The Church Responds to Leah Remini Stories With Arrogant Hypocrisy

The sh*tstorm surrounding Leah Remini’s departure from the church has brought out the best in Scientology media relations. This one obviously called for the Big Guns….

The entirety of the response to stories now running in major (and minor) media around the world reporting on Miscavige abusing people, the church being engaged in “thought” reform through sec checks/Truth Rundown,  breaking up families with disconnection and the disappearance of Miscavige’s wife Shelly (among other things) is:

“The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no comment about any individual Church member.”

As usual, the chutzpah of Miscavige is amazing.

Apparently they are trying to imply Leah remains in the church without saying she has not left (they can’t say that as they fear she is baiting them into saying that and she will blow them out of the water with a VERY public denial).

But just think about this for a moment.  Everyone in any way familiar with Scientology knows that when someone is deemed to “no longer be a member” the church has ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for anyone’s privacy.  Look at the smears they have done on ANYONE who has publicly criticized them:

–  Consider the respect they paid Paul Haggis and Jason Beghe with smears spread far and wide.

–  Just review the respectful sham web sites (whoismikerinder, whoismartyrathbun, whoismarcheadley etc etc etc) and twitter accounts they have created to libel anyone who dares question them (even journalists — Lawrence Wright, Anderson Cooper, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin, Tony Ortega).

–  Recall for a moment the respect they afforded Marty Rathbun and his wife as they had people camped outside his home spying on him and harassing him for months

–  Oh, and the respect they afforded Debbie Cook by suing her for sending out an email quoting L. Ron Hubbard

–  And the touching level of respect displayed when they trotted out the Stepford Wives on AC 360 to claim they knew “every inch of their bodies.”

The examples are numerous. The one thing you can always count from the church of Scientology is respect for those who publicly question its activities. 

Remember this statement when this moves into the next phase as they try to smear Leah and her family. 

And also remember this: not even the usual bald-faced denials about how this is all just lies from the mouths of a small posse of bitter defrocked apostates. 


  1. stateofcircle says

    Mike, as the former head of OSA and PR guru of the “church”, I and I’m sure many others would love to hear how you would have handled this one! I know this post is a few days old, but it would be so great to hear your insider perspective. And with all of the media attention, I think maybe even doing a seperate post from you, THE guy that used to handle something like this, detailing all of the crazy things the “church” is doing right now to handle this and what His Midgetsy is thinking and how he is acting would be fantastic, especially because something like that would definitely get picked up by other sources looking for new information about this story and would really show the general public, who aren’t as aware of the scope of the “church’s” abusive tactics, just how insidious they actually are. Please please please!!!!!

  2. tgp1962 says

    This beautiful woman has woken up to the ludicrosy of the COS. Every cult is eventually exposed. It amazes me that John Travolta has lasted this long, he is talented and brilliant. However, Tom Cruz will probably go down with the ship as he is neither. Leah, girl, we love and support you! Get ’em!

  3. Brian says

    Everything the church is doing now is digging a deeper hole. They have no idea they are at the end of their ability to threaten and scare people. The tsunami, the boomerang of karma is spring loaded and being loaded with even more force. The entire planet, with all of it’s press now knows Miscavige is a mean asshole. A liar and a Tyrant.

    ASO agents, now’s the time to leave. It is only going to get worse. The problem is Dave, not the evil world. Dave and is punishments and creating fear, that is what this is all about. It is about his violence. Look, nobody believes you anymore. You don’t believe you anymore.

    There is still time. You won’t loose your eternity and you will get back your sanity. Look at what you have become!

    You can be happy, that is your choice.

  4. Eyedrather Notsay says

    I remember meeting Leah in the late 80s on the pro TRs course at AOLA. I never met her before but I made some stupid remark to her. She got in my face big time and I deserved it. She was about 19 at the time, tough little bitch, but also very likeable. Getting an ass chewing from her was worth it in retrospect. My kinda thetan.

  5. Sinar says

    The Scn Inc statement was: Church reps have denied the reports and said that it “respects the privacy of parishioners and has no comment about any individual Church member.”

    There is an update: [Updated, July 12 2:10 p.m.: While not commenting on Remini specifically, representatives for the church said in an email Friday that the “allegations of ‘interrogations’ and ‘thought modification’ are absurd and pure nonsense, as are all the statements made about the Church’s leader, Mr. David Miscavige.” The church has also denounced Ortega and his blog.],0,4168750.story

  6. LR, y u kno want religion? says

    as a fellow supporter of LR decision, it does occur to me…,, if she has the NY attitude and brooklyn tell it like it is personality, then y she kno leave sooner? ie: what took you soooo long leah?!?!? okok, she was grandfathered in so i get that, still, just sayin…..

    • Eyedrather Notsay says

      The reason it takes a person so long to leave is because there is something worth staying for. That is the case gain from the auditing and training. There is something very very right about the SUBJECT of Scientology and LRH. A person goes thru inner conflicts with the good of the basic religion and the bad of Miscavige influence. When a person asks why it took so long to leave, this tells me the person was never a scientologist. If the church is going to survive, Miscavige needs to go.

  7. Joe Pendleton says

    My guess here is that the CoS will NOT attack Remini, but will just say NOTHING more at all on this, take her blow to the jaw and let her quietly go away. She is too high profile (Unlike Paul Haggis, she is a TV star and her face is probably known to 90% plus of all Americans) and to antagonize her any further would just get her on major interview shows and bring the CoS tons of more bad pub. Also every time she would speak out publicly would just increase the chances that other Scn celebs would start to think seriously about what she is saying. So watch the CoS go silent on the “Remini affair.”

  8. Lise says

    Mike hi,
    I haven’t read all the comments, so someone may have already asked this question, but I was wondering this: This will most likely get more asking about Shelley Miscavige, do you think that dm will get Shelley out and parade her around so that the “rumours” are dispelled as utter nonsense. To me that would be the obvious thing to do? what do think?

  9. Formost says

    What still riles me a bit about all this is that Tommy Davis rebuffed Leah in that she supposedly did not have the rank to make such inquiries about the COB’s wife, and there is nothing inappropriate about that at a social gathering esp. in view of the fact she is a well-known celebrity too. Who the hell do these megalomaniacs think they are? Management is supposed to be our religious servants, but seem to view us in terms of a position in their hierarchical militia. They think they are not accountable to us, won’t allow us to inspect the IAS book which is our money after all, suppress bridge services such as OT IX and X, make us redo the bridge endlessly and arbitrarily, ad infinitum. The members have absolutely no input how their church is run, and if someone asks too many questions, it’s VISA time & Sec Checks. The Independent Zone is a blessing for moving up the bridge without all the BS and exorbitant costs. I never joined Scientology so some dwarf can order me around how to live my life while cleaning out my pocketbook.

  10. Sam Domingo says

    Leah vs Miscavige. I’ve never seen that weasel win against a strong willed woman yet. Going to kick back and watch the show (let me know who’s on blood clean-up detail. Miscavige won’t be able to resist trying to knock her down – his funeral).

    • Jane Doe says

      Yes, Sam, and this time Miscavage can’t banish Leah to some far off hidden location to banish her like he did to his wife. Leah won’t be banished! No one puts Leah in a corner!

  11. lena says

    I have read a few of your articles and would like to thank you for your efforts. The suffering inflicted on those who sincerely desired to improve and to help others in this group is quite criminal. Exposing it is the first step to remedying it, so thank you again. Sometimes the recognition of a trap is a very expensive lesson, isn’t it?

  12. Mat Pesch says

    Until Scientologists can confront and handle the evil in their own group, they have no chance of bringing about any major and long term improvement of conditions outside of the group. Miscavige is a cowardly
    sociopath that has been getting a way with the most blatant criminal behavior for just one reason –
    enough Scientologists haven’t had the courage to do what Leah is doing. Call a spade a spade. Withdraw support of those who betray ones trust. Warn others. Etc.

  13. tony dephillips says

    They will respect her privacy until she goes public. Then she will be an SP an they will try to destroy her.

  14. Aquamarine says

    Wow, she’s giving thanks to her fans, public, everyone, for their support of her in her decision to quit the Co$. I am LOVING this! I hear her message loud and clear. This gal is one tough cookie that ain’t gonna crumble.

    To my mind, she’s doing her own ladylike version of Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in the film “Mommie Dearest”, where Joan stares down all those Pepsi big-wigs across the conference table from her and says, “Don’t f***k with me, fellas!”

    You go, Leah!!!

  15. Bela says

    I just realized…Lucky for Tommy he is not in a position to be sent to the RPF for this one…I would hate to be him right now, reading all the articles of what he said to Leah in response to her asking about Shelly. OUCH!
    I can only imagine the rant that David Miscavige is saying about him to others …

    • Indie8Million says

      Good point, Bela. Maybe, since DM can’t put Tommy on the RPF or in the Hole, he’ll just call him up and tell him that he’s declared and that he can’t talk to his actress mom and sports guy dad. I can hear Tommy’s voice now; “I’m angry; REAL angry!” Bwahahahahahhahahaha!! How’z about that “no disconnection policy now, Tommy boy?”

  16. Aquamarine says

    So much for the cult’s policy of respecting the privacy of parishioners. But, wait…of course, “” is not the CoS’s website! Oh, no! This is just someone who doesn’t like her and who also happens to have access to her PC folders. Right.

    Funny, I just got thru (albeit grudgingly and silently) acknowledging the cult for its measured and cool response to Leah’s public announcement of departure. I actually thought they were starting to get smart and I started to worry. But – false alarm, I can relax. They are as stupid as ever.

  17. CommunicatorIC says

    People magazine now has the statement. I’m sure the statement will be republished all over the place.,,20716830,00.html

    Leah Remini has broken her silence after deciding to leave the Church of Scientology.

    “I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and from fans around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support,” she says in a statement to PEOPLE.

    For years, the King of Queens star, 43, was one of the best-known members of the Church of Scientology.

    • Chris Mann says

      At first I thought- where’s the rest? It’s more like the opening line of a “statement”.
      But it’s pretty obvious she is confirming it.

  18. CommunicatorIC says

    Leah Remini has issued a statement.

    Hollywood Reporter:

    Leah Remini has issued a statement regarding reports that she has cut ties with the Church of Scientology. “I wish to share my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming positive response I have received from the media, my colleagues, and fans from around the world. I am truly grateful and thankful for all your support.”

    More to come.

  19. breppen says

    Every time David Miscavige turns around he’s getting a black eye, karma Dave…..did you honestly think you get away with all those atrocities and it not come back at you?

  20. says

    Seems the Church is losing its all star line up.

    It’s all turning to something a bad movie after the actors have read the script.

  21. James says

    Many T Shirts to fix this, good luck Voldemort you asshole.

    • Jane Doe says

      Wouldn’t it be great if one of the Indies or Freezone people beat the church to the punch and actually registered that website first before they could get it? (ie,

      Then it would be harder for people to find and read the lies the church is culling her folders to get right now even as we speak. Some SO member will get no sleep tonight until he/she finds MANY heinous overts to publish to tarnish Leah’s good name. Priest Penitent Privileged folders? HA!

    • says

      “The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no comment about any individual Church member.” Forgot to add “Until we’ve had a chance to cull their PC and Ethics folders. Then it’s open season”.

  22. Valerie says

    16 minutes ago a cloaked website was registered. Let the stupid begin.

    • Indie8Million says

      Why doesn’t DM just go in and get a “http://www.whois__________” for every celebrity right now,just in case they leave. Maybe they’ll get a discount that will help defray the PI costs in the long run! LOL News Flash for JT and other celebs.Rush out and get your own “Whois_________” before they can! ROTFL! Then you can fill your OWN vacuum before they get a chance to! Just sayin’. Not kidding.

      • Jane Doe says

        Indie 8 Million: Brilliant idea. ALL the Scn Celebrities should buy up the domain name “Who Is _____?”

        That way when DM has used them up and has no more use for them and kicks them to the curb, if the celebrity speaks out, the church can’t immediately post their Black PR campaign against them with their “Who is ___.” The Celeb already has that set up and can fill the vacuum with their own statements. This may have been your jest, Indie 8 Million, but I think it is an excellent idea and every celebrity should do it NOW.

    • whostolemycog says

      Truer words have never been spoken. According to a recent RTC press release, Ms. Remini’s behavior has resulted in COB declaring the entire planetary population in a condition of treason. The only remedy is to immediately place an order for the deluxe leather bound basics. SO members are on duty awaiting YOUR call. Do it right now!

  23. Richard Kaminski says

    Maybe they’re hoping to change her mind yet. As we speak, they could be sending over special envoys for private talks bearing inducements, discounts at the bookstore, a signed, leather bound photo of Dinky Man, a table not far from his at the next banquet, fake Armani tee-shirts, a date with Tom, threats to leak details from her folders. It’s silence they really want, not Leah.

    • says

      Great ideas Richard! Maybe they could send her sex toys like they did Mosey. That was soooo effective, turned her right around. Maybe I could get some too…….. :O……my bad!

  24. AquariusinAZ says

    I applaud Leah Remini and like many of you have already said, I think the ‘church’ will be very careful not to open a can of worms by publicly disparaging her. Like someone wrote back to me on a comment pertaining to the Leah Remini story today: “You can only discredit someone if you have any credibility to begin with” -dancer92136. As far as I’m concerned the Church of Scientology doesn’t have any credibility here. So, good luck!

    Kudos to you, Mike Rinder! Thanks for this blog! It’s very important that people have a place to go, people to talk to, and resources about this cult to become educated on what Scientology represents. Keep spreading the word!

    • Bob Dobbs says

      Yes, Mike, this is a most excellent blog! I love your inclusive attitude, and that you pretty much keep the focus on what everyone here can agree on. And you really know how to turn a phrase. You’re still a great spokesman for what is good about Scientology and Scientologists.

  25. Bela says

    Leah really does not need to say anything right now…and sometimes, not saying anything is very powerful. The church is then left with trying to fill some hole of information and we all know how expert they are at that.
    I honestly don’t think there is anything negative the church could say about her at this point without it slamming right back at them.
    Perhaps this will also be the key to getting Shelly out of prison.

    • Michael Hobson says

      Sinar, if a Church of Scientology PR spokesperson says “the sky is blue”, one ought to go outside and check whether a comet or the Aurora has turned it green or purple or something.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

  26. Aquamarine says

    Interesting response from the cult. So unlike their customary SOP to respond via personal attack and vilification of the departed one. They must be really cowed by Leah Remini. She has all the potential of being a loose cannon on a rolling deck as with her family out of the cult they have no leverage on her. Go Leah!! Write a book!!!

    • Aquamarine says

      Wow!! It just occurred to me: what if she asks for money back? That would be wonderful!!! Do it, Leah! Even if you don’t personally need the money, the publicity will keep the spotlight shining on the Dwarf and his cruelties.

      • Jane Doe says

        Yes Aquamarine! I like your suggestion! Do it Leah. Sue to get your money back and write a tell-all book.

  27. Dean Blair says

    I am happy to see someone as strong unafraid as Leah publicly leaving the C of S. I tend to boycott movies and tv shows when there is a Scientologist in it but now will gladly view any show that she is in with renewed interest. Thank you Leah. May your future success surpass your wildest dreams.

    • Jane Doe says

      This is a great post and great points made Mike! Keep up the stellar good work! Yes, the church’s response is actually brilliant even though they lie through their teeth! They can’t deny she left, or she will come down on them so hard it won’t even be funny. And so they say they, “respect all their parishoners’ privacy.” Oh really? Just like they respected Michael Fairman, Jason Beghey, Milton Katselas, Marty, Mike, Karen, Debbie Cook and others???? The hypocrisy is hillariously pointed out by you! I would love to see the church screw up with Leah and see her take their head off and the publicity all that would generate.

    • says

      Great to hear from you Dean. You audited me briefly back in ’84, you’re a wonderful, standard auditor. Just wanted to tell you that. I hope you’re doing well. :) Go Leah!

  28. Elle says

    Leah Remini seems to have a VERY supportive and feisty family. She will not be fighting alone and they will not “go gentle into this good night”.

  29. Peggy Mitchell says

    The church is actually confirming the truth of the rumors, as we know what they would be doing and saying if she were still IN the church.

  30. Silvia says

    No further words to fully back up what you stated on this post-the vicious attacks on those who dare to expose the truths about the abuses and suppressions carried out by the Devil Moron are beyond any words we may have.
    But is no wonder they lie one more time…the usual practice: lie, lie, lie, alter isa over and over to the point where there is no more truth to be found.
    Yes the ship is sinking at rapid speed and the infamous leader will drown with it.

    • says

      So many lies and alter-isness it has all solidified and they
      are just cementing their death bed.
      Compare that to the current post of Marty with the thoughts
      expressed by his PC’s and visitors. Those are like the morning
      summer mist gently refreshing your soul. Pure theta.

      Leah, you go girl!!! What a beauty you are on top of having
      that New York attitude of “tell it like it is!”.

  31. gato rojo says

    Go Leah!!! Left the building in a shiny limo that seems to also be containing her family. Unheard of! I sooooo wish I had lived in Brooklyn for a little bit before I joined! LOL…

  32. Doug says

    I for one am grabbing the popcorn because if they start lobbing turds at Leah hopefully she will remind them who they are dealing with.

    • Rick Mycroft says

      Someone registered the domain today. I wonder who? (But it does fit the pattern of their previous slander sites.) So far, it’s just a parking page.

      • Peter says

        It was registered to Domain’s By Proxy, a way for them to reserve it without the apparency of doing so. Deniability is *SO* important.

        • Rick Mycroft says

          On the other hand, when they registered back in March 2011, they registered it directly to CSI. (Parking page.)

  33. Chris Mann says

    Actually, this time I believe them. Miscavige is probably scared of her, so naturally he “respects her privacy” .

    • Janet Akpobome says

      Yea – he’s likely going the “respect” her privacy…. She’s the one asking about where is Shelly…

      • Rusty says

        I agree. Shelly’s absence is a painfully awkward issue. She’s been gone for so long. The Church has such respect for families, as they say, but he seems not to want to be seen with her??!! That doesn’t make sense. The Shelly-thing isn’t being handled well.

    • Lurkness says

      While Mike did not note this, we also should not forget the spying, harassment and privacy invasions Mike and Christie have experienced from the RCS that has included, among many other things, installing a camera to spy on their family home and stealing their trash, which are both documented in this video.

      • Chris Mann says

        “The Church respects the privacy of parishioners and has no comment about any individual Church member.” – She’s obviusly not a church member anymore.

        If you ask wrong questions we’ll try to suppress you.
        If we can’t suppress you, we’ll try to destroy you.
        If we can’t destroy you we’ll declare you.
        Then we’ll try to suppress and destroy you.
        If that doesnt work, then we’ll call you a bitter apostate.