say WTF are they thinking?) Onto and through? How many violations of policy are contained in this one program target?
      And what a built-in loss for anyone attempting to comply, as it’s an impossible target, and therefore any so-called “compliance” would be a false report. H’mmm…….do I see OW write-ups and Sec Checks in the near future?

      My solution was to trash any program that contained such drivel, then spend months fending off the results of my non-compliance. Threats, condition assignments, weekends spent off post at Athena cramming for my “reasonableness”, resulting in more hard work for me to maintain my posts and stats. And that was up to the mid nineties, so I can imagine how much worse it got after I finally left.

      NO ONE has done a better job of destroying orgs and Scientology than DM and his minions. But like any virus that sucks the life-force out of its host, the virus will soon have no host to support it.

      • statpush says

        Emilie, thank you for the line charge. You nailed it!

        Program after program, year after year, same old shit. This has been going on for DECADES!

        I’m beginning to wonder if these “programs” are even written by a human, maybe they’re computer-generated? What I thought was amusing is, on one rare occasion, someone in the org ACTUALLY COMPLETED an entire program! It was a big deal, pats on the back, three cheers! Then an outspoken veteran staff member pointed out the obvious – THAT NOTHING HAD CHANGED IN THE AREA! She was absolutely correct. It was the elephant in the room. The end product of doing a management program is “a completed program”. These guys really like exchanging pieces of paper, and have convinced themselves it is a product.

        The only time I’ve seen a CLV org work is when the ED REFUSED communication from management! He was bold, gutsy and effective – and now declared.

        Aside from international book marketing campaigns and materials production, management brings nothing valuable to the table when it comes to the day-to-day running of an org.

      • Tom M says

        It was called the “339R Advice” from LRH. In this advice he said, and I paraphrase; “What is wrong with these EDs? Why do they listen to this crap from management? Why don’t they just ignore it?”
        I was shocked to my toes to read that from LRH. But you know what? It actually changed my viewpoint when I was the S.O, Programs Chief FB. I never listened to anyone else on how to run my orgs. I ran them my way, which is what LRH said to do with them. I told my org Captains to ignore orders from anyone else than me. And we 3X’d the sector. But boy, did I pay. In the three years I was SO Pgms Chf I was busted three times, comm ev’d five times and spent weeks on the decks, but I never allowed anyone to screw with my orgs. I took the heat and in spite of “Snr Management” I expended my sector. When ever I got one of those “Immediate and at once” Mults I called my Captains and told them to ignore them. After all, when all is said and done, I live or die by my stat graphs and if I have my stats up no one could mess with me, except for mini-him who figured he was source too.
        ML Tom

  2. says

    I have to say it in italian:
    MAMMA MIA!!!!!!
    I am sure that more or less the same situation is all over the world.
    The Idle Org scam cannot be hidden forever.
    Is just NOT LRH Policy and is NOT Scientology – this is the real problem, we suppose we are talking about “Scientology” but in reality we are not.
    We are seeing such a surrogate, such an altered version that even the squirrel of the squirrel squirrel could not do better than this.
    But what do you know? The world at large THINKs this is $cientology… and worst of all the “scientologist” think this is the ONLY way.
    I hope they do wake up!
    Thanks Mike for what you do in getting the real data out there.

  3. Tory Christman (Magoo) says

    What a Gawd awful mess! Thank you to the anonymous person who shared this, and thanks, Mike
    for passing it on. It’s not a huge shock for me, as here in LA………ALL of the “Ideal Orgs” (Pasadena, Santa Ana, Valley) are D E A D/ Empty with maybe 3 staff running them, if that. Way to go, Davey boy! You’re “New plan” couldn’t be better for we out, and worse for you. These HUGE Empty buildings are THE Elephant in the middle of the room/town. Happy April!~ Tory/Magoo

    • Ronnie Bell says

      I’ve been told that Dallas Idle Org only has 14 full time staff remaining. They have a tiny parking lot, and it’s never full.

      Not to worry, though. Their most generous Patronius Humungous Maximus just got a commendation from CLO WUS (posted here the other day). I’m sure everything’s under control.

  4. The Oracle says

    This is what happens when you have a territorial “leader”. Someone who wants to be seen as “world conqueror.” For the amount of cash and resources he poured into this place to back up his hype of “planetary control”, He could have sent a crew into San Quentin Prison on a volunteer mission and they could have banged out 400 clears last year. He missed the part in the Dianetics book where Hubbards describes “Function monitors structure”. David is always the pushing the opposite message. “Structures monitor function.” Ass backwards at the most elementary level. He clearly didn’t get the messages written in his Scientology primary book.

      • The Oracle says

        The foundation of Dianetics : “Function monitors structure.”

        The foundation of the Ideal Orgs: “Structures monitor function.”

      • The Oracle says

        He doesn’t get the first datum from Dianetics. The datum all the rest was built upon. And here he is as “leader” of the religion! That’s a master politician! He didn’t get the FIRST principle of what cracked the case of this planet but he is the founder of the “Golden Age of Tech”! He canelled the certs of every auditor on the planet , even the ones HUBBARD TRAINED, with his “discoveries” that birthed the “Golden Age” and received standing ovations and people threw money at his beggars! These are ALL people who didn’t get the message! Who is taking all of the disgrace? Hubbard! Scientology! Ideal Orgs are NOT about Hubbard! This does not even align with his most basic theories!

        Here it is translated again by David. “Move him to the hole structure. If we put him in that structure his function may sort out.” “She’s pregnant?! Move her to another structure! That’s disfuctional! Move her to another structure so her function can get sorted out! The abortion clinic structure! Her REAL function is to kill that baby!” “Let’s keep all of the Org’s up here at Int separated by structure so people can know their function!” “I need a structure pad in L.A., plus 14 other safe houses and apartments so I can function!”. “We need this new billion dollar office building at the base so we can function, all six of my personal staff!” “We need this new construction so Scientology can function! We must have this super power building to function at all! “You can’t function as an OT unless it is out on a ship!” “Structure monitors function! STRUCTURE MONITORS FUNCTION!” ETC. ETC.

      • The Oracle says

        This is SO ingrained in the Sea Org now that “If you do not live in Org berthing you do not know your function.” That’s right! If you are a staff member and you are caught living outside of group sleep shelter you will not know your function!

      • The Oracle says

        What are “The Basics” releases about? STRUCTURE! It’s not the FUNCTION of Hubbard’s books that matter! It’s the STRUCTURE! They were not STRUCTURED correctly! “Badly structured” books idea earned him MILLIONS! BILLIONS! He repaired the “Structure” with the typos and editing! Fuck the FUNCTION that made thousands of clears and OT’s and auditors! It’s about the STRUCTURE of the books that matter!

      • The Oracle says

        The “Golden Age of Tech” deserves it’s own recognition.

        It is a BRAND NEW religion founded by David Miscavige , on the postulate that ” Structure Monitors Function.” ALL of his problems stem from the fact that Hubbard started with publishing false information: “Function Monitors Structure.”

        I FULLY expect to see him announce “To The World” at an upcoming event, that he discovered the typos in Hubbard’s original manuscripts! And he has corrected this to read: “Structure Monitors Function”!

      • The Oracle says

        Even THOUGH! David has made it his main FUNCTION, to MONITOR the STRUCTURES, Mike and Marty live in!

      • says

        OMG Oracle, you are on a roll!!! If you are trying to compete with DM’s
        lecture rants you flunked as you missed all the bed/ bathroom phrases
        before every other word.

        Having been at CC Nashville recently it looks similarly extremely SAD.
        I had a public with me which prevented me from just going out to my
        car and cry. The staff in the org looked like they were spooked, like
        afraid, frazzled, like they did not have money or time to put on
        deodorant in the morning so they have to distance themselves from
        the public. Of course I did not see hardly any public there, except the
        one I brought in. It is such a travesty of magnitude that it makes you
        roller coaster on the tone scale. Well it is all our fault that we did not
        see the elephant in the room early enough and got him taken care of.
        Now this lifetime is wasted… No it’s not so bad. We did a lot!!!
        But damn, damn, damn, dam, dam, dam, dm, DM!

      • Luis Garcia says

        You mean “on his head?” I heard that the only time mini-me ever used the Dianetics book was to beat his PC senseless back at St. Hill.

      • The Oracle says

        Dono, nothing is wasted. We have witnessed the rise and fall of a great promise. The real values are just getting sorted out. I think that is major case gain for everyone. Keep your feet on the bridge and your eyes ahead. People that look back fizzle into salt. Just visit some of these forums where everyone is wallowing in “the past” (which they continuously mock up as part of the present). The seasons are ever changing. We have gone through a spring and summer with great harvests. We will make it through the winter ahead if we make the best of the friendly seasons. We are just running against the winter winds. It’s the right thing to do. We are all still in the right place at the right time. And those of value have only become more valuable in this theater. It’s all good. Plenty of bounty still to be had.

      • The Oracle says

        That was too funny Luis! Hey! It wasn’t about the P.C. maybe! It might have been about the book! David using the Dianetics book to beat a pre clear and increase locks and engrams! His purpose was a little off right there! If that P.C. would have given him a good ass whipping things might be a lot different today. Any count number on the assaults he launched on people ensuring they had more engrams and locks? I don’t think that man cares a hoot about engram clearing. He is in for it now. His seniors, (police officers all the way up the President of the United States) are about to come down on him. He will be off the Int Base in 2013.

      • says

        Your reply to Dono was mystical and magical, Oracle. Keyed me out- big time! Reminded me of Ecclesiastes 3, “To everything there is a season…” but I like yours even better.

  5. Lana M. says

    Here is David Miscavige’s product = overt product.
    Completely contrary to the aims of Scientology and preventing people from getting onto and moving on The Bridge.
    Uggh! It makes my stomach crawl!

  6. Ronnie Bell says

    The photo at the top of the article says it all. It’s time for these folks to declare their independence.

  7. says

    Crazy! My heart goes out to the few guys there toughing it out. One thing that really stood out: $1000 uniforms? Are you kidding me? THAT is insane. Oh, and another thing: Hiring people without divulging the pay rate – that’s the kind of thing that starts riots. How stupid.

    Sorry Ohannesbu g. Looks like a new Indy field in the making.

    • Simple says

      Not only is this the kind of thing that starts riots, it is also the kind of thing that starts government attacks and investigations.

      • calvin b. duffield says

        you’re putting it mildly, my friend! The tolerance given by these “persecuted”Jo’burg Scn’gists
        for being milked, exploited, enslaved, brainwashed, hypnotized, and then wash-rinse-repeat,
        wash-rinse-repeat, etc, etc. would garner total disbelief from an incredulous “wog”public.

        The situation , in South Africa, ( I live in Durban, 400 miles south,) is however, “slightly” different, in that currently we have one of the most corrupt, criminal,arrogant, self- aggrandizing ( sound familiar, BTW?) ( at the tax-paying public’s expense, of course.) governments in the world, who operate with total impunity! (they control the Judiciary, police, education,health and most of the so-called “social”services, and much of the media, broadcasting, and TV networks, as well. “Big Brother” is alive and well in South Africa, and quite content to see anarchy erupt in formerly well ordered sectors: health, education, employment, trade and industry, as it KEEPS EVERYONE SO BUSY TRYING TO PUT OUT FIRES – that they don’t have the time to search out and root out the very causes ( the rabble rousing, upstat destroying, merchants-of-chaos members of government themselves. )

        In fact, the similarities between the dictatorship of DM and our own Government, in particular, are uncanny, and reek of several nauseating elements. 1) An almost /actual sociopathic lack of accountability / compassion.2) An obsession to chase after monetary
        gain, and power, using actual criminal means.( and even when getting caught red
        handed in the act, proving no deterrent whatsoever.) 3) A penchant / system of garnering
        / gathering sensitive information upon all allies and / or adversaries alike, for the purposes
        of enforcing compliance by threat of blackmail. 4) it should come as no surprise that a large
        proportion of the elected representatives happen to be former or current supporters of the
        Communist Party. 5) Indeed, The Peoples Republic Of China (Communist) has established
        major influence amongst the current regime. with Trade and armament supply being key
        bi-lateral agreements signed into place.

        The only time we will see fair play emerge in governing bodies, I’m afraid, is when they
        themselves are finally comprised of strong, ethical and accountable individuals. This, sadly, will remain a pipe dream on this planet while Force is seen as the only solution.

        So we continue to Audit., and thereby bring order into the society.

        Who else has a f—-ng clue?


      • says

        It most definitely is. The ongoing prosecution in Belgium started with exactly this complaint being made to authorities back in 2008. The DA used this as an excuse (at least that’s my take on it) to go in and confiscate all ethics and PC files. These files are now being used to evidence a whole host of charges including extortion.

  8. Kevin Tighe says

    What you describe was pretty much the scene I observed at almost every CL V Org I ever visited in the U.S. as an FSM between 1985-1995. Sure there were exceptions (OC for while to name one) but not many. My observations from 1977-1985 was limited to the East US Orgs and was pretty much the same. Whether under DM or pre DM, at least from 1977 on, most Cl V Orgs IMHO have always been pretty bare bones with 99% of staff not making anywhere near a living wage. So while I understand what you’re saying about the Idle Org program the Orgs that I observed from 1977 on have always been pretty idle with very few products.

    • sets guy says

      Kevin you got it. 100% agreed. They are now in a worst sit with the property taxes etc etc. And $1000 uniform. Sorry there is something else wrong here.

  9. Jan says

    I am with Lana this is an Overt Product of David Miscavige. So much for his squirrel grand plan. It is hard to hear how much of struggle they are experiencing. No help from anyone. How very very sad.

  10. Kevin Tighe says

    Note: I toured through the following Orgs either as staff or an FSM between 1977-1995: Boston, New Haven, New York, FCDC, Miami, Detroit, KC, St.Louis, Dallas CC, Denver, SLC, Seattle, Portland (both Orgs), Vancouver, Sacramento, San Fran, M’View, St. Creek, Hawaii, Santa Barbara, San Diego, OC, Phoenix & Albuquerque. Of all these Orgs the only ones that were hopping at one time or another were OC, St. Creek and perhaps Sacramento. I understand Miami was quite bust at one time. However I doubt even the very busy Orgs had more than a few dozen people in their Academys and a dozen or less PCs in their HGCs. And I guarantee 95% of the staff did not make a living wage. No way.

    • Dan Locke says

      I toured to all orgs in the US and Canada as an SO reg from 1979 through 1998. Only one I did not get to was Twin Cities. Kevin’s right. The only org that did pretty well pretty consistently was OC. Stevens Creek, NYF, Boston and Toronto would get some nice affluences in high ranges, but not for very long. And LAD had some strong periods under Jeannie Bogvad and later, John Woodruff, but this was primarily from walking over and ignoring LA F: LA Day’s highest delivery was always during Foundation hours and a lot of it was from touring to other Class IV/V orgs and ripping off their public.

      90% of OCs affluences came from an influx of Hollanders’ Associates and Sterling’s dentists and optometrists who would come from all over the US to audit there.

      Things went from bad to really bad when the price increases got way out of hand in the late 70’s. That’s 90% of what the bitch was at the Mission Holder’s conference. AO and Flag’s income was high enough to camouflage all the Class IV/V orgs in the US during the late 70s and through much of the 80’s. They did not think that the lack of brand new people coming in would some day kill it all off. We were all imagining OT 8 would bring people in through osmosis. Or that in a “few short weeks” (LRH) we’d have our Super Power!

      Occasionally you will hear about a “Dianetics Boom” in the early 80’s. I have no doubt that there was some of that. But very few of these people actually got on major services as the orgs were generally very very empty of Div 6 personnel always. The description of 6 people in Joburg’s public divs would be a huge affluence for most orgs. But remember, the Golden Age of Whatever-He-Called-It was supposed to virtually do away with the need for Public Divs personnel. Public are supposed to wander around between the TV monitors and watch the superbly scripted videos and cognite all by themselves!

      So things were pretty wretched already before Miscavige came on the scene. Like 90% of Int Management, he never worked in a delivery org, and once he “took charge”, I doubt that he ever went into one to actually look at any existing scene anywhere.

      The best administrative successes for Scientology were in the pre-82 mission/franchise network. There were many missions that were outgunning the orgs in their delivery. Why? They were managed locally by smart caring people who really knew the ropes, and really knew that the most important place to give a steady diet of wins was at the bottom of the grade chart. Most of these guys got crucified at the Mission Holder’s conference.

      This in contrast to Ron’s “Ivory Tower” management where many of the programs were written by inexperienced administrators who had little or no Class IV/V org experience and then were not even allowed to communicate with the org. The Flag Rep was supposed to be the “eyes and ears” of management in an org. Even though many of these were great guys, some of them were myopic and hard of hearing, and even with the best of them, it’s got to be a real bitch to FULLY explain a scene to someone via paper. 48 hours on the scene observing it is probably worth a 5 mile high stack of reports on any org.

      But I also saw Miscavige make it from very bad to almost unthinkable. Prior to Miscavige, you knew that you had to get your own stat up and that there would be some hope. After Miscavige you knew you had to get those up AND you had to get bodies to the event AND money to the IAS AND fund a building AND sell the latest release. It made an already super difficult job completely impossible,

      • says

        Hi Dan! Yes you are right and Kevin too. One thing about OC though
        that I have to disagree with is that they not only had the influx of the
        Hollander and Sterling activities but that they had an extremely well
        oiled and smooth running Div 6 which brought in a lot of people on
        a daily basis from the surrounding areas. They even had a small bus
        taking in public every day if I remember correctly and their sign up
        rate of these new people was very high as their Div 6 personnel were
        of high caliber. Now if “management” had duplicated that and customized
        it to other orgs, that would have been a true help instead of using videos
        and emptying out Div 6 personnel like it’s being done today. But all that
        takes confront, care and being real about the existing scene, plus not
        thinking that a spruced up (gaudy in my view) building will pull in new

      • says

        Yes – the price increases. I think the impact of the 5% per month increases that started on Nov 1, 1976 and continued into the ’80s is VASTLY under-reported. First of all, it was stupid. I think as a temp measure to do for a year it would have been OK, because then the prices would be ramped up to a new rate – and then STEADY. But the hit to everyone’s havingness – the fact that every month the price would go up YET AGAIN, with no end in sight – did more to screw up the ’70s heyday than anything else. Anything else, period. As you say, the mission holders were rebelling because of the price policy. By 1981, the prices were OVER TEN TIMES what they were in 1976. TEN TIMES. Tell me that doesn’t screw things up. I think many of the SO members who are so vocal now that they are out really never got the impact of this crazy pricing policy. The answer to pricing was “Make it go right!” and “You can’t put a real value on the tech.” No, it was crazy, and the prices reflected it.

      • Ronnie Bell says

        Nail on the head, Mark. I remember the monthly price increases like it was yesterday. It was the exact point where I more or less sank into apathy about ever being able to afford the Bridge. It was like watching the Bridge recede more and more out of my reach, until finally it looked like a small object way out on the horizon. A working class Joe like me wasn’t ever going to realistically attain OT at those rates. I sort of stuck my goals for that in my back pocket, and figured I’d just set a goal to do my next step. If I still had life left in me after that, I’d maybe try for another one. I knew other Scientologists who gave up completely, and were vocal about it in private.

        I agree that the price increases were one of the most suppressive acts in Scientology history. Like you said, if they’d stopped after one year, Scientologists would have adjusted their financial games, and would have continued reaching as before. But to increase the price for services by ten times in just a few short years….well, that just killed it for lots of folks. It became a rich man’s indulgence after that.

  11. Dave R says

    When I first suspected something was wrong in Camelot, I had to do a lot of extrapolation to divine the answer to the “examine the statistics” portion of the doubt formula. The information you just posted on Joburg is invaluable for people waking up or just starting to. Thanks to you and your source for this. Great stuff. Heartbreaking, but great none the less.

  12. Hapexamendios says

    Accounts like this really make me wonder if Miscavige intended these “ideal” orgs to fail as part of a vast real estate scam for his own profit. I once thought that to be a cynical notion but now I’m not so sure…

    • John P. says

      I don’t think Miscavige is smart enough or patient enough to work a scam like that. I think the failure of the Ideal Orgs is just plain simple incompetence: he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, and lacks the people skills to figure out how to fix the organization. So he keeps building places on the theory that people will always buy from a “winner” (i.e., fancy cars, fancy clothes, fancy offices). That probably comes straight out of Les Dane’s old sales books. The only problem is that he has done such a bad job of selling that even if people want the product, they certainly don’t want to buy it from the company selling it. Rather than have to come face to face with why people don’t want the product and why they don’t want to buy from him, it’s easier to stay distracted in something that means you don’t have to take a long hard look in the mirror.

      Let’s suppose the Ideal Org strategy is all about making money. If it is, they would buy the buildings with low money down mortgage and would make sure they are marketable to the next tenant. But they buy buildings for cash which are typically in odd areas that have bad foot traffic for retail. Then they put in improvements that are not likely to be useful to future tenants, with no window offices, but lots of small windowless internal auditing rooms, too many large course rooms, “chapels,” etc. That lowers the price since the next tenant would have to come along and re-do all the interiors before occupying the space. Finally, they skimp on maintenance and cut corners on construction. Letting the elevator maintenance contract go is something that a purchaser would instantly spot, and would discount the purchase price of the building heavily on the assumption that a complete elevator redo will be required ($150,000 and up) and that lots of other hidden maintenance problems exist.

      So even though the money to buy the building came in from the local public who were regged endlessly, he still reaps a lot less money than if he had invested well, or by investing in the stock market (putting it in reputable funds, not trying to do Reed Slatkin or Feshbach Brothers stuff). If making as much money as possible is the goal, Miscavige is going about it all wrong.

      • Aquamarine says

        John P., I agree. Miscavige buys White Elephants. There is a market for White Elephants but it is very limited.

      • Aquamarine says

        And I should add that, once he buys them, he turns them into even Whiter Elephants.

      • calvin b. duffield says

        John P, there is a simple one word answer—– INSANITY!——and no, it can’t be fixed!

  13. Roy Macgregor says

    This is a holy sh&t moment. Thank you so much for posting this. It is the raw, undiluted BS that Corporate Scientology has become. Each and every Scientologist knows that this is the general picture for every Church of Scientology in the world. They know it, they have seen it, they have experienced it. (I have to add that if you are in any way a celebrity or big donor, then I admit that you have not seen it and definitely not experienced it. but there is a very good reason that that high rollers and VIPs of scientology have never seen or experienced what 99.99999 percent of Scientologist have to endure. ) All I can say is: “Thank you Mike Rinder, for telling the truth and giving us plebs some hope that maybe one day, the DM can take a hike and the suppression can end.” Thank you so much, so much to the brave person that had the courage to write this story down. You have strength and you have intergirty. Thank you. You are a living example of INTEGRITY. If just 10% of all scientologists had your courage and integrity then we would have a REAL scientology. instead of bizarre suppression.

  14. Regular Dog says

    The good news is that Scientology still works as long as it has some separation from Miscavige’s radical church. As proven by the former Snr C/S now delivering as a field practice. That Snr C/S is now just one step away from being completely independent.

  15. says


    I highly recommend that you continue to gather and post postings exactly like this one, with explicit specifics such as these, each time featuring a specific “Ideal Org”.

    When I was doing my Doubt Formula, this is exactly the kind of thing I needed but felt was lacking, and it would have made my decision much easier and more obvious.


  16. says

    My question to you Mike, and to everybody else here; when will Flag start to breakdown? Or is it already?

    P.S. sorry dm, I used a semi colon; don’t hate me and send me to the RPF.


  17. breppen says

    WHAT A MESS!!! My guess is that Sec Checkers are being prepared now to fire in as a Mission to flush out whoever has exposed the truth of what is going on. Prayers for that person, I hope they are prepared…. Like us just forwarding Debbie Cook’s email got us expelled, doesn’t take much for the psychopaths to strike back. It’s no longer a fun safe place to be, freedom of speech is not allowed w/o suffering grave consequences.

    • Mike Rinder says


      They have a problem though. There are more “out” and “disaffected” public and staff/ex-staff in Joburg than there are Kool Aid drinkers. They have to tread VERY lightly or the whole keg might blow. And believe me, there are quite a number of people who could have been the source of this information.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Betsy — just another random thought. I bet the sign gets fixed pronto. The MEST is all….

      • Steve Poore says

        Mike, you said: “There are more “out” and “disaffected” public and staff/ex-staff in Joburg than there are Kool Aid drinkers. They have to tread VERY lightly or the whole keg might blow. And believe me, there are quite a number of people who could have been the source of this information.

        YOU ARE SO RIGHT! – but I also believe (from my own observations) that THIS IS TRUE of ALL FIELDS, including PAC, the largest Scientology field. The whole desperete and insane scene is on very shakey ground.
        THE WHOLE KEG IS ABOUT TO BLOW! and you know, dear leader knows it.

  18. Jane Doe says

    breppen, what happened to you? Did you forward Debbie Cooks letter and got expelled and declared for that? How many people did you forward it to? How the the cycle with you and the church go down?
    I guess COB (chairman of black dianetics) cancelled “Creed of a Scientologist” where LRH talks about we have the right to read and comment on and discuss the works of others etc.

    • The Oracle says

      Debbie’s FUNCTION has not changed even though David relocated to her to a new STRUCTURE!

  19. Robert Almblad says

    Wow, great blog Mike… I just found it… I am reading it now…
    It’s just fantastic to get any news and/or stats about Scientology.
    Please keep getting us news of what is going on. Much appreciated!!!!

  20. Kat says

    Wow, my heart goes out to the staff who have to put up with this BS management. DM is doing an excellent job as a true psychopath SP and destroying Scientology. His stats are up!
    And like a true psychopath he does it by destroying the lives of good people. That is sad.

  21. Ronn says

    It’s a shame. I was in Johannesburg back in 2007 visiting a friend (and of course Africa!). I didn’t even bother with the Org, as I was still reeling from my last 50hrs of thought stopping Sec Checks at SFO, but I remember her telling me of a recent horrendous ethics cycle she had been put through, OTV… and not onlines.

  22. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

    This is much like the decimation I saw when on post as Dir Bridge Control at AOLA in the USA and that was before the Idle Morge program. It makes me sick. AOLA used to fudge its BIS in the same way.

    Check out some posts I did on my new blog about it.

  23. Scott Campbell says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Miscavige’s product is DEATH. Everything he touches turns to shit. His toxic tongue and poisonous pen infest, sicken and kill. Anything that is good in life he will destroy if given the opportunity. He doesn’t know HOW to make people live, make people produce, make people flourish and prosper.

    And you know what Dave? The saddest part is that no one can tell you how to fix it. No book can impart that wisdom to you. No divine revelation can save your legacy. At this point, there is only one thing you can do – take yourself completely off of post in any Scientology organization for this lifetime and go to ethics to get some help.

  24. Tony DePhillips says

    That is truly disgusting.
    It is so bizzare that PR trumps actual products in Scientology. LRH seems to have been so product oriented. If he could see this I’m sure he would be pissed. Although he too seemed to get into PR at times.

    • The Oracle says

      “The manners” policy he wrote was way over people’s heads. I heard a mission had to be sent to the base to drill people on manners. That is how esoteric it became.

      Hubbard defined “contra-PR acts” as follows:

      “Discourtesy or mishandling of Organization customers, bad appearance in any staff member or Org area, upsets caused in the community or any part thereof by the Org or any individual staff member, …upsetting any outside business contact or PR contact and any publicly non-acceptable activity or activities sponsored or enacted by the Org or individual staff member.”

      Notice there is no mention of “discourtesy or mishandling of staff” so he just didn’t sink low enough to some people’s level of non common sense. As this is exactly what has caused the very worst P.R. for the Church. Bad Manners. See, “public” relations translates into “public” not staff, for the very dense. You get the dominatrix Jenny Linson running wild with her co hort David and they just have not done the MATH yet. STAFF, BECOME PUBLIC against in a right away manner in this theater. And the crimes you felt you had a license to commit upon them AS STAFF, suddenly become GROSS when that staff member is no longer a staff member!

      And the truth is, Lisa Macphearson died from people’s bad manners behind closed doors.

  25. NoEyeDeer says

    Thank you for posting this. What a sad state of affairs. I have a family member working at one of these dead “ideal orgs” and the scene is similar. The staff that stay get “promoted” and must take on even more duties. These people are making between $12 and $50 a week last I heard. It is criminal that they aren’t even paid minimum wage. The staff that are left are people of good will and they are being used, thinking their eternity is on the line. They really believe they are saving the planet by being there slaving away in their dead church. What a trap.

  26. Christie says

    Joburg org was AWESOME in 2003 – 2005. Totally AWESOME.

    The org really got on purpose and the staff and public really worked together to make a big, booming org! It rocked. Being a part of that was one of the highlights of my life. The enthusiasm was palpable.

    It really was sabotaged – because that org was growing and growing. The Universe Corps was nuked because Cat Fox started making Clears and DM (who was obsessed with messing up Clears and taking Clear statuses away) couldn’t have that. It had to be wrong! She couldn’t possibly have done it standardly! So she was recalled and was in immediate ethics trouble. I’m telling you the reason why is because she started making Clears. That was her big fat CRIME.

    Joburg is one of the easiest places to disseminate Scientology in the world. The public are wide open for it. That org has been eaten alive by Management. So sad.

  27. says

    Very sad. Very sad. I’ve listened to so many lectures and documents from the early 1950s and South Africa gave Scientology some of it’s best and brightest lights of all time. They have a Scientology heritage. And look how the Church of Miscavige repays them. The parents of my ex-wife of 16 years who was persuaded by Miscavige goons to stay with them in Camp Cesspool, were both staff during the ’60s. Her mother Glennys Turton was the course sup. And her father Gordon was also on staff, but I don’t recall what his post was (I’m from Texas). Anyway, you think of the generations of people, some recorded on LRH tapes. Some recorded in photos with Ron. Some written about in issues. And everything those fighters fought for, everything they represented, has literally become a side-show in a carnival of freaks.

    I’m telling you, consider that word “freak.” What other word better fits David Miscavige’s management? What other word better fits the organizational scene in Joburg? Has there ever been a more insane organization? Hiring wogs near starvation. Letting them work a week only to find out their pay is less than a taxi ride? David Miscavige is the freakiest freak anyone ever heard of.

    He has literally turned every Scientology org into Silent Hill.

  28. Persistence says

    This is so beyond horrible. I’ve also gotten reports recently from people who have been to SFO, Dallas and NY and they are all dead. What is it really going to take to turn this around Mike? When I woke up and started to look for myself I finally realized what was going on. And now I’m amazed at all the smart people who are still not seeing the lies and how DM has totally hijacked and subverted this Church and Scientology. I love your site’s name – “Something can be done about it.” But what? What can we do to turn this around?

    • Mike Rinder says

      Persistence: the harsh reality is this…

      1. There is no structure or procedure within the church to change any non optimum situation if it is “command intention”. This by definition is a correupt organization. Thus the ONLY way to bring about change is from without. The RCS love to expound on what a magnificent system of ethics and justice it has and tells everyone “handle from within” but it that system is in fact broken and superseded by “orders” and “protect the status quo, especially if they pay money” and “back up command.” So, the ONLY place for anyone to take effective action to reform the scene is by putting it on the internet or in the media or reporting it to authorities.

      2. The structure itself is so riddled with corruption, false data and inculcated criminality that it is beyond redemption. But it CAN be stopped from further abusing people with crush regging, disconnection, false promises etc. And it is possible to restore the practice of Scientology as is already occurring with auditing and training delivery outside of the hierarchical church.

      • Kevin Tighe says

        My conclusion after assimilating everything that has come out over the past several years is:
        a. There is much brilliance and workability in much of the tech, ethics and admin.
        b. There is much BS, outright deception and non workability in parts of the tech, ethics and admin.
        Scientology is not designed to be an “a la carte” or “pick and choose” subject. For me, that one can get personal gains with “a” does not justify “b”. For those who can live with “b” more power to you but I do not see any circumstance where Scientology will ever exert much influence on society except except through titillating Scientology celeb stories, which as the years go by and the celeb flow into the Church disappears, will end whatever interest the general public has in the subject.

        Bottom line: The subject Scientology, as laid out by Ron, is simply too out of sync with the society it is suppose to be helping. You simply can’t erase all the goofy stuff Ron wrote despite some extremely brilliant work he gave us. For me, Scientology was always about helping society; not personal gain. I don’t see Scientology as a subject now ever having much impact on society. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but that’s how I see it. For myself I will use those Scientology tools I know that work and for that I thank Ron.

      • Robin Adair says


        Very true.

        I tried for years to correct the organization from within i.e. working in the system.

        Writing long KRs giving the exact policies and technical references being violated etc, etc, ad infinitum.

        Yet nothing changed and the only person who seemed to end up in Qual or Ethics and eventually on roll back and the “Truth” Rundown was the author of all these reports i.e. yours truly for allegedly “Black PRing” management.

        Is it any wonder when you look at a scene like the above that Scientologists would eventually take out their frustrations on the internet?

        Regarding Joburg:

        It basically exemplifies what has been going on with these “Ideal” Orgs.

        Name any “Ideal”Org Tampa, Buffalo, Phoenix etc, etc, and you’ll find that most if not all are in a post apocalyptic state. As if they’d been hit by a neutron bomb.

        Too bad the dwindling public who support these empty edifices never bothered to read the actual RED or the subsequent Policy included as part of the Data Series on what an Ideal Org really is.

  29. Paul J says

    I own a manufacturing business that, over the years, has sold products to 1,000’s of retail customers. I can tell you from experience that one of the first things anyone who has any long term success knows is that you never lie to or betray your customers. The cost of some immediate gratification will be an almost irreparable relationship. The rule in Scientology is to always deliver what’s promised. DM has a plan for expansion that sounds good on the surface, but because any person who steps into Church today is 100% guaranteed of being lied to or betrayed, any plan that management has is unworkable. What a mess DM has created.

    • Tom M says

      I was a Programs Chf for years in management. I also managed Africa for a few years, as well as ANZO. LRH always stressed that each area needed their own evaluation on what would drive people onto the lines of that org. For instance he found out that NY City had a lot of business surrounding the Broadway Shows and that orgs should promote to those actors, extras, dancers and so forth and cater to them during the day. Evaluations needed to be done on how to get these people arriving on org lines. When this was done, NY Day swelled.
      Africa has already been figured out by LRH and he developed the SARD (South African Run Down) and it needed to be delivered to each and every South African. He said SA will go nowhere without each and every SA Scientologist delivered the SARD. I slammed this in back in 1984 and the SA orgs took off. I am sure it was cast aside by David “I-Am-Now-Source” Miscaviage. He probably figured that SA had changed and now LRH’s SARD was “old and quant background data”. And I heard him say similar to that about LRH admin several times.

      ML Tom

  30. Craig Sivell says

    I was staff on JHBD for about a year – posted as the NED auditor 2005 – 2006. I agree with Christie – it was rocking.
    But poor handling of staff and low pay eventually took its toll. Funny – i was speaking to the Cont finance Director a couple months ago . She was very excited about Pretoria going ideal . I got the impression that the good thing about ideal orgs is that they can be achieved – physically that is. Getting orgs to expand and viable never really occued in S.A. It became an impossble target. But getting big pretty buildings is possible. Its hard work but at least achievable. Aw well , im sure the sea org took a big win on Pretoria – now onto the next one !

    • Mike Rinder says

      THanks for your input Craig.

      What is so deceiving is that the buildings are used as a misdirector/camouflage to make it appear there is an actual org. It is an increible sleight of hand that has been pulled off by Miscavige.

      But eventually even the most elaborate camouflage wears thin. And after 10 years, it is apparent to anyone with a double digit IQ that there is NO IDEAL ORG. Hell, there isn’t even an IDEAL BUILDING any longer if the front entrance sign is any indicator….

    • Kevin Tighe says

      “Getting orgs to expand and viable never really occued in S.A. It became an impossble target. But getting big pretty buildings is possible. Its hard work but at least achievable.”

      I think you’ve hit on something with that statement. Perhaps the Ideal Org program tapped into a pervasive failed purpose among staff and public of having never really achieved an expanding, viable Org let alone going St. Hill Size. With the Ideal Org program at least moral is high as they play the game to get the Ideal Org put there. Of course, as we all know, that high moral is quickly deflated not too long after the air is let out of the grand opening balloons.

  31. Kevin Tighe says

    One could argue that the precursor to all this crap was the infamous “Command Team” sent into Boston in 1976. In 1982 or so Ron mentions Boston in the 339R Birthday Game ED as an Org that went St Hill size. A very disingenuous statement considering how it was all just one enormous stat push that almost instantly fell apart. When Ron wrote 339R Boston had almost no public in the Academy during the day and maybe a dozen at night with 20-30 staff each on Day and Fdn and virtually no HGC delivery and non existent staff pay. If one Cl IV auditor was made in a year it was a very BIG deal.

    The same insane op basis that stat pushed Boston to “Size Hill Size” was repeated in the late 1980s at St. Creek and other “St Hill Size Orgs”. Stats pushed up by crazy, unusual solutions as ordered by SO Missionaries that quickly unraveled after the awards were handed out.

    Conclusion: The more things change in Scientology the more they stay the same. The only difference now is the “volume is turned up to 11″.

  32. Wendy Munro says

    Joburg Org had so much potential. Eevn in the days that it was in Commissioner Street (even before Mains Street), Albert de Beer and George Southworth had the HGC full and humming. The quest for MEST is the virus that has killed it all. If Miscavige wants to be the Pope of Scientology – he should have a look at the new Pope in the Vatican. When he was offered a red ermine coat for his inauguration, he refused it saying “the carnival is over.” There seems to be a buzz of hope and excitement in the Catholic Church. What people (universally) want is ARC not MEST. When will the scientology carnival end? Congratulations on an excellent article Mike and Concerned Scientologist. This is exactly what people need to know before they go down the road of empty promises for much longer. Christie, well done on your product here. If only things could have kept going ……………….. if only…

  33. Cristian says

    Dear Mike, EVERYTHING that you is F truth…I worked in South Africa from 2006..doing events for the Flag World Tour….and I can tell you everything that you say is right…I mention many times to Int Mgn at that time in 2011..why South Africa is not booming… know I never got an answer…but I can tell you…everything t hat people hear regarding Johannesburg Ideal Org is not truth is just a fucking PR…If I have a time I will tell you a lot of insides stories regarding this Org….thanks for the information Mike.

  34. jonsty says

    About five years ago I visited the DC org as I was considering some book 1 auditing for a friend in the area. I asked the PES for the names of some Book 1 auditors in the area. She apologized and said there were none. In fact, she went on to say that there were none within 100 miles. Now, I suppose there were a few who had done the Book 1 course, but there were factually none who were professional and reliable as auditors. I then asked about missions who could deliver Book 1 or Dn Seminars. Again, the answer was none.
    I was stunned. I asked, “How can people get some basic auditing as an intro to the bridge?” The answer was that the only option was to bring them into the org, which was a miserable and lengthy drive into downtown DC…a drive that anyone in the area would do anything to avoid.
    What does this tell you? After 50 years or so in the area, DC org, the Founding church, had delivered to the level of no practicing Book 1 auditors for a 100 mile radius.

    Bottom line: there was no route onto the bridge at all…period.

    • Robert Almblad says

      I forwarded your comment to one of the former C/O’s of DC Org when LRH was on the lines… I am sure it’s a shock to him/her…. too bad we have to remain anonymous… North Koreans have the same problem!

  35. MadMaxi says

    Thought you all would be interested in this story.
    Was on Google Maps looking up the location for a Park-n-Ride in my area and saw on the screen near the location,”Church of Scientology SW Virginia”. What the!?!?! So immediately went to street view and checked out the area they claimed this was and the actual address. Street view showed a car wash and a Pet store in a tiny cluster of offices across from a little shopping cluster. The address for those interested is 820 Roanoke St, Daleville, VA. This is about 5 minutes from Roanoke, VA and about 30 from Blacksburg, VA (home of the VA Tech Campus).

    Hoped in my car and checked out the area in question. Nothing but the car wash, the petstore and a vet’s office and pet memorial wall for the passed critters. I did not call the phone numbers associated with the Co$ since they obviously were not local, and the referral websites were to the official Co$ site. I refuse to use my phone to call, and refuse to give any numbers stats by visiting the website.

    People from the area, a small town that is very Christian and this is a main road, never recall seeing a Co$ in the area. These folks would have known if Co$ was in the area, there was enough of an uproar when Co$ came through after the VA Tech shootings. The only other time such a thing united so many of diverse backgrounds in our area was when the Westboro Church was planning a protest in the area after a slaying at a gay club. This Westoboro protest united hardcore religious, atheist, rednecks, blacks, whites, wealthy, poor, apathetic,etc., and once again the diverse united in anger and disgust when the news reported that Co$ was taking advantage of the shootings by showing up to “help”. (Some reason that blasphemous cross on the bright yellow t-shirts really angers southern folks in my region, even those who aren’t Christian, for it presumes people are so ignorant as to think that by slapping a cross on something makes it a “church”. LOL< if you are from the south you KNOW how touchy we are about outsiders coming in and assuming all southerners are ignorant backwooders who can't think because we have accents.)

    My ponder is this: How many other supposed missions, etc, are they claiming to exist that exist only in google maps?

  36. SadStateofAffairs says

    There is another aspect to this – by hiding the fact that the Ideal Org program does not work, i.e. it does not produce big, booming orgs, but in fact produces scrabbling, struggling orgs ensconced in nice expensive buildings, Miscavige and minions are committing another ongoing global fraud. Their false representations about the “success” of the Ideal orgs is used daily all over planet earth to con large sums of money of parishioners to purchase buildings for their churches so they, too, can be a “booming” Ideal org. This would seem to me to be an actionable fraud.

  37. Christine says

    I was on course at LA Org, Div 6, in 2012. If LA is the largest concentration why was I the only one on course sometimes or up to 10 other people, (Mostly newbies), on some days. Where is the other 10s of thousands of the LA Scientologists? Note: There was outer org trainees but they did not talk to me on breaks.

  38. Joe Pendleton says

    You have to understand that it doesn’t MATTER where the “ideal” org is located or if it is successful or not in regards to numbers of people. The CoS public is so down the tone scale generally that it is delusionary. They dub in while they are looking at something (like an event for example). They get cancer, they go bankrupt, yet they think they are “OT” and have in their hands the agonized future of every man, woman and child on Earth. So…. what does ANYTHING actual about the new orgs mean to them? They have already made the computation that whatever the CoS says is true, because if they actually LOOK, then they put at risk all their family relationships, as well as their ones with all their friends and often their jobs as well. These people are now functionally insane. I guess if they feel happy……….

    • Aquamarine says

      Precisely, totally what Joe Pendleton just said. This IS the existing scene with public still in, point by point, and with staff, too, and I agree with the eval that they are functionally insane. They have made themselves so.

      Their utter refusal to LOOK not only creates more complexity in their universes but as well feeds their necessity to be RIGHT about not looking, which creates more complexity, prevents them from looking, etc. etc. Boy, are they busy plowing themselves in. The “Time is Abberation” datum of LRH applies to them big time.

      I treat them quite gently and carefully as one would deal with any very PTS , a=a=a type individual.. Some of them are highly trained as auditors and have been staff for decades. Sad.

  39. Silvia says

    This is a perfect example of “confront of evil” That this things occur within the Org affecting public, staff and Scientology alike is not an accident or the result of mismanagment; it is an intentional crime prepetrated by the Devil Maquination (DM) of this person,
    As Mike and many of us state the thing to do is keep delivering and using Scientology as many Independents are doing.
    This is what works and this is what will forward the truth and workability of this subject. We will pick up the broken straws (staff and public that left) as we move on.

  40. John Doe says

    One thing that can’t be avoided is that people can’t and don’t want to work for free. That problem is built into the system, unfortunately.

  41. Chris from Germany says

    I´ve been a staff in Berlin at the time of the opening of the “Ideal” (idealized) Org in 2007 and left the Church last year, in the meantime SP-declared.
    The numbers of Joburg Org for me seem rather “good” numbers compared to what I know from Berlin:
    Staff there was and is having less staff pay compared to Joburg. In 2007 it was about 20 € / week (~25 $). Summer 2012 there was no Staff pay at all for quite some months, sometimes you got your 1 or 2 €.
    From 2008 – 2012 the average GI / week was about 3.500 € (~4.000 $).
    For a long time there was an out-PR-sign at the elevator: “This elevator is only for the use of PCs and students” to remind also new staff that the electricity was far too expensive to also allow staff to use the elevator (6-level-building plus basement).
    There were times when the phones were shut off, because of unpaid bills…
    Some Staff were fare dodging to go to the allhands-book-stand, since no money. Some were stealing food from the canteen, so that HCO even had to install cameras. When even this didn´t work out, they had to install vending machines, in order to prevent further stealing.
    Same as in Joburg green wogs were hired and not being told about the low wages – which put the recruits into personal danger sits.
    The uniform problem – the same also here. You had to dry clean it – which was not done anymore because of the high costs. The uniforms of many staff members look terribly worn-out.
    From 8 posted HGC auditors in 2007 there is one still left. Some of them blew straight, when they “got” it, some were needed in the Academy. Now the HGC is bemanned by one auditor, the Snr. C/S auditing and the Tech Sec auditing – in case one of the few left publics finds his way there.
    Numbers of Staff are more or less the same like Joburg.
    I cannot give too many details about Malmö (Sweden), but according to reports of people who had been on staff there, it doesn´t really differ.

  42. says

    The situation exposed to the realit seen about ideal orgs show as empty tells a very sad side to reality, This would have never happened under LRH its just hard to comprehend the
    currentl situation is what it is .I just saw that Sc ientology has pruchased the home
    of lLarry Hagmans Oja home so its been reported on web media for what use.?