Scientologists Running Around In Circles

runningThe hype is now rolling for the Running Program (Cause Resurgence Rundown) and it is fascinating to see.

Somehow it encapsulates so much of what is wrong with the over-the-top efforts to sell Scientology.  As it is repeated and expanded it devalues anything of worth in the subject.

Now the claims are that running around in a circle for days on end is a powerful OT rundown …from LRH research on the whole track…. and this is amazing technology never before seen in this society and age. (?)  Oh come now. Calm down a bit don’t you think?  

It’s just RUNNING!

In circles no less…. 

Miscavige used to use this as punishment.  I have run around a pole at the Int Base on the now bulldozed “Running Program Track” many times in full uniform in the midday heat because I (and everyone else in WDC or everyone else in CMOI or everyone else in the meeting he was just in) needed to “get in PT” or “stop dramatizing being an SP” or whatever.  Certainly it was not to accomplish OT EXTERIORIZATION (all caps)…. And I don’t even know where THAT comes from in the middle of this email?

If this is so beneficial why not make it available to everyone for free? I don’t think there is any harm in it.  It probably has the same benefits many runners claim they experience from running — see this New York Times article entitled Yes Running Can Make You High.  There is no cost involved in letting someone run. They claim they have to “C/S” it. No, just hand them an “instruction sheet” that tells them to run until they have a cognition. 

$2500 for the privilege of being allowed to run “in outer space” (ie an “entire floor” with a track that has no windows so there are no distractions) is obscene. They can ONLY get away with this by touting it as an “OT Rundown” and “based on Whole Track research.” 

It is this sort of corny over promotion and exorbitant fees for doing nothing that gives Scientology such a bad name (along with abusing people, disconnection, insane public statements, PI’s etc etc).

Some koolaid drinking brown-nosers will do the Running Program and proclaim it has given them powers beyond OT VIII or the L’s or Dianetics or TR 0 and it will be touted like crazy. But the word of mouth WILL get out and this will be another bust. An honest “success story” from this rundown would be “Enjoyed running and am going to continue to run at home now as it made me feel good. Exercise is healthy and I can think more clearly and don’t feel as stressed by life when I am running.”

A thetan exterior process you can do in a body – right. So is daydreaming if you want to get right down to it. 

I hope people get the word before too many people hand over $2500 for the privilege of exercising in the SP building.  

LA Fitness is cheaper. And they don’t have IAS regges sitting in the changing rooms.

Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2013
From: Barbara Dews <>
Subject: Technology Never Before Seen on Earth has Arrived

Flag Service Consultant Newsletter
Technology Never Before Seen on Earth
Has Now Arrived!

Generate and Control Energy at Will!

From LRH research on the whole track comes a powerful OT rundown. You will experience amazing technology never before seen in this society and age. The Cause Resurgence Rundown.

This rundown is so powerful, it can pull a thetan out of anything. You won’t just blow facsimiles and ridges. You’ll restore your innate power to generate your won energy and flows.


The Cause Resurgence Rundown is based on research in an area of the track that predates this current planet by countless millennia.


Power to generate your own energy and flows
Blowing facsimiles and ridges
Your flows as a being straight and smooth
In present time, like you’ve never experienced before
Rocketed Cause

This is from LRH Research on the Whole Track.

It’s an OT whole track Objective process like no other. A thetan exterior process you can do in a body.

Restore the true source of energy in your universe. Generate and straighten out all flows. Raise your cause level out of this universe.

It’s an OT action addressing the thetan directly. But not limited to OTs.

You can do it at many points on the Bridge. Preclear. Pre-OT. OT. And it is an unlimited rundown. A rundown you can do multiple times, with greater and greater gains the higher you are on the Bridge. 

Staggering in simplicity, awesome in power, the Cause Resurgence Rundown rockets your cause and control.

It smooths out and opens your energy flows wide. It leaves your space and flows clean. 

Step up to CAUSE!!

The minimum case prerequisites for the Cause Resurgence Rundown are the Purification Rundown and Objectives Completion.

Time: On average: 2 to 4 weeks

Cost: $2500

The Cause Resurgence Rundown delivery space encompasses an entire floor of the new Flag Building. It is like stepping off planet Earth into the far reaches of outer space. There is nothing like to be found anywhere. A highly-trained team of expert Cause Resurgence delivery Staff know precisely how to ensure you receive 100% standard delivery of the rundown and achieve the full stellar results.

Restore your innate power to generate your own energy and flows. Everything is in place for your Cause Resurgence Rundown.

I want to help you arrive for this incredibly OT service. Please call me or write anytime for anything.

Barbara Dews
Flag Service Consultant
323 872 3585

Freedom is reached by going up through the GRADES of auditing.      LRH HCOB 5 April 1969


  1. Richard Grant says

    This does add a whole new depth to the meaning of “whole track”.

    I’m startled to note, though, that the author closes by saying “I want to help you arrive.” Shouldn’t that be “I want to help arrive you”? Get your grammar in, Barb!

    • Philip Arlington says

      In British English at least it would be “I want to help you to arrive”. However, “Please contact me for assistance with your travel and accommodation plans”. would probably be a further improvement.

      • richardgrant says

        Philip, yes, in American English too. Recent comms from inside the bubble, though, have featured this alternative use. But it seems even their grammar-squirreling is non-standard.

    • says

      Scientology’s twitter account has 7,090 members (a drop from 12,000 a few months ago) so I don’t think that reinventing the wheel is helping them much.

  2. Bela says

    If the rundown does all those things as promised, Barbara, then why would need to do it multiple times?

    • Jane Doe says

      She is setting you up for redoing that part of the Bridge later when DM runs out of new tricks and just recycles everyone on the earlier stuff they did. I think they should just put that disclaimer on every step of the Bridge, “so good you can re-do it many times…” so that no one will balk when they are being told to pay for and re-do steps on the Bridge that they’ve done before. What charlatans.

      • Bela says

        Yes! Except, this isn’t even part of “the Bridge”. It’s just something that she will be able to reg anyone and everyone for, over and over again, when the Flag World Tour comes to a town near you.
        An old friend of mine would tell every Flag reg that if it was not on the Bridge as a Grade Chart action, he was not interested in doing it. They were extremely disappointed when he had the means to pay for all the Ls, but refused to have anything to do with them.

      • Bela says

        oh yes. He was also a trained Class 4, NED auditor. And…a scientist who won a page in the history books. Yes…I saw his name in my son’s science book several years ago and was, once again, reminded of what a great man he was.

  3. minorron says

    With the average age of Davey’s whales being in the 50+ area, I’m sure quite a few of them will be achieving an exterior state in no time at all on the “far reaches of outer space” space.

    They will be falling down left and right during their heart attacks. Hopefully there are plenty of deliberators distributed throughout the track and the delivery team has been trained 100% in their use. The extra volts delivered by these devices will definitely give a “Resurgence” to their Cause.

    • Katniss Everdeen says

      I was just thinking the same thing….. Especially since they gain all that weight staying “sessionable” while they’re doing their upper Bridge at Flag.

    • Civmar says

      I have been trained in the use of the AEC, Automatic Electric Defibulator.

      Interestingly the command the operator must use Tone 40 before jolting the patient is:


  4. hansje brinker says

    Did Hubbard used to sport? Probably not………

    I am wondering if there is any postulate-processes left in the church?

  5. SKM says

    “A thetan exterior process you can do in a body – right. So is daydreaming if you want to get right down to it. “
    Haha. One day you kill me. :-D

  6. says

    People who do the Cause Resurgence Rundown for $2,500 can have the same “cog” that people will have on the full Super Power rundown, which costs a lot more (anyone know what the cost is supposed to be for the full Super Power treatment, by the way?). And that cog is “Is DM freaking kidding? I’m outta here!”

    The gulf between the promises and the reality are extreme.

  7. LDW says

    And at the end of the post she quotes, “Freedom is reached by going up through the GRADES of auditing. LRH HCOB 5 April 1969″

    So, since when is running around in circles a “grade?”

    The church of miscavology, where anyone can achieve the state of Obedient Thetan.
    All it takes is a lot of money and a strong desire to be really stupid.

  8. says

    After the Lisa McPherson disaster for the cob it’s funny to see him implement this rundown in the new SP building. He will probably have someone drop dead from exhaustion and then pull in even more legal actions. Go for it cob.

    • Jane Doe says

      That was my first thought too. Most of the whales and Kool Aid drinkers are old now. Can you imagine some of them, smokers in particular, trying to run for 10 minutes straight, much less for hours at a time without all sorts of non optimum body things coming up. I predict strokes, heart attacks, all sorts of problems on this. I wonder if they have them sign a huge many page waiver before the let them on? DM is big on waivers. But if someone died doing it, it would be a Lisa McPherson thing all over again and imagine the bad publicity. The wacky C of $ would look even more out there once word gets out about this.

    • Live Zombie says

      Well , when we did the sweat program at least the sweat would stay inside the suit. Now it seems, it’s going to get real stinky in that room. Poor RPFer’s will have to clean whale sweat up.

  9. Jane Doe says

    Good one Minorron! The vols from the defibrillators will be like R-2 45. Ha ha.

    Ron does talk about circling a planet or outer space object if you drop the body and are having trouble and can’t get back down to earth. This is in the Leaving the Body Assist which has lots of processes for someone who is dying and leaving the body. One of the actions are after they exteriorize and leave, if they find themselves up in the sky or space, and can’t get back down to earth they are to find a planet or object in space and circle it over and over until they can now get back down to earth. That, IMHO sounds useful and therapeutic. But the running around a track thing. Nah.

    And unless they reverse the direction of the running every now and then, you’ll get too much wear on one foot versus the other as you go around the tight circle, not a good thing. So reversing the direction equally will help prevent that.

    I used to be a long-distance runner in my younger days, did races and a marathon etc. And I experienced the runner’s high many times. It has been proven and measured and all by the Science guys. Running releases endorphins, the feel good hormones. But you can do that for free. I did for years. I went ext on some of my runs from the key out. But that was without Scientology and was before I ever found Scn and was FREE. These guys who pay $2,500 to run inside with no windows. (no windows!) are idiots. Go out and get some fresh air and run on your own and you’ll feel wonderful just from the endorphin effect.

    • DollarMorgue says

      Fresh air works wonders for a clouded mind. Why do you think they’re doing it indoors?

      Anyway, it’d look silly, all those senior citizens jogging in circles.

      • Hallie Jane says

        Yeah indoors and with no windows?! The fun of running is being outside in nature. How mind numbing, like running on a treadmill facing a wall with no i pod. Bleh!!

      • Jane Doe says

        I agree. The fun of running is being outside. Can you imagine a month or two after all those sweaty bodies have been in there running for 5 hrs a day 7 days a week and it’s open 24 hrs a day? The stink will be horrible! And what about mold and mildew from the dampness and no open air and no sunlight to disinfect? Yuck! Sweaty gym shoes times 1,000.

    • Dan 351 says

      Reversing the direction that you run in every so often is a great idea.
      DM can use that when he releases the new improved GAT 3 in a few years.

  10. Rory Medford says

    for sure paramedics will show up at the site for the people who are so out of shape and they drop dead of a heart attack!!!

    • says

      And the paramedics who show up on site won’t be allowed in the building because they don’t have top seekrit clearance. I can’t imagine a scenario where they will allow a “wog” into their “palace’ Then what? The kool aid drinkers are still too brainwashed to take action, but the outsiders noting that people are dropping dead right and left may take some action.

      Hey, maybe they can create some sort of chute or something which pushes the “nasty out ethics person who has pulled in some wog ailment” outside to a sidewalk where a passerby can alert paramedics?

      • Aquamarine says

        Here’s what I think: the Whales and everyone else will NOT be run around the pole out-gradiently. They will be carefully watched and they’ll be allowed to build up to to speed in however long of period of time it will take. Why? Far more profitable for Flag to make this rundown last as long as possible. Think accomos, food, additional handlings. etc. This is all income-producing stuff. And I think Flag will be thrilled to have out of shape, rich sheeple with body issues on this thing, because not being able to run will key them in and then they can get reviews and special handlings, and, oh, every div on the org board can get their pound of flesh, pun intended.

      • Aquamarine says

        And everyone can and will be programmed for this crap. Its going to be THE thing to do now. It will be the New Go To Handling for everyone’s why’s.

        Can’t get things done? Don’t feel at cause over your work, your relationship, bridge, blah, blah, blah? Wow wow wow do we ever have the rundown for you, and its only $2500. Do THIS and become cause over ALL your shit. Honestly, I’ve got the sonic on the reg’s spiel right now.

        PS: (And such a BREEZE for Flag to deliver – I mean, what imbecile wouldn’t be able to “audit” this?)

      • Jane Doe says

        Yep Aquamarine, you’re so right. The running pgm is the R/D du jour and the special of the day. And so easy to CS it, it’s very cost efficient for the church. Pretty soon there won’t be auditors. The auditors will be replaced by panels that you go sign up for auditing and push the button and inflow the videos on each panel. When you make it through the wall of panels, you press the button to say that you attest to that R/D. How cost effective that will be for the church. No human needed. No thetan in charge needed. Just gullible little fish with their mouths open. It reminds me of the movie “Soilant Green.”

      • says

        1. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown did you go exterior?
        If read is valid, rehab to F/N. If it won’t rehab, send the preclear to the reg for a $50,000 Int Rundown.

        2. 1. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown was there an out-list?
        If pc listed to himself “Why the fuck am I doing this? And why did I pay $2500 for it?” Indicate the BPC. Find out if there was a time on the Cause Resurgence Rundown he wasn’t out-list, and rehab. If it won’t rehab, send to Ethics to get his head screwed on straight. Then C/S 53 to F/Ning assessment. Then return to cinder track.

        3. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown was there an out rudiment?
        Find out which rudiment(s) were out and fly to F/N. If any withholds or overts, send to Ethics for a sound thrashing. After return from hospital, return to cinder track.

        4. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown was there an overrun?
        Show the pc the COB reference that explains that the Cause Resurgence Rundown is in itself an overrun, and that he shouldn’t be resisting the overrun. Send to Ethics for a severe head-straightening, then return to cinder track.

        5. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown did something go on too long?
        Handle as in 4.

        6. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown was an F/N missed?
        Let the pc tell you his cog, rehab the F/N and return to the cinder track.

        7. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown was the Cause Resurgence Rundown already flat?
        Show the pc the COB reference that says such a thing is impossible. Return the pc to the cinder track. If any protest, send to Ethics for a sound thrashing. After pc returns from hospital, return pc to cinder track.

        8. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown, was the Cause Resurgence Rundown unnecessary?
        Handle as in 7.

        9. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown, were you thinking of blowing the Cause Resurgence Rundown?
        Switch to 17 intensives of strident Flag-style HCO Sec Checks immediately. Make sure that the sec check questions accuse the pc of things he couldn’t have possibly done, like “Did you ever steal COB’s private space schooner and take it for a joyride around Venus?”

        10. While doing the Cause Resurgence Rundown, were you thinking of bad things to say about the Cause Resurgence Rundown?
        Handle as in 9.

  11. Silvia says

    Creation of Human Ability processes can achieve this and at no cost.

    But DM is rocketing his income while this people amplify in outer spaces their delusions of full, total, unique cause never, ever experienced by anyone else.

    Again ‘the only ones’ totally separated from the comm lines of the rest of the world. Pity on them, this is no life really.

    • CobGatYour$$ says

      Does anyone know what “the official” salary Miscaviage makes? Does he pay taxes on it? Isn’t non-profit accounting supposed to be transparent?

      • Jose Chung says

        I have read that David Miscavige official salary
        is $100,000.per year. Tax free,
        His perks are considerably more than that
        with wardrobe,private jet, cars,motorcycles, private cooks, imported foods,
        entourage people including hairdressers, masseur, legal staff ,private detectives.
        Vacations all expenses paid by the church, Imported 100 year scotch a favorite staple
        of D.M. This is into millions, all tax free.
        Net worth estimated at $50 million but financial control of IAS funds is
        rumored at over One billion USD. Held in offshore accounts including Panama.

  12. DollarMorgue says

    LDW got there first, but I was also wondering what the closing quote had to do with super power. SP’s got nothing to do with the grades.

    The bigger the hype, the better, though. I actually used to believe this stuff. It never occurred to me the success stories (aka testmonials on dubious “enhance your erection” websites) might not be real to begin with. Who can live up to the hype? No one. In the end, it will team up with reality and rouse a few more sleeping beauties.

  13. Tim-S says

    “Technology Never Before Seen on Earth has Arrived”

    Running? Really? Is no one watching track and field events?

    C/sing running? Who knew the road to OT was running? All this time, it was right under our noses.

    And just where are the relevant LRH references on this?

    I recall some past track on a battle field where I was running, just not fast enough. I found myself suddenly exteriorized. I must have overrun or under run the process, obvious out tech on my part.


  14. Peter Gibbons says

    For once, this tactic has potential. Once you’ve paid $2500 to run in circles, simply charge another $2500 to run in the opposite direction. BRILLIANT!

  15. iJefferson says

    Is it really that easy to start a cult? Okay. . .

    Come join me next week at the brand new Church of Technicology!

    We’ll be offering our SuperMegaEffective Infantive Freedom Regenerative Curriculum!!!!

    For only $2499 (see what I did there?), you can experience COMPREHENSIVE EMANCIPATION!!! ™ from MIDSPAN ENFETTERMENTS!!!!

    Only available at our Spiritual UltraVatican at the Mall, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY as you are provided with our patented FINGER PAINTS and PLAY-DOH. Every afternoon, you’ll be provided with Church APPROVED STANDARD!!!!!!! 6-ounce cartons of 2% Milk, Spiritual Animal Crackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then we’ll all take a NAP!!!!!!@!!!!!

    Sign up YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! This Curriculum can be repeated EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR YOUR WHOLESPAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    (all major credit cards accepted)

    • DollarMorgue says

      I’d promised and sworn to myself I’d never join one again, but this just sounds too good to pass up. Do I get a blanket to hold on to?

      • iJefferson says

        Provided your blanket is approved yearly ($1799) by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Foundational Mommy-Replacement and provided your family is in good standing and not PBM/MUB(tm) (Potential BoogieMan/Monster Under the Bed), you can bring your blankey.

  16. War Horse says


    Can you direct me to the “Leaving the Body” assist? I’d love to see it!


  17. Cathy says

    The EP of this is really cool :

    The reason they have you run in circles is because not only does this demonstrate what you’re currently doing in scientology, but if you ran in a straight line you’d never come back.

    • Richard Roberts says

      Now that made me laugh out loud. Yep running in circles really sums it up. In a soon to be released GAT IV there will be a giant mouse wheel which is really what’s going on here.

      I thought this would be an appropriate song for the rundown.

      Pink Floyd
      Time Lyrics

      Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour) 7:06
      The Dark Side of The Moon

      Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
      You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
      Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
      Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

      Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
      You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
      And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
      No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

      So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking
      Racing around to come up behind you again.
      The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older,
      Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

      Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
      Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
      Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
      The time is gone, the song is over,
      Thought I’d something more to say.

  18. threefeetback says

    The biggest distraction to doing the C/Sed Cause Resurgence Rundown at the Int Base Running Program Track was when Miscavige rode by on his motorcycle. Once C/Sed through the Rundown there is generally no real need to redo it any more than one would need to redo the Purification Rundown, Objectives or Grades. This is simple stuff. And one would run whenever he chose to do so.

  19. Jose Chung says

    Not to worry, A registered nurse will be on duty just like the 1950′s monster movies at the 25 cent cinema, My real question is that I have a pole in my backyard that I chain my dog to
    and if I run around the pole with the bow wow,” Does that make me an SP and heretic ?,
    Will my dog go exterior and get OT abilities also ? Is there a royalty fee I send to Flag when I do this and does my dog qualify for a discount ?

    Last question, before I was drafted I worked in travelling carnival. We had an Aerotrim
    like on the 5 th floor of the Flag Building.They are made in China currently and if I get one next to my Pole do I charge for one ride or two for running and 5 minutes of spinning
    on the aerotrim. People (Sane) are paying $35,000. to be first in line for this ?

    I really should have stayed in the Carnival.

    • Hallie Jane says

      LOL! Don’t do that to your dog Jose!! You’ve already achieved SP and heretic and we’re very proud of you.

    • clergyman says

      And for those who tire – who run out of energy – review offers the run-down rundown.

      The EP of which will be that never again will you run out of energy for you will now be able to run, out of energy.

  20. Doug Parent says

    Ah yes Barbara Dews the person who lied straight faced to me about eligibility to do services at Flag in order to get a big check. Screw the repercussions right Barbara? The hilarity about the content of this email only augments the fact that it is coming from someone who commits fraud on a daily basis.

  21. Paul J says

    Throughout my 20′s I ran almost every day and I can confirm that there is absolutely a condition of runners high that can make you feel fantastic. When I developed a back problem I had to stop running and since I wasn’t in a constant runners high I had to live with a high level of stress. This lasted for over 20 years until I eliminated gluten. Eliminating gluten actually eliminated my stress and cured my back.

    This brings me to something I’ve wanted to post here for a while. A little over a year ago I was introduced to the Paleo diet. It was explained to me that mankind as a species is about 2.6 million years old. Up until 10,000 years ago we got our energy from healthy meats and plant matter. When agriculture began we started getting our energy from sugar. This created all kind of problems.

    When I eliminated gluten I eliminated stress and when I started eating Paleo I felt fantastic again. Recently I thought I would try to explain how I feel eating Paleo. The way I would describe it is very similar to what others on the internet have described. This is where I had a big cognition. What I’m describing is to some degree an f/n. I’ve come to realize that f/ning is an innate state of man when he isn’t poisoned by an incorrect diet. I do understand the importance of agriculture in the development of civilization. But today with a developed economy it’s very possible to eat how humans did up until recently.

    The reason I’m posting this here is that I do believe that diet very much effects the ability to get results in Scientology. If anyone does try this diet keep one thing in mind. Getting off sugar is tough for the first several days.

  22. says

    I’ve just discovered a new run down. It’s called the Cause Regurgitation Rundown. It helps one be at cause over throwing up and the uneasy feelings associating with chucking lunch.

    I can only give you a little of the info because I have found if you are not ready for it many bad things can happen.

    1) eat a mixture of peanut butter, mayonnaise, chile peppers and putrid old potatoes.
    2) immediately after stuffing your pie hole with 2lbs of the mixture do 100 jumping jacks and 100 push ups untill you start spewing.
    3) put in you pro super TR-0 and be there comfortably as you barf

    EP- Cause over throw up

    • Cooper kessel says

      If you run into trouble on the Cause over throw up rundown it is likely because you are unflat on the Take a Dump Rundown. The C/S will now need to pull the string on this and get the PC onto the take a Dump Rundown. The EP will be obvious because:

      It is ” A rundown you can do multiple times, with greater and greater gains the higher you are on the Bridge. ”

      “Staggering in simplicity, awesome in power, the Take a Dump Rundown rockets your cause and control.”

      “It smooths out and opens your energy flows wide. It leaves your space and flows clean.”

      Step up to CAUSE!!

      The minimum case prerequisites for the Take a Dump Rundown are the Purification Rundown and Shit Eating Grin Completion.

      Time: On average: 2 minutes to 1/2 hour, daily to EP

      Cost: $.25 per dump (standard pay-toilet rates if an IAS member in good sitting but you will need two new W8s and a fresh roll of de paper! Enjoy and remember to think of DM as you pull the handle!

  23. Roger From Switzerland Thought says

    People that want to learn how to run need coaches that studied the subject, but not C/Ses.
    There is so much knowledge about running, are those C’ses trained in that ?

  24. Joe Schmo says

    The number of logical fallacies and straight-up contradictory claims in this email are so numerous, I almost couldn’t finish reading it.

    Next they’ll be charging $3000 for the “OT Trek” rundown which consists of tying and untying and re-tying your shoes over and over again until you have a cognition. I can just imagine the wins:

    “I’ve never experienced such freedom of movement before!!!!!!!”
    “My OT force of mobility has been restored!!!!!!!”
    “Now my toes are fully in present time!!!!!!!”

    It is that dumb.

  25. Jan says

    I did the Running Program for FREE at Int as punishment for whatever reason. It was a wonderful experience for me and was OUTSIDE. I was off post for whatever stupid reason but was free from the craziness of my post. I cannot imagine doing this in a closed up room with no windows it is depressing thinking about it.

      • Jan says

        You have a freeloader bill if you plan on going back. I do not. If I remember correctly I was on the program for a month; every single day 7 days a week, full time.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Good for your sun tan, muscle tone and weight…. And the best stress reliever of all time. Like being put in the bilges or on “the decks”. Used to frustrate Miscavige like crazy to see people he had busted so happy to be doing manual labor. He just couldnt understand how they were not crushed by losing their “status”.

    • says

      They’ll probably project pictures of space, stars and galaxies on the dome and then claim that you went exterior with full perception.

  26. KFrancis says

    Silvia are you aware of anything that LRH put into writing or an HCOB that covers this Rundown? I am not ready to dismiss there may some therapeutic value to this. I have experienced “the second wind” phenomena while running and it is quite exhilarating when you push through exhaustion and come out the other side and suddenly feel you could go on and on.

    I would love to read what LRH found in running. He apparently felt it deserved a place on the Bridge as a spiritually therapeutic action.

  27. Kevin says

    I spent about five minutes yesterday playfully chasing my twin toddlers around the couch. It was free and all three of us had big smiles while doing it. None of us exteriorized although my daughter may have pooped her diaper. All in all, even with the poop, a greater win than any course I’d taken at an org.

  28. RK says

    Exercise is good, but extreme exercise can be dangerous without well-thought out gradients in training, periods of recovery, proper nutrition, and appropriate equipment. There is so much research available on this. Why would anyone put themselves in the hands of non-educated “coaches” in pursuing such a extreme level of exercise?

    What happens when someone has or develops knee, ankle, hip or back problems and can’t run without further injury. Or has a heart attack and dies? Are they merely labeled PTS and discarded?

    • LDW says

      “Are they merely labeled PTS and discarded?”

      Well..DUH…Yea! They were just trying to make DuM wrong.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Concerning labeling PTS — the post from Jeff Hawkins on Tony Ortega’s blog today is definitely worth reading…

  29. Ilbye says

    “Certainly it was not to accomplish OT EXTERIORIZATION (all caps)…. And I don’t even know where THAT comes from in the middle of this email?”

    Based on a mid 80′s survey of AOLA public subsequently handed to MEI . One of the top abilities wanted from OT levels (stable exterior) but, never delivered.

  30. says

    Well, there IS a difference between the Running Program and just jogging or running. There is a pole in the center of the track and you are meant to keep your attention on the pole as you go around the track. Sooner or later that WILL do something. As for being the result of whole track research, LRH began telling messengers in Spring/Summer 1982 about way back on the track when some guy had done something to LRH and LRH got mad and started chasing the guy. He chased him for a long time and when he finally caught the guy, the guy had turned sane. He had keyed out of whatever had made him do what he had done to LRH. LRH then took that idea and began a rehabilitation project to help people who had been roughed up by that particular space opera society. He had them running around a piece of space junk or an asteroid or something and they would eventually get control of themselves again and be okay once more. That is the whole track aspect of the Running Pgm. LRH later said that by doing the program it would be hard NOT to exteriorize at some point. As I recall, all this came up just about the time some people were sent to be running around a tree at the Gold Base. Russ Williams and I were going to write up the whole thing like we did for Super Power but the above is the basis of it. You start out walking around the tree, pole, etc. until you can do it. Then you walk a lap and jog a lap until you can do it. Then you jog until you can do it. Then alternate jog and run a lap and then flat out run. You go until you are exhausted and then you rest and then get back out on the track and do some more at whatever gradient you are on. You do this for 5 hours a day or longer if doing the program full time. LRH says in this same batch of advices that the body is basically a mineral robot and so minerals are an important supplement to take while on the rundown, along with vitamins. One day you go clockwise and the next day you go counterclockwise. The radius of the track varies from about 50 to 100 feet and you go around and around at the same distance from the pole. That’s basically all there is to it.

    • Focus says

      I remember hearing about it awhile ago and it sounded good.

      Some of the simple tech LRH developed can be trivialized if not personally done or not understood. For example, “staring at someone directly in the eyes”. But, being there comfortably, looking at someone for a period of time can produce stellar results.

      Unfortunately, I think everyone ‘up-lines’ who did it, did it as punishment and that’s got to kill any f/n right away. Take sec checks, O/W and confessional tech – it offers tremendous relief when done right but done as punishment, it has to be the most introverting technique available.

      I’m not saying I’d like to do it ‘in’ the church but certainly would consider it c/sed by someone competent who knew the ins and outs of the rundown.

      • says

        I did this running program as a pilot when I was a NWC staff member in 1983. I was put on it as a “handling” by my seniors, 5 hours a day. I was extremely out ruds while running for most of the program. I pushed through it and eventually my back problems cleared up (not had them since) and experienced a real resurgence in my ability to confront and handle situations. Apparently my seniors didn’t like the product and the next thing I know, I’m routed to the RPF, which is where I was first introduced to Mike Rinder and so I’ve come full circle to his blog. (If you don’t mind the pun :)
        As I recall, one had to have medical clearance before starting the program and if that is still a prerequisite, a great many Kool-aiders will not be able to do it.

      • says


        I’m glad you made such good gains from the pilot :)

        And you are correct medical clearance was required and the rundown was supervised by a medical officer.

        I believe it was Mike Spearman.


      • Jane Doe says

        FYI Mike Spearman is not a medical doctor. At that time (the 80′s) he was the MLO at ASHO, a post he did without any medical training. Later, after he left the SO, he went to chiropractic school and became a chiropractor.

      • says

        Hey Max,
        Good to hear from you!
        Yeap, it wasn’t all bad at all. As stated by ‘Focus’ above when a Rundown gets used for pc/preOT gain and then ALSO for punishment it gives the RD a bad rap.

        I loved being outside, getting a great tan as a bonus.
        But for sure I would NOT want to do it inside, taking away the aesthetics of the sky
        and the environment. That was pretty phenomenal at INT/GOLD.

        The LRH advices pertaining to the Cause Rehabilitation RD contain one issue pertaining to improving/handling ‘back’ problems. It did that in a big way for me.
        The ‘Runner’s High’ is a good part of ‘feeling great’ about doing the action but there is quite a bit of work and sweat required to get there.
        When properly done it gets the body in great shape but it IS a spiritual handling, giving spiritual gains. It definitely DID do the trick of getting the messed up cases back to CAUSE.

        Having done the Sweat Program (before the Purif), which was just plain running AND the Cause Rehabilitation RD there is a big difference because of running around that central pole, which acts as a 2nd terminal.

        I remember that despite the vitamins and minerals we took I complained about lacking something in my nutrition and then experimented with Bee pollen, which handled it as it contains over 70 out of about 90 trace minerals.

        Same as the Purification RD it should not only be supervised but have a C/S as people react differently, have different issues and require tailor made handlings
        to get the best results.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Thanks for this Dan. That is as I recall from reading the traffic on it.

      What is remarkable is that because it has a story from the whole track attached to it, it becomes “OT.” Chasing someone around turns into an “OT Rundown”. This is the problem. EVERYTHING in Scientology is hyped. Beyond all recognition. And that is not just Barbara Dews fault.

      EVerything is world changing. Everything is super “OT”. Everthing is going to Clear the Planet. Salvage society. Stop the downward spiral.

      Can’t anything simply be what it is?

      I am sure there are benefits to the running program. There are benefits to Objectives generally (this is some sort of objectives process). But the hype is just painful. And it makes everything in Scientology appear ridiculous. And that is really unfortunate.

      • Jane Doe says

        So true Mike. By over hyping it it makes it all into a caricature and it loses credence. But if they just said what it does without the hype, more and more gains would be had on it.

      • says

        Mike, I totally agree. After disconnection and fund-raising, the constant, over-the-top, unrealistic, not to mention unbelievable, hype has to be my next biggest disagreement.

        In real-estate exaggerating the features of a home is known as puffing.

        Several years ago, I took a non-SCN relative to the new years event. After 10 minutes, she said this guy’s name should be Puff Daddy.

      • Mike Rinder says

        After 10 minutes, she said this guy’s name should be Puff Daddy.

        That is the ROFLMAO moment for today Shel.


      • says

        Mike, I love this post today. It’s another contributing reason why I think there is really no one in Scientology today who has ever experienced a correct beingness for a Scientology organization — in other words, what Scientology could be or should be like. You can’t go into the past to find an example, because the ideal scene never existed ever. So instead, one has to creatively dream up what the ideal scene for Scientology would really be — free from all the hype, and the psycho aspects we all know so well, like disconnection, aggressive financial extortion, insane advertising hype, the adversarial dramatization of evil purposes toward imagined “enemies” of which Kirsty Alley is a great example today, and the square peg in the round hole of insisting Scientology is a religion (which creates worldwide hostility) when Scn factually started out as a “science” and really is in fact a spiritual philosophy (something which is FAR more broad-reaching than a mere “religion”). As an aside, I don’t know why anyone even thinks they need a “religion”; in my opinion, a spiritual philosophy is far more important because that connotes wisdom and enlightenment. One of Marty’s primary points what is missing from Scientology is actual wisdom — wisdom that does exist in some other bodies of work, such as Buddhism.

        But back to hype: Of course you know that LRH also had some of this same fatal flaw (which is called “brag and boast” in advertising) which is a hold over from ALL shitty advertising in the 1950s era. They over-hyped everything. And LRH made the mistake of over-hyping himself also. It is a fatal because over-hyping anything, whether it is self promotion or the promotion of Scientology services really just results in one thing: it invites disbelief, ridicule and mockery of the subject, a surefire way to drive people away in droves.

        There are two primary ways of accomplishing promotion: (1) talk about it and (2) demonstrate it. Demonstration is what Scientology actually needed. What kind of beingness should the organization have demonstrated through the years? If it had reflected the Auditor’s Code in all it’s dealings with public and the media where would we be today?

        If we could somehow go back in time, and do it all again with disconnection, condemning people as squirrels in the ’50s to be replaced by “SPs” in the ’60s, financial extortion (suppressive pricing), overblown advertising hype, compulsively taking on the valence of an SP to destroy enemies, and simply allowing Scientology to be what it is: a spiritual philosophy instead of pigeon-holing it as a religion… where would/could Scientology be today? It requires imagination to even think of it. But therein is the omitted ideal scene for international Scientology which rat-brain Mudsamwich in incapable of dreaming up.

        This detestable huckstering based on a crashing MU that it comprises “showmanship,” is stupidly mimicking the era of sideshow charlatans and snake-oil salesmen (who were primarily criminal con artists) “Dr Person’s Medicated Etruscan Oil cures all ailments, restores spunk, improves IQ, and makes pig-faced men into irresistible handsome devils.” That is an incorrect additive to Scientology. Not something intrinsic.

      • Al Brown says

        Great and accurate post Steve in my opinion. Great article from Mike also. I’d write more here but I have to go for a jog now and Generate and Control Energy at Will!

      • Aquamarine says

        Great post, Thoughtful. And totally agreed that the fact that Scientology is a religion turns people off. It should be what it is, no more, no less. I joined up because the emphasis back in the day was on the philosophy. I left because it stopped being a religion in name only.

      • says

        Thoughtful Steve,

        I agree with your assessment here to a degree.

        There was a point in the early days that Scientology could have been Religion or a Science.

        Seems Religion side won out when some dude by the name of J Burton Farber the actual founder of what we know as the Church of Scientology filed and incorporated the CSC the “Mother Church” and as they say the rest is history.

        Even so it was still known as an “Applied Philosophy” for some time until the whole FDA thang where the meter was eventually declared a “Religious Artifact” and that only “ministers” of the Church could have one.

        Maybe Ron was afraid Scientology would go the same way that Orgone Energy went because he mentions the case several times on the BC. So he decided to protect the subject with the cloak of religion.

        As Garrison thoroughly documents. There were a lot of people who had Scientology in their sights and Ron wasn’t making himself that popular in Government circles especially in the Intelligence Community when he blew the whistle on their Mind Control operations back in ’51 when he published SOS.

        Add the AMA, APA, and Big Pharma who added him to their respective enemies list when he published DMSMH and created the “poor man’s psychotherapy”.

        I’m surprised the subject lasted as long as it did.

      • says

        Well, yes, I’m not saying there was no reason for making it a religion. I’m saying turning it into a religion was not the optimum solution.

        As far as I know, a primary reason for transforming into a church was as a defense against auditors being sued, and also having training certification taken over by government (psychology). There was no precedent of a “spiritual philosophy” having counselors, nor additionally counselors who were immune to lawsuits. (For those who don’t know, in it’s earliest days Scientology faced a broad and well funded campaign whereby plants were sent into the organization to receive auditing and then sue. It was a turf war to put Scientology out of business.)

        I suspect J Burton Farber was just a cut out and actually he did so on orders of LRH. I say that because when you listen to the lecture where LRH announces it as a religion, he kind speaks as though it’s an inside joke when he says it was the idea of others, not himself.

        In the long run, which would have been a more optimum solution? Crunching Scientology down into something which it is not i.e., a religion, since most broadly, “religion” connotes faith and worship — two things that are antipathetic to Scientology, vs. creating a program to establish—legally—a precedent whereby philosophic counselors could also enjoy immunity to lawsuits. The latter would have actually been the ideal scene, something that to my knowledge no one ever discussed or conceived of. I think one of the HUGE problems with Scientology today is that it has been mis defined. That solution then caused new and greater problems. And so people expect to just take things on faith, accept whatever they are told, and worship either LRH or New LRH, this is in lieu of delving into a philosophy whereby they gained the wisdom to think for themselves.

        I’m just saying that the definition of something does have an impact upon how it is accepted by people. I think we can’t actually blame the dopes (koolaid drinkers) 100% for the problem, because they were given a false definition of the subject from the start.

        If someone hands out a religion, most people would think: “Oh, I get it. All I have to do is believe and I’m all set.”

        If I hand you a philosophy you go, “Oh, now I have to wake up, learn a bit of wisdom and become more wise.”

        Religion is largely about one thing: worshiping a sociopath in the sky. Sociopath says, “Abraham, I need you to sacrifice your son so I know you are obedient.” Abe (stupidly groggy) says, “Oh, okay master.” It’s the current Scn picture to a tee. Instead of becoming more wise, it’s about sacrificing to a remorseless sociopath—give up your kids, your money, your time, your life.

        But philosophy doesn’t really have that business model. When I hear “philosophy” I think Zen Master—someone with a higher level of enlightenment who is less reactive, but still strong, fit and healthy.

        Obviously there is no guarantee on anything, but at least we’d be starting out on the right foot.

        Calling Scientology a religion is as bad as defining it as a “hobby”—there’s a million ways to mis define something and only one way to get it right.

        LRH talked a lot about past -ologies always sewing the seeds of their own demise by including within them aspects that would eventually destroy what they had. And “Scientology” inadvertently followed that pattern.

        At this stage, the whole thing needs badly to be corrected.

        I think there are many people who always had one big disagreement with LRH: when you set out to develop a total solution to resolve the problem of man’s inhumanity to man with the goal of averting global self destruction and/or the eventual enslavement of whole populations (as was attempted during WWII) that solution has to be what the people need. You can’t spin it one way nor the other for any unworthy reason.

        Unfortunately, as you pointed out, at the same time Scientology as also swimming in hordes of plants who were madly altering everything LRH did to “make it better” but really just to inhibit the subject. So eventually LRH had enough and started to try to stop the stoppers. Scientology became more militant and went down the chute. It lost it’s appeal as a philosophy and became a simplicity: believe, pay up, and follow orders.

        Some criticism is actually constructive; possibly early constructive criticism got lost in the hurricane of squirrels sent in by vested interests bent on destroying it.

        And eventually that resulted in a militant attitude and the wholesale rejection of any and all criticism, good or bad. The subject could no longer change with the times and so it got stuck in the past. The philosophy itself became neurotic, a stuck picture, and eventually went insane.

        The purpose here should always be to help people itsa what actually happened so we can preserve the good and reject unworkable tech.

        Moreover, the whole thing CAN be fixed. That is the whole concept that underlies Scientology itself: ANYTHING CAN BE FIXED. If it is part of the material universe, then it can be fixed because theta is senior to mest. Bad problem? Then come up with a BRILLIANT solution. Saying it can’t be fixed is simply apathy. One has to realize suffering, misery, games conditions — all are resolvable with Grade II tech. Fixed ideas are resolvable. Stops are resolvable.

        People look out at the world problems and go “OMG, what do we do about terrorism? What do we do about the eroding of liberty?” Educate people on the sociopath. Boom. If people could spot a sociopath, then religions based on sociopathic concepts would get rejected by people. Kool Aid drinkers might grow a backbone. Maybe people all over the world would stop worshiping big fat stinking sociopaths whether they lived in the sky, or at the Int base, or in government. That solution doesn’t even require any Scientology because psychologists have now ID’ed the sociopathic personality. Now if you also could educate people on Data Analysis — so they could spot illogics. We’d really get some progress. The people could start to fix things and they would.

        A “Scientologist” who hasn’t learned that any problem can actually be solved hasn’t really come of age. My opinion.

        Thanks for your comm, I agree.

      • says

        Hey Thoughtful

        This has been a great discussion!

        I agree with everything you say here.

        I’d just like to add that they weren’t just suing auditors but they were jailing them too for violating some obscure AMA lobbied Medical practices act that was designed to cut down the competition.

        And I’m pretty sure that what happened to Wilhelm Reich had put the fear of god in the Ol’man.

        As you say calling it a religion was a solution to a problem which eventually became a problem like say the GO or currently that mini 3rd Reich over there they call the “Sea Org”.

        (I mean every time I saw Miscavige on that ostentatious stage with the pillars of doom and everything I felt the only thing missing was a swastika and Leni Riefenstahl.)

        Probably calling it a religion was an unusual solution.

        Maybe if the Ol’man and all the founding Scientologists back then stuck to their guns and kept the label *philosophy* we might have all been better off.

        This is easy to see in hind sight.

        But as you remember Steve mistakes occur in the presence of Suppression and there was a lot of Suppression going on back then.

        Some of it could have been prevented I guess if Ron hadn’t have antagonized the powers that be so much.

        But what fun would have that been ;)

        Ron was a gamester.

        (Don Breeding told me about the time the Ol’man was short on covering some debts incurred by the FCDC so he covered them by playing craps :) )

        I think he liked pissing on power and sticking it too the “Establishment”.

        Like fer instance Adolph Nixon who’s goons made a not so friendly visit to to FCDC.

        And its a wonder that the Ol’man didn’t end up in Federal stir for all the non complimentary things he said about J Edgar and his G-men.


        I don’t think the Ol’man was thinking about First Policy.

        You didn’t call Hoover something like a cross dressing poofter and expect the FBI to play nice. Especially when the FBI looked on him as some kind of god back then.

        (Sorta like how the SO currently looks upon what’s his name)

        Or suggest that the State Department took its orders from Moscow without getting a frosty reception form the counsel in London.

        But that was Ron. He was a true believer in the First Amendment.

        Too bad that tradition in Scientology didn’t carry forward.

        That said he did try to find out what about Scientology was pissing people off and try correct it with the Reform Codes.

        Funny thing the thing that pissed people off most was disconnection and yet we see the Orgs slamming that one back in with an atomic branding iron.


        Since we’re on that point.

        I think Mary Sue is very under rated in her contribution to the subject because she was the one who wrote the BPL PTS Type A handling which included finding out what the person who was “PTS” did that created the antagonism.

        Very workable tech.

        I mean back at AO I was auditing a lot of PTS rundowns and when I found a PC with PT PTS sit I used to send ‘em ethics and they’d come back after reading the Chapter on ARC from POW with the same ol’ same ol’ scene.

        So I’d sit the PC down and I’d have them read the above PL and ask them what they did to create antagonism.

        Ya know like borrowing thousands of dollars from Mommy and Daddy and never bothering to pay it off but instead “disconnecting” when they became antagonistic.

        Which really worked out well ’cause it seemed that Mommy and Daddy were now suing the Church and going to the press and sending deprogrammers out to get their errant child back or whatever.

        Or some moron was making his wife wrong ’cause she wasn’t a Scientologist which wasn’t really promoting marital bliss in any way.


        So I’d get the “errant child” to write a check any amount that would go toward whatever they owed them with an apology of some kind and “magically” the law suits and the press reports and the deprogrammers stopped.

        Then I’d get super Scio hubby to knock off making his wife wrong for being a “wog” and these yahoos would get through the PTS RD and no longer be PTS.



        Aside from what you say about the religion thing is another factor that Churchies and even Indies sometimes never look at.

        And that is what are they doing to create the antagonism?

        Especially the Church these days which has become pretty much a Government protected species these days because instead of pissing off the Government these days they are pissing off their public.

        If they keep going the way they’re going they’ll end up being posted in the Government as a constant source of aggravation like say the IRS.


        Thanks for getting back to me Steve.


      • says

        Excellent points, all, and I agree with what you have said. It’s a shame that MSH was never able to apply that insight into PTSness (what the individual is doing to create the antatonism) with LRH himself, and with Scientology in relation to the 4th dynamic. Oh, sure, everyone was just absolutely positive that the CoS never did anything wrong… it was just all these hideous SPs in government, the psychs, big pharma, international banksters, etc. It was a huge omission since all the while, from the beginning there were things LRH and the organization did that did create huge, towering vast shiploads of hostility on the 4th dynamic.

        It’s one thing to accuse the 4th dynamic of “fixed ideas” assuming people don’t want to invest the necessary time to change religions. But people only have so much band width. Most productive people are busy. I know I am. There might be some great points in other religions. I don’t currently have the time to invest in a yet another huge project. Besides, there are still whole warehouses full of unexplored info within Scientology I’ve yet to crawl through, and I’ve studied already more than 1,000 LRH lectures.

        I recognize that in the end, it’s what I’m happy with that matters. If crawling through Scientology materials makes me happy, then I have a right to do that. That’s what I want to do, and then, after that’s done, I want to explore other subjects more fully — because I love learning and exploring.

        So I think others probably feel the way about their own religion. I imagine a lot of Christians are pretty satisfied already with the religion they have. They’d probably like to learn more about Jesus and study the Bible one day. And they’d probably like to do that before embarking on new projects to learn about other religions, particularly ones with a bad reputation that actually demonstrates psychosis. That would go down near the bottom of my priorities if I were them. I’d might be more interested in getting Scientologists out of the subject (to help them) than I would in learning about it myself.

        In addition to that, as a Christian (if I were one), I’d have a moral obligation not to seek other practices, i.e., “false prophets.” And if you were looking for a false prophet and heard about CoS disconnection and hostilities (like Kirsie Alley is currently doing) boy, you’d really think it was one.

        And therein is a problem that creates antagonism. I think the CoS runs a “can’t have” and manufactures a “no auditing” sit on the 4th dynamic because they insist on calling it a religion. If it weren’t a religion, anyone could reach for it without transgressing against their current religion and allegiances.

        How is a person supposed to find out if Scientology can help them if even looking at it comprises a transgression. Perfect way to stop at least half the population from reaching for Scientology.

        I’d say making Scientology into a religion — I know there were many reasons potentially making it necessary — but that was one of the basics on the chain that has made the subject crazy. And by crazy, I mean here we have a subject that is expressly predicated to helping as many people as possible to avert 4th dynamic self destruction, and so right away we do something that makes it impossible for more than 50% of the 4th dynamic to have these discoveries? = a self-erected road block and a “no auditing” sit of magnitude. And as we know, no auditing breeds intense hostility.

        Again, I agree with everything you said.

      • says

        Yes very true regarding the no auditing point Thoughtful.

        Ron says in many SHSBC that this is a big cause of ARCXs which is probably why he concentrated on making Auditors.

        Like the tradition of Free Speech that idea has faded out as well.

        Seems the Church has concentrated its efforts on getting PCs while the ratio of Auditors to PC is dwindling to nothing thanks to the Golden Age of Tech and phase II of this operation.

        Who’s ever behind it knows that this is the way you not only destroy the organization but Scientology in general.

        Anyway you are right Thoughtful we should punch up the philosophical aspects of the subject and go back to calling it an “applied philosophy” which is totally areligious and apolitical.

        Something you can use to improve your life whether you are a Atheist or a Christian.

        Also at some point we’re going to have to pick up the slack on actually training people.

        Ron wrote some PLs back in ’63 about doing remote Academy Training by correspondence which could easily be done via the ‘Net these days.

        Even without that the materials are available that anyone who wants can set up a coaudit like back in the days of Book I.

        We have so many materials available now than we did back then that anyone can “book audit” their way to clear.

        Anyone who runs into trouble can call any of us field auditors to help ‘em out.

        Something like that.

        Anyway with the Church hitting some kinda event horizon and going into a black hole some of us out here will have to take over for the death star ;)

      • Hallie Jane says

        Re: Mike’s comment on the over-hyping…. this over-hyping is also extremely invalidative of regular, subtle and personal wins. Clearing words, a nice round of TR’s, your nasty aunt bugging you less, a curiously extroverted day and other “small” wins that can occur, are certainly made less of, by all this hype. It made me not want to originate.

        Re: Thoughtful’s comments….. I too have been bothered by the religion label. It was a slammed door in so many discussions. I think the sanctity of confessional was an important point in that decision also. I was privy to some very serious crimes. I believe the safety of not being prosecuted for crimes was considered a vital subproduct for full disclosure in auditing. It was one of the few ways that would guarantee it.

      • Jane Doe says

        Thoughtful, that was an excellent post. I can see it now. If we set out to Clear the Planet, by calling Scn a religion, we effective close the door to at least 50% of the planet who cannot look into Scn because it breaks the tenants of their agreements with their church. So you get a “no auditing’ sit and yes that does breed intense hostility.

      • says

        That’s right Jane Doe. You summed it up perfectly.

        And then we get a huge number of wrong Whys as to why Scientology is “fought” or at least heavily resisted at every turn — like from Ron’s Journal ’67: “the whole human race is implanted to destroy such a movement as ours”—a notion repeated in KSW #1, i.e., the “bank-dominated mob,” and from there we get this whole insular “us vs. them” attitude, super-frantic-hysterical “we’ve got to declare everyone” and “we’ve got to disconnect anyone from suppressive comm lines” and “we’ve got to use reverse Scientology to defame people” and “we’ve got to actively suppress any critics” and “we’ve all got to be active SPs to preserve Scientology”… thereby breeding even more hostility and suffering on both sides.

        The truth is most people are fascinated with the tech. And what is Scientology but the tech? It’s the only important part.

        I’ve handled even very hostile people (“haters”) who just knew they were going to take me apart by indicating to them that “Scientology isn’t a religion.” That one just knocks them dead. It’s effortless when done right because it’s the truth. They go, “Huh? What did you just say?!?” I’ll give it to them again 2 or 3 more times. Then I explain, “It was made into a religion as a survival tactic after they got themselves into a stupid tuff war. It’s not really a religion. It’s a spiritual philosophy. Unfortunately the Church doesn’t use it’s own philosophy. That’s the problem. It got taken over by a sociopath and it all went downhill.”

        The next thing they say is, “Wow. Amazing! So… well, what IS Scientology then?” Boom, they are now reaching for the tech.

        You handle the BPC by indicating the truth on all the points that are generating their BPC.

        Anyone who complains about vast numbers of “haters” simply has a wrong why — just like LRH did, just like everyone in the RCS still does. They themselves are unwittingly saying and doing things to create antagonism. I.e., they are generating their own problems and fighting themselves.

      • Jane Doe says

        Steve, no truer words were ever spoken. I liked your handle for Scn haters. It is like a good MAA handling on the “handle or disconnect” thing only sane. Thank you.

      • Hallie Jane says

        Spot on. Truth is an amazing tool. It is not just an ethereal concept, but an active, intentional, operating datum. The rcs is in daily violation of it’s own datum, “seek to live with the truth”.

    • says

      You mean the LM Special which includes a bug infested dirty mattress with 24/7 room service to provide all the barbiturates you can swallow using a turkey baster and a free ride into oblivion when you check out included?

    • Aurora says

      I read that as ‘Rubdown’ and thought you were mentioning some kind of secret Sci massage tech!

  31. says

    Your right Mike,

    The Running Program is being overhyped for sure.

    I mean what it is basically is an objective process.


    Very simple, very effective when done correctly and has been known to crack some cases.

    Thus you can under rate it too.

    Or totally invalidate it by say ….using it as a form of punishment. As was done in your case or more so in the case of Mayo and others who were forced to run around a tree for 15 hours a day for days or weeks on end in the hot desert sun.

    Thought it was funny when one of the commenters here said something about standing by with defibrillators. You could probably add a full CRASH team as well when you think about “whales” like Mat Flashback for example running around that track toward a cardiac arrest of some kind.

    I mean who needs cyanide?

    They could call it the “Death Race 2000″ for the number of patrons or whatever and really punch up *exteriorization* in their promo :)

    Also I see the Church of Squirrelotogy has turned the running track into some kind of outer space scene set up.

    Like the NASA LSD designed spinning chairs and the flashing screens which are now part of the “Super Power” Rundown line up. All this will do in my opinion is disorientate and confuse the person which is probably what they want.

    I mean if this isn’t Black Dianetics or Reverse Scientology. I don’t know what is.

    Though you gotta admit that the SPs responsible for this are brilliant in the fact that they are actually making money from their more than willing (probably some not so willing) victims who will sign up for this implant restimulation program.

    And I’ll admit nothing like this has been done on Earth

    (though there was CIA’s Operation Midnight Climax where their subjects paid for the services of a hooker and never suspected they were getting a free Acid trip in the bargain while the TSS filmed their escapades through a two way mirror: )

    before now.

    All I can say since you are the nominal “leader” here Dave is:

    Very Well Done!

    Seems you and whatever “friends” you are working with have managed to reverse the polarity of a subject that took Ron almost three decades to develop with the purpose of obtaining “Total Freedom” in a little over two decades.

    That ol’ hell mentioned in the Bible is a place that is too good for you and your “friends”.

  32. HolyCash says

    The running program worked well for many on the RPF in the 80′s in PAC. We became cause of our lives and minds again and made a surge for the exits. All that exercise helped developed strong sprinting muscles. Came in handy when being chased down the hallway or the road.

    Today’s aged customers are surely going to experience their own surges. Expect them to cause a lot of trouble such as breaking brittle bones or if they are a real pest, dropping dead. After reading about all the do overs of do overs, cash only immediately emeters, repurchases of the entire product line, I am surprised defibulators aren’t on their must have shopping list already. Not going to end well.

    This incredible strategy when taken in total makes the Mission Network blitz look brilliant. Can’t help wondering if this will be the first time in Scientology’s history that staff are first in line of the oncoming Ideal Exodus.

    • Jane Doe says

      Is it really true that if you have a lot of money on account that you can’t buy a meter with the money you have on account and you have to instead bring cash to the table for the meter?

  33. says

    The Church of Scientology has become so delusional that it is now promoting the idea that running around in circles in a glorified office building in Florida will give you Super Power.

    This is lunacy wherein money actually changes hands and success stories are written praising how running in circles is OT.

    The Church of Scientology is called a “Cult” for good reasons and this running program is one of them.

    • says


      Yeah that could be one reason but I think the main reason is that it is nominally being led by an narcissistic, megalomanic, psychopathic, sociopath with delusions of godhood.

      Like all the other cults that have come and gone.

      The only difference is that most cult leaders have certain degree of intelligence and charisma whereas Miscavige has neither.

  34. says

    I think Barbara Dews might have OTVIIIisGrrr8! helping her write this stuff. That promo is so ridiculous it reads like satire.

    “It smooths out and opens your energy flows wide. It leaves your space and flows clean.” sounds like a 1950′s cigarette commercial :)

  35. Richard Roberts says

    Stop the presses. I have just created in Indie Cause Resurgence Rundown. In an amazing feat I was able to get the entire CS series and have found the perfect location such an activity. Yes this environment is identical to the SP building in all manners. And you will be cause over such matters as you see fit. Please visit your local IRS building and scream at the top of your lungs that you won’t be paying taxes ever again. Then start running round their building. You will find that less money grabbing bastards will be chasing you and in the end it may actually be cheaper.

  36. says

    I, for one, would really like to run around in that room. I’d pay, like, $10, just to do it for 30 minutes. The sad truth is that after the hype and anticipation, and after paying $2500, most scientologists will find this to be an amazing “rundown”. They’ll attach all sorts of significance to the size, shape, light-level, and sound quality in the room and think they are doing something special. Cognitive dissonance tells us that these people will find the rundown worth every penny of the $2500.
    Can you imagine the electric moment when they are first allowed to step into the room? No wonder so many people start cults! It seems pretty easy when you get down to it.

  37. Formost says

    Based on the wins and gains Mark Fisher wrote about on his site/blog, I’d love to do it, but I’m a little too old for that, knees are going to swell, back going out. I’d also pay the $2,500 if professionally supervised, but in an environment where regges are your throat 24/7, that type of aggravating nuisance is completely unacceptable. In fact it makes no difference how beneficial any given service and how dirt cheap, I refuse to ever again step into any sphere where CO$ maggots hard-target me for donations and what not they incessantly want from me.

  38. Karen#1 says

    I think that there is a problem where one anecdotal incident in LRH’s case and time track is made into a RUNDOWN for *everybody*.
    I did a tortured version on the Running Program, running around the pole in Clearwater sun 12 hours a day.
    It was enforced.
    It took away all power of choice.
    It took away all self-determinism.
    Continuity was ordered over the top of swollen painful
    ankles and swollen knees.
    It was hell on earth.
    Done over violent protest and upset how the hell is one supposed
    to “cognite” and win.
    Mine went on for MONTHS and continued after I re-located to the RPF in Los Angeles.
    Muscle damage and inflammation can remain for days after having run a marathon and a marathon is only a one shot run, not going on for weeks, months.
    A 58-year old man died of a heart attack while running the 2008 New York Marathon. Jim Fixx, author of the bestseller, The Complete Book of Running, completed several marathons before a heart attack took his life during the middle of a run in 1984.
    There are sports Doctors or MDs that specialize in the side effects that occur by pushing the body beyond limits in marathon type running.
    A fatal heart attack can occur in one in 50,000 marathon runners.
    I await to see the *Successes* of Cause Resurgence Rundown.
    The CS (case supervisor) of the *Running Program* who will be held entirely responsible for those case histories that go wrong ~~ as in the *BLAME GAME* is in a hot seat, oblivious to their liability…we shall see.
    Hundreds of thousands years or millions of years after LRH chased someone who became *sane* as the *theory* why people should run 5 hours a day to me is utterly ludicrous and absurd.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Good comment Karen. I think the New York Times story makes a better case for the benefits of running….

      • says

        One of my first posts on the net was about the dangers of the running programme
        Here are a couple of URLs.

        “Obviously, it is important to run as marathon training, but recovery is equally important. You should not run every day. Your body needs to rest between runs so it can recover from one run to the next, getting stronger between each run. Nutrition and eating the right foods at the right time also play a vital role in recovery. Take recovery days equally as serious as your running days”

        “These include overstretching of the organ’s chambers, thickening of its walls and changes to electrical signalling. These could trigger potentially dangerous heart rhythm problems.

        In addition, long-term excessive exercise may accelerate aging in the heart, as evidenced by increased coronary artery calcification, diastolic ventricular dysfunction, and large-artery wall stiffening,” they write in the journal Heart.”

    • Jane Doe says

      Excellent post Karen. In fact new evidence finds long-distance running is bad for you. You an google Dr. Mercola and find out why. And he mentions famous runnerJim Fixx in his article on it. Instead of long jog, better is short bursts of intense running followed by slow jog is better for you as it exercises and builds the heart muscle. Kind of like interval training. This exercises the muscle called the heart. But just long, same intensity jogging is bad because it actually makes the heart get smaller and can lead to death. Look up the PACE program on Dr. Mercola’s site for more info.

    • Hallie Jane says

      What a horrible thing to put you through Karen. Suppressive doesn’t say enough. When did helping a person confront their case for their spiritual benefit, become physical torture and humiliation? Disgusting. I hope you’re ok.

  39. says

    It actually requires neither an entire floor of a building nor the payment of money. Just be a few feet back of your head then move in a circle around your head. Gradually increase the distance from the body as stability of exteriorization improves.

    • says

      Hey!!! I just did that and it worked!!!! Very cool and free as I sit in my air conditioned living room in Florida :). I’ve done some interesting OOB exercises in the past; Edgar Cayce teaches some very easy techniques in his books, so this was rather simple and fun, thanks again!

    • says


      I agree.

      Too bad you can’t say the same thing about the “Fat Actress”.


      I’m sure it’ll be Kirsty who’ll be singing when it’s over ;)

  40. Pepper says

    I heard Kirstie “rhymes with thirsty”, “not Keerstie” Alley’s interview on the Howard Stern Show the other day and didn’t agree with her calling Leah a bigot. I don’t recall the use of the word “repulsive”, I remember her saying “She’s a bigot”.

    Leah has had a long term personal experience within the CoS and is entitled to her opinions and feelings based on that experience. Just because it is disagreeable to the CoS at this point in time doesn’t fit the definition of a bigot. Kirstie needs to differentiate between the two.

    Kirstie was actually engaging and fairly likable on the Stern show. She plugged the CoS though, particularly the Purification RD. I definitely got turned off by the name calling. It wasn’t necessary and she could have expressed her disagreement with Leah in a better, classier way.

    • Aquamarine says

      I have to believe that Kirstie’s name calling Leah a bigot and all that is for the benefit of herself and other RCS members and David Miscavige, and not the general non-Scientology public. Maybe she is being made to do a Liability Formula and this is part of her “effective blow”, etc. It would have been so much classier of her to just go onto the Stern show and simply promote her own new show, decline to discuss Leah Remini if he asked her to – so much classier, but then, Krustie did not get this nick for nothing and she’s never been what you could call a classy broad.

  41. KFrancis says

    Thanks Dan for all the data on this. I have to tell you I would love to do this program, it sounds fascinating!

    I’m sorry Dave felt he needed to build a breathtaking cathedral for this however. I’m not that comfortable with the idea of sweating profusely in an opulent church with my fellow parishioners even after tithing for the privilege.

  42. Pepper says

    By the way, Leah Remini, if you ever read this blog or talk to anyone who does, Howard Stern has been saying for months that he would love for you to come in and do the show. Howard and Robin both have said repeatedly that they “need” to talk with you and are waiting for you.

    I’ve heard Leah Remini on the Howard Stern Show in the past and she’s great on it. Leah, we would love to hear from you!

  43. HolyCash says

    I can verify that what Dan Koon lays out as basic procedures for the initial pilot for the running program is how it was done in early 80′s on the PAC RPF. Is there documented evidence of who was C/Sing back then? We were told Hubbard was personally C/Sing and this was his project. Of course, we were told many a shore story that turned out not to be true.

    It makes sense why this was morphed into a punishment program. Running to exhaustion was a part of the RPF punishment drive earlier. But on the RPF PAC running program pilot, it was being done at a time when the massive exodus had begun of public and then staff even SO. It was implemented to get us to stay on staff but had the reverse result. Many left. It appears it was shortly after our little group left that it was taken over as sadistic punishment. Interested in who was actually C/S’ing as well as running this. When David Mayo was piloting the Happiness Rundown, same results. Many realized they could not be happy on staff and left. I’ve seen that was changed shortly after too.

    The concept of decent working conditions with good nutrition, sleep, social life, rewards, a little spending money, a safe and sane environment, real education and training for a job, and toilet paper in every bathroom was the only sustainable solution all along.

    • says


      There was also Deoppression Tech that many of us trained on which would have handled many of the factors you’ve mention which of course was never fully implemented.

      Personally I doubt if the Loser of Found Tech will ever resurrect that program as a lot of staff may question his unquestioned “leadership”.

    • says

      I forget who was C/Sing locally. I just got the summaries from PAC, Flag and GOLD as long as I was on post as Sr C/S for Pilots. This summarized data did get forwarded to LRH.

      • Jane Doe says

        Hey Remoteviewed, I remember Barbara Rubio for sure. Also whatever happened to Red VanDyke? He was declared a long time ago. Did he become an Indie? What is he doing now?

      • says

        RVD blew int and headed back to Canada somewhere.

        Last time we talked to him he was in Niagara Falls.

        We tried to stay in touch but he was afraid we’d get in ethics trouble if we did.

        Next thing you know we got a letter from Gulliame himself telling us to lay off or we’d get into big ethics trouble if we persisted.

        Maybe IJC was on the line and found out we talked to him.

        Who knows?


        Wify and I were still trying to play by the “rules” (more accurately arbitraries) then so we dropped it.

        I mean we probably would have stayed in touch if it was some schmoe like the MAA but this was ED Int telling us to back off.

        Rather imposing you might say.


        We tried getting in touch after we left the Puzzle Palace but his brother said he headed somewhere west and didn’t know where he was.

  44. Pepper says


    You made some great points. I grew up competing in track (did it for 12 years!) and am familiar with the toll it can take on the body. A person needs to be in good physical condition to participate in such a program. I’ve seen the public at Flag and found most to be out of shape and obese. Especially those on OTVII.

    Not that I wish this but maybe this “powerful OT rundown” will lead to more deaths at Flag. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

    “Technology Never Before Seen on Earth Has Now Arrived!”, my ass.

  45. Formost says

    $2500 for the privilege of being allowed to run “in outer space” (ie an “entire floor” with a track that has no windows so there are no distractions) is obscene.

    Is likely Air-Conditioned, no rain or traffic-polluted air, no pickets, protests or other disruptions, medical service office, SURE-TREAD cushioned-track, food & snack bar, showers, comfortable rest cots, smoking areas … I can see that … I’m sure many people are Ok on that too. If in fact these frills & amenities exist, I’d have no probs forking over $ 2,500, but the donation-starved regging environment … NO !!!!!!!!!!

  46. says

    Wow, man! My JAW is on the FLOOR! That is the funniest, most outrageous thing I have heard in years. That they had the GALL to actually release a rundown that is nothing more than pure running around in circles. “You pay us $2500 and we will make you look like a stupid monkey, have we got a deal? Oh, and by the way, you will probably lose a lot of weight, and maybe you’ll even get laid again, who knows!!”

  47. Flexible Flyer says

    Leah Remini has amazing presence. You can fake it, drill it. TR-L it, but she has it naturally.

    And now she has the enormous good will of everyday people. This also applies to Beghe, Fairman, and the rest who didn’t have to do anything but live in comfort and enjoy their fame.

  48. says

    My guess is that So. Africa is not the only place with a witch hunt purge going on. I think it is going on in other areas including the Int Base. Even at Celebrity Center in L.A. :

    “First of all, I just want to everyone to know I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology,…”

    Kirstie Alley

    From her recent interview on the Howard Sterns Show. Even she knows hundreds of people that have left.

    • WhiteStar says

      Kirstie Alley made herself out to be a liar just on that show alone.

      she stated to stern “there are tens of millions of scientologists”….and…..putting words in leah’s mouth that leah never said……and of course……”there is no shunning”….so everything she says is suspect.

      P.S. stern is an asshole himself.

    • Jane Doe says

      Good point Oracle. Kirstie shot herself in the foot with knowing “hundreds of people who came in Scn and then left.” So she admits to a mass exodus. There are purges going on not only in South Africa but in the PAC area. I know several who are undergoing this gruesome fate worse than death right now.

  49. ThetaPotata says

    Reminds me of the mystique that was put on the KTL about the dictionaries. I don’t recall if there was a reference but I was told the simple word dictionary was confidential and could cause restimulation. It was a dictionary not a description of wholetrack engrams. It’s weird how when you’re inside the bubble you are extra gullible. Later, I saw the dictionary for use in the Academy (the KTL wasn’t being pushed anymore). I guess when you pay exorbitant prices for things like running in a circle a little mystique goes a long way.

  50. BB Broeker says

    I am a never-in who has ran in circles for miles many times, yet I never completed a Purif or Objectives. I fear that RTC may seize my Asics.

  51. GoVoluntary says

    Oh, no, no, no. Running the other direction is part of GAT 3 and is scheduled to be released in a couple years as the Cause Regurgitation Rundown. $4000 please.

  52. WhatWall says

    Wonder how many runners can fit on the track at one time? Income potential is limited by that factor and the duration of the program. Perhaps dropouts will be encouraged to allow for more starts. Or, advance payments piling up due to limited capacity may be the intention of Captain McSavage.

  53. IASREG says

    Joesph Mercola has a terrible reputation for quackery and pseudoscience. He “questions” whether HIV causes AIDS or not, he promotes and sells supplements that have no proven efficacy, is anti-vaccination despite overwhelming evidence that this is nuttery, and even makes claims regular sunscreen doesn’t work, but the special sunscreen he SELLS does!!! WOWOWOW!!! BUY NOW! I’d be very wary of taking any information from Joseph Mercola as valid.

    • says

      I love Mercola. I watch his videos on Youtube all the time. It’s weird to see someone demonizing here. You should go ahead and believe everything that you hear from the government about health, they want you to live many years past age 65 so they can pay you lots of money in Social Security.

    • Jane Doe says

      Dr. Mercola is great. He is also against prescribing Prozac to kids and the over prescribing of psych drugs. If you don’t like Dr. Mercola, just look up Dr. Al Sears. He is another well known and well loved Dr. who says jogging is bad for the heart and he recommends the PACE program (interval training kind of) instead. So go look up Dr. Sears. I’m with ThetaPotato on this one.

  54. Sejanus says

    Welcome one and all to the McScammage House of Fitness!

    Please form an orderly line to the right where our trained staff will be more than happy to process your credit card payments.
    Be advised you WILL enjoy body wins come Hell or highwater.
    Remember when have paid $2500 it is not a hallucination, but rather an out of body experience.
    Bottles of Lovely Refreshing H2O (LRH) are available for a nominal donation of $100 per litre for the first one, and $300 for every bottle after that should you become parched.
    Should your meatbag blood pump begin to fail due to those pesky Thetans that are tired of running in circles, do note there is a Convenient Operating Blood Pumper or COBPumper if you will to bring you back from Mars.

    Remember KSW
    Keep Scamintology Withering

  55. says

    In roller disco you skate in circles around a mirrored ball for hours.

    I wonder if the addition of the mirrored ball adds psychedelic LSD-like hallucinations to your exterior experience.

    And I wonder if that’s why the CRR is done in a big dark room.

    So they can turn it into roller disco in the evening.

  56. Birgit says

    I think I will start running right now – for FREE. And experience the amazing technology, never before seen in this society and age. The Cause Resurgence Rundown! Which is so powerful, it can pull a thetan out of anything – not just by blowing facsimiles and ridges but also by restoring my innate power to generate my “won”? own? hm! energy and flows.

    I don´t understand any of this, but it sounds pretty amazing and I can´t wait to get started.

  57. Espiritu says

    So, since when is running around in circles a “grade?”

    Answer: Ever since the COS started invalidating people’s gains and forcing them re-do actions which were already done. They do some auditing actions which are then declared “not done” and then are “done again”, etc, etc, ad nauseum.
    Going in circles is now a usual practice it seems, though not standard tech.

  58. Espiritu says

    There are so many outpoints about the description of this rundown that I don’t know where to start.
    Mike, your observations are very balanced and spot on.
    It is probably a good thing to do (unless done as punishment!). I have had gains from running….spiritual gains as well as health wins. I ran cross country in school before Scientology. I had spiritual gains then. But the hype! It is like telling someone that you can come to church and take vitamins in a special room for only ____$. Why?
    Apparently, the “minimum prerequisites” are the Purification Rundown and Objectives. Hmmm. Has everyone forgotten that Ron had an earlier running program which had NO prerequisites called the “Sweat Program” (The Sweat Program was later replaced by the purif) ? …..And sometimes people ran around a track when they did the Sweat Program too!
    So, I recommend doing this program……on your own.
    It would most likely improve a person’s life.
    If you choose to run around a central object, I can imagine how that might key out something in many people, too.
    And running until you have a cognition (a realization about oneself, life, livingness, etc) sounds like a good idea too.
    But, if you insist on paying money to do this, I happen to own a large piece of land which has a large field in it. In the middle of that field is a large tree. And I would be very happy to allow you to pay me $25 to run around my tree for four weeks. That is only 1% of what the COS charges, my friend. Will that be cash or credit card?

    • says

      Wow, that is good to know. Your land may come in handy to do the Cause Rehabilitation RD
      there. I do hope you also got a tractor with a rake to ERASE daily the tracks made from the day before.

  59. Jens TINGLEFF says

    Victims paying a lot of money to run around until the hallucinate only makes sense if you view the whole of $cientology as being about conditioning the victims to pay for things they would never hand over any money for it the goods on sale were presented honestly.

  60. edge says

    There are a whole slew of benefits to running, and done regularly is the best cardio exercise. The jury is out on long distance races, but if one is able to do one it can be a lot of fun. But the most fascinating thing about the hype mailer, to me, is that not once does it use the words “run” or “running”. They hype this thing to the moon and back, but still don’t say that it’s just running! Nor do they mention that it’s indoors around a pole in a room with no windows. Who the hell needs a Case Supervisor to run? Or a checksheet?

    Let’s say you wanted to spend a lot of money on running. A typical public race fee is $50. So one race a month is $600 a year, and let’s say $200 for a pair of good runners. That’s $800, or a third of what Daveyboy wants. And you’d get to be outside in fresh air with other people! Or, you could run for free on your own or buy a decent treadmill and run at home. Any way you slice it, this Cause Resurgence rundown is a piece of overpriced, overhyped BS. Hopefully the only cognition any Sci gets from running is that they can outrun the regges.

  61. Espiritu says

    Comments I just couldn’t resist making (in parentheses):


    Power to generate your own energy and flows (Maybe do some TR 1?)

    Blowing facsimiles and ridges (How about some pre GAT standard auditing?)

    Your flows as a being straight and smooth (TRs? Happiness Rundown? Etc.?)

    In present time, like you’ve never experienced before
    (Isn’t present time ALWAYS ‘like you’ve never experienced it before’ if you are in PT?)

    Rocketed Cause (Get a few intensives of standard auditing? )

  62. Joe Pendleton says

    Uhm ….. so how come Ron didn’t do the program himself and get a little resurgence in the old cause bone? He coulda used it. Ya think? (maybe for the same reason he never handled his own decades long PTS A & C conditions to his oldest son or his PTSness to the government he was always running from; or for the same reason he couldn’t handle his OWN missed withholds that caused him to viciously attack his two chief auditors….or stay in ARC with his wife and seven children …….assimilate straight Scientology…..hmmmmm).

  63. says

    I read the “running prgram” advices at 3 times in my Sea Org career. Once around 1978 when they first came out, and I was asked to give some starrates to the RPF Qual people who were implementing the pilot at the Clearwater RPF, second time when I later became temporarily the RPF In Charge for a month in 1983 and I had again to read all the LRH advices for the running program, and third time when I worked at INCOMM Int, and was chatting with Rog Kernbach since he was on the running program, and I told him of the theory and value of the program, after searching the LRH traffic on the INCOMM SIR computer.

    LRH said in the traffic that the running program is based on the OT therapy that was done millions of years ago, in space civilizations where OTs and humanoids co-lived. The OTs got “rehabilitated” by doing the large ovals or circles around vast areas of space.

    Important to take this seriously, if one takes what LRH said about background for why certain tech works. (I’m not a believer in the tech, I’m just assuming the viewpoint of one who did take it seriously, and read everything LRH ever wrote as relates to why this or that tech would supposedly work to help someone.)

    In this context the running program is OT rehabilitation tech, it works per LRH, on OTs.

    That LRH told Sarge that LRH planned to go circle a distant star (see Marty’s 3rd book, read Chapter 24 carefully where this is mentioned, and see Lawrence Wright’s book’s final 3 pages), it is totally relevant and logical that the running program is a process one could, and LRH is out there doing it, if you take what LRH said seriously. So doing the human form, by extrapolation, and per the case requirements, yes, it is logical to conjecture and implement it as they are doing, the only limitations would technically be all the other key Case Supervision tech, which is a long lengthy discussion. (But there are some case fundamentals, some Class 8 fundamentals, and pre Class 8 case supervision fundamentals that LRH wrote as case direction concepts that are even more okay to use, case supervision is a major discussion, and even though I’m not a follower, I do know some C/S people who really really have C/Sed a lot of cases, know what can and cannot be done, and I’m sure this running program intervening really is only “bad” when the person hasn’t had an adequate “repair” program prior to starting it.)

    • says

      It WAS used to snap S.O. members out of whatever they were stuck in case wise.
      A lot of them were very bogged in subjective repairs.
      That is why no other prerequisites other than Purif and objectives.

      • says


        You are right about the prerecs here.

        Some were set up per C/S Series 3 and some weren’t. As a review auditor on the line it was sorta like walking into a mine field blind folded.

        Honestly I can’t imagine anyone with say out int, lists or ruds making it through this rundown as any kind of product.

        Ron wrote C/S Series 109 about doing needed repair after someone completed the Purif and then after this sometime in the late 80′s a revised “HCOB” came out “assisted by” the yahoos over in RTRC( sorry Dan ;) ) saying that it could be applied to objectives as well.

        Ya right, sure sure.

        You mean someone with out int or an out list or gross out ruds is going to be able to run say Op Pro by Dup?

        I don’t think so.

        Not without maybe killing the auditor.

        Personally I think the reason you could get away with it on the purif is because the purif is not really an auditing action per se.

        Though I personally think it would probably run better if the person was set up with a 53 or a Green Form or at least 6 ruds plus a check for int or lists like they do for cramming.

      • Formost says

        Ron wrote C/S Series 109 about doing needed repair after someone completed the Purif and then after this sometime in the late 80′s a revised “HCOB” came out “assisted by” the yahoos over in RTRC( sorry Dan ;) ) saying that it could be applied to objectives as well.

        C/S Series 109 dealt with repair actions after both the Purif & Survival RDs/Objectives were done. The revised addition is applicable, and correctly so to actions after the Purif only as it should have been in the first place. The original C/S 109 was for repairs after Objectives when these actually needed to looked at before, that being right after the Purif. It was one of many points of confusion back in 1980 getting people who were not set up/actions unrepaired onto the SRD RD.

      • says

        As I remember it was corrective actions only after the purif.

        In fact this is confirmed by the following HCOB:

        HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
        C/S Series 109RA Purification Rundown Series 11
        Deposits of drugs and biochemical substances in the body can prevent or inhibit case gain. They can also impede learning. The Purification Rundown is now a very early step on the Grade Chart so that a person can get the most possible gains from his later auditing.
        Where a person has had case actions, repair, cramming or hatting before doing the Purification Rundown, he may not have benefited from these actions to the extent he could have, due to the effects of unhandled drugs. A person who has had extensive repair, little gain on auditing actions or trouble in cramming or hatting before doing the Purification Rundown may need a sort-out on those previous actions once the Purification Rundown is complete so that any errors can be handled. (The majority of such preclears would be drug cases who received auditing or cramming actions before the release of the Purification Rundown in early 1980.)
        In such a case it may be necessary to:
        Purif RD Series 1
        C/S Series 53RM LF
        C/S Series 53RM SF
        These steps are not necessarily done in the sequence laid out above, and they are not actions that would be done on every pc. Not every pc will need them. However, they are steps that should be considered by the C/S in programing a pc who has had auditing or cramming prior to doing the Purification Rundown.
        Any needed repair should be programed standardly per the C/S Series HCOBs, in particular the following:
        HCOB 10 June 71 I
        HCOB 24 Nov. 73RE II Rev. 26.7.86
        HCOB 15 Sept. 71 HCOB 20 Apr. 72 II
        HCOB 28 Sept. 82
        C/S Series 44R
        C/S Series 60
        C/S Series 78
        C/S Series 115
        L. RON HUBBARD Founder
        Revision assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations

      • Formost says

        remoteviewed: As I remember it was corrective actions only after the purif. In fact this is confirmed by the following HCOB:

        Correct. That is exactly what I had stated in my post above. C/S Series 109RA was a valid revision of C/S Series 109R.

        HCOB 13 MARCH 1980R, C/S Series 109R, REVISED 22 NOVEMBER 1981, Purification Rundown Series 11, CONDITIONAL STEP AFTER THE PURIFICATION RUNDOWN

        Here is an excerpt from the C/S Series 109R (not the 109RA):

        This bulletin has been revised to position its conditional repair step more correctly after the Purification Rundown and Objectives have been done, as that is where the majority of those who need the step will benefit from it most.

        As you can note in my post above, the 109R addresses conditional repair after Purification Rundown and Objectives have been done. Step 00 of the Survival RD cannot be applied with 109R, 109RA corrects that.

  64. SadStateofAffairs says

    Re: Miscavige squirrelling of the Running Program to convert it into a punishment device, unfortunately for many Sea Org members, at least, Scientology tech was converted into a punishment mechanism. Many SO members (and others, I am sure, too) were subjected to nothing but metered ethics interviews, sec checks, being forced to do M9 wordclearing at 1 AM with the order that they “could not secure until they F/Ned” meaning somehow produce an arbitrary three swing F/N at 2 AM, when they already had not had sufficient sleep for days, and had no food available at that time of night except junk food from the canteen. The last 10 years plus I was in the SO, that was almost all I ever got.

  65. Roxy says

    Well, I’d like to see someone like Michael Bayback do this rundown. And, if at the end of it, he throws away his cane, then, and only then, will I think there is ANYTHING of worth in this rundown. I’d like to see proof of all the hype. I’m still waiting to see proof of the hype surrounding OT8. Yeah, right, like that’s coming anytime soon. Or ever.

    • chuckbeatty77 says

      That makes me think up a squirrly solution to people who are disabled or too old to run, which is give them electric golf carts or bumper cars, to go around and around in circles for hours!

  66. Jane Doe says

    SSOA, I am so sorry to hear of your treatment the last 10 years in the SO. It makes me mad to hear how the tech of word clearing, FNs and the running program to mention a few, were twisted and used to punish by DM. Just out of curiosity, what finally go you to leave? What was the “Ah Ha” moment for you? How did you wake up enough to leave? I ask because I’m trying to find a common denominator of what makes people start to look, kind of an informal survey of sorts. If we can find some commonality, we could then make promo and ads with that button to show to public and SO alike in hopes that they will start to look and will start the journey out of hell. What was it for you?

  67. says

    Well I think for starters I’ll try running around my RV a few times. The neighbors will ask me questions (they already know I’m the nuts xscientologist that is friendly and talks a lot)but they won’t pay to much attention to the answers anyway – they are just wogs.

  68. Espritu says

    Yeah. I can’t imagine DM not squirreling any tech he touches. The Running Rundown, Cause Resurgence Rundown, whatever you want to call it as written probably would benefit many people who could physically do it. But after DM put his own twist on it, I would be very wary. Not to mention the ridiculous cost.
    Did anyone notice that it said that you can do it multiple times? ….for a “modest” fee, of course.

  69. Espiritu says

    He Joe,
    You asked a lot of valid questions about LRH, but I did not see any answers from you to those questions.
    Were they really questions or were you just indicating that LRH needed help in these areas?
    If the latter and if you could, would you personally be sincerely willing to help him out as a friend?
    I’m interested in what your answer might be.

  70. Espritu says

    What you describe was not Scientology. It was punishment. It was David Mi$cavige doing what he does best……. twisting Scientology Tech into something destructive, and/or lucrative. But what you experienced was just plain mean and destructive. The C/S for painful, swollen joints was what? “….getting out there on the track and pound the hell out of them some more?”!!? WTF is that? That is suppression, that’s what it is.
    I’m so sorry that you were subjected to that, Karen.
    I’ve had great wins running in the past, but it was always done at my own determinism because I wanted to and was always done with careful attention to and for the benefit of the body’s well-being. It is beneficial when done in that way. But when extremist “macho men” engage in and encourage radically out-gradient physical activity, the result
    can often be as you describe. An example is football players who regularly bash their heads into each other and various hard object. It is very “macho” but the the result is concussions, a.k.a., brain damage. Currently, the NFL is confronting this. Not surprisingly, many of the “macho men” who recommend stuff like this would never subject themselves to it. I would be very surprised if Little Davie would ever continue to exercise through a real physical injury. More likely he would cry for his mommy, declare whoever happened to be nearby, and go curl up in a fetal position in his jacuzzi.

  71. gato rojo says

    I read the LRH information about the Running Pgm and supervised it successfully at two different times at the it base before it was mutilated. It is now very misunderstood. The whole punishment thing is BS of course. That running out in the hot sun until you drop is also very not correct. Maybe that’s someone’s interpretation of it but that is not the actual technology of it by any means. That “all you do is run” is also the same level of BS. You do NOT just run. This is all that’s seen if you were to look at a bunch of peopleon the program. There they are, they are running. Hmmmm…that must be all there is to it. Wrong. There is much more to it and you can’t visibly see what a person is thinking or doing with their attention. All you can see is that they are running. As a matter of fact, what they are doing other than running is just as important or moreso than the running.

    There is a lot of information you are supposed to read and actually understand about the program before you set foot on the track so that you do the mental and spiritual part of it correctly and don’t “just run.”

    Unfortunately a lot of people were told to go out there and just run around the same tree that was used for the actual Running Program. But they were NOT doing the actual program, no matter if it was DM or anyone else who said that they were. Squirrelsville here we come. That’s like putting people in a “Hole” in a room that was used for auditing and saying they were getting auditing because of where they were located. He’s an out-tech jerk anyway and cannot be trusted to duplicate any piece of tech at all.

    And it doesn’t take long to C/S at all and it doesn’t need what was created for it in the Super Power Building so that parishioners could be ripped off for more money.

    With all that said, I’m sure the tech of it has been altered by now and all sorts of BS added to another LRH discovery. The Running Program (Cause Resurgence Rundown) has been so incredibly bad-mouthed, starting with DM’s complete altering of its intention and procedure, that no matter what I say about it, it won’t matter now. I’m just glad I was involved in it when it was a great piece of technology in its original form, and we had a nice-looking and peaceful environment to deliver it in, and I’m sure the people who did it at the time and who honestly completed it feel the same.

    • Hallie Jane says

      To me, it matters very much what you have to say gato rojo. Your data and history are very valuable.

    • Jane Doe says

      Gato Rojo, Thank you for your info on the Running Pgm; it was very valuable. And I apologize for J &D a bit about it earlier. Truth be told, I had a friend, public, who did the Pilot of the Running Pgm and he loved it and had great wins on it. And if you were on staff, just getting out from under Dave and seniors in his valence for 5 hours a day by being outside would in and of itself be therapeutic. Do you remember enough of the references that you could re-create them for the Indie world and we could do a standard Running Program?

  72. hiatus57 says

    LRH research on the Whole track. Er and who put this rundown together LRH?

    I doubt it. He had the foresite to write it up and run asap rather than COB who is not actually Tech trained, and is very small for a full grown man.

    Why is it every short arse I have ever met is always a nutter and a troublemaker?

    • Jane Doe says

      We call it the Napoleon Syndrome, or the short man syndrome. They get sociopathic and psychotic to make up for short stature and little you-know-whatski’s.