Scientology Summer Of Love

summer of love 2Here are a couple of recent emails sent out by what can only be classified as rumor-mongers extraordinaire.

I am posting them as a matter of interest and to comment on a few things within the confusion bombs they dropped on their “selectees.”

My of my, with official rumor spreaders like this, who needs SPs to create confusion?


Hi Everyone,

Reliable rumors have it that Superpower, Cause Resurgence Rundown, Golden Age of Tech 2 and opening of the new delivery building will all happen “soon”, with the best rumors being “in July”. Some say early July, some late July.

Some interesting tidbits:

Cause Resurgence Rundown – Look at any recent grade chart, it’s listed to the right of the PROCESSING bridge under the column “Additional processing actions that may be done at various points on the Bridge” along with Ls, Superpower, Flag Only Rundowns and about 8 other individual or groups of processes.  More on this rundown later.

Superpower prerequisites: Purif and objectives. If someone is below OT and has been C/Sed to do a purif retread or to flatten objectives, these would need to be done first. Also, one cannot be in the middle of any major action, which would need to get flattened/completed.  Advice: get moving on these if they apply to you. It can be delivered to OT Vs and OT VIIs (not yet OT VIII).

Superpower delivery: There are many auditors now trained to deliver Superpower and it is being delivered to selected staff now. Rumor is that Flag staff are being briefed on the 43 page LRH HCOB on the subject of Ethics and Justice, for the Superpower Ethics Rundown (128 questions x 4 flows = 512 auditing questions on it).

COB is at Flag now, overseeing all the new releases and personally briefing the 1,000 or so outer Org tech staff now at Flag for training on delivering Golden Age of Tech 2 in all the Orgs. He spoke at Graduation last week to a “packed house” (full auditorium plus another half dozen filled rooms with video relayed presentations).

New Tech Delivery Building is no longer called “The Mecca”. (Seems like some other religion already spoke for that title, so could be confusing. LOL). No word yet on any spiffy PR name being chosen for the building or if there will be one.

Maiden Voyage Anniversary rumors: About equal numbers of rumors are spouting about MV being on the Freewinds or being at Flag (as was done for release of Basics). COB announced that there would be an “OT Summit” at Flag for the releases. Is this part of MV? Is MV part of this? Would MV occur before or after? Speculations abound. MV date is almost certainly in July.

Superpower for Staff or Public? Seems like both at the same time, with a substantial corps of both staff and public auditors. Some staff getting it now – mostly Superpower auditor co-audits?

Superpower for government officials: No rumors or mention.

Golden Age of Tech 2: Lots of rumors but the main theme is that it will be possible for public to easily and rapidly co-audit all the way from new to Clear/NED case completion. Many other rumors and details too numerous to mention. Metering made more simple?

Original LRH survey which led to Superpower: We were briefed on this, and the briefing was that LRH observed that despite having all the conditions formulas, Scientologist were not able to put all their dynamics into power. Why was that? He surveyed to find “the situation” so he could find and remedy  “THE why” (per data series evaluation tech). What he found was not one situation but 12 situations. “Thus 12 “Whys” for which he developed the 12 Superpower rundowns. (LRH originally called this the “Humungous Rundown”!)

Cost, # of intensives, length of time to deliver: Consistent rumors here = absolutely no data. Not that people “aren’t saying”, more that people just don’t have any data at all.

Scientology “Axiom 1: Life is basically a Static.

DEFINITION: A Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and perceive.”   LRH

My next briefing to you will cover how the 12 Superpower Rundowns, step by step, in logical sequence, restore one’s ability to postulate and perceive.

If you have any questions or would like some help in getting your Superpower or other Bridge steps, we are here to help. Just email me back.



Mike & Val Smith, FSMs, WISE Consultants, OT Ambassadors

Couple of notes:

1. There is no LRH 43 page HCOB on Ethics and Justice. There is an Ethics Repair List. Not the same thing at all.

2. They cancelled the use of “the Mecca” (Miscavige himself pushed this term heavily) — maybe Miscavige is getting worried about an NOI takeover after all? Perhaps he is concerned everyone is going to identify this as being Louis Farrakhan’s headquarters?

3. Objectives! Wow, More Objectives!!!  

And then a follow up and this one is even more confusing:


Hi All,
Rumors are proliferating at a fast pace. Here are some additional reports/rumors (accuracy not guaranteed) from various people. including some reporting what COB said at the last 2 Graduations at Flag. What exciting times these are!
Maiden Voyage Anniversary will definitely be onboard the Freewinds, final date not set but probably near the end of July. There will be a separate OT Summit at Flag, no date set. Speculation is prior to MV. There will be major releases at the OT Summit, speculation is some or all of: Golden Age of Tech Phase 2, Superpower, Cause Resurgence Rundown and the new delivery building.

More on Golden Age of Tech Phase 2:

The greatest recovery of LOST TECH is in the area of Course Supervision. Student Hat and Metering Course will be about 1 week each. The “Flag Only Metering Course” is routinely being completed in a week. [Assumption is that this will be the new Pro Metering Course, or will be the basis of it.

The current average time from starting the student hat to completion of a Class IV internship in a Class V org is 3.5 years. With GAT 2, this will now be 16 – 18 weeks on one of either a day or foundation schedule.
A couple of days ago Flag released a new “TRs and Objectives co-audit for OTs” (including for OT 8s) who need to complete their objectives, as much as 150 hours, so they don’t have to buy Class IX auditing in the HGC. The cost is $950.00. OTs at Flag have already signed up for it. This will make it possible for OTs to complete their prerequisites for Superpower (see below). 
The now well proven and routine Flag Pilot evolution of getting people through lower grades in an average of 6 intensives and through NED to Clear or NED case completion in that same amount of time, 6 intensives, is being exported to Class V orgs.
There is a new grade chart. Not much news about changes other than a new EP for OT VII: 

Able to begin the actual OT levels. 
COB’s statement was that the GAT2 evolution completes the recovery of Dianetics and Scientology. 

GAT 2 is so evolutionary, that we will look back on these days and ask ourselves “What WERE we doing???!”

To clarify a possibly misleading grammar in my last email, OT VIIIs, OT VIIs who have not yet done OT VIII, OT Vs and anyone at any other level of the Bridge can get Superpower. The set ups for Super Power are: a flat and completed Purif and the full set of Objectives per Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 (and of course not being mid any major action or in the no-interference zone between OT I and III).

COB said that LRH’s development of Super Power started from the observation that many were going Clear on the NED route and were not able to have access to Power Processing.
New Materials:
There will be a new 4 volume Scientology dictionary released which will also be on CD – 2200 pages. (Note that a photo of these can be seen in the full display photo of LRH materials in the LRH Biography. Other not-yet-released items can be spotted with a close look and help of a magnifying glass.)

The R&D vols are being completed through 160 volumes. 
COB’s statement was that the GAT2 evolution completes the recovery of Dianetics and Scientology. 

Misc Flag News:

The Coachman will be turned into a Staff Qual building and will have 80 plus auditing rooms for auditing staff. 

Many of the staff are currently on intensive programs for case set up for Super Power which Flag will push the staff through. The Flag HGCs currently close at 6PM as the auditors are all on 4 hours study a day doing GAT2. The staff at Flag are genuinely excited and see a whole new scene ahead.

Original LRH survey which led to Superpower: 

We were briefed on this, and the briefing was that LRH observed that despite having all the conditions formulas, Scientologist were not able to put all their dynamics into power. Why was that? He surveyed to find “the situation” so he could find and remedy “THE why” (per data series evaluation tech). What he found was not one situation but 12 situations, and thus 12 “Whys” for which he developed the 12 Superpower rundowns. (LRH originally called this the “Humungous Rundown”!)
Cost, # of intensives, length of time to deliver: Consistent rumors here = absolutely no data. Not that people “aren’t saying”, more that people just don’t have any data at all.

Scientology “Axiom 1: Life is basically a Static. 
DEFINITION: A Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in tome. It has the ability to postulate and perceive.” LRH

My next briefing to you will cover how the 12 Superpower Rundowns, step by step, in logical sequence, restore one’s ability to postulate and perceive.
Getting yourself ready for Superpower!:
Would you like to get your pc folders reviewed to see what auditing you will need to compete any incomplete actions and be set-up for Superpower? We can provide this information to you through our lines to Flag. In this way you can begin planning what you will do and when.

Mike & Val Smith, FSMs, WISE Consultants, OT Ambassadors”Expect Miracles

Comments on this confusion ball:

1. Maiden Voyage is a bust. How do you possibly arrange for people to go to “MV” after the “OT Summit” and there is NO DATE SCHEDULED? This is typical of Miscavige “planning”…. I will tell you how they plan to do this — see the end of this posting. They are basically giving it away, get 2 people there are you get to go for free! Unprecedented. Feel sorry for the Freewinds people trying to “fill up” MV. And its the 25 year Anniversary (I guess that Miscavige had planned to NOT hold it this year and do everything at Flag but forgot it was the 25 year anniversary).

2. Unbelievable glutz in here — current average to train to Class IV auditor is 3.5 YEARS!!!! THIS is the Golden Age of Tech!!! OMG. And everyone is going to applaud and cheer — Wow, Sir, thankyou SOOOO much for straightening out the training line up [that you completely sabotaged with your Golden Age of Tech] with Golden Age of Tech II!!!! Amazing Sir. 15 years later you are sorting out your own fuckups and we are so thankful for you being so on Source and kind to us for letting us know how screwed up things have been.

3. MORE Objectives! Wow Sir, thankyou SOOOOO much. And specially for OTs! Oh, and after 10 years of being ripped off for Class IX rates for Objectives now we can do it as a co-audit. Your generosity and kindness knows no bounds!

4. The dictionary — in 4 Volumes for MAXIMUM profit!!  But its on CD — how absolutely cutting edge. Of course, we will not be able to buy the CD (or better yet just download a file) UNLESS we buy the books. But that makes sense Sir, we need to keep those printing plants occupied…. We paid for them, we want them to be used.

5. Oh, I see, those big expensive books that were reprints of the Ron Mags are now the “LRH Biography” — You TOLD us you would be giving us a Biography, thanks so much for letting us know this is it!

6.  Wow — out of the blue, a new “EP” for OT VII!! Wow “Able to begin the actual OT levels.”  Amazing. Is there a new EP for Grade 0 too?  “Able to begin Grade 1″? And that actual OT levelS plural is a secret code? There is in fact something beyond OT VIII?

7. And the best comment of all — this is going to “complete” the recovery of the tech (well, that is until he comes out with a new Briefing course and new L’s and new Flag Special Rundowns and a new KTL and a new LOC — none of which will be “new”, they will all be “recovered”) and GAT 2 is so evolutionary, that we will look back on these days and ask ourselves “What WERE we doing???!”  And I have been wondering the same thing. What the hell HAS everyone been doing in the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH?  The Golden Age seems to have turned into the Dark Age. But of course, Dear Leader is now going to rescue everyone with his brilliance from that terrible time everyone has had to endure.

You have to hand it to Miscavige. He can stand on stage and tell people utter bullshit, completely contradicting what he said previously, point out insanities HE implemented as if they just “happened” and take full credit for slaying the monsters he set upon the people — and get them not only to believe it, but cheer him!  

And here is what the poor people at the Freewinds have sunk to in trying to persuade people to go for Maiden Voyage. And if you believe them, this is going to be “the best and most productive 25th Maiden Voyage Silver Anniversary Cruise ever!” Even better than last year’s Silver Anniversary Cruise or next year’s Silver Anniversary Cruise! :)



Get 2 selectees arrived and started on any FSSO service, and you win that same service and the same length of stay in shared accommodations!



 In celebration of the upcoming 25 Maiden Voyage Silver Anniversary Cruise, the Freewinds is launching the following high-awards short-term FSM Sprint Games.

The Freewinds only services are designed to get your selectees on the road to OT with speed and you are going to want all your selectees to be ready for what is coming. The Freewinds can assist you in doing just that, we are world known for the speed of Basics completions. This is a proven statistical fact! So get your selectees here now and win your FSM awards!

Service Arrival FSM Award

Get 2 selectees arrived and started on any FSSO service, and you win that same service and the same length of stay in shared accommodations!

For example, you get 2 selectees on board for the Competence and Leadership program. You win the Competence and Leadership program yourself along with 2 weeks in shared accommodations.

Combined Services Arrivals FSM Award

Get 2 selectees arrived on board and started on FSSO services (Courses, Conventions, OT Debug, Competence and Leadership) and you win:

  1. In training awards: the average value of their services taken, and
  2. In shared accommodations: the average length of their stay on board

For example, you get 2 selectees arrived on board for the following: 1 selectee arrived for the Competence & Leadership = $2,300 service value & 14 day stay, and 1 selectee arrived for the OT Debug Service = $4,000 service value & 10 day stay

Total service value = $6,300 & total accommodations value = 24 days

You will win $3,150 in training awards and 12 days in shared accommodations as the average value of services and the average length of stay taken by your 2 selectees.



Please note there is a food rate provided for FSMs at $40.00 per person which includes 3 meals and 2 breaks daily. Selectees need to arrive on paid services and accommodations. These FSM awards apply to Class V Orgs, Missions, groups and individual FSMs.

Awards earned by this program may be used by staff members of one’s Org/Mission or the family members of individual FSMs. To get the award credited, the FSM is to send in a CSW with his selectees’ names, services and date of arrival to the FSM I/C FSSO who will ensure all valid awards are credited to the FSM’s account.

Here’s to the best and most productive 25th Maiden Voyage Siler Anniversary Cruise ever!



  1. says

    Mike, Great reporting and great analysis. As for DM and Co… I’m speechless. A monkey on a typewriter would literally make more sense than DM’s programming, planning, disasters. They’ve set a new standard for how Glutz anyone can be, saying that GAT takes 3.5 years. More time that it actually takes to dissolve a river rock in your mouth. In 1984, I did several Academy Levels at Flag. Each one took 2 weeks or less, and I was not even going full time. They were easy to do, and FUN. Here’s what really bothers me: Try as I may, I can not think of a single job that DM could do anywhere in the world… and not f**k it up totally. I mean, what could he do? Rake leaves? No. He’d break the rake and invent a faster rake with tines at each end but it would take months to prepare the specially-painted rust-resistant teflon rake tines plus matching goggles with mirror lenses made by Oakley that prevented anyone from seeing anything, and electronic timed drills for raking, and hundreds of rules you had to memorize including the physical shape of every kind of leaf of every tree in the world because (in his words) “If you are raking leaves, number one, you should know what kind of leaves they are to be given that to do, G*d damn… okay, number two, down to the core and that’s what’s the pie faces f**king that SP c**t in the ass yesterday? Forget all the drills. Just put them out. This week. And every one of you will be comm ev’ed and you should be buried alive in an ant bed for not getting those drills done yet. I want them done okay. And no one is coming along behind me to stop it or I want ethics put in. You know what? It’s going to take too long. F**k it. Cancelled! No drills, just put out the rakes and they better be priced. You read price engram? There’s not going to be any degrade of tech. These rakes are so good, they ought to cost more than a car. They’re that good. I want drills for every kind of raking. Grass, no grass, sand, dirt. What if it’s a stone garden? What’s the drill for that? I better see those drills on my desk or you’re all toast and I mean everyone. When LRH did it, do you know what he did it? ANSWER ME! You heard exactly what I said. No ANSWER ME! (savagely attacks GL and MY, drawing blood). Get that cleaned up. Just put the rakes out, I want to know what we all them. Quantum? The Shield? You know what? I don’t want to see any drills. Get that mess cleaned up and I better not find out you guys secured tonight without getting this done. I don’t care if you never sleep.”

  2. James says

    To Kris S. You got it correct.
    Heres the secret of GAT 3
    D.M. will sell Door knobs( Valley Org successful action)
    and Clear the Planet by himself.

  3. Kris S says

    Interesting read. This was stuff that was rumors 10 years ago to me when I was in the SO, I remember having to sit through that San Fran ideal org staff briefing, and hearing how it’s going to take a couple intensives to get to clear, and lots of big changes are coming. It’s interesting that it took so long, watching that SF video Miscavige said “next year” the stuff will be released. My guess is when GAT 2 gets released to explain how GAT 1 was a failure is to blame “SPs” who we’re in high positions perverting the tech, came up with the idea for GAT 1 in the first place, all behind his back while he was fighting the psychs and securing goodwill for the church around the world. But then he did an inspection, busted everyone involved, offloaded the guilty to oblivion, and fixed everything himself.

    • Aquamarine says

      I think you’re spot on with that prediction, Kris. The unworkability of GAT I will never be his fault.

  4. Vertsurblanc says

    Interesting Mike.

    Couple of observations.

    To spit out a new EP for VII is so out tech it hurts. At best, if at all true, I assume this would be a comm cycle between the VII and their CS. This could have completed VII’s over the last decades in a puzzle about THEIR EP. Was it incorrect? Was it accomplished?

    Of course those VIIs reading this will know. Just so out tech.

    Additionally, they both have 3 titles: FSM, Wise Consultant, OT Ambassador.

    All 3 are false.

    This original intent of FSMs was to get new people in and not parasite lower orgs and missions as stated by Kevin Tighe.

    There is no such thing as a Wise consultant. Wise are SO and sell memberships. Wise do not own courses, HCA do. A trained consultant is a private individual consulting Hubbard Management Tech.

    OT Ambassador is a real estate sales person.

    OT is operating thetan, high states of being, apparently. Not barbecues and song-fests.

    So, all 3 hats are BS.

    Just like DM. False beingnesses claiming false products.

  5. SILVIA says

    Well, so they said: “Superpower prerequisites: Purif and objectives. If someone is below OT and has been C/Sed to do a purif retread”…as far as I remember Retreads are done on studied courses…not on already EP´d Actions!
    And what about: “There is a new grade chart” this is beyond belief, the Grade Chart has been there for years as developed by LRH.
    But is evident the huge stupidity and idiocy the cheerleaders have fallen into when they go on and on with: COB said..COB stated…COB blah, blah…everything except the obvious..This character COB has done nothing but alter tech, lied for years, stolen funds, pretended to be a Sea Org Officer and on and on. They are blind, blind, blind and I guess, at this point, their choice is to pretend they are doing something of value. They should be given the “Commendation of best duped person”

  6. Forever Lurker says

    Mike Smith is a 30+ year veteran Flag FSM in the South Bay (San Jose / Silicon Valley) of Northern California. Good under-the-radar friend knows him and confirmed for me just now.

  7. Zana says

    Scientology is now joining the Network Marketing boom!! Heeehawwww! You get 2 people to the Freewinds and you come FREE! Wowweeeee!!! Let’s sell it to all our neighbors. Sucker them into this whole drama so we can get a free trip to the Caribbean. Scientology and network marketing. Wow…it’s enough to give network marketing a bad name!!

  8. Kevin Tighe says

    Mike Smith is a type of spineless parasite, genus profsmitis, forming the order ripofforgera. He is newpublicless, with upper org selection slips adapted for sucking the public from local missions and orgs. The Smiths are external parasites, living off the blood of hard working, underpaid staff. Considered a pest by local executives, numerous attempts have been made to exterminate him but like his cousin, the cockroach, he readily adapts to a variety of environments.

  9. Axiom says

    We all know this is just PR. None of this will happen within the next 3 years. This may have something to do with the Garcia law suite. Put the flocks concerns at ease.

  10. Sam Freeman says

    ‘TRs and Objectives co-audit for OTs’
    Haha! Pot-kettle-black

  11. Bela says

    I wonder if the Objective Co-audit for OTs is a Flag only course, since they would still need a C/S of OT case level and possible reviews on the multi bogs they will get into for over running objectives that they don’t need in the first place? This will be a nice source of revenue for Review at NOTS rates, as well as accommodations.

      • Bela says

        oops…maybe I do need more objectives so I can see my keyboard and not type typos…no…just another cup of morning coffee. :)

      • Mike Rinder says

        Well, for a mere $500 I will give any OT (or anyone at all for that matter) the link to the issues on Objectives and they can get rolling. I’ll even throw in a Cert when they complete… Framed! And some flowers like they do at graduation…. :)

  12. James says

    I can hardly wait for GAT 3,which repairs GAT 2 and GAT 1.
    New EP’s for the entire Grade chart.
    Belly up to the Bar and Drink up !
    Kool Aid and pretzels for all.
    Need your credit card numbers and phone numbers of any super rich relatives that are
    at least over the age of 95.

  13. Aeolus says

    It makes complete sense that it’s the old-timers like me who are being declared. You would have to be very young or very blind to mistake this recirculating BS for a ‘recovery’.

  14. justpassingby says

    As a non Scientoligist, but an interested observer, a question: For those who are still “in”, and who have been in for years and have gone through this (repackaging, the Basics, etc) before, at a certain point doesn’t all this repackaging and reintroduction cause more people to leave than it causes them to stay? Is there a tipping point where this becomes a boy-who-cried-wolf deal? I kind of get how people can be sucked in and convinced to stay (I got involved in a multi-level marketing scam for a while, so I have some basic understanding of how a person can be convinced to defer their independent thinking…) – but that only works in the long run if the rules of the game remain the same, right? If they keep changing the rules, doesn’t that eventually “break the spell”? Hope that’s not a naive question, and I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who is trapped in this obviously abusive situation. Ok, thanks.

    • Axiom says

      This is a very valid question. I am not “in” but can tell you that those of us that are out are very hopeful that this new version (Scientology 2.2) will actually cause more people to leave and see that they are being conned. The first change was what pushed me out.

      You make a very valid point that by making these changes, it does break the “spell”. And my hope is that more will see the exit door.

      But I think that some Madison Avenue advertising is being used here in the concept of “New and Improved”, which I have never fell for but seems to work as an advertising gimmick. I realize that the only thing new and improved is the box that the soap suds come in. The product is exactly the same. In this case it is still squirrel now matter how you package it.

      To me the real difficulty in bringing down the cult is that there is actually a technology underneath all BS that actually works, even if not applied exactly as intended. This makes this particular cult unique. I do not think that had ever existed before. So to get people to leave something that at least works to some degree and gives them some hope of salvation as a spiritual being, they will put up with a lot of abuse to get some, no matter how costly or time consuming. Unless you have experienced some of the miracle wins and gains from auditing or training it may be very difficult for you to understand this, but I hope you can get the idea.

      • justpassingby says

        Thanks Axiom, that is an interesting point. You’ve explained it very well – some get great benefits from the auditing and training, so they have an incentive to overlook the abusive aspects. I guess a very rough analogy would be practicing Catholics who stay in, going to church regularly, despite the church scandals, etc? If that analogy, roughly, is comparable then I guess that means there are some in Scientology – just like Catholicism – who are hardcore and in denial about the corruption and crimes of the organization, and some who have their eyes open but are hoping for a change from within.

        Where that analogy breaks down a little though is that even in Catholicism there’s some room for dissent. A parishioner is free to pick up and go to another church, or stop going altogether, or speak out against the church, and can still be a Catholic. In Scientology it seems that blind loyalty and obedience is an integral part of the faith – not just to Miscavige, but to Hubbard. You can’t be a Scientologist and question Hubbard, correct? Again, submitted respectfully, just genuinely trying to figure it out. Thanks.

      • Steve Poore says

        Axiom, You just said it VERY WELL with this:
        “To me the real difficulty in bringing down the cult is that there is actually a technology underneath all BS that actually works, even if not applied exactly as intended. This makes this particular cult unique. I do not think that had ever existed before. So to get people to leave something that at least works to some degree and gives them some hope of salvation as a spiritual being, they will put up with a lot of abuse to get some, no matter how costly or time consuming. Unless you have experienced some of the miracle wins and gains from auditing or training it may be very difficult for you to understand this, but I hope you can get the idea.”

        • Odd Thomas says

          I believe the basic on this lack of perception, is Data Series 10 Missing Scene. If you have no idea how a Bowling Alley works or where the pins are supposed to be placed, no one notices the outpoint when there’s only eight pins laid out and they’re all in the middle of the alley!

          Older Scientologists have been systematically removed, in our own version of genocide. When they left, the Existing Scene that was prevalent for almost three decades went with them. Modern Scientologists, those getting in from 1990 onward, have no idea what it was like to walk into an org in 1973. They have no concept of the camaraderie that existed. That people freely discussed their religion, their wins, their disagreements, while knowing how to voice them and how to write them up. They had a structure surrounding them that worked and they were confident in its ability to correct. There was a Qual! There was also wins every day and everyone who participated, was experiencing them. The Bridge, as it was laid out then, was mapped to be very inclusive. You had to do. You had to co-audit. You were placed in the best possible position to have wins, and if you didn’t, you stood out and were fixed. Not eliminated – but helped.

          DM has razed that structure and removed all of those WHO REMEMBERED. Now we are left with people who stare at an outpoint, like staring at a two-headed Giraffe and don’t see anything wrong. Why? Because there’s a picture of a two-headed Giraffe in every org. What they see appears fine – just like it’s always been.

          I think our role as an Indie is to constantly re-create that reality, however we can, so they have that Missing Scene. So that the outpoints they see in PT have context.

  15. Phil "proud2bsp" Bruemmer says

    To quote an ancient SO member (Ray Thacker – RIP):
    It’s hilarious, as long as I don’t consider the ruined lives, deaths and so on.

  16. Seeker says

    Truth is, Scientology has become unrecognizable to those who studied it from the “greenies” (the green books LRH wrote). Whatever it is today and will continue to morph into in the future, it is a different body of tech. Hold onto your earlier books/materials if you have them as they will be the only records left of what LRH actually wrote. I have a feeling DM is trying to shred the earlier materials out of existence.

  17. FG says

    “Ready to do actual OT level ?” Do they actually exist ? I often wondered if “from clear to eternity” announcing those “real OT levels” was not a forgery.
    LRH never used the concept of eternity before. And this is very threatening. It has a taste of “curse if you don’t follow the right path now”. I didn’t like it at all. Looking false to me. So, I wonder if LRH really uterred this. Would he promote something which doesnt exist ?
    I did new OTVIII and had the feeling of outpoint, something was strange there, either incomplete, off sequence…

  18. Skydog says

    The special on the maiden voyage is priceless. An org can send people and use the credits provided for training for their own staff. Then, when staff blows, the disaffected can be assessed a freeloader bill for services that cost the org nothing. Flag offers the gifts that just keeps taking.

  19. Dan Koon says

    Interesting the rumors about a new Student Hat and new Pro Metering Course. After 17+ years of disaster, His COBness has figured out a way to make good on HIS, yes, HIS fuckups. The Student Hat was miscompiled bass ackwards at the behest of his now disappeared wife Shelly, who, when she and I were working on it insisted that the Study Tapes come first on the course before the students ever had the salient HCOBs they needed to be able to make it through SHSBC lectures. And then the Metering Course: DM demanded that each drill be done 5 times through just as LRH had ordered for Solo auditors who had no previous training and this A=A from His Most High Shortness put a thorough roadblock in the road of anyone wanting to become an auditor. This, of course, was utterly apparent to me BEFORE the release of GAT and to the rest of the world withing weeks after the release but only now filtering through the ridges, ser facs and make wrong computations of Dear Leader.
    Perhaps all this stuff is coming out now because the only people left in Scientology are those who have been shanghaied into the movement since 1996 and have no idea how things were in earlier years, so DM feels safe in dropping this turd in their punch bowl now.
    As for Super Power, it is true that LRH said Dn Clears could not get Power but could receive Super Power, specifically the Bright Think Rundown which has the same effect on a case as one of the Power Processes. Other than that there is no slightest parallel between Power and Super Power.
    Super Power was probably LRH’s personal amends project for the massive fuck up of the old List 1 Project
    that nearly wiped out the Sea Org in 1978 by sending half of SO members to the RPF based on the fact of them getting dirty needles while receiving highly stressful sec checks on the area of List 1. When he found out what had been going on he took steps to see that the staff who had been abused got patched up beginning with the Ethics Repair List (which exists on the net and just reading the thing blows locks–highly recommended anyone do this, by the way). I read every single LRH despatch written about Super Power and do not recall anything about these 12 Whys that DM is now crowing about. I smell some very creative reinterpretations of LRH on DM’s part here.
    Personally, having been heavily and intimately involved with compiling GAT (but not implementing it) I am very interested to see what GAT II looks like and will be commenting long and hard about it to set the record straight. DM take note.

    • Schorsch says

      Thank You Dan for the information on list one. Back in time could be 78 I had been found out as public of munich org to be a list one rock slammer. I only had the lable to be PTS Type C. But now upgraded to list one. I had not much insight at that time being relatively new and thus took it personally. Ever since then consindered me being a bad person with „full of shit“ that has to withhold my powers. I think I can re evaluate now this situation.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Dan — thanks so much for your input. It is always extremely informative — it is nice to have the one who knows as a counterbalance to the one whose name shall not be spoken.

      Somehow Super Power is going to be turned into the “Be All And End All” and is it ONLY because he built a damned overpriced, oversized, over-gaudy building. NOW it has to be justified. This is the typical pattern (and I must say, it is a pattern that has gone on since BEFORE the Miscavige era) — whatever it is that is NEW replaces all that has come before and covers up for all previous deficiencies. What has changed in the last couple of decades is the ridiculousness of this marketing strategy — reading the books (“THE BASICS”) became the MOST important thing for EVERYONE to do. Then studying COngresses and ACCs (“THE GOLDEN AGE OF KNOWLEDGE”). Then doing Objectives. The Purif. Redoing Grades. Whatever it is that is MARKETED is what is going to NOW provide “spiritual salvation” and explain why it didnt happen before.

      Super Power has had the longest marketing runway in history — and the hype is going to be straight up and vertical now. A thing for staff that was going to be released in 6 weeks in 1979 (to hgelp staff who had been messed up with L1 and other ethics mishandlings and who had study problems) is now the “SALVATION OF EARTH” and the missing element that will make “PLANETARY CLEARING A REALITY”.

      It’s amazing this bs can be sold (literally — people PAY to be bsed) and nobody notices the outpoints.

      They will all proclaim how “on Source” “COB” is while he confesses his squirreled “GAT” has been a complete failure.

    • Steve Poore says

      Dan Koon and Mike, Great Stuff! but Mike, when you say: “It’s amazing this bs can be sold (literally — people PAY to be bsed) and nobody notices the outpoints.”
      I firmly believe that plenty are and will notice all this BS (outpoints) And we’ll see an ever increasing withdraw of their support, less and less event attendance and more and more quietly going away, and more and more crazy and desperate antics from his cobness for all to see. And those still remaining and asleep enough to apathetically and ineffectively continue to support the little crazy one, will only help him create even more obvious outpoints for the remaining, even more asleep and apathetic ones, with each passing day of insanity.

    • Sinar says

      Thank you, the 12 Whys remain a mystery to me as LRH had never mentioned it before and he worked on the rundown quite extensively in ’79 and would talk at meals and snacks about such things and what he discovered and worked on. He was very excited about this rundown and would talk about it.

      One why and eval (World out of comm) he talked about quite a bit earlier was the bug on auditor training that was found earlier for auditor training to deliver the rundown which resulted in KTL as the solution. So with no KTL on the lineup, that doesn’t resolve and handle the bug LRH found at the time.(’78)

      • Roy Macgregor says

        Yes, this is a great point Sinar. Not that I was ever in your position, but my clear understanding as laid out in one of the tech films is that LRH called auditors to the Int Base in around 79 and had trouble not with releasing Super Power but with basics like TRs. Out of this came KTL and LOC which were what were to open the door to fast auditor training – in other words GAT was totally not needed- LRH had already discovered the problem with training auditors and developed KTL/LOC to handle it. After KTL/LOC there was absolutely no need to hold back training people on Superpower- the research was done and LRH had already started the process of releasing it- then solved the release problems with KTL/LOC. That is my understanding – I would welcome further comment on this.

  20. plainoldthetan says

    If the 4-volume dictionary is on CD it won’t help people on their OT levels. They’re not allowed to bring computers into the confidential courserooms. I know. They wouldn’t let me bring my computer loaded with six dictionaries and two encyclopedias into the OT III courseroom. I might have put confidential data in it, don’cha know?

  21. says

    Wow, the writer sounds so incredibly confused, a total effect point waiting to be told what’s going on and what to do next. To think of a true OT, in code of honor, truthful, with a strong point of view, you can see the opposite here, hungrily waiting for the big cheese to dictate reality. Very sad. I have such a peeve about DM piloting, rewriting things and now redefining the grade chart! SO much blatant squirreling! WTF have they been doing that someone could even get to OT with unflat objectives? They are admitting that RCS is completely incompetent to do them at their proper point on the grade chart.

  22. Roger from Switzerland Thought says

    30 years in charge of Dianetics an Scientology and now he discoverd real Scientolgy ?
    It’s an admission they were squirrelling ……
    Totally confusing !

  23. Pedro Peligrosa says

    When I joined staff at AOLA in 1973 there was a Mike and Val Smith on staff there. Are they the same people? Two amazing things if this is true: 1: I can’t believe two Scientologists were married to each other for that long and 2: I Can’t believe they’re still in Scientology after all these years.

    • Roy Macgregor says

      Yes Pedro, Mike and Val were execs at AOLA. They are both ex-Sea Org members who left many years ago. Mike Smith has a field group. They became briefly notorious after their son Johnny Lewis who had done Narconon in the past for drug abuse, killed his landlady and her cat and then fell from a roof to his death, something I would wish on no-one, no matter how incompetent as a parent.

      • Jane Doe says

        Roy, I need to correct something in your post. Johnny Lewis is NOT the son of Mike and Val Smith. No relation at all. Johnny Lewis is the son of Michael and Divona Lewis. Michael has never been on staff, but he does have a field practice. He is Class VIII and OT VIII. Divona is OT VII and Power FSM. And yet with all that tech between them, their son went off the rails, got into drugs, and had a psychotic break where he strangled the cat and killed the cat’s owner, his landlord. He then fell or jumped off a roof, resultling in his death. A sad shame cuz he was a really good person and good actor with a bright future in front of him. Note: He did complete the Narcanon program but reverted to drugs after that. And once this murder came out in the press, immediately the church started erasing all pictures of him accepting his certificate and shaking hands with Narcanon exec. Johnny had even been used in several Narcanon promotional pieces etc and all of that was erased on line immediately by the church in their effort to re-write history and make it seem that Johnny Lewis had never been connected at all to Narconon. I find that reprehensible. And Narconon’s stats of “curing” addiction have been proven wrong on this blog and Johnny is proof that it didn’t work for him at least. That is the church’s handle for anything that is “non optimum” or “bad PR for the church”: they claim that the group or person had no connection to the church. In Johnny’s case I read church releases about the incident where they claim that he hadn’t been involved in Scn “for many years.” Huh? He was a trained Class IV auditor and was Clear. How can that be “not involved”? Again, they disown anyone or any group that brings shame on them in their minds. Yet if there is a win, they claim all the praise for something they didn’t even do. The IAS is one for claiming that successes are “all theirs” when not so. Mike Rinder’s blog has reported on this too.

      • Roy Macgregor says

        Yes, I was mistaken- apologies for my error. I confused Michael Lewis of LA with Michael Smith of SFO.

  24. says

    And so now as we step off the Cliff of Revelation that is GAT2, we all will suddenly sense ourselves as being Fully Understood Conceptual Knowledge Experienced Directly!

    And truly, we will all understand and know that “Able to begin the actual OT levels” is an EP so evolutionary in its understanding that it collapses all previous GAT OT states into meaningless motions lost in a miasma of blindness that would never be actionable in a court of law as being fraud, which by way of putting a finer point on it, COB means business when he says, “What were we thinking back then?”

    How true sir, how true!

  25. Forever Lurker says

    “Metering made more simple?”
    “With GAT 2, this [student hat to Class 4 interned] will now be
    16 – 18 weeks on one of either a day or foundation schedule.”

    Hmmm? We had that in the 70’s as I recall and had a lot of fun doing it. Typically, 20 to 40 major course completions month after month in my former org. THAT was the real golden age.

    “The R&D vols are being completed through 160 volumes.”

    If the goal was to give the tech to every man, woman and child on the planet, well, we have way since passed the technological barrier that would allow us to do just that in about a month start to finish.

    What would the world be like if every person could have the entire lower bridge and research line — all the books, all the packs, all the lectures right on his/her computer. The technology exists to provide a one or two GB download file (or many smaller files) that anybody on the planet could go to a COS-sponsored website and just download the whole subject. All MP3s of all 3,000 lectures, all PDFs of all the books and packs, etc. All the materials ARE already digitized. No problem there.

    Why not make these openly available for all mankind? You know, that phrase I read somewhere: “humbly tendered to man.” A few servers, a few hundred thousand bucks to set it all up and bingo.

    If there is a “science of the mind” here, then the biggest overt imaginable would be to not give it to man. Right now and immediately. If there is a concern about the completeness of the science, well let the chips fall where they may. Put it out there and let it stand or fall in the marketplace and amongst men.

    If there is a “science to end all suffering” here, then the biggest overt imaginable would be to not give it to man. Right now and immediately. The mechanisms of mind and their solutions should be the birthright of every child that is born on earth.

    And that billion dollar war chest . . . well why not build a bunch of laptops with the bridge already loaded and sell them for $500 to anyone who would like to try to learn to audit. (Instead of lawsuits and fair game.) And also include a computerized laptop driven e-meter with cans that can be plugged in to a USB port. All this is possible easily with today’s computer technology and low cost computing platforms.

    Science . . . especially science of the mind, the spirit . . . belongs to man.

    The Newton family does not hold the copyrights to the laws of physics. Einstein let out his discoveries for mankind to use for its potential betterment. Many medicines are in the public domain for the good of all.

    What kind of person or group would hoard and hide a solution like Dianetics and Scientology when it could be broadly given out to all within 30-60 days. All discoveries of the mind and spirit must exist for the good of all and be free.

    That this is not being done, when the technology exists today to free this material (Hubbard probably never even dreamt that a platform like the Internet would ever exist that could provide instant worldwide dissemination of all his ideas and research) is just the most deplorable idea and biggest overt I can imagine.

    Free the subject and let it succeed or fail on its own merits and results out in the world. What are you waiting for COS (holder of the copyrights)? It is the birthright of every person.

    Just think about this for a minute. The technology is there today to give to every man, women and child on earth. For real. In a matter of months.

    • Axiom says

      There you go applying logic again, now you will have to leave. Logic and common sense is not allowed in the Cof$.

    • Automatic says

      Bravo! I had actually thought the same thing the very first time that I read Dianetics. One question for Mike Rinder (by the way I bought your kindle book and recommend it to anyone interested in the Co$) …my question which does pertain to this very post:
      Since Judge Pfaelzer ruled that Scientology was a religion, and not a commercial corporation, and that the ruling that the upper level material (and by default all the “religious” materials) being indisputably religious, could not be protected from unauthorized use by way of commercial law. Thereby negating copyrights to ALL religious Co$ materials. Is this a fair statement? Did this ruling in effect erase the church’s hold on the copyrights?

      • Mike Rinder says

        First, I have no kindle book.

        A religion can have intellectual property rights — there are tons of cases on this subject, many dealing with Christian Science. The bible and koran arent copyrightable, so the cases concern later religions.

        • Automatic says

          Hey, thank you so much for your reply man! And I apologize, I had just finished reading two books from former CoS memebers and then after surfing the net for awhile came across your blog, and had a brain fart thinking that one of the books was yours, sorry about that (though if you did write a book I would totally buy it :D)

          I know that the bible and koran aren’t copyrightable, which is one of the reasons I had the line of logic concerning Scientology. I haven’t read on the cases concerning Christian Science but will indeed take a look, for I am curious. I had always thought it strange though that a religion can have “copyrightable scriptures”, I mean, I understand if church members wrote their own books interpreting their beliefs of their religion, and wished to copyright their books. But I firmly believe that any church that wishes to retain their tax exempt status should not be allowed to have their “scriptures” copyrighted, as it is those writings which disseminate the belief system itself, and by such if one cannot determine what the religion believes in without having to pay for it, then it is not a “religion” but a “corporation” and more resembles a pay-to-play self help system. But I digress…I understand the “intellectual property” arguments, yet, considering the very fact that the bible and koran are not copyrightable, and are also considered “scriptures” then just by using those two examples, wouldn’t they set precedence that any religion cannot copyright their “scriptures”? (such as OT materials that are considered necessary belief systems in order to spiritually advance as a being) It is a dangerous slope, you see, because it could allow anyone to just make up a system, or take an existing system, copyright it, sell it, and claim tax exemption as a religion. That could include: self-help books, cookbooks, and any other books you might imagine could be construed as “religions”. Belief systems themselves should not be allowed to be copyrighted imho, individual interpretations of said belief systems I think is fair, but not the actual “religion” itself. This is the flaw in our law(s).

          Just my two cents. Keep up the great work man, I enjoy reading your blog and think it is incredibly brave of you to openly do so knowing what I know now of the CoS tactics towards people who do speak out.

  26. calvin b. duffield says

    Another excellent example of a swab of miscavigeism under the microscope, Mike. It really is a malady of the modern times don’t you think? Shows just how desperate the parasite has become, to drain off the last few drops of life giving blood of the now empty coffers. Just like the “Industry Of Death,” ironically, the DM approved video, slating the psych industry, we find our “ecclesiastical leader” operating from the self same tone level (0.0 death) along with his hated rivals, the psyches! Not to forget the others in the mix; the undertakers, coffin manufacturers, crematoriums and others whose entire existence revolves around making money from the death of others. So that’s where these people are parked on the tone scale. It’s their choice and so be it! Living among maggots, is an acquired lifestyle, I suppose. (sigh.)

    But hey, all you living dead, who may be reading this, dig upwards just a few inches above your maggot infested coffins, for there IS life above the DM coffin in which you have been buried! Scrape away the soil
    in your hollow eye sockets, and take a look! Yes, take a LOOK at that bright shining light above you! Oh yes, there it is! That bright, warm sun – shining on you, again! Giving you back hope, giving you back LIFE!

    Oh well, just a thought! ….use, lose, as you choose!

  27. Sapere Aude says

    Upon further reading I find this oddity. ”
    The set ups for Super Power are: “a flat and completed Purif and the full set of Objectives per Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 (and of course not being mid any major action or in the no-interference zone between OT I and III).”

    To do superpower, something LRH wrote about in the late 1970’s, requires objectives done per the Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 (which hasn’t even been released and is NOT something LRH wrote.) Without the cognitive dissonance, didn’t DM just throw LRH’s technical expertise under the bus. LRH’s objectives are not good enough, you must have the Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 version. What an ass!

    I really hope their are hundreds that WTFU from this type of data. Even the blind can smell the stink on their hands if they but pay attention. They are being fed bull …t.

    Damn, I foresee a long hot summer for those that refuse to confront the true issness of the situation.

  28. Natasha Boris says

    “The now well proven and routine Flag Pilot evolution of getting people through lower grades in an average of 6 intensives and through NED to Clear or NED case completion in that same amount of time, 6 intensives, is being exported to Class V orgs.”

    AND a new Bridge?! We hunt moose and squirrel!

  29. Rine says

    I dont get how those overworked Flag auditors are going to go through their “training” for GAT II after work. Its totally unreal that an auditor is going to finish up at an exact hour, sharp, and then go to the academy 4 hours, drilling like mad. It just seems like so much pressure and to the detriment of both PCs and themselves. All this hurry cannot be good.

    • KFrancis says

      Rine, not to many month back I visited the Pac Base on several occasions and noted that the Sea Org members were as relaxed and healthy looking as I ever remember seeing them. There are so few public around that there was little for them to do.

      Very likely they can close the HGC at Flag early for the same reason- plenty of auditors but no public to deliver to.

  30. Forever Lurker says

    Flash from the past.

    Mike Smith (now in his 70’s) went to the Freewinds in 2010 and pressed them hard about when the upper OT levels were going to be released. This is what he came back with and distributed via email to his people in mid-September 2010. Read closely. Seems like an (transparent) attempt by SO/Freewinds execs to take back all previous promises and expectations in the face of badgering OT8s snooping around and getting anxious. Take this as official as it can get.

    Excerpted from his long email to selectees:

    The word on OT IX is “no word,” not just a nothing, but the positive statement that there is NO data, and any earlier “data” or rumors or such were all invalid, just guesses or rumors.

    There is NO data, no estimate of date, no official conditional targets, no length of time to do them, solo or HGC or combination, etc.

    Nothing that was rumored before is valid.

    The message to OTs and anyone else wanting to have OT IX released is “make your Orgs into Ideal Orgs”.

    That is what is needed in order to get OT IX released. That is what we all should work on if we want to help get these upper OT levels released.”

    I’ve never seen anything “walked back” quite that hard before in my life. The “tell” is pretty obvious: “We don’t have them.”

    • Mike Rinder says

      You are right. They don’t have them.

      I wonder when these people are going to figure out they will NEVER have all “Ideal Orgs.”

      Just based on current progress with about 30 out of 150 orgs done in 10 years, that alone equates to ANOTHER 40 years to be done. And then there are the orgs that are already having to be RE-DONE and “re-announced” as “Ideal.”

      And god forbid, if they EVER make a NEW org….

      It’s amazing these people just cannot think that they are being lied to, so they twist every fact to confirm that the lies are truth.

      • FG says

        Yes Mike, this is plain reasonableness. They explain every outpoint. Explaining outpoints has become an art in scientology those days. I was speaking to a friend still in the church and I said : “Do you think Debbie Cook lied on court, when she was crying and so on…?”
        He said “No, but she was upset, and she might just have an ARCX (quoting me the def of ARCX). And I said : “Sure, then why wasn’t she given then an ARCX session, and all would be fine ?”.
        “Well, she certainly wasn’t reachable, when people have charge, they blow, isn’t it ? And she is a PTS anyway, she is sick.””
        And I said “But Miscavige must have created a hell of antagonism with her. He should go to cramming.”
        “Cob knows what he is doing, have you been given ennemies lines on him ?”
        I answer : “No just an idea…”
        “Ok, I understand your viewpoint, but instead of worrying about that, why don’t you pick up the can, and get your own charge handled. We are going up, enturbulation occurs, let’s get through it and win. Never loose sight of the mountain…”
        He was really nice, sound wise. No hard ethics, just plain reasonableness !

        • sets guy says

          Gag! Gross. I don’t ever want to hear anything vaguely resembling this scientologese. Disgusting.

    • Formost says

      The message to OTs and anyone else wanting to have OT IX released is “make your Orgs into Ideal Orgs”. I’d like to see something written from LRH that stipulates their release other than what he had already outlined in the LRH EDs and RJ85. They talked about the “Saint Hill Sized Target” decades ago, but where is that written as a condition for their release?

      Why is it a single person, or handful of people arbitrarily decide based on some model/target they themselves fabricated such as acquiring a real estate portfolio before these levels will be made available to us?

      They feel they are not answerable to us, but have the powers of Overlords operating on higher plateaus perfectly content to have OT VIIIs drop off like flies for some imagined insignificant MEST target they consider so much more important.

      And if they don’t have them, then they should say so.

      • Aquamarine says


        You asked, “Why is it a single person, or a handful of people arbitrarily decide based on some model/target they themselves fabricated such as acquiring a real estate porfolio before these levels will be made available to us?

        Per Marty’s latest book and per a number of Mike’s articles, especially his post where he has the picture of the Wizard of Oz, the answer is: because these levels don’t exist and therefore cannot be delivered.

        The Dwarf has a huge problem. His stipulation that OT IX and X may not be released until all orgs are Ideal is his solution to the non-existence of these OT levels in the first place. He’s just sandbagging. There will always be some excuse, just as there always has been some excuse. After reading Marty’s book and evaluating all the RCS data I have it all made sense to me.
        All the Dwarf wants/needs is enough progress along the Ideal Morgue line so that he has something to show at Int Events. If magically all orgs actual went Ideal in a year he would be up the creek without a paddle.

    • Mat Pesch says

      The “Freewinds” admits to being guilty of FRAUD on a massive scale. They don’t have any actual information regarding OT 9 & 10 even existing and yet they sold it! They made up a price for something that didn’t exist and they took in tens of millions of dollars!!! Eventually years went by and the OT 8’s started getting restless as they sat at the end of a dead end bridge. To make things worse, Scientology needed money and all the big whales had no reason to keep shelling out the money. Miscavige set up a little “detour” to put these “OTs” back through the whole route again. New books, tapes, courses, meters, Purif, Objectives, Clearing, new OT levels, etc while at the same time putting the petal to the metal on collecting money for nothing. What about all those millions on account at the Freewinds that the OTs couldn’t use. While I was the Treas Sec FSO for 7 years we “paper transferred” the credit from the Freewinds to the FSO (Flag Service Org). This was done for a number of reasons. It helped to relieve some of the upset created by the dead end. Its actually FSO money that funds the Freewinds anyway. The Freewinds is expensive to operate and it doesn’t begin to pay for itself. It was worth it to the FSO to give a whale $50,000 of credit to get them back in our “pool” where we could get some real money from them again.
      Realize that while the FSO was picking up the debt of the Freewinds, the FSO owed HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in undelivered service to its public. The FSO only had $25,000,000 in its reserve accounts and that got drained to ZERO during the Lisa McPherson litigation. I recently talked to the person who was the Int Finance Dir at that time and found out that all of SOR (Sea Org Reserves) was down to tens of millions. My Treasury staff called every org Treasury on the planet and found out they were ALL MONTHS IF NOT years BEHIND ON PAYING THEIR BILLS. They were insolvent without even taking into consideration all the advanced donations for service they had taken in and already spent.
      Scientology Inc is only keeping its nose above water by constantly rolling the “whales” (big money Scientologists) and focusing on donations for which no specific exchange is expected. Oh ya, add to that refusing to refund unused money on account to those who wake up to the con.
      Scientology Inc. is truely one very sick and criminal beast on life support.

  31. Chris Mann says

    “The current average time from starting the student hat to completion of a Class IV internship in a Class V org is 3.5 years”.

    Does anyone know a single person who trained in any Class V Org from Student Hat through Class IV internship in the last five years? Ten years? Since GAT?

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes I do. And she took many many years to make it through the Class 4 internship. Years.

      • Chris Mann says

        Can you say only one person at this org in that time period? At my org (Phoenix) no auditors were trained. There was some auditor training, but no auditors produced. A few people did GAT retrains of some levels, but I can’t think of one person who did Student Hat through Class IV internship since GAT. The only auditors trained were staff and they were trained at Flag, and by “they” I mean one auditor who was the CS and he was at Flag for something like 8 years.

      • Jane Doe says

        I want to amend my answer. The ONE person I know who passed an internship in the last 5 years had already been a trained auditor. It was the internship itself that took her over 5 years to get through. Bad stats for GAT. So in her case it wasn’t training all the way up. It was being already trained and taking over 5 years to get through the internship.

    • Blue Seagull says

      Yeah, a very good and pertinent question and which I suspect will also be difficult to get an honest answer to.

  32. Bruce Pratt says

    Oh my. A counter offensive rumor campaign? All I can say is a) it is counter to anything remotely resembling what i understand to be proper promotion and public relations and b) it’s offensive.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That or these folks have just snapped into that synthetic enemy they mock up and fight so hard.

  33. Aquamarine says

    I’m thinking how thrilled many OTs will be to know that they can co-audit Objectives for $950 now after having paid full price for 150 hours in Flag’s HGC. That should go over well.

  34. Aquamarine says

    If the actual MV Event with COB live is going to be held in late July, per Mr. & Mrs. S’s rumor, then the orgs will have theirs in August. Isn’t that late for MV? When I attended them there were always 4 of them in July.

    • Mike Rinder says

      Yes, its very late. But its not going to be a problem as there will be no significant Auditor’s Day for this to run into and the next major even won’t be until the IAS. The actual Maiden Voyage Anniversay was YESTERDAY, June 6th….

      • Aquamarine says

        Got it, Mike, but “no significant Auditor’s Day”? Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it, especially after the huge fanfare releasing Gat II?

        This all sounds more and more like a real mess, and I think the Dwarf should create a Flag-only Rundown to handle it. How about The Rumor Assessment Sort-Out ? I’d love to help with the promo :)

  35. Sapere Aude says

    Lets see – this completes the “recovery” of Dianetics and Scientology. Well, who lost the original? When LRH was alive he had an EP of New OT VII. It has been in use since the mid 80’s, or about 40 years. And someone just now finds it isn’t the correct EP? That is such obvious bull-shit. I think to make a shorter time to the next “recovery” the entire grade chart should be re-written. The stated EP could simply be as follows:
    The EP of Grade 0, the EP of Grade 1, etc up to the EP of OT VII. Then there would never been a need to reprint the bridge chart. How about the same for training. Class 0 – stated as “the EP of class 0″, etc.
    That way the processes, the checksheets, etc could be changed at any time and who would notice.

    I do believe we are seeing the final throes of desperation. I also expect the seals and whales to clap long and loudly lest they be singled out for “special handlings.” If the time on study is shorter and the objectives a co-audit then something must be done to keep up the upper levels VSD.

    Yup, another event of clapping and cheering for those in attendance being gobsmacked. I only hope this is an evolution that wakes up another 500+ to walk. How ironic – the walk of shame is those on the routing form via the reg and onto the new and absolutely adulterated squirrel services. Those with their heads held high and some integrity are in line for their super secret new goldenrod certificates. The special people and the able beings are considered one and the same.

    I can see the new promo now. The new years even where COB will release the standard way to feed WOGs and psychs to the wolves. And I expect there will still be some who stand and cheer.

    Where has all the testicular fortitude gone? (excuse me ladies, but you understand the concept)

  36. Aquamarine says

    The Golden Age of Rumors!!

    This is Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s idea of an e-mail briefing? ASKING questions and imparting rumors? What a waste of time. Anyone with half a brain can read between the lines and figure out that they’re sending out this rubbish because the actual scene is a mess. And they are WISE Consultants, yet? How sad for them, – forced to cover up the actual not-know confused scene with this says-nothing yak-yak.

  37. IG MAA RTC says

    I want it make it totally clear that there IS a 43 page HCOB on the subject of Ethics and Justice. You SPs should know that David Miscavige has spent years figuring out how to release the Ethics Repair List without it undermining the Golden Age of Chrome Steel Ethics that he has so carefully created in the Scientology religion. Scientologists now finally know that if ANYONE steps out of line or even thinks about stepping out of line, or speaks to anyone who is thinking about stepping out of line, then they are TOAST. It is only with this level of ethics that David Miscavige can move forward on his masterly goals of this planet completely cleared off.. To prevent the Ethics Repair List from giving Scientologists a false sense of justice and fairness, David Miscavige has tirelessly worked to re-discover the LOST TECH of ETHICS and compile it into this 43 page masterpiece! It will show how completely and perfectly the HOLE duplicates the true and re-discovered tech of Chrome Steel Ethics, just the way that LRH would have wanted it. I personally applaud David Miscavige for this momumental breakthough- finally a reference that clarifies this apparent conflicts between David Miscavige ethics and things like the Code of Honor, the Code of a Scientologist and so on. This masterpiece is right now being word cleared over and over by anyone who may be exposed to the Ethics Repair List. You SPs are really missing out on the incredible gains that you could be having from reading this masterpiece over and over again. Tough luck, you should have thought about that sooner – you don’t know what you are missing. Or perhaps you do. Never mind. Rest assured that David Miscavige has it in hand. And yes, we have edited the Ethics Repair list extensively. Anyone using the original Ethics Repair List HCOB will be SP declared forthwith. Twice if necessary.

    • says

      Funny, sad but close to reality.
      Stats; 1. # of disaffected Scientologists.
      2. # of hidden SP declares.

      Final product; DM alone in 53,000 fully renovated buildings.

      • Jane Doe says

        Yes Lars, I only wish it were a joke. I think his secret stats are exactly those that you quote.

      • Zana says

        Yes. It’s a racket. He’s a racketeer. And the lemmings keep giving him more money. How embarrassing for them.

  38. Formost says

    Great post, great post.

    It can be delivered to OT Vs and OT VIIs (not yet OT VIII).

    Not yet OT VIII? Long lost tech as of yet undiscovered?

    Rumor is that Flag staff are being briefed on the 43 page LRH HCOB on the subject of Ethics and Justice, for the Superpower Ethics Rundown (128 questions x 4 flows = 512 auditing questions on it).

    Looks like they added 20 questions to the original Ethics Repair List.

    Lots of rumors but the main theme is that it will be possible for public to easily and rapidly co-audit all the way from new to Clear/NED case completion.

    Kinda the way it was before we ever heard of any GATs.

    The current average time from starting the student hat to completion of a Class IV internship in a Class V org is 3.5 years.

    Average was 18 months part-time max before GAT I.

    With GAT 2, this will now be 16 – 18 weeks on one of either a day or foundation schedule.

    Either a fib or quickied.

    Not much news about changes other than a new EP for OT VII

    Hilarious. It does what it does, and when it no longer does it, then it’s done. No need to assign new mystery concepts to it.

    GAT 2 is so evolutionary, that we will look back on these days and ask ourselves “What WERE we doing???!”

    It’s only been pointed out in the FZ for a decade or so. Not sure what “We” has to do with the alterations of DM & friends.

    The set ups for Super Power are: a flat and completed Purif and the full set of Objectives per Golden Age of Tech Phase 2

    We could call that GAT version 2.2? I think I’ll wait for 2.3 … lol

  39. Gus Cox says

    Oh, jeezus, I’m so excited to know that COB is at Flag right now, fixing the Tech. After all, he is the most highly-trained… oh, wait a minute, he never made Class IV because he hit a PC. Never mind.

    The fucking guy is an administrator. He’s the “chairman of the board of the religious technology center,” which does nothing but administer copyrights. He’s nothing but a stupid pencil pusher, and he’s got everybody believing he’s the second goddamned coming of LRH. Truly astounding.

    And this “recovery of the tech” bullshit. WTF??? The tech was never lost! The Old Man said the subject was complete about the time he started writing Battlefield Earth! That’s why he took some time to have fun and do some writing, IIRC. BTW, the book was quite a bit better than the movie 😉

    My Lordy, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Mr. David Miscavige is a real work of art, ain’t he?


    • gato rojo says

      Meow, Gus! Y’know, when the marvelous GAT #1 came out it was a complete wrong why. If all they had done was to reinstate the Hard TRs Course, with all that great debug tech of the 1979-ish timeslot so students really GOT the correct TRs and not the robot wooden stuff, the whole place would be booming, auditors being made, Clears, OTs…. It would be going on for many years by now. It’s just that the people doing the GAT line-up already had no idea of proper TRs anymore, and for sure Miscavige didn’t, so off they went on a whole big re-invention that made it all worse. I’d so love to hear what is considered to be “standard TRs” these days. I’m already throwing up.

  40. DeElizabethan says

    The results, if we see the truth of the MV event, will directly fall onto the FSM/s, the fail that is.
    I think it is laughable for them to use the rumor line. See? it was just a rumor. Or DM tells them to use the mystery line for success.
    Anyway, fun piece.

  41. Hapexamendios says

    Shouldn’t that say “COB is at Flag now, overseeing all the new releases and personally beating the 1,000 or so outer Org tech staff…”

  42. Roy Macgregor says

    Despite a huge event at Flag, it is ESSENTIAL that MV go forward. David Miscavige spends most of his time when not abusing staff, planning and executing important vacations for celebrity parishioners like Tom Cruise, or should I saw, Mr. Cruise for you plebs. Of course he partakes only as a burden of leadership. MV provides the opportunity (and cover from those nasty accountant types) for one of the longest and most important of the David Miscavige annual vacations. So even if you have to give away 60% of the bookings for free, the show must go on! And on. and on.

  43. DMSCOHB says

    wow! dwarfenfuhrer does it again! i have fallen on my knees in appreciation of his bold and assertive leadership in making the tech go right! three cheers for dear ole’ cob! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!

  44. Steve Poore says

    Your’e right Mike, MV IS A BUST! Too Little Too Late and ABOVE ALL ELSE, TOO LITTLE INTEREST From the Whales, and Its TOO LATE to expect any real change in miscavige’s strategies toward the inevitable black hole of oblivion of anything resembling Scientology!

  45. Axiom says

    Boy! This is just too much. Where will this all end? He keeps piling more crap on top of the last pile of crap. Remind me of the Energizer Bunnie … keeps going and going and going…
    My only hope is that this latest charade will open some more eyes and more people will drop off the lines.

  46. Sinar says

    Poor Dave is confused with no May 9th event, and his scuba vacation having to be delayed to July having to deal personally with Idle Org issues and the re-writing of history and Tech.

  47. TheWidowDenk says

    In addition to what you state in your comments, Mike, I find it fascinating that:”Mike & Val Smith, FSMs, WISE Consultants, OT Ambassadors” would send out emails to their constituency to sort out “reliable rumors” and “proliferating rumors.” Looks to me like there’s nothing really concrete about which to write, so they need to deal with the “rumors” floating about, and use these rumors to do their FSMing, consulting, and embassadoring (is that a word?).

  48. Paul J Salerno says

    While I have little doubt this information will in fact be available in July I saw no mention of a year. A glaring loophole to my way of thinking 😉

    • Zana says

      Or an “out.” If it’s not done for another 15 years, it’s like a Tarot Reading…I just didn’t see the year.

  49. tony dephillips says

    I’m giddy with excitement!!

    Are you kidding me? A new EP to Solo Nots??!! WTF. I already lost my confidence in them and now it’s even worse. They have been delivering OT7 for about 30 years or so and now they found there is a new EP???????????? OH my GOD!! Talk about squirrels.

    • Jane Doe says

      Correction Tony Dephillips, No they didn’t “find a new EP for Solo Nots.” No, DM just made up this new EP because it was taking so long for people to complete OT VII that the Ship had no public to reg and the Ship was almost empty of people doing OT VIII. I personally have seen many many people go to Flag “to complete” and then were kept there for months, in one case 5 months and in other almost a year and in another over a year ‘auditing on board” to try to complete. So if Flag is keeping the OT VII public to milk more money from them, it creates a deficit of public on the Ship for OT VIII, so DM solved the problem by making a new EP, a quickie EP it sounds like, which is “ready to do next OT levels.” That makes it easy. Then you don’t have to hold the pcs to the original EP which was “Cause Over Life.” It was too labor intensive to get the original EP of SN, so let’ s just make up a new one that is easier to get and thus get more people on to the Ship for more regging for money. Wow, I’d like to sell the Kool Aid drinkers swamp land in Florida.

    • Neo says

      ‘I lie awake, staring out at the bleakness of Megadon. City and sky become one, merging
      Into a single plane, a vast sea of unbroken grey. The Twin Moons, just two pale orbs as
      They trace their way across the steely sky. I used to think I had a pretty good life here,
      Just plugging into my machine for the day, then watching Templevision or reading a Temple
      Paper in the evening.

      ‘My friend Jon always said it was nicer here than under the atmospheric domes of the Outer
      Planets. We have had peace since 2062, when the surviving planets were banded together under
      The Red Star of the Solar Federation. The less fortunate gave us a few new moons.
      I believed what I was told. I thought it was a good life, I thought I was happy. Then I found
      Something that changed it all…’

      RUSH “2112” (Circa 70s)
      Was this a prophesy about RCS?