GAT II — Blind Faith? Blind Stupidity?


There is some curiosity about the impending “Golden Age of Tech II” release.  

Following  is a recent email from a Class V staff that pretty much details the planned release and a brief report from Flag on what is happening on the training evolution. I then analyse  what all this means.


The Email: 

GAT II consists of a huge project comparable to what was done for the Golden Age of Knowledge – in terms of locating all the LRH technical data, verifying it all to be 100% LRH and to be applied, audited, trained, C/Sed exactly as LRH directed. No add ins, mix ups, out sequences, missing data, etc.

So what will be released will be 100% LRH exactly as he directed studied in the correct sequence and audited and C/Sed exactly as LRH wanted.



“The pcs would be getting full Grades to ability attained for each, not eight minutes from 0 to IV, but more like thirty processes. And they would be leaving with high praises.”

“The students would be graduating all on fire to audit.” LRH

The GAT II will mean exactly the above. It isn’t “quickie grades” where you do the grades in minutes. But, did you know in PT that on the grades there are 140 processes that are run!! And the way they are run and C/Sed (without going into full technical details) also results in these 140 processes being dragged out longer than they even need to be. Imagine the huge extra amount of hours and cost of the auditing and the fact that the person may have achieved the grade but is getting overrun!! Some of the processes were irrelevant and some out sequence. So the GAT II won’t be quickie grades and won’t be so many processes it’s not funny. The grade is audited on the processes and when the EP signs start to come in and the TA in the auditing on that grade is starting to flatten out then the major process for that grade is audited. As a result you get a thorough and proper grade with full EPs and ability gained. But done quick as lightening. The average time on the grades is 6 intensives. And this is happening at Flag now. 

As LRH says in the following excerpt, the grades take a month!


“…the lower grades and more books could, due to scheduling of time and all that, consume a month.” LRH

So we are now going to export this GAT II from Flag to all Class V Orgs on the planet and it will be released at Maiden Voyage event, most likely – that is based on getting all the GAT II resources to Flag in time. Which of course we will do!!

Also as a result the academy training will be so streamlined, exactly per LRH, in proper gradient, etc. For example The New Student Hat has SHSBC lectures with some level 6 type technical terms. LRH gave directions for the Student Hat to have these tapes edited to have the technical terms edited.

Pro TRs can take a month, or two or more with most people. This takes routinely 2 weeks now. Even old ladies on the pilots at Flag. To Flag passing standard, and that includes the Clay Table Processing. Clay Table Processing had an arbitrary which resulted in it taking 2-3 weeks, now it takes 2-3 days! (yep days!)

Upper Indocs is a week or just under.

Pro Metering is 2-3 weeks!! Not months and months like now. And a lot of people blew from this. There are reasons for this as you will see. You had to do higher academy level actions in the pro metering to pass it. There are out sequence things of having higher level data and things needed to pass at lower training levels. This sets the student up for a loss. For example the passing standard for pro metering requires the students to use model session and lists and auditing comm cycle. But you are just learning the meter and haven’t learnt these things yet, they are learnt LATER!

There are 46 SHSBC lectures on the academy levels 0 to IV. That is about 1/6th of the whole Level 6 SHSBC!

So all of this has been stripped away to be exactly LRH and exactly as he directed for it to be. And of course the course packs, drills, etc. will be very aesthetic and for example the Student Dictionary has a HUGE glossary with illustrations, etc. It is like a dictionary in itself.  The new objectives book has 150 process listed out in a gradient from dying/unconscious on up. This has all the undercut processes and when to use what, etc. This will make the Objectives much more clear, easier to C/S and ensure full EPs achieved by all people who do it. Also an example was how to do CCH 7, about being ambulant and using 2 tables.

So you can be a Class IV interned and qualified auditor now within 3-4 months. That of course makes it very feasible for people to get trained, to co-audit up the Bridge to Clear and to start field practices and groups, etc. 

COB RTC is really doing a fully thorough and top job on this.

E.g. HCOB Touch Assists was found to be missing an extra page!!!! This extra points mainly has more points regarding how to C/S the Touch Assist. But it goes over how doing the Touch Assist affects the body and exactly why you must do it daily for full result achieved.

If you study a full time Day and Fdn schedule you do each Academy Level in 1-2 weeks.

This is the culmination of 18+ years of work, pilot, re-pilot, etc.


News From Flag:

And some news from a Flag insider on recent events there:

“People were supposed to start arriving to Flag on April 20 for their “GAT II training.” But several people who were expecting to come then are now scheduled for late July.

It seems there were not enough trainees arrived so the whole evolution was delayed.  Orgs are being required to send 4 Sups, plus auditors, plus C/Ses and most of them do not have that many staff to send, nor the money to be able to afford their trip and accommodations.  

Let’s say one org sends their people to Flag in a timely fashion. And they finish the line-up. What then? Do they go back to their org once they are done, and continue to deliver the grades the OLD way until every other org in the world has completed getting their team trained, and COB does his big GAT 2 release? Or do they immediately start delivering the NEW grades and be the only org in the field allowed to do so?  Or does the team now have to stay at FLAG until all the other orgs send their teams, and everyone fires at once? (likely) It will take FOREVER for the orgs to send their teams. The GAT 1 evolution, in it’s core, took about 6 months. And all people needed to do really was ONE abbreviated sup course and ONE very quick internship. And that was only two to three people per org.

Also, how do you release GAT 2? Do you really do an int event where you tell everyone that while FLAG has been delivering the new grades for 10 years, the grades you got at your own org were either wrong, or were 10X more expensive than they had to be? And oh, by the way, for those of you who haven’t been to FLAG recently, your next step is the purif?


GAT II is going to be presented as the culmination of a “complete review” of “all LRH tech” (for the third or fourth time — it never seems to get old) that has uncovered “missing tech” and “alterations” and THIS is why no auditors have been being made and nobody is progressing up the Grade Chart to Clear.  It will be presented as “THE breakthrough” that will make Planetary Clearing a reality (like every other breakthrough in the last 3 decades — from KTL to NOTs to Basic Books to Super Power to Ideal Orgs to “the lectures” to “the tech films” and on and on and on….)

Utterly ignored will be the FACT that these Grades have been being delivered AT FLAG ONLY for a decade. No other org was allowed to deliver them.  Now, the orgs were either doing it right or they have been doing it wrong. And if they were doing it wrong and it was known, why didnt RTC DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? That is supposed to be their job…. 10 YEARS OF KNOWN OUT TECH held in place by Miscavige arbitraries that the “correct tech” could only be implemented when he was ready to release it.

There will be examples (like the one mentioned above of the “Whole page missing from the Touch Assist HCOB!!!!!!”) that will be used to “prove” that anyone who has been previously trained “missed the boat”. And so, they need to start all over again. But it won’t be presented as “starting all over again” it will be presented as “now you can REALLY become an auditor.”  Everything said in every previous event will be forgotten.

It is predictable that the Mark Sooper Dooper VIII meter will be pulled out from under the dusty tarpaulins in the warehouses where they have been sitting for almost as long as the “New Grades” have been being delivered and will be sold as a VITAL TOOL now for all auditors and Solo Auditors. Everyone MUST have two of them. NOW.  It will be presented as another VITAL part of “how we are going to clear the planet” and no mention will be made that it has been MANUFACTURED and sitting unused for years (except it IS used by FSO auditors — Mark VIII guts in Mark VII cases). But why this “breakthrough” wasnt made available before now won’t be mentioned in the rah-rah cheering and foot stomping that will happen when Dear Leader presents his next new 5 year plan for world conquest.

There may even be a new tech dictionary for sale. That has been in the works for MORE THAN a decade.  Miscavige is not going to let this event slip by without taking the maximum opportunity to SELL THINGS. The “release” of tech is scheduled not by NEED or by any urgency to help people but by event schedules and “marketing” plans. 

Doesnt look like he is going to make it for the Freewinds MV, so that probably means Auditor’s Day will be a big event this year (he cannot do a tech release at IAS). It will also serve another purpose. Keep everyone’s attention off the “no SuperPower AGAIN” in spite of the annual promise at the New Year’s Event “you will see the release of Super Power this year….” 

In short, the blind are going to be further blinded with more bs about the astonishing accomplishments of the Chairman of the Bored as he pulls another rabbit out of his hat and sucks up the adoration for once again so brilliantly saving the day.  Never mind he is “saving” everyone from his CREATED disasters (HE has cross ordered auditors being made with GAT and “the Basics” and fundraising and cross ordered people moving up the Bridge with blanket orders on Objectives, Purif, the Basics and who knows what else).

And nobody will dare mention that the rabbit is actually the same one they’ve seen so many times before — it’ just been spray painted a new color, let alone that they have figured out how the trick is done and they see the silk handkerchiefs poking out of his perfectly tailored tuxedo sleeves.


  1. Rine says

    Thank goodness I never got to Flag and thank goodness I blew every event i went to…
    What a crock of shit!

  2. says

    Ahhh and I was feeling guilty about not updating my skills with Gat I. I can’t wait until Gat III where they inject you with Nano-probes and you’re completely trained in just a few hours but you do have an uncontrollable urge to liquidate your assets and donate the money to the IAS.

  3. Rusty says

    Wow. Amazing post. (And look at all those cmts.)

    What I’m interested in hearing is what people think are the chances Davie will pull that rabbit out of its hat successfully. That sales pitch sounded attractve to ME … and MY only relation to CoS is what I read. Ha

    What will current paying members think? This could be the … The start of COB RTC’s straight up and vertical expansion…!! …?

    Do any prior CoS members have a sense for the odds? Will the faithful be persuaded sufficiently to move the needle on CoS’s apparent decline?

  4. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter says

    OMG here I am again wanting to punch that little cinder-hearted machine so hard his head flies off!

    HCOB 16 June 1970 C/S S 6 WHAT THE C/S IS DOING section: RELIABLE INDICATORS and I quote:
    “When a pc gets no more TA action on Level I, he will have made Level I and will know [“know” in italics in this HCOB] it. He will therefore attest to “No problems”.

    ‘The reliable indicators are TA action and cognitions while a level is still charged.

    ‘Diminished TA action and cognitions mean the purpose of the level has been reached.

    ‘A feeling of freedom and expansion on a subject is expressed in a normal TA and a loose needle.

    ‘The pc will now attest to an ability regained.”

    THAT IS THE ENTIRETY of what a CS needs to apply to determine a grade to be complete!!!!! That is all I EVER C/Sed a pc by!!!!!!!! But a few of my friends not so lucky, former Snr CS CC Paris was comm eved AT FLAG for CSing a pc to attest when they hadn’t run every process on the checklist.

    I was at Flag throughout the GAT evolution and I saw how many people were objecting to and protesting the metering program as too steep a gradient and they were handled as ethics particles and threatened with justice actions if they didn’t get a video up. No libs, short lunches, long nights, needing to stay meterable with NO money. Now he makes it sound as though FLAG was the source of all that out-tech??!!!!!! ahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha everyone at that BASE during GAT knew that cob was running the show and calling the shots. He came and lectured to us in the auditorium many times. Walk- thrus were done to do “tech inspections” and every video for metering went through RTC and many had to be approved by cob himself!!! The RTC reps ALL KNEW DAMNED WELL that there were green kids on metering who had never handled a meter. Efforts to get the dating drill off the checksheet were met with accusations of being squirrel as it was an approved checksheet.

    This email gave me hope however as you said it’s from a Class V staff member…I see another new wave of them leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m issuing here a new tone level for the tone scale. Because I say it’s there then it is got it? The new level is one that is solely for cob as he is clearly demonstrating one that needs it’s own name – it’s 41.1 = serenity of pure evil.

    Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to this disgusting display of “spectacular dumbassness”.

  5. Dani Lemberger says

    Mike, thanks for the brilliant analysis. All else has already been said in the above comments.

  6. Simple says

    I think the magician looks a lot like Danny Sherman.

    Similar skill set too, I would think.

  7. Pierrot says

    Those continual Tech “improvements”, especially after GAT I, is °planned obsolescence° by the book, see Wikipedia etc.

    “Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence[1] in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.[1] Planned obsolescence has potential benefits for a producer because to obtain continuing use of the product the consumer is under pressure to purchase again, whether from the same manufacturer (a replacement part or a newer model), or from a competitor which might also rely on planned obsolescence.[1]
    For an industry, planned obsolescence stimulates demand by encouraging purchasers to buy sooner if they still want a functioning product. Planned obsolescence is common in many different products, including but not limited to wheeled can openers, ear phones, ear buds, shoes, automobile batteries, and bicycle tires. There is however the potential backlash of consumers who learn that the manufacturer invested money to make the product obsolete faster; such consumers might turn to a producer (if any exists) that offers a more durable alternative.
    The rationale behind the strategy is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases, (referred to as shortening the replacement cycle). Firms that pursue this strategy believe that the additional sales revenue it creates more than offsets the additional costs of research and development and opportunity costs of existing product line cannibalization. The rewards are by no means certain: In a competitive industry, this can be a risky strategy because consumers may decide to buy from competitors.

    Planned obsolescence tends to work best when a producer has at least an oligopoly.[4] Before introducing a planned obsolescence, the producer has to know that the consumer is at least somewhat likely to buy a replacement from them. In these cases of planned obsolescence, there is an information asymmetry between the producer – who knows how long the product was designed to last – and the consumer, who does not. When a market becomes more competitive, product lifespans tend to increase.”


    • Jane Doe says

      Thanks for the definition of “Planned Obsolescence” Pierrot. And number 4 is definitely in. The church members HAVE to buy from only that one source DM and Gold and Bridge Pubs, so the oligopy is actually a monopoly. Trained seals do what you tell them to do. So do leemings.

  8. Bonny says

    I was a Flag Rep at the time of the release of GAT. What an engram! The demand for personnel to be sent to Flag was enough to break the spirit of any Org. In order to deal with the pressure and get at least some of the team sent for training, we stripped the Org, lied to the trainees that they would only be gone a few weeks, allowed all sorts of musical chairs to cover their posts, and sent them off. Most of them had bills and families, rent and obligations that were set aside for the “greatest good” as this was to change the face of Scn and the world forever blahblahblah.

    And it’s very true, the org could not afford to pay for the room and board of our trainees – especially since we’d just stripped our ability to deliver. That lengthened their time at Flag while their families fell apart, their possessions were stored and lost, and their bills went to collection. Some were sent home to handle it, but the “solution” was to reg money from the public to pay their personal bills, plus their room and board.

    And then GAT arrived in the Org. It created mass confusion and upset with its overwhelming 35 programs
    all needing to be completed NOW! And our field of auditors were so invalidated that many of them quit auditing altogether. All for a DMb eval with so obviously the wrong why that it crashed stats internationally.

    I so feel for those that are going to experience this all over again with the latest insanity X2.

  9. Errol says

    Is being able to laugh at yourself an OT ability? Gwen Bernard, the director of the
    new Portland ideal(!?) org doesn’t think so. Her conversation with Mark Bunker
    is here:

    Now, I know that Mark Bunker is very anti LRH and Gwen is supposedly pro-LRH,
    yet this clip is a bit paradoxical. I have to admire the way that Mark is able to laugh
    at himself while gently trying to get Gwen “to look”. And I can only have disdain
    for her attempts at ridicule.

    If you have to verbally attack people you disagree with; you might not have too
    strong a position. At least Mark was able to laugh at himself and listen. And I
    respect him for being anti-LRH. Be hot or cold LRH, but not this lukewarm,
    hysterical stuff.

    People are either full of crap, Gwen, or they are full of beans. There is no such
    thing as full of prunes. If you are for LRH; why so lukewarm? Try laughing at
    yourself once in a while. It might just be an OT ability.

    • mwesten says

      She seems like a really nice person and hopefully she’ll keep checking the prune blogs. Good for her for being there and communicating, at least. Most churchies would shit themselves and run for the hills.

  10. Jim Vanus says

    Good subject for a blog article: A concise timeline of all the releases since Pope Miscavige’s reign began, including the purported reason for each release.

  11. Joe Pendleton says

    And of course when this is presented at whatever event it is announced and the audience laughs hysterically and shouts “yes, yes, of course!”, NONE of the sheeple will ask “but why did it take TWENTY years to locate the arbitraries on the metering course? What was RTC doing all this time?”

    And …. no doubt the Pro Metering Course time will be cut to one third its current length by simply dropping out (as out gradient, though it is for just about everyone) the ridiculous whole track dating drill (with the usual moronic coaching and supervising, complete with OW write-ups, conditions, etc), where you have to get something like 28 consecutive reads of small fall or greater (while being wrong on NONE of the questions) as you hunt down an imaginary date in the trillions of years (yes, I did somehow get through this drill twice at an SO Org – though I wasn’t sure I would – and being an experienced auditor, it only took me a couple of days or so to get my video pass). At least back in the early 70s, you were allowed to take ticks and stops on this drill and guess some wrong occasionally as long as you eventually got the date, and even then I was wondering if I’d ever get through Level III).

    If everyone in the USA was a Scientologist, George W Bush could now hold a press conference and he and Cheney could announce the great news – “we have just discovered through an intense data series analysis that there actually were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and it was native Saudis who planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks …. so we’d like to say to the families of the 8,000 or so Americans killed in Iraq and Afganistan …..sorry ….. it was arbitraries ……”

    • KFrancis says

      Joe I appreciate your comments on the C of S right up to the point you felt the need to drag the Bush/Chenney-are-to-blame theme into the fray. This is a particularly striking comment given the political scandals that are gushing out of the current administration in Washingoton.

      • Ronnie Bell says

        Thank you, KF. It always surprises me when someone inserts a blatantly politically partisan spin on an otherwise worthy comment in these circles. Do they ever stop and think that they’re about to insult at least half the readers on the thread? Sheeesh….

  12. Paramanu says

    An this will go on and go on and go on…………….
    as long as people are willing to believe everything and pay anything.
    The remaining puplics are getting more stupid as time goes by.

  13. Schorsch says

    „I am indicating to you that all your former auditing had been done possbily wrong.“

    Hopefully not too many Scientologists get sick or worse upon that one.

  14. Formost says

    “The grade is audited on the processes and when the EP signs start to come in and the TA in the auditing on that grade is starting to flatten out then the major process for that grade is audited. As a result you get a thorough and proper grade with full EPs and ability gained. But done quick as lightening.”

    Short and sweet, if the PC has gotten the EP and the ability gained for that grade, he gets sent for attest. That’s the way it was before GAT.

    Maybe GAT III will inform us checking questions on Grade Processes was Mayo’s squirrelly idea after all and we get to do the whole bridge all over again. That’s why OT IX and X have not been released — we were NEVER ready for it … lol

  15. Markthehungarian says

    All these delays and re-re-re-re-releases of “this time it’s really how it should be” material CANNOT go unnoticed by those still in the Church.

    Isn’t DM just a little afraid that all this regging, lying, lying, regging, lying, and selling of BS will lead to a revolution within the organization?

    Just what will it take to get to the point that when DM stands up to give his 3 hour yawnathon of a speech, that someone within the audience will STAND UP and confront him, then and there, in front of everyone? And actually call him out on his evil Bullshit? Who will have the balls to do this?

    It’s coming. And GAT is nothing more than accelerant that will lead to the fall of DM.

    Just out of interest, when is the next Ideal Org scheduled?

    • Silent Watcher says

      Dear Mark,
      The system is that before the digital midget speaks at an event he delivers the speech to an audience of paid actor extras. They clap and cheer as directed and that is the sound that is heard on the DVD’s.
      If anyone did stand up at an event they would be manhandled out and then loudly proclaimed as insane/PTS/ SP or paid troublemaker. The event would then be continued.
      The DVD release would not show any of that incident, only the digital midget performing on the end of his puppet strings to the adoration of those in total treason to LRH and therefore to damned stupid to ‘see’.

  16. Paul says

    Wow. So we basically go back to 1985, before Cob came on post. Before Cob the meter course was fast and so sere the pro trs, as well as the academy levels and when you reached the ep of the grade, you actually did attest. Go figure this one!?! WTF?! He is the one who ordered all these alterations.

  17. Dan Koon says

    Oh, man, I wonder if buried in the Shermanspeak at the release event that His COBness will mention a couple of FACTS: 1) HE is the one who demanded in 1987 that every Grades process under the sun be included in the process checklists when RTRC converted them from BTBs to HCOBs; 2) that HE is the one who demanded that the Pro Metering Course even existed in the first place AND demanded that every meter drill be included and DONE FIVE TIMES THROUGH, 3) that HE is the one who added insane arbitraries into the Pro TRs Course, 4) that HE, via his now disappeared wife Shelly, put the Student Hat Course out of order with the Study Tape lectures coming before the HCOBs on study tech so students bogged down on the tapes before knowing how to clear a damn word or the barriers to study.
    Oh, and let’s see, 17 years after the initial disaster that was GAT, His High COBness is just getting around to fixing was apparent 2 months after the initial release. By summer 1996 it was already apparent that there had been some serious errors in the lineup even to DM (which were apparent to me even before the release), yet His High Asshohleness waits 17 freaking years to do something about it? But he had time to alter the definition of an floating needle?
    I can’t wait to see the release event of this whitewash and pick it apart bit by bit.

    • says

      What specifically are the arbitraries he entered into the Pro TRs course? I don’t think I’ve heard that particularly from you before.

      • says

        Dave, Insane passing standards. THE passing standard is the level of TRs in the Pro TRs Course film. THAT’S WHY LRH MADE THE FILM. A student should be able to watch the film, duplicate the level of TRs in that film (not copy them but make them their own) and pass the damn course. Remember, these are for people who have not ever audited outside of Book One or HQS. They are TRAINEES. DM entered in all sorts of arbitraries on passing standards during a basewide TRs Mission around 1994 and then after GAT had his RTC Reps doing the same damn thing around the world. The video line became interminable. The course itself is precisely what LRH wanted but, like GAT, DM can screw things up royally with his insane implementation.

    • Tony DePhillips says

      Right Dan!
      People need to realize that dm is responsible for blowing off more Scientologists than anyone in history.
      He therefore is the biggest SP in Scientology history and one day I believe this will be known by anyone who considered themselves a Scientologist. It will be common knowledge.

  18. says

    I cringe severely when i hear the word “pilot” in relation to Misscabbage. Who the f**k does he think he is?
    LRH was brilliant, sane, compassionate and had a wicked science background. These so called pilots are a circus act and a joke. Fabulous passionate comments everyone.

    • Espiando says

      Hubbard had no science background at all, let alone a “wicked” one. He failed the only Physics course he took at George Washington University. Calling him a scientist is an insult to everyone who ever got a degree in a hard science. Me, for one. As someone with an actual degree in Physics, I vomit whenever one of the Kool-Aid Drinkers brings up this subject. The only cure is the overwhelming laughter I get when reading a couple of sentences from All About Radiation.

      • Mike Rinder says

        Hmm, while I would agree that calling him a nuclear scientist is a lie, and a wicked scientist is a stretch, I don’t know how the determination of whether someone is a scientist or not is based on having a degree.

        According to Wikipedia a scientist is described thusly:

        A scientist, in a broad sense, is one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge. In a more restricted sense, a scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method.[1] The person may be an expert in one or more areas of science.[2] This article focuses on the more restricted use of the word. Scientists perform research toward a more comprehensive understanding of nature, including physical, mathematical and social realms.

        There are a LOT of VERY famous scientists who had no degrees in anything. In fact, their research formed much of what people learn in order to get a degree.

      • Hallie Jane says

        No need to vomit Esplando…’re ok! Regardless of the word choices, LRH did apply rigorous scientific method to gain a comprehensive understanding of humans and their basic issues. I consider it the ultimate study in theta meets physical universe, which did result in a technical application, that produces predictable results. This is my 4 decades of application wicked opinion. My point is that DM can only produce bullshit because of his bizarrely skewed perspective, (insane).
        Btw, I finished L12 yesterday which was highly technical, produced a uniform result and I highly appreciate the work that went into creating that. I feel AWESOME!

      • mwesten says

        “LRH did apply rigorous scientific method to gain a comprehensive understanding of humans and their basic issues.”

        I think you may be lacking some data regarding scientific method and what it actually entails. Hubbard may well have piloted and refined processes but he certainly didn’t provide evidence of any actual scientific research or provide any data that could be analysed or reviewed by others.

        It was Hubbard’s contempt for the scientific method that led to Joseph Winter’s departure in late 1950 (read A Doctor’s Report on Dianetics – the first ever book by an “ex” and a brilliant read imho).

        PS. Congrats on L12 :)

  19. enccas says

    I am expecting a new level of technical exodus.
    Correct my logic if I were wrong:
    1. GAT added drills, processes, lectures (arbitrary removed), then it became dragging.
    2. GAT II takes out unnecessary process, lectures, drills (maybe?), (another arbitrary removed), then it became fast. (plus Mark VIII release)
    3. GAT 3.0 will add necessary processes, lectures, drills that were intentionally deleted by some SPs (yet another arbitrary removed), so it will not be so quickie this time. (maybe Mark IX release)
    … on and on, back and forth, add and delete.
    I don’t think many will feel safe to walk on this kind of Bridge.

  20. Moonshot says

    The midget has been putting KSW at the front of every single courspack and checksheet for decades and yet the very first point of the KSW Checklist “Having the Correct Techonoly” is continually and forever absent from every church publication and course.

    Obviously its absent, since every eight to ten years all SCN books and materials are “discovered” to have been altered or to have ommitted data. Presumably LRH himself was guilty of presenting books for publication with such flaws and course training standards and checksheets are similarly deficient.

    For a group of people so fanatically dedicated to being “on source” and true to their founder, they are strangely unable to ever be so. If the Church of Scientology where a ship, it would be a ship of fools who’s idea of navigation tech would to turn off all electronic and computerized navigational aids and then point the ship in the direction of an obvious hazard, shove their heads up their ass, and then employ a blind evil midget to con the vessel.

    Evidently a required attribute of a corporate scietology is to be bling to irony.

    • Moonshot says

      the last line of the above post should read as follows:

      “Evedently a required attrribute of a corporate scientologist is to be blind to irony.”

  21. Forrest Crane says

    There is only one tech and that is Standard Tech. Unfortunately there’s other tech around (GAT). This other tech is a liability.

  22. Ronn says

    Mike, leave this one up for another day at least… we (I) need some time to process all this!!

    Incredible and important.

  23. Cindy P says

    About 5 years ago, I had man arrive at my house from China to discuss a product that I was repping. As we were having a very social conversation about his experience, I asked him what the most interesting product was that he had manufactured. He asked me if I had ever heard of Scientology. His most interesting project was a device in a case that he had manufactured several years before. I asked him why it was the most interesting project. He said because they were in a huge rush, but would keep flying people in wearing uniforms and change the design. This went on and on but it was not so bad because they had an unlimited amount of money to spend. This was the new Mark VIII. So it has definitely been sitting around for awhile.
    Personally, I am really happy about this new release. My opinion, the kool aid drinkers are going to be having a mass exodus after the GATII is released. The people that get roped into going to the event will be sitting there thinking, WTF? to themselves. Then they will be regged on their way out for 1000s of dollars. As they get in their car, the fake smile will be off their face and reality will set in. My daughter will think, this is exactly what my Mom was talking about!
    After the Basics were released many, many people left the Church. The Church, it it’s own worst enemy and the crazies that are at the top cannot reign themselves in. I will have my family and friends back. Bring it on!

    • Tony DePhillips says

      The RCS is like the US government. They know it’s bad to keep printing up money from nothing but they just can’t stop themselves. It is too easy. Their day of reckoning is getting closer and closer.

    • Steve Poore says

      Cindy P. , 100% agree with you, “mass exodus” indeed! The actual # of supporters currently leaving I believe would surprise many of us – this will just speed up the that process. and your’e right, DM and his management robots are their own worst enemies. As LRH stated, The SP is busy doing himself in. And IS HE EVER!

  24. Sapere Aude says

    As had been stated so many times – do we cry or laugh. I have decided the next go around will be better. First there was GAT1 then GAT2. Then the Age of Chaos and Turmoil (ACT 1). The renaissance was heralded in with the broad release in many languages of the RST, return to standard tech checksheets. It was later reviewed and found that the RST checksheets were mostly the work on an Indie Compiler, Dan Koon. They had been released years before to enable the real training of auditors who could audit the pc in front of them. By this time, with so much of the previous records missing the RST checksheets were deemed the most on source. Go figure!

    Once again there was the production of auditors who could audit and make clearing possible. As these were based upon the original LRH materials, the additional 20 years of pilots were found to not be needed.

  25. says

    I created a marketing campaign for the “new tech dictionary” in 1997. The book was basically ready to go then and had already been worked on for YEARS by R Comps and been through many generations, each time eventually declared “not good enough” by King Tinyfists. That’s 16 years Whacko Miscavige has been sitting on the new technical dictionary, with illustrations. It even had hard to find words, idioms, obsolete or obscure phrases, everything. It incorporated all the hard to find word lists from every Academy in the world. It was already completed and perfect and ready to go in 1997. I’m sure somewhere there is a cure for cancer, a cure for AIDS… none of them “good enough.”

    • Tony DePhillips says

      King Tinyfists is a legend in his own mind.
      I can just see McTinyfists beating his tiny fists in the table and then hitting his own face with those tiny, tiny fists in an apoplectic rage when he realizes that even more people have found out he is full of shit. :-)

    • says

      Yeah, Steve, RTRC did a compilation of the new Dictionary as far back as 1995 before the GAT his the fan. The whole project has been stewing in its own juices ever since.

  26. Scott Campbell says

    Most people cannot be happy when others are miserable.

    Some people cannot be happy UNLESS others are miserable.

    I wonder if David miscavige has ever been “all on fire to audit”?

  27. Sindy Fagen says

    Expect another wave of defectors and for the chinks in the armor, of those who stay, to become deeper and more numerous. Miscavige continues to play Russian Roulette. This time there may be no more empty chambers. He does this at great risk.

  28. Gus Cox says

    “COB RTC is really doing a fully thorough and top job on this.”

    Oh, jeezus fucking christ. (Apologies to Grasshopper, but I just have to print the cusswords.) He Who Failed on his (ahem, pret-GAT) Cl. IV internship because he hit a PC is in charge of Training. I feel so confident. Oh, yes, I can be recovered now. Puke.

    I did the Pro-TRs, metering, Levels, Grades, before this GAT fiasco, and all the times pretty much concurred with the LRH refs given in that email. The only reason these training steps have been such a disaster since 1996 is BECAUSE of His Excellency COB RTC and his stupid GAT, and now it sounds like he’s trying to fix the clusterfuck he caused.

    Because he can’t tell the dupes the real reason things are so fucked up, he has to invent more “Lost References.” Add in a little Sherman-Speak and you have an Event. I can’t wait – maybe I’ll even go to that one, just to see it with my own eyes. I wanna watch the expressions on the audience’s faces as ol’ Slappy sells his Brooklyn Bridge.

    Christ, all you need is a card table, a couple of chairs, a meter, and the red vols and you can practice Scientology. All the rest is Mr. David Miscavige’s bullshit.


    PS: Brooklyn Bridge. I rather like that :-)
    PPS: Referring to Miscavige as “COB RTC” is getting tiresome. But then again maybe it’s like saying He Who Must Not Be Named. I believe I’ll refer to Mr. David Miscavige as HWMNBN from now on.

  29. richard lloyd roberts says

    “Also as a result the academy training will be so streamlined, exactly per LRH, in proper gradient, etc. For example The New Student Hat has SHSBC lectures with some level 6 type technical terms. LRH gave directions for the Student Hat to have these tapes edited to have the technical terms edited.”

    WHAT THE F*%*$#@ does this mean. LRH gave directions to what! OMFG. NOOOOOO. What hidden data line is this. What did he write KSW for? Technical Degrades. This is insane.

  30. Bela says

    This is mind boggling! As someone who successfully trained and audited others for many years, I can only say how appalled I am at reading this email that was sent out! As you said Mike, if there has been so much out tech, why has COB and RTC allowed this to continue and is going to continue to allow it until the big presentation party, whenever the heck that will be. WTF???
    On the outpoints the guy talks about in the email, these are things that COB implemented over the last 20 years!! I trained in the 70’s and my checksheets were exactly as the guy describes the “new” ones will be, ie, proper gradient on e-meter drills, TRs in 2 weeks, etc. Training WAS this way, per LRH, and then DM added all the friggin additives!!! And NOW he is claiming to be so awesome in REinstituting how it should have been as if it was never done that way!! Pure BS.
    The person writing this email is an expert at verbal tech as well.
    I know they have been trying for many months to get some trainees off to Flag for the org near me. I think they have 2 trainees there now.
    And if this is anything like the OEC/FEBC training evolution they did in the late 80’s/early 90’s or so, those trainees will NOT be allowed to come home til everyone is done, putting the orgs under complete stress for paying them to sit on their butts. They will end up suping the Flag courserooms, or auditing the Flag PCs, once they have finished their programs and are waiting for everyone else to finish.

  31. Aquamarine says

    I don’t know what to say. Deception, betrayal – I’m so glad I’m exterior to this. Not that this is easy to confront. Its sickening, really. But what would be much, much worse would be not being exterior to it all, to not know, and to be under the delusion that I knew. God, I’m glad I’m out of there.

  32. Bela says

    OK…I have not finished reading so I will probably have more to say when done…
    BUT….I got stuck on the line, regarding Pro TRs taking 2 weeks, “Even old ladies on the pilots at Flag.”
    ummmmmm…that smacks of disrespect and idiotness, if that is even a word.
    OK…back to reading…

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes Bela, it is ageism at the very least. I’d pit an “old lady” tech trained in the old days person against a young robot any day, and we know who would win in that match up!

  33. OT Friend says

    More from Pasadena – looks like the public is being asked to step up and cover the jobs that the staff going to Flag had been doing.

    Dear Pasadena OTC Members,

    This is a great time to be a Scientologist. The upcoming release of the Golden Age of Tech II; the opening of new Ideal Orgs (and completing an Ideal Los Angeles); and the coming release of Super Power means that Scientology is about to boom more than ever before.

    On Monday our Pasadena Org is sending 5-6 staff members to Flag for training on GAT II. The Org will need our help to cover while they are gone for 6 weeks.

    Please look over your scene. Let’s find a way to step it up a notch. We can help you find extra ways to contribute to the movement.

    • Aquamarine says

      “On Monday our Pasadena Org is sending 506 staff members to Flag for training on GAT II. The Org will need our help to cover while they are gone for 6 weeks”.

      Six weeks. What a whopper that one is. Flag is a Black Hole for Outer Org Trainees. I’ve known OOTs stuck there for years. And if the OOT’s home org can’t pay Flag for the R & B, the OOTs have to do go off study and work. This lenghens their course time considerably mostly by impinging on their ability to be studentable. Sad.

    • Bela says

      yes…the ED and staff get SOOOO much pressure to send the trainees that they end up sending these guys off without replacements and then beg the field to cover their posts. And then they wonder why the orgs are shrinking! And, if your org is anything like ours, instead of correctly targeting all the off policy, BS actions taking place, it becomes the fault of the “out ethics field” for not doing more to help out.

      • Odd Thomas says

        Forty years ago, when I was on staff, I would hear staff members venting about a lack of support from the field. About a lack of everything from contributions to donations to helping move chairs at an event. Staff were grousing about a lack of exchange because they were operating within an organization that was hard-wired to be out exchange. The pay system, the constant exodus of funds from the orgs to places unknown. The constant can’t have on staff being audited (because they were too busy producing stats). This underlying why was a constant irritant, but until recently (at least for me) totally invisible. The Org couldn’t be wrong or the staff for that matter, because that’s who we were and the Org, was why were were there – so how could they be wrong? It’s very sad, because we had the problem staring right back at us, but we couldn’t see it. I think because we really wanted things to work out. We were dedicated to helping LRH. Only that system was broken. It was never going to support our actions and give us the “energy” needed for all of us to survive.

        The only available target (other than us, the Org itself, Policy or even Ron) was the field and so they
        became the recurring why. They still are. How ironic. The one entity that has supported SCN unfailingly over decades, have never gotten the respect it deserved or the courtesy to be listened to.

      • Odd Thomas says

        I’m curious. Why is David McFly making these corrections now? These actions, based on the general consensus above, appear to be moving things towards being more standard. This is not something that McFly has been too concerned with in the past. There must be money issues. There must be complaints affecting the one thing, well, maybe the two things, that he does passionately care about – money and his image. Can we assume that there is some form of groundswell of disapproval and being the keen observer of The Grift, he sees an opportunity to make more money while “correcting” the Tech? Is there a heighten sense of WTF! bubbling up from the ranks? Has the accumulation of cluster f**ks all around him, finally taken its toll? McFly longing for the days of Standard Tech, where wins were wins and auditors, were trained to listen and help, doesn’t sound normal. I’m thinking there’s something else afoot. Just saying ….

        • Mike Rinder says

          It’s easy — he can sell the same shit to people who have bought the earlier versions, promoting them as “all new.” See the comment about Planned Obsolescence that is very astute.

    • Steve Poore says

      “We can help you find extra ways to contribute to the movement.”

      Oh yea: mastercard, visa, discover or american express. LOL

    • One Point Won says

      Sadly, just more and more desperate lies from the orgs, as usual…
      Per their own “promo’ to their own OT Committee, (shown above) it will only take 6 weeks to train 5 or 6 of their staff at Flag on GAT 2. However, in the intro promo piece above which the church is passing around…it “only” takes 1 or 2 weeks to train on each grade (Grade 0, I, II, III, IV can take between 5 and 10 weeks) plus “only” 2 weeks for the Pro Metering Course, and how many minutes/weeks for the Student Hat Course? And what about Method One word clearing prior to training? In other words “We just need your (insert here any gullible public’s name) help for SIX WEEKS. Sorry, but this is sheer lunacy! The orgs omit that you will then have to replace yourself when the staff trainee takes 6 months at Flag, yes, 6 months, not 6 weeks, or blows from Scientology, or has to redo his Purif, so he can get through TR0, and the insanity goes on and on. One real life example that happened to me at Flag: Flag Deputy Snr C/S asks me: “Why didn’t you pass your Pro TRs video? I just looked at it and it is perfect! What’s wrong?” My answer: “The course supervisor refused to submit my video tape, because I was looking down and reading an LRH book BEFORE STARTING MY FINAL DRILL while waiting for 2 minutes for my coach/twin to come back from the bathroom!” Dep Snr C/S: “Yes, but you should have just redone the drill right then.” Me: “No, I was ordered by the course supe to wait for my video to be reviewed, which took 3 days.” (Even though my video was never submitted to RTC for a final pass). Flag Pro TRs Course Supe: “Why didn’t you do your TRs like this 2 weeks ago? You would have passed then!” Me: “I did but the Flag Intern Course Supe kept flunking me for being unnatural.” Flag Pro TRs Course Supe: “She can’t even speak English, do you see her around here anymore?!?! Just do your TRs naturally the way you did the first week you started TRs!” OMG, And then your home org tells you all sorts of lies like “You promised you would hold her post until she came back from Flag!” Me: “Actually, I never promised that. I said I would help out for 2 hours per night for 2 weeks, and now it’s 2 years.” Etc., etc., ad nauseam…sheesh!

  34. says

    If GAT II really meant returning to Source and reversing three decades of squirrelling, it would call for a round of applause for the magician and a sweet, juicy carrot for the bunny. But of course what it means is quite the opposite.

  35. Aeolus says

    In addition to all of the other outpoints, isn’t this still “boasting as to speed of delivery”? Standard LRH, my ass!

  36. Angela says

    Holy Cow Batman!
    It’s…Un-f–king believable, and hard to conceive that parishioners will be so blind as to “buy” this strategy…for the umpteenth time.

    • Steve Poore says

      Angela, you said, “It’s…Un-f–king believable, and hard to conceive that parishioners will be so blind as to “buy” this strategy…for the umpteenth time.”
      Thanks Mike for the great post and keeping the unreal, REAL ,with your good wit and humor!
      It’s hard to imagine how nutty this all gets before it all over –

  37. OT Friend says

    This came out from the Pasadena OTC today:

    Dear OTCers,

    It is hard to express what this GATII evolution means for our beautiful Pasadena Ideal Org and for the future of every being on this planet!

    With the HUGE progress that we have made with GATI, with the Basics and now the final ALL ENCOMPASSING piece that is the opportunity to reverse the dwindling spiral!

    We need to take this opportunity to look beyond our day to day activities, the stops and barriers, and look into the future and what this really means for all of us!

    As the OPINION LEADERS for this area your help is needed in getting the word out and recovering EVERY SCIENTOLOGIST in our field onto the Basics and onto service in the org!

    And your help is needed on logistics ( frequent flyer miles, etc) and our staff are going NOW!

    Cal me directly 818-679-9532 and let’s get Pasadena Org launched into a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of DELIVERY and Bridge Progress for EVERYONE!!!


    • richard lloyd roberts says

      The reason the need to recover everyone is they are all so ARC broken with all the other Golden ages of tech, knowledge, etc.

  38. SKM says

    I wonder where they found the “lost” page of the touch assist bulletin.
    Haha! What a joke. Says it all to me.
    So the HQS and HAS courses will be re-rewritten again, too? Miscavige really can think in sequences.

  39. Sinar says

    The lost tech is probably the Data Series, which is eternally lost to sheeple!

  40. Regular Dog says

    Wow. Nice analysis you did here Mike — It’s damn funny and I am sure it’s all true.
    And it’s nice that there is an Insider at Flag keeping you up to date.
    And indeed the silk handkerchiefs are poking out of Miscavige’s tuxedo sleeves and his old rabbit is looking pretty worn.

  41. Formost says

    Another top-notch post.

    Sounds like they are too at least in part addressing the complaints about GAT I that we’ve been complaining here for the last few years.

    I agree with the New Student Hat has SHSBC lectures level 6 type technical terms being edited. It was an unnavigable nightmare for new students just starting out academy training. So, good show on that.

    I was happy with my CTP … time was never really any issue, and did not take 2 – 3 weeks either. Was about 1 week.

    In respect to the Pro Metering Course, they are probably merely correcting the mistake they created with GAT I. Secondly, all meter drills were always best done as part of any given levels training course.

    Looks like they doubled the amount of tapes for academy training the 1987/88 checksheets called for. But becoming a Class IV interned and qualified auditor within 3-4 months … more over-the-top hogwash. And all this was done by “The COB” again … how comforting a failed auditor is on the ball.

    However, nothing here was mentioned about the robotic drilling.

    • says

      Well, actually, Formost, there were no tapes added in the 1987 checksheet evolution in RTRC. In fact, LRH established a dictum during the 1978 checksheet redos that there could not be more issues on any Academy Level checksheet than existed on the 1968 checksheets, which had been the last checksheets he saw before the 1978 ones. The basic things that were done during the 87 evolution was to add tech films and spiff up the practical drills a little. The Grades Process Checklist BTBs were made into HCOBs and additional processes were added to give C/Ses additional tools to use, NOT TO DEMAND THAT EVERY PC BE RUN ON EVERY PROCESS! DM ordered that, by the way.

      • Formost says

        I just counted the tapes called for Level 0 – IV training … 48 of them for the 1987 issue checksheets. So I erred when I stated they were doubled.

        I don’t know anything prior to that, so thanks for filling in the blanks. The GAT II tape count is 2 less then.

        Yes, prior to GAT, auditors were not running every process when it was clear the PC had EP’d the grade.

  42. XClassVStaff says

    Really, I just can’t roll my eyes hard enough, far enough, or enough times in response to this!!! O Friggin’ Brother!!
    Not only is it the same thing that’s already been done multiple times (Oh, look, we found an attic in LRH’s childhood home containing Lost Tech that was never even known about), but once again Class V Staff will get to take the brunt of make-wrong as the purveyors of out-tech!
    Wow. Just wow!

    • statpush says

      “Oh, look, we found an attic in LRH’s childhood home containing Lost Tech that was never even known about”

      I mean how many times are they going to use this?? I can recall hearing it for the third time, thinking “Man, LRH was soooo disorganized. The ‘research’ is a mess. Did he write notes on napkins? Little scrapes of paper tucked away under the mattress?” Of course its all bullshit. DM WANTS everyone to believe the Tech was a mess and it was He, Lord of Infinite Wisdom and Finder of Lost Tech, single-handedly sorted things out and saved mankind. Just more delusion.

  43. Lucy James says

    Oh my. COB briefed all the UK and EU ED’s in 2004 on GAT II. Hmmmm. Really, Really DM, it takes 9 years to sort out the grades processes.

    • says

      Lucy, I’m surprised that he got it sorted out in only 9 years. Since the C/S Series was quite explicit on how to C/S any pc up the Bridge, it shouldn’t have taken any time at all. All the needed materials have been there all the time. C/Ses simply needed to apply them and not wait for un-tech trained David Miscavige to drive them off the rails and make them take a crap in their C/S hats and then slam it back on their heads.

  44. Tony DePhillips says

    I really love these write-ups Mike.
    I have to admit that they are hard to read sometimes because the truth hurts.

    I can see clearly now that dm has been creating all the disasters and then he “rides in to save the day”. Barf.
    I did start to see this clearly when I was on OT7. Mid the level I got the “not Clear” rfactor. I thought “really??!!!” WTF! does that mean that these people have been incompetent for decades while I was paying top dollar getting up the Bridge?? Does this mean that I can’t really trust them to give me the truth until YEARS LATER!!??? I mean it knocked any confidence that I had in them totally out. I did pay for more intensives and reattested to Clear and didn’t really feel any better. My bank account felt horrible though!
    Then they used to push us to get others on the Level because if we got 10,000 onto the Level we would out create the theta/entheta ratio and the Planet would be saved. This was another “sounds like bullshit” wake-up call. I thought if that was true why don’t they lower the prices and get tons of public onto it and also get Sea Org onto it. If it’s that crucial, shouldn’t they do it??

    The truth is since getting into Scientology in 1978 I have seen so many promises and “breakthroughs” that were supposed to “handle” things, but really it always got worse. LOOK at the stats is the answer. Don’t LISTEN….you need to LOOK! LOOK!! LOOK!!!

    • Ronn says

      Laughing out loud at your post Tony. I remember it was a big push here in the Bay Area, OTC meetings, FLAG & AO Tours, mentioned at most all events, regges, etc. Another “bullshiit wake up call”… lol. If it’s THAT critical just give it away !! LOL

  45. Paul J says

    So DM thinks he has finally got right. Is he still using the squirrel 3 swings f/n? Is he still bankrupting his public by doing his completely off policy fund raising? Does he still have his top execs locked up in the hole? I could go on and on. As long as the psychotic wack job DM is in charge Scientology will continue to collapse.

  46. Bruce Pratt says

    Oh my my. Admission from the “Church” that at least some, if not all, of the tech matters the “bitter defrocked apostates” have said are true. What a loony bin that organization has become.

    “Bitter Defrocked Apostate”

      • Bruce Pratt says

        Hi right back at ya, ya “Bitter Defrocked Apostate!”. :-) Must be a medicine reference that “Bitter”. Your smile is contagious. So are those of the rest of your household.

    • says

      Bruce, there will be more. Now they just have to put it in a very delicate way so
      as not to make further fools of themselves. Lots of brainpower, and as they do
      not have any left it will again be another step into the paint bucket. It is like a
      slapstick movie.

  47. Zana says

    This is truly horrific. It sounds like McDonalds making more and more products with more and more systems to make people feel like they are eating real food and in the meantime meantime making them sicker and sicker. Amazing. And to think, silly me has 2 new Mark VII e-meters that I paid about $9,000 for sitting here in my living room… being shunted from room to room because I don’t know where to store them or sell them. And now they’ll be obsolete. Amazing. At least I got a repayment for services from Flag last year. However… to think of all the thousands of dollars I paid to the IAS and the e-meters and the Basics books for the Indians and TWTH booklets for the Columbian police and being clubbed to death for more money while on the Freewinds (or else they wouldn’t let me out of the Starlight Cafe)… and all the money I’ve given to CCHR… ad nauseum… it’s really laughable. Thank goodness I have the wits about me to go make some more money. And thank goodness I’m outta there. !

    Thanks for the great insights! Keep blogging. Your book was one of the things that helped me take the veil off my eyes. What a shock it all was… disorienting at first, and then clarity. I met some wonderful people in Scientology whom I love a lot. One family, who has devoted their lives to Co$, have now disconnected from their 75 year old father and thrown him out on the street to fend for himself because he questioned what DM was doing to the tech. They are keeping the house he bought for them, thank you. Merciless. Truly scary. That alone was proof that Co$ does NOT work. If it had worked, this family who has spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and auditing and on and on… would be in communication and thriving. Instead, what seems like Nazi youth have tossed him under the bus without a qualm, and are storming right ahead in lock-step with Crazy Davey. When I saw that, I saw my Exit sign, and got off the Bridge. Whew!

    • Jane Doe says

      Zana, I agree. And how sad for that 75 year old man! But the book you talk about is Marty’s right? Mike didn’t write a book that I know of. If Mike wrote a book, tell me the title and I’ll run to the store and get it right away. And if Mike didn’t write a book, how about it? I love your style of writing andyou have a way of cutting to the quick in a straightforward, witty and killer way. Mike, you have a book in you crying to get out!

  48. gretchen dewire says

    I just dont see how people can be so blind. I have intelegent friends at the orgs. My god, how blind can they be? Mind boggling.

  49. Cristian Landivar says

    I was a reg in Flag and we know about the new Grades and so on…the real why of that and why RTC push Flag on delivery the Grades in 6 intensives was because money. Everybody knew Flag was the only places that have more auditors, more reges, more tours. So you can reg any guy for 6 to 8 intensives. FSO make so much money on GRADES that you dont have idea.
    GAT the public dont know or dont understand what that means really. I travel around the world and outside the USA people still dont understand. The point here is that is going to be new course, new training, MORE MONEY for SCIENTOLOGY.

  50. Chris Mann says

    Holy Jesus.

    What a disaster.

    It probably sounds good at the event though.

  51. joe says

    Dear Mike…I was in stitches laughing at your analysis and comments about all of this new ‘GAT II’ spin. Besides you being spot-on on every point, it is again a repeat of all the bs us guys on OT VII went through back in 1991 in the Crystal Ballroom with his Highness DM explaining the new OT V and OT VI Materials that were “found under the sink next to the detergent’ story. And as you know it repeated itself with the release of GAT in 1996 at Flag that cost for most couples on OT VII approx $40,000 plus to redo OT V Auditing and SNCC, plus the upgrade to the Quantum E-Meter at $700 each). At that time I had lost any interest in redoing any more “blind leading the blind” retraining programs. The ‘Red Herring’ is obvious…take your eye of the ball and look “over here” its GAT II…as GAT II sounds convincing again its another way the CofS under its ruler DM (aka Idi Amin Dada) to “tax” its people to generate more income through the same materials as it has nothing to offer anymore and hence create deeper slavery for its people.

  52. says

    Mike, I could not finish the email. I am literally nauseated. I really am. I have a bucket next to me, at the ready. Which is why I quit. I will try to read later.


    Ron drops a comment in LRH ED 102 and all of a sudden the new standard is 30 cussing processes??? Cussing-A.

    Tapes stripped from the levels? Are you kidding me? OH MY GOD.

    Thanks, Mike. I’ll read the rest later when my stomach settles a bit.

  53. SILVIA says

    Unbelivable and what a tech degrade the e mails contains- like when it says the Grades have 140 processess and took forever. So this ….character blames the lenght of the processess when he in fact ordered, via his RTC “Reps” to not le anybody attest the Grades until ALL processes were checked and run. I saw it, C/Ss crying as pcs had achieved the EP of a Grade but,no, heaven forbids, not all processess were run, so no attest. Blind, blind, blind if they do not see that the training of auditors took forever due to the inmense arbitraries on e metering and TRs. Hell, now they blame it on “had unnecesary materials”. I am telling you this guy better think twice (if he can think at all) about his eternity as money is not accepted in the world of eternal oblivion where he and his parade of blind followers belong…

    • Tony DePhillips says

      Like they are just now cogniting that on the pro-metering course there were higher level skills being asked for that were not necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!! Mother fucker!!! I think that was being complained about YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Talk about comm lags!! That dm is as dumb as a bag of hammers and as evil as Darth Vaders senior on crack. I mean dm is a selfish dwarf that should be institutionalized. Talk about a self treating insane assylum!! You got it in the Corporate cult of Scientology.