Leah Remini Has Left The Building

leahSee the story posted this morning on Tony Ortega’s blog Scientology Celebrity Rebellion.

I have heard a lot of the same things Ortega reports. The drama surrounding Leah has been ongoing for some time, and in what has become typical Miscavige, he has now turned her into an avowed enemy of his squirreling and heavy-handed efforts to force her into line, including attempts to control her by working over her immediate family.

I have known Leah for many years.  She is one of the most down-to-earth, honest and truly caring celebrities I came across in Scientology. Funny, endearing and abrasive all at once, she does not sit quietly when she knows something is wrong. And she is unwilling to keep her mouth shut when she knows injustices are being perpetrated on those who have no voice to speak for themselves. She is acutely aware that if things are a bit “off” in how she is being “handled” then it is probably WAY worse for those who are not accorded “VIP treatment.”

I cannot imagine her not speaking out at some point, given what has transpired. But I am not walking in her shoes. I am sure when the time is right she will come out swinging for the fence.

Perhaps underplayed in Ortega’s piece is the role that Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach played in opening Leah’s eyes to the political and vindictive organization the church has become. According to what I have been told, Tomica were the designated “hatchet-men” for Miscavige following events at the Cruise/Holmes wedding. They spearheaded a campaign to “dead-agent” Leah, and Jessica was the driving force behind the squirrel Truth Rundown Leah was forced to undergo at Flag. I heard they were more than happy to try to put Leah in her place because she has dared call them out on their blossoming 2D when they were both still married.

When Tomica were no longer in favor, they were then made the scapegoats as if everything was done on their origination and they were “off the rails.”  This is a typical Miscavige ploy — there is a scapegoat for EVERYTHING, whether its the SP transcriptionist or Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder or other “unnamed SP’s” that he can blame and then he is the “hero” by simply announcing they are to blame.  But I can 100% guarantee there is no handling of a celebrity of the stature of Leah that is not personally overseen by Miscavige himself. Every step of it. Especially not a “handling” so intimately connected to events relating to Tom Cruise. The Cruise/Holmes wedding was apparently more akin to the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones than the Disney fairytale it was supposed to be. Minister, the Reverend Norman Starkey, got drunk and hit on Brooke Shields until her husband complained about his behavior to Miscavige, Dave and Lou acted inappropriately in public and Leah stirred the pot about Shelly, not to mention the bride not turning out to be what Dave and Tom had planned. It is little wonder that the hatchets came out.

Reportedly at this time Tommy let fly with a classic. He told Leah: “You don’t have the fucking rank to ask about Shelly.” And that about sums up the RCS. One of the most prominent people in the church suddenly disappears — a no-show at an event she should have attended – and because its about “COB” it is forbidden to even inquire about her.

Leah remains convinced of the value of L. Ron Hubbard’s work, but will no longer tolerate the squirreling and human rights abuses perpetrated in the church.  Nor will she allow anyone to tell her who she can and cannot talk to or associate with. As a result, the church has lost one of its most effective supporters – both in the public relations arena and their bank balances. They have also lost a 30 year member of the church and the rest of her family including her mother who has been a Scientologist since the 70’s.

But most important: Leah is now free to think for herself, choose her friends and no longer lives in the shadow of Big Brother.

Update – The Church Responds!


  1. lady di says

    I have a serious question. Have no association with any religion or cult.
    childhood to present. Thankfully!
    BUT…I have ascertained that many/most Scientologists appear to be educated, intelligent, sensitive etc. SO…HOW do these people get so taken in, scammed so to speak??? Allow physical and financial abuses? UNLESS they were raised to “believe”…that they “needed” an outside “spiritual” source to exist? How many CoS came from strong religious or cult backgrounds growing up?
    Are there many who grew up atheistic or agnostic? Just very curious. And do not intend to offend!
    Thanks! LD

    • Mike Rinder says

      LD — there is no easy answer to this obvious question. I suggest you read Marty Rathbun’s books. They will probably answer this for you.

  2. curious says

    How can it call itself a religion or church? Religions have deities-was/-is L.Ron Hubbard scientologists’ “God”? Is he worshipped in the sense you see done in a Christian church?

  3. says

    I knew Leah briefly decades ago when she first moved to LA (she wouldn’t remember me). I was a WISE consultant to the company she worked for (before she became famous). She was indeed a “daughter of Brooklyn”, feisty, sarcastic, funny and outspoken.

    • Indie8Million says

      Notice that he never says, the “Church of Scientology”. Only Scientology and LRH. There’s hope yet.

  4. Jane Doe says


    This is the link I refer to in my post as to what the Truth R/D is. Very much a must see link to Bruce Hines explaining it. And it is for public as well as staff. Another Black Scientology example of reversal of tech. And after that much introspection looking for your own evil, when really the evil is “out there” and “what you saw,” they can always patch you up with the Introspection R/D for a mere $20,000 more. It never ends. They key you in, mess up your case, bring you to your knees, break you, and then either send you home to audit yourself and pay for it, or they sell you more auditing to handle the mistakes they made on your case.

  5. Roy Mcgregor says

    I met Leah years ago and was immediately impressed with her straight shooting, no bullshit approach to things. She also had an incredible warmth, almost a light. Other celebs are aloof and superior but Leah does not have any of that going on. She is just there, as herself. This is incredibly unusual. The only other celebrity I have ever heard of that had this no bullshit approach to things was Lisa Marie.

    Personally I am not holding my breath for any of the other important celebs to step up and try and help Scientology get back onto the rails. The other celebs like JT and Jenna and Kirstie and Catherine Bell and Ribisi are all about me me me. They really could not give a shit about what is happening to the rank and file. If Scientology gets driven into the dust it’s of little importance to them as long as they are getting the best auditor and best CS on the planet and they have RTC kissing their ass and and making sure they don’t get the same treatment the riff raff get.

    Leah is a Queen. Queen of integrity, honesty and courage.

  6. KFrancis says

    Good for Leah.

    Her “rank” by the way, was issued to her (and any other Scientologist) by LRH.

    Part of the definition of Responsibility is: “The non-recognition and denial of the right of intervention between oneself and any being…”

    Despite what you may think Tom, you do not supersede LRH and Leah has every right to ignore your intervention and write a Knowledge Report.

  7. jeb says

    Mike, can you explain to me why a grown ass person would OBEY an order to report for thought modification? Im not a scientologist and just dont understand why anyone would do this. And none of your indie commentators seem to think this is unusual.

    • Cooper Kessel says

      ” And none of your indie commentators seem to think this is unusual.”


      “Im not a scientologist and just dont understand”

      Better take a run down to your local org and get some first hand experience! The staff will help you understand…..they specialize in it.

    • Odd Thomas says


      There’s a different answer for every person involved. But let me take a crack at this. Scientology isn’t just a book, or tape or a single moment in an auditing session. It’s Pandora’s Box, but with none of the negative connotations. I believe every person that “connects” with SCN believes there is greatness within that box and it could be there’s. Incrementally a Scientologist has wins, small segments of their lives that become less weird, less troublesome, less of a continuous upset for them. This sense of relief and the potential that it will continue and grow, is fundamental to why “we willingly” go to get modified. There is no desire to be modified or changed or adjusted in any way. There’s only a desire to stay connected and continue that journey of discovery. But as many of us have discovered, simply having the tech available is no guarantee that it will be delivered standardly or with a pure heart.

      I don’t believe any of us willingly accept abuse. It’s simply a byproduct of our belief system and our desire to see things through to an honest conclusion. It’s the “down” side to wanting SCN to work like it was intended to and an abiding sense that it still can – some how. The abuse that is documented on this blog and others has absolutely nothing to do with Scientology. This abuse and suppression is to Scientology, what suicide bombers and other forms of violence is to Islam. In the end, it’s crazy people doing crazy things and feeling justified in their actions. They’re not.

      That’s what I think.

    • Joe Pendleton says

      Jeb, I worked in Scientology for over 35 years and I’m not sure I understand it completely myself. Of course, it’s not CALLED “thought modification.” It’s all in the guise of “helping” you to understand yourself better and be more aware. Just like Scientology policies are said to be there to build a stronger and more coordinated team. What happens is that over time an individual’s ability and even ideas about BEING an individual who has ANY control over their own life is slowly but surely beaten down by disapproval, threats and punishments until the individual has given up to a large degree, and so you simply do what you are told. Until ….. for some individuals ……as myself, Mike Rinder, Leah Remini and many others ….. a line is crossed and you are hit hard enough or get your reality assaulted enough to wake up and walk out.

    • Bob Dobbs says

      Well, Jeb, not speaking for Mike, but it’s not like they come to you and say, “we are going to brainwash you now.”

    • Mike Rinder says

      Jeb — a few have already tried to respond. There is no short answer, or easy answer. Any more than there is an easy answer to explain why someone would sacrifice themselves to strap on a bomb and blow up a bus in Israel, or “agree” to be burned at the stake because they refused to renounce their faith, or set themselves on fire in the streets of Saigon. Obviously, these are extreme examples. But they serve to illustrate that people will do things that are not self interested and appear completely not understandable to those who are not involved.

    • says

      Hey Jeb,
      You go because you want to get to the truth … but over the years the process turned into the CoS “distorting the truth”. When all involved were/are sincerely interested in the truth, the system can work great. But when those in charge of the system start dealing in lies, the system breaks down.

  8. Jethro Bodine says

    Oh Yes, the adventures of “Captain Morgan Starkey”, how could we forget! Arrgh, me matey, the booty has been besmirched!

    Glad to see another Scientology celebrity stand up and show some integrity. Because Leah is so closely connected to several other A-List Scientology celebrities, more-so than some other departed Scn celebrities, this could perhaps be the beginning of a domino effect of other high profile departures. We can only hope.

  9. says

    And the hits just keep on coming… (for Mista Miscavige.) To borrow from Ross Perot, I think the parishioners are wondering what that “Giant sucking sound is…” as the momentum of key departures picks up. Thanks to Mike for keeping us informed. It’s like watching a Train Wreck in slow motion.

  10. Luis Garcia says

    I’m very happy for Leah and for her family. It’s quite a feat to go through the COS experience and remain together.
    It sounds like she’s my kind of girl… call it the way it is!
    She will help a lot of people wake up when she goes public.

  11. says

    Mike Rinder says :
    Minister, the Reverend Norman Starkey, got drunk and hit on Brooke Shields until her husband complained about his behavior to Miscavige,
    Drunken “Executor” of Hubbard’s will Norman Starkey hits on Brooke Shields !
    What a donkey !

  12. Sapere Aude says

    Leah has always been a person with intention. She was while her mother was on staff in NY org, and she is still. Tomica really don’t have the ability to understand a person – when the other person is one of very high integrity and the ability and willingness to observe what is in front of them. As stated so well above she didn’t need “rank” as she already has all of the SO members at the wedding OUTCLASSED!

    In her own way she has fulfilled a statement by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he stated:
    “The world is his,
    who can see through its pretension…
    See it to be a lie, and you have already dealt it
    it’s mortal blow.”

  13. Tony DePhillips says

    Great news!!!!!
    Sounds just like the cob.

    Tommy boy said she “doesn’t have the rank to ask about Shelley?” Well guess what Tommy, you have zero rank now boy. You are just a little greedy snake who likes to kiss up to the cob.

    Welcome to freedom Leah!! I met her at Flag once and thought she was very nice.

  14. Eric ALEXANDROU says

    Leah,is a beautiful strong women with back bone,
    This is how I see the church at the moment,The church is hanging in a balance for its very existence ,I believe once John travolta comes out ,that would be the signal,the end of the church.
    Brisbane ,Australia

    • Sindy Fagen says

      I wouldn’t wait on John Travolta to do much of anything. The cult will fall without him. He’s had more than enough opportunity to speak and has turned a blind eye every single time.

      • Indie8Million says

        John Travolta did leave once. I remember an article I read in 1982 or 85 – thereabouts – where he specifically said, “I have no problem with the philosophy, but I don’t like the management.” I think this was a Good Housekeeping or Redbook type of magazine. DM worked hard to get him back in, as I understand.
        When Leah was 14, she was a babysitter for a close friend of mine. Yep. That girl is from Broooklyn. You go, girl. Glad to see you out.

        • mirari says

          Indie8million wrote: DM worked hard to get him (John Travolta) back in, as I understand.

          In other words … DM has the goods on JT and has tightened the noose on him until he had little choice but to acquiesce to DM’s “leverage?” I can imagine the treasure trove of spittle that DM has on John and all celebs. John should just spit it back in DM’s face. Hey John, consider taking the cue from Leah. That is what integrity is about. Leah has it and she’ll be just fine.

      • Jane Doe says

        They have blackmail material on John which is why he doesn’t leave probably. All the material gathered in confessionals.

  15. Sindy Fagen says

    Like I said on Tony’s blog, I have been an admirer of Leah for a long time now. She’s my kind of gal.

    I find her to be a brilliant comedic actor who is WAY underrated as far as I can see. She should have been in many comedy movies so far among other things. In other words, her potential is far greater than how she has been utilized thus far. I really wish for that to be remedied — they have a winner on their hands.

    I am hoping that she speaks out and uses the public forum to forward her career as she has most likely been held down by not only being under the suppression of the C of S but also the unwitting victim of public ridicule (as were all of us) because the public saw her as someone duped by cult. Well, NO MORE!

    Leah, I always knew and have said it to my friends many times, that you would come through, that you would speak out, that you had integrity. You are way to fiery to be controlled. Go get ’em girl! Love ya.

  16. Carcha says

    Nice to see a family value their family unity over the obviously divisive practices of a church.

  17. SunnyV says

    Leah was a messenger. She, of all the celebrities, has to know how the cult sausage is made and it’s not pretty. I’m surprised it took her this long, given her unique insight and not always being a VIP celebrity.

    I always wondered how she was able to get back in good graces after leaving the SO/CMO? Probably took getting famous I figured. I also wondered what made her blow/ leave CMO, which isn’t exactly an easy task and is highly frowned upon. Any background on this Mike?

  18. Rory Medford says

    I’m happy for her as well as the thousands of others who will follow her footsteps!!! Once you walk out you will NEVER go back.. Why? Its so damn liberating!!!!

    Flee my friends FLEE!!!! Why wait? There is only misery, suffering and sorrow if you stay connected to the church. It will not CHANGE for the better as long as DM is at the helm!!!

  19. naomi says

    Leah is on “king of queens” which reruns constantly . She gives a performance that equals such great as Lucille Ball. Wonderful , genuine no BS person.

  20. one of those who see says

    Go Brooklyn!!!!! i knew Vicki back in the day when she was DED NY Day. Well done Leah for being willing to notice the elephant in the room and ask the question! Hugs to Vicki and family. NO DISCONNECTION! i love it. Miscavige has nothing to hang over their heads. I guess I didn’t have The Rank either when I typed into my search engine “where is Ray Mithoff?” And found all you great people.

  21. mwesten says

    Good for her. I really hope she has the courage to stand up and say what she has observed. Her words alone could help thousands. That her family are also behind her is a beautiful thing. To those c**ts who ditched their loved ones to play Tantalus in DM’s pool, take note.

    “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” — Anthony Brandt.

    • Mat Pesch says

      Those who know Norman, know he has a SERIOUS long term problem with alcohol. The same can be said for Davey boy. Davey likes the scotch. The “Reverend” will take what he can get….

  22. Richard Lloyd-Roberts says

    Holy cow! Awesome. Leah is a great girl and a big enough celeb to cause waves everywhere. Anyone that doesn’t know her can see her as the lead on King of Queens which she co starred in for many years. Great news. Thanks Mike. I met her at CC a few times when I was on course there.

  23. Wendy Munro says

    Leah Remini KR’ed Miscavige. She showed support for Paul Haggis (when she probably knew she would attract some flak for that). Her complaint is about how others are being badly treated (rather than only her own upsets). Her family are leaving the church with her to avoid disconnection from one another (and no doubt because they all thoroughly agree with leaving).
    I’m a new fan! Well done Leah Remini and her family!!

    • Aquamarine says

      Me too. I’m not familiar with her work but I will now make it my business to find out about her. Well done, Leah, and thank you for standing against what your common sense tells you is just plain wrong. You rock, gal!!

  24. Ilbye says

    I was in the S.O. with her. She’ll shred Miss Cabbage. A real in your face honest gal.

  25. Geno says

    I knew Leah, her Mom and sister from my time in NY and watched her grow up. Her Mom and her both worked for me during the Ball Room Call to Arms at the FLB in ’83. I have a lot of respect for her for not putting up with any BS from anyone, and I know she will not be silenced. She is a tough and loveable person and I would never want her to change who she is!

  26. Doug says

    Not have the “fucking rank” to enquire about something that goes on in the Church of Scientology, especially as it concerns the possibility of a fellow Scientologist who by all accounts has gone “missing” is something to be VERY concerned about.

    • Jane Doe says

      So I guess we don’t have “fucking rank” to ask about Heber Jenzscht? Or Norman Starkey? Or Guillame Lesevere? Or any of our other exec strata that are missing? Richard Reiss, Class XII auditor and Flag Sr. CS was right to escape the game by dropping the body. RIP Richard and don’t get back into Scn in your new lifetime. Just look for the Indies.

  27. Detlef Ruchatz says

    An admirable courage and integrity! VWD to Leah. Thanks Mike, for these great news.

  28. says

    I wish Leah the best.

    Leaving the Church these days reminds me of the movie “Escape from New York”.

    A truly harrowing experience.

    I see she suffered through the “Truth Rundown” as well.

    This is where they tell you that any off policy and out tech perpetrated by management you might have noticed and reported to RTC using their handy dandy Scientologist fly trap known as their Reports Line are now considered quote Black PR unquote and that you must have committed some overt or overts prior to reporting your concerns.

    Because as we all know the reason that management who basically squirrel tech and policy is for the greatest good of all concerned and those that write these nasty reports are just too ignorant to grasp this concept.

    Yeah, whatever.

    Anyway after receiving the “rundown” myself which probably ranks right up there with water boarding I came to my own personal truth on the matter and that is that the current government approved Church of Scientology is totally willing to use Black Dianetics to keep its public in line short of using drugs ,physical torture and forced confinement which they only reserve for luckless Sea Org members who have no means of escaping their depredations.

    I’m pretty sure it is not quite the “truth” they wanted me to achieve.

    • says

      Sorry to hear that.
      Where you able to keep yourself together after the No-Truths Rnd?

      What was their intended product, a totally overwhelmed being?

      Wow, Scientology has really turned into a dangerous mind control operation.

      • says


        Thanks for your concern.

        I was pretty able to destimulate from the whole scene and handle much of the By Passed Charge with Standard Tech, enough now to view it as an educational experience 😉

        Their intended product?

        That I can only speculate on.

        But I doubt if it had anything to do with me achieving total freedom.

        Yes true the Church of Scientology in my opinion has turned into a dangerous mind control operation of some kind. Some of us feel an extension of Bluebird, Artichoke, Mk Ultra (ironically the name of their new meter) and other Mind Control initiatives started back in the late 40’s early 50’s the same ones Ron warned us about in Science of Survival, in the PDC (of which those sections have been mysteriously redacted or edited out in later RTC approved revisions) and the PABs on Black Dianetics.

        Some of us also suspect that Miscavige let that camel under the tent in order to secure his own position and power.

        How far will it go?

        As far as the parasites who have infected the body politic of the organization have effectively killed its host.

        GAG i (as Mike calls it) almost did especially if you look at the international stats for training and processing which basically flat lined put the organization on life support requiring a transfusion of fund through scams like the Super Power building, “Ideal Orgs” and various “call to arms” and other “crusades” engineered by the IAS.

        I doubt if they’ll be that lucky on GAG II.

        Do you think for one minute that any of these status hungry fat cats who belong to the IAS are going to meekly give up whatever status they had as an “OT VIII” and willingly redo their objectives and purifs.

        Maybe a few.

        But I predict a general revolt. Just as what happened with the auditors who were forced to “retrain”.

        Why it isn’t happening right now is because there is too much PR and group agreement that this unusual solution will actually work much like first time they tried it.

      • says

        Thanks for posting this vid Lurkness.

        Actually I realized while watching that section about chloral hydrate and valium that this is what they gave Lisa McPherson to “calm her down” at the Squirrel Land Base.

        So I’ll revise what I wrote on that since they have used drugs on public as well.

  29. Sinar says

    Glad to hear her folks stood by her as in many cases Scn Inc turns families against each other and a bigger mess and sadder stories ensue.

  30. Aeolus says

    Hey Tommy Boy, I’ll tell you what’s rank – your attitude of smug superiority. That goes for your ass-hat out-2D boss, too. As for Leah, she doesn’t need rank. She’s got Class.

  31. Yvonne Schick says

    Happy to see another bright face coming free from the oppression. Do hope that she makes a personal statement of her position and the story.

    I got the treatment of the Truth Rundown after I made comments related to DM and TC. I wasn’t smart enough to figure out what they wanted me to say as an EP so I would finish one batch of tailor-made questions, end ruds, think I was done and be sent back for more. Went thru 5 cycles. When I was a broken-down quivering mess, the c/s sent me home with my OT VII materials to patch myself up. The light started to dawn on me at that point. Let’s see, they beat the shit out of me spiritually and emotionally, then I fix myself – and I’m paying them for this???? Not the final blow, but definitely put me on the path out.

    • SKM says

      They really know how to get rid of intelligent, independently thinking, people.

      • Mike Rinder says

        SKM: Really, there is no WTF about this these days.

        The square peg of people who can and do think for themselves just does not fit into the round hole of corporate scientology.

    • says

      Wow Yvonne, I only had one of those and it was really horrible. The auditor was totally incompetent too, with gross comm cycle additives and I had to correct his L&N errors while was in session paying for the auditing!!! I’m so glad you recovered and btw…..I have followed your posts for a few years now and I think you’re a very special, smart, OT lady! You’ve been a voice of reason when I was down so thank you!

    • says

      Yvonne, Mike,

      Is there a literal “Truth Rundown” at Flag? I thought it was something made up by the St Pete Times … but now it sounds like something that was literally delivered in the CoS. If it’s real, what does it consist of? And who gets it?

      • Mike Rinder says

        Margaret — this is “rundown” that involves locating all “black PR” a person has and running overts on the terminal they have “black PR” on. It is for SO members only — at least it was supposed to be. Of course, “black PR” is in the eye of the beholder. Within the RCS any thought at all that is less than complementary about “COB” is “black PR” even if it is a true statement. ANd that is where things go horribly astray….

        • says

          Mike, I know that “roll back” was used for this in the early 80s, but I thought it was just used to gather the data and then a DA pack or something similar was supposed to handle the criticisms. Of course, that approach doesn’t work when the criticisms are valid, and the DA pack is filled with lies and propanda/half-truths. I hadn’t heard about an actual auditing “rundown” — but if it was just for SO, that would explain it.

          The whole approach of pinning any criticism (valid or not) on purely overts, really became one of Scientology’s slipperiest slopes, didn’t it?

          Grade II is a brilliant tech, but boy is it open to abuse in a cultish setting.

        • statpush says

          Regarding Rollback…a while back I was being heavily recruited to rejoin staff at my local Ideal Org, despite numerous out-quals. I was then tricked into a Rollback session. That session sought to root out the sources of “enemy lines” which were the basis of my legitimate objection. I was clearly not qualified for staff, but this truth was ignored. My observations about the org and staff were not acknowledged, but were treated as lies invented to harm the church. When asked the source of these “lies” I openly said “I did, based on my observations”. My “auditor” then coyly explained that the source of the “lies” is an SP, so I’d better start fingering someone. When I insisted that no one told me these things, it was rejected. She continued until I named someone.
          This was something straight out of the Stasi playbook – horrible stuff. That session removed all doubts that the church was interested in truth. Slippery slope indeed.

    • KA says

      Scientology’s “Truth Rundown” – explained by Bruce Hines:
      (excerpt):“…and after it’s all done, you have to realize that you are deluded, that’s part of the, they call it the end phenomena of the procedure. It goes on usually for months, every day, and you are constantly looking for the evil in you… ”

      The ultimate of mind control!

    • Jane Doe says

      Wow, Yvonne, what a fiasco and hardship you went through at their hands! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. But I am glad that it was the catalyst that got you out. We are so enriched by your presence in the Indie world. I wish you the best!

      And as an aside, I saw one of the links on either Mike or Tony O’s site last night where a Scn was interviewed and he described what happens in the Truth R/D and if this isn’t the worst Squirrel of the FPRD tech I have ever heard, it just makes me sick! What he described was taking something that actually happened in the physical universe, that you saw with your own eyes and knew what you saw, and then they try to beat that knowingness and truth out of you using FPRD tech. I was amazed that they would so blatantly alter and squirrel the FPRD auditing tech and that no one knows this is what happened! I guess you’d have to have studied the FPRD course as an auditor to know it was being squirreled to get you to the “EP” that you didn’t see what you saw, you don’t know what you know, and that the truth of what happened was all in your evil imagination and you were to blame for the horrific overts you saw with your own eyes another commit on another. Unbelievable!

    • Tara says

      Wow Yvonne! That was cruel of them. You had to “fix” their mess and pay for it!

    • Eydrather Notsay says

      I am very grateful I paid for and did my bridge from the 70’s to the early 90’s BEFORE the golden age of tech. Made it to OT5 but didn’t like the results I was seeing coming out of Flag on the level.

  32. says

    If this is 100% correct than I wonder what Kirstie will think………
    Last I saw Leah was at a Pilot Kirstie did for Disney in 2003 where she was interviewing people at her house and a bunch of other funny stuff.
    Leah was one of the celeb K was interviewing, me and Renata were the “friends from Italy” cooking ….
    John Travolta came “on his jet” and landed in her backyard…we sung together “Tu vo’ fa l’ammericano” a popular italian song that basically says to an italian to quit pretending is american since … he was born in Italy….
    The description you give of Leah is exactly as I perceived her.
    So I am really, really and must say really happy this is happening!!!!

  33. PreferToBeAnon2 says

    Mike, I am a never-in and was hoping that you would clarify something. You state that Tomica “spearheaded a campaign to ‘dead-agent’ Leah.” Do you mean that they created a dead-agent pack FOR Leah to convince her that she was in the wrong –or was it ABOUT Leah, showing what an SP she is? Thanks!

  34. Silvia says

    I do actually think, because she thinks for herself and communicates what she observes, that she was then able to put all together and make a decision.
    This shows courage and care.
    Leah you have the support of the many that share truths as yours, specifically the evilness of DM and his abuses and distortion s of truths…which, though fought, will at the end prevail.
    Well done and carry on..

  35. Tom says

    This girl is AWESOME! Just a shame for her this had to happen before she got to experience the earth quaking, mind blowing, and life shattering thing that is GAG II.

    Who’s next to fly the chicken coop?

  36. Ricky says

    Yeah, Hubbard wrote some very good books, both fiction and non-fiction. It was never his intent to leave the church to Miscavige.