Vulture Culture Trickle Down

The Vulture Culture is spreading its wings and trickling down to the lowest levels of the hierarchy.
“Give us your money and we will bestow a corny status on you” is the flavor of the month.
Even getting a grant is ground for begging for money….
Boris Levitsky? Returned from the grave?

Dear Scientologist:

CCHR OC recently received a grant from Google in the amount of $10,000 per month worth of Pay Per Click Advertising to be used in our Orange County anti-psych campaigns. This Grant will go a long way in helping Orange County residents stay out of the hands of the psychs. However, now that we have the Grant, we need to hire an experienced professional to get the most out of these ads for CCHR OC. This means constant testing and tweaking the ads as well as making changes to the landing pages, keyword search and optimal usage of keywords, tracking results, etc. This is beyond the scope of our CCHR OC volunteer staff skill set. I have shopped around and have found several professionals that would do this work expertly and are results driven and very experienced. This will cost us $1,200.00 per month or $279.00 per week or $40.00 per day to pay this professional company to help us defeat psychiatry in Orange County. 

In order to fund this we have established the following membership levels:

OC Human Rights Member – $25.00 per month
OC Human Rights Activist – $50.00 per month
OC Human Rights Reformer – $100.00 per month
OC Human Rights Protector – $200.00 per month
OC Human Rights Patriot –    $300.00 per month
OC Human Rights Defender – $400.00 per month
OC Human Rights Champion – $500.00 per month
OC Human Rights Champion With Honors – $600.00 per month
OC Supreme Champion of Human Rights – $700.00 per month
OC Supreme Champion of Human Rights With Honors – $800.00 per month
OC Human Rights Hero – $900.00 per month
OC Human Rights Hero With Honors – $1,000.00 per month
OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights – $1,100.00 per month
OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights With Honors – $1,200.00 per month

Can I count on you to pledge a monthly amount and/or help me get enough necessary pledges? – all or any portion of this monthly target of $1,200.00 would be very much appreciated. 

“…the psychs … have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe…” LRH – HCOB 26 Aug, 1982 Pain and Sex

This $10,000 per month pay per click campaign will go a long way to defeating the work of the psychs in Orange County and make our community safer and saner to live in.

Thank you for your contribution. It is tax deductible and we accept all major credit cards. Call me today with your monthly pledge.


Boris Levitsky
IAS Freedom Medal Winner 1989

Everything about the creepiness is trickling down. Look at this next one, a “Community Learning Center” holding a seminar  — not about learning or anything valuable to the community, but “we will teach you to sell anything” — and now too they have “status levels” for “donators.” 
Stay tuned as the IAS cracks down on rogue status granters. They will soon realize all these people are poaching on their hallowed territory and try to stop anyone else from offering statuses in return for money. It isn’t going to work though. I believe this practice is only going to end when the cancer has full consumed its host and there is no member of the church of scientology left on planet earth with a penny.
Truly the planet will have been “cleared.”
Patrick Valtin 
coming to the CLC to present
How to Sell Anything!
Join Patrick for an intense and informative training on how to:
  • Beat the most aggressive competitors by making sure your sales strategy is correct
  • Turn tough buyers into your most loyal customers by learning WHY they buy
  • Master the Golden Rules of negotiation by knowing the KEY buying factors
Event details:
Saturday, April 26, 2014
10am – 2pm
Community Learning Center
1411 N Fort Harrison Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33755
$75 ticket
($50+ monthly sponsors of CLC come free!)
To purchase $75 tickets to this event using PayPal, please click the link below:


To become a $50 or more monthly sponsor of the Community Learning Center and come to all monthly business and prosperity seminars free of additional charge, please register at:


OR you may call us at the Center at
(727) 441-4444 ext. 1007.
Monthly Student Sponsor Levels: 
$50/month Einstein
$100/month Galileo
$250/month DaVinci
$500/month Aristotle
$1000/month Plato


Homework Help
Every Tuesday and Thursday
4 – 5:30 pm
6 – 7:30 pm
and every Saturday
10:30 – 12 pm
at the CLC
1411 N Fort Harrison Ave.
Clearwater, FL
Books and Art for Kids event
Saturday, Apr. 12
11am- 1pm
at the CLC
1411 N Fort Harrison Avenue
Clearwater, FL
Open to the public!
Camp Code
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Every Saturday
2pm – 4pm
at the CLC
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Every Tuesday and Thursday
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  1. non-scientologist says

    But he had a MD so would that not make him a psychiatrist who are more evil then psychologists?

    • Old School says

      NO non-scientologist. Having an M.D. doesn’t mean that a person is a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist earns an M.D. as part of his training. Not the other way ’round…

  2. non-scientologist says

    But Sigmund Freud was Jewish and left the third reich in 1939 because of Nazi persecution. Yet Psychology is responsible as a field of study for the holocaust?

    Someone will have to re-explain this one to me.

  3. says

    Hold on a bloody minute!

    So these thieves are getting $10,000 a month from the google idiots, and if they pay a “professional” $1200 a month then they simply get the work done and get $8200 a month for doing, er well nothing really.

    This is not enough for them. The greed defies belief doesn’t it. I hate to repeat myself but how can people who claim OT VIII status( We know how important status is) not be able to do simple arithemetic?

    You could’t make it up could you.

    The Scientology comedy show goes on forever LOl LOL

  4. Foolproof says

    Further to my last comment: if the Church collapses or somehow COB is removed and a sane ARCful (gasp!) management is installed – then as a punishment for all those who remained in supporting this Treason when they say “can we have our money back now please?” the answer is “No, this is your part of your lower conditions for supporting this criminal nonsense for the last few decades. Therefore your IAS and Idle Org (and all the other scams) donations money will be shunted over and counted on the VSD for delivering auditing to staff – but not to IAS Regges or any staff involved in ‘donations racketeering!'” The idea at least makes me feel a bit better, and less bitter – ha!

  5. Foolproof says

    They are getting desperate are they not? Now, as I recall all the people I know who still remained in the Church over the years, I think such a fate couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of moronic, treasonous (to the subject), propitiative, fawning, idiotic, dumb, gleeful set of “human beings”. And that is being rather kind! Now I wouldn’t say all that if they also didn’t think that others who don’t follow the party line and didn’t fall for all this nonsense are somehow “out-ethics”. And you should hear what they say about thee and me for not following all of this drivel – it would make your toes curl! So – let them get on with it until it all collapses. Then these same people as described above – will say “I knew it along (that COB was an SP)! Er, is it possible now that I can have my donations money back?”

    • says

      Er “That’s it a minute” Um Er, these constant attacks on loyal Staff members er Tis all a bit enturbulative.

      DASS a CHIT, Sing this song

      “going to the Sea Org for life”,”To find a loveley Wife”

      “People come to me, ” I tell ’em it’s DEV-T”

      Chorus ” Shuddup Shuddup”

      Dear Leader save us from this terrible blog (LOL) and the evil MR and his cohorts.

      Donate now, before the banks collapse.

  6. says

    Galileo is twice as valuable as Einstein? Plato is 20X old Albert? And where is LRH himself on this list. How much would you have to donate to be an LRH whatever-it-is? These statuses are definitely not receiving IA from AVC if such even exists. I will show them to Mariette for purposes of rejecting them and sending to cramming.

  7. gato rojo says

    Oh gosh—Google didn’t google CCHR I guess….or the “Church” of $cientology.

    But with all the false stats and hype spewing forth for 20 or more years now, the whole thing about Google is most likely just a Big Fat Lie Like All The Others.

  8. Jose Chung says

    I say get CCHR OFF the Gravy train.
    No results, fire them all. Put the senior exes on trail.
    Make them liable for all money given CCHR

  9. says

    I can just hear the MAA’s arguing with staff saying they want to leave the Sea Org.

    “What are you thinking? Don’t you know that if you go “out there”, you will have to work for a living? Let others go do the work, then we just take the money from them by offering them an identity. Don’t you see it is best to just sell these identities and not have to actually create?”

  10. says

    Hell maybe they know something I don’t know. I’m just going to park my ass on Las Vegas Boulevard and start begging for a living.

  11. MJ says

    For anyone worrying about getting declared, I give you this from The Dark Knight: “You have nothing, nothing to threaten me with, nothing to do with all your strength.”

  12. SadStateofAffairs says

    Wow MIscavige really has converted the mindset of his remaining followers into that of beggars. Need money for something, anything? Just establish a set of (meaningless, useless) statuses and send out begging emails to as many Scientologists as you can. The Doctrine of Exchange has been successfully reversed into the Doctrine of Out-Exchange. They have all been successfully made over into criminals and they don’t even see it.

    • says

      Maybe so SSA,

      Then again you can’t blame Dave exclusively with a mentality that started with SEF then later IAS.

      There has always been greedy vultures that hung around the fridges of the Church.

      All the Dope of Scientology did was turn it into a scavengers feeding frenzy.

    • Good Old Boy says

      You are spot-0n SadStateofAffairs. Their think on exchange is you made me happy and proud of you for giving me your money.

  13. Idle Morgue says

    Sorry Boris – but the last time CCHR asked me for money – they LIED and did not spend it on what they claimed they would. I was told Psych DVD’s would be given to our soldiers. After I gave the money – It dawned on me that “the soldiers have NO WAY OF LISTENING TO IT”! I called back and asked this and was sent with …”I don’t know”

    Silly me – going on and trusting you with your word and such!

    Well, you don’t do what you promise and you are a church with no accountability – so no more money!

    Good luck trying to squeeze money out of the bankrupted and broke OT’s, staff and public!

    The game is so over!

  14. says

    Never was a big fan of Google (was a devil you know relationship) especially when they started sticking the user in some kind data bubble based on previous searches and working for the NSA under Prism.

    Personally I prefer using the Tor browser which uses Start Page:

    For deep web searches.

    Anyway what they are giving CCHR is not really a grant per say but a small share of the revenue they generate by placing ads on their cite.

    A rather questionable activity for a 501Ciii organization to be doing under the Internal Revenue Code especially if some of these ads tend to be political.

    Another thing is CCHR has no control over the ads that are placed on their cite.

    I believe Justin over at tried this some time back and gave up doing it for the above reason.

    Of course since it seems that CCHR these days is only interested in filthy lucre they probably wouldn’t mind the APA and AMA place a huge honking ad on their site.

    Seems anything they do these days really doesn’t affect the Psychiatric Community anymore.

    Those glory days are long over.

    The anti psychiatry movement originally led by the late and esteemed Dr. Thomas Szasz has pretty much rejected them as a bunch of extremist cranks and nuts the way true Muslims reject Al Qeada.

    Thanks to Jan the child molester enabler and Bruce the rabid neocon. CCHR has basically turned into a circus sideshow with their Museum of Death or whatever its called and no longer has any real legitimacy anymore.

    Of course those wales who either exist in the Church of Scientology’s own data bubble and those who covertly really do support an Orwellian police state will continue to support CCHR.

    ‘Nuff said.

    • Jon H says

      I’m pretty sure you have the CCHR grant business backwards. If a company wants to run adwords ads on Google, they have to pay Google, on some basis, such as $x per 1000 people who see the ad on a Google search results page.

      Google is offering to let them run adwords ads, for free, up to $10,000 worth of ad presentations (or however Google accounts for them.)

      It’s not that actual money is going to CCHR, Google is just giving them free runs of a little text-only ad, which would otherwise cost CCHR money.

      CCHR is asking for additional donations, so that they can hire someone to tune the text of their adwords ads, in hopes of attracting people to click on the ads, and to improve the effectiveness of the website that is the destination when you click on the ads. At least, if you take them at their word, this is what they’d do with the money.

      To be honest I’m not sure how effective that $10,000 worth of ads is likely to be.

      • says

        Thanks for clearing that up Jon.

        Had it bas akwards.

        Anti-war got revenue from allowing ads on their site and I musta got the two things confused.

        I agree 10000 bucks is really chump change when it comes to advertising and it looks like getting some geek to tweak ads will probably be more beans out then in which is typical of how the Church operates these days.

  15. Michael Leonard Tilse says


    For $10 a week, I will tell everyone I like your blog. Your status will be “One of Michael Tilse’s liked blogs.”
    For $50 a week, I will tell everyone and sometimes post on facebook that your blog “One of Michael Tilse’s BEST liked blogs.”

    For $100 per week, I will give your blog the status: Michael Tilse’s BEST liked blog!” (Sorry Tony Ortega, a critic has to eat…)

    For $500 per week I will loudly proclaim online, and even on, and wear a sandwich sign between the hours of 10am to 4pm M-F with your status: “The BEST BLOG of ALL TIME”

    Operators are standing by to take your order. First come First Served. YMMV.

  16. mwesten says

    A director of CCHR quoting church scripture? So much for it being an “independent” organisation.

    As for the CLC, are its staff aware that at least 2 of its status awards are named after men believed to have enjoyed “irregular”, “out 2D” practices? Aka “1.1” “sexual perverts” who “are quite ill physically” and “extremely dangerous to society”. Just what would DM have to say about this?

  17. SILVIA says

    Despicable, greedy abuse, off purpose, scam, “couldn’t care’ for anyone else, just give me the money.
    Greed is an indicator of an immature soul, I will add that is an indicator of someone with no real soul.
    Hell is their home and it is awaiting for them.

    • Aquamarine says

      BobG, with all respect, I think it highly unlikely that Google does not know everything there is to know about CCHR and the Church of Scientology. The good, the bad, the ugly – Google knows it. That being said, Miscavige spends big bucks on Google ads (so much for the good) and if these grants to qualifying non-profits are part of their company policy anyway, I would say their decision was a no-brainer

  18. says

    The statement by L Ron Hubbard in the above fundraising letter forms part of the basis for the craziness that members of the Church of Scientology, and some Independent Scientologists even, display towards psychiatry.

    Let’s examine this statement:

    “…the psychs … have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe…” LRH – HCOB 26 Aug, 1982 Pain and Sex

    Let’s look at the first part of the statement:

    the psychs have been on the track a long time…

    How long, exactly, have they “been on the track”?

    dozens of years? x
    Hundreds of years? x
    thousands of years? x
    millions of years? x
    billions of years? x
    trillions of years? CLANG!!!!

    What evidence do we have that supports this statement?

    Does anybody have any real evidence for this besides a statement or two by LRH, and “incidents” run in auditing by people who have been heavily influenced by LRH’s statements??

    Is there any independent evidence for this part of his statement? Has anyone else ever voiced the idea that the psychs have been around for trillions of years?


    What quality is that kind of evidence?


    1. statements made by LRH, without offering any evidence,
    2. and auditing incidents seen in the minds of Scientologists during auditing

    sound enough evidence to bet your career on?

    Your family?

    Your life savings?

    OK. Moving on….

    2nd part of the statement by LRH:

    …and are the sole cause of decline in this universe…

    sole cause

    Look up the word “sole”.

    That’s quite a statement, isn’t it?

    sole cause

    But then there’s more:

    …of decline in this universe.

    “decline” could mean just about anything.

    But “in this universe”, presupposes a LOT of things not in evidence. Anywhere.

    So when you really examine this statement by Ron, is it a sound enough piece of reasoning to spend money on? To keep people from getting the treatment they need?

    Thoroughly scrutinizing the statements made by L Ron Hubbard, and asking the hard questions about them that force you to really examine them, can be a very therapeutic activity for a person who has been involved in Scientology.

    This has been a message from your Internet-based Critical Thinking Community on Scientology.

    Thank you for participating in this critical thinking moment.

    Return to blogging…


    • says

      Seems you omitted “priests” from the above HCOB.

      Any reason for that Al babe?

      This would change the meaning somewhat since he doesn’t assign all the blame just to psyches but to a priesthood as well.

      Historical examples of the latter causing a decline abound. Not just on the whole track but in recent times as well.

      Think of that period known as the “Dark Ages” or radical Islam.

      Regarding the psyches. Well you should really understand what he’s referring to here since there are many different definitions of psyche including a Greek god.

      When he says psyches he means institutional psychiatry. You know the kind who supported Hitler and the ones who accepted the funding of the Human Ecology Fund.

      Though I guess this would interrupt what you call your exercise in “critical thinking” wouldn’t it?

      • says

        Remoteviewed wrote:

        Though I guess this would interrupt what you call your exercise in “critical thinking” wouldn’t it?

        Oh not at all. It’s just getting started!

        In your post, you said that LRH did not just mean “psychs” but a priesthood as well. But that wasn’t the original statement. The original statement was that the psychs were the “sole cause of decline in this universe.”

        “This would change the meaning somewhat since he doesn’t assign all the blame just to psyches but to a priesthood as well.”

        So when LRH says that psyches are the sole cause of decline in this universe, you are saying he meant they are not the sole cause, but priests are also another cause of decline in this universe.

        But then why did he say “psychs were the sole cause”?

        That’s at least sloppy writing, right?

        Or am I missing something.

        Do psychs = priests?

        How, exactly?

        Then you said something even more confusing and contradictory. After you said the above, you then said that “When he says psyches he means institutional psychiatry. You know the kind who supported Hitler and the ones who accepted the funding of the Human Ecology Fund.”

        So when he says psychs, he means psychs and priests.

        But when he says “psychs” he means institutional psychiatry.

        This explanation of yours contradicts the statement LRH made.

        He said: “…the psychs … have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe…” LRH – HCOB 26 Aug, 1982 Pain and Sex

        Are you trying to make LRH’s statement above make sense?

        If so, could you please keep going because I don’t think we’re there yet.

        And before you give up on me and want me to just go read the bulletin, I have read it. Many times in fact. And I made all the convolutions that you are making now.

        What I’m saying is that in order to make this make sense, you have to dub in all kinds of things and even come up with explanations which contradict LRH’s original statement.

        But if you really examine it, LRH’s statement simply makes no sense.

        So let me know again how it does make sense.


        • says


          I was pointing out that you left out “priests” which as I remember was in the HCOB you’ve cited.

          Thus as I wrote he didn’t solely place the blame on “psyches” but on priests as well.

          Contrary to what you say.

          Also I do know that Ron was not against all psyches as he had a great deal of respect for Szasz and also issued an LRHED entitled Project Psychiatrist which included a letter to promote Dianetics to independent psychiatrists.

          Thus by cutting and pasting the HCOB and by not including any history that may conflict with your assertion.

          You are being disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

          And that is all I will say on this matter.

          Other than you can continue this “argument” without me.

          • Mike Rinder says

            Well, sorry Robin, but LRH WAS against the psychs. All psychs. And the later in life he got, the more vehement it became. There is a document he wrote that he designated was “only to be seen by those deemed to be in good enough case state” that laid out how the psychs are all whole track implanters from the planet Farsec. It is very detailed and very specific.

            To try and argue that LRH was not opposed to all psychs (except those like Szasz who RENOUNCED psychiatry) is silly.

            That is not an argument you can possibly win on, no matter how many snippets of things you come up with to try to make the argument. Project Psychiatrist was to UNDERMINE the psychs.

            Just don’t bother with this one. It makes you look foolish to even try.

            • says

              Thanks for the back up Mike.

              Never read the issue you’re referring to but I do know that he shares his ire with priests as well as psyches in the issue Pain and Sex and that Al did intentionally omit this from the quote he cited.

              This was mainly the point I was making.

              Also there is also evidence in his earlier writing as the RED cited that he was not against all psyches.

              Having written this is there any dispute on what I wrote it would you like me to post these Refs?

              • Mike Rinder says

                Robin — I am not sure what point you are trying to prove? That Alanzo is wrong because he didnt ALSO make it clear that LRH also condemned priests? He also omitted FBI Agents. And reporters. And IRS guys. And Bankers. And the CIA. And the AMA.

                These blanket condemnations of entire professions are symptomatic of the us vs them mindset that is a hallmark of LRH’s worldview.

                It’s an odd position to try and defend the “psychs are evil” statement with the argument “aha, you didnt ALSO say that he claims priests are evil too.”

                You seem to take offense over the fact that he apparently only quoted the LRH statement with respect to psychs? And “altered” the quote? Like that means he DIDNT say “psychs are evil” (and yes, in massively general terms, and yes, very often)?

                Kind of altered importance to try and deflect the absolute fact that LRH hated psychs by proclaiming “you misquoted him because he also hates priests” dont you think?

              • says


                This is totally how the Church operates these days.

                They omit certain sections of an HCOB PL,ED etc and say Ron said this when in fact he didn’t.

                Alterations like this in IMHO is basically what has destroyed the organization.

                You want to continue this trend in the field?

                Another thing.

                So Ron generalized at times.

                Sure there are good people in the CIA.

                I’ve met em.

                Same with other Agencies.

                But the fact is these agencies as a group have committed reprehensible and evil acts.

                Are you saying that Ron should amend what he says to exclude the good from the bad from an agency that acts suppressively as a whole?

              • Mike Rinder says

                How you arrive at some of your “questions” never ceases to amaze me.
                Where did you come up with this doozie from?
                Are you saying that Ron should amend what he says to exclude the good from the bad from an agency that acts suppressively as a whole? (I dont think Ron can amend anything BTW, he is dead)

                And then this one: They omit certain sections of an HCOB PL,ED etc and say Ron said this when in fact he didn’t. You want to continue this trend in the field?

                I don’t know what sections of what you are claiming are omitted and what you are claiming someone said “Ron said when in fact he didnt”?

                Maybe I am wasting my time thinking I am going to get an answer to this conundrum…

                What exactly is Ron supposed to have said that he didnt?

              • says

                Come on Mike,

                You obviously didn’t read my comment fully or didn’t duplicate it.

                If you look at the full HCOB that Byron was good enough to post you will see contrary to what Alanzo said he didn’t blame the “psyches” exclusively but included “priests” as well and this was entirely the point I was making.

                So he is saying that psyches *and* priests are responsible for the decline of society.

                Whether this is true or not I leave that for the individual reading it to decide.

                The point that I made and will continue to make is that if someone is going to quote anyone not just Ron but anyone you should quote them exactly.

                Not leave shit out because it fits their agenda.

                I’m I clear?

              • Mike Rinder says

                You are reading something that the rest of the world cannot see. And just keep asserting something that is not there. Take a chill pill and actually read the issue.

              • says

                Here’s the issue I was referring to:

                HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 5 JUNE 1984
                False Purpose Rundown Series 1
                HCOB 30 JULY 80 THE NATURE OF A BEING
                That beings are basically good and are seeking to survive are two fundamental facts of life.
                A being’s basic goodness can be made brightly evident or be heavily obscured, the quality of his life and survival potential can be enhanced or reduced, all through a factor fun- damental to the thetan himself: Purposes.
                Where a being has accumulated non-survival purposes and intentions, he will be found to be having, doing and being far below his potential. Having committed overt acts (prompted by false, non-survival intentions and purposes) he then restrains himself from action. Achievement, stability, certainty, respect for self, and even the thetan’s innate power can seem to deteriorate or disappear altogether.
                And it can be found that many of these contra-survival purposes have been fettering the being for a very long time.
                Recent upper level research breakthroughs have led to the development of a new run- down designed to slash straight through to the root of such false purposes and unwanted in- tentions and blow them.
                The name of this new rundown is the False Purpose Rundown. RESEARCH
                The tech research done was quite extensive and involves several major discoveries. But I’ll let you in on one thing: There were a group of beings (translates to „psychs“ and „priests“ – same crew, really) who existed way, way back on the track.
                It was the aim of these psychs back on the whole track to very carefully push in peo- ple’s anchor points to prevent them from reaching. The psychs were, themselves, a bunch of
                FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN 391 FPRD
                FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN 2 HCOB 5.06.84
                terrified cowards, and the prevention of reaching was one facet of their operation. Handling overts, withholds and non-survival purposes with the False Purpose Rundown has proven highly effective in undoing the effects of the „work“ of psychs on the whole track, and restor- ing the thetan’s willingness and ability to reach.
                The False Purpose Rundown may only be delivered by an auditor who has completed the Hubbard False Purpose Rundown Auditor (HFPRDA) course, where one studies the materials of the new tech breakthroughs and masters the laser-precise techniques of False Purpose Rundown auditing. The rundown may only be C/Sed by a New Class VI C/S (or above) who also has been thoroughly trained in the tech of the False Purpose Rundown as both an auditor and a Case Supervisor.
                The auditing is very fast and very direct.
                And – hold your hat – though it is the result of research into the far reaches of the OT band, it can be delivered to persons who have just begun on their way up the Bridge! Case prerequisites for the rundown are determined by the Case Supervisor, based on the pc’s drug history and personality test results. Some pcs will need no prior case actions at all. (REF. HCOB 12 NOV 81RB, GRADE CHART STREAMLINED FOR LOWER GRADES)
                RESUL TS
                Pcs and PreOTs report – and folder studies confirm – a very high rate of case gain per hour of auditing on this rundown, with unwanted fixed conditions and considerations drop- ping away left and right.
                Barriers to enjoyment of life and attainment of goals that before seemed solid and formidable can be whisked away like a puff of smoke before a fresh gust of wind. What would be left if such barriers were gone? Certainty of self and one’s basic purposes and inten- tions – and a revitalized reach, drive and confidence in one’s ability to achieve them, free from self-restraint.
                And that, my friend, is worth reaching.
                L. RON HUBBARD FOUNDER

                Note he says:

                “There were a group of beings (translates to „psychs“ and „priests“ – same crew, really) who existed way, way back on the track.”

                So now the rest of the world can see it.

              • says

                Sorry western for getting your name wrong.

                Actually I stand corrected the exact quote is:

                “Under the false data of the psychs (who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe) both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and, coupled with robbery which is a hooded companion of both, may very soon make the land a true jungle of crime.”

                However I remember an HCOB where he says “psychs and priests” specifically.

                Though this obviously is not that HCOB.

                Anyway my bad.

        • Mike Rinder says

          Well, I think Robin should re-read this issue. It gives self-flagellating priests as an example of the product of psychs. I understand even less what remoteviewed is objecting to? This is the “nice” version of the Farsec story that is suitable for public consumption (at least in LRH eyes at the time).

      • mwesten says

        They omit certain sections of an HCOB PL,ED etc and say Ron said this when in fact he didn’t.

        But he did say it. Read the HCOB.

    • Foolproof says

      Well Alanzo, like I said about your comment that the Dianetics book was not able to be understood and now you say “LRH’s comment is not able to be understood” – so – what word then was misunderstood? It is strange is it not that most people on this board can understand the book and the statements without any problem but you seem to always “find a problem”. Do you really think you are going to convince people to stop being Scientologists because of what you write? Your so-called arguments are seen through and shot down in flames straight away. As the Brits say “you are batting on a sticky wicket here” (cricket term). Or do you have some sort of personal agenda here or fear of Scientology?

      • mwesten says

        I care, for one. Where are your manners? The point Alanzo makes regarding the LRH quote is a worthy one. Rather than assume the position (I missed it being given to you) as speaker for “most people” on this blog, why not add to the debate? What is it about Alanzo’s comment that riles you so?

      • says


        What riles me is not that Al posted it but that he didn’t post the whole quote in its entirety.

        This is the whole quote:

        “Under the false data of the psychs (who have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe) both pain and sex are gaining ground in this society and, coupled with robbery which is a hooded companion of both, may very soon make the land a true jungle of crime.”

        And this is the redacted quote that Al posted:

        “…the psychs … have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe…”

        As you see by leaving out the parenthesis you alter the meaning if only slightly by its context.

        (Something the Church does continually BTW with their “new and improved” version of the “Scientology Religion”.)

        The question to ask is why Al would not quote the whole paragraph or for that matter the entire HCOB (since he can do so under fair use) but edit it in such a manner?

        • Mike Rinder says

          Oh come on Robin.

          Just admit you were mistaken and move on.

          If this your idea of a supposed “alteration” made by Alanzo — leaving out the parentheses and replacing them with elipses then all I can say is you appear to have some real difficulties with relative importances of data.

          He didnt change the meaning or slant what was said. And you now equating him with the church is just nutty.

          The question to ask is why Al would not quote the whole paragraph or for that matter the entire HCOB (since he can do so under fair use) but edit it in such a manner?

          The question I ask is why you keep arguing about this and repeatedly accused him of altering the quote by leaving out “the priests”? Jesus man, you repeatedly misstated what was in the issue and now are posing another of your rhetorical questions that “people should ask” about Alanzo?

          Have you no shame Sir?

      • says

        I could not agree with Foolproof more. I also am sick and tired of people who have NO idea (I can’t understand it) what Dianetics or Scientology actually are. God knows what these morons would do after reading ( er not really, can’t actually study and duplicate ) the Axioms.

        Mike does a lot of work, and puts in a lot of his time and effort for this blog and digs up some great stuff.

        The never ending IAS comedy show its great. The comments and replies often VERY amusing.

        Also this blog is about information primarily.

        I don’t see why NON-Scientologists feel the need to keep uttering their psychiatric Mish-Mash about LRR and the Tech and dressing it up as reasonable comments.

        In fact it is simply suppressive babbling insane nonsense.

        After all what do these lunatics offer up as a replacement for the Tech?

        That would be NOTHING.

        LRH does say the misunderstood word breeds confusion and strange ideas.
        Scientology is proven workable technology in this blog every day.

        Why else would someone rage and rant about a subject that is designed to help and heal.

        Its simple and, oh dear its in the Tech as usual “They have to STOP”.

        We all know what point in time that it don’t we.

        Keep up the good work Mike

        Nuff Said.

    • Foolproof says

      MWesten. You ask me “where are my manners” in replying to comments made by Alanzo that are designed to wind up and bend meanings of actually straightforward writings by Hubbard and present these in a way that is fallacious and untrue because he can’t understand them – and then expect “a debate” on such? I don’t think Alanzo has any “manners” here. He is quite happily saying to Scientologists on here that all of what you believe (actually know) is a load of old baloney and we should just say “hmm – yes, Alanzo, let’s debate that, yes, very good. I will allow you to try and shake my stable data but I won’t shake your stable data,after all, I am a very mannerful person!”

      Now we can all I think accept that there is something wrong with the mind of man. Agreed? Now, how do such things happen? Do they just happen spontaneously or by “natural causes”? Or does somebody cause such things to occur? And who would these people be then that cause such things? is it your next door neighbor whom you don’t get on with? Or the barking dog down the street? There is only 1 simple answer and that is mental practitioners who have implanted such things in people’s minds or done them in other ways. Doesn’t take a genius to work that out does it? Any Joe Public can read up on CIA and MK Ultra as just one piffling example of such. Even people who have watched the Bourne trilogy films could agree with that. There’s 1000s of Hollywood films based on true stories of psychs doing people in. And we are not talking about just 20th century psychiatrists etc. and the same would of course also be true way back down the track. Or could it be the next door neighbor from the 14th century that caused your hang ups in this lifetime? (I am being of course sarcastic.) Now a real debate would be – who else could have done this then, if not the pyschs? Then I would listen and take on any data on board. But this is not a debate from Alanzo. He is stating his opinion and I think it is completely off the wall! Ok? Because Alanzo cannot grasp and think through what Hubbard says doesn’t mean that we should all go off and start a wild debate with him about it all, which seems to be his raison d’etre for posting here. And then saying to me “where are my manners” is a bit rich is it not?

      • Mike Rinder says

        I have an answer to your question: Now we can all I think accept that there is something wrong with the mind of man. Agreed? Now, how do such things happen? Do they just happen spontaneously or by “natural causes”? Or does somebody cause such things to occur? And who would these people be then that cause such things? is it your next door neighbor whom you don’t get on with? Or the barking dog down the street? There is only 1 simple answer and that is mental practitioners who have implanted such things in people’s minds or done them in other ways.

        There is a much simpler answer to the question. YOU.

        It is one of the puzzling things about Scientology. On one hand, you are responsible for your own condition and creating the universe and creating your reactive mind. These are fundamentals of the subject.

        Yet, there is a whole other angle you are expected to accept — that someone else did it all to you and caused the bad.

        I do not believe these concepts are reconcilable.

        I did not find Alanzo twisted any “actually straightforward writings by Hubbard” and there are a few people who have jumped on this bandwagon. You are not doing yourself any favors in the logic stakes. But of course you are free to think any way you wish. Just don’t expect a lot of agreement when it doesnt make sense.

    • says

      Thanks, Remoteviewed, for producing the full quote. I simply cut and pasted the quote from the fundraising letter as it was presented there, as I said at the top of my post. But now that we have the full quote, is your point that this makes sense?

      Let’s take a look at these statements by L Ron Hubbard:


  19. hgc10 says

    Why would anyone want to be an OC Human Rights Hero With Honors when for just $100 more, they could be an OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights? I have to know.

  20. says

    Ok, although the odds of this happening are slim to nonexistent, say they were to get 15 people to donate at various status levels then some stoopid person says they will become supreme hero blah blah blah with honors at $1,200 per month. Since the non-existent need would then be fully funded, would CCHR so what any legitimate charity in the world would do and give the other 15 people their money back? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  21. says

    Mike I have devised a list for you to offer to the clubbed seals. This way we can pay them for their info and they can

    $100 per month: Blog Contributor
    $150 Per month: Special Correspondent
    $200 Per month: Email forwarder
    $300 Per month: OT Minutes Leaker
    $400 Per Month: Org Telex Leaker
    $500 Per Month: Class V Staff Spy
    $600 Per Month: Public Sea Org Org Staff Spy
    $1000 Per Month: Int Management Spy

    • says

      Thought of a couple more.
      $10000 Lump Sum. Recently Left SO Member Video Contributor
      $25000 Lump Sum. Private Investigator Turned Evidence Contributor.
      $1,000,000 Lump Sum. Ex Scientology Lawyer Document Provider

      These levels are to be sponsored by the Cult Awareness Network. Your donations are needed Now, Yes Right Now and sooner if possible.

  22. KFrancis says

    That’s a beautiful bird as vultures go. It no doubt can easily spot a credit card carrying target with an available balance at 1000 feet

    I wish the church had a large bronze version of this bird of prey placed on the steps out in front on ASHO. The lion that currently resides there no longer represents (training) what goes on inside the doors anyway.

    • MJ says

      Designation for IAS candidate – vulture bait. The Church has an MU thinking pray means prey.

  23. Potpie says

    I’m still listening to the Bee Gees.
    Stay’in Alive just came on….wait…
    can it be….no….yes yes it is….John
    Travolta is dancing in my office…OMG.
    Gotta go…think I’m gonna dance now.
    Sorry Boris….I just don’t care about you.

  24. Jose Chung says

    It was promoted ( 1990’s) that CCHR would eliminate Psychiatry by the year 2000.
    After 2000 this PR went dark and the drive for more CCHR money expanded right along with Psychiatry.
    No B of I ?, No Comm Eve?, Nobody can Why find or even a little string pull ?
    Now you give money for more statuses than Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
    and psychiatry gives this a nod and a wink as psych stocks continue in affluence.

    One question for D.M.
    ” How much money did Ely Lily give you to not bother them ?”
    What was the payoff deal ?

    Grant Writer , horses ass.

    • 9 In, 30+ Out says

      Co$ infiltrated the friggin IRS. How hard could it be to plant someone in Google to approve the application?

  25. FOTF2012 says

    Notice that Boris’s letter spells out some 14 statuses. He may have figured out that the more fine-grained / closely-spaced the statuses are, the easier it will be for a person to move from one status to the next. And then you can claim huge numbers each week for the advancement of people from one status to the next.

    Eventually, someone will space the statuses a nickel apart. Then each week I pay a nickel more than the last to reach the next higher status. Maybe week one I am a BT observer for 5 cents. The next i move up to a BT debater at the 10 cent level. Eventually, after 1,000 levels (and hence 1,000 completions of each status level to get to the next) I am BT master or something.

    My stats? Straight up and vertical! My reality? Out a bunch of nickels and no change other than significance (in the Scientology sense of the word) and no actual change in mass (in the Scientology sense of the word).

    I think it was either Disraeli or Twain (or both?) who said something like “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.” Maybe Hubbard should have studied that truism before basing his whole organizational assessment on stats. But … in some fairness to Hubbard, he also said there were only two real products — well done auditing and training.

    So regardless of what one things of Scientology, how the heck did they get so absolutely 100% off purpose and off track?

  26. Potpie says

    I’m listening to the Bee Gees as I read all this.
    All of a sudden they sang this line…….
    “Gotta get a message to you….one more hour
    and my life will be through”.
    Seems to be an appropriate line for this
    continued madness.
    They have more status levels than Amway
    could ever imagine.

  27. LDW says

    If it’s true that Google has been hoodwinked into giving money to CCHR, I wonder if they have been apprised of some salient facts about the Parent Company, the Church of $cientology? CCHR rails against psychiatric abuses as well as psychiatry, psychology and any other group who might pose a threat to their stated goal of taking over the entire field of mental healing.

    If Google were to examine the Church of $cientology’s success in helping people who truly have mental disorders they won’t have to examine too much to find out that they have zero successes. $cientology, despite their bluster and bombast doesn’t have any solution to actual mental illness. Just ask Lisa McPherson’s family.

    I can applaud some members of CCHR for exposing and bringing some psychiatric crimes to light.

    I condemn them for their absurd generalities and pretended expertise which has led to death and inhibited co-operation between the various fields of mental healing. Their long-standing craving for an enemy is passe and absurd. Time for them to clean up their own backyard.

    • FOTF2012 says

      Yes, CofS is itself arguably a psych that it should be working hard to reform!

      The general field of psychotherapies is continually being invigorated by research and discoveries in areas as diverse as neuroscience and evolutionary biology. It is continually being probed, challenged, and tested. Practitioners are subject to regulation and licensing.

      Whereas psychotherapies can evolve and reform, the CofS cannot do so. It is locked into “scripture” and it is what it is.

      And that’s a real shame. I think any number of aspects of Scientology could and should be tested in valid research. But when you “know” you have the absolute “truth” there is no incentive to question it and there is every disincentive not to.

  28. Lurr Kurr says

    Psychs are the sole cause of decline in the universe, huh? That is beyond laughable. You literally have to be decide to be stupid to agree with this. There is a special place for these manipulative soul terrorists.
    It freakin’ SUCKS to be mcSavage.

    • Grace says

      I wonder if anyone involved in this can even conceive that there are probably more “psychs” in the Greater Los Angeles Area than there are RCSers on the planet? Oh, yeah, that Google Grant is really gonna turn the tide in that “war”.

      And why would anyone want their child tutored by people who think it’s a good thing to mangle ‘donors’ into ‘donators’? And set the kids right up on the mcSavage path with, “Oh, yeah? Well I’m a Plato, you little Einstein!” Good grief.

  29. FOTF2012 says

    The Boris letter is misleading. Makes it sound like CCHR applied for and got a grant from Google in the sense of a monetary gift.

    Pretty much anyone can set up a Google ad words account ( and then learn how to manage the details ( Here are the basic qualifications:

    One requirement is to be a 501(c)3, which CCHR is. You can search for them on GuideStar ( and you get 38 results. Apparently CCHR sets up separate entities in each state — maybe they have to as a charity.

    One of the Google Ads program restrictions is that you can only link to one legitimate website. So I imagine they will link to

    Anyway, this “grant” is something that any “non-profit” can use. It is nothing significant Google has given CCHR specifically. It is part of a program that no doubt profits Google while they can say they are helping non-profits. Further, given the eligibility criteria (which CCHR meet), if Google were to deny CCHR use of the program, they would be in a lawsuit and would probably lose.

    • Philip Arlington says

      The more I discover about the laws of the United States the more it seems like they are an elaborate scheme designed to allow a thousand species of predator to feast on the public while duping the common man into believing that he lives in a country with equality before the law.

      • Leonore says

        Much as I love my country, or at least the noble notions upon which it was founded, I have to agree that it has become as you describe. The greedy and sociopathic have learned how to use the courts, politics, and media to engineer a giant predator feeding trough at all levels of society.

        Philip, I don’t agree with you as regards your basic stance on LRH & the technology of Scientology, but on this point, your conclusions are not that disimilar from mine.

    • iCandy says

      Very good information. Everyone here should take a look at it, especially the eligibility requirements. Cof$ fulfills the qualifications. But as you said, the letter is misleading. Any 503(c) can receive up to $10,000 per month in free advertising as part of the the program, and no, it’s not a cash grant.

    • McCarran says

      Very interesting. I think the way Boris worded it, scios are going to think Google is awarding CCHR OC $10,000/mo. This should get them excited about donating more to the cause. You have to admit, it’s a great letter for getting more donos.

  30. Bela says

    These names of status make me laugh! It reminds me of Toddlers and Tiaras. (yes, I admit I’ve watched it.)

  31. Pericles says

    Does anyone know the reason Boris got his Freedom Medal? It was for the Boris Levitsky/Winston Kao team getting Dianetics into China. It was Winston who spoke the language and actually got it done not Boris. One should steer clear of this Boris guy.

    • Mike Rinder says

      As I recall it was for doing something to get admin tech into Russia? But I may be mistaken.

  32. Skydog says

    Boris Levitsky, IAS Freedom medal winner 1989 – he hasn’t achieved anything worthy of note in the last twenty-five years? I had perfect attendance in the third grade – should I put that on my job applications in the future? But all seriousness aside, did they really get a grant in the amount of $10,000 a month from Google or is that just another lie being used to bait the trap? With all the upward and vertical expansion touted by management, they don’t have one person who can perform the services needed for this latest scam? They only need on “OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights With Honors” to pay this fee – will they stop once they get one sucker or keep asking for more? While they are begging for money, why not ask for funds to hire a grant writer?

      • says

        I have to say that, while your view certainly is quick and pleasantly cutting, I think it’s an incredible oversimplification of the variables involved. I suggest you give Google the benefit of a doubt until proven otherwise — unless you prefer to do things in (say) the manner of a certain cult I could mention: presume first. I could see any number of reasons why Google might have done this, and only a very, very few of them being “MONEY IS OUR ULTIMATE MASTER WE WILL ENDORSE ANYTHING FOR MONEYMONEYMONEY.” Which, at the end of the day, is really what your argument is. I’m *not* claiming they are angels. I *am* claiming that they are a large corporation that has many different facets and — as an example or two off the top of my head — may not dig much deeper than seeing “501c(3)”, or is trying to be sure they don’t get wrapped up in a lawsuit for smearing a community organization.

        I think it fair to say that jumping to conclusions on *either* side of this is foolhardy in the extreme until such time as the facts are made known.

  33. DollarMorgue says

    Actually, Google have staff to help with ads.

    Money, money, money… must be funny…

  34. tetloj says

    It’s scary how that Community Learning Centre information seems to be aimed mostly at children and then seeing the advertised content of learning how to do sales. I visualise Glengarry Glenross in tiny bodies

  35. GTBO says

    Truly the planet will have been “cleared.”
    Yeah of cash, If RCo$ has anything to do with it, and of course “none of the groups are connected to RCo$”
    Let the BS continue to pile up the sheeple will either wake up and smell the shit or drown in it.

  36. Joe Pendleton says

    Cap in hand …. cap in hand. I was going to ask if any of these people are capable of actually paying their own way with real production EVER. But you know ….Boris will probably get his needed bucks a number of times over. Scientologists are now in such poor shape as beings and so conditioned to the idea that mest solves everything, that they are perfect “marks.” Right, defeat Psychs in OC .. the “sole” cause of ALL the decline …. these people will swallow any malarkey that their masters feed them. And ….. you freaking KNOW Boris ain’t doing this for free.