Here is some of what she said that so incensed the Standbots:

While the move was widely applauded, some people who follow Cruise’s involvement in the Church of Scientology said the actor doesn’t deserve praise for what they’re calling a cynical public relations move, noting that he’s one of the leading members of an organization that has faced multiple allegations over the decades that it engages in homophobia, forced labor, physical abuse, sexual abuse against children, financial exploitation of members, and retaliation and harassment of people who leave the organization. The allegations have come in lawsuits, investigative news reports, books and documentary films such as the Emmy-winning “Going Clear,” released in 2015.

She also had the temerity to quote Yashar Ali and me on the subject. Including this:

“When is he going to return his IAS Freedom Medal to protest the horrendous abuses of Scientology? They’re far more egregious than the HFPA…” Rinder tweeted.

Scientology responded in typical style: