The Warehouse VIII “Suitcase Bomb”

meter2We just got this write-up from a Special Field Correspondent.

It contains interesting information about the Warehouse VIII and how it is going to blow a lot of people off auditing and training.

I bet there is a SERIOUS panic happening right about now over the shitty sales of the W8. Everyone HAS to buy two and they HAVE to pay cash…. Yowzah. What a BOMB this is going to be.  

Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be before this “policy” gets changed because after 10 years of warehousing, these beauties are STILL sitting in a warehouse? Miscavige will scream about CI and SP’s cutting across the sales and crashing the scene and reluctantly give in to the low-havingness, downstat DBs just to get them out of the warehouse…

The first person to report on the “new” policy will get a prize.

I called Bridge and asked them a number of questions they didn’t have posted on their Mark VIII Ultra E-meter site.

It’s funny that the first “answer” on that page is “Many of your questions may be answered in your Mark Ultra VIII Owner’s Manual.” It’s typical of the “church” these days that they don’t actually answer your questions. In the case of the Mark Ultra VIII they’re expecting you to buy it first, then get your questions answered.

Apparently this is a Miscavige-era application of the HCOB 18 June 1957 PEOPLE’S QUESTIONS, which used to say:

A congress MUST

An organization MUST

Answer people’s questions.

This is the primary public complaint – that Scientologists in the organization or out won’t answer directly questions asked about this or that.

Understand it, answer it, make friends.

Anyway, I asked Bridge how long I had to buy a Mark Ultra VIII meter, based on the experience I had when the Mark Super VII Quantum was released. When the Mark Super VII Quantum was released and the whole world had to upgrade from their Mark Super VII and get their meter “Quantumized”, there was a grace period of about three to six months before you wouldn’t be allowed to use a non Quantumized meter on course or in an org for auditing.

Bridge said that every org in the world was requiring the use of only Mark Ultra VIII meters on an immediate basis. There was no “grace period” as before.

I double-checked this: so, you’re telling me that if I was on the Pro Metering course on November 16, I cannot go back into the courseroom without a Mark Ultra VIII meter? The Bridge representative hemmed and hawed and didn’t really answer the question, since he realized that I was asking if the church set up the Mark Ultra VIII release to facilitate kicking people out of courserooms all around the world.

So I changed the topic: I have friends at Flag who are telling me that I have to come up with cash to buy a Mark Ultra VIII meter; I cannot buy the meter off account. Is that true? Bridge answer: Yes. The orgs don’t have enough money to buy Mark Ultra VIIIs and keep them in stock, so the parishioner is required to pay the cash up front for their meter, so that Bridge can deliver it.

Nothing is a clearer indicator of the “lack of expansion” than you release a new meter that the orgs can’t afford to stock.

And nothing will be a bigger block on the future expansion of Scientology than requiring cash up-front for new materials when the person has already put that amount of money on account.

I asked about the legal documents that must be signed. The Bridge rep told me that after I pay the money, only then do I get subjected to the “Okay to buy a meter” check required to obtain a Mark Ultra VIII meter. When I get “Okayed”, only then does Bridge send me the documents via surface mail in order to sign.

This is pretty tricky, in my mind. I have to first pay, so I’m out $5400. Then I get “okayed”, which is a check to see if I’m in good standing. If I’m not “okayed”, do I get an immediate refund of my money without having to go through A-E steps in the future?

The number of arbitraries added to the process of getting a Mark Ultra VIII meter is much more than any previous meter.

If I’m “okayed”, then Bridge sends me the Mark Ultra VIII e-meter agreement to sign, which apparently I wouldn’t be allowed to read in advance of paying the money to the church.

I had to pay the money, get okayed, then I get to see the documents. So I asked, “What if there’s something in the documents I can’t agree to? Like forcing my first-born male child to join the Sea Org?” The Bridge rep assured me it was all commonsense stuff, like not using my Mark Ultra VIII meter to squirrel with, and to keep my IAS membership current at all times.

I asked if I could see the legal documents before forking over $5400, and the Bridge rep said “no”.

But I made a mental note: what’s commonsense to me is not what is commonsense to the church, or to David Miscavige. In fact, by this point in the conversation, I had already accumulated a half-dozen items that were definitely not commonsense. Like paying first, then signing a legal contract, then taking delivery of a meter.

I double-checked: there is no additional cost for the yearly internet re-activation fee. The basic way it works is that you hook your Mark Ultra VIII up to an internet-connected computer, log in to the Bridge Mark Ultra VIII re-activation site using the login you got when you bought the Mark Ultra VIII and your meter’s serial number, and the re-activation sequence and any needed software updates would be automatically beamed into your Mark Ultra VIII meter.

The countdown timer in your Mark Ultra VIII would be re-set for a year’s worth of use.

The digital display in your Mark Ultra VIII flashes a message starting when you have 14 days or less on your current activation cycle, reminding you to re-activate your Mark Ultra VIII.

Of course, if somebody conveniently false-reported you to OSA in the past year, you won’t be considered “in good standing”, and your meter won’t reactivate.

Fuck your pcs, delivering what you promised, and not allowing a frequent change of auditors.

I asked if I was training as an auditor, did I still have to buy two meters. The answer was “That’s what HCOB 4 December 1977R CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP SESSIONS AND AN E-METER says to do.”

I reminded the Bridge rep that when that bulletin was issued the only approved meter was the Mark V, which had a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery in it. LRH said that NiCad batteries had the annoying habit of going flat without warning, so having two meters was the only way to keep a suddenly flat battery from interrupting a session. “That’s what the bulletin says.”

I pointed out that HCOB 24 October 1971 RA III FALSE TA says that “A cadmium-cell meter discharges very suddenly when it goes flat.” and asked what kind of battery was in a Mark Ultra VIII meter and he said “Lithium rechargeable”. I asked if the meter had a “remaining battery life” indicator on it, and he said yes, it counts down from 8 hours to 0 hours depending on how much charge was left (it requires 10 hours to fully charge a Mark Ultra VIII )

I pointed out that with a remaining battery life indicator and a non-cadmium cell battery in the Mark Ultra VIII, the technical requirement for having two E-meters was gone.

The Bridge rep stuck to the mantra of “that’s what the bulletin says”.

I remembered that in the ’90s when the “new cans” came out for the Mark Super VII Quantum, that the briefing given at the event told us that the cans were made of a copper-beryllium alloy with a thin tin plating. “Yes” agreed the Bridge rep. Then I said that HCOB 21 January 1977RB FALSE TA CHECKLIST says “Cans, of course, should be steel with a thin tin plating”, and when I KR’d the fact that the cans had been changed from LRH’s specifications, nothing was done to fix it.

So, I asked, is there LRH that says when LRH can be ignored in the face of a technological advance but not be ignored in the face of a technological advance?

Obviously, the Bridge rep was in a bind and couldn’t give an honest or straightforward answer. The answer, of course, is there is no such LRH, and that the policy, all verbal from the COB, is that when you’re on staff you make decision that will cost the parishioner the most and keep him from auditing as much as possible.

So I veered off the topic since I knew the guy couldn’t answer it without getting face-shredded.

I asked how the reads from the Mark Ultra VIII could be 50,000 times clearer than those of previous meters.

The guy told me I should have seen the event. I told him I’d love to, but the word on the street is that the event was not recorded for orgs and missions, so I’ll never get a chance to see it now.

So he read me a 2-page piece about how the awful old meters had circuitry that distorted reads by 50,000 times and that circuitry had all been eliminated, allowing the carrier wave passing through the pc’s body to directly affect the needle. So the reads were clearer. I asked what the measurement instrumentation was that proved the reads were 50,000x clearer (which is a very specific number) and he said he didn’t know. I asked if there was documentation, like oscilloscope traces, showing the carrier wave and what the Mark Super VII Quantum displayed versus the carrier wave and what the Mark Ultra VIII displayed.  He said “no”.

He went on to explain that the computer in the Mark Ultra VIII sampled the carrier wave 240 times per second, and the computer compared those samples against the past 5 seconds worth of samples and the needle displayed the difference.

He didn’t realize, of course, that he had just given me contradictory information: the needle directly reads the carrier signal and displays the difference on the needle, and what displays on the needle is the difference between 240 samples of the carrier wave and 5 previous 240-slice samples of the carrier wave.

He went on to explain how the Mark Ultra VIII has an optical tone arm. The tone arm on the meter’s face is connected to a clear disc divided into 600 slices by a black pattern printed on the disc. This gives you 1/1000 of a division of tone arm precision. (I decided not to challenge his arithmetic on this.) The meter’s digital displays all report in 1/1000 division units of TA, like that will improve auditing results.

I immediately thought of auditing NED, where if the TA is higher you demand an earlier similar incident. Is that rule still applied with the 1/1000 division precision of the Mark Ultra VIII? How many NED pcs will overgrind on NED incidents because of that?

I asked if I could buy the highly-touted reads-recorder, and the answer was “no, that’s for orgs only”. I reminded myself that that was the same situation for the reads simulators in the ’90s: only orgs could have those too, restricting GAT drills and correction to orgs, and removing the possibility of drilling and correcting field auditors and mission auditors without sending them to an org.

I guess that’s what an Ideal Org means: it’s the Ideal scene for the church getting more money and crushing the spirit and production of field auditors and mission auditors.



  1. DollarMorgue says

    I’m amazed he even answered that many questions. They certainly are lacking customers.

    • Rick Mycroft says

      Yeah, the fact that he kept talking suggests to me that either a lot of the other calls aren’t easy either, or that there aren’t any other calls.

    • says

      This ‘centralization’ of auditing in the Ideal Orgs cuts lower level auditors and case supervisors out of the audit/course/audit cycle. All revenue goes directly to the Org, the lower level ‘missions’ and churches lose out on all but the lowest beginning course income.

  2. Pepper says

    Thank you Special Correspondent, for taking the time on the Mark VIII report. I hope there are more than several, public scientologists who will check into this blog and read your excellent summary.

    Save your money folks. I’ve spoken to several public who are in and they are not rushing out to buy the new meter. I keep hearing, “I’ll get it when/if I have to”. Yawn.

    The previous report from the field auditor is true. They have to retrain everything from Student Hat, up. My friend who is one, says that the time frame she was given to complete the training before losing her license is six months. Plus, she has to buy two new meters. She told me the overall cost to do all of this is about $30,000.

    • Jane Doe says

      My friend who is “In” said only one meter. You can use your Mark VII Quantum as backup meter.

  3. says

    Good article.
    “I double-checked: there is no additional cost for the yearly internet re-activation fee”
    This of course could change at any time..

    • Rick Mycroft says

      Yes. Once they have everyone on a tether, they can use the same setup to enforce a yearly fee. Just like your friendly neighborhood drug dealer, the first hit is free.

      This brings Disconnection to a new level.

    • Globetrotter says

      Actually, there IS a fee: your IAS membership needs to be current.

      The Silver Cert became an IAS membership – they just switched the object of certification: before it was implied that the meter can go bad and needs regular checkups, now it is implied that the owner can go bad and needs regular checkups.

      • Globetrotter says

        And this is just plain unbelievable (from the FAQ website referred to in the original post):

        Q. “My IAS membership expires in a few months. Can I still buy a meter?”

        A. “Yes. Any Scientologist who is in good standing with the Church and has a current IAS Annual or Lifetime Membership may own a Mark Ultra VIII E-Meter. However, to retain the right to own the meter, you will need to renew your Annual Membership or upgrade to Lifetime Membership on or before the date on which your current membership expires.”

        So you have to pay cash, and MUST buy two of them. Then you need to pay an annual fee to “retain the right to own them”.

        Pay attention to the wording: not even the right to USE them, but just the right to OWN them. In legal terms, when you purchase something, it becomes your property. Not with the church. Remember this one:

        “12. The anti-social personality has a bad sense of ownership. To him nothing is ever really owned. Ownership is an idea just made up to fool people.”

        So now there is officially a ONE TIME FEE of more than $10.000 for CONDITIONAL, church sanctioned pseudo-ownership of a religious artefact REQUIRED to practice your religion, plus an ANNUAL FEE for anyone to be allowed to audit anyone INCLUDING THEMSELVES, i.e. to practice their religion.

        Un. Freaking. Believable.

      • Schorsch says

        And then after one year they find out that your meter needs some adjustments that cannot be done online. Pls send your meter to Bridge. Send 2 and buy another 2 you get your adjustment for free.

      • Aquamarine says

        “However, to retain the right to own the meter, you will need to renew your annual membership OR (emphasis mine) upgrade to Lifetime Membership on or before the date on which your current membership expires”.

        Rhetorical question: Who decides whether renewal of current annual membership will be sufficient or if an upgrade to Lifetime Membership will be necessary?

        And how about if you’re already a Lifetime Member? What IAS vulture decides whether its time to for you pay for your next status? And so on, and so on, up the line “to retain the right to own the meter”?

        Brilliant, Mr. Miscavige! I congratulate you in figuring out a way to bind auditing and training in the Church of Scientology to the IAS with iron chains. Those E-meters are now the Geese which will be laying the Golden Eggs for you, year after year, and at the same time, less auditors will be made. Truly brilliant, Sir!

        Globetrotter, you said it at the end of your excellent in-depth analysis, and I can only echo it now: “Un Freaking Believable”

    • says

      I recall reading that the extra $450 was to cover sales tax in all jurisdictions including those that don’t charge sales tax (Montana, New Hampshire, etc). I don’t know if the case is included or if that is another extra.

  4. Karen#1 says

    There is no grace period for using Quantum E-meters which members paid $4000 or so a pop. They are banned and Bridge is asking they be returned for “re-cyling” ~~ there is an urge to not let them show up of=n Ebay. LOL.
    $5400 for the leasing of a meter for 1 year and then registration to use further can be zapped by the IAS (International Association of Scientologists.)…
    The downloading of the “APP” prior to use the new meter means to me that your computer can be fully read and uploaded….

    • says

      If I were still involved with this mess I’d tell them the same thing that I told the person who said I should burn my old books when the Basics came out – “F— that, you guys can buy them back from me!”

    • Robert Almblad says

      The warehouse meter is another example of trying to maintain a monopoly by regurgitating existing technology (an emeter, which available everywhere) and try to hold on to that “new” technology. But in the internet age, the tighter you try to hold onto the bird (auditor), the more it wants to fly away. This strategy is a big fail and will drive more auditors out of the Church and into the Independent movement.

    • UnderTheRadar says

      I am sorry to say but you are wrong, Karen.

      The Quantums can still be used – except by Org HGCs. Any public can still use a Quantum and if someone purchases a new 8 they can use the Quantum as their spare emeter.

      No one is “leasing” the emeter for a year for 5400 bucks either (let alone the $400 are for the State anyhow for taxes). The monies are returned if you go in bad standing and they take the emeter away from you.

      The RCS does a lot of bad, we don’t need to dub in more shit.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Well, that call to Bridge was NOT from an HGC, it was from a field auditor. So, don’t know where your information is coming from as that isnt what Bridge is telling people? And you want to quibble about the price being $5400 because $400 is taxes?

        I can only assume you are posting here as some strange effort at damage control….

        It’s not very good, especially your final “D/A” The monies are returned if you go in bad standing and they take the emeter away from you. Would LOVE to see the RCS live up to their promises about returning funds that were paid when someone “goes into bad standing….” Not sure what planet you are on, but it seems to be in a galaxy far, far away.

      • Jane Doe says

        Yes, you said it Mike! And like they would ever give any money back at all under any circumstances. LRH had references that if someone wanted to leave you give them their money on account back right away and route them out and tell them they can’t do more services. Well that hasn’t been upheld in decades. The only ones who got money back had to threaten with legal or even follow through with legal.

      • says

        My exact thought, too, Mike. Return our money? BS! They took BOTH of my meters after I escaped out, and all of my books, stripped my computer and would not give me a dime for any of it. WTFU please.

      • Smith says

        >Well, that call to Bridge was NOT from an HGC, it was from a field auditor.

        “Bridge said that every org in the world was requiring the use of only Mark Ultra VIII meters on an immediate basis.”

        I don’t see a contradiction here, the answer was about use in orgs. It does make sense if traning lineup require now e-meters with ability to being recorded.

      • Undertheradar says

        I hope when you finally read the “EULA” and the legal papers you will issue an apology for your serv facing.

        Just sayin’

      • richardgrant says

        I think this probably falls in the “Leaving is a process” category.

        Make the LIAP! I’m gonna go with this.

      • Formost says

        The Quantums can still be used – except by Org HGCs.

        Confirmed, but needs to be qualified. An “In” was told this evening it cannot be used for professional auditing but OK for academy training and some other stuff possibly Grades Min Reqs., etc. But that’s the “Local Word” only.

  5. Aquamarine says

    Holy Jumpin’ Jehosaphats!

    A good deal of this meter mechanics data went over my head but wow wow wow, do I EVER get the concept:


    This is simply – well, there are just no words for how destructive these new squirrel mandates for the acquisition of the Mark VIII will be for Scientology auditing and training.

    I’m thinking this CANNOT be an accident, error, or mistake. It HAS to be intentional. There really IS a real, live SP running the RCS.

    And dig the total mind f***k of these how these new arbitraries give the 180 degree lie to their own loudly trumpeted PR of “Now everyone can be trained” !

    The fix is in, guys.

    “Now, everyone can be trained”.


  6. says

    There’s so much insanity in this I literally wouldn’t know where to start. What a way to kill auditing and training.

    And “Warehouse VIII” is just brilliant Mike. You have a real knack for coining phrases!

    • Rick Mycroft says

      I still prefer the Mark 8 EZ Bake. (If only it could make cookies, then it would be useful.)

  7. KFrancis says

    It’s a bomb alright, and it’s all set to blow right in their faces and like all bombs the postulate attached to it is, “ STOP ! ”

  8. Formost says

    The countdown timer in your Mark Ultra VIII would be re-set for a year’s worth of use.

    That’ll be pretty easy to crack by many of the reputable warez groups. It’s just no one wants the meter out here, the GSR & digital ones we already have are every bit as good if not better for a fraction of the price. Just another In-House scam that’s only effective for the collection of IAS donations. As usual, it has nothing to do with anyone’s good standings, money is the objective as always.

    • Jens TINGLEFF says

      Hate to break it to you, but the technology to make this uncrackable by software exists (keywords for google search: Sony PS3 Firmware Linux). The good news is that opening the box and replacing the permanent program memory can fix it for a Sony.
      Do I believe that the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology has brought into existence a piece of hardware as advanced as the previous generation of piece of a consumer electronics? Heck no. But – in reality – not everything can be cracked in software.

  9. says

    By profession, I am a lighting and photonics expert with 30 years of experience.

    Believe me when I tell you that the “optical encoder” on the new Warehouse Mark 8 is not a big deal at all. This is an older and established light-based metrology technology.

    If anything, the Church bragging about an optical encoder in 2013 is like bragging that one has just today discovered a radical breakthrough new business technology called Fed-X overnight shipping. In other words, the new E-Meter is a flat out embarrassing admission that the Church is decades behind technology.

    But then what do you expect from a group that was bragging about it’s new PRINTING FACTORY in 2007? I can hardly wait for 2035 when the the Church brags about having the Basics in downloadable form.

    Here is a basic view of an optical encoder:

    As to the Church’s claim of 50,000x more clear reads:

    1. IMO, This a civil lawsuit waiting to happen. Causes of action against David Miscavige, RTC, et,. al: Fraud, Bad Faith, Misrepresentation, and Malfeasance. RTC represents that it acts at all times to maintain the ecclesiastical purity and 100% standardness of the Scientology religion and technology. And yet, RTC knowingly and with malice aforethought has, for ten years, withheld from parishioners a device capable of improving the accuracy and purity of the auditing experience 50,000x. Moreover, the Church was knowingly selling 50,000x inferior Quantum meters up to the very second the Mark 8 was released.

    1A. This same scam obtained with the Basics: RTC sold flawed books up to the second the Basics were released. The Basics were an act of Bad Faith and hostility towards parishioners by RTC. Same thing with the Warehouse 8.

    2. As part of a lawsuit, the burden would be on RTC to prove it’s “50,000x” better claim. If it were able to do so, it would incriminate itself for Bad Faith in withholding the device for ten years.

    3. If RTC could not prove “50,000x better” then it is engaging in commercial fraud. In other words, “Business As Usual” for Captain Miscavige.

    • Rick Mycroft says

      It doesn’t really matter how sensitive (or not) those can and tone arm inputs are. On the output side, the meter is driven entirely by software, and that digital software connects to the analog meter through a 12 bit DAC7611. (Fig. 7) 12 bits means that meter only has 4096 real needle positions.

      I suppose that it’ll look convincing as it swings from real position to real position, but .. 4096 .. and that’s all she wrote.

    • says

      J. Swift,

      Good points.

      I’m amazed that these guys would admit that people paid good money for auditing with meters that distort reads by 50,000 times and that it’s been known about for 10 years. That in itself puts things into perspective for me.

      Thank you to the reporter. Thanks Mike, for your declaration on the previous post. It answered a lot of questions for me.

    • Zana says

      Wow. Thank you for pointing this out. The, by their own admission, are slime balls and crooks. Amazingly stupid.

    • Hallie Jane says

      Good data J Swift. This 50000xs figure is such hyperbolic bs. An auditor just needs to know there is charge on something and then, when it’s gone. Are you going to know there is 50000xs more charge on something? It’s such a stupid claim.

  10. iJefferson says

    Very, very interesting. I have so many more technical questions now.

    - Now that its know that it uses a countdown mechanism to force you to reactivate, I wonder if there’s a mechanism to regulate multiple failed activiations. Might it lock out for a period of time or is there something more nefarious like an actual “bricking” mechanism that’ll fry the internals?

    - Will an O/S like Windows recognize the meter when you plug it in? Considering when it was designed, there’s almost certainly a configuration file where you could simply deactivate the countdown timer. They probably have it to where you cant simply change values, but you could certainly replace the whole file. That’s how we’d get around built-in licensing features in second had point of sale systems.

    - It should be fairly simple to jailbreak the software altogether. Someone will come up with a neat little .exe and you’ll just plug in the meter, run the program and get back to it. On the downside, one of us is going to have to bite the bullet and buy one of these things to mess around with.

    - Totally unrelated to this, but funny- I recently learned that the most marked-up product in the world is movie theater popcorn. Because of the bulk in which they buy the unpopped corn, the markup is in the 100,000% range. Even if they bought the corn at normal retail prices, the markup is still 1300%. So get ready to enjoy a nice (butter extra) tub of popcorn with your next lecture series at your local ideal org.

    • DAoT says

      Don’t count on it being difficult to hack the meter.

      Remember the OEC Vol 0 on CD?

      The “copy protection” was an invisible bat file which cancelled the “copy all files” command when copied to the hard drive.

      Solution? (Took me 15 seconds to figure it out, and this was before I was trained on computers, mind you) Show hidden files, select all but that bat file, and copy everything over.

      I am willing to bet hacking the emeter will be child’s play.

  11. Jose Chung says

    My guess is that the W 8 meter has a spycam and listening bug.

    Access to computer files,credit card numbers, pin numbers, contact lists and addresses,
    Bank accounts all go to the Churches Spy apparatus. It is a TROJAN HORSE and you sign away your legal rights to get the meter after you pay for it with cash.
    Can be shut down if someone writes up some crap about you without recourse.
    Even Facebook.

    This has David Miscavige written all over it.

    • iJefferson says

      I agree that there’s almost certainly some sort of spyware associated. They’re definitely going to download every time that meter was turned on, what it read, and how long it was used. They’ll use that to corroborate what auditors are doing vs. reporting.

      I wouldnt put it past them to collect things like browsing data and passwords and other things that might interest OSA, but I havent seen anything to say that you have to reactivate on your own computer, so they wouldnt be getting everything all the time.

      Finally, while Id hate to sound like I’m defending them, I doubt they would actual commit a cyber crime. The feds are certainly sick of them, but they’re also very busy with lots of other things (read: terrorism) to put the full heat on Miscavige. Give the FBI or the Secret Service (who have jurisdiction in a lot of cyber stuff these days) some credible and traceable evidence of a new criminal facet of the Co$ and they’ll be very, very eager to bring the full Hammer of Justice down on Hemet.

      • DAoT says

        You’re giving them a lot of technical credit. I honestly don’t think they could manage it technically.

  12. Aquamarine says

    NOT allowed to use money already on account.

    MUST have 2 meters.

    How many still in trained Grades auditors and Solo auditors can afford an immediate, out-of-pocket 10K? How many of them even have 10K available on their credit cards?

    “Must have this e-meter, can’t have this e-meter.”

    “Must audit, can’t audit.”

    My compassion is flooding back for any RCSers trying to make sense of this travesty and drowning in their own dub-ins..

  13. Obnosis says

    Now that this write-up is public, if you are still in good standing, I hope you didn’t give any identifying info and your number was blocked to caller ID.

    • Bob Dobbs says

      FYI, if you are calling a toll-free number, your number is delivered via ANI (Automatic Number Identification), not via Caller ID. ANI cannot be blocked by the calling party.

    • Tom says

      “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” – Princess Leia

    • Ronn S. says

      As I too have suggested, yes indeed, it’s all good Mike. The crim secretly wants to be caught… although this one move will (quickly) become a glaring clue for the remaining…

  14. says

    This product has been sitting on the shelf 10 years. With the changes that occur on a yearly basis with technology, chips, and micro controllers, one would probably be hard pressed to find replacement parts for it. The big mystery and “can’t have” (and Must have) connected to it (you can only have it as long as you are in good standing) is another string attached. There was a meter created this year in the Independent Movement that has all of the latest most advanced innards that is smaller than a cell phone, the meter fits into the cans! And it can be connected to a computer, android, Ipod whatever. Every connection painstakingly hand soldered, nothing outsourced. This is in the U.S.. There is a meter in Austria now and several in Russia as well. These are state of the art. Not that I am a tech expert by any stretch, but the new Samsung Galaxy phone is more advanced than this meter and can be purchased for 79.00 if you already have a contract with TMobile. What an embarrassment to anyone savvy with new advances!

    • iJefferson says

      Marc Headley correctly pointed out on the Bunker that you could have a tablet with a more accurate eMeter app and also every written word ever penned by LRH, every other word published by Scientology, every second of every lecture recorded, every bit of every video since day one, and all printed material ever and it would cost $1000.

      That includes the entire bridge, every course, all of LRH fiction, every mailer and COB order, etc. I think $1000 is even a bit high unless you’re accounting for licensing costs to the copyright holder.

      • Formost says

        I did a calculation a couple of years ago … all written materials typeset to PDF and lectures losslessly compressed to FLAC, training Films to VC-1 (Also lossless) would run under 500 GBs … approx. $ 25 max in hard-drive space. (Excluding all the stuff that RTC had done up in the last 30 years such as videos and what not.)

      • Formost says

        The entire set of the 1979 Tech Vols w/ 1980-1991 update vols (6,700 pages) runs only 9.8 MBs. (Re-typeset). 10 lossless Lectures would take the same HDD space as all the materials LRH ever wrote.

    • Globetrotter says

      Hey Oracle, I’d love to know where I can buy one of those smaller than a cell phone meters that fit in the can and can be connected to a tablet. Do they have a website?

  15. Tom says

    I just gotta wonder… you think Miscavige might be *spooked* because the bitter defrocked apostates have meters, and might be using them to as-is his little circus side show? That his secret “why” for all the entheta in the environment is that people might be actually applying tech? Without the sanction of “Reverse Technology Center”?

  16. says

    It’s nice that they’re not going to charge you for allowing them to spy on you.


    So I guess the meter flashes this warning message until it self destructs because you didn’t plug it into the mother ship or the borg or whatever.


    Mk Ultra is such a perfect name for a meter that’s a total mind fuck operation.

    There you are mid session listing & nulling or whatever and your meter starts emitting blue smoke and flames because you forgot to update it.

    Me I’ll stick with the good ol’ analog meters I got which don’t include such spyware and malware and just do what they’re supposed to do.

    You couldn’t pay me to take one of those things.

    Let’s see not only do you have to pay for a full retrain but then you have to buy not 1 but 2 of their lil’ spy Mk Ultra meter that’ll rat ya out if you’re not paying off that protection racket known as IAS.

    Ya I want one.

    Just as much as I’d want a rectal exam.

  17. LDW says

    Is miscavige so delusional that he thinks he’s going to sell this crap? Or is he hell bent on cashing out now before his deposition?

    I’m trying to imagine what I would have done if I were still in when this crap hit the fan.

    I think the bypassed charge at the injustice would restim some very very nasty evil purps and damage would be done.

    Watch your back, davey boy. I think you probably just pissed some people off big time.

    As for me? I’m just laughing at the absurdity of it all.

    Thanks for the report, mr. correspondent.

  18. Carcha says

    The bit about the sampling of the past five 240-slices sounds like five second smoothing of the needle response, which would mute reads down by the smoothing factor. (I.e. You compute with a moving average of the past 12,000 variations in the movement of the needle, then compare the last 1/240th of a second and if it falls within the average the computer discounts that as “no read”? I.e. the computer determines what is “noise” based on the previous 12,000 movements, and throws out the noise? Maybe I didn’t get it?)

    I still say what I said previously, that the meter is there to confirm what the auditor already knows – if he is watching the PC. Maybe that seems like an overstatement to some, so I’ll put it this way: the PC is the primary indicator in a session, not the f’ing meter. A PC can be tense, have a cog, GI’s, loosen his grip, then squeeze, then whirl around to face you, and if you’re trying to follow the damn needle instead of the PC – have a nice day. Anyone with more experience have a comment on this, please?

    I watch the PC, and if the PC tells me something is the way it is, that’s the Word of God (or pretty close to it). If I do not get it, then I ask. That’s what auditors do – they ask things, then STFU and LISTEN!! You can audit someone without a meter. E.g. “When was the last time you felt like succumbing / giving up?” When the PC’s eyes go wide, and his mouth drops open, his brows knit up, and he stutters out something about whatever [divorce / death / loss / failure], well “that was a LFBD.” “Was a purpose of yours blocked just prior to that?” When he sits up straight, narrows his eyes a little, and smiles, well “that’s the beginning of a big F/N.” Screw the meter that’s not there, he just spotted some problem or something (ask) and worked out a way around it. If he goes back to a frown, and you think you’re good enough, and he’s told you what the thing was, then take it E/S (earlier similar) until you get the guy spitting out thank you’s and giving you the third degree about where you got this whatever you did and where he can get it and how soon and he won’t go away and leave you alone until you tell him (which is probably one reason you run havingness processes).

    Some instances, yes, you need the meter for the sophistication of the processes (e.g. finding an item on a list), but you still look at the PC (when he freezes for a second in a realization, you calmly observe that yes, looky there, the needle is no longer on the dial, hmm, fancy that, wonder where it could have gotten to, well, now … oh, yes, the PC! What is the PC saying?). If an auditor gets fixated on the needle, he can screw up big time. And if you get the PC fixated on your fixation on the meter, you’re in trouble. You can tell if you do that when he starts trying to peer over at the meter to see if it’s doing something. He thinks the meter is auditing him. Again, someone with more experience have comment, please?

    Am I off topic? Or just crazy?

    • says

      Looks like you more or less got it – especially the stuff about the sampling rate.
      I haven’t seen a definition for the signal that the meter has to display. It has to display at least 0 to xxHz, and be able to dampen the movement (which is an analog device) to a limited amount.

      As for 2 meters, a gas gage chip (monitors charge left in battery) removes that uncertainty. (There is also no reason why it cannot be designed to be able to recharge and use at the same time.)

    • Hallie Jane says

      Neither Carcha. Auditing is an intimate experience between 2 beings and postulates and communication make that possible, not gaudy plastic emeters. It’s a fabulous tool because it reads just under the pcs awareness, but is no substitute for a great comm cycle and excellent TR’s. Misscabbage does emeters like he does buildings, overcomplicated, overdone, altered importance toward opulent mest. He does that clumsy and artless, like he does everything else. I once audited a guy with 3 red tags, (3 failed sessions), I asked him one (1) question and he overflowed with comm for 10 minutes. I listened and said nothing but acknowledged him well, and it ended with a floating TA. I guess it was the right question. :)

    • DAoT says

      That;s how I got through 10K+ wdah.

      Meter for tricky stuff, PC indicators mainly. Glance quickly to see if you’re running a reading item or get onto something else. Check TA occasionally, make sure the process is flat.

      Which, by the by, is totally lost tech as far as I can see. If the process FNs now, it’s done. Tone arm still moving? Doesn’t matter, it’s done.

    • Formost says

      M5′ing a Correction list without a meter? Might as well go back to self-listing … lol. I agree, a lot of basic stuff you could get away with for a while, but it’ll catch up at some point. Ls and NOTs auditing … no meter, the light never turns green.

    • Peter says

      You make a great point here and I thought of something similar when I first began reading this today. THE METER DOES NO AUDITING. ONLY THE AUDITOR AUDITS. Any good auditor – and I’ve had many of them – focuses her/his attention on the pc, NOT on the meter.

      • Hallie Jane says

        Right Peter. It’s vital to have a GPS for direction, but it doesn’t drive the car for you or know when there’s an elk in the road.

    • Carcha says

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! 1984, Hallie Jane, DAoT, Formost, Peter, and Gone! Thank you very much. I clicked “post comment” last night and thought, “Omg, what if no one replies? What if the anger and hurt are so much, that no one cares about auditing?” I’d love to talk about how to audit, share auditor wisdom, but there isn’t much of that on the net. LRH modestly said he hadn’t really added much new at all – I think he kind of told a big lie there. All the development of processes and the ordering of processes into a sequence and gradient is all brand new. It all makes possible the realization of the philosophy and improvement of conditions which is what Scn is all about.

      I loved reading these your replies, and I’m a very relieved and happy being this morning. Very happy. Love it. Someone should write a book on conversations between auditors one day, just talk about handling. There used to be such things as auditor conferences, I think.

      (As for the topic of the new meter – if soup cans were good enough for LRH, I’m sure they’re good enough for me. But I WOULD like to know a bit more about what Mark Comm Cycle he used.)

      • Zana says

        I love the idea of listening to great auditors share their insights about auditing. That is how we learn and grow and develop. That’s how all sciences learn and grow and develop. Brilliant people standing on the shoulders of other brilliant people and broadening and perfecting.

  19. Al Brown says

    Yes Mike, it’s definitely going to be a bomb. They won’t sell.

    The red colored Warehouse VIII that I’ve seen pictures of on your blog lots a lot like my mother’s 1997 Ford Taurus.

  20. Richard Roberts says

    I have to say I read this with my mouth on the floor. Mike you must be making this stuff up. There is no way that the “still in’s” are falling for this.

  21. Silvia says

    Pay cash so the money can be diverted to COB’s pockets under the guise of an ‘X’ corporation. You should be able to use your money on account to get your materials.

    Another lie is that Orgs have no money to stock e meters- to the contrary, they will be forced to receive and pay for e meters even if their GI is crashed.

    Lie, lie, lie and just for money, money, money.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Silvia — if orgs have no GI then they DONT have money to purchase emeters. You can bet that Bridge is charging them AT LEAST $3000 per meter. Most orgs these days couldnt restock a meter if they debited one off account. It is another inadvertant admission of the state of “stright up and vertical”….

      • Aurora says

        This is a never-in question:

        When you all are talking about money ‘on account’ does that mean the CoS is holding actual cash of the members? I had gathered as much from the discussions about refunds…but don’t quite get how the pre-payment plan works? is everyone obliged to keep X amount ‘banked’ with them? and how is the required membership in the IAS justified? is this separate from the on-account money?

        Point me to a book or post, if this has been covered before.


        (Think I will cross-post this at John P’s site; maybe he wants to address it…)

      • Mike Rinder says

        Money “on account” is money that is prepaid for services (usually in order to qualify for a discount). Each person has an “accounts statement” and they always have to pay for services before they can begin them. At the time they begin, the service is debited form their “account.”

        In theory, the organizations SHOULD have the money available, but they do not. They spend the money when they get it, even though they still “owe” the service. It is one of the reasons why the C of S has basically stopped returning money to people who have paid in advance even if they havent taken the service. They dont have the money available to pay them back with.

      • Jose Chung says

        RE; Money on account.
        In fact since this is on internal computer lists’ IAS reg’s and
        org’s reg’s surf the lists for Big Donors to get similar sizable amounts of money.
        Also deny services at Org “A” to reroute public to org “B” to be trumped by org “C”,end result is nothing gets delivered all begged for donation to emergencies
        ( criminal exchange) since all the money was pre spent in org’s A,B, C,
        already. Blackbeard the pirate was good at this also.

  22. Aurora says

    O/T. Mike: am really liking the quotes that appear up there in the R hand column! it’s a bit mesmerizing to sit and watch them appear, one…by…one!


  23. Joe Pendleton says

    Prediction: In 100 or 200 years from now or whenever Scientology gains an audience again and people discover auditing anew, E-meters will no longer be used for lower levels (upper levels may be discarded completely).

  24. Forrest Crane says

    Is the Red color a Flag Special Addition and sells for $10,000? Is the Orange color and Orange County Special Addition and also sells for $10,000.

  25. minorron says

    One over looked feature of the Mark Ultra VIII is the ability of the meter to measure the F/N. It takes the carrier wave and compares it to the previous last two movements. It then takes a sampling rate of these last three movements and breaks it down into 50,000 samples to ensure that each read equates into a swinging motion.

    The hidden audio input circuit built into the meter will detect anytime the auditor speaks the word “floating” and if the above conditions are not met, the meter will lock up and no longer work until the auditor reports to his local org or flag for full ethics/confessional handling and then full retrain. After this is completed the meter can then be reset for further use.

  26. Karen#1 says

    Asking the IAS to leave your property when they arrive at midnight to extort $$$ will get you a Knowledge Report on “Disrespect to Sea Org Members” and earn you a “not in good standing” in a New York minute.

  27. Jens TINGLEFF says

    Sounds like a device to separate the fools from their money. But, of course, in order to “remain in good standing” you must go ahead and spend this. I guess the kids that have already been sent off to the Damnation Navy can be brought into play to convince parents that remaining in good standing is desirable.
    Yet another example of “sales” techniques which would not come across as acceptable in a court of law. Experts have argued about technical details of the e-meter in court and the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology has lost (for instance in the French law case which ended up finding the Co$ guilty of organised criminal fraud; link to first hand report from the court room: )

  28. Sejanus says

    The next great release from COB….
    The Rules of Acquisition.

    1 Overcharge every chance you get.
    2 Once you have their money, never give it back.
    3 Money on account doesnt count, on account we want some more cash.
    4 Have fun with fundraising by making saps…uh sp’s…er…the flock fund the same thing over and over and over until COB says otherwise….so never stop.
    5 Declare everyone SP so long as you can stroke JT and TC til it hurts…they dont mind.
    6 If you have run out of fundraising ideas remember you can always SCOHB.
    7 Repeat steps 1 thru 7.

  29. edge says

    “If I’m not “okayed”, do I get an immediate refund of my money without having to go through A-E steps in the future?”

    At $5400 dollars this would be an extremely expensive experiment, but I wonder what would happen if you paid the money, but refused to sign the agreement, or are not “okayed”. Would you get a refund? Surely they must not want the money of people who are in bad standing, right?

    Aside from the common sense rule of thumb to read everything before you plunk your money down I’m wondering if there’s consumer protection laws that are being violated here. Surely you must be allowed to see legal documents BEFORE making a purchase. What’s described here would be like walking into a car dealership and the salesman demanding the down payment before letting you read the purchase agreement.

    Finally, I’m a never-in, but even if you are in my biggest worry besides the cost of this monstrosity is what kind of crap the app is doing on your computer. Spying on your web history? Collecting personal information? Bricking the e-meter if/when you are declared?

    • Democratic Organisation of Planets says

      Some plaintext found in the actual m8update.exe meter updating software you can download from


  30. Tom M says

    It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Miscaviages real aim is to close down Scientology. Anyone who has the idea that he is doing this just to make money is falsely misled. His actions are all designed to close down auditing and training and to make it impossible to go up the bridge.
    You Scientologists who are under the radar might as well take the initiative and find an Indie to take you up the bridge because the one you are currently on is rapidly crumbling and just about to fall into the river and be washed away to the sea. No only is it becoming impossible to even go up the bridge in C of S but those hearty enough to try are only going to become implanted and trapped and I am not speaking metaphorically, I am speaking literally.
    ML Tom

  31. says

    I have let this conversation rattle around in my head overnight and still am amazed at the fact that Bridge will flat out admit in the conversation that they are violating Federal laws! yet be ok with that.

    I know of an attorney and another ex-businessman right now who serving time are in the federal pen. The both did variations of the same thing.

    The Businessman took taxes from pay checks and didn’t give them to the Feds. When the mount exceeded $20,000, they began prosecution because he spent trust funds for his own enrichment (he paid other company bills with them).

    The Attorney took money out of the Client Trust Account to pay Firm Bills. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t able to pay it back before he was caught.

    If I pay money into my account, it is for MY services. They seriously can not think they have the right to say well, yes, you have advance payment there but we decide what things we order you to buy that this advance payment can be used for.

    Then of course there is the whole pay me the money then I will show you the contract which you have to sign then we will decide if we like you enough to get our product. . . We will be using the pay me then you can see the contract example less names of product or organization at our legal round table this morning, I know the bubble gets away with murder but there will be some interesting case law found as to the legality of this by the end of the day.

    But of course if someone objects, they go to ethics. This one is so illegal on so many levels I hope someone(s) wakes up.

  32. Jethro Bodine says

    Wow. Krustie Alley says that Leah Remini is a “bigot” and that disconnection doesn’t exist:

    “First of all, I just want everyone to know: I have hundreds of friends and people that I know that have come into Scientology and left Scientology. … You’re not shunned; you’re not chased. All that’s just bulls***,” Alley frankly declared.

    Remini opted to part ways with the Church of Scientology in July, expressing her wide discontent with the religion. Alley took exception to Remini’s general criticism of Scientology as a Scientologist herself.

    “When you are generalizing and when your goal is to malign and to say things about an entire group…when you decide to blanket statement ‘Scientology is evil,’ you are my enemy.”

    Alley, who recently premiered her new sitcom Kirstie, admits that she hasn’t seen Remini in seven or eight years because of their busy acting schedules. After Remini’s sour split from Scientology, Alley says she has no desire to be in contact with her.

    “I have blocked her on Twitter,” Alley admitted when prompted by Stern, “because she’s a bigot. … It’s not selective. I just won’t have people in my life that are that. … If somebody’s sitting there badmouthing your religion and saying that it’s hideous and evil, that’s not going to be your friend.”

    • Jane Doe says

      I watched the first opening night of Kirsti’s new sitcom only because I love Michael Richards and Rhea Pearlman and wanted to know if it’s any good. It stunk on ice. Kristi’s character is horrible, a whiny self-absorbed diva with puffed up importance. It was good typecasting though.

  33. says

    Gosh, why do they still have a needle? In every field of endeavor which uses any kind of electrical measurement, digital read-out is standard. Why not just put in a window, and have direct numerical readout of…. of.. of whatever it is measuring, whatever that is.

  34. says

    First I heard about the can composition. Copper-beryllium dust is a known carcinogen. Were there warnings with those cans about inspecting the thin coating and when to properly dispose of the cans when the coatings wore through or the cans were scratched?? That alloy is very useful and has excellent electrical properties but should not be used in some applications. I’ve worked with it before in high power transistors and remember the warnings about handling and inhaling the dust if it was cracked or otherwise damaged. That alloy can be Google’d for more info. At the very least I think there may be Federal warning label requirements on those cans and/or in the accompanying e-meter manual as there were with the transistors used in my television transmitters.Or perhaps it was just marketing hype and the cans are really just good ole Asparagus cans .

    David Lingenfelter

  35. hiatus57 says

    Interesting this nonsense about a carrier wave in the body.

    Perhaps they mean the Aura that can be detected with Kirilian photography.

    Its only the influnce the Thetan puts on the body thats physically detectable anyway big deal.

    What the e meter detects is a drop in resistance or an increase of resistence. Its as simple as that.

    A wheatstone balance bridge circuit is a very simple thing indeed.

    You can build one in 10 minutes with the right parts.

    The CO$’s should be charged with outright fraud with these ridiculus statements about what the meter is and what is does.

    Electronics has been my skill and business for over 30 years and I still have not discovered the Laws of Physics that the Cof$’s is going on about.

    But then thats also true of the claims in the field for a lot of meter makers who are also as bad.